April 23rd, 2008

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For the past 3 days I've been using Clean & Clear Advantage acne control kit. It's working pretty well but I just washed my face and noticed the skin around my eyes burning a little. Then I put on the spot treatment and that burned like a bitch! But it's working!! :( Is this doing more damage to my skin than good? Should I only use it once a day instead of twice?

The facewash has benzoyl peroxide in it and the moisturizer and spot treatment have salicylic acid.


My boyfriend got upset with me today because he saw that I didn't have anything mentioning him on my Myspace profile. I have that I'm In a Relationship and I have an album with 30+ pics of us together. Plus everyone on my friends list knows he's my boyfriend. Because I don't have anything mentioning him on MY profile, he wants to delete everything he has about me on HIS profile. I feel that he's acting childish. It's not like I'm trying to hide the fact that I have a boyfriend.

My question is: Does he have a right to be upset about this? If so, why?

If it matters I'm 20 and he'll be 24 this summer.
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Okay, so I just posted a question, and checked back a minute later, and it was gone. What happened?

What are some good low calorie foods I can munch on while watching TV? (Besides celery...)
mulder pencils

kicked when you're down.

i just moved out of state a few weeks ago. i don't know anyone, don't have any friends, any money, etc etc. i missed my boyfriend a whole lot, which made matters worse.

then a few days ago he informs me that he is going to get back together with his ex, whom he doesn't really give a shit about, but will date anyways because she is there and i am not.

it probably hurt more than anything else i have ever gone through. there's a lot more back story but i guess that's enough to explain what's going on.

basically i am friendless and seriously heartbroken.

what can i do to help myself shake this?

what's the worst break-up you've ever had?
Summer puppy by ninneve

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If you call the police on someone and refuse to give your name, if they show up and the situation is fine or is lied about, can/will they track down the phone number called from and possibly call back or pursue it for a false alarm?

The situation would be a basic domestic violence call, nothing too serious, just a couple screaming and hitting each other every night after midnight.

Famous Olde Tyme

Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?

Dr. Pepper
Root Beer
I'm extremely sheltered and have not tasted them

Did you miss me?

Not one bit. Please don't come back.
I don't know you.

What have you done this week? (Last Wednesday through now)

Went grocery shopping
Went to the doctor
Smoked marijuana
Had sex
Flipped out on someone
Ate fast food
Cooked something
Went to school
Drove somewhere
Donated blood
Went to the theater
Gave birth
Ate marshmallows

Will you tell me something funny?

What is the last digit of your SSN?

I don't have an SSN

Did you watch Dr. Phil today?

What's that?!

Will you describe your day?

Wendy's or Arby's?

Can't decide
Not applicable


Does anyone else feel like they are on an eternal and fruitless search for the perfectly written book that satisfies their every literary preference and desire?

I want a really classy, funny and enormously thick novel divided into sub-books with many chapters that draws from mathematics, science, and mystery. It has to reference fine arts in a non-clichéd and unique manner (like, no Da Vinci Code shit). It has to occasionally shift between forms (from prose to poetry, lyrics, or otherwise), include a few pages in the middle that have images, and maybe have some pictures scattered in the middle. I'd like the style to be somewhere between Nick Hornby, Scarlett Thomas, Ian McEwan and Jay McInerney. I'd like it to really skimp on the melodrama and instead make me cry for real maybe two times in the course of the plot. I'd like it if solving puzzles within it led to finding actual buried treasure in the real world. There must be a fair amount of really well-written and pornographic sex, but not too much. It is okay if it portrays drug use, but I don't want it to be lame and masturbatory descriptions of people getting high. The Internet should probably be in it somewhere.

Will I ever find this book?

Why does my browser have the find function open, with only the word "penis" typed into it?

Who to choose?

TQC, who should I choose?

The Japanese ex-fiancee?
The first fiancee who ran away to New Orleans to be with her lesbian lover?
The woman I have been on and off with since I was 19?
The little sister of my brother's friend?
The submissive who wants to be my slave and calls me Sir?
The unhappily married woman?

