April 10th, 2008

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Just got accepted and with good timing

what does this little face mean?

" :L "

What does it mean?!?!?! I don't know why it is driving me crazy!!

oh, and also, if your best friend (a guy and you're a girl. and he also is your ex but like, 2 years ago) cuddles with you and sleeps with you (no sex) and kisses your tummy... do you think that means he might like you?

burning words

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did anyone here have one of those dolls (maybe around 1991?) that if you kissed them on their cheek they got a little star dimple? that's what the commercial said but you really had to get their cheek wet for it to show up. they had a full head of hair and soft stuffed animal like limbs. what are they called???

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You come across a notebook with the following Collapse )

Do you try it out? If so,
Who do you kill?
Do you specify the death(s)?

You find it it works! Omg.

Do you continue to use it? If so,
Who do you kill?
Do you specify the death(s)?

Do you like Death Note?
If you do, what are your favourite characters?
Did you like the ending?

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1. When reading a review/rating (from anyone--online, friend, etc), all other factors the same (ceteris paribus), are you generally more likely to trust a review/rating from someone who likes the genre of the thing they are reviewing or someone who doesn't like the vast majority of things within that genre?

2. When it comes to rating sexual body parts (in an informal sense, like saying "she has stupendous boobage"), would you be more likely, generally speaking, to value an opinion from someone who is sexually attracted to that sex or someone who is not sexually attracted to that sex?

3. Same as #2, but with the added context that you (the person wanting the rating) are also sexually attracted to that sex?

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What do you think of marriage?
If you're a woman, will you change your last name when you get married? To your husband's last name or to a hyphenated name?
What do you think of a woman who says she won't get married if her husband won't take her last name?
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Feeding 6 Humans

So I'm planning on cooking dinner for 5 friends Friday and I will probably have a budget of around $25. We are poor college students that eat too much for our own good... Do you have any good, cheap, and HEALTHY recipes/meals to suggest that will feed 6 people? Please! Nothing fancy - I will burn the house down...

Actually... What are some good recipes that are reasonably cheap? Health factor optional.
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how do you calm down when you're feeling particularly murderous?

Okay so this is about my fucking stupid 16 year old brother who peed on my fucking dog right after she had a bath. My dog, who now has a permanent stain on her pretty white neck fur, until all the fur there falls out. My parents won't make him pay for her bath, and he just fucking instigates issues with me, bragging about how he doesn't have to pay for it, etc, to the point that I want him fucking out of my life. I'm seriously that pissed right now.

So I finally decided---well if he won't pay for it, I'll just destroy something of equal value to him. I think I've decided on dvds, maybe a cd or two. Suggestions?


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is it legal for people to burn their leafs where you live?
why is my neighbor doing it now...at 1:15am?
(he was doing it for a good portion of the day but near as I can tell he stopped until a bit ago)
chan marshall

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Where could i buy an airhorn (in Australia)? You know those funny things with a funnel on the end that go honkity honk honk. They make me laugh so much, and lets be honest i have always wanted to go up behind people and use one.

What is something silly you have always wanted to do?
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Lets say you were eleven, and your two older brothers molested you(15, and 17) and you decided not to tell anyone. A few years have gone by and your brothers have never shown any remorse, they have never apologized. Your parents get upset about the fact that you and your brothers don't have a relationship but they blame you for it and yell at you about it all the time.

1) Would you tell your parents?
2) Would you forgive your brothers? If not, what would it take, if anything?
3) If yes, would you have a close relationship with them, or keep them at a distance?
4) If no, would you avoid family situations in which they were a part of altogether, or go and avoid them?
5) Would the thought of your brothers having children worry you?
hannibal skull


For those who use flickr, what do you think of the new feature where we can upload video?

Will you upload video?

Will flickr become a bastardized version of youtube?
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What's the best free antivirus program?

I downloaded one that somebody had recommended, but it won't delete the security risks. It jut tells me that they're there.

Automatic drink dispenser.

Consider a hypothetical, advanced, voice operated and remote controlled drink mixer/creator/dispenser. The device itself is about the size of a blender, with the added size for containers containing the drinks and ingredients.

