April 24th, 2008

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Inspired by a thread in THIS post.

Would you rather have a really skinny or a really fat doctor? Why?

What is the worst thing a doctor has ever said to you? Do you have a bad doctor experience you would like to share with the class?

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Will you tell me about the relationship you have/had with your current/most recent SO?

Some details I'm interested in include: How often you hold hands when you're walking somewhere together, how often you say "I love you", how often you have sex, if you sleep cuddling or separately ...

Basically .. do you guys cling to each other or do you give each other a lot of space?

Do you like it the way it is or do you wish for something else? What would be your ideal relationship?

ETA: When you're happy in a relationship are you more likely to be happy for other people who are also happy in their relationship? I'm not sure if this makes sense, but it's sort of like that Perks of Being a Wallflower quote "It's like when you are excited about a girl and you see a couple holding hands, and you feel so happy for them. And other times you see the same couple, and they made you so mad. And all you want is to always feel happy for them because you know that if you do, then it means that you're happy, too."
girl on the chair

Any wishes?

What is that you wish/crave/need/want/yearn for RIGHT now?

(food, to pee, kiss, sleep...whatever)

I really miss one of my friends, and I want to talk to her so badly...but she lives on other continent and our only way to communicate (right now) is internet, plus she's really busy with life at the moment...hope to hear from her very very soon!
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Mucha smoke

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I need some piercing ettiquite advice, TQC.

1. What is the appropriate amount to tip on a $90 piercing? 10%? 15%? 20%? Change? Nothing?

2. Since said piercing is of the genital variety, how should the state of one's pubes be so that the piercer can do his or her job comfortably? Do they prefer waxed, or simply trimmed enough to prevent "Amazonian Jungle Syndrome"?

ETA: bikini waxing/trimmed was as much as I had patience for. Also, the $90 includes the jewelry and aftercare solution, if it makes any difference.

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Because the college doesn't want to get back to me or answer their phones!

I'm getting married to a military-like person in a few months, before the Fall semester starts. In the application it asks questions about it, so do I answer for now or for the future?

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uno: how do you say caulk?
una y media: where are you from?

dos: i recently started talking to a friend from high school. she recently broke up with her boyfriend, and she won't talk about what happened. he did some horrible thing that caused her to break up with him. i know the following: it was unacceptable that he did that; he didn't think he had done anything wrong (which made her more upset); he didn't cheat; she never saw it coming (she said something about him showing his "true colors").

tqc, wtf did her boyfriend do?

eta: they were together for three and a half years! keep that in mind.

Why would a Book be $310.00?

I recently wanted to purchase a book from Amazon.com and to my surprise it is $310.00  the book is only 400 pages long. Why would it be so expensive? 

Also what is the most expensive book you have ever Purchased aside from College Text books?
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

Earaches are a bitch. I cannot hear out of my right ear, it pops randomly, and generally hurts like hell. Day 3 of youch. Anything I can do to soothe it? (no insurance means no doctor visit or prescription)

(no subject)

Is there a way in Firefox to set it up so that when I click on a bookmark on my toolbar that it opens in another tab and doesn't just change the page I'm already on?

I checked tools > options and there is an option that says New Pages should be Opened In: a new page/a new tab. I have 'a new tab' checked but it doesn't make a difference.


ETA: Ok I can just right-click on the bookmark and click open in new tab.
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Does it annoy the shit out of you when people compare everyone/everything to Currently Popular Thing #538290854?
For example, telling everyone with glasses that they "look just like Harry Potter, omg!"

(I get a lot of this shit with my art. If I draw some one, male or female doesn't matter, who has glasses... it's Harry Potter. If I draw something that may in some way look like a vampire or hell, even just some one with a certain color hair, it's so-and-so from Twilight... fucking kids these days *shakes cane*)
Tim onstage!

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It's 10:05 AM. Should I skip my 11:00 AM class? I'm just going to be honest and say that I'm failing anyway, and there's no way to catch up by now. Going might make me feel better about myself in a well-at-least-I'm-not-skipping-my-first-class-of-the-day sort of way but ultimately, going would be pretty pointless. Should I skip?
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(no subject)

So what exactly was Chandler Bing's job?

When you close your eyes, do your eyelids for first?

