April 26th, 2008

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It's a few minutes past midnight.

I am officially not a teenager anymore.
It is april 26th, and I am 20 years old!

Do you want to tell me something?

Do you wanna gimmie tips on improving my Tetris skillz?

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In your room, would you rather have no windows or no doors? (As in, there's a doorway, but no door)

If you had to lose a sense, which one would you choose? (Keep in mind... when you lose your sense of smell, you also lose your sense of taste.)

Oh and hey, fuck you to whoever reported me for that picture. Thanks for getting me suspended you douchebag.
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My two friends just drunk dialed me (They both turned legal today) about how they were putting stuff into the microwave. Open pop cans, newspapers, really stupid things. They decided that they wanted to microwave the cell phone while I was on the other line and I hung up after I heard them shut the door and the microwave start.

TQC, what did you do the first night you were legal?
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Do you have a special item autographed by someone famous? Ex: a baseball signed by a player, a book signed by the author, etc?

If so, who and what?

If not, what would you most like to have?

Ever have anyone sign you?

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I just found out my friend's (whom I haven't spoken to in bout 3 months) dad had a heart attack earlier today and passed away.

I spent a lot of time over his house so I knew his parents. Just not recently.

How would you deal with this?

I tend to be kind of awkward and never know how to appropriately handle these situations.


Hmph. Life is so insane sometimes.

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This is the same clip I showed earlier, so if you answered then you may pass it by, however I decided I'd like to ask again since more and/or different members tend to be on at this hour. However, if you did answer it earlier but would like to reply again to reiterate your views or share new thoughts, you're more than welcome.

what do you love inCollapse )

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Sorry this was asked so much already and that I've asked it yet again. :(

 Are you getting a stimulus check from the government?

What will you be spending it on? 

My answers (and maybe a question): 

I was thinking, I'm not strapped for cash right now, and I've never been to a spa before. I could use a massage, even if it's a simple one. There's a day spa which is offering a massage, mini-facial, pedicure, and manicure for $180. If I get more than that amount, I will save the rest, but do you think that'd be a good idea to spend some of the extra cash on or just a waste of money? 

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Okay, so my husband has a very cute dimple. But he says that only girls care about dimples. I think that men think dimples are cute too.

Soo, my question is: males out there, do you think dimples on girls are attractive?

My husband says I should phrase the question as, "Do dimples on girls give you a boner?"

Hypothetical Question

Now pretend you have a boyfriend.  One day he tells you he thought Bill from Tokio Hotel was a really hot girl until his friend told him Bill was a guy.

What would offend you more: That he thought Bill was a girl or he thought Bill was a hot girl?

(Even if it doesn't offend you...well, just make up a response.  I need something to lol at tonight.)
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1. Why does Keanu Reeves talk in such a douchey, over-dramatic voice in Speed?

2. Why am I watching Speed for like the millionth fucking time in my life?

3. Have you seen Speed?

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If your so of over 2 years got a job at an apartment complex which meant cheap/automatic apartment, and they invited you to join them, but you didn't have a full time/well paying job, would you accept their offer or decline? What if you were miserable at your current residence and they knew that which was half of their reason for getting the apartment job?
I am looking for like a basic office/vet tech type of job, but I have absolutely no luck cause I don't know what the titles for the type of office job i am thinking of would be. What is the title for the receptionist/secretary type people? Or the people like am from The Office? Are all office jobs sales? I wouldn't mind having a regular type job as I am amazing with computers, but I am horrible with sales, I think. What would you suggest for a 19 year old who only has job experience in the form of Petco?
I just need to make around $1200.00 a month. If you can think of anything that would make that. I'm pretty willing for anything after handling dead animals for almost a year working $8.25 (recently upgraded to $8.50) an hour and barely getting 10 hours a week. Any suggestions welcome.

Third post

As some of you know I'M NEW.

And TQC, I want to know all about you.

How long have you been a member?

Tell me, since joining, what was your favourite post about? Funniest/Most dramatic post?
(Not that you posted. Unless that is, in fact, your favourite)

Who do you like the most here? The least? Who leaves the funniest comments? Who thinks they leave the funniest comments but are not funny at all?

And TQC, I've been part of communities like this before and know that they all have those 'infamous' members. Who are the infamous members here? What are they infamous for?

Lastly, who should I avoid like the plague? Who do you avoid?


Give me a 'tip'?

