April 17th, 2008

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Today - well, April 16, so technically yesterday for me - was the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings. Did your school/workplace/organization/etc. do anything special in its memory?

Since I go to a school that's very close with VT, there was a short vigil held for anyone who wanted to attend, including a couple speakers (students and faculty), a moment of silence, candles, and other things.

I hate these opinion assignments.

How far can one go in a writing assignment detailing one's opinions about the class? This thing is turning into some attack on rhetoric in general and I also mentioned how I don't actually know what I'm doing. Bad idea? :/

I HATED this class, learned nothing, thought this teacher was a pretentious ass who couldn't teach. How much of this should I let through when I'm supposedly being encouraged to be honest? I think she likes me, because she gave me an A- on a research paper when it was utter shit.
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Just looking for actual human opinion here...

I am moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Tucson, AZ within a year.  I'm beginning research into the area/looking at what apartments are like, and I have a few questions if anyone would like to help me out.

Is evap cooling as effective as central air conditioning?  Is one superior to the other in terms of beating desert heat?

I currently have a pewter car which has black leather interior.  I should sell it because it will be unbearable in AZ, y/y?

(Thanks, everybody!)

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Have you ever played any of the games from the now defunct Romp.com?


It had games/episodes you could download, mostly involving some dude named Jake trying to have sex with various females, it was kind of like a choose your own adventure book. There was also a game/episode on there called Sex in the Inner City.
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Let's say you really dislike someone. Let's also say this person has a blog. Not just any blog, but a blog about work. This person, writes about work...stupid coworkers, inane policies, dumbass customers, etc publically (not flocked). This blog does not say "I work at Innotech", but you can figure it out if you read the blog, the details are there.

What would you think if another friend of yours, who also dislikes this person, put the pieces together and emailed the company with the full name of said disliked person and a link to the blog in an attempt to get said person disciplined/fired?

Fair game since it's freely available on the net or over the line?


Me? I'm creeped the fuck out.
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Hired or Fired

Have you ever been responsible for getting someone you work with fired?

Have you ever had to help hire someone for your work or attend the interviews and give feedback?

Would you feel comfortable being a key player in an evaluation for a contract renewal review of someone you work with? Why or why not?

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does it ever weird you out when people from out of state talk about your area of living like it's amazing. but to you it isn't? it weirds me out.
is that how it is for everyone? am i just weird?

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Let's say you have a friend who you loaned $300 to over the summer of '07. They still haven't paid you back, and you're starting to become resentful and bitter. You know that the friend would be able to pay you back if they really committed themselves to it, but they're poor and it would be a struggle. Do you pester them to pay you back, or cut your losses in fear that you will hurt the friendship?


For those of you who live with a significant other:

Do you have your own bedroom, den, or study, a room that's entirely your own and not shared?

I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, and I keep one of the bedrooms for myself. I don't sleep there (I sleep in 'our bedroom') but it's where I store all my clothes and trinkets and things like that. My boyfriend seems a little hurt sometimes, that I need a private space. I'm wondering if it's strange for me to need one.

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Have you ever made out with someone when you were drunk? Or at a party/bar?
How many times would you say you've done that?
When and who is the last person you kissed? (And if you have an s/o--before you were dating them)

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If you're calling in sick from something embarrassing (cramps, diarrhea, etc), do you call in sick and explain what's wrong or do you just say that you're not feeling well?

Ladies, are you period shy?

I always just say "I'm not feeling well."
Yes, I'm period shy.  Obviously I get it but I don't like people knowing when.  =(

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So last night around midnight, I get a call from a private number. I pick up tiredly and some lady asked who is this, that she had my number on her phone. I tell her and she keeps asking. I don't know why the fuck my cell is on her phone and she says, "No, your number is here for a reason." And keeps asking who this is.
About a minute into it, she hangs up. WTF?
So, TQC...
Who was calling me?
What do they want?

Edit: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. So, how life's today?
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Inspired by the previous question about manhole covers plus the fact that in an hour I have a job interview.

