April 25th, 2008

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This is a dumb question but...

Is there, well, a Web-MD kind of place, for cars? :\

I mean where you can select the things that are wrong from a list, and it'll attempt to tell you what's wrong.

(It's a friend's car, and yes, she's getting her dad to look at it tomorrow. But we're trying to think of things to suggest for him to check.)
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Who in TQC would you call a troll?

Doesn't mean you dislike them; you might even like them for it. Just whoever you'd call a troll.

EDIT: Other than "Everyone", you bastards! I want to compile a list so we can rate them on their efforts later!

Rules ?s

1) Do you think people set rules for themselves to keep from making decisions?

2) Do you set rules for yourself?

3) What rules do you find yourself breaking most often? this can be anything doesn't have to be a rule you set for yourself
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I have a bad case of short term memory loss. Mainly situations like this : I log onto LJ and think i want to visit such and such community and i log on and forget what i want to look for. Things like that..

Are there any brain games i can do or little things to make it better? it is like i completely black out :(
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Dear TQC,

I find I am obsessed with sex. I think about it all the time, I masturbate often, and I'm constantly searching the 'net for sites about sex. In fact, when thinking of new questions to ask here, my mind always turns to sex first. I think of so many questions to ask about sex that I worry that pretty soon all my questions will have to do with sex. I'll be known as "that one chick who always asks questions about sex." This probably disturbs me more than anything else, because I know it's normal to think about sex and masturbate and look for porn...but asking questions about sex? About people's experiences and thoughts regarding sex?

Am I just curious? Will this be a lifelong thing? Or am I simply making up for 20 years of sexual repression?

Also, do you find yourself having a similar "problem"?
DW - Doctor Me

Movie Quotes

I've been looking for a specific quote for some time now, but neither IMDB or wikiquote have it. I haven't had much luck with Google OR YouTube, either.

It's a quote from Office Space where Joanna's boss talks to her about not having enough flair, and she says something like, 'If you want me to have 37 pieces of flair, then make the minimum 37 pieces of flair.' and then, I think she quits. It's been a while since I saw the movie. I can paraphrase the conversation, but I really want to get it verbatim.

Anyone know it?

What is one of your favorite movie quotes?

The one in my icon is also one of my all time faves.

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How come I thought I had feelings for this guy, and I thought he liked me, too, but when he confided in me that he liked this girl, I felt a sense of relief wash over me? Like, I was really happy for him that he liked this girl. Why didn't I feel jealous? If it matters, I've never had a boyfriend before and I'm kind of scared of how it'll be like for the first time. Why the hell did I feel relieved? I feel like I don't even know myself anymore.
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What's the coolest dream you've had lately?

Okay, last night I had a dream that my husband bought me a ticket to a Justin Timberlake show as a belated birthday present, but the show was dedicated to me since it was my birthday. It was awesome.

What's the GROSSEST thing to happen to you lately?

We have an ant problem in our house right now, and the other day I found two ants crawling on the toilet bowl after I had just used it. D: Also, one was just crawling on my laptop. I screamed and smacked at it and now I can't find it's carcass.
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Have you ever had a magazine randomly sent to you? (I'm talking your name at your address, but you never subscribed)

Why did I get an issue of Cottage Living magazine? wtf is cottage living, exactly?
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You just found out your SO is actually your long-lost sibling. What happens to your relationship?
What's something you think is cute that a lot of people don't?
Do you still know/communiticate with the person you lost your virginity with?
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What do you think about your place of employment giving you time off for a 'break-up'?

eta: will you tell me a weird fact about your SO or best friend [if you're single]? her socks never match.
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Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?
When falling asleep do you need complete silence or is a little noise ok?
If you share a bed with someone, do you sleep close to them or do you need space?

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1.While sitting here at my laptop I got a very strong smell of cheese danish. There is nothing close to a cheese danish in my house. Do you ever smell things that are no where near you?

