April 20th, 2008

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This would normally be one of the questions that I'd get REALLY annoyed by on here but....

I found this guy on my *somewhat* friend's top eight, and decided to talk to him because he looked nice/interesting. How do I start a conversation with him without sounding weird?


I heard that song "Pull Shapes" by the Pipettes and got to thinking it might be one of the gayest songs ever. What about you people; what do you think is the gayest song ever?

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1. What's the deal with hearing our own voices on a recording, why is it so distorted?
2. Do you think if identical twins (I'm thinking those fags that make up the Proclaimers) listen to themselves singing a duet they hear their twin's voice normally and their own voice distorted?

ew x100000000

okay, so i just found a cockroach in my apartment. other than immediately calling the management office first thing, well...later this morning - is there anything else i can do to protect myself from this vile creatures? (edit: i've already killed the one i saw.)

i'm seriously worried how i'll sleep tonight...
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Who will be the authors of the classics of this generation? (i.e., if this generation reads F. Scott Fitzgerald, then who will our children or grandchildren read?)

My guess is Ian McEwan, at least for some.
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I'm a little lonely-bored right now. I'm watching Taxi Driver on TV but Im in the mood to talk to someone and have a conversation full of witticisms.

Is anyone up for that?

I have AIM and MSN.

do you want to chat? I am fun, I promise.
Yes? No?

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| HOTTIE TRUCK | '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@


When's the last time YOU got hit by the hottie truck?
What about the sexxy train?
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Did anyone see the Polygamist moms on Larry King Live last night/today?

I am watching and I'm sickened.

What was your basic reaction to this news story?

Have you seen the show Big Love?

If you have, do you feel slightly desensitized to the story?


article: http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/04/07/texas.ranch/index.html?iref=newssearch

Video of the mothers insisting they need their children back:

Basically, more than 400 children, ages from baby to 17, have been taken away from this Mormon sect in Texas...from the Yearning for Zion ranch. There are allegations of sexual abuse from those that have broken away/escaped...saying that girls as young as 12 are being forced to marry these older men, and forced to have children. They dress in conservative late 18th early 19th century garb, and fashion their hair similar to the time. They do everything on this ranch, in this compound. It's sick, to me.


Personally, I think the saddest part I've seen so far is when Larry is inquiring if they understand that technically they are breaking the law, since polygamy is illegal, and one lady says "it depends on whose law" so he moves on to the next lady, and she starts to cry a little and admits she doesn't even fucking know state laws...
these people are so brainwashed, it is ridiculous :(

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Also, is selling popped popcorn the biggest moneymaking scam ever or what?
ETA: It costs like $7 for around maximum 200 kernels of corn!

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How do you feel about Natalie Portman?

I was watching SNL clips today and this just re-affirmed my love for her

When I was at Harvard
I smoked weed everyday
I cheated on my tests
I snorted all the yay

best fucking rap ever.
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I just had this dream that I was at Walgreens and I desperately needed to buy something, and (in my very first lucid dream ever) I thought to myself "I need to remember to buy that when I wake up!" I've forgotten, so I turn to you, TQC. What was it that my subconscious was trying to make me remember to buy at Walgreens?

What's the most hilariously preposterous thing you've been told lately?
A guy friend told me no respectable man will ever marry me EVAR because I have a 2.5"*2" tattoo, which is hidden even in most bathing suits, and that it is unacceptable for women to have such a thing.

Would you rather live in a highly urban area, a suburb, a small city(~100,000), or an extremely rural area?

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Yesterday a friend and I were in the mall with our daughters (5 & 6 yrs old). They were watching a gymnastics performance and we were standing behind them. Out of nowhere my friend says, "I think your daughter is going to be a librarian when she grows up" I'm not normally thrown like I was, but I was really confused by this statement. I've never looked at a child and thought, "librarian". I think librarians are great and she assured me that librarians have to be well educated and all that. She noticed my reaction and told me that the reason she thinks that is because my daughter is a deep thinker but I mean, a librarian? I really need an outside perspective please. I guess my question is, do you think it was some kind of insult?

