April 19th, 2008

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Can anyone find the actual poem called:
Cunts (Upon Receiving the Swingers Life Club Memberships Solicitation) by John Updike.

I want a friend to read it on here, and I've been searching and all I get is people talking about the poem, not the actual poem itself.
Dave Gahan sweat

frequent pee-ers club.

if you have to pee alot, and i mean about once and hour or sometimes less, what do you do on road trips?

how does having to pee all the time influence you when you have to go out shopping/with firends/whathaveyou?

how do you accommodate this in everyday life?

does it affect how you feel about yourself? (ps - did i use affect correctly or should it have been effect?  i don't know the rules!)

thanks to all!

EDIT - are any of you on medication for this type of thing?  what med?  does it work?  side effects?  thanks again!

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What percentage of the female population do you think are bi-curious or lesbian?

100%. They just won't admit it
There are no bi women. They're just fooling themselves

What percentage of the male population do you think are bi-curious or gay?

100%. They just won't admit it
There are no bi guys. They're just fooling themselves

What percentage of the TQC community do you think is bi-curious?

100%. They just won't admit it
There is no same-sex lusting in here. I would have noticed

Lastly, I'm drunk. Are you drunk?

A little tipsy
I don't believe in drinking
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Has anyone here ever seen A L'Interieur aka Inside?
Were you extremely disturbed?

If you like scary, disturbing, just all around fucked up movies, go rent this. I couldn't sleep last night and I'm not scared easily.
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For the US people:

1. Do you ever use the dollar coins instead of bills?
2. Do you like the dollar coins (the idea of them, not the actual design on them)?
3. Do you think the government should get rid of dollar bills and instead only use the coins? Why?

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Do you have a weird sense of humor?

Have you ever rotfl when no one else laughed?

Care to share some jokes and/or pictures that you thought were funny and no one else did? 

I recently showed a couple of my friends this macro and one of my friends didn't laugh.  I said "What?  Not funny?  I don't hear you laughing."  He said "It's funny... I smiled.  Isn't that enough?"  It happens a lot.  I'll think something is HILARIOUS and lmao and others will be like "I don't get it" or "It's not that funny."

just a bill

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I have plans for a skating class today and a kickball game tomorrow. I have to cancel one of them to get a ton of homework done. Which one should I cancel on?
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You know those walks to benefit different diseases like Great Strides for CF or March of Dimes?

Don't they seem kind of backwards? Like, shouldn't people have to sit and breath through coffee stirrer straws for a couple hours instead of taking a nice long walk?

It seems every so slightly calloused. 'Nyanya, I can walk, I can run, I CAN DO ANYTHING YOU CAN'T DO BETTERRRRRRR!"

Ize just wundrin

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Is there an effective way to get my mother to stop saying the same sentence 12 different ways without coming off as a jerk?

ex: the passenger seat of the car is dangerous. It is a deadly seat to sit in. The backseat is safer. People have died from sitting in the passenger seat. I would prefer if you not sit in the front seat. (Why didn't you just tell me that?)

My grandmother says it's from when my granddad lectured my mom when she was a kid. (Which irrationally worried me that I might torture my future children with lectures.)

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1. are you an organ donor? if you are, are you donating all your organs?
if you aren't, do you have a specific reason?

has anyone heard of first-hand accounts of paramedics or hospital workers who "don't care" as much about people who are organ donors, because if they die, they don't need to "save" their organs as much?

hey, and don't sass me about the quotations. those are the best words i can use to explain what i'm trying to say.

2. i'm in a really really mixed up lovey dovey situation. i'll use letters to save the embarrassment of either of these people reading this.

E= my good friend, has a huge crush on J.
J= we just met in january and we're okay friends, but we just don't talk/hang out that often.
K= me. stuck in the middle. :(
(i should say that we're all lesbians, to save later confusion.)

okay, so J just got out of a three year long relationship, two weeks ago. since then, she's been flirting with K, E, and another girl. E, being lonely, has taken J's bait and has fallen for her, haaard. i think that J likes the attention, but doesn't care who it's from. J apparently has a huge crush on me, and i am not interested in the slightest bit.

so, what do i do, TQC? i can't be the one to tell E that J doesn't like her and instead has a big crush on me. that'll break her heart. and, i don't want to have the "hey, you're very immature and just GOT OUT OF A THREE YEAR LONG RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU NO I WONT BE YOUR REBOUND GIRL and you're moving back home in a week and i am not attracted to you etc etc." i do feel bad that this is probably going to end badly for E, and i don't feel like it's my place to say/do anything about it. halp!
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What should I call my soon-to-be ex-husband in conversation with others? That's quite a mouthful, and I don't feel comfortable calling him my husband anymore, obviously.

Do you think I will have success finding a few college guys to help me move my stuff on a weekday? I'd offer them pizza and beer.

