April 27th, 2008

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Does anyone know if there's a way to turn up the microphone on an HP Pavilion 6500 notebook? I tried with my messenger service, but it doesn't seem to be loud enough, even if I'm clapping right in front of it.


I remember watching a movie when I was a little kid (so this is the 80s or early 90s) about a girl who travels through her mirror into another land. It's definitely not Through the Looking Glass. I think first a creature from this other world comes through her mirror into her world, and then she follows him back through. I don't really remember anything else about it, though.

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pretend that your college is hosting a formal (which means dressing up, dancing a bit, and having a buffet). you're really excited about it, because you had a great time last year and you like dressing up, plus you NEVER get to hang out with your friends and your boyfriend at the same time, and now you will. now imagine your boyfriend simply decides he doesn't want to go. how would you feel?

taylor swift at billboard awards

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Why, in Mean Girls, does this happen:

Regina: Is butter a carb?
Cady: [Rudely] YES.

Because it's not, is it? Was it sarcasm? It didn't sound like it to me.

I've watched MG probably about 20ish times now and it bothers me every time.

(I really, really hope butter isn't a (secret) carbohydrate otherwise I shall look extremely stupid when posting this...XD)
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Dear TQC:

I am looking for a humorous list along the lines of "5 Ways to Pick Up Girls". I KNOW some random humor site out there has done one.

Have YOU ever seen a list like this? Will you please share the URL? :D

Thank you!

ALSO: My tea has a funny aftertaste that wasn't there the last time I had tea. Should I drink it, y/n?
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Ever get the old "you need to remain professional at work" speech or know someone who did?


Will you amuse me with the most awkward work situation you've ever been a part of??
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Because I'm about the weirdest person in the world, I like to write a lot of letters and whatnot with my dip-pen quill, meaning I have a quill, and I have a bottle of ink, and I have to dip the quill in the ink.  I use this because it makes me seem pretentious, and I also think the quality of lettering it produces is lovely.

However, there comes a time when you must buy new ink.  I bought my latest bottle of ink in Ireland, when I was visiting the Book of Kells, because the ink was there, and I remember I needed some.  It cost me about 5 Euro, which is about $9.  However, back here in the US, the only ink I can find is like $30!

There has to be a weirdo like me out there in TQC.  Weirdo, where do you get your ink, and how much does it cost?

help plz!

im going nuts for this boy im lusting for him but he has a girlfriend and they are having problems. He is graduating so i dont know when ill even see him again if we were to start something. We have only known each other for a few weeks but we have opened up our childhood history something that i dont usually even tell to my close friends. We flirt so much when we see each other and im so afraid that my temptation will get to me...i also think that he feels the same way that i do...i feel that i shouldnt hang out with him anymore and say that i'm busy with schoolwork...maybe its wrong timing...if its meant to be he ll come to me--right?

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So lately my sleeping patterns have gotten a bit out of whack.  I've been going to bed around 3-4 in the morning, and getting up at about 11.  What do you think is the best way to fix up my sleeping pattern by Monday, so it's more of a going to bed by 11, waking up about 7-8am. Should I do one night where I don't get much sleep, or go to bed earlier when I'm not tired?


There was just a huge fight in my dorm including blood shed, vomiting and setting off of fire extinguishers which led me and my fellow dorm-dwellers to stand outside for 45 minutes at 3am waiting for them to investigate and clear out the building. (Also during all of this the majority of the people involved in the fight got away.)

Tell me TQC, what sort of evil and tortures should be done to these people for disturbing everyone and their brothers?

late-night musings

If a woman came to you and said she fantasized about being raped, how would you react? What if it was a man saying he fantasized about being raped?

If a woman came to you and said she fantasized about raping someone, how would you react? What if it was a man saying he fantasized about raping someone?


I don't think fantasies about being raped are uncommon or wrong. It doesn't mean the person wants to be raped, and I wouldn't think there was anything wrong with them, male or female

I would be a little disturbed by someone saying they fantasized about committing rape--moreso if that person was a male--but I don't think I'd really think less of them. Fantasy is fantasy, and not real.

I actually feel kind of bad for being more disturbed if the person who fantasizes about raping is male. I think it's because stereotypically it's the man who rapes the woman, and it's something that scares me.

I think the world of fantasy is interesting.