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1)what amazing workout plan do you follow?

2)what negative emotions do you find actually sometimes have positive outcomes?

OMG, WHAT IF I FORGOT X!!! because then I'll remember X.

3)what rumors have you heard on the internet lately?

Wachovia has low cash reserves, the French hate the free market.

eta: how do you reduce, reuse, recycle?

I recycle cans and bottles, and make jewelry out of old jewelry.
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what is the name of that disease where people don't have muscles or have very little muscle in their body?

do you know anyone with this disease? if so how does it affect their life?

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Dr. TQC:

My neck's been funky lately. When I turn it it starts hurting at a certain point, when before it would just stop turning, I guess. And also now occasionally when I move it slightly, from a normal position, randomly, it just starts hurting a lot. Then goes away in a matter of seconds. But I think it should not be happening at all. I thought I was just sleeping on it weird but its still happening after a few weeks. So do I fail at sleeping? Is this something that happens naturally as you grow up? Has anybody else had these symptoms? Is it something to be worried about?

Arrested Development

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Do you say "going to hospital" or "going to the hospital"? Where are you from? Why have I only stated hearing it the first way over the past month or so?

Have you seen Run Fat Boy Run? Did you like it?

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What is your opinion on Christopher McCandless's Alaskan adventure?

Amazing and admirable. It sounds both wonderful and difficult and I'm sure I never would have survived so long in the wilderness. He died happy, which is more than most can say.
Misguided, irresponsible, incredibly stupid. Suicidal. He had no real survival skills and didn't even have the common sense to get a map and compass. It's a wonder he lived as long as he did and probably a blessing that he died before winter.
little from column A, little from column B
no opinion
my face

Nosebleed help

So I just woke up because of a nosebleed. As in, I felt something running down my face, rubbed at it with my hand, and opened my eyes to see my hand covered with blood. I'm getting over a cold and I have a habit of bleeding spontaneously from the nose, but this is ridiculous.

1. Has this ever happened to you/ have you heard of this happening before?
2. I'm in a play that goes up in about 2 hours. What would you do if you were onstage and started nosebleeding?
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Woo, shitty brakes!

So, TQC, for the past week or so, my front passenger brake has been grinding ridiculously loudly (and grinding me to an early stop) and making a schushing sound when I accelerate or drive below about 50 miles an hour. We thought it was the tires at first (they were hella bald), but I got new ones yesterday, and it's actually gotten worse since then (it was intermittent before, now it happens all the time).

So, TQC:

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong with them?
Barring that, anyone know where I could go get a free brake check on this thing?

(The car's an '03 Focus, btw.)
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I've tried to find this on Google but I'm having no luck.

How would you cite an entire website (not an article or section) on the references page in APA style?

What are your plans for today?

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1.What is your most favorite thing about the town you live in?

2.For those of you who enjoy writing for pleasure, where do you like to write the most?

3. Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

1.I am within walking distance to the beach. Sunny days and the beach put me in such a good mood!!!
2. When I still lived in Illinois I would write in my backyard sitting on my mom's porch swing. Now I like to take writing to the beach
3. Yeah today I do. I want to do all these different things but I just don't know what to start with or how to prioritize today!
{wow} sin'dorei pride


I saw a post about nosebleeds a few posts down. I've only bled from my nose twice in my life. How many times have you bled (from your nose), or is there too many to count?
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are you celebrating 420 today? i am not. weed makes me barf.
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You're looking to purchase a house. You're shown a real beauty of a place. It's spacious, close enough to major streets and freeways and a school (if you have kids). The price is more than reasonable too. The only catch is that it's 2 blocks away from a prison. Would you purchase this house?


Like above, you're going to purchase a house. This one, too, is a perfect house. The only thing bad about it is that it's 2 blocks away from a fire station. Would you get this house?