(Serious, non-serious, and just plain mean comments okay with me)
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Do you rememember...

a. What is your age?

b. How many things from this montage do you remember?

c. What's missing?

I'm 26, and I got 52 of them. I can't fucking believe they left out Beavis & Butthead, Nirvana, Ren & Stimpy, and Super Mario Kart.

Edit: I thought of a few more: Reebok Pump shoes, TLC, Terminator 2, Metallicas's Black album, Zelda: A Link to the Past, M.C. Hammer, Jurassic Park, and those Looney Toons T-Shirts with illustrations front & back.
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Hope this isn't too common a question.

I would like to learn sign language. Can I learn it well from a book, should I find some instructional videos, do I need to learn it from a person? I don't know anyone that knows it, otherwise I'd ask them.


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I am going to Boston in the fall, and will be staying right downtown, aside from catching a Bruins game and hitting the art museum can you give me ideas of what else to see while I am there?

TQC Interactions

If you dislike a certain TQC member will you avoid answering their questions or do you answer regardless of how you feel about the person?

Have you ever unknowingly gotten into a fun/interesting conversation with a member only to realize that it was somebody you'd gotten into an argument with and decided was stupid/that you didn't like them? Did that change your opinion of then?

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I checked my work email from home yesterday evening and there was an email from my boss saying for me to plan to go to lunch with him tomorrow [today] anywhere I wanted because of "Administrative Professionals Day."

Is he really being nice cause of the Admin. Prof. day? Or is he taking me to lunch to soften the blow of firing me? Cause that would suck.

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Does anyone have any tips on giving a dog injections?

My brother has to give our dog allergy injections every few days and since the dog now knows what's coming, it has been nearly impossible to give him his shots. He's about 30 lbs of muscle, and likes to bite when we try to hold him down.

If anyone have any experience or can give any insight, that would be amazing!

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1. After a series of stunning breakfast dates and early suppers, your latest crush confesses that he's crepuscular. There won't be any late-night movies or picnic lunches in the park. Can this relationship survive?

2. What do women want?

derek smalls

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what was the longest you've gone without having sex while being in a long term (but not long distance) relationship? why?

relationship status aside, how often would you like to have sex?

do you ever feel like you just never want to have sex again?
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What do you need to address very violently right now?


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For those of you that have kids...what is the grossest thing they have over done?

My son is potty training and this morning he decided to do something new....

I was feeding my 9 month old and my 2 year old took a bowl into his playroom, took off his diaper and pooped in the bowl. Then he brought the bowl to me and told me he pooped.
It was pretty gross!

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I made some yummy pink and purple cupcakes because it's my daughter's first birthday today. Would you like one? I'm also planning on baking several more batches for her party on Friday (yay for public holidays!) as well as some banana muffins. Would you like some of those?

What colours should I do the next batch? I have yellow, blue, rose pink and green food colouring. I'd like to do at least two more batches, and I might do two colours per batch at most.

I'm pretty new to the decorating cupcake thing, so other than icing/frosting and sprinkles, what else should I do? The ones I did today are pretty much just practice cupcakes.

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Rocky Horror Batman Show

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My gf is looking for a song, she thinks it's 70s era, and this is what she remembers about it: "A soldier dies, then later on, he saves his buddies from a minefield as a ghost or spirit or something"

Anyone know what this song is?
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How much weight do you want to lose?

my best friend just texted me and told me that she wants to lose 70 lbs! i told her she's out of her mind because she doesn't need to lose that much weight, like 20 at the most.

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Does anyone know the name of a cartoon with teenage guys who became half-sharks? I think they swam in the pavement somehow, but that's all I remember. This was probably aired late 80's/early 90's.
Much obliged!
Space Pope

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1.  Your boss calls you into his office, how does this make you feel?

2. It turns out it is a surprise hookers and blow party, how do you feel now?

3. Your boss then tells you that you can't partake you are just there to film the event, how does this make you feel?

4. It turns out it isn't a hookers and blow party at all, your boss is making a snuff film, How do you feel now?

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1. I'm graduating college this spring.
2. I just got asked to interview for a job at the company I interned with, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it and that the interview is a formality.

