April 13th, 2008

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What would you do if you found out that a year ago, your 28 year old close friend/flat mate slept with & took the virginity of a 17 year old boy who you consider your son just because she was horny.

After you told her that you would never forgive her if she did. After she's sworn on her life several times afterwards that she never did.

I'm so angry & frustrated & confused that I have no idea how to handle this situation.

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a) Are you less likely to get pregnant having sex in a pool?
b) How should I do my hair for prom?
c) Whats better than unlimited texting?
d) Anybody see Prom Night? SUCKED!

Girliest post ever >>
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trash can moves

Considering where you are currently, if you were to throw away a piece of trash, would you have to do a basketball shoot move or would you have to lean over? (Edit: or something else?)

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Hypothetical situation: You're a pro-choice girl in a monogamous relationship. Your birth control fails you, and you end up pregnant. You decide to get an abortion. Your boyfriend threatens to cease all communication if you go through with said abortion.

What do you do?

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Okay. I just found Animal Crossing (DS version) this week, got my town all prettied up and perfect and everything and I JUST SO HAPPEN to lose the game cartridge thing today. What gives, TQC? Is this some weird sort of karma?

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Hypothetical situation:
You have a 12-year-old daughter. She comes to you and tells you she is pregnant. She tells you that this was not the result of a rape, and that the father is 15 years old.
What do you do or say? Be as detailed as possible.

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What're you listening to right now?

If nothing, how's the state of your toenails? In need of clipping?
What about fingernails?

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Earlier today my brother and I were driving around.

There's a guy standing on the corner of a road at a bus stop, pretty obviously waiting for a bus. As we're driving closer to him, about to pass him, I watch him literally crumple to the ground. CRUMPLE. Like, face to the pavement and everything; he just COLLAPSED. He didn't trip or anything - he was standing completely still and all off a sudden he was in a heap on the ground.

I kind of screamed and my brother goes "Whoa" and starts looking for a place to turn around to get to the guy while I'm frantically trying to get my phone out of my pocket to call 911.

We turn around and start driving back to him.


The guy just stands back up. I swear to whatever gods are out there he just stood up like nothing happened, the bus pulled up, he got in and the bus drove away.

I've been freaked out about it all day.

WTF happened, TQC?! Srs and non-srs answers welcome.
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Anyone watch DVDs on their laptop?

Curious.. My main worry is that if I watch too many or become too reliant on it that I'll eventually wear out the drive. And I'd rather wear out a 50-80 dollar DVD player than my DVD/CD drive.. But if I get a DVD player, my TV isn't so hot.. and god I don't want to have to buy a new TV just yet.

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where are you right now? what is the last thing you drank? what's the last thing you felt embarassed about?

my bffl's house. pomegranate martini. going to a Disney on ice show at 20 years old and not taking a kid.

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Hi:) What are the most comfortable flip flops or sandals you have ever worn? (Anyone ever tried Crocs or Sugar Floaties?) I am going on vacation this summer and I m going to be doing A LOT of walking in very high temperatures.  TIA for any replies:)

A gay-straight alliance... in a private Catholic school?

Given the stance of the Catholic church on homosexuality and the closed, conservative nature of a school guided by Catholic doctrine, what are the chances of a gay-straight alliance being formed as an official school organization? Would even suggesting the matter merit some form of consequence or punishment?

If this isn't possible, what could be the reasons behind it aside from the school being grounded in Catholic doctrine?

Sub-question: Would it matter if the school were co-educational? All girls? All boys?

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one of my friends owes me $48. she promised she'd pay me $13 of that about a week after i lent it to her. a week later comes, and she doesn't have the money. the last time i saw her, i noticed she had gotten her nails done. wtf do i say to her? i don't want to be a bitch to her, but she's being really stupid with her money and never pays anyone back. she owes her roommate $300-400 because she hasn't paid utilities once since they moved in and since she never paid me the original $35 she owed me, i made her promise to save $13 from her paycheck (which she gets on fridays) until the next monday.

i'm really sick of this, especially because until very recently, she was basically working full time (if at minium wage) and i had no job at all. why the hell can't she pay me back?