(Things I already know:)

Repeatedly address the community as TQC in all of my posts.
Know that anyone taking abortion seriously is actually being sarcastic.
Needlessly correcting someone's spelling like a dick but, in a twist of irony, doing it incorrectly is a classic thanks to 'the old glowing_dragon'.
We are only here for the lulz

(As you can see, I have much to learn!)

Also, TQC, green or purple Grapes? I prefer green.
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There are people who would never flip someone off except under extreme circumstances. Hell, my mother in law is the sweetest woman you'd ever meet but she did once, even though she used the wrong finger. But I have witnessed photos of these same sorts of folks who find it almost a compulsion to flip off the camera!

So, TQC, why do the people who flip off cameras do this? What sort of temporary brain damage occurs to make this happen?
Radiohead: Dinosaurs


For laminating things, generally on the smaller side, like bookmarks or conbadges for example, is it better to get self laminating sheets or a small laminator? What's cheaper in the long run? What's more effective? If anyone has opinions/personal experience, I would greatly appreciate it :3

Comments necessary?

I did one of those comment trackers yesterday that says how many times certain people have commented in my journal. Some of the people who've been on my friends list for six months or longer have only commented one or two times.
I'm offended. I don't comment on every entry in my friends journals but I do try to say something regularly enough to let everyone know that I'm reading and I care. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe a friends cut? Is that harsh? I like all of my LJ friends but if they're not commenting on anything I post then do they even care about what's going on in my life?

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these are the computers in my price range(around $600, give or take) that have been recommended to me by various computer places but i'd like your guys' opinions.

which is the best computer for my price range?

other(specify in comments?)
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How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?

When do you go to sleep, when do you wake up?

How many hours of sleep do you WISH you could get each night?


Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream every night? Have multiple dreams at night?

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will my dad ever like my boyfriend? or at least not hate him?

there is nothing wrong with him, everyone else in my family loves him but my dad absolutely hates him. he always says mean things to me about him when he's not here and it makes me really sad :(

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1)do you love garage sales?


2)best haul?

3 pairs of pants for $6, radiata(s[?) stories and dirge of cerebus for $10.

3)embarrassing garage sale story?

I picked up my neighbor's daughter's ds, looked at the game, and was like oops. *it was on the sale table though*

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I was searching the internet for porn today when i came across a disturbing video of my current wife with our dog. I never knew she was into that sort of thing and it makes me a little jealous that she would cheat on me like that. Should i get rid of the dog?

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My cousin got a job and I told her I would baby sit her kids. She wants to know how much I am gonna charge her, and i don't even know. She has a 1 year old and an 11 year old both are really well behaved kids. Plus My kids are 2 and 10 months so the little one would be a good play buddy for my kids, and the 11 year old would be in school for most of the day. I really would do it for free but she insists on paying me, and since I could use the money I didn't argue.

So, TQC, how much should I charge her for watching her two kids?

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So i'm sitting here typing out addresses for my wedding invitations, and i'm stuck on how I should address my grandmother's, as far as etiquette is concerned.

She's a widow. She's living with another man, but not married to him. She still has my deceased grandfather's last name.

so should it be:

Mrs. John Doe
Mr. Tim Brown

or should it be

Mrs. Jane Doe
Mr. Tim Brown

I don't want to offend anyone. Eek.
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Would you rather have a fast-paced job that is usually quite stressful, but comes with pretty cool co-workers and a fun environment,


a slow-paced job that isn't as fun or cool, but without the panic and stress?
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01. I'm thinking of switching media players from Windows Media Player 9 but don't want to lose my collective play counts. Is there any media player that will allow me to import my play counts for all media files?

02. If that's not possible, is there a media player that will allow me to manually change play counts for individual songs?

Thanks in advance, Internets.


How often do you...

1- mop the floors?
2- clean out the microwave?
3- dust?
4- sweep/hoover/whatever?
5- sweep furniture?
6- clean windows?

(I'm cleaning today...and I'm tired of it)
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Do you know anyone who seems to only be able to say the wrong things at the wrong times?

I have a friend who, while we were looking at slides of the aftermath from the Hiroshima bomb attack, wanted to know why there weren't any pictures of the people. Ugh...
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Girlfriend texted me at 3am ot tell me she cheated and wants to break up.

Didnt' get text till the morning, afterthinking about it, i called and basically forgave her, despite what she did.

