April 16th, 2008


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on a scale of one to ten, how strong is your conscience?
[1- you wouldn't feel bad about kicking a baby, 10- you feel bad just thinking the baby isn't cute]

have you done something you should feel guilty about but you just don't care?
tell us about it?

have you done something you shouldn't feel guilty about but you do?
you can tell us about that too if you want.

i just guessed someone's password to lurk someone else on facebook and i feel so guilty :( i have an overly guilty conscience even though i don't do much bad stuff. i feel like a real creep :(
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Saving a bad haircut

I just got a fucking scenester haircut. I am not a scenester nor do I want to resemble one any more than I already do. I asked for some layers and he cut my top layers like 4" long, while my longest layers go to my collar bone. If i just leave my top layers lying flat it looks like I'm wearing a toupee on top of my longer hair, or like I have shitty extensions.

This means I have to volumize, a lot. I assume those scenesters get that look by backcombing/A LOT of hairspray. I don't want gross stiff hair, but I also don't want to have toupee-head. Is there a happy medium? Anyone with a scene haircut have advice?


please don't suggest i cut my hair more. i have been trying to grow it long for literally years and either getting impatient and cutting it short again or getting a bad haircut and having to cut it short. i am NOT cutting any more off.

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Also: my breasts––how can I weigh them?

Favorite Elton John song?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard


I've noticed that when wearing certain brands of deodorant, my pits develop an odd odor. Not BO exactly, because I know what my BO is like from yanno, camping and stuff. It's almost pine-y, and I'm not digging it at all. And these are from like, floral-scented stuff from Mitchum and Lady's Speed Stick. Don't recall this problem with Soft and Dry, but last time I went shopping I couldn't find the right kind.

What the heck is wrong with me and/or my deodorant?? What's a brand I should try?

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About two minutes ago I heard what I would assume is a gun shot. Like a single fire cracker and the noise echoed. My roommate didn't hear it. Then just now I heard the same noise again, but louder. My roommate heard it. It's definitely closer.

What does a gunshot sound like?
Will I be on the news tomorrow?
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If you have a SO, do you ask their permission before you make a change to your physical appearance? If you don't have one now, have you done so in the past?

What is the difference, in your opinion, between asking permission and discussing options with your partner/SO?

Just pretend you care

So I'm 90% done with the rough draft of my 10-page paper due tomorrow, I've just got to go back over it and change it to sound less stupid. This is doable. I've also got another 3-page paper due tomorrow that the professor just sprang on us yesterday, and for this I have to read a 20-page article first, although the paper doesn't have to be terribly eloquent. I'm also going to have two quizzes that I'm not prepared for.

My 10-page paper is due at 10AM. I'm in class till 12. Then I have a break until 3PM to finish my 3-page paper. But it probably won't happen because at this point I will have been awake so long that I will physically collapse.

Should I just go to bed and skip my classes besides the 10-page paper class? Or should I stay awake all night and most of tomorrow trying to finish this shit and probably land in a hospital? Dx
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Tongue twisters

What is your favourite tongue twister?

I personally like these two:

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy,
Was he?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A wood chuck would chuck
All the wood he could chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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We have a ceiling lamp/fan and the other week my mom pulled the string to turn on the light, and the string came out. So now the lamp cannot be turned on or off. Has this ever happened to you? How can I fix this?

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Haruhi disappearance
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I'm being promoted but there's been no talk of raises or anything like that yet. Is it acceptable to ask my boss if the rate of pay is the same as my old job or different? (I mean...its my job so I should be able to ask, right?)


I have an ant infestation in my bedroom, in the corner by my bed. I just now noticed (I don't know how I didn't before-- there's usually a big pile of pillows there and I didn't notice until I moved the pillows). I sprayed some all-purpose cleaner on them and all the ones I could see died (instantly, I used 'Green Works' by Clorox, which I recommend for ants). Unfortunately now my pillowcases and wall are covered in dead ants. My sheets and blankets and unaffected pillows I'll just wash, but what of the ones covered in ants? Should I even attempt to wash them? I don't want to get dead ants everywhere and on everything :( I guess I could just throw them out but I hate to waste a pillowcase.