2. Would you eat sushi for breakfast?

3. If you like sushi, whats your favorite roll?

4.Would you rather have a Vespa or a Motorcycle?

5. Should I take up belly dancing or tango?

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Last night one of the girls on my floor walked by as I was packing up my dorm room and she saw my Gray's Anatomy text book and the coloring book that came with it. She got really excited and asked me, "OMG like where did you find a Grey's Anatomy coloring book? That's SO awesome! Who does it have pictures of?? OMG does it have one of Alex? OMG! Did you watch the new episode tonight? *short pause* Do you know they spelled 'Grey' wrong?"


I like Grey's Anatomy. I usually don't even mind fangirling about it. I could have probably forgiven that little exchange. But, when I tried to explain to her that Gray's Anatomy is a famous anatomy textbook and much older than the TV series, she didn't seem to believe me. I think she left thinking that it was cool someone named a textbook after her favorite TV series.

TQC, my question is how hard may I hit her in the face with my very heavy copy of Gray's Anatomy and how much may I enjoy it?

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What shows do we both like?

Forensic Files
Deadliest Catch
Dragonball Z
Jon & Kate Plus Eight
King of Queens
Dead Like Me
Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
Rescue Me
I Love Lucy

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I'm a short little elf, TQC. Is this why my bra straps always slip down, and dangle there below my short-sleeved shirts, even when I try to be all posturiffic?

Are there any bras you can recommend for little elves, that won't do this? I'm a bit too booby for a training bra. Alternatively, will you follow me in making this the uber-fashionable way to dress, even in an office setting? Will you show your straps in solidarity?

Kiddie party

You've been selected to arrange an 8-year old boy's birthday party. You are given $500 to acquire the entertainment. Which choices below do you spend it on? Remember to stay within your budget.

Bouncy house - $200 rental
Uncle Larry's Discount Bouncy Raft (he brings an inflatable raft and lets the kids jump on it) - $50 rental
Coco the Clown and his Amazing Balloon Animal Zoo - $300
Uncle Larry's Discount Clown Show (clownfaced migrant worker with $10 of condoms) - $50
Iron Man pinata, filled with good candy - $50
Uncle Larry's Discount Pinata (stolen garden gnome stuffed with jawbreakers, hoisted from tree) - $20
Spiderman impersonator - $100
Larry the spider exterminator, making a presentation of his craft - $50
Really cool party favors for 20 kids - $50
Cheapass party favors for 20 kids - $10
Ping pong/air hockey table rental - $50
Uncle Larry's Atari 2600 Pong (game system and game) - $10
Pony and handler - $200 rental
Sal, the donkey from the salt mines and handler (same migrant worker with the clown face) - $50
The rest of the money goes into my pocket

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I seem to have miss placed my glasses. They are not in the following places: purse, dvd shelf, computer desk, window, kitchen table, bathroom, stove, up my behind.

Where do you think they could be?

Found them!
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youre wearing your hottest outfit.

would you rather get hit by a cattle prod or cattle poo?

sadomasochistic scatotologists need not answer

edit: cattle prod will not damage clothing, but may burn a few brain cells. cattle poo will likely leave a streak but will not cover you completely. Also, there is no way of knowing where you'll be hit by either.
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1. do you ever choose walking instead of driving if the distance is over 5 miles?
2. does it seem reasonable to allow two hours of time to walk five and a half miles? would it take you much longer or shorter than two hours, or do you have no idea?
3. what do you want me to put in your tacos?
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1.My friends and I can't think of anything fun to do tomorrow night.
Help us?
(We are all under 18 so no clubs and we don't want to drink.)

2. What are you procrastinating doing right now?
I should be working on my presentation that is due in 2 hours...

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AHhh. I have two options:

A) I got hired at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday. I'm starting next week, around 30hrs, $9/hr, occassional mixed shifts, possibly Monday-Sunday. I'm not sure.
B) I have an interview today that my mom's friend got me, so I figured (they also won't get off my #$# about it), I'd just give it a go BUT it's at an office, I think some mortgage or insurance, doing quality control, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

I start school in August. I know it's a few months away but I'm also one to think ahead. Lol.

