April 14th, 2008

Sam and Dean: the hottest priests ever

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Do you ever listen to the same song one repeat over and over and over again? If so, when was the last time and what was the song?

I have been listening to Crazy Love (the cover by Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles) on repeat for the last few days. I am in love with that song (as well as the original Van Morrison version).
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Has anyone NEVER been to McDonald's?? Ever? Do you know of anyone who has never been to McDonalds??

Talking North Americans here...

(Inspired by the book Chuck Klosterman IV: A decade of curious people and dangerous minds)
201Özil <3 :D

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I have 2 packs of Klondike bars in my freezer...

I want one bar, but because of the damn commercials I must ask.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
What do you think I should do for one?

To paint or not to paint?

Say you have artistic talent and your best friends wife/gf or husband/bf comes to you and says they would like you to paint a portrait of them nude as a surprise for their SO. Do you do it? or say it's just too weird?

- I know guys are less likely to ask for something like this but for the sake of being fair I included them.
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Stolen shamelessly from This post.

What do you know about Australia - WITHOUT googling?

What's the approximate population of Australia?
Who is the prime minister?
What's the capital?
How many states?
Lastly: What do you think about Australia(honestly)?
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Who else on the East Coast is still awake?

Have you ever been unspeakably sleepy but couldn't bring yourself to go to sleep? Why?

I'm exhausted but for some reason, there's too much on my mind for me to just rest.

Inspired by my "adventure" last night...

If ever, when was the last time you got into a car accident?

Who was at fault?

Did anyone get hurt?

Anyone have any crazy stories?

We (my SO's cousin was driving) rearended a lady last night that stopped in the middle of the freeway in an effort to cut into traffic merging onto another freeway. She kept driving! We had to follow her for another 2 miles before we were able to get her to pull over, where she began screaming at Cousin while we were waiting for the cops. Then she drove off!! We had to chase her and call the cops back to give them our new location. Luckily she drove into a cul-de-sac and we were able to block her in when she tried to drive away again. And all I wanted was to go home after a long day...
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music is serious business!

TQC, what are at least five but no more than twenty songs you think I absolutely MUST listen to in the next 24 hours? Bonus points for not trying to out-obscure everyone else in TQC.

Also up for debate, is Skee Lo's song "I Wish" a great song or the BEST song? If you fail this test Kratos Kirby will come slaughter your wife and children.
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So...we have this one 4 way intersection in my town....you would think that there would only be 4 stop signs, right? Nope. 12 stop signs for one 4 way intersection and 8 stop ahead signs.

Do you think that's excessive?
Have you ever seen something like that?

And...for the people with dogs...

I've had my pup for almost a month and he's still not house broken. We're doing the crate training thing, but eh.... He knows he's supposed to go outside after he gets out..but he doesn't seem to understand that he needs to go outside the rest of the time. I can catch him and get him outside if he starts to poo on the carpet..but I'm not quite quick enough when he starts to pee.

Any tips? I'm about ready to go insane.
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I have footage shot on an HD camcorder. I want to burn this footage onto a CD, but I don't want it to be in HD format. When burning the footage onto the CD, what do I do to burn it onto regular format?

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Do you believe you are well versed in music?

Yes, I do
No, I do not

Which of the following genres do you listen to?

Pop/Synth Pop/New Wave/Carimbo/Canto Pop/Chutney
Grindcore/Gorecore/Screamgrind/Nu Grind/Black Metal
Dance/Techno/Happy Hardcore/Disco/Ambient/House/Trance/Fandango/Grime
Jazz/Bebop/Big Band
Garage Rock/Punk/Grunge/Crust
Hip-Hop/Rap/Murder Rap/Gaana
80s Hardcore/Hardcore/Nu Hardcore/No Wave
Experimental/Avante Garde/Noise/Japanoise/Drone/Doom
Delta Blues/Electric Blues/Country Blues
Baroque/Opera/Gagaku/Gunka/Hat Cheo
I hate music
I forgot to list something you listen to
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You have to spend the next 24 hours in a single room apartment. You're allowed to choose one package below to keep you entertained for that duration. There's a tv in your room, but without cable, it's meaningless. What do you pick?