Have you ever wanted to be part of a certain group? Like the Lollipop Guild or the Nazis?

(no subject)

If you were lactating (and didn't need to feed a baby), would you sell your breast milk to an eccentric millionaire for his personal use? Would it matter why he wanted it, or would it just matter how much he was willing to pay?

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten jeans tailored? How much did it cost?

I have a big ass, TQC. This generally means that jeans that fit my butt well are very baggy in the legs, and I'd like them to be more fitted. Should I just continue the depressing act of jeans shopping, or get my perfectly fine but baggy jeans tailored?

(no subject)

1. What are the first flowers that pop up where you live?

2. What ingredient do you absolutely hate in any dish? example, peanuts, currants...

3. If a sex tape of Hillary Clinton surfaced, would you watch it?

4. Whats the scariest movie you have ever watched?

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I have my laptop again! Yay! But due to the fact that I got a new hard drive, I have lost many things. So, I am looking for a good Torchwood desktop background. I've tried google, and found nothing more then promotional pictures and episode stills.

Does anyone one here have a good Torchwood desktop background?
FF: Firefox1490 Lighting

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You wake up. You've had a night of wonderful sex. You go down to breakfast with your friend. You eat. They laugh at your post sex happy haze. When you're leaving one of them yells after you "Don't forget the chutney"

WTF does that mean?

Edit: Chutney is similar in consistency to jelly, salsa or relish, and is used as a sweet and sour condiment. Usually made fresh, chutneychutneychutney contains fruit and sugar to give it a sweet taste, and almost all chutney contains vinegar and perhaps onions to give it a corresponding sour flavor. The ingredients are mixed together and then simmered slowly. While chutney is primarily sweet and sour, there can also be many variations of spices, often giving it a hot and spicy flavor.

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Is there any way to get replacement discs for box sets?
Specifically Gilmore Girls. And I bought it forever ago, so returning it to the store isn't an option.

I tried emailing the offical site, but they'll only send replacements if you bought it off the site. =\

Am I SOL and going to have buy the entire season again?

(no subject)

What's the most expensive thing belonging to someone else that you've broken?
& Did I phrase that question correctly? It sounds funny.

I accidentally broke a guy's $500 guitar once. I felt really bad and cried. :(
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Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) What kind of day are you having today? How do you feel? I'm having a very sluggish, lethargic day. blech.

2) What is the last decision you made?

3) Is there anything you would like to say to me?

Sappy Pet Post

1.If you have a pet, what is the weirdest thing they like to eat?
My puppy loves tortilla chips, she is so cute when I reach for the bag!

2. If you have pets, how many do you have? What are they and what are their names? Pics if you can.
I have two cats, Mim and Minow. Three dogs, Spunky, Pepper and Liberty.

3. If you have a pet, when was the last time you got on the floor and played with them?
I had a wrestling match with all 3 of my dogs last night and it made me very happy:D

4. Have you ever lost a pet that meant a lot to you? If so, how did you cope?
My x took one of my cats and dropped her off in the middle of the woods one day. This is why I broke up with him, and I am still not over it:(
Colorful Fairy

(no subject)

In your opinion, what is the best shampoo/conditioner out there? Specifically for those who have dry and unmanageble hair. I want something that improves texture and adds some shine so my hair looks more like normal people's. I can't spend too much, but willing to spend a little more for something that really works.

Or what methods of styling my hair might make it shinier and have better texture? I try blow drying it, it makes it feel brittle and looks awful (even if I use a round brush and do it the way they say to do it), but I also have a ionic blowdryer from many years ago, and someone said that they also had issues with those making their hair frizzy. Would better styling tools do the trick? What styling products would you suggest? I already use John frieda Frizz Ease and it makes my hair better, but still not as good as I would like it.

I have tried almost any high end Wal-Mart brand-John Frieda, Pantene, Garnier Frustis, etc. I have also tried Matrix Sleek and while it was ok, still not what I was looking for. What are your thoughts on Biosilk?

BTW, my hair is naturally wavy/curly and it is color treated. I try not to use a lot of heat styling tools on it, but with my current hair cut, that isn't possible. So something to strengthen and protect my hair would be great too.