If B pays good, should I take it even though it's full time? How would I be able to work around that when I start school?

If I choose A, how would I be able to work around that with it's mixed shifts? Which one do YOU think seems more stable?

Internet Service

Should I feel guilty using the neighbors wireless internet service instead of getting my own service? I've heard from people that it's illegal and I've heard that it isn't illegal but should be. Which is it? My neighbor has no idea that I'm on his internet.
Would you get your own service if you could just use the neighbors instead?
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Today is ANZAC Day.

Did any of you go to a dawn service? Did you bake ANZAC biscuits?

For those of you who ANZAC day does not apply, what is your favourite holiday/public holiday and how do you/your family celebrate it?
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A Chance to Play Puppet Master With People's Bodies.

If you had the ability to temporarily control someone's body, especially their voice, for the sake of exposing and/or proving something of a social nature (including formal social situations like jobs) that is being kept secret from you, such as bias/unfair treatment against you, or something along those lines, who would you do this with? Who or what would you be trying to "expose"?

EDIT: The human puppet can be a new person, of your own design (you have great golem-fu), that "doesn't exist," but looks like/sounds like/has the credentials of whatever you want.

Assume that you won't get in trouble for trying, the people would forget what happened if you wanted them to and there are no negative physical effects. You are NOT allowed to do it to play with their bodies or anything else. ;-P

I think I'd do it primarily to figure out potentially serious deliberately or negligent abuse of authority against me. I'd imagine something like figuring out how having another doctor, a colleague, propose an idea would go compared to me proposing it directly.

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So, let's pretend libraries have ceased to exist and no one is allowed to borrow books from each other anymore - THAT IS HOW SRS THIS SITUATION IS.

Your friend has a $30 gift card to Borders and will never be able to buy any books for the rest of her life because...like, because of something.

Which 2-3 books *must* she read?

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So I have something I'd really like to do tonight but I have to work. I called and asked for the night off but they say they can't feasibly manage without me because if I don't work tonight, two of my coworkers who do not get along will have to work together. They will be adequately staffed without me, just slightly inconvenienced because these two people are too immature to get along. It is really is short notice for me to take off, I work at 4 and I only called an hour ago. I've known that I needed the day off for like a week in a half and I kept forgetting to ask in advance.
I am the youngest and busiest employee in the whole place. I'm always covering for people and I always work when they want me too. I really do like my job though.
I'm considering calling them back and making it seem like I have an obligation and I absolutely can't work, and they would believe me. Should I?

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Found by its_ender

Chocolate Jesus sculpture

1. The red syrup thing symbolizes the blood, but what exactly does the chocolate symbolize?
2. If you got that in your Easter basket next year instead of the traditional Easter bunny, would you eat it?
3. Giving the chocolate figure hair, a robe and a rod...isn't this just some weird version of Mr. Potatohead for fundamentalists?
4. I think making a confectionary Jesus raises the bar for other religions. What chocolate deity do you think should be in the next youtube clip?

Scotty dogs

So I posted in here a while ago about an 8-year bout of back pain (thanks for all the input, btw) and I finally got to see a specialist today. He was really brief in everything he told me and referred my to ANOTHER spine specialist because apparently I have three fractured vertebrates (which he kept comparing to "scotty dogs" the entire time for some unknown reason). He mentioned briefly that I might want to avoid strenuous exercise and etc etc, but didn't get really specific, as I don't think it was really his "speciality" I suppose.

My question, then, is: What CAN I do? I'm into rock-wall climbing, kung fu/yoga, and I've been trying to lose some weight and generally get in shape, but I suppose this is all contributing to my problem. :(

I don't want to become a sloth but I don't want to aggravate a back fracture either... what do I do?