Big stack of tabloids (maybe 30)
Book of crossword puzzles
Video game system, with only one game: Tetris
Really basic cable. You get only channels 2-13
Horror novel. The cover looks really interesting, and it's only a couple hundred pages long
Box set of I Dream of Genie, which encompasses the entire series
Musical instrument. Your choice of a guitar or keyboard
Cd player (no radio) and your choice of a stack of Barry Mannilow discs or a stack of Metallica discs
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How the hell to I apply/reserve an apartment when I'm two states away?? Am I just going to need to call the people and ask them to try to hold it until I can get down to TX and then I can apply in person and all that? Do I need to move down there and stay with a friend until I can get into an apartment? WTF, how do people do this all the time?

What has been your experience in packing up and moving out of city/state?
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Someone told me that a person with black hair is less likely to get hired than a brunette/blonde/red head.

Have you heard of this?

I have black hair - should I bleach it so I can get hired for whatever job I want next!?!?

macro - procrastination cat
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When is the last time you embarrassed yourself in front of friends/family?

When is the last time you embarrassed yourself in front of complete strangers?

Which is more humiliating?

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I'm in Denny's alone right now while I get an oil change in my car.  Its really slow in here, and there isn't anyone sitting near me.  I wanna watch a video, but I have no headphones with me.  Its not vulgar or anything (I don't think), so I don't think anyone will be offended by the content.  Can I watch it or would that be rude somehow? ETA: They just sat someone behind me, does that change your answer? 

When is the last time you went to Dennys?

When is the last time you got an oil change, and was it within the 3 mo/3000 mi time frame?  (I'm about 1300 mi overdue for one).

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TQC, the other day i got violently sick from eating shirataki noodles (they are made from tofu and some kind of root.) i later found out that they are totally indigestable and i was puking them up whole.

i was sick for two days, and totally better yesterday. today, i am again sick.

why am i sick again today? how could i get better, and then get sick again?!


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So there are two ways that I can spend my summer, and I'm completely unsure of what to do.

Option 1:
I got an internship for the summer. It's not one of those "lucrative" internships that pay their interns a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, the internship is unpaid. It's just something that seems like fun and relevant to what I think I'd like to pursue as a career. But knowing me, I change my mind all the time and in a few months, I could decide that I want to pursue something else entirely. I think the internship would be fun, and I'd get to live with one of my best friends in New York City. I'm also a junior, so this would be my last summer before I graduate.

Option 2:
I can take a few classes at my college, which is supposed to be gorgeous in the summertime. My boyfriend will also be there, which is a huge incentive. It would be a relaxing summer in quiet Upstate New York.

Help me weight out my options. What should i do? What would you do?

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I'm coming back to the states on Sunday, TQC. On Friday, I get my 5€ key deposit back. What should I do with my last 5€ guys?

Should I get a T-shirt?
Get a last coffee and gelato?
Get food at the airport?
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Obvious post inspiration is obvious

An author writes a series of books.

A fan likes the books and collects info about them and makes a website with an encyclopedia of sorts. The site is free and the fan makes no profit and the author doesn't mind.

Book series finishes, author plans on writing a follow-up encyclopedia with info about the books and what happens to the characters afterwards.

Fan wants to publish his website into a book. Author tells him no, because she is publishing her own.

Fan goes ahead and tries it anyway, author gets mad and takes him to court.

Do you think author is well within her rights to refuse the fan's publication? Do you think the fan has every right to publish whatever he wants?

Basically, whose side are you on in this situation? Why?

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1. Will you tell me a sappy story about finding love again after heartbreak?

