April 15th, 2008

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I just got this email, saying, "Oh my god, and have you really had sex with her boyfriend behind her back?"

While I'm writing a recommendation letter for this person.

How should I totally ruin their life?


1) my boyfriend is officially done his third year of university in two days! i want to surprise him with something exciting. it's supposed to be 20 degrees celsius that day - very warm and sunny. i want to plan a fun, original day!! what should i do??!

2) if you could look like anybody, who would it be? post a photo.

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Are you recovering from something? (could be a cold, drugs, eating disorder, breakup) What are you recovering from? What is helping? What isn't?

If you aren't recovering from something, should you be?

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Your best friend calls you five  minutes before her exam crying and panicking, she begs you to pull the fire alarm.
Do you?
Also you just had sex with her boyfriend behind her back.

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Not in with the usual fun-filled questions but...

What do you say to a manager/hiring manager when turning in an application to them?

I need a job. I've had past experience (2 years @ a Mortgage Company as an office clerk)
but I have never done any type of retail, so, I don't know what to say. The obvious is to introduce myself, a smile and hand shake? But what do I say after that in reference to my application?

What is the best time to ask for the manager/hiring manager without possibly... interrupting him/her?
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When was the last time you really put your foot in your mouth? Tell me about it.

Today I yelled at someone for smoking in the stairwell of my boyfriends apartment building. I figured they had just come in off the street through the broken door to smoke out of the rain (they've been having problems with people coming in off the street and doing shit in the stairs and she looked pretty ragged.) Only it turned out to be the landlord and apparently smoking is allowed in the building and she got really mad at me. I hope my BF doesn't get in trouble over this.

Nevermind. As it turns out, the smoking ban in Wa. state covers the public areas of apartment buildings so I was right and she was wrong.
Silver heart.
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Hey, TQC; when was the last time you felt used?

Five minutes ago. I hung up, glad that she felt I could be talked to...but I got the feeling that a brick wall would have done just as well.

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Okay, I need a link on how to do crosshatch shading.

I haven't drawn in almost a year [ex-bf didn't like it :P] and am now trying to re-teach myself, lmao. And right now, shading is my killer D:

Nevermind, found some!

What's the thing you miss most about who you used to be?

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I've been writing a research paper for EIGHT FUCKING HOURS. This is only my first semester and I don't think I can handle six more years of this shit. Anyone have college survival tips? Horror stories? Pufferfish macros?
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Who else just got fucked with sandpaper?

Oh cheerio, children! How are the biscuits?

ETA: Is it necessary for an employer to know about your smoking habits when you would not be doing it during your shift/working hours?

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They say the best way to hook a gemini, is to stimulate their mind.

So, Science Center as a date? Good? Bad?
What other ways could you stimulate a gemini's the mind? (Date wise.)

How about other fun dates?

Edit: I'm a girl!
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I saw a girl at the gym yesterday wearing a shirt that said: "I <3 FIGHTERS", as in UFC, MMA, etc. All personal feelings about such things aside, I started to think about what I would put on a shirt.

What would your "I <3 ______" shirt say?
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Stupid local politics

There's a local bikini bar that has had quite a bit of legal troubles recently. The man who the bar hired as its defense lawyer is running for county prosecutor. Let's call him John. John's opponent claims the bikini bar denigrates women and that anyone who represents them legally is out of touch with the community's fairly conservative values. John says everyone is entitled to legal representation in our court system, and there's no shame in defending a client like that.

Based solely on this, would you be more likely to vote for John or for his opponent?

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So I have a job interview at Lowe's hardware store Thursday and I'm not sure what to wear. I don't want to look TOO nice since it's a hardware store and all-I don't want them thinking I'm too afraid to get work/get dirty on me etc-so should I wear my khaki pants that are more casual but with a nicer top or should I go ahead and go for dress/office work pants and the nice shirt?

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Can someone tell me how to keep myself from eating so many of these delicious, delicious golden raisins? What can't you stop eating, once you start?

Also, more specifically, has anyone ever quit Effexor? Or known anyone that has? If so, how long did it take for the withdrawal symptoms to go away?
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well your experience is a bit sparse but your resume looks in good order and you're enthusiastic, which is something we like to see in a rodeo clown

so, when can you start?


My friends and I got into a debate about if a boy or girl you are interested could ever be out of your league? Some of my friends said yes because a lot of times, attraction is what starts it. Some of my friends said no, you can fall in love with someone by personality. I didn't have a 100% answer but I've seen both happen.

So TQC, what do you think? Can a guy or girl ever be considered "out of your league"?