You're looking to purchase a house. You're shown a house that's wonderful in every way. It's even cheaper than other houses. The only drawback is that it has no toilets. Just an outhouse on the porch, and another in the back yard. It's next to some major streets, is very close to your work (you could walk there), and in a safe neighborhood. Would you get it?


Finally, again, you're looking for a house. You find a really, really nice one that's like quarter the price of any other. When you inquire, apparently a serial killer owned this house before. He buried his victims in the yard, the basement and the crawlspaces. The house is dirt cheap because of this atrocious history, and to be honest, the police are only 'pretty sure' they got all the bodies because the killer was pretty inventive with corpse disposal. It's a 2-story house and looks normal otherwise. Would you purchase this house?

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What's something non-drug or alcohol related that completely fucks you up?

Barq's root beer makes me so incredibly hyper that I can't stop laughing for at least 30 minutes. It's outrageous.
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In what ways are you an 'early adopter'?

How are you behind the times?

Last time you were spoiled for something because you didn't see /read/hear about it while it was really popular?

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okay TQC!

i have a play list on my Ipod for pretty good party music.
i have songs like:

crank that- soulja boy
low- flo rida
peice of me- britney spears
this is why im hot- mims
drop it like its hot- snoop dog
get low- lil john
candyshop- 50 cent
stronger- kanye west
my love- justin timberlake
swing- savage

etc etc


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Your thoughts on Santa Claus being in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade can best be described as:

A)Hooooooray! It's Santa, I love him so much! He's the bestest EVAR!
B)God damn you, you creepy old drunk ass pedophile! Get your lumbering cookie gobbling ass back to your own holiday!
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Two movie snippets keep popping up in my head, and I have no idea what they're from.

The first is a man shamefully saying "Yes, I... chased the dragon." It's not Johnny Depp in From Hell, it would have been long before that came out.

The other is a man crying as he and another man fight. He's screaming "Stand down!" as he beats up the other guy, who tries to stand up every time the first knocks him down. I want to say #1 is some kind of mentor or teacher to #2, but is forced by circumstance to kick his butt. This would also be an older movie, mid-'90s at the latest.

Can you help?
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I'm in the car for ~1.5 hours a day going to work and back, and I'm sick of shitty radio stations and my iPod. I'm looking to purchase an audiobook from iTunes, but I don't want to pick something that doesn't translate well to audio or doesn't really work "on the road". Know what I mean?

Anyone here listen to audiobooks? Want to recommend something to me?

I don't really have a preference, though I'm kind of picky about mystery novels. My favorites are classics, horror, biographies, and humor (e.g. Sedaris, though I've read most of his). The last audiobook I listened to must have been 10 years ago, and it was Steven King's "Thinner". I remember it getting the job done.


ETA: The top two contenders at the moment are "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Into The Wild". For those of you who have read either (or both), what do you think?
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1. If your housemate friend was running for a position in a club you're both in involving copious amounts of planning, and you knew they were unreliable and had, in the past, lied about what they had accomplished planning-wise to other members, which of the following options would you choose, keeping in mind that if you didn't say anything, their charisma would win them the position?

Poll #1174236 Choose my fate.

Which is the lesser of the evils?

Keep your mouth shut since they're your friend. Just don't vote for him.
Say what you need to say. It's for the good of the club; so what if you look like a back-stabber?

2. What was the last "sticky situation" (like the above) that you were in? Care to talk about it?

3. How many papers do you have looming over your head? (3 for me; Linguistics, Victorian Poetry, and Renaissance Texts by Women

4. Does your dwelling leak when it rains? How badly? (Yes. We have two pots in our bedroom for the drippings so far.)
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1.What do you think Discordianism is?

2.It is such a gorgeous Sunday at the moment. I really appreciate a lazy Sunday now. What do you appreciate?

EDIT 3. Why is LJ sending my comments without saying what community they are from! too confusing

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What is this mysterious bumpy red rash appearing on my forearms?
Is it stress-related? I'd post a picture, but my camera just died and I don't feel like recharging it right now.

Will you tell me your mood in whatever languages you can?

