April 18th, 2008


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Should I book this cheap flight if the time between planes is only 30 minutes? I think I'd be pretty likely to miss my 2nd flight, since usually that's how it goes. But it's only $260... ughh... help. Decisions.
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Have you seen the movie Once?

Would you see it twice?

What are some up coming movies you plan on seeing? I just found out that The Savages and Teeth will open in Hong Kong in May. WHEE!

What is "deals league tables"

The phrase: "in-house counsel have not been seduced by the desirability (or otherwise) of the ‘one-stop shop’ phenomena for multi-jurisdictional advice from global law firms. ...This perception is also borne out by annual mergermarket.com survey data relating to large-scale mergers and acquisitions activity. ...While the global law firms are now present in many country’s deals league tables, the country’s leading domestic firms are also well represented."
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Photo recovery software

Does anyone have a good recommendation for good photo recovery software? I had my hair and makeup trial for my wedding tonight and my FH accidentally deleted the one really good picture of my makeup from my digital camera and I would REALLY like to get it back!!
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When a relationship ends (and you do not plan on seeing or being with that person again), is there any sort of thing you do that signifies the relationship's death and helps you move on?

Or could you generally shed some advice on this topic?
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so i've been away from TQC for a while, can you summarize what has happened in the past month?

when you are really tired, do you see "ghosts" in the corners of your eyes?

what do you want for breakfast in the morning?
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What is the sweet brown stuff you put on pancakes?


What are those little wax things that kids color with?


What is on top of your house?


What are the nuts that are often in candy, like pralines?


I need to rant.

Do you know what wine glass stems are for?

My "friend" came up with this totally pretentious rant:

"wine glasses are designed round on the bottom to air out wine to make it taste better...u cant set a round bottom glass down on a table... so they put a stem with a base on it... and it looks elegant....people with class back in the day could only afford wine... the wine glass has become a symbol of elegance and status.....everyone knows that"

WTF? And yes, I know this is totally pointless but it's 3.15am and I'm pulling an all nighter and stupid shit like this is irritating me lol.

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I initially felt stupid asking this question...then I think of my own experiences and experiences of other family and friends...and I'm kind of asking it on behalf of another LJ friend. Let's say you have children and you are divorced. You have a court order giving your ex visitation. Your ex is arrested and put in jail. Please tell me that there is nowhere in these United States where the law would make you take your children to see their father in jail. At first I though "no, that just couldn't happen", but then I remembered some of the things I've seen happen and heard of happening in Domestic Relations Court. Does anyone have any experience with children, visitation orders and the non-custodial parent being in jail??

Does anyone have any stories about bizarre outlandish Domestic Relations decisions? I have a coworker whose sister has twins and the court split them up and gave one to the dad and one to the mother. Our DR system has SERIOUS problems.
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Ever been to a live sex show?

Ever been to a ping pong show?

Ever had a lap dance?

For any/all of the above, if you have not, would you want to? Why or why not?

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If you're in a position where you've essentially stayed up all night -- but have a few hours of down time before you have to be somewhere -- do you squeeze in the little bit of sleep time that you have, or just stay up?

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1)what's the best season for movies?

fall. summer movies are schlock.

2)is there a best season for video games? if there is, what is it?

3)would you buy yummy bakery fresh goodies from the interwebs?

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I had a dream last night that we (TQC members I recognize/know, which is a lot of you) had a secret camp in the jungle with fully equipped hotel-style underground rooms, furnished luxuriously. Only the people that had been around longest knew ALL of the secrets, including where all the different rooms where, where the restaurants were located, and which walls in these underground rooms to tickle to get a restroom door. Above ground was a complicated mess and all of the restaurants and rooms access areas were spread over a great deal of space (like, three mile radius). The only above-ground anything was a GIANT storage cabinet filled with fresh fruits and snacks.

So..what was the last badass thing you were a part of?
Dreams, real life actions, so on and so forth.
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You are given a one bedroom apartment for one month, completely free of rent. There is a bed, a couch, small TV, computer and kitchen. The only thing given to you is toilet paper. You have to buy everything else yourself.
You have to share the apartment with someone of your choice. During this time, you can do whatever you want with this one person.
Who do you choose to live with you for a month?
What do you guys do?
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Do you ever feel like your textbooks really, really need a "search" function?