Japanese perceptions of American cultural cross-overs.

What good books, articles, studies, and etcetera are there on aspects of American and Western culture that cross-over to Japanese culture, especially as perceived by the Japanese?

I'm curious about Japanese perception of aspects of Western, especially American, culture that crosses over into their own. I'm also curious about non-superficial differences between the culture other than those that are obvious. This ranges from things like entertainment media to news coverage to stigmas to other things. I'm not as interested in military because of over-exposure in history classes, but a little of it is still ok.
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Breakfast: Excuse to Eat Carbs y/y?

Dear TQC,

How do you make your french toast? Spices? Special bread? Recipe handed down for generations?

Do you know how to make breakfast custard? It's a sweet hot vanilla pudding made on the stove. I've had it once, but have no recipe. Plz, rescue me from my despair!!
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Batman <3

Mamma drama

TQC I am 20 years old. I got my 2nd tattoo last night without consulting my mother. I haven't told her yet. How do I tell her?

EDIT: I told her and she thinks its pretty and she wants me to add to it. It wasn't so bad after all!!

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Uh I just called in sick to work and left the least convincing voicemail message ever. I have to finish this essay though or get a doctor's note to prove that I was ill.
Can you please validate my conscience?

Save the earth by heloping with my homework!

Have you seen any interesting (or any at all) flyers/posters for environmental/sustainability stuff?

I'm setting up a forum with a uni environmental guy (staff, pro-vice chancellor I believe) where students share their ideas for small scale projects that the uni could implement to be more sustainable, and I need to design promotional material.

What attracts you? Pictures of the earth? Polar bears? Shiny things?

What is the most annoying poster/slogan etc you have seen?

Extinction of the human race - good? not good?

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I love my father very much. He is a pilot, and knew he'd have to be away on his birthday this year, so we had a birthday dinner with family earlier in the week. He's been gone for a few days and called me this morning and I totally forgot that today was his actual birthday- my mom reminded me and I called him back but I feel SO GUILTY OH MY GOD HOW CAN I EVER MAKE THIS UP TO HIM?


If you took the maxim "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword", and applied it to corporations and nations as a whole, would it not follow that the United States will die by the sword as long as its actions continue?

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Which musical would you most like to see?

Jurassic Park
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Ghost Rider
No Country for Old Men
My Left Foot
The Passion of the Christ
10,000 BC
i am sam

i say po-tay-to, you say po-tah-to.

1) how do you pronounce potato? po-tay-to or po-tah-to?

2) what's your favourite form of potatoes? (eg. mashed, baked, wedges, crinkle cut fries, shoestring fries, potato salad etc)

3) are potatoes your favourite form of carbs? if no, what do you prefer? (eg. rice, noodles)

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1)are chocolate skittles a great evil?


2)should I learn about friend codes?

3)what would you say to children worried about high stakes standardized tests?[not the act or sat- the tests that children have to take so that their schools don't get failing school in the newspaper and the funding isn't messed up]

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I'm thinking about getting another tattoo.  It would be a simple, kind of playful font (that I already have worked out) and would say, "Je suis comme je vie," which means, "I am like I live."  I've toyed with the idea of putting it on the top of my foot on on the inside of my arm just above my elbow, but I'm at a loss for more ideas of places to put it.  I kind of want to be able to look at it without a mirror.  Any ideas?

Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Beans beans the musical fruit

I'm running low on funds as a poor college student and I'm looking for cheap filling meals. I know rice and a bit of veggies and other things like that can stretch a long time. But I noticed that dried beans and legumes are cheap as hell, so they'd be useful, but I'm wondering what I can do with them. Do you have any recipes or ideas for what I can make with them? Don't they have to be soaked overnight or something? Any other cheap food ideas?
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How come the only time my 45-pound dog wants to sit on my lap is when I'm using my laptop?

Does this happen to other people, too - pets only wanting attention or wanting to play when you're otherwise occupied?

I guess kids probably do it too!