Estoy cansado.

A mix of questions

1. Why is it called Club soda?

2. How do you feel about engagement rings? Do you think they are a symbol of the woman being the man's "possession"? If not, can you see why one would think this, or it is a dumb idea altogether?

3. Does living in the city stress you out more than living in the suburbs/rural areas?

4. Should I go to graduate school (studying evolutionary biology) or law school?
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My mother works at a homeless shelter and one of the clients told her that he got this tattoo when he was drunk and he has no clue what it says. She emailed the picture to my brother (who speaks and reads Chinese), but he hasn't emailed back yet and she's really curious.

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Therapy session?

So tomorrow night I have a skills evaluation in my Counseling class, where basically my friend and I will be graded on how we "counsel" each other.

We aren't supposed to use real life topics for our "sessions" because they might come with too much emotion that we aren't trained to deal with yet.

So what is a good scenario that won't evoke a lot of emotion, but at the same time won't make my partner and I start laughing like crazy when we are in the evaluation room tomorrow night?
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long lost friends

1. When was the last time you unexpectedly got to see somebody you really missed/hadn't seen in a very long time?
2. Who was it (what is your relationship to/with them)?
3. Why hadn't you seen them in such a long time?
4. Where did you run into them? 
5. How long had it been since you'd seen them?
6. How did you react?

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1) Have you ever had a bad/funny experience while using a sex toy? Care to tell us what happened?

2) If you have had a one night stand before, how did you leave/get them to leave the next morning?

3) Scenario: The TQC members own and run and strip club. Which member pulls in the most money?
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I read somewhere that over your lifetime while your asleep you consume 12 spiders..is this really true?
..if so how wouldn't you feel the spiders crawling on your face? i mean i know your alseep but still!

and.. and did these people come up with this? did they videotape a person every night of their life?

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what is the strangest thing you've ever eaten. how did it taste? would you recommend it to others?

over the weekend, i ate a grasshopper that i found on the floor. it was quite possibly the best tasting thing i've ever eaten. if i had to describe it, i'd say it tastes like an almond, but instead of almond inside, there is chicken. i reccomend grilling the grasshopper, and remove the legs if you don't want your throat to get cut up.
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It is raining quite hard right now where I live in Grand Ol Pennsylvania.
My car is also a bit dirty.

Would it be a bad idea to go throw some soap on my car and hope for the best?

edit: Why would this be a bad idea?
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Following your victory over The Lord of Destruction, you use a special stone you found to bind his spirit and prevent him from being resurrected and causing undue death and whatnot from befalling the people of the world. However, you notice that the stone has been corrupting your mind and soul, and you feel drawn to various presences in the east. In your bones, you feel that these cannot be good, but you will your willpower leaving and you are succumbing to the power of the stone.

Do you:

1 - attempt to kill yourself, to free yourself from what will surely develop into something terrible?
2 - let yourself succumb to the forces of the stone?
3 - remember that you actually died in the fight, and thus have no willpower?
4 - use Charizard?
5 - put in a different game?
6 - dupe the stone, give it to someone else, and sell the duplicate for a bitching level of gold?
7 - try to figure out just what I'm talking about?

perception study!

I'm currently enrolled in psychology 436 perception, 
and for my final project, I am doing a correlational 
study on the perception of the 'spinning girl illusion' 
and hand dominance. I need as many participants 
as possible. Hundreds, hopefully. Please view the 
link below, then answer the 5 questions below.


1. gender:

2. age:

3. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

4. Did you initially see the girl spinning clockwise (standing on her left leg & spinning right) or counterclockwise (standing on her right leg & spinning left)?

5. Were you able to see her spinning in the opposite direction?
-If so, approximately how much time passed before you were able to see the change?
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Does anyone else think a 270 question study guide for a final in Astronomy 1002 (required science, 1000 level class), PLUS a 280 question one from our midterm is excessive??