What do I do about the dead ants, guys?

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what's the coolest class you've ever taken?

i need an extra english class, but nothing specific, so i'm taking 'comics and video games as literature' next semester. i've heard the prof is AMAZING and i'm so fucking excited for this class.
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Do you personally pronounce it "False" or "Faltse"?

ETA: Of course there's no "T" in "False". I'm asking how you pronounce the word. Imagine I'm asking "do you pronounce it 'Skedule' or 'shedule', in reference to the word 'schedule'", if that makes you more comfortable.

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You're hiking through the woods, when you stumble across an unusual sight. Osama bin Laden. He's got his eyes closed, deep in meditative prayer. He's a good 10 feet below you, but there's no doubt in your mind it's him. He's about to get up and head to his car. You're aware that you're leaning against a big boulder, that, if pushed, would fall upon him, and kill him. He's completely oblivious to you. What do you do?

Push the boulder and kill him
Let him leave. I can't kill
Even though I'm sure it's Osama there's the off-chance I could be wrong. I can't take action here

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i'm writing a novel about the soviet union in the 1960s/70s, and i'm looking to do some more research on the time period. book recs?

it doesn't have to be a straight up history book, memoirs or creative non-fiction or even an accurate novel would even be better as i'm less likely to die of boredom while reading. :)

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I just had the world's worst oral exam ever. Will you help me feel better by telling me stories about your worst exams?

ETA, in this sense oral exam = French speaking exam at uni. But feel free to post dentist related stuff too, any exam goes.

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Have you had corrective eye surgery? Are you happy with the results? What was your vision like before the surgery? How old were you when you got it?
I've been talking about getting the surgery with my doctor and found out that a good amount of the cost would be covered by my health insurance, so I'm looking into getting it done as soon as possible.

Mitty box

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1) For those of you who own Rock Band, how many times have you had to request repairs?
2) Was the service good for you?
3) Do you still recommend the game to others?
4) What's your favorite song to play for each instrument?
5) What's one song you wish was in the game?
6) What's your band name?

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multiboot Vs VM

Ok, So I'm looking for a new pc, and when asking about running winme and 98 on a core 2 duo, (part of a multibooting system for compatibilty), someone suggested using virtual; machines - so I was wondering what sort of performance I'd get on a good modern intel dual core pc, running older (5+yrs old) games through vmware or similar?

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I'm emailing my resume around, but have one question about it:

Should I embed it in the email, or send it as an attachment?

I'm doing it via Craigslist, and the majority of postings don't say what they'd prefer. I think it looks more professional to attach it, but I'm worried they'll be all "ohnoes, can't open that- it might be a virus!!!11" So far I've send attachments, and have said something along the lines of " If you would like me to send the contents embeded within the email without the attachments, feel free to reply"... but :-\

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1. Are there any causes that you support or stand up for? If so, what are they?

2. How are you feeling right now?

3. Do you know anyone who is spoiled? How are they spoiled?

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what are your bad housemate stories? or better yet, your revenge on bad housemate stories?

I currently live with a massive lazy slob. She never cleans, no matter how much I ask her to do something. Today, for the first time she put some form of 'effort' into cleaning the house. I refuse to do something like leave her dishes/ rubbish in her room (mostly because i knwo she'd just throw it into my room, ew) and I  also refuse to clean for the next month seeing as i've done it by myself for the last 4...even though that's going to drive me nuts. So, TQC,  wtf can I do to get her ass into gear?

also both our names are on the lease, so I can't kick her out :(
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with no previous experience, have you ever cut your own hair?
how was the end result?
did you cut it while your hair was wet or dry?
what look were you going for (if any)? did you achieve that look?

what is the best way to cut full/thick bangs?

i want to cut my hair (or at least my bangs). i don't care THAT much if i screw it up because it's just hair and it will grow back but i don't really know what i am doing at all.