What's the strangest and/or stupidest question you've been asked in an interview

Will you share any memorable job interview stories with us? They can be amusing or something stupid happened/was said. It can be caused by the person being interviewed or the person giving the interview. Anything :)

EDIT Also, in both cases, what job were you interviewing for?

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Does anybody else agree that the movie Some Kind Of Wonderful deserves to be recognized as a John Hughes classic that never got its due simply because the more successful (yet inferior) Pretty In Pink preceded it by a year and was basically the same movie with the sexes of the 3 lead characters reversed?
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Very important issues upon which your opinon is highly regarded

1. Did you know that Marion Jones went to prison for 6 months? Honestly, what a fucking dumb bitch of a judge. What a waste of tax payer's money. Seriously. The woman was not a threat to society. Leave prison for the dangerous criminals, god knows there are enough of them.

2. I also think that the Bill Clinton thing was a witch-hunt and America was stupid for falling for it. Hello, like you wouldn't deny letting the office intern give you blow jobs. It says nothing about your ability to hold an office.

Being unable to speak a proper sentence, however, should have cast some doubt upon a certain OTHER president's ability to be president, but I guess America is just not that picky?

3. How do you feel about these two issues?
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give this some thought before answering

An old rickety castle far off in the hills where no one would ever think to look. An ancient chamber at the heart of it with a large bed setup with ankle and wrist restraints. A large bowl of chocolate pudding, a lot of non·fat milk, and few gallons of Aqua·Lube. Along with my demented assistant Igor...who has one itty bitty teeny tiny little eye and one horribly distorted and huge eye and often calls me "Mathsta!"

That's how I'd go about it.

Course, that could just be me.

How would you go about making a baby?
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Its Madness!

It really annoys me when people say “Um, hello.” when I answer the phone. You called me; you shouldn’t have to ‘um’.

What completely inoffensive and harmless things annoy you?
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1. If there's somewhere you really want to work, but their website says they're not hiring right now, is there anything wrong with sending a letter of interest along with your resume? Sort of a "I really like you guys, keep me in mind plz?" letter?

2. Do you still read newspaper comics? Got a favorite? One you wish would DIAF? (I still love Get Fuzzy. I hate, hate, hate Family Circus. That movie was right.)

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Do you have a lot of drama in your life? If so, can you pinpoint the reason for this?

If you're really angry with someone you care about, how do you deal with it? Do you feel the need to make them pay, or do you just withdraw from them, or what?

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Quick! i need a gift idea for my mom!!! i know! i'm a horrible daughter! but I was only supposed to go visit after her bday and that would of bought me some time, however they just called and they are coming down tonight to visit and i wotn she her again until after her bday so I'd like to get her something today but I have nooooo idea!!!!

she likes to read and she has a computer, she also knits? or crochets.. or something but i have no idea where to get those!

any genenal ideas would be good!
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My sister met a guy on the internet (through eBay, of all things) and they hit it off from the start. They traded long emails for a while and then spent hours on the phone.
HOURS. 7+ at one point. You know, those long insane soul-bearing conversations. They spent at least 5 hours on the phone every night for 4 days in a row. They seemed perfect for each other.
So after about three weeks of this they decided to meet, as he lived only about 50 minutes away from her.
They were just going to hang out or whatever. The day before they were meant to hang out he sent her an email that read something like "Hi Kay, I'm really sorry but it's just not going to work out. Goodbye." and stops answering her calls.

What's your bet on this situation?
I'm betting he was actually married or something.

*note- they had exchanged pics early on, so it wasn't about looks....

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In addition to having "terrible" taste in movies and music according to more than a few TQCers, I'm also a Y&R diehard.

Question for the Y&R diehards - how long have you been watching Y&R?

I started in September or October of 2007.

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What would you do if you were viewing/watching an operation, and you accidentally dropped a Junior Mint from the gallery into the patient's body?
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I have important work to turn in for my English class, but I am incredibly ill and may not be able to make it today. He won't accept late work after today, however, the syllabus says, "Please consider emailing assignments as attachments to get them in on time." ...Except that he has a habit of not checking his email.