Am I right to forgive her? when the thing she loathes the most is cheating?
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So, TQC, I'm taking my SO out on a date tomorrow night because I'm leaving town Monday. We are two of the least picky eaters on the planet, so choosing where to go takes at least twenty minutes of "I don't care, I'll eat wherever you want to eat". I would like to spend that twenty minutes doing something more interesting (in the bedroom at the end of the evening ... or involved in heated debate, either one).

So, TQC, where should we go eat?

Bubba's Southern BBQ
Red Lobster
Olive Garden
Mi Rancho (Mexican)
Ciao Bella (Italian)
Hunter Steakhouse
Mimi's Cafe
I know another place I'll rec in comments
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This weekend is Celebration on my campus. I think I'm gonna go get a shakeup. There are four flavors:


They also allow you to mix two flavors. Yesterday I had lemon lime and it was AWESOME. What should I get today, TQC???
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How do you feel about Google Maps' "Street View" Function? They've already got my folks' house on their and I can tell that they did it last October because of what car was in the driveway and the Halloween decorations up.

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yummy beer!, yummy

yes, inspired by another post

Okay, for whatever reason I am put in charge of bringing the fabulous cake for our yet 'tbd' gigantic TQC international meet-up.  I am making delicious, decadent carrot cake, like it or lump it.   ;)
I love TQC and carrot cake so much that I will even deign to bring three kinds:
A - plain or regular (no yummy add-ins)
B - one with nuts (walnuts or pecans)
C - one with both nuts and raisins

I need to get an approximate head count of how many will be partaking of each kind, so which one will you sample?
Or will you opt for D, skipping it because you are a tasteless heathen with an unrefined lump for a tongue and someone whom I can no longer completely trust, hmmm?
If you happen to opt for E, allergic to something that would be in the carrot cake, I will request to see medical documentation of such, kthanx! 

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I'm 21 and a junior in college. I still live with my parents. They're not bitter about it at all, because I pay for my own school bills, I pay for my gas, and I help out around the house a lot. We have a good relationship. My parents have a car for themselves, and a car for each of us three kids. They haven't signed over the cars yet; they're waiting until we graduate college to do that, but until then, they pay for insurance and repairs, which is generous and they know how much I appreciate it.
But a while back my dad said my brother and I could get personalized license plates, as long as we foot the bill. Now that we've finally figured out what we want, we've started talking about it more, and my parents are suddenly denying that they ever said this was okay.

I'm not looking for validation, I truly want to see this from my parents' eyes: Why should two twenty-something college students, as the primary drivers of those cars, not be allowed to get personalized license plates?

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Did you know that, due to AIM suckage, we created a new official TQC Chat on IRC (#thequestionclub on irc.starchat.net)?

Pidgin (supports AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, and more), Trillian, iChat, mIRC (good Windows IRC client), Colloquy (good OS X IRC client) and StarChat.com (free web based one) all support IRC.

EDIT: StarChat is apparently really lame, lame, lame and misidentifies mibbit users as clones, so DONT USE MIBBIT, USE STARCHAT.COM. The StarChat people refuse to reconfigure the clone identifying bot differently, for no apparent reason.

Somehow, this happened without my intervention, in spite of my intense lobbying efforts for years and years of the TQC Chat - Chat Medium committee!

Did you know that StarChat actually is a small sucky, network (chosen because #sf_drama is on it - it's the only irc network kass knew about and that was because it had #sf_drama on it)?

I would have suggested something less sucky like EFNet, Undernet, IRCNet, and maybe even Rizon or QuakeNet (the biggest, but primarily for gamers). Why was this executive decision made without consulting me and the committee?

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I have been considerng getting my lip pierced..so a few questions TQC!

If I get it done..and in a few years decide to get rid of it, how badly does it scar? Do you have any pics?

If I get a job that requires me to not wear it for work, would I be okay taking it out for 8hrs (max) a day? What I mean is, how long does it take to close up completely?

On another note...

I had a bit of a late/drunken night last night. How do I ease my nippy eyes?

When was the last time you were drunk/high, anything eventful happen?

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Did you know that IRC is more trouble that it's worth for an LJ chatroom?

Have you ever used IRC before?
I have, but there is a suitable crowd for it. This isn't it.

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What kind of credit would one have to have to be declined for an apartment? I live in Portland, OR if that matters....
What if there are 2 people applying (as roommates) and one has pretty good credit and the other has pretty bad credit - would the one w/ good credit make up for the one w/ bad credit?

also to consider: we both have good rental history and no collections to any landlord or property management company.

edited to add: Yes, we make more than 3x the rent. I can actually cover that requirement with my income alone, but my SO gets money from his student loans for living expenses every 3 mos, too. I really hope they base they're decision on our rental history and income more than the credit...