Food Food

Hello everyone,

I love making egg-white omlettes but the only reason I don't make them so much is because I feel bad throwing out the yolk. What could I do with the yolk ?


there's an idiot in our office who's stealing people's lunches, any suggestions on how to find or trick this thief ?


(no subject)

I'm trying to save up money to buy a rabbit. I know where I'm buying it from it costs about $30.

Around how much money should I set aside to pay for everything?
Including cage, food, hay, water bottle, toys, spaying/neutering, etc.

I'm not sure how much neutering would cost, if anyone has an idea, that'd be really helpful.
I'm not even sure if I should even get my rabbit neutered but people have told me it makes them happier and live longer lives.
Bravo Seinfeld

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 So, I got a new job.. and they require a drug test before I start work. 

My question is, have you ever had to go in for a drug test before? What was it like, did someone come into the bathroom with you? Or were you allowed to go in alone?

I'm nervous that someone is going to come in and watch me pee.. that is WICKED AWKWARD!

**EDIT** I just got back, it was seriously a 2 minute thing, and no one came in the room with me. LOL
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 I got accepted to my dream college in a dream location. I worked my ass off senior year (even taking college credits) to do well enough to get accepted to a few good schools. When I got accepted, I was overjoyed... until my parents filed their taxes jointly, causing them to look like they make more money than they really do and fucking me in the ass as far as getting any money from the govornment. To be honest, my family doesn't have money, let alone the money to send me to college. My "step-father" hasn't adopted me so my mother is a single parent which could have gotten me a good chunk of change from the govornment to go to school, but once again, my mother failed to fill out paperwork correctly. 
So, getting absolutly no financial aid, my only other option was to take out some loans. I have no credit history so I need a co-signer. My mother signed for 3 different loans and got rejected by all of them because she defaulted on a previous loan she took out for beauty school and she also has a habit of using her credit card and not paying anything back on time. I called my biological father, whom I havent spoken to in god knows how long and he basically told me not to ever bother him again. I tried my aunt, who politely told me no but to go and try to file as an independant. I looked up the information about how to go about this and apparently you need to be an orphan, in the army, or a parent in order to do this and get any financial help for school. I am none of these.

TQC, what the fuck do I do? I want to go to school more than anything in the world.
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The Question Club

If you have resisted the urge to lose your virginity for the dream of saving yourself for "The One", is it wrong to have the same expectation for your other half? Is it just a nice thought, but a naive way of thinking?

I am not saying anyone who isn't a virgin is a bad person. Sorry if it came off that way. My mom isn't a virgin after all..

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I just created a new LJ account and I tried customizing it like crazy (layout, etc), but it's not working. I've double checked to make sure that the HTML codes are correctly put in but I'm still running into the same problem.

Are newly created journals not able to be tweaked?

Flashing Lights

How can I make some lights turn on from a web page remotely ? What I mean is a set of warning lights , that when there is a system problem I can login to the site and have it send packets to a wake on LAN card that will send a signal to a digital relay and turn on the lights.

I could do a regular wall switch, however I want to be able to control them when I'm off -site over a VPN connection if I can.

Thoughts ?
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I'm not one of those girls who expects to be showered with gifts from her significant other. But upon observing a few of my good friends' boyfriends, I'm taker a closer look at my own. My roommate's boyfriend recently bought her a $4,000 bracelet from Tiffany's (among other things), my sister's boyfriend constantly makes her mix-CDs, has bought her a guitar to give her lessons, etc. My friend's bfs also give them sweet gifts sometimes for no occasions.

Looking back on the past year, my boyfriend has only gotten me two t-shirts. Seriously, that's it. Not a single bouquet of flowers or anything. He's a caring guy, but does this speak volumes about him?
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(no subject)

In what ways have men been mistreated by this horrible feminist society?

In what ways are whites discriminated against?

How are you OMG oppressed in your day-to-day life?

srs q 4 SERIOUS

How am I going to pay for college? How are you dealing with the financial burden of attending a university (or whatever you do)? I don't have it that bad, it looks like it's going to be around $64,000 for everything (The Evergreen State College, WA), but that's still quite a lot. I'm poor, my parents are poor - no one in my family has any money.

I'm looking for reassurance that I won't have to sell my anus, tips for saving/getting money, or mad scams for quick cash. Thanks.

