April 12th, 2008

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If a person's marriage ends by cheating, and the cheater starts a relationship with the 'other person' afterwards, what are the odds that this relationship won't end in cheating as well?

Do you think it is possible for a cheater to stop cheating and be faithful from then on?
If so, when?

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if you want kids, why do you want them? i personally don't want them, and even if i did, i'd adopt. so i'm curious why some people so badly want to have kids and actually give birth to them.

eta: if you DON'T want them, why not?


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In which state did you complete the majority of your high school education? (List country if outside the US)

How thoroughly did your high school instructors explain and teach the Theory of Evolution? (1 = worst, 5 = best)

0 (not at all)

Did your high school instruction cover any alternative theories, such as Intelligent Design or Creationism? (Presented as science, not philosophy, etc)

see comments

Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Rick Astley

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The first Jackass movie is on Comedy Central, and as I'm watching it I'm wondering:

Why the FUCK didn't Bam Margera's parents ever like...disown him? Kick him out of the house, or like, constantly get back at him?

They don't seem stupid to me, so why do they just blindly put up with his shit?

If you had a kid like that, how would you deal with it? Would the salary he'd be getting be enough incentive for YOU to put up with his shenanigans?
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1. Are there any foods you just can't eat based on their appearance?
For me it's lotus root, thanks to that horrible Snopes article.

2. If you drink bottled water, are you brand loyal or do you just buy what's on sale?
I prefer Dasani, but I'm not too picky.

3. What is your favorite brand of chocolate? Do you prefer dark or milk?
Dove - milk or dark
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1. Would you consider breastfeeding pictures to be "safe for work"?

2. If the pictures were posted under an lj cut with a warning before the cut, is this acceptable, even under a community rule that states no nudity?

2a. What if there was no warning?

3. Do you feel pictures of women breastfeeding are essentially pushing their "breastfed is best fed" ideologies on others, or is it simply a part of their day that they felt the need to share?

4. If you were in a community with a "sfw", no nudity rule, would you speak to the OP or moderator about it, or would you let it slide?  What if it began happening continually, with different women posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding?

5. If breastfeeding is a healthy and natural phenomenon that all women were meant to do and it is therefore acceptable to post pictures of it online, could another woman post a picture of herself menstruating, since that is also a healthy and natural phenomenon that all women were meant to do?
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i've acquired a playstation 2. what games should i buy?

i currently have guitar hero 3 and katamari damacy. i also have blackhawk down, call of duty 3, grand theft auto 3 and SA, tony hawk 3 and 4 because that's what my brother had that i might someday play.

i prefer cartoony puzzle (katamari, mario, etc) games more than anything i guess

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I am currently building a Dell laptop that will be using for typical college student stuff. I don't play computer games or anything like that. It will just be for emailing, web surfing, writing papers, and storing quite a bit of music and tons of photos.
I think I've got mostly everything figured out, except the video card. I don't really know anything about video cards.

Given what I plan to use it for, there would be no reason for me to spend $100 to upgrade my laptop's video card from a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3 100 to a 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, would there?

I'm not an economics major :P

1. If your cost of living is low, and if the things that make you happy don't require money, why not live off welfare (assuming welfare can pay for shelter, food, and something basic like Internet/TV)? Why work your ass off?

2. What are some factors that make living life on welfare extremely difficult?

3. Why do you think homelessness is still a problem if welfare is available to these people (assuming they qualify)?

4. If you're on welfare, are you happy? Why? Why not?

5. These questions stem from the thought that people work to make money to be happy...where in this society, money is linked to happiness. Do you think this is true? Please explain?

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Sometimes when I'm off at work I go there and cook on the stove they have in the back.  The thing about the stove is that only one burner works (of course it had to be the smallest one) and there is only one skillet that is like 8 inches in diameter.  It's the only stove I have access to in my college town, but I do feel a little embarrassed.    Should I go there tomorrow night and cook soy sauce chicken with baby corn and snow peas?

What else should I cook? I'm wanting something Asian-y.

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Morning TQC.

What'd you do for your Friday night?

And: don't you hate it when you fall asleep flat on your face and when you wake up your hair is sticking straight up into the air?

(I got drunk and went to Whole Foods where we talked to this one stock boy who was wandering around with a bottle of vinegar, some green tea, and some cheese in his hand. And yeah my head looks like a broom.)

