April 21st, 2008

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Which seems like the best choice for living arrangements for four months?

A.  My own room for $350 a month with housemates that are a girl I know pretty well and a boy I don't know at all.

B.  $175 a month housemate is a girl I hang with all the time and know really well but we would be converting the living room into a room for me. 

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do you think these shoes would be formal enough to wear as a bridesmaid? we are wearing pretty standard satin-y bridesmaid dresses and need black shoes. i'm trying to find something without much of a heel so i don't trip myself and i could wear them again.
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1. Has an ex of yours ever come out of the closet?
2. How long was it after you broke up?
3. Were you completely surprised or could you sort of see it coming?
4. Did they date other people of the opposite sex after you and before coming out?
5. How quickly did it get old to hear, "I bet you turned him/her gay, lolol"?

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Hey, i hope this is allowed...
I'm helping my sister with her wedding stuff, and we're working on invitations. We came across an idea and I was wondering if anybody had any idea where I might find the border used


here? I googled photoshop divider brushes, photoshop ornamental brushes, flourish brushes, dividers... everything I could think of, but to no avail. Is it even a photoshop brush? I don't know, but we'd really like to use it, or something similar. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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1. I'm going to bed now. Will you post a nice/cool/interesting picture/quote/website for me to wake up to?

2. Are your allergies bugging you?

3. Do you need a vacation?

4. What gets you through your Monday?

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Does anyone know of any good (free!) search sites to find people with? (ie: Intelius)
All I've got is the name of the person, the person they're co-habitating with, and their SSN.
^^ Help would be muchly appreciated, and I will be partaking in *nooo* stalking. Thanks in advance!



Wahhh wahhh wahhhhhhh.

I'm feeling pretty crappy about myself and I'm having my own personal pity party for myself tonight. (Sorry, you're not on the guest list.)

I want to make a ~dramatic change in my appearance.
I am a 19 year old college student.
TQC, what feasible ideas do you have?
Obviously, I don't have to tell you to be creative.

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My ear is apparently bleeding, should I be really concerned about this?

Have you ever had Zapps potato chips? Whats your favortie flavor? I LOVE cajun craw-tators! :9 delicious

Do you think southerners are ignorant or generally fit into those "southerner" stereotypes?
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how do you get people to stfu and back off when they're trying to make you their charity case?

it's getting to the point of discomfort on my part, and i don't know how to tell the women i work with/my boss that's the case.

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My grandmother just told me to find a significant other quickly, before my age became "a constricting factor." I'm 21.

What was the last time you felt a generational gap?

miss_klutz, is that you?

Every time I shop on the Urban Outfitters site, and I go to check out, it remembers my email address as some complete strangers. I'm not really logged in (so I shouldn't really be concerned), It just has an email address (that isn't mine) in the email field and asks me for the password (which obviously I don't know, because it isn't me.)

Does this happen to anyone else?

I thought to ask here, because when it just happened, the email address was was oddly similar to a regular TQCer's username. then when I went to check out, it said I had already added a pair of $60 vans to my cart.
Why is this happening? Should I message this TQCer asking them if they recently bought vans/if it's her email?

wouldn't it be REALLY weird if it WAS a TQC member's email?

Walking down the boredwalk

Poll #1174610 American Indian name

Let's give you one of those American Indian names. Why don't you pick the first part?

Run like _____
Galloping _____
Strong like _____
Dancing _____
Brave like _______
Snarking _____
Friendly as ______
Singing ______
Fuck like ________
Laughing ____
Wise as ______
Beautiful ____
Fierce as ______
Shy ____
Hung like _______

Now pick an animal

Pit bull
Shetland pony

Now, put em together and what do you get?


narf narf narf

In the middle of a drunken stupor, whilst lying next to a furnace trying to just "sleep it off", I roll over and realize someone is poking nekkid wiener at me.

Is your life is as awkward as mine is?

What's the worst party story you have?
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Is it possible to get summer financial aid for a college that you don't go to? In particular, I'm looking to take summer classes at a different community college (that's closer to me).

Have you ever gotten financial aid for summer classes?


And, to anyone that has seen the new Prom Night movie, what did you think of it?