You know, just type a word/phrase into a little box, and it'll flip to the right page, highlighting the related text. :P

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Best Parker?

Sarah Jessica
Parker Bros.

Best Bush?

Bush (the Gavin Rossdale-led band)

Best Fisher?


Best Hart?

Melissa Joan
Bret 'the Hitman'
Hart to Hart
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hypnagogic jerks

Anyone have any experience with knowing someone who has hypnagogic jerks in their sleep? Have you ever been told you are twitching in your sleep? Have you ever woken yourself up with one?

For me, I do it so much that my boyfriend/friends know I'm actually falling asleep when I do it. This makes sleeping/staying awake impossible to fake.
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Have you ever applied to a job, but then never heard back about whether or not you got it?

Did you ever try calling the people to find out the status of your application? If you did, how long did you wait until you called them?

what's clear to the mind is not always so to the eyes

I opened a community (some of you may know of what I speak) within the past months time that was initially for flashy, strobing, brain turning graphics but rather quickly it's developed into as much the flashy stuff as it has optical illusions and visual effects and any number of other things that while pretty are likely doing serious damage to your brain while you stare at them in wonder.

Like the one I'm about to expose you to.

Frequently I look at these things while I'm at work and while fatigue may somehow play a part in this...I noticed that when I took my glasses off the effect went away entirely; at least with the optical illusions. Now I'm near·sighted and I suppose it likely that a few of you are as well.

What I'd like to know is, for those of you that wear glasses or contacts or whatever, do you find that the effect goes away when you look on it with naked eyes?

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Is it possible for a female cat to still act like she's in heat and even draw the attention of male cats, while fixed?

My cat was fixed as soon as I adopted her about two months ago but she's been acting a bit odd, meowing funny and being very restless sometimes, like my old cat would do all the time when she was in heat (though it's very very mild, I remember how annoying the other cat was in heat, my cat now just meows and gets weird every once in a while). And we have about four male strays that keep showing up outside the window and back door to sniff around at her, one even sprayed.

So WTF is up with this? She IS fixed correctly, right? Is there any way to be sure of that? She's an indoor kitty so I doubt she'll get knocked up or anything, but still.

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TQC, I just took a nap and among other things, dreamt that hundreds of thousands of spiders were matriculating in the trees outside the house I was in, and that I posted a question to you lot about whether you would want the matrciulated skin of a spider.

In my dream, matriculate meant hatch, and all these spiders were flying through the air on strands of web like in Charlotte's Web, but the air around me was thick with them, and getting in my hair and face and I had to run inside so I wouldn't be covered in web and baby spiders. The spiders didn't bother me, but I knew that all that web would be a bitch to get out of my hair. The matriculated skins of the spider were from spiders who had grown and shed their old ones. Apparently matriculate means a lot of things in my slumber land. I had to look it up when I woke up to make sure I knew what it meant.

Would you find that dream freaky? I was annoyed by it, because I had to stop watching the tv in the garage (though the people in the dream called it the parlour, and it was fancied up a bit), but it was just Rock of Love getting up to questionable behaviour.

How would you feel if you school started letting spiders enrol (if they could deal with the classes, of course)?

Have you had any dreams where one word is used strongly, but incorrectly, like this? I find it really funny. I've also had a dream where clavicle was used over and over and not in relation to a body part.

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for those of you that are interested in photography.. have you ever had the opportunity to take someones portrait? (senior picture, engagement announcement, model's portfolio etc.) if you have.. can i see the end result?

i've always stuck to mainly shooting scenery.. so shooting people is something that i am not used to unless it's just a random 'candid' type shot. i am going to be shooting my best friend soon and i have an idea of the look that i am going for but i was just wanting to see if you guys had any pointers.

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I was typing a paper the other night and I noticed something funny with the way I type. When I type, I always hit the space bar with my right thumb, unless I type a period at the end of a sentence. I always switch to my left thumb then. Do you guys have any weird quirks when typing?
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You've just had a really hot few dates with some one you're really into. You're dropping them off after one of your awesome dates and they ask the question you've been waiting for... "Wanna come up?" and of course you say yes and are looking forward to some rompin'. You get upstairs, they lead you into the bedroom...

And this is their bed.