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I'm starving and I need to make a Safeway run to buy some breakfast.  I'm babysitting my 2-year-old niece, so I would like to buy her the best breakfast a 2-year-old could wish for.

What should I buy?


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Last night at a festival I met a nice boy.
Unfortunately there are two slight issues;

1. It was dark so all I really know is that he has very soft hair.
How likely is it he will be rather unattractive?

2. We were both a bit foxed. What in your opinion is the likelihood he will find my name in his phone and have no idea who I am?

Lets have a laugh!
Though he could turn out to be an adonis  with a good memory....
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1. would you go back to someone who cheated on you? experiences?
2. what did you eat yesterday for breakfast, lunch, & dinner?
3. last movie you watched? how was it?

/edit (instead of adding a new entry):
i keep hearing about the mcdonalds ice coffees, how much are they & are they any good?

Success ?s

Your Success took a shot at you. What are you going to do now?

How are you gonna kill it? Are you going to become unsuccessful?

1) Do you consider yourself successful?

2) What's the last thing you tried to accomplish, but ended up failing?

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1)what's your summer reading goal?

40 books!

2)any other goals?

to make 30 pieces of jewelry a month.

3)are you sleepy?


4)if so, why aren't you asleep?

I'm both procrastinating and obsessing about finals.
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Someone you could deal without

You have been granted the power to make one person (currently alive) disappear forever. They just suddenly blink out of existence, you won't be caught, but it's not like said person never existed, so there will be some kind of reaction in most cases.

Do you use your power?

Who do you use it on?

What do you think will happen if this person disappears?

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So my car is like 11 years old and the black of the windshield wipers (not the blades the actual base you put those on) is coming off so the metal shows through this wasn't an issue in the Winter but now that the sun is out it's distracting since it shines off the metal. I don't have a job and therefore am rather low on cash, my question is, is there a fairly cheap paint I can buy and say Michael's that will work well/stay on the wipers so as I don't get the reflection in my eyes?
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What's on your agenda for today?

I'm working on my 15 page paper for another two hours or so, then going to Whole Foods to pick up some lunch-type food, then going downtown to play Kickball.


I just found out Jason Mraz (who I love) is coming to Detroit. I had checked his tour dates earlier and thought he wasn't coming, so I just flipped a shit when I got the email from ticketmaster.
Five questions.
1. None of my friends like Jason Mraz, so I'd be going alone...should I go alone?
2. Is there a way to buy backstage passes like you could win from a radio station? (Yes, I know I'm creepy)
3. If ticket sales start at 10:00 AM, what time should I really get there?
4. If it says "mainfloor general admission standing room," that means we just stand there, right?
5. Have you ever gone to a concert alone? What was it like?

edited to clean up after my sorry ass
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I know you are supposed to put contact lenses in solution every night. What happens if you don't one night (edit- I put them in their container without adding solution) Are they ruined for good? I don't know if it's different for all contacts but the ones in my case are 30 day disposables.
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So I remember this online game from a year or two ago. Basically, in the game (which was text-and-image based), you start off as a baby and you get all these multiple choice questions that determine the rest of your life. I remember the layout of it had a whole lot of different-coloured squares, and they were what you clicked on to get questions.

Does anyone remember this game? Can you pass me a link for it, please?

Edit: Found it! Thanks generalwhitey!

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TQC, I got my first ticket yesterday! I turned right in a non-turning lane, though I did not cut anyone off and I used my turn signal, and it was night and I was very far away from home. Should I bring it to court?!

If so, any advice?

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Do you know the difference between "I could care less" and "I couldn't care less"?

What about "All intensive purposes" and "All intents and purposes"?

Do you know what an oxymoron really is?

What language mistakes bother you?
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What was the last thing that made you feel really guilty, but you are proud of it?

I spent all of last night flirting and making plans with with my high school crush and "forgot" to mention my boyfriend
edit: I'm not proud of the fact that I lead him on, I'm proud of the fact that I was able to get over my girly high school ways and finally talk to him.
How do you like your eggs?

I don't like eggs

If you had to choose between your mother or your sister/brother (pretend you have one if you don't) to save (you can only save one) from a boiling pit of magma, who would you save?
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Does the second converter down on this page look like it would work for charging cellphones, mp3 players, cameras, and a few other small items from America in England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece?

What type of converter have you used? Link?

What sort of passport/ID carrier have you used traveling that you enjoyed/was easy to use? Pocket or around the neck? Links?