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So, I'm sitting in class,
Self Exploration Through Literature.
(Random, I know)

And the teacher asked us to describe our 'perfect day'
Like, a day we actually lived.

Whats your 'perfect day' ?

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So picture this. You get home from work or school or wherever and you're home for the night so you obviously de-pants and walk around the house in your underwears. HOWEVER your pal calls you up and says, "Hey, I'm a dork. My car ran out of gas. I have a gas can but I need someone to tote me to a station please??? The nearest one is like 5 miles away and I'm not that far from your house." How much of a pain in the ass is it for you to put on pants once again and go help out a friend. 1=piece of cake; 10=fuck that. good luck walking, pal

Mean: 3.34 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.35

Alternatively, would you ignore any sort of societal requirement that you put some pants on and just go pick up your friend in underpants?

PS this poll is related strictly to the putting on of the pants. please do not misconstrue this as asking about how much of a pain it would be to pick this person up.


I have the worst job history... the reason for this is that I have an anxiety disorder, I panic frequently, I'm extremely sensitive and rude customers set me off, and I often feel trapped by the part-time jobs that I choose which results in me quitting. What is a good job for someone like me? It seems like an office job where I staple papers for a few hours or something and I don't have to deal with anyone would be perfect but unfortunately, there aren't many of those jobs where I'm from (small, rediculious town). Someone recommended temp work to me, but then I found out that the temp agency takes a good chunk of money out of your paycheck. 

What were your favorite part-time jobs and why?
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Hey, Dr. TQC...

I have a pain in my lower right side.

It's not an UTI, if it were my appendix I'm sure it would've gone kablooie by now, and I'm pretty damn sure I'm not pregnant.

What's wrong with me?

(Non-serious answers welcome, expected, and prepared for.)
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Is anyone here deaf?
I haven't had sound on my computer for a while and it's making me realise how many things require sound :(

Have you ever liked someone connected to the person you're supposed to like more than the person (eg. liked a new friend's sister more than the friend)?

What did you do? How'd that turn out?

If you haven't had this occur, and if, hypothetically, I was in this situation, what should I do?

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1.) Wouldn't you rather be radially symmetrical? Being bilateral is so boring.

2.) You're in a heating vent/duct, like in those spy and/or science-fiction movies. You can either move forwards towards a really terrible smell of decaying flesh, or backwards towards what sounds like an object or person slowly advancing towards you while making scratching/scrabbling noises against the metal. Do you go forwards or backward?

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Has anyone in here ever quit smoking? How did it go?

What are your suggestions on quitting? Besides the obvious chew gum, dont be around smokers, ect. Specific things that worked for you.

If you quit smoking cigarettes should you quit smoking pot too?

How many people in here smoke pot?

cat mask

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So, an "attorneys office" attempting to collect a debt called my sister's cellphone looking for me, and threatened legal action by 8pm tonight. I have never, ever given out her number to anyone for any reason. I have no idea how they would have gotten ahold of her information. They have my cellphone number, and my house number, but we have the same last name. Is this legal?
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How much water do you drink in a day?

Do you mix something in for flavor or just plain water?

Do you personally notice any overall physical difference if you drink "a lot" of water everyday in comparison to drinking very little water?

If somebody alludes to drinking a ton of water everyday, how much would you assume?

This is a long shot, but does anybody know of a DIY way to make those "jibbitz" things that kids put in the holes in their crocs? Like, what can be used as the actual base that stays in the hole? I got my daughter a pair to avoid foot grossies over the summer but I got brown for neutrality but I kinda wanna be able to dress them up... and those jibbitz things are crazy overpriced.
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What do you think is the worst sitcom currently on TV?

How about the worst drama?

What is the best show currently on TV?

What old show needs to return?

What show needs to end?
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what is something that grosses you out that other people find strange?

for example, i haaaate wet paper. i hate touching it and even looking at it makes me want to gag. yuck! i get made fun of a lot for this.