What do you do?

flip flops

i love flip flops.  i wear them when it's hot and when it's cold.  with summer coming up, i'll probably wear them even more.  however, i have a little bit of a gimp, and the heels of my flip flops wear through really fast because i guess i put most of my weight on them.  does anyone know of a flip flop brand that has sturdy soles?  i want a pair that i can keep for more than a few months.

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I am going to be working to promote a show. Does anyone have any pointers? I really dont know what to do for this but I am going to give it my best shot. The band is Enter the Haggis.

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manicitalian was getting breakfast at McDonald's and her eyes locked with a guy behind the counter. Embarrassed, she drove off, probably without her McCafe and McMuffin. Should she go back, get her breakfast, and ask for the guy's phone number?

Should she focus on the guy last week that she assured us was her ~*~soulmate~*~ instead?

Should she take a night class and work on her grammar and spelling?

Should she stop deleting posts?


Also, what is your favorite spring flower?
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What have you had to do recently that scared you?

I just had to kill a spider that was in my room and this terrified me, because I'm incredibly arachnophobic. But there was no one else to take care of it and I couldn't just let it chill behind the poster over my bed :(
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I couldn't sleep last night.

My fiance kept tossing about in our water bed. Then, my cat attacked my armpit. My other cat whined at the door all night. And then the birds outside started singing friggin' loudly. I finally got to sleep...and then a motherfucking earthquake woke my ass up.

At that point, I gave up. Clearly, God did not want me to sleep.

What was the last thing you gave up on?


So I've been wondering, you know the people who have to wear the big ankle bracelet where ever they go so that the cops know where they are?  What did they do to have to wear those?
One of my friends was trying to say it was only for pedo-sex-offenders, like they can't go around schools or parks.  Which didn't make sense to me because I've seen a teen-aged girl at a carnival with one of those on.
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I am wanting to buy a ticket for a John Mayer concert. Is there any way I can buy the tickets without going through Ticketmaster? I hate their service fees.

What's the best seat you've ever had at a concert? When I saw Maroon 5 a few years ago, I was about six rows away from the stage, and their guitarist ran right by me near the end of the show. It was awesome.

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Where can I get the cheapest air line tickets EVAR?????

EDIT from the USA to Amsterdam. I want to take the son in Aug. The wife and I just went and it seems airline tickets have DOUBLED in price!!!

a little romance

say you've had it with casual shit and you're looking for a long-term relationship. how long would you date someone before you got sick of waiting for them to be commit to being exclusive?

edit: how long before you decide that you want to be exclusive? that's more what i'm asking.



Tuesday is my 21st birthday, but my mother and father are in DC right now for work. They are coming home tonight so they can have an early birthday dinner with me tomorrow before my mother has to go back to work.

The UPS man left a package on my porch this morning that I am sure is my birthday present, since it is a sewing machine, and that is what I have asked for. The package is addressed to my mother, not to me, which leads me to believe that it was not meant to be delivered to me, that my mother wanted to wrap it up before she gave it to me.

What would be the most polite way to deal with this? My family is big on surprises. Should I leave it on the porch and pretend I didn't know it was there and let her get it while I am at work? (my porch is covered from weather and we live in a secluded neighborhood with no crime so the package would be safe out there) Or should I bring it in and call my mother and tell her that I've seen it, and thank her?
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I just got some bad news. Seems like I'm not going to university/college next year.

1. What shall I do with the rest of my life?
I'll finish in a month or two with a biology degree. I don't like science.
2. How shall I spend the remainder of my student loan/savings?
It's about £2000 -£5000. Not into hookers, but I might try some blow.
3. How do I make sure I don't fuck up my final exams and get a B?
...Like I did at school when I got rejected by my first choice colleges. Deja vu, o rly?
4. How do you cope with disappointment?
Apart from being rude to everyone around you, and saying "i don't care" when they tell you how disappointed they are for you.

Srs/non-srs answers welcome.

p.s. don't worry, I'm not going to kill myself.

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Any tips on how to remove cat puke stains from a beige carpet? No matter how well I clean it with carpet cleaner, it always seems to leave a faint brown stain, and it's really disgusting.
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1.) If you were on a diet and needed to lose weight, but had a choice between going to the gym or taking a nap, what would you pick?

I already made my choice and I feel kinda guilty for hitting the sheets. @.@


The members of TQC have been arrested for a crime against humanity.