Any physics geeks around?

I am attempting a question from a textbook but the wording or perhaps the question itself is confusing me.
*Light falls at perpendicular incidence on a transmission diffraction grating. The second order diffracted light leaving the grating is examined.
The grating has 600 slits per mm, a total width of 10 cm, and is being used to examine spectral features near a wavelength of 450 nm. How close ( in nm) can the wavelength of two spectral lines be, for the two to still be seen as two, rather than blended into a single intensity peak?

Ok so I have done question son diffraction gratings before, but all straightforward, and using the equation d*sin theta =m*lamda
i have worked out theta to be 32.6 degrees, and (not sure if this is right) but used the equation for double-slit diffraction: y=m*lamda*D/d and worked out the spacing between the maximum and the first minimum, y, to be 0.05389m. Is this at all on the right track or am I totally lost?

I fear the latter. Any help much appreciated! 

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It's 3.10 pm, and I just got out of a job interview. I find out tonight at 6.45 whether or not I got the position (the applicants and I are all going out to dinner), and I feel a bit too antsy/nervous to do any of the studying I need to do. What should I do for the next 3 and a half odd hours, TQC?

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1. In New York state, How old do you have to be to get your ear lobes pierced without parental consent?
Google isn't helping me and people I know are saying anywhere from 16 to 18. One website said ear lobes aren't "body piercings" since their so common/even little kids get them.

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What is the name/website of the summer camp for GLBT youth? I know we've got a flyer for it up where I volunteer, but I'm not going in again until Tuesday, and my Google-fu is failing me. I thought it was something like "Camp OUT," but that's not bringing up any results, so I'm probably wrong.
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I was talking to my friend the other day. He said raped victims whose rapes go unreported are being careless and irresponsible and need to report rapes to help prevent future ones. He said it's their responsibility.

What are your thoughts on this?
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So my birthday is exactly 2 months from now (really far away, I know)

but I need to decide what kind of phone I want fairly soon. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but I'm a huge techie..so..

iPhone or Blackberry?

I have a Macbook Pro and am obsessed. But my phone is a Blackberry 8700c and I'm also obsessed.

Anyone care to sway me and tell me why?

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I love to travel, and to meet awesome people along the way. This is what I want to do this summer. Does anyone know of any great travel "programs"? They can be study abroad, shorter excursions, whatever.

And what are you doing this summer?

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I work in a music store, and my boss is being awarded at a teacher's award ceremony next month for all his school volunteer work.  I was invited because I was asked by the superintendent's secretary to write the opening speech about him.

MY QUESTION. This is a black tie event. What does this mean for me, a twenty-year old who owns one cotton summer dress and a prom dress? I know men wear tuxes, but...what about woman? 

ETA: Crap, I forgot about my tattoos. I have a large leg tattoo and a fairly large upper arm tattoo. When I volunteer at schools I always cover them up...if I'm wearing a cocktail dress, how am I supposed to do that? Can I show my tattoos?

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Guys, guys, I can't find my ten dollar bill. I looked in my wallet (obvs) and checked all my pockets but it's nowhere to be found. What happened to it?

Rename: y/n? Suggestions?
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Has anyone here had laser surgery or injections done to get rid of their spider veins?
How were the results, the cost, the pain ?

ETA: I'm 18, do you think this would be too young to get one of these procedures done?

(no subject)

1) What is the meaning of life?

2) If you are religious, why do you believe in your particular religion?

3) You've been invited to be interviewed by Oprah. Why?
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I bought some mango flavored vodka today.  I still need to run to the store for a couple other things, so pray tell -  what would be yummiest to get to mix with my vodka??

Also, if you were to go see a movie this weekend (in the theaters), what would you choose to see?