3. Should I still leave work early today to go to the career expo they're having across the street this afternoon, or would that be a waste of my time?

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I got this shirt from Ross. It's an Allison Taylor button down shirt. I guess it's a babydoll cut. I don't really know anything about that type of stuff. Anyway, There's a guy I know who loves it and wants to buy it for his girlfriend but I can not find the website or anything. Can you help me find the official website or someone legit who sells Allison Taylor stuff?
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1. Have you ever posted to brutal_honesty? links or care to relate the story?

2. Is there a community for not quite so brutal confessions? I have something I need to get off my chest but am too much of a pussy to tell the people it involves.

3. Got anything you need to get off of your chest? Would you share it?

4. What are some of your favorite salad recipes?


So I just searched my journal to find the day I posted in brutal honesty so I could re-read my post and it's not there on the day I know I posted it. What could have happened to it?
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Apparently Better Homes and Gardens thinks I ordered a $22 year subscription, under a horribly mangled fake name but a correct address. They keep sending me invoices and thank-you letters.

Is this for real?
Did I order these in my sleep?
How much trouble can I get in if I basically say "I didn't order this, I won't be accepting the magazines, and therefore I won't be paying this invoice, please cancel."?

What's your favorite penis-enlargement spam email subject line?

Have you ever heard of/used VCF?

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Have you bought textbooks from Half.com?
How long did it take for you to get your book?
Did you ever buy a book and not receive it?

Can you recommend a good place to buy used textbooks for cheap?
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Is there a fancy drink name for rum and orange-pineapple juice? I tried searching last night and couldn't find one.

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What would you do in this guy's situation if you didn't have a cell?
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Have you ever tried to find the artist/title information of a song in a language you couldn't understand that you only have a one-minute clip of? Did you manage to find it? If so, please tell me your secret! >:(

On that note, what is the last "music video" (ie, fan video or something) you saw that had a cool song, but absolutely shitty video? Will you share with the class so we can share in some loling?
gasp zooey

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What is a book you're ashamed to admit you enjoy?

If you don't read, then we are no longer friends, and amend the above question to say "movie".

Is stumbleupon fail today for anyone else?

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A wart question based on a previous question. If you have warts on your hands, can you pass it to another part of your body? Say, if you somehow passed it to your feet, would it show up as the little flat ones? (or if you had it on your feet could it show up on your hands) Can you give yourself genital warts through hand warts, or would it only happen if you slept with someone who had genital warts?

And a social question.
You go to events/activities with a friend. You're both trying to get to know new people but they're better at it than you are. Would you consider it rude if they sort of 'left you' standing around/at the edge of a group of people talking? (personally I'd never do that to a friend, I'd try and include them unless I could see that they were happily talking to someone else)

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1. What's the difference between making a "bento lunch" and packing a bunch of random snacks into Gladware? Because that is what everybody in bentolunch is doing––either that, or drawing on cheese––and I don't get it. Oh you non-Asians.

2. If a place requests job app/resume by e-mail or fax/snail mail, and I e-mail because I have no access to a fax and snail mail is so very slow, I should call to check up on my e-mail being received...the next day, right?

3. Since no one answered this last night, why is the find function on my browser open with only the word "penis" typed into it? It's still there. I can imagine a couple of reasons why this might be, but I have no real recollection.

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TQC, my summer looks like it's going to be a dark, depressing void, so I'm going to take you on a road trip! Where do you want to go and what do you want to do?




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 1. Based on a comment </a></font></b></a>eissakmade in my journal, do any of you live in Minneapolis?

2. If so, can you suggest places I should go while I'm there this weekend/next week for work? Preferably places I can go within walking/easy cabbing distance of the Hilton.

3. Do you and I like eachother enough to hang out while we're there? I'd love a dinner date!
tiger on your couch

People Food vs. Rabbit Food

I have been looking for loose, dried alfalfa and the billion health food stores in my area have only pills, supplements, and tea of the alfalfa variety. Pet stores, however, have alfalfa in abundance.