EDIT: You can put pre-mixed drinks in it, BUT it has the capability to mix and create any drink combination you want SPONTANEOUSLY. Each container can be ordinary (just heated or cooled) or specialized, like stirring continually while mixing in other ingredients.

For example, if you want fresh coffee, it will take out exactly the number of beans needed, grind them up and make the coffee. If you want vodka and OJ, it will mix fluids from the OJ and vodka containers on the spot.

The Deluxe Distiller Kit even has special containers can distill alcohol for you, microbrew style.

It can do anything a blender can do and more, including coffee making, grinding, ice crushing, ice shaving, shaking, stirring, syrup/water mixing, carbon dioxide mixing (for carbonation), etc ALL spontaneously or on a schedule/in advance.

You can tell it "orange soda, moderate carbonation, 16 ounces," "vodka and orange juice," "Arabica coffee ready at 8am every day, 8 ounces, 105.2 degrees, add extra caffeine and meth," or any other voice command and it will obey it.

How much would you pay for such a device? What if you could split the cost with house/apartment mates?

Honestly, I'd pay over $200 for this. Probably no more than $400.t
Madeline Lilli

Help me decide to make a life-changing decision, TQC!

1. Does anybody have any experience with what my local university calls "e-commerce"? Is the work/pay good?

I'm seriously considering a career change, and this will fit the bill nicely...

2. If you drink coffee, when in the morning do you start your coffeemaker?

After I go to the bathroom (and wash my hands of course), but before I get dressed. By the time I'm ready, it's ready.

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TQC, I was just promoted to manager at my job!  I've only been there a year!

For this position I have to wear dress pants, a button up or knit shirt, and a blazer.  So my question is, do you know of anywhere that sells a dark red button up shirt for women?  It seems as though I've looked everywhere, and no place has quite the awesome selection of shirts that men have.
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When you go to concerts do you tend to sneak in a camera?

Have you ever had a camera confiscated from you at a concert?

Have you ever been to the Superpages.com Center [formerly Smirnoff Music Centre] in Dallas, TX for a concert? (if you have, how successful were you with sneaking in a camera)

Kissing Parts

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"A child may not be adopted by a person who is cohabiting in a relationship that is not a legally valid and binding marriage under the laws of this state. For purposes of this Subsection (3)(b), 'cohabiting' means residing with another person and being involved in a sexual relationship with that person."

Do you agree with this? Why/Why not?

Collapse )

Traveling with dog on plane...

This is actually a query from a coworker whose son is traveling from LA to NYC by plane with his year-old English Bulldog. He wants to know:

1. Should he have a vet give the dog a mild sedative?

2. Which airlines have the best reps as far as traveling with pets?

Thanks in advance.

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My last day of a job that I loathe is tomorrow.  I have an opportunity to go to a taping of Jeopardy in Madison. Wi tomorrow as well.  I asked if I could leave early, and they got mad at me, saying "do what you want".

Do you show up for your last day of work?
What if it is a dead end job?
Do you feel guilty about not showing up?
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Can Only Type One Word answers!

Not as easy as you might think.
Now copy or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on.

1. Where is your cell phone? desk.

2. Your significant other? gone.

3. Your hair? messy.

4. Your mother? cute.

5. Your father? calm.

6. Your favorite thing? endorphins.

7. Your dream last night? sexy.

8. Your favorite drink? tea.

9. Your dream/goal? happiness.

10. The room you're in? office.

11. Your ex? c**t.

12. Your fear? burning.

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive.

14. Where were you last night? home.

15. What you're not? content.

16. Muffins? tight jeans.

17. One of your wish list items? studio.

18. Where you grew up? rossglen.

19. The last thing you did? boot camp.

20. What are you wearing? black.

22. Your pets? scooter.

23. Your computer? mac.

24. Your life? chaos.

25. Your mood? submerged.

26. Missing someone? hardly.

27. Your car? nil.

28. Something you're not wearing? underwear.

29 Favorite Store? etsy.

30. Your summer? wet.

31. Like someone? several.

32. Your favorite color? red.

33. When is the last time you laughed? boot camp.

34. Last time you cried? sunday.

35. Who will/would re-post this? whoever.
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Everytime I hear the song 'Thank God I Found You' by Mariah Carey ft. Joe I think back to this one tv special where she went back and visited her old high school and had a concert. I KNOW IT'S LAME THAT I REMEMBER ALL OF THIS CRAP.