If I can email him the work I have today, does that mean I got it in on time, even if he doesn't check his email until later?

I'm worried - This has been the worst semester ever. :<

For those who don't care:

Do you like pop rocks?

What's your favorite kind of soda?
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How long would you have to be in a long distance relationship with someone before you decided it was serious enough/worth it to spend the money/time/effort to move to where they lived? Would you ever/never do that?

What's a band you used to like but have since turned your back on?
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What will happen if I don't pay my internet bill?

When I signed up in February or something they never asked for a credit card number or anything that would force me to pay them if I didn't do it voluntarily. I got my first bill for $150 (including the price of a router plus all the BS charges they make me pay), and I can't pay it. I have the money, but every time I call them to try to pay it, something happens and it doesn't work. So far I have wasted 27 cell phone minutes and lots of phone calls trying to GIVE THEM MONEY. It has not worked. Clearly they don't want it very bad, otherwise their payment system wouldn't be so flawed.

What would you do in this situation?
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Do you think the Crocs Prima is just as bad as regular Crocs?

If you have them, can anyone tell they're Crocs when you're wearing them?

If you bought them in an actual store (NOT online) where did you get them? I've checked all of the places around here than carry Crocs (except Journeys, because the people who work there are always rude) and I can't find them.
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I am going to the doctor tomorrow BUT

Why do I always get a burning pain in my lower back and a sinking feeling in my tummy during "that time of the month"?

In case you can't answer that.. I have a lot of green apples in my fridge..what should i make with them?

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Do you like clothes shopping?

I HAVE to buy some new clothes, and I have a couple of gift cards to Macy's...what should I buy?

I don't wanna go. I hate this shit. But I look like a weirdass hipster who has the fashion ALL WRONG and has holes in her skirts.


I did a random last minute thing when I boooked Ryanair flights last month. The return flight cost me less than 10p from Glasgow Prestwick (Scotland) to Oslo. I had forgotten all about them til yesterday so here's where you come in.

I arrive at Oslo (Torp) at 330 on the Saturday and I fly home the next day at 1230. Is there much point going? I didn't realise I got so little time in Oslo, I thought I had more. Its not a big deal if I can't go as I'm not losing much but I would like to see a wee bit of Oslo.

Also, anything you can suggest I see/do in Oslo? I'm going myself so I'm pretty free. I love historical stuff and architecture. I'll try anything once.

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• Will there be tables and chairs?
• Will there be pony rides and dancing bears?
• Will there even be a band?
Will there be snacks??

• I put bag balm/udder cream all over my body because they sell it at CVS and I used to use this different brand that smelled great, and this kind has this weird stinky crayon-y smell and I just feel like a huge tit. Without showering again, what can I do to stop feeling like a smelly oily breast? I tried putting some perfume on but now I also smell like a dirty incense-burning hippie.

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So what is your feeling on blue jean shorts? Are they tacky for everyone, only tacky for men, but ok for girls? Along with that, what part of the country or what state are you from?

If you feel they are ok, did you know people that it was ever something considered tacky? Do you think that is just a regional thing?

Forgot to ask, what about khaki shorts or other shorts made from different materials? Are any acceptable? What about blue jean skirts?

Also, what other stlyes/types of clothing is considered tacky where you live? Not something like 70's style, but an actual article of clothing or accessory? does that make sense?

Just realized how different people feel on this issue and was wondering how far spread the feeling was.
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What's something 'unique,' I guess, that pisses you off?

Diet pepsi, diet anything in general. I can't understand why anyone orders that shit. To me it's like switching from 'regular' cigarettes to light cigarettes and claiming that suddenly you're making healthy choices. If soda pop is bad, then stop fucking drinking it altogether.

Additionally, if you can't give up soda pop, why not just drink the original? I'd rather drink regular natural sugar than whatever that aspartame bullshit is exactly. Drinking a lot of sugar is bad for you, obviously, but it seems like a better choice than drinking some artificial man made sugar substitute. Fuck that shit.