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1. How many times can I change my seat on my upcoming trip before the airline slaps my hand and tells me to stop touching it?
2. Do you wake up easier if you go to bed earlier or does it not matter?
3. What was the last question you forgot to ask TQC?
4. Sometimes my dog snores so loudly that she wakes my baby up. Should I buy her some nose strips as a hint to cut it out or just lay the baby down next to her and let her soothe the kid back to sleep?

1. I dunno, I've changed it a bunch in the 2 weeks since I bought the tickets. I don't want to be near other people in case my baby decides to barf everywhere or something.
2. Doesn't matter. Which is why I'm still up.
3. I think it was about chest pain but I dunno.
4. I don't know! I'm torn, truly.

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What goes on in the heads of people who freeze threads?

Why do people post private pictures on the internet and expect them to not get around?

EDIT: I accidentally posted this to the wrong community the first time around, but can't find that post on my friends list. Where is the other version of this post???

It was a moderated post submission to theoffice_us. I wish they'd email you right after you submit to a moderated community. I didn't get notification.
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Would you ever live in a hotel? Do you think you could live in one for a year? (assuming rent is about the same as you pay now or well within your budget)

What is the nicest hotel you have ever stayed in? The worst?
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I just stayed up all night baking (It's a stress reliever for me) because I was too nervous to sleep. Now I have to go out till at least mid afternoon (2-3pm), but most likely even longer, with no sleep. I don't function well with no sleep.

What the hell can I do to keep myself awake/semi-focussed? Coffee does almost nothing for me. I've tried Red Bull when I've been this tired before and it did nothing either, are any other energy drinks more effective? Suggestions please :(

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What are you doing for your mother/step-mother/wife/baby's mama/etc for Mother's Day?

My mom loves collecting seaglass on the beach, so I found beads that look like seaglass and I'm making a necklace and earrings for her.
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TQC, I just woke up (which is weird because I went to bed like 4 hours ago), with this crazy hankering for Starbucks. It was like Christmas morning, I woke up like, "TODAY I WILL GET STARBUCKS AND IT WILL BE AWESOME." It's all I can think about. I'm not even drunk.

1.) What should I get from Starbucks? I haven't been there in ages.

2.) If I told you that I'm going to beg this pub for a job, would your answer for 1.) change?

3.) How exactly does one beg for a job while holding on to at least one strand of dignity?

Romance Movies

I am looking for a romance movie made from 1970's onwards that may or may not star an english male as the lead character. Anything really mushy and lovey dovey, something that is predictable, something that they fight the obvious. Something like this new movie coming out called, "The Accidental Husband". Heck maybe some romance that has a good laugh in it, a klutzy character perhaps or something? I dunno. As long as it's a romance and really sappy and lovey dovey.

So any romance movie ideas?

EDIT: Bridget Jones' Diary is not and option.

My birthday is tomorrow, what should I do?
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The other night I was at the grocery store and this woman in line behind me decided to comment on my purchases. VERY LOUDLY she says something about the cookies I'm buying and says "you're being bad!" then calls me a "bad girl" causing everyone to stare at me.

If this were to happen to you, how would you react?

I bit my tongue and gave her a death stare. What should I have done instead?

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1)do you have a chronic health problem?

yes. fatigue, small infections.

2)Were there outrageously large earth day related celebrations in your area's public parks lately?


3)Is there a best video game ever? what is it?


I desperately need RAM. As cheap as possible would be wonderful.
I know that different RAM works in different machines, so for reference, i have a Compaq Presario C700. This is a laptop.
I have 1014 RAM in this machine at current. I do indeed need more.
Where can I find really cheap RAM? How much would you suggest to make my machine not ass?
My laptop is under warranty. Do I need to bring it into the store I bought it from to have them install my RAM? Would doing otherwise void a warranty? (It's from Fry's)
Do you have experience in upgrading your RAM? How was it?
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Standing in Line

On Saturday I went to a car wash. It's the kind where you give them your car and then go pay at the register while they make your ride sparkle.

The register is in this little room with some snacks, air fresheners, and other auto related items. I stood in line behind two other guys.

The first guy finished paying and walked out. Then while the next guy was paying, a woman who was looking at snacks when I first walked in came and stood sort of off to the side of me. Then when the guy in front of me finished paying and walked out, the woman went to the cashier and began her transaction.

Me: "Not going to stand in line then?"

Her: "What? I was standing in line."

Me: "No, you were over there picking out snacks."

Her: "I was in line behind that guy." *points to dude who just walked out*

Me: "Uh-huh."