I ask because my 16 year old brother is going all of these places this summer for 17 days, and he has never really been away from home longer than 2 days, so it's kind of a big deal that he is 180% prepared, and anyone with personal experience would be really helpful.
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TQC, sorry for asking lame questions, but I need some help.
Yesterday I went out on a date with my best (guy) friend, and it was ... good i guess. I made out with him, and I think he really really really likes me. But... I just don't know if I'm really attracted to him. He's such a nice guy and the kind of guy I probably should be dating, but I just don't know what to do. Do you think it's just anxiety that will go away, or will this just be one of those things that build and build into bigger and bigger problems?

Also, do you think being 'best friends with benefits' is a terrible idea? Because I don't think he'd think it would be a good one, but I kind of do.
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1. What is one thing that you always said you wouldn't do but eventually did anyway?
2. Which is better, La Bou or Panera Bread?
3. Have you ever been rejected? If so, rejected by whom?

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How do you care for your eyebrows?
Wax? Pluck? Something else?

If you wax, what product (brand) do you suggest to use?
I want to try waxing for the first time but I'm scared I will end up like Whoopi Goldberg. D:

What was your dream job when you were a little kid?

Do you kick ass?
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If you have a paper to write (or if you just finished one recently), what's the topic?

I have to write a state memo to the governor of Michigan explaining the current state of the law as it relates to sexual minorities (regarding marriage, parenting, and employment discrimination), identify three proposals to change the existing law, argue for and against each, and make a recommendation.

alienware users:

this question is for those of you that have an alienware computer - specifically a notebook, but any alienware user will do:

1.) has your computer ever fucked up in any way? and if so, what's gone wrong?
2.) how has customer support treated you? alienware claims that, for users under warranty (i found out i still have a couple weeks left!) they will come to your house and fix it for you.

to answer my own first question - the keys sometimes don't register and i have to go back and retype them, the little notch thing at the top that closes the computer is no longer spring-loaded and i have to push it over myself, the cd burner scratches cds and i can't even listen to them because they suck so much, the volume adjuster wheel thing broke and is now stuck inside my computer, and to top it off, the mic/speakers are somehow.. fucked up. like too close. and the mic picks up everything and squeals if you turn it up too much. oh yeah, and it overheats.

i love my computer so much, but i don't think it's even been a year, and all this shit is happening to it. i'm upset.
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Is there any advertising campaign WORSE than Burger King's current "Wake up with the king" commercials?

And by this, I mean preferably an ongoing, multiple commercial thing. We all know that SOBE commercial with the dancing lizards is without a doubt the worst commercial in the history of television.
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Guys: Have you ever been on a first date and liked a girl but not made any more physical contact other than the initial handshake?

Girls: Same question as above, but also how do you feel about making the first physical move such as grabbing their hand or something when you can't clearly tell if they are interested?

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Today is a terrible day. In an unpleasant twist of events I am stuck in a boring meeting on campus. This meeting is getting treated like srs bizns. So could you comment with some non serious answers?

Is today thoroughly unpleasant for you?

You wake up tomorrow and you are furry. What do you do?

Have demotivational posters replaced lolcats? What is your favorite demotivational poster? (edit: spell check)

What is your favorite oxymoron?

I think I will get a haircut today after this meeting. Would you post a picture of the ugliest haircut you can find?
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Toilet paper: Over the roll or under it?

What's something on the same level as the 'toilet paper debate' that people you know have very strong opinions on?
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Why is it that boys feel the need to talk about their poop all the time?

More specifically, why is it that my flatmates feel the need to stand outside my room at 3am and loudly discuss their latest turdly creations in graphic detail?
Is this their lame revenge for me having loud sex?

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1. What is something that you find cute that you think others would not?
I think its the cutest thing in the world when my boyfriend snores.

2. Sky Diving or Hot Air Balloon?

3. Would you do this?

4. Will you post a picture of something you would never do? Not sex related folks;P

Edit, first question needed the ? mark.
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eggheads unite

Have you ever found an article for a research project with your school's subscription to some database, only to find later that your school doesn't subscribe to that database anymore?

My school no longer subscribes to Criminal Justice Abstracts, I think. :( I can only access health articles through sagepub now.

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I've got a sad song stuck in my head and it's making me sad. Can you please tell me a happy song that could replace it? Thank you! I think I have the proper arsenal of happy songs now.