While on the subject of random oddball shit that pisses you off, cellphones. But.. Part of what makes me shake my head about cellphones is that, you see the 'manliest of men' strutting around.. then you look down at their hip and see a cellphone attached. Gah. Cut that shit out, is it that damn necessary to have your cellphone literally attached to you? Give it up man, leave it in your truck.

And of course the ear piece attachment thingiemabob just worsens things. I hate that we're now literally attached to our damn electronic devices.

I know this is a little odd, but it's worth a try...

Have you seen this guy?

He's a homeless man from my hometown and he's been missing for quite awhile.  It's been suspected that he may have gone to another big city, but the police haven't had any luck tracking him down.  Everybody just wants to know he's ok.  He's usually seen pushing a shopping cart piled high with bags and with the brooms sticking out like in the picture.  His name is Bill Dunn, but people mostly know him as "Aqualung".
More info on him here.

ETA 2nd pic.

So fake.

I just found out through some friends I work with that my best friend soon to be old best friend was talking a lot of shit to our fellow colleagues. She said some pretty hurtful stuff not only about me, but about my mom. My mom and I are very close.

My question to you, TQC, is what should I do? Confront her? Give her a beat down? (Kidding) Although, I'm not going to lie, I would like to punch her in her face.


Also: She is marrying my brother next May; so unfortunately, I’ll still have to see her every now and then.

Edit: Does getting along with her for the 'good of the family' include remaining her maid of honor? I don't want to make a big scene, but I would happily quietly resign.
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Hey guys,
I know this is a long shot, but my monitor on my pc just freaked out and i have no idea what could be wrong. Normally i'd run off and try and fix it myself but i've just had wisdom teeth out and am so drugged up i have no idea what i'm doing. If anyone's a bit of a computer expert i'd really appreciate the help.
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do you think 'harold and kumar go to white castle' is a funny movie?

do you think 'the alchemist' is a good book?

do you like elvis presley's music?

what is your favorite board game?

(no subject)

1. If you could be the house cat or lap dog of any person on earth, whose would you choose?

2. Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture? Ever wished you were of the opposite sex?

3. Do you have road rage? Like when someone cuts you off do you get really pissed?

4. What's the one question you should never ask a man? woman?

5. What case would you choose if you were on Deal or No Deal? Why?

6. Which is better Disney Land or Disney World?

simple pleasures

What are some of your simple pleasures that get you way more excited than they should?
For example, bedding straight out of the dryer, brand new white t-shirts, etc.

Do you have any fetishes? Sexual or not? What are they?

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Will you explain Unitarian Universalism to me?

ETA: Ok, got it.

A new question: I changed my layout and now when I leave a comment, the font in the box is tiny, and I can't figure out how to make it bigger. I checked the customization page and changed font sizes, but nothing will change the font size in the comment box. How do I change it?
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2 questions

Where should my boyfriend and I go on a road trip to for the day? We've done all the zoos in the area and we don't have much money. I'm out of ideas! 

Also, where would you recommend we go for a holiday in June? Anywhere in Europe EXCEPT SPAIN.

grilled cheese!

Inspired by this.

How do you make a regular grilled cheese sandwich?

If you were going to enter this contest, what would your entry be for each of the following categories?

Spoons: Any kind of bread, any kind of cheese (or cheeses), and any kind of butter.

The Kama Sutra: Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, and any kind of cheese PLUS additional ingredients(the interior ingredients must be at least 60% cheese).

The Honey Pot: Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, and any kind of cheese (the interior ingredients of the sammich must be at least 60% cheese), and with an overall flavor that is sweet and would best be served as dessert.

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My school has these offices on the top floor of one of the buildings. They have been abandoned for at 4+ years. How would a friend and me go about requesting permission to go into the offices and getting the unused equipment (typewriters, fax machines, chairs, etc) and refurbishing them?

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Do you think its appropriate to ask a women who looks pregnant, if she is in fact pregnant? How bout continuing on with small talk like, how far a long are you, baby names, due date, etc?

What if it's a complete stranger?

To those who are/have been pregnant..
Did you appreciate these kinds of things when you were pregnant? or were you like.. GTFO now!