Note: By January I will have applied to 30/40+ scholarships, so I am trying.
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Poll #1176544 Baby on board

You find out you have an insanely rich relative, who has put it out there that the next member of the family tree to give birth to a baby will be gifted with $10,000,000. Around this time, your periods are late (or your gf's periods are late) and you find out that you're pregnant (or your gf is). A week later, you find out a cousin is also pregnant, so you have competition. Do you carry the baby to term?


After several weeks, you get an ultrasound. The ultrasound reveals that the fetus will have severe downs syndrome, and is that...a tail? The doctor says that there's still time to abort it. You remember the 10 million. What do you do?

Carry it to term anyway, collect my 10 million
Get rid of it. I don't want to bring so mentally and physically imperfect into the world and have to take care of it
I checked no in the previous question

This is a follow up to the first question. You're pregnant (or your gf is), the 10 million looks like it's coming to you if the child gets born. The ultrasound reveals that there's 5 heartbeats. You (or your gf) is going to give birth to quintuplets. 10 million if you bring them all into this world. What do you do?

Carry them all to term. Have 5 kids and a fat bank account
Carry them all to term. Give them all away to adoption. Enjoy my fat bank account
It's inethical, but I find a doctor who's willing to abort that many fetuses. I'm just not ready to be a mother (at least not to 5 kids)

In a completely different situation, you have a new baby. There's no 10 million in this question. You bring it home from the hospital, and you and your SO are bonding with it and savoring these precious Hallmark moments. You love your little baby more than anything, and your baby trusts you and stops crying in your presence. Then, after a month, the hospital calls. Apparently, there's been a mixup. That baby isn't yours. Your real baby is actually in the hands of another couple. The other couple has bonded with their baby, too. They'll switch if you want to, but would be happy to raise the kid as their own. What do you do?

Change kids. It's my damn kid and only I can raise it
Me and this baby have a relationship already. The bonding is too strong. I can't give it away now


I live in PA and I NEED a full time job. Where I work right now isn't able to give me full time currently because of lack of hours available. I'm not in college right now so I could really use health insurance to. The only way I could get by is if I found a full time job that pays MORE than minimum wage. I can't get by on $7.15 an hour even if it is steady hours. The only place I can think of is Target and I hear so many bad rumors about working there that I'm not sure about applying there. :/

Where can I find a job in PA that pays more then minimum wage?
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Approved By The Comics Code Authority

(no subject)

When/if you play a video game (PC or Console) that has a type of "morality" system in it (e.g.; Fable, the Knights of the Old Republic series, Mass Effect, Oblivion, and others) do you simply play the game in separate run-throughs experiencing both sides of the morality system?

Or do the actions you take in the game correlate to actions you would make were you the person in that given situation, as opposed to the player controlling a character?

(no subject)

This is probably a long shot, but I'm in kind of a bind. I have to fly to Pennsylvania for 2 weeks. (Family emergency.) from St. Louis. In order to park at the St. Louis Lambert International Airport, I have to pay $8/day, which is like $118 dollars. I can't afford that. I can barely afford my plane ticket.

Anyone know anywhere in St. Louis I can park (long-term) for free/cheap that is close to the airport?

(no subject)

I work at an office on the 12th floor of a building downtown. We just moved from the 5th floor, and here we are looking straight into another building that is right across from us. There are three guys who sit right at the window there staring right at us, so the first day, we made a sign that said "HI!" and taped it to the window. They wrote back and we've been exchanging hellos for the past two weeks. It's really neat, but we've run out of ideas of fun stuff to do with them. First we "posted" our fave youtube links, then we posted a riddle...what else can we do with them for entertainment? How else and what else can we do to communicate with them?
Rock N Roll

(no subject)

When did Rush become punk?

Turn off your hearing aids and SHUT the hell up
What the HELL
Aw Hell NOEZ

What instrument do you play at a concert?

Air Drums
Air Guitar
Air Bass


What are some foods you absolutely cannot resist and must eat if said food is placed in front of you?

I just bought those elf fudge cookies and I should not have done that. Also, I am a sucker for curly fries.
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(no subject)

 You know how when some people get their cartlidge pierced, the cartlidge "blows out" the back of the ear? Well, I just got my industrial done a few weeks ago, and the top hole looks like the cartlidge is going blow out the front of the ear. Is there any way I can stop this, or is it just better to take the piercing out?