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Do you know anyone who lives near/in Springfield, MA?

Have you ever randomly heard a stranger talking about LJ (or more specifically, TQC) in public?

What's the city with the worst crime in the United States?
nkotb - joe - yay


TQC, fill up my playlist.

Can anyone suggest upbeat girly-dance-type music?

I'm at work and it's MUCH better when I have crap like this to listen to keep me going.

Here's an example of what I have:

Stupid Shit by Girlicious
Like Me by Girlicious
Buttons by Pussycat Dolls
Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls
Beep by Pussycat Dolls
Fergalicious by Fergie
Glamorous by Fergie

Link to my playlists: http://www.playlist.com/static/user/23454134.html
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Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Paper writing

I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts when it comes to my term paper. It might be because it's 50% of my grade. :-\ I've been doing research but jumping around and not really reading.

How can I get going to write my paper about polyandry in Nepal and Tibet?
Also, what's the worst grade you've gotten on an essay (and why, if you know)?
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taylor swift at billboard awards

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1) I'm bored. My friends are all with their boyfriends (sigh). I don't want to do revision today. What shall I do?

2) What are your top 10 most played songs (from iTunes, last.fm, winamp, whatever).

3) Have you read anything from the Shopaholic (by Sophie Kinsella) series? What did you think?
I bought the first book recently because I know a lot of people liked it and thought I'd see for myself.

top 10
top 10 minus paramore
hug me

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My question is: Should you have to sacrifice your own happiness just because you're pregnant?

Now let me explain.

I realize that I made a mistake and got pregnant when I was totally not ready for it.. But I've chose to keep the baby. The babies father is currently my boyfriend and I care about him extremely. But I was defiantely not prepared for something so permanent especially with him. A guy that I was dating before I got pregnant has been extremely supportive and I also care about him extremely.. And there's something about him that appeals to me and makes me feel like permanent with him wouldn't be so...permanent .Like I would still feel like I could live... So should I have to ignore my own personal feelings so the baby can be raised in what is called a typical family? Or do what's best for me and hope it is whats best for the baby..

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If you change your name in all legal respects and someone in your family (eg - your parents) have you down in their will with your birth name, will you be left out of the will or is there a way to prove that you are in fact that person?
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Have you ever been a delivery person (for like pizza or chinese or whatever else delivers food)?

What's the weirdest delivery you've ever made?

My answer: I've never been a delivery person, but I suspect that the weirdest delivery one of my pizza guys ever made was coming up to my friend's house where she, her brother, and I were all waiting for pizza.  The door was open, and before he could even get up to the door, her brother stepped out from the left, she stepped out from the right, and I just kinda came out straight at him.  We didn't mean for it to happen at all, it was a complete accident, but he got so scared he almost dropped our pizza and ran.
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

This little piggy had cheeseburgers...

Short story long: the local hamburger joint is closing after today, so I ate lunch there. Problem is, I'm trying to lose weight, and cheeseburgers with fried onions are, shall we say, nutritionally dense. So unless I don't eat for the rest of the day (not happening), I'm not going to get my daily goal.

So, TQC, be my personal trainer!

How should I correct the fact that I ate too much?

Cut back on calories for the rest of the day
Work out again tonight to burn off extra calories
Cut back on calories tomorrow
Work out a little harder tomorrow to burn off extra calories
Purge, baby!
Fall off the diet wagon, regain pounds and then some...
Go ask the pro-ana community
Click ticky boxes to burn calories! Whee!
Nothing. Call it a bad day, start fresh tomorrow.

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In late November last year (2007), I saw (at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, if it makes any difference) a preview for a movie coming out in December 2007. It featured a happy-looking family living in a nice house, and then an attractive blonde man showing up (I believe he had a golf club...or was supposed to..play golf with them? Something like that), and then I believe he proceeded to torture the family. It had happy sounding music playing in the background, and reminded me of a Clockwork Orange...

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What was it called?  I cannot remember.
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We will be having marinaded chicken on the grill for dinner and a nice salad - omg, yum!

But what should we have with it? - mashed red taters w/ oodles of garlic, savory rice, or buttered noodles?