Can people consume rabbit alfalfa? Are there rabbity things added? (It says all-natural, but that could be a crock of crap, who knows).
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I realized a few days ago that some people prefer for you to kiss their ass and be EXTREMELY fake with them rather than be upfront and 'real', i think it's stupid that they like for somebody to be fake with them.. but to each their own.

What's something that you've realized about the world around you?

ETA: for those of you that don't want to be 'srs'.. what size shoes are you wearing? if you're not wearing ANY shoes.. what size shirt are you wearing? if you're not wearing a shirt, what size pants are you wearing? if you're not wearing any pants, WHY ARE YOU NEKKID?!

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I'm clueless about college. I can't pick a major, so I'm undecided for my freshman year beginning fall 2008.

How does this work?
What classes should I take?
Do I even have a choice in what classes I can take as an undecided freshman?

so far the ones I've liked were under political science, psychology, philosophy, german, physics, religions of the world, photography, and sociology. /:

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1] When's the last time someone saw you naked?

?] Where can I find a cute bikini on the internet?! I've tried Forever 21, Delia's, Wet Seal, Ebay, Etsy, Hot Topic, and a few others. Is there some secret place all the nice ones are hiding?

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Why do donuts have holes? Is this necessary somehow to their deliciousness or is it all part of a nefarious plan to profit from selling the "holes" separately?

Also, what is your favorite type of donut? Mine is plain sour cream.

water bottle trouble

So I just got a baby guniea pig and I got him a water bottle. I filled it with water and for some reason it kept dripping constantly until it was empty. So I thought it was the water bottle and I bought him a new one. Well this water bottle is doing the same thing! It's held on the cage by a wire [wrapped around the bottle] if that matters. I just don't know what to do and I can't just leave him without water. :[ How can I make it stop leaking?

Blah blah Juno blah

I am confused, TQC. My friend and I both have the Juno soundtrack. Somehow, she has the full version of "My Rollercoaster," while I only have the film version (the one with no lyrics). As far as I can tell, there's only one version of the soundtrack... Am I wrong on that? What gives?

(And no, she doesn't have Kimya Dawson's album. I already checked.)
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This has been asked before,thats how I found it.
There is an image macro archive. It has lots of Michael J. Fox + other noun = some form of destruction. It also has FailTruck, FailRail, and lots of FailBoat
What archive is this? I can has links?
Are there other archives like this?

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Today is Administrative Professional Day. I just had gorgeous flowers delivered to me from my company. However, I work with three other people in the HR department. Can someone explain to me why I was the only one who received flowers? Do they only go to the bottom of the chain or...? I'm confused!

EDIT: I just found out why. It's given to those who volunteer to help out at the front desk when the receptionist is on vacation.

It's very odd

Can a cat having a respiratory infection cause it to be unable to meow?

I got my cat from one of my friends after hers had a litter and was unable to take the cat until I could afford to take care of it. So she hung onto my kitty until I could take her and once I got her she hid for a few days as is normal for cats changing places of living and all was quiet. But a few weeks later I'm starting to realize that she doesn't meow. At all.

She'll open her mouth and it looks like she's meowing, sometimes there are squeaky sounds coming out, but she's not meowing. She can growl, and do the little hunting chitter, but that's about it.

So I asked my friend and she said that when Grendel was a kitten, she had stuff coming out of her nose and sneezed all the time, and it just went away on its own. They never took her to the vet so I don't know if my cat had a simple cold or if there was something seriously wrong with her. I called my vet to see if they could check her for something, but they said that unless she's showing symptoms again, there's nothing they could do to see about past problems.

So what the hell?
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Have you ever developed a crush on a stranger? Can you briefly describe him/her and where you saw this person? What about him/her captivated you?