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My mom is really good at telling me that she thinks I'm pretty but...

So, tell me TQC, is there someone in your life who you'll never be good enough for?

What was the last backhanded compliment someone gave you?
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Second hand goods

When you sell something second hand, are you willing to haggle on the price?

If you are buying something second hand, do you always haggle on the price?

I have 3 book cases I want to sell. Good, solid pine bookcases. I bought them for $600 each 4.5 years ago. I'm willing to sell them now for $150 each or $300 for all 3. (This is Hong Kong Dollars) A guy came today to look at them and he wants them for $200 for all 3 bc he will have to pay for a van to come and move them. I said no, that $100 a piece was as low as I was willing to go. Also, the entire time, he is telling me that they are too short and he wanted the taller ones. I did not budge on my price of $100. Am I being too stubborn?
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For several years now, I've had issues where my face sweats profusely for no reason. Just my face... the rest of my body stays dry. I think it's a type of Hyperhidrosis, but I haven't spoken to my doctor about it yet. Does anyone else on here have a problem like this? If you do, have you done anything to treat it? It's annoying as fuck.
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Why do the terrorists attack/threaten to attack countries other than the US? Like Spain and the UK, they're always getting threats, but it seems like nothing happens here.

Are we just that good at stopping them?

Do the terrorists secretly love America, and only make those videotapes to save face in front of their terrorist friends?

Are they afraid?


In the POST 9/11 world, people. POST 9/11. Good god, you love to be smart. What I mean to say is, on the news I always see that this or that plot has been foiled, but it's never in the US. So what's up with that?

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i turned fifteen today, yay! but the question is, what crazy, stupid things should i do to celebrate my new age?

should i go to a local bar and take fifteen shots?!

should i get some hookers?!

what do you suggest?

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My smoke detector keeps giving a beep every 10 minutes or so. I thought it was the battery, but I just bought a new battery for it, and it's still doing it. What else might it be?

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1. I'm applying for an internship (same one I talked about the other day). Got my resume and cover letter done. I'm supposed to send it via email. Do I put the cover letter as the body of the email? Attach both as word docs and add a note as the body of the email? Put the cover letter as the body AND attach it separately? Does it matter? (They didn't specify.)
ETA: I'm going to attach it and put it in the body of the email. Thanks, everyone.

2. Do you generally enjoy Sundays? Why/why not?

3. Have you inherited anything particularly cool? (I have my great-grandmother's Shakespeare set, and my great-great grandfather's large knife that he brought with him when he immigrated from Sweden.)

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Will you tell me about your current roommate?

What is your favorite color to wear?

Should I change my icon since it's a bunny and TQC already has a superstar bunny?
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I just saw (or pretty sure I saw) one of my old drill sergeants in an article, picture included (small pic, couldn't see enough to be 100% sure)... pretty damn sure it's him, and if it is, that is indeed nifty.

Will you tell me about a time when you or some one you know was on the news? TV, newspaper, Internet, doesn't matter.
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Poll #1170485 PICK ONE ...or two

What toy(s) should I make my baby?

Manta Ray
Random Blob Shape

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Wikipedia explains the rules to Fuck Marry Kill

Poll #1170601 Fuck Marry Kill

For the 3 celebrities below, you have to pick one to kill, one to marry and one to fuck. Who do you fuck?

Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Conan O'Brian

Who do you marry?

Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Conan O'Brian

Who do you kill?

Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Conan O'Brian

Who do you fuck?

Jessica Alba
Christina Ricci
Carmen Elektra

Who do you marry?

Jessical Alba
Christina Ricci
Carmen Elektra

Who do you kill?

Jessical Alba
Christina Ricci
Carmen Elektra
cat tea


For people who have done it (or know about it):

1) How do you start working as a phone sex operator?

2) How to you start working as a stripper?