I will also enjoy more of my mango vodka with pineapple juice.  Would you like some?
*If you prefer, I also have coke, diet cola, and apple-raspberry as mixers, or some nice iced tea. 
fairy panic

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I have poor credit (no significantly good or significantly bad actiivty though) and my job pays a very low salary. I'm trying to rent an apartment but it's proving to be difficult. Also, I have no cosigner. Does this mean I'll be homeless forever?

(no subject)

What's the best way to kill someone and make it look like an accident?

Or, for those of you who aren't into killing...

What's the best way to dispose of a body? I don't live near any large bodies of water and my oven is electric.

(no subject)

1. So, a while ago I read this science fiction book for teens. All I remember is that there was a spaceship and people were stuck in these.. pod things. And by the end of the book, they had landed on a different planet.

What was that book? And because I know someone is probably going to complain, is there a community where I could post these questions instead?

Found. It was Remnants by K.A. Applegate.

2. What was the last sweet thing said to you?

3. What's your favorite stationary? And where did you get it?

4. Any pets?

5. How tall are you?

6. What's your reason for living?
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Patti Smith


I'm in the process of buying a new computer notebook and badly need some advice. My last laptop was an HP which turned out to be a piece of junk. I use my notebook for school work, downloading music, movies, ect. and interent browsing. Nothing too heavy as I want to be able to carry it around and I want a crisp, clear screen because I watch TV and movies mostly from my computer.  I also have had a lot of problems with bugs in the past and want to avoid that again. I'm not a big techie, so I need something relatively easy to use, but that can handle a lot of stuff running at once as I'm a multi-tasker. I'm looking at both Macs and PCs. So, does anyone have any notebook suggestions or experiences they could share with me?

(no subject)

Ladies who have had kids, this is for you!

Have you ever felt phantom kicking? Especially if it was a while after having your baby?

edited to ask this:

For those of you who use gmail, what's the most amusing tag line you've seen on an ad? I had "Tired of the same funny t-shirts? We are the beet farm of dry comedy" just now, which made me giggle.

What made me giggle even more were the shirts they were selling.

From here, what's your favourite shirt? Would you wear any of them?

I like this one the most, though it's closely followed by this one. And I think I might buy one! I haven't seen anything as funny in the stores here lately.
Kitty lite


Hey TQC - I've got a first date tonight (in under 2hrs!!) with someone I met online.
What do I do or not do so that I don't feel like such a dork? Any topics to avoid or bring up?

(no subject)

Do you ever feel like something (a car, a career, a person, anything) is meant for you?
What have you felt this way about?
How do you know that it's something/somewhere you'll end up (with)?

When going to a restaurant or renting a movie or anything like that, do you prefer to try something new, or stick with the old stand-by?
Do you usually buy the same things when you go to the grocery store?

(no subject)

Would you rather eat an entire live baby (well, starts out alive lol) or an entire dead elephant? Let's say the baby is one year old and the elephant is a full grown African elephant. Things to know: By "entire" I mean organs too. You eat the baby in about a day or two. Since it would take like months to eat an entire elephant, it will start to decay and be ~gross. The elephant has every STD ever, and by eating it, you also catch them all. It also has testicular cancer, which you will also catch. (If you're a girl, you will grow cancerous testicles.) BUT, the baby would grow up to cure arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Okay I'm done editing this lmao.

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Can anyone help me remember the title of this Harlequin romance novel I read a while back? It was about a forbidden love between a fiesty, strong-willed woman and a rather uncouth playboy who gradually evolves into a caring and compassionate man under her influence. I think the heroine was beautiful, and a virgin. The man was at least somewhat muscular.

Oh, and Fabio was on the cover.

ETA: And at one point the heroine and hero were alone in a stable or something and the hero looks deep into her eyes.

(no subject)

After watching some Dead Like Me....

Q: Why is Inigo Montoya handing out Post-Its, telling his crew to steal people's souls? Does it have something to do with his father? Or the 6-fingered man?

Draft ?s

Are you glad the Raiders drafted Darren McFadden?

Who is Darren McFadden?

Did you watch any of the NFL Draft today?

What is the NFL?

a) If you're watching the NFL Draft, do you like what your team has done so far today?

b) When you had to write essays and term papers, did you usually write a rough draft?

c) Have you ever withdrawn more money from one of your bank accounts than you had available?

(no subject)

Would you ever put a bumper sticker on your car?
Have you?
what do you think of people that do?
What are some interesting/funny bumper stickers that you've seen?

If applicable, will you describe your PERFECT bagel?

(no subject)

How do you motivate yourself to do something you really, really aren't in the mood to do?