Should I go to the doctor?

I think I broke my pinky toe last night.  It's red, swollen, and bruised.  It's a little sore when I walk on it, but it's the worst to have it curl inward. 

1. Should I go to the doctor?  From my understanding they can't do much.  Plus I don't want to spend 60 bucks just to have them tell me, "take pressure off it, and take ibuprofen."

2. Is there anything else I could do to help it?
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Sorry about all of the wedding questions. I just hate all of the wedding planning communities. Besides, you guys are funnier.

My fiance and I are getting married (obviously), and I've been thinking about printing up portions of my personal blog and making little booklets to place on the tables at the reception. All of the entries are written in a first-person, almost story-like manner. They cover pretty much everything to our first date, all the way up until present times.

Should I do this? Do you think it's hokey or cute?

Edit: For those of you who care, the blog is aifeala. Too personal for comfort?

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I didn't want to do Honours this year because I felt that I'd just be missing out on life. I wanted to do cool things/self improvement things this year.
What, feasibly, should I do/consider doing? No, travelling around Australia/Europe is not an option.
I have a few ideas but I really should think about this more. Yeah I know some people will look at this and go 'um, shouldn't you decide for yourself?' but, it's not like I'm going to just do what you say, it's more I want to think about some things, big or small, that could be good to do.
So, any ideas?

Big, small, online, real life, entertaining/trivial, serious... What'd make a good year?
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1. My husband and I are going to pre-order Lego Indiana Jones. Should we get it for the Wii or the PS3? Will there be a big difference in them, if any?

2. The game will be released on June 3. Does that mean that Amazon will ship it on that day, or will they ship it beforehand so that I will get it ON June 3rd?
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1. Do you credit the person who made your LJ icon/icons?

I never used to but I try to now. I hate it when I steal someone's icon and they didn't credit anyone so I can't XD

2. How are you icons organised?

Mine are by username (here) but now I have too many and it's hard to find the one I want!

3. How many LJ icons do you have on your computer?

I have 560ish.

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I live in a city (If you could call it that) with my girlfriend. We are completely broke, we just graduated from high school and we are really interested in moving out of here to get our lives started. By started I mean, getting a decent job and attending a nice college.
There is no opportunity here, it's basically desolate. We have no idea where to go to.

Do you have any advice on what our next step should be?
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So, tomorrow I am buying a laptop. I have about $600 for said laptop. (It's going to be just a laptop. I love my desktop, but I need something to travel with!)

And, since I OBVIOUSLY cannot get the macbook i so very very much long for, here's what I have narrowed it down to:




and why please. And if you're bored, other options are welcome as well!

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I took some medicine for my sinuses nearly six hours ago. Now my eyes are dialating in and out when I look in the mirror and I'm light and heavy-headed at the same time. Did I take too much? I weigh 95 pounds, so should I have taken a children's dose? It's got acetaminophen, guaifenesin, phenylephrine HCI, and dextromethorphan HBr in it. 

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So I'm throwing a party at my place tonight and I decided to make jello shots. I'm expecting about 20-30 people, but so far I've only made 23 shots (random I know).

I've never had or made these before, so I'm wondering how many does it take to feel something?
Should I make more? If so, how many more? There will also be 6 cases of beer to drink and for pong.

EDIT: I forgot to mention people are also bringing me liquor as it is my birthday party.

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When I go to a spa for a massage, I always tip my massage therapist. However, I've recently been prescribed massage therapy by my doctor. My insurance will be paying for it, and I'll be going to a massage therapist who has an office in a building with a couple of chiropractors. Should I be tipping there, as well, or is that unexpected in the way that no one would tip a chiropractor or a physical therapist?


Do you have a favorite site for downloading fonts?

I'm looking for a typewriter style font, the kind that looks a bit smudged... do know which font that is?

Any fonts that you particularly hate? I say, fuck Helvetica!

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1.Is there a particular slang that pisses you off? Or a form of improper English?

2. If so, what is it?

I HATE it when people say jew, cho, or chew when the proper way to speak you is YOU!

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TQC my ~vacation~ is in your hands..

okay, so my best friend and i had decided that we would be going to San Francisco, CA instead of Washington, D.C later on in the year right? WELL.. things have changed. :p [no worries, she's still my best friend lol]

SO now i have to decide whether or not i should still venture out to SF by myself OR go elsewhere.. i am thinking about San Antonio, TX (where another one of my best friends lives).. but i am pretty much open to any suggestions that you might have. nothing outside of the country.. maybe next year. ;)

have/would you ever take a week long vacation by yourself?

where did/would you go?

where should i go?

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I just purchased copy of Saw IV. I love these movies!