Her: *nervous laugh* "You have a nice day."

Me: *silence while thinking 'fuck off'*

Was I in the wrong or was she?

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Whats the best topping for pizza?

I really love to get the vegetarian pizza with pineapple.

Whats the last movie you watched?(in theatre or home etc.)

Last night I watched V for Vendetta for the first time. It was wonderful!!!!

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Are you a baby person?

I like to think that I am but idk lol at times i am like 'aw' but that's about it.. nothing more beyond that. I don't feel like I have that 'motherly' instinct?

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Do you smoke hookah?

What flavor tobacco do you like best?


Does anyone know of a device you could hook to the faucet in the tub to make it a shower?  We can't install a shower but I am sure there is something you can hook up to the faucet.  Google failed.

How about a treatment for fleas, both on the cat and on the floor?

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TQC, I am in front of the Capitol in Sacramento waiting for a protest that is supposed to start here at exactly 9 o'clock according to my teacher. The protest supposed to start at the Raley Field at 8-ish (20 mins walk from where I am right now.) Said protest is to rally against the proposed budget cut to college students. There is a large crew that is currently putting up a big tent, speakers, etc. I see nobody else.. What happened to the protesters? Did my teacher lie to me?
Also, how are you on this day? Why?

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Someone tells you that they might be doing something the following night, but see you soon. You want to do something the following night so you email them saying that if they're not doing something, and you understand if they have to work/go out, then it'd be really good if we could do something, and if they want to meet early they're going to have to text message you to say so, because you're out during the afternoon.
You get home, after your outing, there's no response via email, and no text. This is someone who is on the computer a lot and who checks their email a lot.
do you find this rude? Or am I just being silly?
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When I say "pirate earrings," you think of small gold hoops that're kinda fat in the middle, right? You don't think of earrings in the shape of dubloons or Johnny Depp, right? Will you please explain this distinction to the rest of the internet for me? Kthx.

Now that we're all on the same page, do you know where I can buy pirate earrings?

I'm also thinking that this summer it would be fun to go down to the park/lake and do 15-minute portraits for whoever'll sit for them. I know different places have different laws, but do you think I'll get shooed away by the police? Would I need some kind of permit? Would it make a difference whether I was charging money or doing it for free?

Lastly, is "11000" some kind of insult/in joke in binary? GODDAMN IT YOU GUYS. GODDAMN IT.

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Is there anything that you're naturally pretty good at, but don't really like to do?

On the flip side, is there something that you really love to do, but are absolutely terrible at?
i say, old bean

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Why is it no matter how many times I accidentally step on the feet of my pets, they still insist on circling my legs?
Are your pets like this too?
Doesn't it piss you off?

what's pissing you off?

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What's your beer of choice?

Knitters: any suggestions for keeping a project in process from sagging and stretching out while I'm working on it? (I have this problem with cotton frequently.)

ETA: Have you ever noticed and/or commented on someone else's purchases in a store? Has anyone done so to you?
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Who else is working on their Spring cleaning now? What do you have left to clean this Spring?

If you haven't started yet then when will it begin for you? What all needs to be cleaned?

What good show(s) are on television this evening?

lol, idk. :/

If a man dies and his wife really wanted his children, is it possible to harvest his sperm for some sort of in vitro? If so, how long after death do they have? What would you think of someone who did this?

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i'm in the library studying for a midterm i have in an hour and i go to use the bathroom. and the girl in the adjacent stall to me is yapping on her cell phone. she flushes and then continues the conversation. why would you talk on your cell phone while using a public bathroom?

have you ever talked on the phone while using the bathroom? public or otherwise.

how would you feel if you were on the receiving end?
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1.) Since we now have the "childfree," are spinsters and cat-ladies now extinct?

2.) But seriously. Do you think the childfree population on the internet is reflective of the "real world" (lol)?

3.) If you are childfree, have you told your family/friends/SO? Did anyone react negatively?
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How do you get rid of the smell of sick?

My flatmate came home rather pissed on Friday and managed to be sick all over his bed and mattress. He's cleaned the mattress and his bedsheets and is constantly spraying air freshener Febreeze. He left his window open most of the weekend. But still, the smell of sick lingers. I have the door to my room open (at the other end of the hallway) and I can smell it from there.