I really have to start this project, and I need to do well on it to graduate in May, but I just can't make myself actually DO it.

(no subject)

I had such a busy day, THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!!!

1. What are you thankful for?

2. What was the hardest thing you did today?

3. What color best represents its flavor?

4. What does your hair smell like?

5. Whats your favorite carb?

6. Whats your favorite protein?

7. If you had any title in the world, what would it be?

8. What is the nastiest food on the planet?

9. What is the most delicious food on the planet?

10. Who is the most beautiful woman Earth?

(no subject)

Was it mean of my boyfriend to eat Cheese-its in front of me today?
(We're Jewish & it's passover & he decided he was gonna eat 'em anyway.)
Or am I just being a hormonal mess from my new birth control (omfg, depo, I hate you)?

(no subject)

Apologies if this next post is too soon after the last but I really need to ask...

I need a hot water bottle or something similar but don't have one. What can I use for a substitute?

(also i'm not well enough to go out and buy one and I think it's too late in the night to buy anything)
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so long astoria

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Who do you have a crush on?

Mine: Someone I've known from the LJ since I was 16 years old (I'm 23 now). We met IRL once about 5 years ago when I was considering going to the university he was a tour guide at. He used to help me with my math hw when I was in high school (he was a stats major). We still talk online pretty regularly.

(no subject)

In the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley, why does Tom cut his own hand in the scene where Marge confronts him about Dickie's rings? I've watched the movie multiple times and I still don't get it. =(
cubs hat

(no subject)

Does anyone live in, or near, Nashville?

Is there anything exciting to see or do while there?

We're looking at both mainstream things (Country music hall of fame) and off-the-beaten-path sort of things.
Grammar love!

(no subject)

What food makes your body react/feel in a very strange way? (Excluding allergic reactions unless they're really weird and not just hives/sneezing/etc.)

There's a fruit whose name I can't remember that made it feel like my mouth was being tied into a knot. The first and last time I ate it was around age 8.

(edit: I think I figured out the fruit- persimmon.)
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Pit Bull: Reindeer

(no subject)

So, life is really stressful for me right now. And to top it off, my boyfriend has been being kinda of a douche. I just got off the phone in which he managed to get me upset and then be rude. So now I'm upset and a bit depressed not to mention stressed the fuck out.

So why in the world has my media player decided to play one emotional, sad, love song after the other, and try and make me cry? :[

I went shopping today and bought five dresses. Should I wear one for my drive test?
Josh 4

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Family questions!

1.) Did you get along well with your mother and father?

2.) Did you fight over little things, or big problems? Were your fights big fights, or just little snark comments back and forth?

3.) Do you take on the ideas, religion and opinions of your parents as your own?
a. Why?

And one more:

4.) What are some ways that help you relax after getting angry?
a. Do you get angry quickly? Mostly over big or little things?
Fritz the cat

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I set up a section in the backyard filled with rocks and planted small shrubs in between the rocks.

My dog loves to run through the rock garden and she smashed a shrub I bought today.

Is there any way that I can train her to stop running through my rock garden? I really don't want to give up on the garden.

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If you thought you had discovered a breast lump one day, would you immediately go to the doctor or wait until your next annual visit, X months away?

What if there was a large probability of it just being natural because of how young you are?

Would a family history of breast cancer cancel out the young age thing?

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How fucked up is your family?
Do you have any stories that you tell about your family that have people going "Oh my god thats fucked up" ?
Does your family do anything that makes you go "jesus christ whats wrong with you?" or along that line of saying?

I ask all this because apparently my Uncle who lived in Georgia (i'm in Pennsylvania) had been sick with some weired rare strain of meningitis, and he died Wednesday.  Also, as my mother and aunt (not the wife of my uncle, but his wifes sister ) were talking and it seems I have an Aunt we all didn't know about, but found out due to my Aunt finding some paperwork after my grandmother died.

I cannot say I'm not happy I didn't grow up with that side of the family.

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I weigh 93lbs and I'm about five foot four. How many malted alcohol beverages should it take for me to get compeltely wasted?

can anyone link me to some chart?

EDIT: I've had THREE so I must be completely wasted right now. :P

EDITEDIT: OH SHIT how many is TOO many for my height & weight?!

Hypothetical. Or not really?

If a co-worker (whom you considered a friend) suddenly stopped talking to you and, when asked why, said it was because you "attacked them at every chance you got" what would you think they meant?

You've never physically attacked them. Unless hugging counts as attacking someone.