And if you don't want to just agree with me and make me feel better:

Do you have any siblings?
Are you the oldest/youngest/middle?
What are the age differences?
Any adopted/step/half siblings?
Who is the favorite/smartest sibling, if there is obviously one in your family?

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Did you ever have this feeling of...being extremely happy for no reason? You feel like you're the happiest, luckiest person in the world. You feel like everything is perfect. I described that feeling to my friend's mom and she said that's a symptom of bipolar disorder. Way to ruin it for me, lady.
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You've known this guy for about five years, but you hardly ever see him or talk to him anymore. You used to talk on msn all the time, but that was at least three years ago. One day you wake up, and find this in your facebook inbox:

"you are gorgeous! When do we get to hangout?!?!?!?! :("

Wtf is that about? (also, he sent it at 3:30 am. I'm assuming I was drunk Facebooked.)

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OH TQC! I'm working on a Shakespeare paper (I know, I should be writing, but I've already written one whole page and a bit on another! I'm making progress!) and could use some cool study music. I have a last.fm account and a Pandora account. What cool music do you listen to when you're studying? I normally like quieter music, so any cool classical/folksy/female vocalist would be seriously awesome.

Edit: I'll try out Feist, since people seem to reccing that one a fair amount. Thanks!


I need a favor. I have something written in Sanskrit, but I need to know what it says. Can anyone here read Sanskrit (I think it's written in Devanagari font...but I could be wrong)???
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Have you ever lived abroad?

If yes, did you enjoy it, or did you miss home? Why did you move?

If no, would you ever emigrate? Why/why not?

Imagine that the immigration services at your desired destination have a strict policy - you have to have an amazing talent to enter the country. What is your amazing talent?
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Baby Jesus Buttplug

Do you believe in God?


Do believe in a god or goddess?


Did your parents influence your faith, or lack thereof?


Did your parents put you off of religion?


Did anybody else influence your faith, or deter you from it?


Regardless of your above answers, do you enjoy religious music?




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1. At what age would you retire if you could? What would you do with all of your spare time? (pretend that you have plenty of money to do whatever you want)

I would retire at 30. With all of my spare time, I'd travel and do crazy daredevil things. I would make friends with hippies, buy a sprawling mansion, and throw parties. Then I would find a hobby that I'm good at, and pursue it with reckless abandon.

2a. How open is your family about sexuality?

2b. Do you feel like you could talk to your parents about sex if you wanted to?

I'm only curious because of the fact that my mom and I talk about stuff like that, but my best friend says that she would NEVER, EVER discuss it with hers, so I was wondering how other people's family dynamics work.

Because I need to be entertained while I write my paper.

Okay--say you have to write a paper about some great literary work. Let's say you want to make it as ridiculous as possible. What would you say?

My work is Lord Byron's "Manfred." I would love to say something like "Manfred" is about this man, Fred, who wants to go to the underworld to see his hot sister, whom he had hot incestuous lovins with. She then says he's going to die, so he does, but not after fighting off an army of monks and demons. Throughout the entire story he's super emo because he's more speshul than ordinary humans but he cries like a baby whenever the spirits and devils and other people try to help him, because he'd rather just sit there and think he's so damn speshul and OMG PERSECUTED because of his super genius. This is more or less what Lord Byron thought of himself, so he made a total Mary Sue out of Manfred."
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Have you ever had a class where you basically had to teach yourself everything? How did you muster up the motivation?

My physics teacher can't teach for shit, yet expects us to know everything, so I'm trying to teach myself using only the textbook. Guuuhh...
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Denzel Washington vs George Clooney, who is the better actor?


Who is the hawtness?

George Clooney, geez woman.. how dare you even ask?
Denzel Washington, he's such a beautiful, black man.
Brad Pitt, he bagged Angelina.. enough said.
other, i will provide a picture of said other in the comments.

When was the last time that you gave/received head?

3 seconds ago.
a few days ago.
a few weeks ago.
a few months ago.

How good was it?