I developed a girl-crush on a girl I saw in the subway the other day. She had a classic beauty, no makeup except for red lipstick, and effortless style.
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__ria's question just made me think.
At what point would you say "being upfront and real" turns into being brutally, unnecessarily honest?
Would you say that there *is* a point?
Do you even care? :)

What sort of salads do you like?
derek smalls

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what seemingly common sayings bug the hell out of you?

i can't stand when people say something like "that makes me want to cut babies!" for some reason, i also find it really annoying when people refer to any part of the female body as "lady bits."

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Poll #1175999 Roadtrip!

I'm the one driving. What will you contribute to the trip?

Bass (Ale)

Duties you will volunteer for during the trip

Navigate using Thomas Guide and hastily-printed Mapquest pages
Doling out snacks and drinks from the cooler
Supplying and managing the cds for the cd player
Staying awake while all other passengers sleep, to make conversation with the driver
Smokey-watch. Alerting everybody to proximity of police, so driver can slow down and people hide whatever 'questionable' refreshments they're enjoying
Conducting MAD LIBS for whoever wants to partake
In charge of road trip games
Washing windshields at every gas station
Flash passing cars
You'll be the person in the back seat who will dig through bags in the back, looking for specific items that people forgot to take out and need ASAP!
I will offer nothing except my company

Where do you imagine yourself sitting during the majority of the trip?

Passenger seat/shotgun
Back seat, driver side
Back seat, passenger side
Back seat, center
Bound and gagged and tossed in trunk for being too annoying to sit with the rest of us
Tied to roof with the excess bags, covered in a sheet (like in Vacation). I expired on the trip and no one wanted to turn back

Things you expect to occur to you at some point on a fourcorners road trip?

Brief incarceration by authorities
Lots of 'would you rather...?' questions
Donnybrooks with bikers
At least one call to AAA
At least one moving violation
One small contained fire in the vehicle
Lots of sing-alongs
Moments where you have to 'hold the wheel' while driver reloads
Mass consumption of Hostess products

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We rent out a trailer and it has that textured paneling in it with floral print. Well, the people who last lived in it destroyed the paneling (permanent marker stains, hair dye stains and holes from nails)

Do you think it'd look ok if we patched up the holes and painted the paneling? Would the texture of the paneling show through the paint?

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if someone is beyond the point of being tipsy but not quite hammered, how serious would you take what they say? do you tend to believe drunk people, or do you write them off because they are drunk?

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What is a cute/fun/creative way to tell your husband you are pregnant?

Or, if you are a guy, would you rather she come out and say sonething like, "I think I am pregnant" and then you pee on the stick and find out?

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what groceries should i buy today? i have about 30 bucks to spend. list 5 things.

background: not vegetarian, i like fruits. no junkfood. i already have staples such as bread, peanut butter, preserves, soups, some canned veggies, frozen pizza, salad dressings, cereal etc.

Ethical question? maybe?

So, funny tl;dr story.

I was a grad student. Finished in December.

During my time there, I was a research assistant for one of the profs in the department. I got paid about 850/month to do that.

That money was direct deposited into my Canadian account, which I still have open, with money in it.

Just checked my balance, and my account looked noticeably larger.

Come to find out they didn't stop paying me when I graduated (I actually finished a term earlier than I was supposed to, but I assumed they'd stop paying me when I finished, because I was no longer working.)

Do I tell someone at the university that I might owe them a few thousand dollars?

Or do I go on, take the money and run (whoo whoo whoo)?

ETA: I'm going to tell them. Thanks guys.

And for those of you who don't care, do you speak any languages besides English? What are they? How did you learn them (native speaker, classes at school, learned on your own)?

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TQC I just traded the screen of my busted laptop for the service of salvaging my hard drive, and am currently in love with the barter system.

What old-time concepts/activities would you like to become more common?

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I'm in Scotland and my bank is the RBS.

I have a piggy bank at home with about £80 in change, I want to put this in my account. Can I get the wee money bags from the bank? Or do I take it in as it is?