2. Did you watch the Rock of Love finale last night? Isn't Daisy a little bit of a butterface?

3. What are you looking most forward to right now?

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What do you know about the fist test?

eta- I'll eventually tell you guys what it is if no one knows.

TQC! You guys have dirty minds! I'm talking about the test to tell how done a steak is when cooking it on a grill. You make a fist and compare the "give" of different spots on your fist to the "give" of the steak.
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On Friday, my Apple laptop broke. On Saturday, I took an hour and a half bus ride to the nearest Apple store to get it fixed. The "Apple Genius" there claimed to have fixed my computer. Less than 24 hours later, the night before a paper was due in my history class, my computer was broken again.

I'm really angry and want to punch something. I would like to punch the asshole who DIDN'T FIX MY COMPUTER, but he's not here right now. What or who should I punch?
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What are some things you enjoy doing (or re-doing) from your past that give you comfort?

For example(s), when I was in 8th grade, I read the entire Redwall series to comfort me during anxiety attacks that caused me to stay home from school for weeks. Now that I'm older, I re-read the series to give me comfort when I'm dealing with a rough time.

I'm also just about to re-play Jak 2 and Jak 3 on the PS2. When I first started being home-schooled in high school, these were the two games that I obsessed over and spent so much time playing to take my mind off everything. Just the thought of playing them is giving me a comfort I can't explain.

What about you?
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Halp! My "back", "forward" and "homepage" buttons have disappeared from my Firefox! I checked the toolbar options but everything is enabled. I do not know how to get them back! I have version

Nevermind. Figured it out.

What's a good Wii multiplayer game? We've had a Wii for a few months now and the only game we have is still Wii Sports. We tried Galaxy, but it made me and my mother nauseous. Same with Twilight Princess. We liked Mario Party 8. Hated Cooking Mama. I feel bad because we I whined so much for a Wii and now we hardly use it. =(
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Would you rather have drawn on (with eyeliner) super-thin eyebrows or bushy bushy ones?

They won't grow back and you can't trim them in anyway so you'd have to live with your choice forever.
Calligraphic seal

Torment or Nothingness?

Let us say you died and the angel of death appeared before you (not necessarily an angel from the Abrahamic religious tradition, just some scary, powerful entity radiating divine mojo of some sort). The angel told you that you have a choice between eternal life in hell or oblivion.

Which would you choose and why?

What if the angel offered the choice between eternal life that *might* be in heaven and *might* be in hell—you wouldn't know until after you decided—or oblivion? 
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im french

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So guys, I'm going back to school! A little private 2-year school, but school!

However, I don't really know how to go school. I barely passed high school and I really have no idea how to study, pay attention in class, take notes, whatever.

So guys, how do you succeed in school?

Will you wish me luck?
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I have twenty-five school days left at my high school until I get to leave forever.

What should I do before then, besides try to pass?

How should I celebrate after graduation? That place is a soul sucking hell hole. I met my best friends there, but other than that, it's been four years of torment at the hands of the future burnouts of America, and my outside life over the course of these years hasn't been that great, either.

Anyone here at college and majoring in Japanese? :\

What should I do if the Photoshop class I need at the college is full when I go to register? Cry? Kill someone already in the class and take their seat?
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What is potentially* the most insulting thing someone could say to you?

*in the sense that you'd think it could be true, not something implausible or outlandish.

If you somehow knew ahead of time that someone of your acquaintance (not a stranger) was going to make this insult, and not as a joke but seriously, how would you ideally like to react/respond?

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Is there a certain area of your body that you have a hard time showing off, even if it's to someone you're screwing and/or comfortable with? (You CAN be boring and prudish and just say your genitals, I guess). Any parts that you like to show off?

How long do you have to be with someone, in any sort of relationship, before you will fart in front of them?

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How accepting of racial and cultural diversity do you think the United States is?

Do you think it's more accepting or less accepting than other countries?

And if you feel like it...why do you think this?