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ok so yesterday i put in my contacts and left to work and about 2 hours after that i saw this weird dotted line in my eyes and after that i got really sick! like throwing up, headaches, body aches. and its not the first time. it only happens if i wear my contacts. anyways, has anything like that ever happened to any of the fellow contact wearers on here?

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What is the oddest crush you've had on a celebrity? Like, someone who is so much older than you or no one else finds them attractive?

MIne is Morgan Freeman..he's 70, I'm 25. I would not kick him outta bed!!! My friend still fancies Jack Nicholson. I liked him when he was 40ish now he's just old.

What are some things you want to do before you die?
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1. I need suggestions for nutritious breakfast foods.

2. I also need suggestions for healthy lunches. I have access to a fridge and microwave where I'll be eating.

3. Would you rather work in Barnes&Noble or at a small supermarket for the summer?

4. Because those questions are pretty lame, have you ever fainted before? Why and when?

Canada - London

I have been thinking of moving to London for years, that or France. I am from South-Eastern Canada.

I am planning a visit for later this year but I just was hoping to get some sort of perspective on if it would be a smart move or am I completely insane...? Never mind don't answer that lol

So I'm out looking for the good and the bad points of london....

to make this a "legal" post I ask... Am I completely insane for even thinking of this?

Do you need to be a citizen to gain employment or can you just be a "landed immigrant"?

yes I am looking into this stuff on my own but I just wanted to hear from the general public...


someone help me figure this out

Is one of these grading systems better for the student (trying to get a higher average)? Which one?

a) Students recieve a percentile grade on each assignment. At the end of the grading period the average is calculated from the average of these percentiles, with some assignments weighing more than others (counting for more than one grade).

b) Each assignment is worth a set amount of points, and the grade the student recieves is the number of points they got. At the end of the grading period the average is calculated by the number of points the student got divided by the total number of points for all assignments.

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For anyone who has had a wedding ring inscribed, or is thinking of it... what was engraved on the inside of the ring?

My boyfriend and I were talking about engagement and wedding rings last night. He said he'll pick out all the rings and stuff, if I come up with the inscription.

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My hair is down to the middle of my back, curly and thick. I'm feeling a little adventurous. Should I give myself a haircut? I'm thinking just at the shoulders, with whatever layers and bangs I can manage.

Any tips for cutting your own hair?

10 Questions

Would you rather live without

1.Ice or Ice Cream?

2. Sex or Dancing?

3. Showers or Baths?

4. Cotton or Silk

5. Pasta or Pizza?

6. Museum or a Library?

7. Nachos or Margaritas?

8. Circles or Squares?

9. Coffee or Tea?

10. Christmas or Halloween?

The seX Files

What paranormal/supernatural things that you have seen or experienced?

Bigfoot (beef jerky may or may not have been involved)
UFOs or space aliens
Spontaneous combustion (either you or someone near you)
Loch Ness Monster, Jersey Devil or other cryptozoological critters
Elvis (after his reported death)
Tupac (in the studio recording one of his many posthumous albums)
Out-of-body experience
A genuine miracle
Hogwash to all of it. None of it exists

You could have sex with one of the above. Who gets into your puny human pants?

Loch Ness Monster
Space alien
Zombie (walking dead)
Vampire (the folklore ones, not the Ann Rice ones, so, walking dead with a thing for bloodplay)
Elvis (old, fat Elvis)
Tupac (possibly walking dead)
Yourself, while you're having an out-of-body experience

It may be hard to find any of the above. You may have to settle for any of these more normal bed partners. Who do you make squishy-squish with?

Anorexic albino, not a ghost
Robin Willians, not Bigfoot
Scottish scuba team, not Nessie
Illegal alien, not space alien
Meth fiend, not zombie
Unkempt goth, not vampire
Fat Elvis impersonator, not actual fat Elvis
Bow Wow (formerly Lil Bow Wow), not Tupac
Yann the petting zoo keeper (who does other things with goats besides eating them), not the chupacabra
Unusual furry in a moth suit (is that a buggy?), not Mothman
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Home Alone

TQC, my fiance is at his best friend's birthday party tonight. God knows when he'll be home.