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I'm applying for a summer job in the ER I used to volunteer for (Aunt was a charge nurse there, told me they'd probably hire me as a tech with some limited duties). I contacted my volunteer coordinator and asked her if she could mention me to the ER director before I sent her my cover letter and resume. Well, she said yes and a day or two later I emailed my things to the director.

It's been a week and no response. :/ How long should I wait before I contact her again, and what should I say, something like, "I was just wondering if you had a chance to look over my resume"?

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How do you know if a mechanical pencil is a #2 pencil?
I just went and bought some new pencils that say it on the package, so new question. Have any of you ever taken a civil service exam, what for?
writing my deepest secrets.

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What are some of the cheesiest/most embarrassing things that you've kept from when you were a kid/teenager?

I still have this cheesy-ass book called My Fantasy Dream Date With..., which has these stories about girls who meet Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Carter, Taylor Hanson, Usher, and James van der Beek, and it has the characters using slang that people in the late '90s would've never used (who said "fresh" after 1994, seriously?).
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Ok, TQC, I'm on my own tonight. I don't feel like cooking. Where should I go and what should I get?

My options are:

Burger King
Taco Bell
Pizza Hut
Hungry Howies
El Rancho
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC. I think I have had the shittiest day of my life. Or at least one that's up in the top five.

What would YOU do after having the worst day of your life?
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Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance as an adult?

If you're gone all day, do you leave a TV or radio on for your pets?
a) if not, do you think people who do are a little crazy?

Who is the oddest person to add you on a social networking site?
One of my mom's old coworkers, who was a guidance counselor at my high school, just added me. Uhh, what?

Do you enjoy camping? When was the last time you went?

Why is Wednesday evening devoid of enjoyable television?

(no subject)

If you were playing Truth or Dare with everyone in TQC who would you ask truth or dare to?
What would you dare them to do or what question would you ask them?
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oh, baby!

Inspired by this post.. For the sake of this post, you drink and so does your partner.

You are dating someone neat. This person is attractive, awesome, and cares about you. Time goes by.

One day you are drunk with this person and they pull you onto the bed and kiss you. mm drunk kisses.

This person sits up suddenly, holds your shoulder, looks into your eyes and says, "I need to tell you something, but it's not because I am drunk: I love you!!"

Do you take them seriously? Are you skeptical?

Granted that you feel very strongly about this person, do you say it back at that moment? Remember, you're drunk.
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I'm graduating from high school in a few weeks:
1. What are some scholarship search sites?(besides fastwebwhich is completly useless...)

2.My friends and I agreed to not spend much money for graduation presents for each other. What can I get or make for cheap that is cute?(I already plan on making a mix cd)

3. What is something wild and crazy and fun I can do with friends before graduation or this summer before we all head off to college? (I won't be 18 yet so no tattoos. and nothing with drinking cause i don't see that as wild/crazy/fun)

4. Along that same note, what should we do after prom?(so far the only idea we had was to hang out at the beach)

And just to be random:
What was the last book you read and enjoyed?

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What are your lingual pet peeves? Words, usages, or phrases that irritate you?

Here are a few of mine:

"to gift" someone something. There's a perfectly good word for the act of bestowing something on someone else, and it doesn't happen to be a noun. That's right, give. I give. I gave you something. Honestly.

Utilize for use. This is abominable military-speak and I hate that it's infected my family. My father sometimes slips into it without thinking and then bashes himself on the forehead, swears for a bit, and apologizes. The absolute worst: "Today we finalized the utilization of resource x..." Use. Use. Use. Use comes from a Latin verb, utilize from the Latin gerund. Why the hell would you turn a noun-that-was-a-verb into a verb again, instead of just using the verb? This has also led to an amusing number of instances in which people tried to come up with an adjectival form of utilize. Utilitous? Utile? How about just damn useful?
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Have you ever made love to a thug in the club with his ice on, 87 Jeans, and a fresh pair of Nikes on?

Which of the following places have you ever swapped gravy with someone?

On a couch
On a table
On a bar
On the floor
On a boat
On a train
On a plane
In the rain
In the bathroom

2) Do you believe in the devil?