My questions are:

1) Which of the Saw movie endings surprised you the most?
2) If you could set up a trap for someone to teach them to appreciate their life who would you choose?
3) If you found out one of your exes had committed a serious crime and their defence team called on you as a character witness would you agree and go to court for them?
4) Lyriq Bent or Costas Mandylor?
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1. My Google-fu has failed me. Where is the site where they list "Official" holidays for each and every day of the year?

I'm doing a project for my daughter (a countdown until our family vacation) and all I found was "365 Reasons to Drink".

2. How the hell did I gain five pounds in two days?

3. I live in a kind of crappy neighborhood. There are walking paths around town. Is it worth the time and gas to drive somewhere to walk, or should I buy a treadmill?

4. What else was I going to ask?

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I went to the dentist today bout the wisdom tooth I've been complaining about (if anyone remembers at all). He showed me the x-rays of my teeth and I thought it would be big because it hurts so much, but it' barely even big enough to be out of my gums, it's so tiny! How can something so small be so painful?

One of my dogs has gotten very mouthy when she plays. She's a labrador, so she's already pretty mouthy, but earlier when we were playing she bit my hand and broke the skin a little. When she bites we say "no" and stop playing with her, or we put her outside until she calms down a little, but this isn't helping at all. How can we stop her from doing this without being aggressive with her?

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I have a group intereview for Banana Republic on Monday and I was wondering, if you have ever interviewed with them, what kind of questions do they ask?
If you worked there, did you like it?
And, they said to "dress professionally" well what should I wear in order to appear professional, appeal to them, but still keep my youthful look?

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 Does anyone know of any good free hentai sites?  Prefereably ones with streaming videos and ones that don't require a credit card #. My regular site has changed so now they charge for their services. Blah.

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will you give me advice for breaking off a friendship?

EDIT: I've tried ceasing to talk to him to see what would happen, and that didn't resolve anything. he is so difficult. :C

today I went door-to-door for Obama. have you done anything to volunteer for any political figure?
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I can't decide which phone I would like to get when I changed to Sprint so I thought I'd ask this question: do you have a Rumor or Palm Centro phone? What are your opinions on that phone?
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I'm moving soon and I have a bed and dresser and dishes and stuff, but other than that I'm a little scarce on "supplies"

What all do I need to buy for my new place, TQC?? :D
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For those of you who have seen the movie Hostel...
1. When Paxton goes back to save the Japanese girl, would you have done the same thing? Or would you have left her there?
2. Honestly, if you had the chance to kill someone would you? How would you do it?
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I know I've asked this before, but which book should I read next? (I've just finished The Golden Compass.)

- Looking for Alaska (John Green)
- Along Came A Spider (James Patterson)
- Invasion (Robin Cook)
- The Devil Wears Prada (Lauren Weisberger)
- The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)
- Dreamland (Sarah Dessen)
- The Legacy (Cindy Cadelo)
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Who in TQC have icons of themselves?

Is there anyone in TQC who has an icon of someone else, but you assumed it was them?

How about someone with an icon of themselves, but you assumed was a celebrity?
Audrey Kawasaki- sanjarka


How do you like the person you grew up to be?

Are you an adult person you wanted to be as a kid? Did you 'shape' the way you wanted?
Your character, emotions and social life...

(serious question, clearly for people who passed puberty :))
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suspended license question

So I got this letter in the mail today that I had to sign for. It said that my license was immediately suspended and that I had to turn them in immediately and also pay 210 dollars AND go take a defensive driving course. The offenses took place 2 years ago and I paid both of the tickets. one was for not using my blinker, the other was for speeding. Okay, if this happened two years ago -- why are my license just now getting suspended for it? It doesn't make any sense what so ever and I don't think it's fair. Both of them were 3 points each on my license. I live in GA.

Anyone know what the hell is going
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A girl on my sister's high school softball team gave birth not too long ago. She recently started playing again and apparently has been pumping breast milk on the bus. Do you think that is appropriate? If not, should my mom and/or sister say something to the girl, the coach, etc? What would you do, in that situation?
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Which Kit Kat is your fave?

I just took a bite of new Kit Kat Cappuccino, and mmmmm, I like iiiit!

So far, there are Kit Kat Chunky, Kit Kat White, Kit Kat Peanut butter and Kit Kat Cappuccino. (that's all I have in my country, of there are more types, just say!)
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Recently the movie Two if by Sea had crossed my mind, and a few days later, at some odd hour, it was on TBS. The next night, Pay it Forward was on TBS, again at an odd hour, which I had before thought of. A few days ago, I thought of When Harry Met Sally twice and later, during the early a.m. again, it was on Oxygen. (But they cut out baby fish mouth so I stopped watching.) I thought of Christine a couple days ago and early this morning I watched it on AMC. Even further, during a commercial break I thought about eating tomatoes and a commercial for tomatoes came on. No joke. And then I was all :( because I found out the actor who played Arnie is now bald and a commercial for Hair Club came on.