Extra Credit Question! Unrelated to the first question!: Hot boy I like invited me to go camping. Do you think he's interested also or does he want to kill me? What do you think he would do with my body?
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stalker skillz ftw

What is the best site to locate someone you've lost contact with when you're not sure of their current residence?

ETA: I'm looking for a couple who are in their 50s/60s so they wouldn't be on MySpace or Facebook, etc; and I don't really know many of the relatives names.

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what are these?

what is it?

also, what are the plants that look like they have little strawberries on them, but so aren't strawberries?

my depression and anxiety have flared up again. what should I do?

eta: would you replace your lawn with various native plants and grasses?

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If your country drafted you to go to war, would you?

I wouldn't. I'd leave the country if I couldn't get out of the draft for medical reasons. Hell, I might leave the country anyway because I'd be so disgusted.
I think I&#39;m a ghost now

it is a puzzler

I suspect the answer is more vague than the question but then that is so often the case. People see things differently, the world is not set on the perspective of one. We are all a part of the greater whole but really can only see pieces of it.

What do you suppose is the slowest day on livejournal in any given week?
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how do you feel about guitar solos? favorite of all time?

i love them, even tiny mini insignificant ones that barely stand out. anytime i can focus on the guitar in a song is good times. i am partial to anything claudio sanchez has ever done live, but i also dig on slash's huge one in "november rain" and a variety of others. i'm big on guitar.

Fishy Situation.

I have a saltwater aquarium and the fish that are in there I have had for well over a year. They all have been doing great. Except this morning I noticed to of my blue damsils kinda floating at the top, and they lost their color. Both of their tails are chewed up and I suspect its the big bully fish doing this. My questions...

1. How do you doctor a fish?

2. What should I do about the big bully fish?
I can't spank him and I won't flush him.

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 Are leggings worn as pants acceptable in public?
Do you think they look silly in the summer time?

How do I get my baby pug to stop barking at the neighbors?
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Decide my summer for me

I just lost my job, school is finishing, and I don't know what to do with myself. Here are my current options:

1) Get a new job similar to my last one: full-time, 9 to 5, doing boring administrative work for the federal government.

2) Attempt to be a writer: write grant proposals, get a studio downtown, enter (legit) contests, try to get published, and develop a manuscript.

3) Go to school: get a student loan, and take a bunch of summer courses to up my GPA.

I'm also open to any serious suggestions.
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Happy Birthday Darling! It's your birthday party, and we love you very very very very very much.....

So today is my friend's birthday. On my birthday last year she sent me the sweetest text message and it totally made my day. I want to say something equally surprising and nice to her, but I'm having trouble figuring out something sincere and creative enough.

1. Do you guys have any suggestions for saying Happy Birthday to my friend?

2. What is the nicest thing anyone has said or done for you on your birthday?

more interview questions

someone was saying they lie at interviews and it never fails them...i think this is an excellent idea...
what i was wondering, have any of you lied about graduating from college on a resume/in an interview?
aaand, has it ever come back to bite ya in the ass?
what other helpful lies do you pull out in interviews?

muchos gracias.


well you guys weren't nearly as much fun as i'd hoped.
what a buncha pussies.
i'm off to steal from my grandma now

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You are torn between two romantic interests, which do you pick? (written from a female POV, but change it to male POV if you are a male)

1. Guy you are currently dating. He fits most of your criteria for someone you'd like to marry someday, you have a lot of fun together, you have amazing physical chemistry, and he's really into you. Yet there's something a little off, a connection that hasn't been made yet. You've only been dating for about a month so perhaps the connection will come later, but no guarantees.


2. Really good friend of yours you can talk to for hours. You laugh a lot, and enjoy spending time with him. You feel like you can tell him anything. Initially you didn't find him attractive but he's getting more attractive as you get to know him better. There is a really deep connection you don't have with guy number one, yet there are a lot of things about him you wouldn't want in a potential spouse.

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1.When you eat chips, do you look at the side that has more flavor and place that side down on your tongue? If not, how do you eat chips?

2. What is one thing you are really picky about? Why?

3. Would you rather go scuba diving, or take a ride in a spaceship into space? Why?


Unlike my last post, this is not a joke, and I'd actually like to have a discussion. Let's not waste our time flaming each other. Inspired by a previous post.

I believe that rapists should suffer the following punishment:

Life imprisonment
The death penalty

Rapists, for the most part, were victims of abuse at some point. This does not excuse their actions. Does it exlain them?


Is the death or torture of a rapist going to help solve the problem of sexual assault?


Is alienation of an individual or group going to help them coexist in society?


If the minimum sentence for rape was life imprisonment, would castration be used as anything else but a device for torture and humiliation?