So, What's the last band you saw live? How was it?
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Unrelated questions.

1. Have you ever experienced a period of LOTS of hair loss? Losing tons of strands (no clumps) for no real reason? How long did it last?

2. If you're interested in a person you've gone on a date with, how long (generally) before you would have sex with him/her? How long is too long (in your opinion)?

3. What kind of underwear do you normally wear?
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1. Find the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences in your journal.
5. Invite your friends to do the same.

The following is a three-sentence excerpt from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

"And after that he had to go get ready for a fresh start.
This time he was allowed to climb on an eagle's back and cling between his wings. The air rushed over him and he shut his eyes."

What did you get?
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Tonight is the last night of my financial class. Our teacher told us to bring light food, hors d'oeuvre style i guess, and i have no clue what would be appropriate for it. i'm 20, they're all 40+.........my idea of an hors d'oeuvre is bagel bites and taquitos. i don't think that will go over well, soooooooooooo

tqc, what should i bring?!
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I went to the library earlier and checked out A Short History of the Future and Dixie Victorious: An Alternative History of the Civil War. Both of these were shelved in the non-fiction section. What I want to know is, why would they be considered non-fiction?

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Person A has been on prescription painkillers for three years for whatever reason

Person B has been on prescription painkillers for three years for recreational uses. Both are on similar dosgage.

Would the physical effects of the addiction be the same for both? Would it waste away both their livers?

Disclaimer: (I should put this at the bottom of every post as I need to say it so often) I hope you know what I mean as I'm not good at explaining myself.

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When you've got a limited amount of time, what do you do to prep for an exam? Does it help you to make flashcards, or take reading notes as you read the chapters?

Less Boring:
What are you having for dinner? What should I have for dinner?

Least Boring:
What is your favorite sexual position?

EDIT: The time frame for studying is until Wednesday at noon. There are four chapters to read and learn how to graph (econ), a quiz for a 2nd class with three chapters to read and homework for a third class plus work, sleep and life between me and success.

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1. Do you get bloated easily?
2. My mom's best friend's best friend won $1 million in a suit. She told my mom and her best friend that she spent $100,000 yesterday. About $35,000 was spent on her son's truck. TQC, what do you think she did with the $65,000 yesterday?
3. How is your day going?
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  1. Do you bake your Macaroni cheeze after cooking it? It seems to be something only I do. My friends all look at me strangely.
  2. I do performing arts on Saturdays and a lot of hanging upside down. On Sundays i often get this cramp in my chest and it feels like i have devoured a banquet, i feel really full and cramped. Anything i can do to stop it hurting so much?

(yes i know the hanging upside down part probably causes it, but that is a major part of the performing stuff haha)
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I tried Google, but it's not helping me much.

About 2 minutes into my run this morning, I had a sharp pain in my back and had to stop. Now, my back hurts a lot when I tilt my head/neck forward or twist to the sides. What did I do?

How can I fix this quickly so I can go back to running? It doesn't hurt so badly that I can't function, so I'd like to avoid the doctor's

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1. What is the last good decision you made?
Mine: going to a party last night. I ended up meeting a lot of new people from my school.

2. What is the last piece of gossip you've heard?

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Is there a common font that contains the Collapse )

I'm looking for one that will show up on most people's computers, not necessarily some weird one that I have to download. I looked through Webdings but may have missed it.. any help?

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This might be a dumb question, I don't care.

When people upload movies to sharing communities on LJ, why do they get so pissed if you don't comment? Someone just posted another "Commenting is a MUST! if I see more people take than comment, I will delete the files!" after the file they presumably uploaded for other people to enjoy, so why are they being so pissy about it? Not commenting kind of protects the people that download it, right? Are they just trying to drag the others down to cover their asses or is there something I'm not seeing?

I just don't understand. Someone s'plain because I'm a dummy.

derek smalls


aren't those clear plasticy bra straps the most tacky thing ever? do people really think it isn't obvious? should bra strap exposure make or break the purchase of a top?

also, do you really think that these fake security cameras would deter someone from breaking into a house/business/etc.?

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1) What event in your life so far would you say had the most profound effect on you?

2) How would you describe your first sexual experience with a member of the opposite sex?