Is there a song that leads you to make a stupid connection with something else (like I just did)?

Doctor doctor

You're diagnosed with a terrible medical problem, one that requires surgery to correct it. Through whatever medical insurance you have (or lack thereof), the procedure will cost you (personally) $100,000. You're mulling it over in the waiting room when you're approached by a stranger. "I can do that same procedure for only $15,000. I'm a surgeon, you see, who was forced out of my practice due to a few malpractice suits, all 3 of which had nothing to do with this particular kind of operation. I have no operation room, but I keep a sterile basement where I will conduct the procedure. I still have the tools of my trade, and effective black market anesthesia. What say you?" What would you do?

Go the safer route and sign up for the 100k operation, which will take place in a proper environment with licensed doctors
I'll check out the guy's basement and license, and if they look up to snuff, I'll pay him. A doctor is a doctor and he's cheaper

You aren't special

What and When was the first time you realized you weren't as special/gifted about something you originally thought you were at?

Mine was when I was standing in the line outside the Lunch Room in 6th Grade, and this guy told me how he beat Star Fox 64 (completed all missions, for the true final boss) and I didn't believe him, so I asked for details of the ending and he was right. I always felt special/unique that I could beat lots of games my little brothers/sisters couldn't, but it was that moment that I realized I wasn't as "special" as I originally thought. I was just ignorant of the world around me and did something thousands of others had already done, and living in my own world.

What about you?
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Poll #1169025 Poll #3

Have you ever masturbated to a television personality?

Yes, often
No, that's gross
Yes, it was Dr. Phil
Yes, it was Oprah
Sometimes to Adam Corolla

Do you prefer the sex you are interested in to shave their genitals?

Yes, I like it smooth
No, that's weird
No, hair is beautiful
Yes, but only for practical reasons

Are you male or female?


Would you rather be deaf or blind?


You can save the life of your mother or your father. Which one lives?

I'd kill myself

Which of these would you most likely have an incestuous relationship with?

My mother/father
My sister/brother
My child
My aunt/uncle/niece/nephew
My grandma/grandpa/other 'grand' relation

You are in the military. One day you are orderd to rape and kill a prisoner. You immediately refuse, seeing as you do not want to. However, you realize that if someone else does it, they might enjoy it and make it especially awful (humiliation, violence, long rape session). Do you let that awful rape become your fault, or do you do the deed to make it as humane as possible?

I have no choice but to rape them
I would not rape them
I would rape them because it turns me on
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That time of year is coming quickly. Softball Season, Baseball games, grilling out, hiking, spending time outside. Which means... MOSQUITOES!!! Last year i bought the Don't bug me patch Which worked ok, sometimes I put on bug spray in addition to it, but not often. Mosquitoes LOVE ME. I DO have a adhesive allergy which left be with a nice rash if i used to patch for too long, also it took off my skin in the places where I applied the patch.

So my question is to you, What are you going to be using this year for your repellent???

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I've been doing research about periods because, as a girl, I think I should know what's going on. But I'm confused about something. Let's keep it simple. Let's say a girl ovulates between the 22nd-1st, has sex on the 1st of the month. She's supposed to start her period sometime between the 8th and 10th. How likely is it the girl will get pregnant?

Can a girl only get pregnant when she ovulates or are the chances just greater?

Is it truth or myth that a girl can't get pregnant while on her period?

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Are you a professor?

If you are, have you ever wanted to sleep with a student?

Did you?

If you aren't a professor, have you ever slept with a professor?

I think I have a crush on my professor. haha.

Old Fashioned
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What exactly do you learn when taking library sciences?