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my girlfriend and i have been together for a couple years, on-and-off now. the majority of time spent is AMAZING and our phone conversations, usually, are stellar as well. but, both of us are clinically depressed and we definitely know how to get at each other's throats. we can be SO horrible to one another but then absolutely beautiful the next minute.

now, this is obviously having its toll on both of us and attempting to take a break and/or give each other space has failed in the past. neither of us want to lose each other but are trying to figure out what the hell we can do to make things better.

any advice? activities we can do that will help keep things interesting(aside from sex)?

i just love her :[

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i'm kind of bummed out, the velcro rollers didn't curl my hair all that much, they just gave me volume and were a pain in the ass to get out. it still looks pretty just not what i wanted haha. i have about 2 hours to get ready for prom...

What should i do with my hair?
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I'm watching the first season of Project Runway and Robert kept comparing women to sports cars. One of the ladies who was judging seemed pretty offended by it, but I don't get where she's coming from.

So what so you think?
Is that comparison offensive? Why or why not?

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Hey guys... Another sad post from me again.
Today, one of my cats, Juno, will be put down.
Can you cheer me up?

Also, we're getting a new kitten next weekend... what should we name it?

ETA: The cat wasn't named after the movie, and GOD KNOWS we don't want another cat named JUNO or any variation ( including Ellen Page ) running PUKING around this house.


Are you of mixed-race ancestry?

[ETA: If you're outside the U.S., these next two questions may not be relevant.]

Did you know that in the U.S., anti-miscegenation laws were still enforced in some states until the Supreme Court overturned them in 1967?

Did you know that the last anti-miscegenation law was not repealed until 2000? (Even though they were no longer in effect, )

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does anybody have any experience with this drug?

i have Multiple Sclerosis and huge attention difficulties. my psychiatrist recently prescribed to this because she says it doubles as helping cognitively in MS patients.

but, this is marketed as a medication for treatment in patients with sleeping disorders (apnea, narcolepsy, etc.).

(no subject)


Do you have any recurring (sp?) nonsensical thoughts that come into your mind for absolutely no reason? like lately, I keep thinking to myself "I'm fallin' for Stalin!"

this may have an excuse because I recently did a report on Stalin. No matter.

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Does taking sleep medicine make anyone else extra grumpy in the morning?

Are you the type of person who keeps their space clean by picking up after yourself all the time, or do you let the mess build up and then clean it all up at once?

If you are wearing polish on your nails, what color is it?

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Okay, I need help here. Does anyone know the name of this childhood movie?

It's about a kid who like goes on some adventure to some magical land. And there's a king there with a staff, and the kid flies there in a balloon with some other creature, who introduces him to the king. and they take the kid on a tour, and there's some door that the kid isn't supposed to open, but he does, and then like pretends he didn't. And THEN this creature escapes, and its like this black shadow monster or something. And everyone gets frozen, and the kid has to use the kings staff to fight the monster, and there's this spell he uses to fight the monster and it goes like "shazzama Pajama" or something.

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plants + icons

1. I just bought more $1 plants from Target. It says to sow 5 seeds in one plant. What happens if I just put all the seeds in the plant? Is that such a bad thing? -_-

2. Why did you choose your default icon (or the icon you use most frequently in TQC)?

ETA: Thanks noodledays and jabre regarding number one!


I'm getting married next Saturday and I need a tan so I don't look so pasty. Obviously using a regular tanning bed is out as A) I don't have time and B) it isn't healthy. Now I have two options Mystic Tan or a couple visits to a high-pressure tanning bed. For those of you out there that tan:

If you've used Mystic Tan did you like it or dislike it?

If you've used the high-pressure beds did you like it or dislike it?

I don't really have much of a base tan anymore so I need something fast, also we're going to the Caribbean for our honeymoon so I need to some color so I don't get burned.

party themes?


I'm planning my 22nd birthday bash and I'm stuck on a theme!
I want to do something where people will dress up and have a good time.
Prom is out, we're all kind of over that. I was thinking some sort of space invader or video game character theme.

The party would be at the end of May/beginning of June and could possibly take place outdoors (depending on weather, partygoers and how I feel) if that factors in.

HELP PLEASE, thank you!