3) How would you describe your first sexual experience with a member of the same sex?
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What is/are the saddest scene(s) you've ever seen in a movie? For example, in The Pianist when Szpilman is trying to open the can and Caption Wilm Hosenfeld finds him, it makes me cry every time. That, and when he's walking down the street by himself surrounded by ruins, and many other scenes...

Why am I watching this depressing movie again?

Has there ever been a movie you've watched that stuck with you for days after? What kind of feeling/thoughts did it leave you with, and why? What movie was it? 


Collapse )

WTF happened to my dad's car? We got a weird intrusion of LAFD firepeople on our property about how his car was spontaneously on fire. So... what happened? Did somebody set it on fire, or did it explode from the inside and scorch outwards?

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Am I going to be a horrible scar face?!

I got my eyebrows waxed Friday and instead of just the regular redness I apparently got an extremely painful burn (on both eyebrows/eye areas). On my left eye its a lot worse and this... 1/4"x2" patch of skin is just on fire. I figured it was nothing but it's still bothering me and the skin has cracked off and there's a little almost bloodishness (you know what I mean? Not actual blood but maybe right beneath the skin) on part of it. I haven't been poking at it and I've applied Neosporin and just sort of moped.

My questions then are...

a) Do you think this is going to scar?! I'm so vain, I know, but damn its huge and scary looking. :<
b) Can I really get anything done by going back to the place that did this? I've been there before with different people for hair cuts and brow waxes before with all good results and I really like all the people there, but I mean, damn. And if I did go back, what are they going to really do? Offer me a free brow wax? -_-;

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1. Why isn't my voice post auto transcribing?

I have no sound on my computer and no idea what I said.

2. How was your saturday night?

I had an awesome time at a indiana jones marathon, and then spent about 2 & a half hours waiting for a bus that never came, and didn't get home until 8am (I got dropped off at the bus stop at 2:20am).

3. a) Will my mum appreciate it if I spend $50 (AUD) (a lot of money for me right now) on adopting her an animal through WWF for her birthday? b)I don't know what she'd like, and saving a turtle or something seems better than a dvd she'll never watch, right?

c)Anything similarly world-helpy I could get her (cheaper things would be a plus)?
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Heeeeeere's Brucey!

I got an MP3 player over the weekend that I can take out on walks/jogs. His name is Bruce, for reasons I might get into later.

1. What song(s) does Bruce absolutely need to be a true workout companion?

I was going to buy an armband to hold Bruce while I jogged, but it was $25 (!!!), so I bought two wristbands for $2 and rigged up a perfectly serviceable Bruce-holder.

2. Have you ever made something expensive and extravagant out of something cheap and ordinary? What was it?

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Laptop owners, what is a good website or place to look for bags to carry a laptop in? I'm getting a 15" Macbook Pro and any bag that seems worth getting is overpriced. Any recommendations?
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one of my friends is having her second child. last night i got to feel a baby kick from inside the womb for the first time.

how amazing is that feeling, tqc? did it make you want one of those for your own when you felt it?
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Thanks. I'll take the stairs.

Are you more likely to take the stairs or the elevator for a floor or two?

How many stories high would you consider to be too much of a bother to ascend via stairs?

How long do you think you can last being stuck in an elevator alone by yourself before your first suicidal thought?

Would you be able to sleep in order to pass some time?

(lol fake lj-cut)

All in all, I think he handled it rather well.

Alternatives to sunglasses?

In football and baseball people wear black lines under their eyes, across their cheekbones. This is to help block the sun, yes? And kohl does the same thing but is applied to the eyelid. Would ordinary eyeshadow and thick eyeliner work as well?
I've been wondering if it matters where the dark is applied in relation to the eye. I mean, it's a lot lower on the face for the sports makeup than kohl. Is the important thing for the dark colour to be below the eye? Where do you think the sun would shine to cause the most trouble?
What about non-prescription dark contacts, anyone here ever use them instead of sunglasses?

In a nutshell: anyone have any knowledge or experience with reducing the glare of the sun by using cosmetics?

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There's this kid on my school's swim team that makes me want to punch him in the face every time he opens his mouth. He constantly talks about how he only listens to underground artists because anyone that's played on the radio has "sold out." He likes to say things that will make him look edgy, no matter how stupid his opinion is. He's constantly kri-kriing that no one likes him because he's "different." He even writes bad poetry about how everyone is against him because he's soooooooo uniiiiiiiiique. In reality, everyone hates him because he's an epic jackass.