And if you're not from the United States (or just don't care); which Legend of Zelda was better: Windwaker or Twilight Princess? Discuss amongst yourselves.
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there are no stupid questions, just stupid people

I feel stupid, so here we go:

I have a gas stove. I sprayed the inside of the oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner and it has to sit for like... hours. I know if I were to turn the oven on right now, we'd all go ka-boom.

But, do you think it'd be ok if I used the stove top to cook something cuz I'm really, really hungry? Would the fumes ignite from inside the oven if I used the stove top?
I guess I could try and then I will update on tqc_updates if I live. But, I'm looking for experience here. Gas stoves scare me.

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I'm still feeling really sick, now it appears i can't keep anything down. All i had was apple juice & water.

What do you suggest i drink/eat that will not revisit me?
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1)what has sadly come to pass in your life?

I've ended up drinking fiber powder in water.

2)is the weather weird in your area?

Yes- freeze on tuesday, 70s on weds.

3)do you have a system for your amazon wishlist? do you buy things in a planned way or do you just do whatever?

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SO TQC, a new movie theater is opening up in the mall I work at. It officially opens Saturday, but Century Theaters is awesome and is giving all mall workers a free pass for a movie tomorrow. As far as I know, we get to choose what movie.

What should I see?
model → rad boys

Suggestions, please.

My friend's having a tough day at work and I want to e-mail her something to brighten her day. I don't want to take up too much of her time and I don't think a Youtube video at work is a good idea.
What should send I her?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Poll #1171068 horses of different colors

Favorite flavor of Otter pops?

Sir Isaac Lime
Little Orphan Orange
Strawberry Short Kook
Louie-Bloo Raspberry
Poncho Punch
Alexander Grape
other flavor I remember
I've been deprived of these wonders.

What is your favorite flavor of Shasta sodas?

Cherry Cola
Black Cherry
Tiki Punch
Tiki Mist
Moon Mist
some better flavor, you shameless philistine!
eww, soda! :\
no Shasta here, but I'll tell you my favorite flavor of a popular local brand in the comments.

What is your favorite flavor of Pudding Pops?

choc-van swirl
a yummier flavor they made before Jello abandoned this deliciousness, the cads! 8(

What is a local treat in your area that you enjoy so much you wish everyone could have the chance to try it?

brand new, blood in my veins

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 Have you ever gotten back in touch with any old friend after a considerable amount of time?
How did you feel?
How did it go?

I just stumbled across an old friend on LJ, and I am so nervous I just want to cry and/or throw up.

Not that this will make any sense, but

When is a good time to call a Catholic church if you're trying to find out some information?
If a business or organization doesn't answer their phone in the middle of a Monday, when will they?
Is there any way of looking up email addresses for people who aren't affiliated with universities?

Anyone here live in or near Camden, NJ?
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back blemishes

I remember a few weeks ago when we had a swimming party and my friend's back was blotchy and covered with pimples. Edit: I'm not talking about 3-5, I'm talking about ... 30+ or something, like an allergic reaction of some sort. It was gross.

Do you have a lot of pimples on your back, or is it full of blemishes? or is it smooth?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Birth control

So Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is giving away free IUD's and Implanon's this month. Yippee, right? (Check website for your local PP offers?)

I made an appointment for getting the Implanon inserted, so my questions:

1: What is your birth control method?
2: Do you still use condoms, even if you on a birth control prescription?
3: Does anyone here have experience with the Implanon?

And one for everyone!
4: What color are the underpants you are wearing right now?? Tee hee!

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Today just sucks for me. I'm depressed. What would you recommend I do to improve my mood later?

Alcohol, home
Alcohol, bar
Whiny, pity-me posts
Dinner and a movie with a friend
Late night phone call with a friend
Go to bed early and sleep it off
"Have you tried that overdosing that rock stars tend to do?"
Masturbation (I'm single)
Whatever makes you think that you deserve reprieve from your depression? You no doubt deserve your sucky fate
aw | blink

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Has your place ever been broken-in to? What was taken?