Is this peircing more trouble than it's worth? It's quite possibly the most annoying piercing I've had yet.

(no subject)

Its hotter than hell in my shop right now and my AC will not turn on for some damned reason.
1. What the fuck can I do to stay cool? I have sweat dripping of me.

2. If you like Tim Burton, what is your favorite film created by him?

3. Should I have a martini or a glass of wine with my meal tonight? I'm making fajitas.

(no subject)

Why is it as human beings we can't help but say redundant things?
For example short people and tall people must be reminded of their plight 100X a day.

When have you been redundant?
Or been the victim of it?

(no subject)

What songs make you feel sexy/good about yourself/pumped up for a good night out?

Ladies, say something you listen to before you go out dancing or on a date?

Mine is Sin City by the Genitorturers ~
funnny - calvin and hobbes suicide drink

(no subject)

1. Do you have a coworker (or several) that annoys you?

2. What do they do that bothers you?

3. Have you done anything about it?

I have two coworkers who play cornhole outside of my door every day. It's a day to day struggle not to strangle them.

Also: Does the word cornhole sound dirty to anyone else?*

*Aside from the obvious connotations

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jim greco


I just pulled laundry out of the dryer and STUPID ME left chapstick in the load. I dumped the clothes on my bed and the chapstick was hot and melted so it leaked all over my fleece blanket. WHAT DO I DO TO GET IT OUT? :(
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Do you think women, in a general sense, look better with a little extra chub on them, or do they look better lean?

(For this example, assume "a little extra chub" is about a girl the size of America Ferrera in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and "lean" is around Kate Moss's size. Also assume they're both equally attractive, fit, well groomed, similar body types, they are both intelligent and wear clothes that flatter.)

If you don't give a shit,

2) Will you tell me about a time you were really, honestly happy?

(no subject)

anyone else out there, starving????

i am... the Farmer's Market here is setting up there Annual 'Rib Cook Off'.... smells mighty tasty out there...
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(no subject)

1)chronic minor headache- go to the doctor for $100 or advil only?

2)should I spend money on stuff?

3)do you have finals soon?

4)what's the worst thing you nearly ran over?

a turtle. we didn't have turtles near the lake when I was a kid, but now that I've returned, they're everywhere.

(no subject)

Have you ever had a dream about your friend that was so awkward you hoped you wouldn't run into them that day? What kind of dream was it?

I've had sexual dreams about my best friend. One time I had a dream that I was in a threesome with her and her husband. *shudders* I would never want to do that in real life.
love computing, writing

Take it easy on me...

What's the best way to know if something is going to be a bad decision before you do it?

And a seperate question.
Background: I had a best guy friend (D) who introduced me to one of his best friends (T), and he (T) and I dated for a while. It got serious-ish, but we didn't last, and he ended up breaking up with me, because he didn't want a girlfriend. 

How bad is it if D and kind of have a thing now?
I think I'm fair game - but I have a feeling the boys may see otherwise.



(no subject)

So...I see this guy every morning on my way to the tube station through the park and I've developed a ...crush? on him.
I want to talk to him BUT he rides a bike so its rather awkard to stop him just to talk to him,not as natural as talking to someone walking besides you.
so how do I go about this ?

p.s I don't have a bike so....yeah any ideas involving a bike is sorta impossible.

p.s Thanks for your help inadvance 

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I know I'm going to sound like a spoiled rotten pussy, but whatever.

Some of you may know that I took a terrible tumble the other day. AKA I'm a bloody mess.
I'm totally exhausted and was in my shop all day with the temp at 80+*
So I'm bloody and sweaty, get it?
My bf walks in and says we're going out to a posh business meeting/dinner in a few hours.
1. I have nothing to wear
2. I feel like ass meat, bloody ass meat
3. I could fall asleep at this very moment

What would you do if you were in my shoes? He said I need to come because its a couple thing but I would rather have all my teeth pulled.

Office jobs?