EXCELLENT!! i think i just came from thinking about how good it was.
it was good.
it wasn't anything to write home about.

translation help!

how do you say ENTER and EXIT in Italian?

and in Farsi or Urdu?

like you'd find on a sign hanging on a door ...

my babelfish is failing me, there are too many idioms...


edited to add : okay I think ENTRANCE is مدخل, درون رفت, in Farsi...?

does that look right?
chan marshall

people people

Are there certain types of personalitys that grind your gears?

For me it has to be : "Nice Guys" And i don't know what the name is but people who put themselves down even though they aren't doing anything wrong.

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does it surprise you if you find out someone you know doesn't have health insurance?

i was talking to someone yesterday and we got on the topic of health shit and i mentioned that i have some problems with my thyroid. she asked why i don't just get it checked out and when i told her i couldn't afford it because i don't have health insurance, she was totally shocked. i thought it was a really weird reaction.

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Is there a formal word for burying treasure, as a pirate? IE, "Pirates used to bury treasure because they didn't want anyone to take it from them." Is there a, "Pirates used to X"?

I am not, uh, a pirate fan or pirate man or any such ridiculous thing -- I am writing a response of sorts to the poem "The Sisters of Sexual Treasures" and want to call it "The Brothers of Sexual ___" and don't want to call it "Piracy."

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Question: What kind of bear is best?

Also, what are you eating/did you eat for dinner tonight?

(I made this yummy concoction of lentils/chicken/mushrooms/basil/thai red curry and lite coconut milk, and it's making me pretty happy right now.)


1) I just bought some flavoured lubricants (of the sexual nature, yes thank you) and have just noticed a warning saying "Do not ingest". Wtf? So it's ok but not to eat? Or is that just for the dumbasses who might actually sit and eat a tube of it?

2) I can see a squirrel running around outside. What can you see right now? Details people! And obviously I do not want answers of "the computer screen" because that's a bit limited, thanks.

3) I am procrastinating and not getting my work done, fancy kicking me up the butt so I do it?

4) What colour would you associate with the following bands:
- The Supremes
- Nirvana
- Linkin Park
- U2

5) How long have you had your LJ?
 a) Have you ever switched usernames? How many times?
I started as secretzandliez in 2003 and switched to this in 2006.

6) And finally the old favourite - when did you last get laid?
 a) When did you last kiss someone?
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One of my chinchillas has been having problems with her right eye. It's dripping weird pus. I'm taking her to the vet this week, but anyone know what might be causing this? Her cage is clean, she eats a regular diet and there have been no other symptoms. She's about 9. Her mate also does not have any health issues.

When was the last time one of your pets was sick?

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If you could rid the world of 5 things forever, what would they be?

Did you know Tom Jones is Welsh?


Is your favorite cereal to eat with milk the same as your favorite cereal to eat without milk?


Brown bagging

If you are in a situation (work, school) where you are regularly away from home for one or more meals during the day, do you usually buy a prepared meal (fast food, take out, etc) or take a meal from home?

If you take food from home, do you prepare it yourself or is it pre-prepared (frozen dinners, lunchables-type packages)? What are your favorite things - homemade or not - to take with you?

I'm about to go back to work for the first time in forever and I'm already stuck for lunch ideas! I'm in a bento community but not feeling particularly inspired.

Ahhhhh MOLDS!

The replies to the question about shower curtains got me thinking,

WTF is with all the people who throw out their shower curtain just because it's moldy?
Do they not realize there are many cleaners that get rid of mold?
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for the boys:
01. is it just as easy to imagine a girl naked if she's fully clothed vs. in a bikini? what if she wears EXTRA clothing [i.e. a hijab/head scarf], as certain religions require? if yes, why?
[it doesn't make sense to me, but my guy friend says yes.]
02. how often do you really think about sex [particularly sex with girls, just to be clear]?
03. how old are you?
04. do you think about sex more/less often than when you were 14?
[the same guy friend says that the older guys get, the less often they think about it, but i don't know if i believe this either. granted, by less often, he means a difference of a couple of minutes.]