Should we fight fire with fire? Is "eye for an eye" best? Or is this counter-progressive?

Eye for an eye is best!
It is counter-productive

Do you think you're reasonable?


Do you think you're kind?


Has sexual abuse been a part of your life?

I'd rather not say

Are you male or female?

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Imagine this is you. Just IMAGINE, okay? You're female, and you're wearing a short-ish, fluttery skirt, for whatever reason. You're walking across a parking lot into a mini-mart because you need snax of the worst kind, and a Diet Cherry whatever. A gust of wind comes up and BLOWS YOUR FUCKING FLUTTERY-ASS SKIRT OVER YOUR HEAD. Two people, men, are outside, one a big, beefy guy in his forties with one of those creepy goon mustaches that drip down into a greasy goatee, and the other guy is a youngish gawky fellow. They're both staring at you.

How do you react? What do you do and/or say?

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Will you distract me from doing my homework by commenting to this post?

Could you show me a picture of something you find to be very ugly?

What would you rather being doing right now? I'd much rather be outside walking somewhere.
Computer Bleh


Okie, I work with Mozilla Firefox as my browser. My question is related to bookmarking pages.

There is an add on called del.icio.us that stores my bookmarks when I click the Tag button.

What I want to know is how I arrange said bookmarks like you can with Internet Explorer so I can find my bookmarks a little easier.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
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Having nearly exhausted my resources for advice and decision making, I come to the all-knowing TQC. I need to make a decision--fast. Should I go home (to my parents' home) for the summer, or should I stay in my state?

I just got my EMT certification, but it won't transfer to my parents' state in time for me to use it. I had been planning on going home, so I would have to spend some time reversing that process. Basically, I need to know now! Help me!
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So, it's spring cleaning time, and my bathtub is nasty. I really need to drano a clog out, and I wanted to use some scrubbing bubbles to clean off the soap scum. I was going to go use the drano now, but I was wondering, how long do I need to wait before I can use the scrubbing bubbles? I know it says not to mix drano with other cleaning products, so I'm kind of scared... But it needs to be done...


Can hair change over time? Is it possible that someone born with straight hair can develop curly hair or vice versa? How does it happen?

Also, a friend told me that people's hair have limits to how long their hair can grow. Is there any truth to that? I guess it makes sense if our eyebrow hairs have a standard length that they grow.
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Ladies (or gay dudes if there are any), if you were about to give your fella some oral stimulation and juuust before you wrapped your mouth around the glans you took his dick in one hand and tapped on the tip and spoke into it like a microphone and said "testing..1..2..3" would he find that funny and kinda hot or irritating?

Gentlemens, what do you think?
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cute helmets , riding my bike to work

1. For those of you with bicycles, do you always wear a helmet? If not, do you have a helmet?

2. Where can I get a rather cute helmet? I've checked bike stores, sporting goods stores, and Target. Preferably an actual store I could go to. I'd rather not order one.

3. I'm going to start riding my bike to work, what are some not-so-obvious tips to avoid getting hit by a car? I'm going the way with the least amount of traffic but I'm a huge worrier. I usually just ride my bike around my street and neighboring developments, so traffic has never been a huge issue.

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would you have chosen amber or daisy?
How many more seasons of Rock of Love will there be?
How long will it be before contestants realize getting a tattoo related to Bret Michaels/the show doesn't mean they'll get picked and is just really stupid?

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So my old lady got some boudoir photos done this weekend, and I guess she's going to give them to me as a wedding gift. That's nice & all, but since I've never really understood the appeal of having n00dz or sex videos of somebody you see naked on a regular basis anyway, what the hell am I supposed to do with them? How much do you think I could get for them on ebay?

Do you possess any racy photos of somebody you know? Why?

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Imagine that, through a series of events, your own father does something that makes at least one of the dudes from Death Cab for Cutie, as well as a bunch of other people whom you respect, think you're pretty lame. (If you hate Death Cab or just don't know who they are, then Insert Generic Band Name Here).

What do you do?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Why did they give me a really *derr* person to train?

2) Do you have any tricks for me to keep my patience?

3) What's a nice way to tell her to STFU and stop trying to make small talk with me? Learn or GTFO!
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1. I just finished my essay on biofuels. What do you think about biofuels, TQC? Good/bad/neutral?

2. Why is the weather in San Francisco/Bay Area so shitty and weird right now? I love the hot days, but then it gets ungodly cold and there's no sun at all. And yes I know I'm still spoiled, but still :(

3. My social theory class is in a few hours. Who is your favorite theorist? Why? I'm studying Hegel right now and I'm a fan. I really like his theory of geist.