By that, I mean ... how do you find out about available jobs? Do you have to have experience first? I'm seriously just curious :p

And for everyone else:

What's the most complicated meal/dessert that you have made?


inspired by a conversation with jabre:

what do you think people taste like? do you think you'd like it? what about nutritional value? also, how would you prepare human? also, what part(s) would be tastiest/nastiest?

i think that people probably taste like pork, but a little less sweet, super tender from lack of exercise in some places, and super tough in others. i'd probably enjoy it a bit, but i'd prefer chicken or pork or something. people are full of way more fat than most animals, so that'd be pretty bad for you, but fit people are probably full of protiein. i don't know how to cook meat very well, but i'd bet grilled human is pretty good. my guess is also that boobs would be really good tasting (lack of exercise means tender, and there's still muscle in there that isn't fat), and thighs would be tough and chewy and nasty.

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1. Can you recall a time that you did something intentionally mean?

2. When was the last time you felt guilty?- what did you do?

3. Ever had sex in the same room as someone else whilst they lay there awake, cringing at every little noise?

I've just come back from holiday with my friend and I purposefully packed her phone charger in my suitcase because she did something that really really really pissed me off and I knew it would cause her a lot of hassle to be without her mobile..

It was a kind of spur of the moment thing as I angrily shoved stuff into my bag.. it ended up in there and I didn't bother to remove it again.
From the third question I'm sure you can get the jist of why I'm pissed off with her.

Thankyou, TQC.. for letting me get that off my chest. Now I don't feel too guilty..
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Do any of you have guilty pleasures/desires that are hypocritical/otherwise mismatched with your own ethics?

Yes. I'm a pacifist and all about protesting the military industrial complex, all that stuff. However I'm in Annapolis this weekend and srsly dying bc of all the USNA people walking around. I loves me a man/woman in uniform.

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Even though I say I'm "sooo over it", is it normal to be jealous of the new girl my exboyfriend is dating? Or does that mean that I still have feelings for him? Is it such a terrible thing that I just want to call her up and warn her that he's probably not what she thinks he is?

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Watch this youtube video

Poll #1170630 Sorry for posting so soon but I cannot stop myself from sharing this

How did watching this make you feel?

Confused. Very confused. What just happened?
Slightly, uncomfortably aroused
Greatly amused. I couldn't stop laughing
Sad. Why did Totoro get cosmetic surgery?
Greedy. I want to own all those....mammal things
Drunk. I had to drink to get through it
Scared. I thought they were all pretty creepy
Dirty. I felt dirty for watching it
Nostalgic. I remember when I first fought my first giant Catbus
Happy. The song and video were very cheerful
Sneezy. I think I'm allergic to youtube
Awkward. I can't explain why my pants are around my ankles
Desire to destroy my computer
zen, rock

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So, I just told a friend that the guy she's seeing has herpes. Neither he, nor our other friend who was seeing him a few months ago mentioned anything about it to her, even though they both know. Now she's kinda depressed.

Did I do the right thing?

Sugar Thoughts

1. What is your favorite dessert?

2. Is there a dessert you make really well? If so, what is it?

3. I'm having a dinner party tonight and need to make an amazing dessert. What should I make!?

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I went to the carwash and a woman asked the carwasher if he had change when she gave him the tip.  He didn't seem phased by it which made me wonder if it happens regularly.  I have never seen anyone act so rude, so I made a WTF face.  It seems like if that kind of behavior was new to him, he would have made the same expression.  I can see that maybe giving a $10 or $20 for a an $18 - $28 car wash is a bit much for some people, but she could have gotten change before, right?

Have you ever seen anyone ask for change from the person they're giving a tip to?

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1)Who is your favorite video game character of all time?

2)What games are you currently playing?

3) What is the worst thing you've ever heard of happening as a result of someone playing an MMO excessively? I'm talking about stuff like getting dumped, losing a job, or perhaps developing some sort of horrifying skin disease as a result of raiding instead of bathing. Bonus points if it's someone you personally know, either IRL or online/in-game.

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What sort of things have you and a SO done for a 1 year anniversary?