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When you flirt or interact with the opposite sex, how do you navigate the line between friendly and desperate?
Are you picky about who you date?
If a guy acts desperate are you completely turned off?
James Franco joint

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1. Should I start cleaning my dorm (under the bed, the closet, throwing away stuff I don't need) to move out in two weeks, start proof reading my essays that are due on Wednesday in a portfolio, or should I do something else? What?

2. What are your plans for the weekend?

3. Will you show me a picture of someone who is important to you?
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Boingy boingy boingy boingy boingy...

In an attempt to get my butt in some sort of shape (don't tell me that 'round' is a shape!), I have taken to replacing our computer chair with our exercise ball (some call it a yoga ball - think of a bouncy ball on steroids, and you'll get what I'm currently sitting on).

Other than bounce on it while my friends list refreshes, I'm not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

How satisfied are you with your body shape? Mine is too pear-shaped.
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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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TQC, please help me.

Collapse )

So in short: I'm out $50. I can't take the test until July, which sets me back for applying to the Teacher Prep program. I may not be able to get into it for the fall, which sets me back even further. I had to pay another $50 to take a test I should've taken today.

Is there anything I can do? Can I take her to small claims court?
Do you think she owes me $50?
How should I go about killing this girl?

Please ignore this. I am a huge bitch who probably deserves exile to Siberia.

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Do you have any friendships where you met the person through a mutual friend who neither of you are still friends with?

What happened?

I have two, both are online. The first one is a girl who my then friend said I would like so she us the others' screen name, eventually shit happened-the mutual friend got immature (not relating to our friendship) and both of us fell out with her. The other girl I replied to a comment she left in our friend's journal, because her name was Bayliss (another character from Homicide, Life on the Street) and we had a conversation in his post via comments as if we were really the characters. The mutual friend there just stopped coming online to the point where we both dropped him from our friends list.
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TQC has a slumber party. Who is the first person to fall asleep? What are we going to do to them (ie put their underwear in the freezer, put shaving cream in their hand and tickle their nose, dye their hair, surround them with hookers and blow and take a pic to post online, etc)?

On that note, what board game did you bring to the slumber party? What snacks? What movie?

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i need help finding an image. i've looked it up every way i can think of in google and i cannot find it to save my soul.
it's gambit, from the x-men. and he is standing against a street sign pole. it's bourbon and main street, if i recall correctly. there is graffiti on it, one of which is "die mutie"
his eyes are glowing and the picture is very dark. he is charging a card and holding a cigarette.
can you help me find it? i fail so hard at google.
if you can find it, can you tell me how you found it?

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Let's say that two of your significant other's female friends annoy the hell out of you. And let's say that they're not super tight friends, but are friendly and hang out on occasion because they live next door to one another in their dorm, and they have a mutual friend on the same floor.

Would you tell your S.O. that you don't care for these 2 "friends" and tell him/her not to invite you to hang out with him/her if they're in his presence, OR would you keep your mouth shut and just tolerate their presence?

I mean, if my S.O. was BFFs with these girls, I would hesitate in expressing dislike for them, but since they're not really really good friends, I'm kind of torn.

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How do you tell someone to shut up without telling them to shut up?

My mum lives with me as her health is bad and the reason I don't sit with her much is because she talks constantly. I'm with her just now and she will not shut up. She is always saying something, whether it be about whats on TV or what she reads in the newspaper. Even when I ignore her and don't answer her she keeps on and on and on and I swear its driving me up the fucking wall!!!!!

I can't come straight out and say it because she will get upset and either start crying or feeling really bad about it :S
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You are in a stable relationship with someone you want to have kids with. For some reason, you must have them right now (well, in 9 months) or you must wait 15 years. Which would you choose? What if you had to wait only 10 or as many as 20?

(no subject)

Have you ever went back to your hair stylist after the appointment to change anything, or do you just live with the shittiness?

Omg, yes. I did that for the first time ever today and I feel bad.
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Is anyone else getting their ass kicked by allergies?

I don't know if it's a particularly bad allergy season or I'm just not used being back home, where there's a lot of open fields + wind.

(no subject)


So I just opened up a New York Pizza and Pasta restaurant a couple of months ago. We focus mainly on deliveries, but we're located in a high traffic area, so we get plenty of walk-ins as well. There's not much to do besides read old magazines while customers wait for their pizza, so I've decided to install a stereo system.

So I come to you, TQC, in need of assistance. What kind of music should I play? I need something that will give my place some much needed ambiance. I was thinking Italian and/or old style shit, but I am musically ignorant, so help a brother out.