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...so this guy was yelling his room number at me while I walked down the sidewalk outside our apartment building. Why does he think this is hot? I thought it might be a way of assuring me he isn't homeless and I should be grateful for the shelter, but the effectiveness of this is blunted by the fact that I obviously live in the same building, right?

How often do you hit on someone who turns out to be gay? (Yes, I know you could be gay and answering this ;).)

Does anyone have a recipe for coffee-flavored cookies to recommend? Preferably with unsweetened cocoa powder because I have lots.

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I just received the biggest hurt of my life when someone told me my Japanese was terrible--something I've been studying for six years. Honestly, being called "fat" or "ugly" is better than this.

What's the most hurtful thing anyone's ever said to you?

ETA: By the way, he didn't even correct me or explain what I was doing wrong. I would have been less hurtful if he'd given me constructive criticism.

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If your SO suddenly came out as asexual, what would you do?

Break up with him/her?
Stay with him/her but find someone else to fuck?
Stay with him/her and resign yourself to not getting any?
Something else?
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Ok, I need to write a term paper on a real estate appraisal topic. I am coming up blank on what topic within real estate appraising warrants a 10-15 page quality paper. Can someone give me some ideas of stuff that has resources available? Anything I look for, I find nothing out there as far as research articles and journals.

Serious replies **highly** appreciated since I am so desperate to post here, funny replies will probably make me laugh.

By the way, this is for a college level appraisal class, so basic topics probably won't cut it. I am just not able to think of a topic that isn't overly simple or something with very little info out there.

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is there anywhere on livejournal where i can post my english notes? i ask because i'm revising for my exams, and i remember things better if i repeat things and re-write them out over and over. and i thought it would help both me & someone who wants to learn english if i could type them somewhere.



1.If you were to wake up completely paralyzed, what would be the first thing that went through your mind?

2. How would you feel about having someone bathing you and helping you with the bathroom?

3. What is your greatest physical fear?

I'm asking this because one of my friends is suffering from nerve damage and she is scared of becoming paralyzed sooner or later. It just got me thinking.
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so bored.

will you post a picture (of yourself) so i can give you a (eta: very shit b/c i am no artist) makeover in paint?

Will you post a picture of something you want but can't have?
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I'm hungry

1. What is your ideal pizza?

2. How do you like your eggs?

3. What is your favourite dessert?

4. What was the last thing you ate?

5. Should I cook pasta or just be lazy and order Thai food?

Black toe.

I dropped my lap top on my foot about two months ago, which has led to a still black toe nail. Ugh.

Obviously the easiest way to forget about it is painting my toe nails, which I should do.  But is there anything else I can do?  When will this go away?  The pain stopped about three weeks of the injury, but the appearance hasn't changed at all as my toe nail has grown.

I tried to google this and I only found things was about black toe from running, and it says I'm going to lose my toe nail.  Does that hurt? Oh no. :(

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Which would you prefer growing up:

A) Two parents who have a reasonably good and stable relationship with each other but are fairly hard on you, berating you frequently, or

B) Two parents who treat you reasonably well but hate each other, having scream-filled arguments on a regular basis?

Advise me? TL;DR?

Hello all,

I am a graduating senior from college. I am a biology major and a women's studies minor. I am very interested in women's health. I am interested in going to grad school in the future (next couple of years) for some kind of health related career (med school or not).

SO, i have been offered two jobs.

One: a medical assistant in a large OB/GYN office in downtown DC. They train you in clerical, clinical, and laboratory aspects of women's health. 99% of the other medical assistants who will work with me are post-undergrad women who will be heading to med or PA school within 3 years. The pay is 27,000 a year (13 dollars an hour) and offers health, retirement, and vacation.

Two: Teach for America - 7th through 12th grade biology teacher in Prince George's County Maryland. I would need to buy a car. It will look good on my resume, but i don't necessary want to teach for the rest of my life (or maybe even at all :-\ ). I really like the work of the organization and it's goals. I also get health, retirement, and vacation that students get(summers, holidays). The pay is 41,000 a year.