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You're dating someone new. You guys get along really well, and you find this person attractive. On the third/fourth date, he/she invites you upstairs. You start fooling around, when your date says "I have something to show you. I didn't tell you about this before, because I wasn't sure how you'd take it, but you're going to find out." He/she then unbuttons the pants, lets them drop, and their left leg is entirely missing. In its place, is a rough prosthetic leg., which extends all the way up to the hip. Do you proceed with the fooling around?

Yes. One false leg won't faze me
No. It's a little too weird. I can't deal with it, physically. Just not yet
I wouldn't even have been fooling around this early in the dating process

So you're carrying on some more, when your date then says, "I gotta stop this again, for there's something else you should know", then then removes the shirt and their left arm is entirely missing as well. Replaced by a believable prosthetic that's entirely the wrong skin color. The prosthetic goes up to the shoulder and it can't really do much more than hold things that are placed within the fake hand. It's amazing you never noticed this before. Do you continue fooling around?

Yes. One false leg AND arm won't faze me
No. It's a little too weird. I can't deal with it, physically. Just not yet
I was already out with the fake leg
I wouldn't even have been fooling around this early in the dating process

You're making out some more, when your date then says "I have yet another declaration to make, because you might as well know this now. See this hair?" You see it, and watch as your date peels it off. It's a glued-on wig. Your date is entirely bald. Something about being in a fire when they were little caused the damage to the scalp, arm and leg. Will you continue making out?

Yes. One false leg AND arm AND follicle-less head won't faze me
No. It's a little too weird. I can't deal with it, physically. Just not yet
I was already out with the fake leg or arm
I wouldn't even have been fooling around this early in the dating process

Finally, you two are getting pretty far, when your date says "One last thing. Since we're being so vulnerable and honest, I have one last thing to share. See my eye?" You see it. He/she then smacks the side of their head and the eyeball pops out. It's glass. An empty socket is left. Can you finish?

Yes. One false leg, false arm, false hair AND false eye won't faze me
No. It's a little too weird. I can't deal with it, physically. Just not yet
I was already out with the fake leg, arm or hair
I wouldn't even have been fooling around this early in the dating process

Living together

If you live with your s/o, how long were you together before you moved in together?

If you moved into their house (one they had already established as theirs) was there an adjustment period before you felt it was yours too? If so, how long did that take?

How old are you?
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firefox fun

if you have Firefox, what are your favourite Add-ons and Extensions?

i love Foxytunes, which links you to a page of whatever artist you're listening to at the time. the page usually has lyrics, links to their official site, and youtube videos.

LJLogin tells you which livejournal account you're logged into and lets you switch between them without having to retype your password. very handy!

i also have a Dictionary Lookup Extension, which saves a lot of time. you highlight a word on a page and right click to read the definition.

oh and my favourite is Clippings which helps you to save frequently entered text for pasting later. some of my frequently pasted text is my email address, html codes for images and stuff, etc.
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I had a job interview 2 weeks ago with the HR manager. Last week (Monday) I had an interview with the Manager, who seemed to like me and told me the HR Manager would get back to me soon with a decision.

After not hearing anything, I called the HR director about the position, no response. Then I emailed him, because that was our contact for the position.. He emailed me back saying "I'll get back to you in the next few days" .. It's been 3 days and nothing.. 

Am I too anxious to hear back, or should I just move on and accept I'm not getting the job?

(no subject)

So, I do a 20-minute weight lifting routine every day, alternating between upper and lower body, but I need more to my workout. I don't really want to lift more weights, my goal isn't to bulk up, I just want to feel in shape and healthy. I stopped running and I can't motivate myself to do it anymore, especially since it's hot outside. I'm also planning on doing some kind of dance program over the summer because I miss dancing.

What else should I do?
What does your work-out regiment consist of?
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So I'm applying for a summer job at a local daycare. I called two weeks ago and the woman in charge asked me to call back in "a couple of weeks" so she could get a better handle on the staffing they'll need. I just called back about five minutes ago and her response to me was "I'm doing the bus run, can you call back?" I presume the "bus run" entails getting the elementary school kids off the bus and into snack or whatever. I know she won't call me if I don't call her back, but this woman is kind of pretentious and uppity and I don't want to come off as overly persistent or annoying. How long should I give her before I call this place back?