Of course, I could kill my flatmate but then I'd be in the flat with the smell of a dead body AND vomit ;)

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I'm applying for jobs right now and there's one that sounds really cool and the woman e-mailed me back asking to set up an interview. The problem though is that it's pretty far away and I don't drive. It will take me an hour and half to get there on the bus. It's near where my boyfriend works though so he could drop me off in the mornings and then I would only have to take the bus home one way. The pay is decent enough that in a couple paychecks I would be able to buy a used car.

My boyfriend thinks it's too far away and I shouldn't even interview. I'm tempted to though because I like the idea of the job.

What should I do, TQC?

EDIT: I should also add that even though I think it sounds like a cool job there are pretty high chances I could get something similar that's closer. It's not a career type job, if that makes sense.

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What's the longest time you've gone without receiving communication from your significant other?

Is there a certain length of time to go without talking or is it mandatory to talk at least once a day unless there are extenuating circumstances?

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My normally active and playful baby kitty Roscoe is really sick today. He's been vomiting and behaving extremely stand offish. He's on his bed right now in regular cat sitting stance just staring down. I'm not able to get to a vet right now, everyone is at work and I'm home alone. Is there anything I can do for him?
He's had all his vaccines and everything, TQC what do you think is wrong with him?
An overdose of his own cute?

EDIT: Calling the vet, going to have my girlfriend come and get me on her lunch to take us. Thank you guys alot for all your comments.
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Which of the following statements apply to you?

I like Corner Gas.
I love Corner Gas.
I hate Corner Gas.
I don't like Corner Gas.
I think Corner Gas is okay.
I've heard of, but never seen Corner Gas.
I've never heard of/seen Corner Gas.
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Will you tell me something stupid (but true) about yourself? i sometimes dress MAD bummy just to see how different people will treat me at certain places, if i get bad service i don't ever go back to that store/establishment.

Diseases & hot water

1. Have you ever been diagnosed with an STI?

2. Did you call ALL your sexual partners to tell them to get tested?
3. If not, who did you leave out? Was it malicious?

4. Has anyone ever contacted you to tell you they had something and to get tested?

5.Ever take any vengeance for someone diseasing you?

EDIT: 6. Is there some way to make my hot water hotter? I never get anything better than almost warm. It's not that it runs out, that's just as hot as it gets :(
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What is something stupid that makes your day?

I laugh at drivers who zip into other lanes in order pass everybody, but end up stuck behind slow cars, and miss the green light. That just makes my day.

Fashion Po-lice!

I'm wearing a navy blue camisole, with a navy blue sweater, flowered skirt that has some navy in it.

Should I wear a black necklace, a long silver necklace, or a shorter pewter necklace?
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What's your favorite Disney movie? Do you have more than one?

What's your least favorite?

My favorites are: Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, The Emperor's New Groove, Tarzan and Hercules.

My least favorite is Pocahontas.
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Michaela Coel

Social Psychology Experiment Help

I'm in a social psychology class and I need to do an experiment using unobtrusive methods.  I originally wanted to observe how race and gender may or may not affect who people sit next to on the train but it turns on it's hard to measure and really random and more about where seats are available, especially during rush hour. Can anyone come up with better experiment ideas?

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Calm my nerves here, please.

I'm wearing a light blue button down, fitted dress shirt with a blue cami underneath (the button down is a bit of a V neck) with a black pencil skirt and slate gray pumps. One pair of stud earrings and a modest necklace. Make up is limited to tan eye shadow and black mascara.

I'm totally hire-able, right?

Why am I so nervous? I'm applying for a promotion within a company I've been working for for a year now and they know how hard I work. I only have one competitor for this job.

Collapse )
Sorry the picture is crap. And I have no head.
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What's the best out-of-this-world (lie!) about your "life" that you can come up with that you would share with fellow classmates at your 10 yr high school reunion? go all out! I work as Mariah Carey's body-double.. i am her on her "fat" days.
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Anyone have Trust Insurance in Michigan?

Does anyone here live in Michigan?

If so, have you heard of "Trust Insurance" company?

If you have, do you have a phone number for the insurance company?