I have been considering an office job. I've considered them since around 2003 when I started taking the BART to school and I would see the office workers commuting to San Fran.
I figure I would be best as a receptionist/secretary. I am pretty bad at trying to convince people to buy stuff, most of the time. Unless they can see me, then I seem to be amazing at it.
Does anyone have an office job, or has had one?
Did you like it?
How can I go about finding one?
What skills do I need? Are there any degrees I need before I can get an office job? Or is it skill that gets you the position?
Kill Bill - Elle

(no subject)

Are you the kind of person that is very peace-loving and is often relied upon by many to be their ear, even if you may not know that person?
The same kind of person that is always confided in and takes a neutral stance all the time?
The same kind of person that hates confrontation?

Do you have a story to share?

(no subject)

I signed up to do day of silence tomorrow and it seemed like a good cause but now i'm looking at the reality of things and it doesn't seem like it'll help anything.

Should I do day of silence anyways?

"What is the Day of Silence®?
The Day of Silence (www.dayofsilence.org), a project of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), is a student-led day of action when concerned students, from middle school to college, take some form of a vow of silence to bring attention to the name-calling, bullying and harassment -- in effect, the silencing -- experienced by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) students and their allies. This year’s Day of Silence will be held in memory of Lawrence King. "

Koodo Mobile

Has anyone gotten any service with them? How's the reception? I'm so sick of Rogers; when my contract expires, I'm thinking of switching phone companies. It's either Fido, Bell, Telus, Koodo or Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile apparently changes your price of your bill every month. What's the catch with Koodo, does anyone know?

Thanks for your time!

ETA: I'm in Toronto, but seriously Rogers has very shitty reception, especially in malls. It is very, very crappy.

(no subject)

1. I'm about 87% sure that I get to see Barack Obama speak Saturday! I'll be going with my mother and sister, and we have to bring a photo ID with us. My sister doesn't have a state issued ID (just her school one). Will this do, or should she get a state-issued ID from the BMV?

2. If you've been to one of Obama's town hall-style meetings, how far in advance did you show up? The speech starts at 10:30, and the doors open at 8:30. We're planning on showing up at 7 (even with tickets, it's first come first served). It's a pretty tiny conservative city/area in general (the most Republican congressional district in one of the most Republican states), but I'm sure there'll still be quite a few people show up. Is 7:00 early enough to get a seat you think, or should we shoot for 6:30?

(no subject)

So, my laptop's AC adapter/charger/whatever you wanna call it was submerged in water for a few minutes (dumbass cousin ugh) and I'm wondering if I can let it dry out like you do with a cell phone, and have it still be useable?
Mind's Desire

Hi, new person!

Okay. Long question. Sorry.

I live in the Kansas City area, and I've been living in Kansas and working in Kansas, but I'm about to move to the Missouri side and continue working in Kansas. I'm wondering how that will work on my taxes (will I pay more, am I going to end up having to PAY a LOT more, etcetera), and if I can get food stamps and whether I should apply in Kansas or Missouri (I'm not going to be able to afford things like food after I move, due to gas and car and car insurance and rent and utility bills and credit card bills and my cell phone bill (I don't have a house phone, just the cell), and while I think I should apply in Missouri once I change residency, I'm not sure, because I'll be working in Kansas, and I'm not sure if that changes things.

And is it illegal to use an expired ID if you haven't had a chance to go get a new one yet? Mine expired on my birthday and I've had it since I was sixteen and... I don't know whether to just wait until I move to Missouri or just go ahead and get the learner's permit (I need to get a driver's license, too, so I can drive the car) in Kansas, and will that work for Missouri, or will I have to get another permit in Missouri before I get my Missouri license?

I'm sorry, this is an awful lot of questions for the first posting, and I don't even know if anyone can answer them, but I figured it'd be worth a try.

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(no subject)

Any TQC members have HIV or AIDS?
(This is not a troll post; I am curious as to whether anyone here has been diagnosed with it and is willing to mention it publicly.)

Why do I smell like chicken?

Why do I feel 700 times more doom than I did yesterday?
shocking 4 teh internets

(no subject)

For those of you who like to sing, what's your favorite song to crank up and sing along with to put you in a better mood or add to your already good mood?