If you were me, which job would you take?
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make my decisions for me, tqc!

which movie should i watch? (link)

should i cook a frozen dinner lean cuisine thing, or a stoufers pizza? (variety of frozen entrees, pepperoni and mushroom pizza)

my mom's car is in the shop, so i am stranded without transportation tomorrow. and mass transportation does not exist here, so bussing is out. what should i do?
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A really drunk guy at a party kept telling me I was a fascinating person after all I told him was my name. Was he trying to hit on me, or just being drunk and confused? He also gave me his business card and told me to email him. (...No)

bueller? bueller?

So I was supposed to have dinner with a friend this evening. At quarter to seven, we decided to meet at 8. I got there at the appointed time, but she never showed up.

The whole point of the dinner was because her boyfriend was going to be watching their baby, so she had the night "off." She didn't respond to any of my texts asking "wtf."

What do YOU think happened to her?

Just a few questions

1) I know Coke is bad for you, but is Pepsi any better for you or is it just as unhealthy as Coke?

2) Do you plan your outfits for work/school the night before or do you decide what you're going to wear before getting ready?

3) What is there to like about Mondays?
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1. my toilet is SUPER DUPER clogged. i tried a plunger, drano and dish soap, which some site recommended. it also suggested a wire hanger but alas mine are all plastic. it's completely full and there is foamy toilet paper floating at the top. it's glorious. short of getting other people involved, what would you do?

2. what did you wear today?

3. tell me something interesting about your brother. if you don't have one, tough. make something up.

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So I have one of those annoying computer related questions... I have Norton Internet Security (2005 edition, I believe) and for the past couple weeks it will keep popping up telling me that it has automatically created rules for symantec live update. I don't know how to make it stop telling me, but it happens so much that I keep getting pop ups from windows telling me that my virtual memory is too low (which never happened before this started). I googled it, and it turns out that someone else has this problem, so I know it's not just me, but the only place it was posted requires a membership to see the solution to the problem, so my question is this:

Does anyone know how to make this stop or fix it in such a way that my virtual memory does not continue to be too low?

And if that's no fun, here's another question:

If you're in school what are all of the big end of the semester/year projects you're working on? If you're not a student, what big things are going on in your life?
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My mp3s don't seem to be properly associated with WinAmp like they should be. In WinAmp, under Options -> Preferences -> File Types, mp3 is highlighted and they do play in WinAmp if I double-click on them, but the image of the icon is that one of a file which doesn't have a file association.

What should I do to fix this?
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These girls are in my parking lot playing really loud music (something about "Do you have a first aid kit to fix my h-e-a-r-t") and screaming. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep over the past three days and was hoping to sleep the night away, but because of them I really can't.
How should I tell them to shut the fuck up? Non serious answers greatly appreciated.

I can has your sexual preference now?

Poll #1174583 Hypothetical wackeroo

Let's say you're not dating anyone, but you find out your ex has turned gay (or straight, if you are gay). And your ex before that one. And before that, and everybody you've ever dated or kissed is now batting for the same team (or other team, you gay people). Every guy/girl you've ever been linked to on any physical level is now gay (or straight, if you're gay). What do you do with this knowledge?

Start singling out people who would be funny if they were gay. Like, only date conservatives and macho homophobes (or girlie girls)
I obviously have a super power, not unlike the Xmen. I make a costume and use my power only for good
Like above, but use my power only for evil
Never date anyone ever again. I'm cursed!
Apparently, this only happens once you break up with them. So, the trick is to only date people who you know are going to be around for a good while. It's for their own good that they stick around
Who cares? It's not my problem they prefer penii now (or the vag). They shouldn't do things that make me want to break up with them, and siphon off their heterosexuality for good (or homosexuality, if you're gay)
Offer my services for hire. Anybody that wants revenge on an ex can hire me and I'll kiss them and change their preference as payback
I take this as further proof that I should only be dating people of my own gender. Can't turn gay people gay