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Poll #1172303 Date with an angle

You have a date with someone new. This other person is seems nice and they're cute, and this person is going to select the first date location. Which of these choices would be the most interesting to you on a first date?

Cuddle party. You and your date will cuddle for the next few hours
Back to their place, where they plan to show you home movies of their childhood
Strip club
Illegal dogfighting
The 20' long, walk-through colon. Your date plans on making a day of it
A motel room
The junkyard. There, your date has a bunch of bottles in his/her trunk, a pistol and a lot of ammunition
Dinner at a fancy restaurant, which, coincidentally, is the same place where your date's recent ex works
Movie theater, where a 3-hour Russian movie bodice-ripper is playing. Lots of subtitles
Wal-mart parking lot. Your date has a cooler full of domestic beer. You'll sit and watch the people come and go
It's not so much a date, but a ride-along. Your date is a repo man/woman and is going to retrieve a repo'd car. You may have to drive his/her car if your date is successful
Religious retreat
Ralph Nader rally
Tandem bungee jumping
Las Vegas. Plus the road trip, which will include the number of hours it would logically take you to drive from your hometown to Nevada

You're single in this scenario. You have a date with your local coffeehouse barrista. This person is cute and nice and willing to pay for everything the first date. At some point, they have to drop by their house, and since it might take a little while, that you should come in too. You both walk in, and your date's family is there. "Chris! Who's that with you? Is it..a date? Your first date!", to which Chris replies "I know! I think he/she likes me!" and Chris seems rather giddy at the thought that he/she is being a big boy/girl. Unfortunately, Chris still plays with toys and sleeps in a bed shaped like a race car and is very immature and has absolutely no knowledge of anything that isn't on Cartoon Network. But you made Chris so happy by going out with him/her, and you'll really hurt his/her feelings if you said no. Do you give Chris a second date?


Same scenario as above. Your date Chris is an immature bimbo/himbo and has never had a date before. You get paraded in front of Chris' family, who are all tickled pink by the fact that Chris is doing a 'grownup thing'. Chris goes to his room to get his/her lucky Pez dispensor, when Chris' uncle comes over to you. He looks like a big biker guy. "This is Chris' first date ever. We never thought that he/she could ever find someone to go out with him/her. I've never seen Chris so happy in my life. Now, if you break Chris' heart, me and my biker friends will make sure you pay for your arrogance." You swallow hard. Chris then comes out of his/her room, crying hysterically. "What's wrong, Chris?", asks his mother. "I CAN'T FIND MY ELMO PEZ DISPENSOR!!!". Funny how you had no idea Chris was such a pathetic dork when you first met. What do you do now?

Keep going out with Chris. I don't want anything bad to happen to me
I dump the stupid loser and buy a gun.
Start dating the uncle instead. He's more my type fer sure

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when you watch a movie, do you watch it critically, noticing the underlying themes, or do you simply watch it for enjoyment and don't usually take notice to the artistic values?

if you watch films critically, how did you learn to do so? and, in your opinion, what is the best film of all time?

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How do I get a screencap of a full webpage (like an LJ page with a lot of comments, or a myspace page with a lot of content) without having to scroll and screencap whatever appears on the screen bit by bit?

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Were either of your parents ever a chaperone on any of your field trips?

Was it ever embarrassing? Would it have been embarrassing if they never have?

I personally loved having my mom with me. I felt mad cool.

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My mom has some old stocks that her aunt was given while she worked at Barton's Candy Company. I'm not really sure how any of that works. Anyway, we recently found these stocks. I know that the company is still open, but I don't know how to figure out what these are worth, if anything. TQC, do you know how I can find out?

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1) If the creator of the universe (God/Goddess/Whatever) were to take human form (like in the movie Dogma) who would he/she most look like?

2) If you had a chance to ask 3 of your favourite celebrities one question each what would you ask them?