4. Read anything recently that you would count as one of the most important books/plays/etc you have ever read? Why? yes. The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder

5. I inherited some Hennessy's, about 3 shots worth. When should I drink it?
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shall i open the letter that just came through my door, which is addressed to my neighbour?
its hand written, so it seems its from another person.
apparently its illegal to open letters not addressed to you, is that right?
shall i break the law today?
or is this too much of a selfish offence?
what would you do?
have you ever opened somebody elses mail?

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What qualities do you look for in a President (Prime Minister etc)?
What qualities do you look for in a religious figure?
What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

What is your opinion on Scientology?
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(food) usagi eating ice cream
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(no subject)

1- What is something you have learned recently?

2- Is there anything you've gained knowledge of recently, that you wish you could forget?

3- What is the last thing you've forgotten?
regina happy


TQC, I am hungry. Should I....
Get a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts?
Find something edible in the vending machine?
Subsist on coffee until I get home in 3 1/2 hours?
Or something else?
yummy beer!, yummy

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What is the last word you misspelled (not mistyped)? 
What's the last word you're aware that you mispronounced?

What's a word you misspell or mispronounce even though you think you should know better?

What is your favorite reference book? - type and specific titles are both welcome.

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So I'm supposed to be studying for my ethnic and race relations final (which is tomorrow) but instead I'm lamenting the fact that I have to hand back my beloved laptop, Mr. Chips, a mere week from now (we rent laptops from our university.) So I am totally thinking that a new laptop will probably be one of my first post-school purchases, but I admit that outside of what they LOOK like, I'm not that "up" on what a laptop should actually have. All I know is that, as much as I love my current, rented laptop, it is basically a piece of shit (but that's probably due to the fact that it's refurbished.)

In any case, I am looking for recommendations. I use my laptop for surfing the web (obviously), but I also use it for my writing, and I play Sims 2. I know I'll need a lot of RAM, but in terms of actual brands, what ones do you all have experience with, and which ones do you recommend? Which ones should I avoid at all costs?
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Would you rather give up pizza for a month, or have to eat it every single meal for a week?

Give it up for a month
Eat it every single meal for a week

Would you rather give up candy for a month, or have to eat it AS your meal, every single meal for 3 days?

Give it up for a month
Eat it every single meal for 3 days

Would you rather give up sex (masturbation included) for a month, or have it 5 times a day (masturbation if you don't have a 'bonk' partner) for a week?

Give it up for a month
Sex 5 times a day for a week

Would you rather give up watching tv for a month, or have to watch it for 48 hours straight (you can't sleep). Stimulants will be provided

Give it up for a month
48 hours straight of tv watching

Would you rather not see your SO for an entire month, or be handcuffed to them for 2 days straight. It'll be for a weekend, but such things as bathing and bathroom usage lose all privacy, both for you and him/her

Give up my SO for a month
Get handcuffed to them for 2 days

Would you rather give up all polltaking for a month, or have to fill out 100 polls in a row? Each poll averages 4 questions each

Give up polls for a month
Fill out 100 polls in a row
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1. Have you ever taken Mucinex? Did it work? Does it knock you out worse than Nyquil?
2. What's the third word on the 133rd page of the book nearest to you?
3. What is the most prominent color in the room you're in? Is it your favorite color?
4. Ever read Beloved? What did you think of it? Was it too terribly hard? (I need to have it read by Monday for my Philosophy class).
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After zevhonith's question, I now want to watch My Girl. But, alas, it is not on alluc.org.
Do you know if there is somewhere online where I can find the movie?

Do you use any of those "get free (money, gift cards, points for prizes, etc) for clicking links" sites?

What is the coolest thing you've ever gotten for free (not just using those sites: I mean in general)?

Do you have a favorite ghost story/urban legend?

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What should I check out in Portland?
I am interested in: Bakeries, Cafes, Cool stores, almost everything listed on stuff white people like, Books, Hippy vego food of all different varieties, so basically anything for pseudo-alternative hipsters is fun

Or what's cool to do in San Francisco, Seattle and/or Vancouver?

Or if you're not from any of these places and have never been, what's fun in your city?

Thanks TQC I love you
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My boyfriend's gram needs to know the answer to THIS question. Since I don't watch the show I have no idea...


What is the number one show in the future according to a running joke in the cartoon futurama?

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So after seeing some of the responses in this question, I have to ask: why should someone fight for their country?