Is 20 lbs of weight loss in 5 months an unreasonable goal for an obese person? Edit: What amount of weight loss borders on unreasonable under the same parameters?

Paper writing

I'm currently writing two different papers (and btw, thanks for the topic help a few weeks ago). I usually have a terribly hard time getting started on papers so this time I said [long story short] why don't I use Word's little voice recorder to just dictate my own paper and then just re-listen to it, type it out, and edit that.

Do you think this is a method destined for failure? What techniques do you usually use in pre-writing for papers?

Collapse )

Do you ever wear socks with cartoonish prints (ex. monkeys or cats or rabbits, etc...)
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What habits have you broken lately?

For at least three weeks I've stopped "catching up" on missed TQC. I now feel like one of the internet type of people who only read it when they're at their desk.

Does that make the rest of you people reading it religiously "bitter"?
i say, old bean


If you were to wake up tomorrow realizing you're only 10 years old and everything that has happened in the past however many years of your life was all a dream, how would you feel?
ETA: would you care to elaborate on how this would make you feel? instead of just a one worded answer.

have you made any new friends recently? would you care to tell me about them?

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Okay. TQC. help me out.

What's that's face picture of a face, used on /b/ a lot where it's some yellow smiley face looking off to one side but smiling? And it's almost always huge. WAT IS IT CALLED/WHERE CAN I FIND IT?

Google fails me.

EDIT: Damnit, there's no good way to explain this.

It is a giant yellow smiley face. Used all over to express a "HE HE HE" sort of happiness. Often used in snarky posts of SF_Drama or the sorts. Its eyes are looking to the left. It has a :D mouth. I'm not insane. Really.

Can ANYONE link me to this?

What's made you happy today?

Thinking about various websites

What do you think makes a new website idea successful?
What makes you want to read a website regularly, or join up to it if it's a community or forum situation?
What's the stupidest website idea you've ever come up with?

Totally different topic... what're your favourite birthday related icons?
as a kite

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What's your favourite hair style website? (Like mad rad hair, but not that one.)

I'm getting my hair done later this week and I need examples to show my hairdresser. If it matters/helps, I have medium/long lengthed hair, looking for my layers to be evened out into something fun. Also looking for colour(s), anything but black.

Mitty box

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"hey what is that kids show with the weimaraners dressed up like people where the guy narrates it?"

My husband asked me this earlier and I have no idea what he is talking about. Do any of you know?

EDIT: Found! Thanks for all your help!

New question!
What's your favorite Sesame Street character or segment?

I love Cookie Monster!

E m e r g e n c y


Have any of you read "Declaring Rights: A Brief History with Documents"?

It was supposed to be on the assigned reading list, but I didn't have an updated copy.
My book doesn't come until a DAY AFTER the report is due.
It's a big part of the grade.

Have any of you read it?
Can you use your amazing skills and find a website that gives a synopsis or something?

and godspeed.

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1. Do you read the PostSecret blog?

If not, ignore the rest of the questions.

A. Are you a part of the community?
B. Have you got/sent any random texts/postcards/letters?
C. What do you think of it in general? Fun? Lame? Creative?
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What's that smell?!

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 I'm bored, these are random. If you're feeling bored and random, have a go!

1. Reach your right leg out, what is the first thing it touches?
2. Reach your right arm out, what is the first thing it touches?
3. What would you name a pet armadillo?
4. Where is Larry's hairbrush?
5. What is your mother's first name?
6. When was the last time you felt truly awkward? What happened?
7. Favorite dairy product?
8. If you had to hide a third eye on your body, where would you put it?
9. Favorite Greek Myth?
10. Combs or hairbrushes?
11.  Am I a fetus?