I live in Georgia and my car got side-swiped in Atlanta by a Michigan woman who listed "Trust Insurance" as her car insurance company. She did not give me her policy number or a phone number for the insurance company, although I do have a license plate number for the car she was driving (her sister's car). A Google search of the insurance company name (and state) turns up a bunch of different companies with the words "trust insurance" in them, but none that are solely named "Trust Insurance." I've been trying to get hold of her for the past 5 weeks but she keeps avoiding my phone calls, so I'm resorting to contacting her insurance company directly. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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What's something you've been keeping secret but don't know why?

I got a parking ticket in a rental car my mom rented like 2 years ago and never told her. I don't plan on ever telling her either but don't know why.

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For political science, i have to pick a book that analyzes american politics, read it, and write a report on it.

TQC, what books of this sort do you recommend? i'd prefer something rather short, and bonus points if there's a book synopsis on teh interwebs in case i get lazy. also, something with a little bit of a sense of humor would be a good catch, too.
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Have you ever shaved/waxed your own private parts?

Or had someone do it for you?

If you had someone do it for you is it awkward?

I have trimmed mine but i could never be completely bare. It would be odd to me.

Dear *T* *Q* *C*

My boyfriend is a big transformers fan, but I only watched Beast Wars: Transformers as a child.
We recently decided to redownload the entire Beast Wars series and watch it, and I still enjoy it.

Did you watch Beast Wars as a kid?
Who was/is your favorite character?

My boyfriend really likes Inferno.
My favorite is Depth Charge because he was the only aquatic one :]

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Ladies, I need to update my wardrobe with just a few pieces, and at least one pair of shoes or boots. I have all the basics. I just feel like I don't really know what will give my outfits that little extra oopmh. What should I get?

Also, what makes up 'your type' in the opposite sex?
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Pretend someone in TQC is getting married (or the equivalent) to someone else in TQC.

Who makes up the happy couple?
What other TQC members are in the bridal party and what position do they hold?

Any drama involved?
Any photos of what you think it would look like?
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After seeing the new Emma Watson crotch shots (thank you ONTD), I am remembered Vanessa Hudgen's nude pictures. She's 18 now, and everyone said the photos were "a year or two" old, meaning she was 16 or 17 when she took them.
I saw those photos on ONTD, and practically every gossip site on the internet, and as far as I know, no one got in trouble. Was this legal?


I just got my $50 rebate for my pretty purple cell phone.

I'm between jobs and pregnant (so the general opinion is I won't have luck finding a job until after the baby is born), we're in the process of moving, so we have a lot of expenses.

Should I be responsible with the rebate money, or should I treat it like extra money and do something fun? And if so, what?

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01010111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01100001 01111001 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00111111??

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I have to write a paper comparing two films of the same genre, one produced before 1950, one produced after. they can be anything - horror, comedy, musical, whatever - as long as their plots are vaguely similar. we are allowed to do remakes, too.

any ideas?

(no subject)

Is there anything unexpected that makes you horny? My wife and I have been slowly working our way through the A&E Nero Wolfe series through Netflix. Wolfe is a fat effete middle-aged detective who clings to his rooftop orchid greenhouse and live-in gourmet chef, and never leaves the house on business ... and whenever we watch, my wife turns into an erotic whirlwind.

So is there anything odd that you wouldn't expect to be arousing, but somehow is anyway?


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My dermatologist just prescribed me doxycycline pills for my acne because my other acne products weren't working well. I have mild acne and after reading reviews and side effects of doxycycline, I'm not sure whether I even want to try this stuff, apparently it makes you nauseous and your skin dry up really bad and the acne comes back worse than ever after you stop using it.

Does anyone have any experience with doxycycline?
Should I just not even bother trying these pills?

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From the interests of azila, which of the following do you like?

vegan burritos
country apple anti-bacterial gel
hall & oates
maple syrup
will ferrell movies
fruity pebbles
thoretical mumbo jumbo
plate tectonics
going braless
tire swings
chocolate syrup
comfy old t-shirts
none of the above

*theoretical NOT thoretical

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So I'm online checking my various sites and accounts and I log onto Gap.com and its like, next payment due... blah blah blah... and then it says credit limit $$$$... Except the $$$$ listed is literally a FRACTION of what it was when I got the card/last time I recall checking my account (but then again I don't particularly look at the limit because I know what it was when I signed up for it).

I don't have a phone at the moment (I left it at someone's house and I should be getting it back today or tommorow) and I'll call customer service then, but I'm sort of freaked out. I checked my billing transactions to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and I found a payment where I paid off all the outstanding value, which was greater than what is the current limit.