3) Have you ever had a fairly close friendship with someone online only to then find out something important about them that made you think twice about being friends with them? What was it?
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moar butthurt

So, it has come to my attention that Miss Almighty Butthurt aka tlaijing aka rererepetition aka nooneelse_10 has been messaging people over her recent dramas.

1. Has anyone else received a loltastic message from her?

2. Will you share some good dramas that happened in TQC that you have enjoyed?

3. What about any good drama in general? (In real life, elsewhere...)

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misc - not a weapon

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1. Do you have an easily shortened name? (Jessica to Jess, for example)
2. What is your name?
3. Do you go by a shortened form of your name?
4. Does it bother you if other people shorten your name without asking first?

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If you're on a diet will you tell me about it?
How long have you been on it?
Hows it working for you?
Are you on it for any particular reason? (wedding, vacation, just overall health etc)

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Biking enthusiasts:
whats your favorite brand of bike shorts and cleats?

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Dear TQC
            I am going on a date tonight with a guy who is considered to dress "diffrent" (a bit like Devendra Banhart ).
            We are going to a night gallary and a friends party.
            suggestions on what to wear ? 
            p.s I feel like a hanger on/plain jane  in his presence as he is the cool one in our soical group.
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CV:did I break wind?


I am flying for the first time in June and have already begun my research about flight restrictions when it comes to luggage. I cannot, however, find any site to answer just one specific question.

Am I able to pack a suitcase within a suitcase? I am going to NYC and planning to do alot of shopping. So, rather than pay an extra $25 for an empty suitcase, I'd rather just put the smaller one full of my clothes and stuff in the bigger one, It would be checked luggage ofcourse.

Can anyone enlighten me? Is this allowed?

edit: Thanks for all the great and quick responses!

X-posted to thequestionclub and travelwhores

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1)what do you think finna means?

2)do you have a favorite fruit? name it if you do.

3)How do you identify native flowers and plants of your region? When gardening, do you focus on native plants?

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What type of person do you love being around?
What type of person can you not stand to be around?

1. Someone who makes me laugh without being sarcastic, vulgar, or verbally bashing someone. Someone who understands.

2. I cannot stand someone who gets a laugh out of being mean to others. I don't like people who will talk your ear off one day, and pretend not to know you the next. I do not like people who care way too much about what their peers think.
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Do you?

Do you notice subject lines on LJ?

Do you notice if the same person posted back-to-back in TQC if they used different icons?

Do you notice which of your coworkers slack off more than others?

Do you notice which of your coworkers drink the coffee but never make it?

Do you notice which of your coworkers are interested in each other?

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How would one go about getting diagnosed with depression, hypothetically? This is assuming you've made an appointment and are looking to get medication, not just counselling.

Edit: To clarify, what kind of things did you say? Were you easily believed? Did the psychiatrist/psychologist jump to conclusions or anything like that?

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1. When you hear about some human rights abuse that you previously didn't know about, are you seriously bothered by it, do you shrug it off, or do you react in some other way?

2. For those bothered by it, does it bother you when someone shrugs it off?

3. For those who shrug it off, does it bother you when someone's bothered by it?

4. What do you think of people who get upset over some human rights abuse, but don't do anything about it?


1. I get upset every time I hear about something. Today in Spanish we watched a film about women who are being murdered and disappeared in Juarez, Mexico, and the local police don't seem to be doing anything about it. I was horrified.

2. No. We all have different ways of coping with things.

4. I understand why they don't do anything because I'm one of those people. It's not that I don't want to do something, but if I tried to do something about everything I would go crazy. No one person can be a savior to the world, but if we all do our part, then we can help. I want to start by volunteering at a homeless shelter this summer.
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In a relationship, do the labels of "boyfriend/girlfriend" mean a lot to you?
What's something in your genetics that you'd want to pass on to a child (even if you don't want kids)?
Black+white/mexican= ???

(no subject)

If you have a pet, do you celebrate their birthday? (We usually give them a special breakfast with some nice meat and veggies for their birthdays.)