What should I do with my evening?! I'm so excited. I haven't had the house to myself in six months.

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so heres the deal. i work at this store called urban vibe. it only has 3 locations so its pretty small. anyways, they pay us minimum wage and its part time. so it kinda sucks but i guess its a job. well last week they installed new and more security cameras. which wasnt a problem for a while til today they intsalled a voice recorder at the cash register. and my boss says its because "we want to catch people stealing" which is crap because they could just pay us more or full time.

anyways, my question is, is it illegal for them to have voice recorder?

Sibling Relationships.

I was reading in the advice colume today a letter from a 12 year old girl who was adopted when she was younger, she has an older sister who is 14, the 14 year old is the birth child of the parents. While the older sister was always really nice to her lately she has started to get mean-telling the 12 year old that they aren't REAL sisters and they aren't her REAL parents. The older sister says those things when her friends are around and they all laugh when she gets upsets and cries. The 12 year old is too scared to talk to her parents because she's afraid it will make her sister meaner

How do you feel about this?
Is they 14 year old just being a normal snarky teen or is she just a plain bitch?

I actually got quite upset and sad reading the story. I have two older sisters and we've had our share of fights sometimes big and yeah lots of times just when we were all teens and just-teenish ha but I none of us were ever that cruel-none of are adopted but still. I really feel bad for the girl and I sort of wish that they lived in my area so I could go berate the 14 year old and punch her in the face.

Another question-for people with siblings
For younger/st children-Did your older siblings pick on you, did you ever do something to make them feel bad/guilty for it?
For older/st children-same thing basically but your side-did something happen to make you feel guilty for picking on them?

I'm the youngest of three and like most younger sister's I looked up to my sisters and wanted to hang out with them and their friends. One day my sister had a friend over and she got pissy and said something mean to me about being annoying/always bothering her. I wrote her a letter about how it hurt me, I just looked up to her and wanted to be with her and her friends etc. I gave it to her while her friend was there and it ended up making her cry because she felt bad.

(no subject)

I'm having stupid issues gaming. I've been used to using inverted controls for camera angles like in RPGs, but then got into FPS and the constant inverted controls made it difficult to play normal. I got over that, now I'm trying to play an RPG with inverted camera controls (That cannot be changed) and it's HARD, haha. Now I'm afraid if I keep playing this RPG, it'll mess me up when I play FPS.

Anyone else like this? My boyfriend thinks it's strange that I can't make the switch without issues.

From 9pm -3am

I think my TV gets progressively louder. Like, it'll suddenly be PAINFULLY loud and I have to turn it down a few clicks.

I have the TV on whenever I'm home so turning it off is not an option.

My question, do you think it's really getting louder (cable fuck up?) or just a matter of perception?

edited for crap spelling!
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TQC, do you have any advice on dealing with bitchy, shitty, people who give drive tests? I already dealt with one who failed me for something I didn't do because he was really behind in his schedule. So, other than next time insisting I get a different instructor, any advice?
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Watching the Intake

Strangely enough, I'm actually enjoying watching what I eat. With Captain Calorie around, there's a ton of junk food and high-cal sorts of stuff in the house, but they're easier to avoid than I thought. I haven't had any real cravings for gross food. The better I eat, the better I look, and the better I feel.

However, I have a huge sweet tooth, and I'm afraid that's going to be my downfall. What are some low-cal sweet snacks that you TQCers enjoy?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever had one of those 5-Hour Energy things?
2. Do energy drinks work for you?
3. Would you rather have coffee or an energy drink?
4. What is the worst part about your job?
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I am studying for my last ever (cross your fingers) college final and I want to order Chinese food. What should I get?

I made crab rangoon and egg drop soup last weekend so those are out.