1) What was the crime we all committed?
2) Who instigated this series of events?
3) Who was it that crumbled under interrogation and confessed?
4) What do you say in your defence?
5) Who will you end up sharing a cell with?
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1. Why the hell does it hurt way more than it should when you stub your toe?

2. A high school girl won the writing contest (in both catergories, too) of an organization I'm in, and I volunteered to call her and give her the good news and other information. Would it be inappropriate to tell her how much her essay touched me? It like, seriously almost made me cry.

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can you re-motivate me to clean my disaster of a room?

is the weather nice where you are?

should i go get myself more smokes now or wait till after the room is clean as a sort of reward?

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What's your LiveJournal's *number? (as in the sequential numbers assigned to journals when they are created) 5238116.

*the number is next to your user name on your profile.

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What is the difference between Teva Mush and Teva W Mush? I can't find an explanation on any website that sells both! I don't think it's Width because the sizes still say M for medium.

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When's the last time someone rained on your parade?

What is worse for you, hot feet or cold feet?

What's that one vegetable you've just never been able to enjoy?

Assuming that maintenance costs are identical, would you rather get to ride a bike to work, or a horse?

I really want to reopen discussion on the subject of whether or not a human can swim under"water" in a big pool full of nyquil. Will they sink? Will they pull it off? I just cannot see it working.
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So, I'm applying for some jobs. My resume is pretty solid and I'm VERY pleased with it. But I suck at writing a cover letter. TQC, can you help me?

What would you like to see in a cover letter?
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If you were a TQC mod, what kind of mod would you be? Rule with an iron fist? Benevolent dictator? Kind and gentle queen? Reign of terror? Something else? What act would your subjects remember you for?

(If you are a TQC mod, what kind of mod are you?)

I would take numerous TQC wives and behead them at my discretion. But I'd be really cool to the poor TQCers.

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I saw this on my friends list and thought it was a TQC question and laughed, but it was really from adultpostsecret.

"A friend of mine asked….if you could fuck someone…where would that place would that be that you haven’t fucked before. I have thought about this question for hours…I’d love to fuck you in a convent surrounded my a plethora of virgin nuns….Mmmmmmmm! what is your choice?"

I have added the question mark. I think my answer is, inside of a bird cage, surrounded by hundreds of finches pooping on me and my lover's body.

Real question: Is it true that eating only 2 bananas a day will raise your serotonin levels by 16%?

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I have to read 480- pages,write a one page summary, find interviews with the author, find out what awards the book has won, and put together a children's literature anthology...by Monday for finals. Can I do it?
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What's the last thing you drank?

If it was water, would you please say the last thing you imbibed that wasn't water??

Also, if a voice post was requested, cajoled, pleaded for later on tonight (drunk or not is your option, as always), how likely would you be to participate, on a scale of 1-10 (1=no way no how, 10=but of course!)?

fyi: for those of you with basic accounts, you can upgrade to plus to do a voice post (also to make polls) and then revert back. 


Baby Showers

Maybe this is a culture thing, I dunno. Anyway I am attending my first baby shower tomorrow and have been reading through Ettiquette Hell's database in honour of it.

Below in italics is the story and in bold is the comments of the owner of EH:

Collapse )

To be honest, I don't see a problem with hosting and organising your own baby shower. In fact, the one I'm going to tomorrow has the mother-to-be as the host. So, it is considered tacky for mums-to-be to throw their own baby showers in the US? I think the gift thing is a big deal but I've bought my friend useful things like nappies etc. Although I doubt I'll have kids, hypothetically, if I did have a baby shower I'd be over joyed if people brought useful things such as nappies, baby wipes etc. In the UK big presents such as the pram, cot and so have are bought by the parents or the parents' family.
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Do you ever just want the world to leave you the fuck alone for a while?
Ever seen the movie Dirty Love with Jenny McCartney and Eddie Kaye Thomas?
Got anything that will knock me out for a while?
DW - Amy


I just bought a (kitchen) Collapse ) because I want to make Creme Brulee.

Do any of you have any good recipes (that you've actually tried and liked, I'll google too) that I can make with my new blow torch?

What foods do you think would be "improved" with a blow torch?