And totally non-related: what is your favorite picture (or pictures) you have taken recently?
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My pasta-roni skills suck :(

Is it just me? Every time I make one of those boxed-pasta things, (shut up, they're convenient and tasty!) the sauce never thickens up enough for me. I do everything according to the package, and they always end up watery even after I let them sit. I ended up eating my meal without the pasta because I was too impatient to wait.

My theory is that you're supposed to add the butter at the end, not the beginning. I don't know what my mom does to those things, but when she makes it, the sauce always comes out nice and thick.

So, TQC,

1. Do you use the rice or pasta sides that come in the box?

2. If so, do you have trouble getting it to thicken?

3. Is it the butter, or am I not letting the pasta sit long enough?

4. What's your favorite Pasta-roni? :D
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Is there anyone here who doesn't hate confrontation?

After you fight with people, how long is it before you'll talk to them again? Do you have to make up right away or do you wait a few days?

Talk nerdy to me...

What books and or movies should I get at the library tomorrow? I definitely want to read something by Bukowski. Any suggestions?

Who is/are your favorite author(s)?

Best book you ever read? Worst?

I've been on a memoir kick lately. What is/are your favorite memoir(s)?

Do you think books are still an important form of entertainment these days? Do you think they will be prominent 10, 20, 30 years down the line?
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Does anybody know where I can find Link and Zelda wedding cake toppers?

On a scale of 1 to Facepalm, how nerdy does this make me?

Edit: If it makes me look like less of a dweeb, we met while working at GameStop. So it kinda fits.


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What's the shortest amount of time you've held a job, what was the job and how did you go about quitting or getting fired?

For about an hour or two (and the only reason I lasted that long was because I wanted to finish my coffee), I did telemarketing for an adult website company. I think I made 3 or 4 calls before I ran out the door, never to return.

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We just got a cockatiel!

Can you tell me everything I should know about caring for a cockatiel? I've been reading up on it for a while, but I figured if there are any other bird owners it would be good to get advice from here too.
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Swimming etiquette

I am thinking about going to swim laps at the local YMCA tonight.

For the lap swimmers:

Is there usually a place to sign up for a lane?
How many laps do you usually swim?
Any swimming etiquette I should know?

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I have a very old white dresser that has been in my closet for a good 4 years. Due to needing more space in closet, it's being moved out to under my loft bed. However, it's kind of plain and I want to make it look interesting.
Any ideas?
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So, I was filling out an apartment application and came across the question: "Are you a vegetarian?"

Why, do you think, would a landlord be asking this?

Have you ever seen a completely irrelevant question on an application? Did you answer it?
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How often do you find yourself refreshing TQC (or any other comm you really enjoy or visit frequently), and saying to yourself "GAH, could we please have a new post already?" or words to that effect?

Hw halp pls

I'm writing a response for English and quoting some lyrics in it.  The song says God damn.  Where would I put a * (or bleep it out, so to speak) in that so I would still be able to quote it without my teacher throwing a bitch fit?

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I'm packing for a 5-day trip to Northern California & I know I've forgotten something!

What did I forget?

What did you forget on your last trip? (or any trip)
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Would putting a lighter colour brown over salon dyed dark brown make a difference. No lightener.
I understand that natural hair probably would change, not sure about coloured.

If you have siblings, when they were/are verbally rude to you (age 10-18ish), did your parents tell them off?

Elevators are a lie.

Did you know that the "close door" button is just in an elevator to give the rider a sense of control, and it can't actually function without a special key?

What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you in an elevator?
I once found a 100 dollar bill tucked under the metal plate which held the records of the maintenence of the elevator. I returned it to my doctor's office, which was where I was going anyways.

democratic debate

I liked Hillary Clinton in th beginning of the campaign. Why do I hate her now?

Are there any dems here who will not vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination?

Is Hillary a cyborg?

If she is a cyborg, what kind of weapon is she packing in that ugly skirt?