(no subject)

I am only referring to the acronym.

Which of the following is correct?

Each time students engage in causal sex they risk their physical health by possibly exposing themselves to sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Each time students engage in causal sex they risk their physical health by possibly exposing themselves to sexually transmitted infections (S.T.I.).
Each time students engage in causal sex they risk their physical health by possibly exposing themselves to sexually transmitted infections (S.T.Is.).
Each time students engage in causal sex they risk their physical health by possibly exposing themselves to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
None of the above

If it's something else, please comment.

I assumed it was "sexually transmitted infections (STIs)" also, but my teacher was skimming my paper and pointed it out and looked and me and said, "no." When I asked for further clarification he told me to figure it out.


lol I don't think I'll visit that dealership again

So my mom just came back from a car dealership to return a rental car and she found some pot in one of the compartments.  She showed it to two guys there asking what it was, and they snatched it out of her hands and ran off saying they'd find out who put it there.

Apparently they're still 'taking care of it'.

So TQC, what do you suppose they did with it?  Suppose they're trying to find out who really put it there?
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So. I have a cyst on my ovary.

1. Ladies, if you've had one of these, how long did it take for the sucky-sick-sore feeling to GO AWAY?

2. Everyone: what's your favorite non-prescription painkiller? (Serious answers appreciated, non-serious anticipated.)
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Just because I really like the stuff

I love Dr Pepper but I prefer it when it's gone flat. Me odd? Not really.
I've download three free ring tones from the current promotion and since I was bored I thought I'd ask you all about my favourite fizzy drink.

Poll #1172668 Dr Pepper

Do you Like Dr Pepper

Oh Yes
Ewwwww no
I can take it or leave it
I don't drink fizzy drinks
I don't care
You sound fat

Have you downloaded a ring tone from the recent promotion?

Yes, it was awesome
Yes it was good
Yes it was horrible
You sound fat
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Whenever i'm out with my closest group of friends one girl in specific always gets asked where she's from! and it's always somewhere different, she gets asked if shes from the philippines, middle east, south america, etc. She's not from any of those places, but when I met her I thought she was from the philippines. This isnt really an issue, but we think it's funny that she gets all these random places. Where would you guys think shes from? (yes, i asked if i could post a picture)

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(no subject)

How good does RIT dye work? I have a pair of khaki pants that I want to be any other color than khaki. I was thinking black.
Would I be wasting my time with that stuff?
Are there any brands of dye that work decently and are easy to find that you would reccomend?

(no subject)

 Dear, TQC

Do any of you have information or linkage about a low to no interest loan for health care procedures?
It's also called a Health Care Credit.

Any information would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.

Love, me.
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(no subject)

Has anyone taught English in a foreign country?

If so,
Which country/program?
How long did you stay there?
How was your experiences (the good and the bad)?
Would you recommend it?
How was re-adjusting back to your home country like?
Do you think it helped you in any way in your present or future goals/careers/etc?


There is this web comic, posted in a livejournal, it's made by a young girl and it's mostly about herself and her life, more or less. It's drawn in a simplistic style and colored in in photoshop. It's always short. I think it was called something about life, real life, something like that. Once it was about her knitting after having watched Uzumaki and seeing spirals everywhere. I can't remember anything else :/ OH GOD WHAT WAS IT'S NAME!?

Also, since that was a lame question no one's going to be able to answer: can I keep my lucky bamboo on my desk or will it die if it doesn't get as much sunshine as it does in the window sill?
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(no subject)

Who here was homeschooled? How long? What were your experiences with it? Do you have any CRAZY HOMESCHOOL FAMILY stories? Have you ever run into any "ugh, homeschooling" prejudice?