Free pizza for anyone who answers. srsly.
And any links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Poll #1170180 Your heart will go on, but not all of theirs

You're in charge of a lifeboat from a sinking cruise ship, and you have room for 3 more passengers. The rest will all die. Any attempt to take on more people will sink the lifeboat. Which 3 will you take on board?

80-year old man
Obese doctor (general practice). Counts as 2 spaces, if you pick him
Ann Coulter
Catholic priest, 40something
Teenage boy, member of Nazi Youth
Columbian drug lord, leader of the largest drug cartel on the planet. He's willing to give you $10,000 if you pick him
White trash, poorly educated hillbilly mother. Will not leave son behind
White trash, poorly educated, hillbilly son. Will not leave mother behind
Hooters waitress, 20something (There was a Hooters on the ship)
Paraplegic man, ex-solder from the Iraqi war
Your SO's ex
Emo kid, male, teenager
Pregnant woman. Born-again christian
Muslim man, 20 something. Doesn't speak English
I pick up nobody. I could enjoy the extra space

(no subject)

Since shinga is having a sleepover, I want to have a birthday party.

When is your birthday?
What kind of a party would you like TQC to throw you?
How old will you be on your next birthday (just in case there are any legalities that we may have to deal with).
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I have some carrots, zucchini and some potatoes that need eating but I'm not gonna have a chance to eat them just yet and want to make something I can freeze for later in the week.

What do you suggest?

(no subject)

1)what is so bad about being an elitist?

2)Does your local public school allow people out of district to go to their schools?

shelby county- no. memphis city- yes, if you paid.

3)Is this the silly season yet?
Grammar love!

(no subject)

What movie (or possibly TV show) does it sound like this is from?

Someone owes somebody else 200 dollars because they lost a bar fight or something. And at some point, the guy takes out this wad of cash and says something like "Okay here it is." And the other guy's like "How do I know it's not just a 20 with a bunch of ones wrapped around it?" And the first guy's disappointed. He tries a similar trick later.

It's on the tip of my tongue, I've seen the movie probably more than once, but I just can't think of it and google's not helping. D:

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(no subject)

What part of history, if anything, interests you the most?

Titanic for me. I feel bad, obsessing over something in which loads of people died, but I can't help it. I would love to learn about that in school, but you don't, which sucks. My obsession was so bad that I asked my mum and dad if I could go down to see the Titanic on my birthday. 

Didn't happen.
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Just curious...

- Did anybody else watch the Miss USA pageant last night in hopes that another "and such as" incident would happen?

- Will anybody watch the Miss World pageant to see if somebody will fall on their ass again?

- Does this make me a bad person?

(no subject)

I just found out that this guy in my creative writing class thought that me and my friend (who is a lesbian) were gay lovers. We're not. And I'm not even a lesbian.

What's a huge misconception that someone has had about you?
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I'm browsing through the free movies on Comcast on Demand... But I can't decide what to watch.

Which movie should I watch?

Death Becomes Her
Haunted Honeymoon
Never Talk to Strangers
Snoop Dog's Hood of Horror

(no subject)

What do you think should be done with someone who knowingly spreads tuberculosis? Other than forcing him/her into quarantine.

Does it sometimes feel like it would be a good thing to catch the tb if you wouldn't have to go to work or interact with your family and could finally enjoy some peace and quiet?

(no subject)

Have you ever invented your own snack? Like, given it a name?
Tell me what it is?

Today I made a delicious thing I like to call an "ice fisher". You freeze a liquid in a foam cup but make sure it doesn't freeze through all the way and poke a straw through the frozen surface and then drink the liquid inside :3
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(no subject)

Why do I always to forget to ask for no vegetables in my noodles from the Chinese place?

And what are these little slimy earthwormey things? I'm assuming they're not little slimy earthworms.
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(no subject)

1. Did you watch the latest episode of Doctor Who on the BBC?

If you missed it go here. I'm not sure if it'll work outside of the UK though.

2. Out of ten, what do you rate it?

3. What was your favourite bit?

4. Who is your favourite Doctor?

5. Who is your favourite assistant?

6. Who was your favourite villain?

and randomly should I have coffee or tea?
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I am the fifth person or so to get on the bus to downtown to work each weekday. Most people who get on the bus at this time are in their 30s - 50s. I am 22 so I imagine I stick out a little bit on the bus. There is one other person who gets on the bus before me who is around my age and therefore also sticks out. I have never spoken to him nor given him eye-contact.