3) Why do fools fall in love?
hate pimentos

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Ok, fix my life for me, TQC!

Your college requires an internship for your degree.  Your advisor gives you a list of a 3 places that may take interns this summer, and you apply to those places in addition to a few places you found out about on your own.  It seems that the places your advisor gave you are not interested in interns at all and that you are not going to be accepted as an intern to the places you applied to independantly.  

Would you just cold-call places to see if they'll take you, regardless of whether you think you'll get a decent experience there?

Would you be angry that your college requires an internship but does not have agreements with companies to take their interns?  Is it unreasonable that I am a bit perturbed about this situation?  

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If you were subletting an apartment what would make you really want a particular tenant? I'm trying to find a room and no one is responding to my inquiries, and I am physically unable to visit in person (which might be a big part of the reason).

What can I do to try to sweeten the deal, offer to pay two months advance rent with the deposit or something?
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Soooo...I love cats. Love love love them. The problem is...I'm really allergic to them. I get really sneezy and my eyes swell up. It usually takes me a few days to feel completely back to normal. When I take my prescription allergy medicine (Allegra), it doesn't help. At all.

Has anyone ever been able to own a cat while having severe allergies? Did you find that a different allergy medicine helped? What about these allergy shots I hear a lot of people talk about, do they  help? Or am I never going to be able to have a kitty?
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I'm making tuna noodle casserole for dinner and just realized I don't have any peas. What veggies do you like in your tuna noodle casserole?

I have some frozen green beans but that just seems weird and anti-delicious to me.

What are you having for your next meal of the day?

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How do you make scrambled eggs come out light and fluffy? Mine always come out terrible and try to stick to the pan.

How come it was cheaper to buy a 2 pound jar of salt than it was to buy a small plastic salt shaker?

How long, how long will I slide?
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in my photo files, when I view them as thumbnail, sometimes the thumbnail does not match the actual photo...

how can I fix this?

I have an older (03) HP.. and I'm running XP.

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Which lingual sins do you commit, TQC?

I'm really bad about mixing up aggravate and irritate, and less and few. My father always jumps all over me when I mess up with the latter two words, and my mother when I mess up with the former.
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Do you talk with your mouth full of food? or chew with your mouth open? Why?

Do you have friends who do this? Does it bother you?

If you have friends who do this, and it bothers you, what do you do?
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1:  Do you get the urge to have sex more often when you find out someone close to you is having a baby?

2:  Is sex better or worse when you're stressed out?

3:  Can you have sex if you have a cold?

4:  What is your favorite kind of juice?

1:  I found out on Friday that my SIL is pregnant and now I find myself asking for sex on a daily basis.  Before that, we could go weeks without it.
2:  Better.
3:  I was rejected today because my husband has a cold.
4:  I'm really enjoying the Strawberry & Banana V8 Fusion.

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What should I wear to go horse riding, TQC? I don't often ride, so I don't have any special riding clothes, and I haven't been for years, so I can't remember what I wore last time. What sort of things would be good to wear from what I already have? Merits of jeans vs trackpants? What sort of shoes?

MD meta

Follow-up to this post.

How would you feel if you found out your doctor was a heavy smoker?

What if he or she was a heavy drinker?

Smoked a lot of pot?

Snorted cocaine on a regular basis?

Had regular, unprotected sex with multiple partners?

Would these things make it more difficult for you to take his or her advice about health related behaviors (drugs, alcohol, sex, exercise, etc) seriously? Or do you think that a physician's health choices have nothing to do with how he or she educates and treats patients?

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for those you who are from america or grew up speaking american english:

how do you pronounce primer?

ETA: in terms of the document used to learn something. i never knew there was an american pronunciation until today.


What are your insecurities about why a guy/girl wouldn't be into you?

For me, I'm scared that I'll bore the crap out of the guy because I'm so school-oriented and am so obsessed with doing well. Therefore I talk about it a lot, which I'm starting to realize bores people. I'm just scared that I'll bore a guy because I'm always studying, which is something I myself like to do, but I'm scared that