Scenario: you are perusing this comm, and a fairly unrecognizable member (such as a newer poster or a self-proclaimed lurker) reacts with surprise to what you see as standard behavior from a comm member that you readily recognize, perhaps have interacted with. 
Do you feel the urge to 'educate' the newer member and perhaps tell them they're wasting their breath/energy, or do you just sit back and enjoy the (possible) contretemps and drama?

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If TQC were giving away icon awards:

Who would win for cutest icon?
Most creative icon?
Most shocking/disturbing icon?
Most annoying icon?

I think I have been ex-communicated from the group I am doing a group project with for my final. Am I totally screwed? Y/Y

What is the best communities on LJ for LOLs? sf has grown old.

What would you do if people could read your thoughts?

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I got a new job today and tomorrow is a public holiday in Australia.
None of my friends want to come drinking with me tonight in celebration.
I used to work at a pub and I know all the staff and security.

So should I go to my old pub for a few beverages or should I stay at home?

EDIT: ok, i'm going to the pub...have fun everyone!
Cherry blossoms

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Would it be bad form not to thank my thesis supervisor in the "Acknowledgments" section of my dissertation? What about if he did fuck all for me throughout the process and will be receiving a formal complaint after the paper is in?
I don't plan on thanking anyone else FYI, just "dedicating" it to my grandfather who was so interested in my project but passed away. (d'aww).

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I bailed on dinner. Yay.
My Father hung himself on the same day as my shops Grand Opening last year.
My Mother was very close to my father, I look a lot like him.
She has been married to a different man for almost 20 years, but I know she still loves my Father.
I have other brothers and sisters, but she tends to cling to me the most.
Lately I feel like she is really needy of me because of my Fathers death.
Almost suffocating at times.
How do I balance this relationship with my mother out?
So hard to explain....ugg.
I don't want to be a ghost or a crutch for my Mom, I want to be her daughter!
What should I do to relieve her grief and stand my ground?
This is so hard to explain... WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO?????
I want to be there for my Mom, but I don't want to make things worse by letting her use me as a medium to my Father, if that makes any fucking sense.
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TQC, why won't they accept me as a member over at wtf_inc?  I looked at the userinfo and don't see any criteria as far as who can be a member and who can't... So what gives?  Anybody know?  Anybody else had their membership denied?

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I found out today that Italy has a ban against anyone in schools showing a preference to any political side, discussing homosexuality, whether you're for it or against it. That surprised me a little.

I attend an international school in Rome, and we mainly speak English, and I personally know very little about Italian politics and laws. There was a huge class discussion today about homosexuality in general, and all hell broke loose. A room full of liberals against one conservative. (Details in my journal, if you really want to know).

Question: Do you think that things like homosexuality, politics etc should be discussed in a classroom?


The course is for high school, and it's called Theory of Knowledge, where we explore different ways of knowing. At the moment we are discussing if emotions help us know things. Our discussion today had nothing to do with topic; a friend came into the room and gave a speech to our class, as half of our grade is in it, and the teachers just let us argue about it, though they occasionally added something, as one is a total hippie and the other one comes from a conservative background. They both added interesting thoughts to the table that got everyone thinking differently, regardless of which "side" you were on.

Does this change your answer?

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Have you ever learned something about a person that completely changed your view of them?

I just learned that a guy I was in love with cheated on his best friend's wife. Now he disgusts me.

ETA: Sorry, that wasn't clear. He slept with his best friend's wife.
Oh hay thar

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I have two jobs and work 7 days a week. I haven't had a day off since February. I quit job A tomorrow, I quit job B on Sunday. I start a brand new job on Monday. My first day off is Tuesday, the day we move to a new house. I haven't slept or eaten in a week, I've also been taking care of my two kids by myself for 15 days now because their dad is on business. I haven't had sex in 3 weeks. My credit card was stolen this morning, my cat is missing, I am still packing the house, I got fucked out of $300 today and my car is making a grinding noise. My hot water heater, washing machine and dishwasher all broke since Monday. A co-worker died on Saturday. I have to attend my graduation next week. My kids are being very evil.

Waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaa

I have no expendable cash because of the move and everything I own that is relevant is packed. I'm losing weight and crying a lot :(

What do I do to cheer up and lose the angst?

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does the color of Collapse ) appear to be a burnt butterscotch?

would you use that belt on someone who disrespected you?

what's your name, again?

oh, and where do you live?