He has displayed some odd behaviour and so here I am to ask your opinion on it because I'm a bit flabbergasted.

We both get off at the same stop and we take the same route through multiple buildings (3, to be precise - our downtown has this above ground network connecting buildings called the +15), but we don't work in the same building.

The first building we both enter has an 1 person-wide escalator. Two times now, in the last month, this dude has run up the escalator as if to run away from me. The latter being at a time when the escalator was out of service, which meant that the down escalator was now serving as the stairs to go up and down. If people are coming down, that means the people who are going up have to wait in a line until it's cleared and vice-versa.

The latter time is what really got me thinking this guy had an issue with me. There were several people on their way down but it seems like he couldn't wait and so he heaved up his heavy bag and held it at the side and ran up the stairs, kind of squishing the people coming down.

Do you think he is afraid of me?


In the movie Se7en, was Kevin Spacey's character insane? He was presented as pretty much a normal, respectable guy, but obviously he wasn't like the average Joe. Do you think he suffered from a personality disorder, or was just eccentric?

(no subject)

Are you going to shut up and kiss me?!?!?!

What is your favorite choice for dinner? I am starving! (if possible, vegan friendly. if not, maybe I can work around it or sub some ingredients.)

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

(no subject)

what exactly does 'semi-formal' entail? i have an event to go to on friday and i'm not sure if i'm supposed to wear a dress and get all dolled up or if it would be okay to wear a nice pair of pants and a fancy top? please help me tqc!


1. Does anyone know anything about starting a restaurant?

Like, for the distant, distant future. I mean, in terms of licenses/legal stuff...I think I could figure out the financial ins and outs on my own, with some help from my dad's shared accountant.

2. MY CAT WAS EXTRACTED FROM A NEIGHBOR'S BASEMENT CRAWLSPACE. I should take him out for strippers right? Or should I beat him senseless instead for running away in the first place?

Does anyone know this song?

I was trying to google the lyrics for a hip-hop/rap song I keep hearing on Flow 93.5 with no luck. The only parts I can remember are:

"It ain't hard to get killed out here"

"Your body got shipped out to NY state"

"Can you tell us where we're heading"

and the most memorable part of the melody:


Does anyone know this song? Thanks in advance.
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Gone to my happy place by neversince

(no subject)

I was reading a magazine today and they had an interview with a woman who's in love with her half-brother and it got me thinking about incest IRL in relation to incest in fandom. So, TQC, what do you think of real-life incest? Poll under the cut!
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do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

If you were on death row, what would you have as your last meal?
I'd asked for a homemade meal made by my mom. She makes the tastiest Mexican food. Along with that I'd ask for some bowtie pasta with pesto and pumpkin pie for dessert.
practically perfect

brown sugar

TQC... i want to make cookies, but my brown sugar is hard as a rock. :(  Is it really true that if I microwave it a little bit, it will soften?  Has anybody tried this/does anybody know for a fact that it works/doesn't work??

(no subject)

Where should I work this summer, guys?

The blockbuster near me is hiring, would it suck donkey?

I refuse to work in pizza or fast food anymore. No. Fuck that. I would maybe work in a coffee shop though.

(no subject)

1. What is a good tool for dipping Oreos, especially when the milk is toward the bottom of the glass?

I'm thinking something like a spoon ladle, only flatter and with holes to let the milk flow through.

EDIT: Let me clarify some methods are are BAD. Keep in mind that I prefer the entire Oreo to get mushy. I could potentially bend the handle of a flattish device that has holes in it, but I don't know what to use. What are those absinthe spoon thingies called? Just absinthe spoons?

A. Gripping devices (e.g. tongs), they risk the Oreo falling apart when it gets mushy.

B. Using fingers gets milk on them over and over again.

C. Refilling the glass for every dip, especially when I'm eating other food to drink the milk with, is annoying.

2. Why do people continue believing in a benevolent, and omnipotent God when presented with the problem of evil (the fact that a a benevolent, omnipotent god is allowing evil to exist)?