The one year mark is coming up on Tuesday, and I'm thinking I might go to the mall tomorrow to get him a cuddly friend from Build-A-Bear. We'll probably order some Chinese delivery or maybe try out a sushi place.

computer troubles

I'm not sure how it happened but my computer is very very screwed up right now, so I have two questions:

1. Should we have official support people come in (Microsoft, Dell) or should we use Geek Squad?
(the problems are all over the place, we can't update the computer to the latest Microsoft Service Pack and it's been random problems ever since, now it seems to be some kind of virus we can't get rid of)

2. If we have to do the whole start from scratch thing and lose everything, what happens to programs like Photoshop where you had to buy the program but could only register the serial number a certain number of times. Will I lose those programs completely?

Sorry if these questions sound completely n00b, I don't know much about computers in this sense

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I'm an actress and I audition for all sorts of things, stage shows, tv shows, films. When I was 17 and 18 I used to audition for everything I could, because it wouldn't be that often that I'd be that successful to be honest, especially for film work. Earlier last year when I was 18, I was planning on auditioning for this film called 'Twister'. I imagined it was like 'Round the Twist'! I loved that show! The audition was in Soho, which is nearish to me, and is quite famous for the film/theatre industry they have there, I've done a couple of auditions just outside the area before. The audition I was going to my friend had seen on a poster, and it wanted people who 'looked' about my age, were female and around a certain height and weight. It didn't say what it was about but I just thought I'd give it a try because its good to get in as many auditions as possible.

Anyway, I turned up at this place and I needed to go down some stairs and it was a bit dark and stuff, but the old buildings are all really small over there, so people often have things in basements and stuff. I got down there and there was no one there except this man, so I was like 'HIII!' and introduced myself. He was weird looking and all skinny and stuff, but I just thought he was like a typical 'indie film maker' type. I told him my name and he started laughing and said something like 'nice choice'. That's obviously weird but I always don't really get what people are on about so I just laughed. He asked me for ID, but thats quite a common thing, and made a reference to me being only just 'in there'. I was like in where and he started laughing, so I started laughing again. He kept talking but I wasn't really listening because I was looking around, it was such a weird place. He had like all these pictures and stuff, and the walls were all black with no windows. He told me to sit down and I was just chatting away to him about how my train journey had been and what not, and I must have brought up my boyfriend because he was like 'oh and he doesn't mind?' I was like 'why wouldn't he like me to work! he likes to watch me!'. He started laughing again. Then he asked me what my measurements were, and I was really confused. I said what about the film, and he was like what about the film? So I asked what the genre of it was.

It was a porn film. I started laughing because I thought he was joking, then I realised he probably wasn't joking so I waved at him and then ran like a little bat out of hell out of there! It was SO SO SO embarrasing. I've never been so embarrased!!!

SO..! Have you ever accidently auditioned for porn?!

Whats the most embarrasing thing thats happened to you?
de best sci fi is goofy

poor widdle tauntaun

Okay, SPIKE has been doing this thing called Star Wars Sundays for 2 weeks now. Last week was New Hope, this week was Empire Strikes Back (which is on right now)...and I just thought of something I'd not thought before.

Luke gets stuck outside, Han goes to rescue him. It's freezing outside and the temp is fading further down all the time. The TaunTaun (a species the Rebel Alliance no doubt found there) that Han rides out on dies from exposure. Han hauls Luke up to its guts, man doesn't have the skills but he manages a lightsabre okay, and keeps them both warm with that...

...but Luke had been out there for hours and doing pretty crappy already.

How did he survive out there when something adapted to that climate could not?
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1. What's the most disgusting thing you've ever willingly eaten?
2. How about unwillingly (for instance, your parents made you eat it when you were a child)?
3. How about unknowingly (you didn't know until afterwards what it was you had eaten)?

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1) I'm 23 and can't ride a bicycle. If you went to your local park and saw me trying to learn to ride a bike, would you laugh at me?

2) Are there any skills or abilities that you don't have that you feel you should at your age? If yes, what are they?

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I made a horrible mistake and bought the 40% less fat version of my favorite popcorn snack (Smartfood), and it SUCKS!!!

1. What should I bother never trying or buying? Why?