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Heya, TQC. I just got a bill for an IUD insertion. Now, this was supposed to be free, was my understanding, perhaps i did not ask the correct questions or they filed some wrong paperwork, but let's say that when they call me back that I'm still stuck with this bill.

The drugs, the iud and the insertion are both listed under "billed to patient" and "billed to insurance"-- I assume my insurance didn't cover it all, that's understandable. The drugs actually show a balance of zero under billed to patient, so whatever. Adding up insertion costs comes to about what I'm finding online as an average cost for insertion. But, adding up (IUD billed to patient) and (IUD billed to insurance) totals over $800 and my information says the iud itself is from 300-400 dollars.

Is there a way to dispute this? I'm pretty sure there is when you're working with medicare or what have you but here I don't know. I have blue cross/blue shield, if that helps.

Alternately, how might I come up with nearly $500 in 2 weeks ish? >.< Anyone know someone in the market for a kidney?

EDIT~ I managed to call them today, and my insurance did not cover the iud or the insertion (SO i imagine what the bill is showing is that the insurance paid its "we don't cover this we're just helping you out" portion) BUT that's moot because they did, in fact, file the wrong paperwork and it is supposed to be free and my balance is now $00.00. Thank god.

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What's your biggest pet peeve EVER?

I can't STAND people being audible with their food... like slurping or smacking. My friend Chris doesn't have any manners and sucks on ice pops so loudly you can hear it OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, and no matter how many times I ask him to stop, he won't change his manners. Ass.

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I'm cooking chicken right now. what should I do with it?
I've got this honey-pineapple vinaigrette to put on it.
what else should I do with dinner to go with this?plus...
have you ever had what Jon's eating in my icon, Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick? because my mom bought some, I saw them in the fridge, and I just started cracking up.
What is the most ridiculous food you have ever seen/eaten?

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When you're working on an assignment where you have to do an analysis of something, how do you keep from going down "dead ends" in your research?

I have this problem where I'll think of something and go down this research path only to realize an hour later that it's totally irrelevant to what I need to accomplish/prove. It drives me crazy.
Vlad - Impaler Prince

(no subject)

1. Thinking about your local airport, would it be possible to walk in, just you on foot with your suitcase? Or would you have to take some kind of vehicle in?
ETA: Regardless of if you live far away, could you conceivably walk in from nearby?

2. Have you had any experience with people with dementia? When they go off on a tangent do you try to explain that they are doing so, or would you indulge the fantasy?

3. What's next up for you in your TV or movie viewing?

4. Do you have any action figures? What are your newest? What about favourites?

(no subject)

500+ CDs = how many Gigs?

How much would this cost in the form of whatever the cheaper-yet-functional alternatives to iPods are?

Would you recommend getting an iPod, or some other brand of ridiculously small musical device? Why?

Does anyone other than me still not have an iPod? If not, why not?
(For me it's mainly because of the price, although for years I thought they were silly. I do want one now, obviously.)


Just started a university course,

When I am taking notes from a workbook I am always conscious that I write too much. I guess its not a bad thing as it is certainly better than not writing enough but do you have any tips for note taking? How to write in your own words? I know how to, obviousley but do you have any tips for studying in general?

What are you studying?
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so, im having this party...

my parents are supervising it. they said no alcohol, and they dont think that anyone is going to bring alcohol.

how can i supply alcohol to people at the party without my parents noticing???

like, should i smuggle vodka cruisers in vitamin water bottles or what??

cheers for any advice!!

EDIT: pretty sure most of you are misunderstanding my situation because i explained it in a shit way...

so, im locking my parents in the house during the party, i just cant let them know i will be providing the alcohol, hence the sneak it in thingy. but thanks for the help so far, it's certainly been ... illuminating =]
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Is this a stupid topic for an essay in a physics class?

Why thinking for yourself is important - relate it to science, and relate it to the movie Thank You For Smoking

ETA - I finished my crap of an essay. I forgot to make 3 valid points. Oops. Fuck it.
Respect Her Gangsta

Just 3 ?s

1) If you could be your country's Ambassador to any other country, which country would you choose?