Whose presence makes you want to fucking kill something?
Beavis and Butthead

I've been watching way too much Bizarre Foods...

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten(compared to what's normal wherever you live)?

I can't say I'm that adventurous...I've sampled octopus once, I think that's the extent. No I didn't like it.

What do you do to relieve stress?

Usually I'll go sit at the beach or near a large body of water at night(lake/river/whatever), but lately I can't do that since my car's being repaired.
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On Overheardeverywhere.com, there was this exchange:

Grocery store clerk: Did you find everything you were looking for today?
Customer: Yep.
Clerk: Oh good. The last woman said she didn't, and I had no idea what to say. So I just looked at her and kind of shrugged my shoulders. She got so mad.
Customer: Then why do you ask?
Clerk: To be polite.

I was just wondering, for those of you that have worked in retail and were trained to ask that, what were you told to respond with if someone said "no"?
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Does anybody know what I can do to keep my jaw from aching constantly?

The only thing that seems to help is nicotine. But that´s only temporary, and cigarettes are disgusting. The aching gets so bad sometimes it makes me want to cry. I wear one of those grinding guards at night because I grind my teeth in my sleep, and it only makes the pain worse.

There´s gotta be something I can do... any suggestions?
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What are your favorite songs to sing in the shower?

The Hair theme song, "Nothing" from A Chorus Line, "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde, and "Keep it Gay" from the Producers.
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the pink abomination.

So the other day I let my roommate borrow a white hoodie of mine on the condition that if she dirtied it, she had to wash it. Sure enough that's what she did, but unfortunately she threw it in with a few of her red clothes. The hoodie is now a dingy-looking pink.

Since I know you're all experts on doing the laundry, TQC, do you have any solutions for getting my hoodie white again? Something I should throw in the wash? Or, after realizing it can't be saved, should I stab m roommate in the neck with a steak knife? I'm open to suggestions.

EDIT: Oh, right. I should probably add that I've tried washing the thing three times in a row to no avail. :(
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At what point in convalescence do you feel that murder would be best suited for the people who keep telling you the same twelve well-wishes you've heard over nine thousand times?
("Every cloud as a silver lining." "Everything happens for a reason." "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." and so on)

I found that my tolerance is about a week.

(no subject)

1. What's worse, brain freeze from cold foods or biting your tongue/cheek?
2. If a guy wants to ask a girl out, but doest not want a relationship, does he just want a piece of ass?
3. Who do you feel like shanking today?  Any particular reason?

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I have a Samsung SCH-u420. It was working fine until recently. I went to take a picture and it said 'Camera Error 4'. I tried deleting all of the pictures I had stored. I took it into Alltel and they didn't know what was wrong.

Does anyone know how I could fix this/what's wrong with it? Thanks in advance.

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Inspired by this post.

What other fake rumors have you heard about celebrity deaths?

A few years ago I heard that Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) killed himself and left a suicide note that said "Did I do that?"
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If I wanted to get a trial pair of contacts, can I just go into the place where they sell glasses and get set up to get a pair?
Do I have to have an actual eye doctor visit, or can I just take in my prescription?

I want to see how I handle contacts, but at the moment don't have $$, but will eventually.
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Can the future be changed or is it already decided?

If there was a way you could find out everything that would happen to you from now until you died, would you?

What if it wasn't yours, but someone else's life you could read like a book?

Edit: If yes to the previous question, whose life would you want to read?

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If the question is: Did the First World War “brutalise” politics in the interwar period?

Is it valid to discuss both whether politics was brutalised at all and whether the first world war was the root cause. Should I focus on one issue or equally on both? Should I completely ignore one?

thanks for any help you can give me.

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To stickyblood, who needs some happy things in her life right now

Edit: Please to forgive the numerous typos. I was having a fight with the English vocabulary, apparently

What are a few of your favorite things?

Playboy bunnies
Cuddling mudkips
Russian accents
Koala bears
Bah humbug to the lot of em

Yes, those are all great, but can they be even greater?

Smacking John Mayer in the face with a sack of pennies
Going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with Jack Sparrow, both of you drunk on rum
Finding a gold dubloon on the street
Hearing about a furry yipfest convention that was broken up by a nearsighted dogcatcher who mistook them for strays. All were euthanized
Obama and Hilary have a jello shot contest for the Democratic nomiation
The next Dancing with the the Stars features Stephen Hawking and Carnie Wilson