Now, I'm one of those who would leave the country before getting drafted. Hell, I'd give up US citizenship before bing forced to participate in any sort of armed combat. And I like living here, and don't really have any huge moral problems that would keep me out of fighting. I just don't want to fight- for me the only things worth risking my life over are my mother and brother. So what prompts these feelings of "fighting for my country" in others? Am I just not patriotic enough, because I've got a flag out on my front porch that says something else.
i say, old bean

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TQC, do you like taking chances? what about trying out new things?
If you don't, what was it that caused you to STOP taking chances/trying out new things?
does this bother you, or are you alright with this?
la cuisine

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Mike Huckabee is coming to speak at my college, and my boyfriend wants to protest his arrival. For what reason, I'm not exactly sure. Though he is politically active, he's never expressed passionate opposition of him. I think he just wants to play with his new megaphone that he purchased online. I really, I mean really don't want to go, but would it make me a bitch to not be there as his gf? I feel like not many people will be there and my face will just be for sale.

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If you were poking around on the internet to see what an old friend was up to and found their blog..would you leave them a comment or is that too weird?

I found a blog that belongs to a girl I haven't spoken to in 4 years. There was no fall out or anything..we just lived different lives. She has a picture up from when we hung out all the time saying she has no clue what happened to me..should I speak up or just keep quiet?

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My roommate sleeps ALL the time. Not even kidding, she goes to bed around 12, misses her first two classes, wakes up at 11, goes to a class or two a day, comes back, sits on her computer, naps from 3-5, then goes to sleep again at 12.
I work 2 jobs (one in the morning, the other in the evening), always go to class, volunteer, and actually study.
She's called me lazy for saying I was tired before. And made sarcastic comments about "Oh you are just SOOOO busy". I love her to death as a person, but this stuff offends me. I just ignore her...but she is in the wrong in saying these things, isn't she TQC?

working hard or hardly working

1) My boss is very very VERY computer savvy...as in used to work for some top secret department of the government.  Despite this, I tend to surf the web a lot while he's out (as he is right now)  Is it highly likely that he can and will check my activity on this computer even after I clear the history?

2) Before my boss left the office he asked me to go through the newspaper and "cold-call" some leads.  I've done this before and I suck at it because I hate to be pushy with people.  What in the world would make you want to stay on the phone with someone trying to sell you something?    (it's health insurance by the way)

3) On my cigarette breaks I always see the same girl outside.  She stands at minimum 20 feet away from me so that I won't talk to her.  I don't necessarily have any desire to anyway, but it still irks me.  Should I be offended by this?
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(no subject)

How did you propose to your significant other?

Do I have to get my s/o an engagement ring? Is it okay if we just skip it and use the wedding ring as the engagement ring?
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Strange but true

TQC, when I orgasm, I sometimes temporarily lose about 60-75% of my hearing. It only lasts for a few minutes, and then everything is fine.

Is this normal?

Do you ever had any strange physical side-effects from orgasming?
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When I have learnt what progress has been made in modern gunnery
When I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery
In short, when I've a smattering of elemental strategy
You'll say a better Major-General had never sat a gee

These are lyrics from "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General".

What does it mean to have never "sat a gee"?
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Hey TQC: Say you're hosting an event to spread malaria awareness. What popular movies could you show?

Say you're thinking about going to an event to spread malaria awareness. What sort of thing would make you more interested in showing up on a Friday night if you're a high school student?

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The one I spoke about the other day! Now I don't know what to do! I need another job but I'm not very good at much, my normal field thing is acting which I love but I'm fed up of being an actress as it's so hard to get work.

What sort of job could I look to next? I'm also really rubbish at interviews so maybe if it didn't have formal interviews that would be good!!

Aunt Flo

What form of period protection do you use?

Diva Cup/something similar
Dirty rag

Worst part about riding the crimson wave?

Mood swings

(no subject)

 My friend from work has been really sad lately because her dad is in the hospital and will probably pass away very soon.  Will you post some cute/finny pics/sayings/whathaveyous so I can send her a couple?
Bert Shocked

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yo tqc!

youre stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from work due to an accident.
how many bodies will it take for you to start worrying about your fellow man, rather than complain about your commute, you selfish bitch?


Does the negative environmental impact of the "quick, multi-flush technique" outweigh the comforting effect of an odor-free bathroom for your co-workers?  Let's pretend it's a single toilet restroom.

Collapse )



I just put some popcorn in the microwave for the usual CORRECT time and when I opened the microwave after it was finished, not a single corn had popped.

doctor who - tardis

(no subject)

What movies should I rent tonight? I like a wide variety of stuff. Here's what I want to get so far, just so you have an idea of what I like.

Juno (which I've seen)
I Am Legend
Death at a Funeral