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i might be needing to buy a new laptop. i don't have a lot to spend, like probably not even $800. how long do you think i can keep a Dell running if i take REALLY good care of it, like daily virus scans, weekly defrags, the whole shabang?

are there better options for not much money? i already know i'm not going to end up with that great a computer, so.

also, does anyone besides Dell have payment plans?
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When I first met my boyfriend, I knew he enjoyed smoking pot. Heck, I smoke too but not frequently and only socially. As time has progressed, it has become more and more evident that he is, simply put, a stoner. He loves to smoke. He insists that his friends smoke before they do anything, such as going to the movies, or going to get food, as doing so "heightens the fun of any experience." I don't understand how one can regularly spit out upwards of $50 weekly on weed. Maybe this is just what college is all about, but looking to constantly get high indicates to me a lack of maturity. I don't know what to do. I don't know if asking him to quit/cut down would be smart because it's such a huge part of his life. Asking him to give up on pot would be like him asking me to give up Starbucks. Should I just end things?


Why is our culture obsessed with sex? (talking about it, advertising it, doing it).
Would you say that the way it's constantly spoken about truly reflects how our society thinks, or is it just blown out of proportion?
Do you think that to some extent women accommodate men (and their supposed obsession with sex) especially in young/university culture? (ie girls make out with other girls for frat boys)
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Have you ever wanted to strangle your room/housemate(s)?

Why, specifically?

(Me: YESYESYES. Because they seem to think that I'm the "house mom" and that it's totally cool to leave the dishes to me all the time - either that, or they think cleaning gets done ~*~*~magically~*~*~. Also, they are using our bathroom items - including deodorant, like wtf?)
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What's your favorite way to prepare/use couscous?

I just discovered it's awesomeness today and now I must find many tasty ways to incorporate it into our diets.

ETA: I love you all. So many great ideas! Thanks. :)

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Poll #1173508 Alien Nation

Lo and behold, out of the clouds, a gigantic flying saucer descends over your town/city. It hovers there for a little bit. What do you do?

Stand outside my abode, curious
Make banners and posters indicating the desire for communication
Haul ass out of there. I'm leaving this city ASAP
I'd probably get bored after the first couple hours and get back on the internet

The UFO opens up its doors and a beam is emitted to the ground. Out of the beam walks a couple hundred green-skinned aliens. What's youre reaction?

Arousal (big foreheads are hot)
Anger ("It's bad enough they hop our borders, but now, the illegal aliens are flying in on town square. The nerve!")
Excitement. My WoW raiding party is kicking ass (I have no interest in the aliens)
Relief. I'm no longer in the city

The aliens suddenly open fire! Laser rifles start shooting up the trusting people of earth. What do you do?

I'm probably one of the shot individuals, as I was out in front, really to greet them
Run. Hide
Grab weapons. Fight back
Offer up my body to the aliens in exchange for my life
Call 911. Wait as I'm put on hold
Order a pizza (I'm still on the internet)
Start running, with intention to get as far as possible
Don't stop. I'm already out of the city, and now, I plan on putting hundreds of miles between us

From your vast movie watching knowledge, what's the one thing that can stop an alien invasion?

Will Smith
Nuclear devices
Country music
Immigration, and tighter border control
Offer them our women. That's all Mars wants, right?
Out-of-work actors from a cancelled sci-fi program
The Force, a couple of droids, a wookie and your trusty lightsaber

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1. Do you think people with physical or mental defects can legitimately blame their parents?

2. Have YOU ever blamed your parents for your own physical or mental defects?

3. Was it fair to do so?

**EDIT** I'm a healthy person. I'm just curious....
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If an alien stopped by your house with a spaceship equipped to travel anywhere in the world, and wanted you to give it a tour of the World's capital city, what city would you tell it to take you?

What sites would you want to take in?

(no subject)

1)are you an elitist?

yes. I read at least 3 books a month.

2)Do you wear a flag lapel pin?

No, but I have a Y and american flag pin on my bag because I didn't want to throw it away

3)Do you remember those thick squarish juice bars they had in school cafeterias? I wonder if you can get something similar in stores.

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Due to a freak accident, we've ended up in the mirror universe TQC, where everyone's evil. How does the outward appearance of your evil self differ from that of your normal self? (I'm afraid I've got dibs on the requisite evil eye patch.)