2) If you had the authority and there was a need for one to select an Ambassador of thequestionclub to represent thequestionclub across all of the Internet, who would you select?

3) What's the cheapest you ever remember gas being since you started driving?

Bad Boys 2

I hope someone can help me settle this argument so I don't have to rent and watch the movie again.

In Bad Boys 2 our two heroes are preparing to break into someone's house and rescue a hostage. In order to do so they want the house owner to think that his security systems is crazy. They hope he will turn it off and they can sneak in undetected. The plan is to use cats and iguanas (?) and either the cats of the iguanas or both get thrown over the fence to cause the appropriate troubles. And that's the question that is causing the argument: Who gets thrown over the fence? The cats? The iguanas? Both? Any fans of the movie here who can answer that?
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Who, in your opinion obviously, is possibly the orneriest member of TQC?  Caveat/request please:  pick someone other than yourself. 
If you have details, examples, or better yet links to make your case, might you share?

eta: oh, and just to clarify, I'm more asking about people who seem to act ornery with little to no provocation - thanks!
two hearts

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D'you guys like my new layout?

D'you guys realize the ridiculousness that was trying to fucking get my layout to work? That was so shitty.

edit: Now that I look at it on my own journal yeah it is kind of boring. It looks a lot better on my friends page, I think, where the entries are smaller with less white space, because you can see more of the union jack between the shorter entries. I'm alright with that, though, 'cause I don't really look at my own journal that often, but I look at my friends page every day.
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What do you do when you're having a REALLY SHITTY day?

How do you recognize that the things you complain about are petty?

Are you grateful for everything you have, or do you take things for granted?
What are these things?

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Has a doctor ever given you what ended up being bad advice?

Have you ever gotten more than 2 opinions from doctors about a medical condition/problem?

Does anyone else find Gray's Anatomy as horribly bad as I do?
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watership down

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I can't remember his name and it's driving me crazy!

Ok, what was the name of the guy from the 1800's (or 1900's?). He worked in a hospital I think, for delivering babies. The hospital had a high death toll and many women died because the doctors who were delivering the babies did not wash their hands. So this guy told them to wash their hands and the death toll fell a lot.

ETA - NVM, it just popped in my head right now. It was ignaz semmelweis.

Alright let me add a question. Are you lonely right now? I am :(
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I had/have a small ant problem. Tired of an ant superhighway going from my stove exhaust fan, under my cupboards, up my window, and into a small pin prick hole in my ceiling (totally bypassing all the food in my cupboards), I went out and bought some Raid ant traps. I placed one trap directly in the middle of the ants path, and the others in less annoying locations. Then I took a 3 minute video of the ants walking up to the trap, looking at if for a second, and then walking around, above, below, but not into the trap.

Should I send my video to Raid and let them know they suck?

When was the last time you bought something that didn't work the way you were hoping it would?

PS foaming bathroom spray is an amazingly effective ant killer.

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derek smalls


have you ever had athlete's foot? what was it like?

my feet always itch really, really bad after i shower and i have no clue why. they never itch at any other time, they're not dry or flakey or abnormal looking so i don't know if it's athlete's foot. i also know it isn't my shower because this happens regardless of where i shower.

what causes this mysterious foot itch?! will i ever be healed?

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1. Students, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not worried, 10 being not leaving the house due to crippling anxiety), how nervous do you get over grades at the end of the semester? I'm freaking out right now and I really have no reason to be, I'm just terrified.

2. What's the last major purchase you made?
3. Do you make regular donations to charity? Which ones?
Jane Lane
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I need a 6 pack ASAP (beer is acceptable). Problem is I can's do regular crunches or sit-ups because of a torn ligament in my back and scoliosis. Can you guys give me some good ab workouts that are really effective that won't leave me in severe pain?