My question is, WTF? Has this ever happened to you? What'd you do? What should I do other than just call? Also, I'm not super educated on the ways of life and finances (other than interest rates and what the average joe might know) but it doesn't seem like they'd be able/they would change my limit so drastically without any notice or consent on my part. I haven't gone like...delinquent on anything and I don't have a thousand credit cards or loans taken out. :( I'm so confused and upset right now!!

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How do you know what kind of stuff to keep and what kind of stuff to toss when undergoing a major cleaning project?

What is something you just can't throw away because of sentimental value?
Do you think you would care if you lost it?
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What's your favorite recipe for eggplant?

What would you make for dinner if this was your produce selection:
green bell pepper
acorn squash
half a cucumber

I also have garlic and a tiny bit of goat cheese I think.

ETA: I have things like olive oil, a few herb/spice blends, etc.
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How does tape react to heat? Does anything weird happen?

See, I've been thinking of getting rope lights.. and fuck it, why not just stick it up with some tape? I was thinking duct tape, clear duct tape, or just some of that clear packaging tape.

But lights get hot, obviously.. and I'm not sure what that'll do to the tape, if anything.

Electrical tape comes to mind.. but I don't think it'll stick to the wood worth shit.

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• What does your natural body odor smell like?
My sweat smells like red bean buns.

• What should I deep-fry next?
I have already deep-fried hot dogs, oat bread, a plethora of vegetables, a pork cutlet, and some cheese (over the span of several years).

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If you had to design a piece of textiles (wall hanging, garment, cushion cover etc) inspired by Greek mythology,
what would you do?

(Yes, I am trying to get you to do my homework, but i'm completely desparate!)
blow me by brightblinds

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What is your sex?


What is your age?

Under 15
Over 35

And have any of you ever had plastic surgery? What did you have done? Why? For those of you who haven't... would you ever consider plastic surgery? What would you have done?
And what color eyes do you find most attractive?
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1. TQC, have any of you ever been to court, not counting jury duty? Why?

2. Do you ever think rape is justified?
(I only ask this because an ex-friend of mine has been arguing with me for weeks about it, seeing as he raped someone. Though he doesn't think he did. sigh.)

3. Why is it so damned hot in April in CANADA? :(
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I was doing my laundry today when the machine pretty much exploded.  The door flew open and water flooded everywhere.  I was certainly the most popular person in the laundry room today. :(

Will you tell me about an unfortunate laundry experience you dealt with?

(no subject)

If you were FORCED to fight in a war, but it could be any previous war in history, which would you pick? what about which side?

personally, i'd go with the clone wars, on the side of the clones. Galactic Civil War's awesome, but DAMN those rebels were put through shit.
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This happened recently near where I live.
Long story short, an attorney saw a cop park illegally of a (sit-down) restaurant and wait around for his food. The attorney wrote him a citizen-initiated violation. The officer was parked next to a "No Parking" sign and the tickets could add up to $540.

Do you think police should be able to park illegally in order to pick up food while on duty so they can respond to an emergency quicker, or no, they should follow the law like everyone else?

ETA: The officer responded to the Attorny's argument by saying "If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able to park in front of your house or have to park three blocks away and walk there?"
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Which of these statements best applies to you?

I like regular Twizzlers but not Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers
I like Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers but not regular Twizzlers
I like both regular and Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers
I like neither regular nor Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers
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i am a substitute teacher in southern california. the high school i subbed at today had more subs than actual teachers--enough that most of my kids had five to seven subs in a seven-period day.

where the fuck were all the teachers, tqc?
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There was another earthquake in my state at 12:30 AM. I live near one of the biggest fault lines in the country (I'm just outside of St. Louis), but these are the first ones I've ever felt in my entire 22 years in the region.

TQC, will a big quake hit and make StL collapse into the center of the earth?

If it does, which baseball team should I root for when the Cardinals no longer exist?
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Ensouling Angel

(If you somehow haven't watched Angel season4 yet, years after it aired, and don't want to be spoiled, don't read this, or the rest of the internet)

In mid-season 4 (Awakening/Soulless), the Angelettes decide to remove Angel's soul, so they can talk to Angelus about The Beast. They go about this by the use of a dark mystic. Why did they use this method, when they were able to access Angelus in season 1 (or 2?) by getting him high?