The only answer these religiots give is "God works in mysterious ways," which doesn't actually explain anything and is just as much a cop-out as justifying terrorism by saying "terrorists work in mysterious ways." Of course, God could easily do great things, but doesn't, cruelly allowing humans to suffer, so he is worse than any terrorist and evil dictator that has ever existed.

(no subject)

When would you say a person's personality is "set?"

I was always eager to become an adult, because I thought people would be so much more mature, but now I'm realizing that some people never mature past the high school level. And then a lot of elderly people seem to be unwilling to change their ways (as my grandmother once said: "I'm too old to learn!"). So when does this happen?

Or a better way to phrase it might be... what makes a person's personality stagnate?
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album artwork.

i teach my reading unit in two weeks. here i sit, planning lessons on a saturday night.

to integrate art and music into my lessons (required), i'm teaching how music and lyrics can be an expression of what's happening in a person's life, and my students are also going to decide on a theme for their own "album" and design a cover for it. before they design it, however, i'd like to show them some album covers and ask them what they might be able to tell about this artist or this particular album based on the artwork.

so, tqc. can you show me some interesting, 4th-grade-friendly album artwork?

(no subject)

1. We're all going to the movies! Trouble is, we don't know what movies are showing - all we know is the genre of each one. Which do you vote we see?

Rom com
Science fiction
Martial arts
Period drama

2. As luck would have it, they happen to be showing your all-time favourite movie in the genre you selected. What movie is that?

3. What snack(s) are you bringing?

4. Which TQC member are you hoping to sit next to and brush hands with as you both reach for the popcorn?
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(no subject)

GUYS this is the SECOND fucking chair I have managed to break merely by planting my ass in it. Do you think I need to make a conscious effort to lose some weight or are these Ikea chairs just really really shitty?

(no subject)

I have an insane number of icons on my hard drive, and I want to upload them all to a site like Photobucket. Now, I have a PB account, and I know that they have a "bulk uploader", but that only allows you to upload a hundred icons at a time. That's a lot, I know, but with the number of icons I have, it's still going to take....well, a hellishly long time.

Is there any other good site where I could upload all of my icons in a (relatively) short time?
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One of these days I am going to break his face

My brother throws bitchfits at least eighteen times a day. It takes pretty much nothing to get him in a ridiculously pissy mood, he explodes at people (though keep in mind, only women... I have a feeling it's relevant but I have no way of really knowing)... some one just has to say something to him, anything, totally innocent... and all of a sudden it's a string of "SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!"

TQC, why is my brother such a gigantic hole?

And why is it whenever I "fight back" (which means I'm snarky to him, or I just plain ask, "dude, why are you throwing a tantrum? No one did anything"), my parents tell me to shut up and stop "egging him on"? Why do they refuse to deal with him? Why is it okay for him to be a monumental dick?
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shrimp thawing

the directions on my pre-cooked shrimp bag say to thaw the shrimp in cold water, but i am impatient and i soak it in warm to hot water to thaw it quickly and then i let then sit in cold water so they arent hot. is this bad? everytime i do it my friends say it makes them taste bad. or does it not matter?
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(no subject)

Do you/did you like Arrested Development?

Why or why not?

Who was your favorite character?

Is it too late to bring the show back?

Are you excited for the Arrested Development movie?
{wow} sin'dorei pride

pen colors

If any,

When you take notes, what's your usual pen color?
When you edit, what's your usual pen color?
When you write letters/casual things, what's your usual pen color?
garden state flower

sup, TQC?

How disturbing is the movie Hard Candy? Is it a bad idea to watch it tonight? I'd want to go to bed pretty much right after. I know some of the storyline, but not if it's actually scary.
EDIT: Okay it sounds fine, I'm gonna watch it. feel free to keep answering the second question.

Also, what is your favorite late-night munchie food?

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Today a man went to jail for rolling up Wonderbread, letting it dry out in the sun, stuffing it into Tylenol bottles and trying to sell it as crack.
He's being tried the same as he would if it were actually crack anyway.

TQC, why is my hometown of Detroit so awesome?

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Poll #1170288 Your heart will go on, but not all of theirs - part 2

You're the pilot on a small aircraft and you're losing altitude. There's too much weight on board. You kick out the luggage, the seats, all the meals. It's still too heavy, but only just barely. One of your passengers will have to jump out over the mountains to their death in order for everyone else to survive. You have complete say over who jumps. Who do you pick?

80-year old rabbi
13-year old mentally retarded girl
Tom Cruise