I predict TV programming y/n?

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We just got a puppy, and because she's so energetic and I don't have a great camera, I can't get a decent picture of her. She's a boxer, and we need a name. Keep in mind she's girl. What's a good name?
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Who is the TQC pariah?

Isn't "the TQC" a bit redundant? Like ATM machine. I think so.

How many puppies did you pet today? I only pet 3. I have a 6 puppy/day requirement for my general content. 10 for anything approaching happiness.

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1a. Is there anything physically, mentally, or spiritually, you are currently working on to improve yourself?
  b. How's that going for you?

2. When was the last time you flossed?

3. Where is you go-to place to hide something (like an object) from people like friends, family, lovers?

4. If you can remember, who was the first President you voted for in an election? In what year?

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How do I hit on a guy over IM? It needs to be vague enough so that it won't be awkward if it doesn't work, since I'll have to see him around a lot later. I'm aware of how lame this question sounds, but I haven't dated in over a year, so I guess I'm out of practice.

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 About half the time when I play a G on my saxophone it plays a really shrill note or gets wierd and growly. 

Do you think there's something wrong with my technique that's causing it to do this?

Or should I get it looked at?
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Situation: You just got out of a year long relationship. It started ending a couple months back, ended on a good note. There is someone you've had your eye on who wants to be with you too. When are you comfortable getting into another relationship?

Do you sometimes think you're too nice/too mean of a person?
I get my license in a few weeks. How should I celebrate?
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bobby pins

Do you use or have you used bobby pins?

Will you post pics of your hair in any sort of up-do using clips or bobby pins or anything else besides visible scrunchies or rubber bands?

If you post pics of your hair up, will you then post any pic of yourself?

Edit: Removed copy pasta


Although great ones were posted last night.
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We just went to a new bar tonight. They were carding people at the door, to make sure you were 21.

We're sitting down to have a beer and all of these kids are coming in! There were infants, but also two kids who looked to be in the 8-10 age.

Since when are bar rules that you have to be 21 or under the age of 10? And why the hell are people bringing small, small babies to bars?
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I am going out of my mind thanks to the ants that have invaded our apartment. We've sprayed, we've set traps, we've washed down every surface which might have once held a crumb of food on it. Short of an exterminator (which means involving the apartment management and is probably not worth it), is there anything that can be done? Any products that actually work? HELP ME, TQC. PLEASE.

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1.Have you guys ever done a Freeze in Unison like this one in Grand Central? Do you know about it?

2.There's going to be one for World Earth Day tomorrow night. I missed the one(first time in the country caused a big rahrahrah!) last week, so I'm planning to go tomorrow for funzees before all this gets overrated here.

Since it's for World Earth Day, the theme is Green shirts and I think we were suppose to freeze with poses that symbolizes environmentalism like "Have sunglasses on and a paper fan to symbolise global warming or Freeze with a group of people picking up litter to symbolise the pollution"

What would you do? I need ideas!

3. What are you doing on Sunday, btw?
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what's the last movie you saw/book you read/song you heard/whatever you whatevered that made you think "man, why did it take me so long to see (etc) this?"
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So...my brother has this friend who's always acted like he was 'interested' ever since we first met (around 5 years ago). Tonight he invited my brother over to play Magic the Gathering, and when my brother said no, he invited me. (For the record, the friend and I chat, but I'm not interested in him that way.) Nice kid, but not exactly my type, so I made a TOTALLY LAME excuse about having to go to church tomorrow. It's true...but doesn't make a good excuse at 8pm.
Is there any way to not antagonize him or hurt his feelings while still staying single for the next month or so before I head back to school?
Preferably without indicating that anything would EVER happen?
What would you do if this were you? Would you be mean to him, or what?
Why is it always my brothers' friends?
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I'm in the process of trying to find a new job. There are a few job openings at a place where an acquaintance of mine works. I asked her about them and she actually suggested I apply for a position that I hadn't seen listed yet. She told me that she would most likely be doing the first interviews for that position and told me to bring my resume directly to her. The next time I saw her/gave her my resume she told me that she had told her boss (the one in charge of doing the hiring) that she "may have found someone" (meaning me).

TQC, would this make you hopeful?
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Are you in a relationship you know is not going to be permanent or even long term, but you're still with them? Why are you with them? Why do you know it won't last?
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I've googled this and fiddled with some settings, but I can't seem to find the solution.

My Firefox browser isn't playing sounds. All other sounds work just fine on my machine. When I open the links in explorer, the sound works.

So what gives? Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

It's probably something stupid obvious...
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What song is playing in the very beginning of the Into The Wild trailer?

Collapse )

The very first song playing. It was so familiar when I saw the movie (which was amazing by the way), and I neeeeed to know what it is. Any help is appreciated!