I was homeschooled from grades 4-10, and it was pretty sweet. The only downside was that I sort of fell behind on social skills, and have yet to fully recover. I'm pretty sure that was my own fault though, since my brother and sister never really seemed to miss a beat. I've never actually met any really crazy homeschoolers, but I DID heard about this one family that did all kinds of wacky stuff, like having fourteen-year-old boys sleep in their parents' beds. I haven't actually run into any prejudice either, but the aforementioned siblings swear it's all over the place.

(no subject)

I'm out of shape so I've decided to picking up biking and bought a random 50 dollars bike from a yard sale. It's been 2 years since I bought it and even used it. Do I need a bike tune-up? Or is that just a scam? It's 100 dollars. Could I just do it myself?

Good News

Do you sell anything online? Like, a lulu or cafepress account, or an ebay shop, or a website with merchandise? What is it? Links?

What do you think would be a good name for a website about positive things happening in the world?

You know those Jung personality types, like ENFJ, do any of you know a (free) friendship compatibility site about that? Not 'ENFJs go best with these two personality types as friends/partners' but you type in two types and it tells you about that friendship, potential problems and things to think about, etc.
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A friend of my boyfriend sold him a camera, which he gave to me.  It does not have instructions, and i have some dumb questions....

Tha battery is a Canon Li-ion NB-1LH rechargable battery, how exactly do i charge the camera?
 The memory card that came with it is 256mb...does anyone know how many pics that might hold? 

i am NOT tech savvy!!  help! :)
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1)what annoying sounds are there in your neighborhood?

always with the sawing. and the hammering

2)what do you think having bad nerves means?

3)My neck and headache doesn't go away with advil, what should I do?

I need some help guyssss

So my boy asked me to get something sexy for my birthday when he comes home to visit.   I need some help.. I"m usually pretty conservative when it comes to underwear/bra's. I'm a boy shorts and until a month ago mainly white cotten bras.   So guys will you help me? Send me some links please?

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If you use roll on anti perspirant, why? What are the benefits of it over the aerosol kind?

If you're single, how long have you been single and how old are you? Are you happily single?

What are some good movies you've seen lately?

What are some habits you have that you'd like to replace with a better one? What's the better one?

ETA - And the main reason I posted but forgot...Is there a site where I can calculate how much income tax I would pay if I was working full time? I'm in Scotland.
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So, almost a month after the incident, I got a paper in the mail today requesting I show up for an interview with the dean of my school regarding my suspension.

What's screwed up your day today?
Baro Bitch Stare

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1. Do you watch LOST, if so why?
2. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy, if so why?
3. What is your favorite TV show?
4. How many hours a week do you spend watching TV?
5. Do you have a channel that you watch more than others?

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How do you feel about Aliza Shvarts, the Yale undergrad whose senior art project involved displaying 9 months' of self-induced miscarriages?

She artificially inseminated herself "as often as possible" and then self-aborted with what she says are "legal, herbal drugs."

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(Apologies if this was posted already. Just in case: would you rather be buried alive under six feet of delicious brownies, or have to eat your favorite dinner until you die from your stomach exploding? I think the former.)

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one of my frog developed black marks that take up almost the entire inside of his arms and front hands. i was really worried that it was a weird sickness that i haven't heard about yet until i read that this happens to mature males during mating season.

has anything exciting and unexpected (or lame :/) happened to you today?

how would you feel if some of your skin turned black when you were physically ready to mate? seems awkward to me.

what would be a funny physical change in that case?

how does my frog know that it's mating season? they live in a tank in my room.

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Poll #1172962 Zombilaya

Zombies are coming! For whatever reason, you're in a smallish town, in the middle of their 'Main Street'. Where do you run to for shelter?

Papa Al's Tavern
Quickie Mart
Daultry's Used Book Store
Starbuck's Coffee
First Baptist Church
Museum of Butter
Chuck E. Cheese
Kinko's Copies
Larry's Nipple Ranch (topless strip club)
Big-and-Tall Store
Serenity Funeral Parlor
Quiet Oaks Nursing Home
I refuse to stay indoors. I start running

Pick only 2. What are the first 2 things you're going to do after you've jumped inside your particular building (see above)?

Call 911
Look for a weapon
Take a head count as to how many other people are in the same building as you
Lock and barricade door
Start looting