What instrument of torture do you recommend using on people who refuse to answer their email? I've got a list of people who need it. :S
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Constant Emails

So some kind of debt-free website keeps emailing me saying they've been trying to contact me since last week (which is true, I've been receiving the emails), but I don't have any business with them. I haven't replied back because I'm worried this will just instigate a whole wave of additional emails and spam, so is there something I should be doing instead? So far I've just been spam-boxing them.

They don't even put a link of their website in their emails, they just say BusinessName DOT com, probably so it doesn't get filtered out quite as easily.
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do you have any "loyalty" or pride to your school/place of work? Why or why not?
The only loyalty I have is that which I feign in order to keep my job :P

2) What are you waiting for?

It's a school question.

Hey TQC,
Eventually for my degree I need a fourth year English course, which involves presentations.
Now I'm not deathly afraid of them but I definitely don't like them.
Should I wait until I feel a little less stressed out and do the course or just give er now'?

Thanks Anyway, Anapnea's got my back.
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1. What colors should I decorate my new apartment in? I'm game for anything that isn't black and green (been there, done that) or involves a great deal of pink. And I THINK the carpet will be blue, but I don't know yet.

2. Will you show me a picture of your room?

3. What are your plans for the summer?
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how annoying.

why does my gynecologist believe i can't make a valid decision about my uterus and my future oppurtunities to conceive because i'm 22?

if someone at 22 is capable of deciding she wants to have a child, can't someone at 22 be equally sure she never wants to have a child?

edit: i am not getting a surgery for the sole reason of being child-free. i want a surgery to correct a severe medical problem that will essentially leave me unable to have children.
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What would you choose?
 A marriage to a man who treated you really well but died 10 years into your marriage or a man who was a grumpy jerk but kept you company for 40 years.
eta: the grumpy jerk isn't a total bastard, just kind of annoying.
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Does it annoy the hell out of you when one of your friends just sighs for no reasons? It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't live with her. And it's not one of those exasperated sighs. It's one of those long and almost high-pitched sighs.
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What's the most recent time you can remember being really angry? What made you so angry?

I just came home from a crap day and opened the fridge to see if the delicious pizza I was craving all day was still in the box. I open it. ALL but one slice is gone. I ordered it, and my fucking disgusting step dad ate all of it, then bit into the last piece and left it there. This is why I want to move out so bad. I hate living with people. They touch your food, make a mess, they're loud, and you never have privacy.

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Do you have specific rules/criteria for people you'll add to your friends list?

Why/why not?

Since it's been like, a whole week since we did this. Is there anyone in TQC you want to friend but haven't? Who? Why haven't you?


hey, ever'body!

i have a soar throat with sporadic phlegm cough, complete with a sexy rasp that i will dearly miss when i'm finally well.  what kind of medicine does my throat want??


                                                                                  <img src="http://scratch.mit.edu/static/projects/Crumbnumber1/25085_sm.png">

MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. What's your favorite musical?
2. Is there a scene in one that completely breaks your heart in two?
3. Is there a scene in one that can make you laugh until your sides hurt?
4. What musical can fall off the face of the planet as far as you're concerned?

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What does your voice sound like? Boring, interesting, or what?

Here's mine, I think it's a hella generic American accent, but I get told all the time that I mumble/am incomprehensible, but whatevs.

(oh, here's a little voice post to make life easier on you all. XD)

EDIT: So what kind of accent do you think I have (if any)? I'm kinda curious tbh.

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1. Have you read The Boxcar Children books? Did you like them? Which was your favorite?
2. If you're in school, what's your favorite class? And are seniors starting pranks at your school yet?
3. Why is your hair the way it is?
4. What was the last thing that took your breathe away? Whether it was good or bad or just a smack. Whatever.
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Have you ever wanted to be a different race than you are?

Have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex than you are?

If you could have a really mundane superpower (such as the ability to clean the cat box by wiggling your nose or something), what would it be?

What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you?

It's a snake!!!!!

So yesterday I was in biology and we were talking about vertebrates. We have a 6.5 foot boa constrictor named Charlotte that the professor was allowing us to hold and pet and what not. So I was holding the snake curled around my arm and everything's cool when all of a sudden the damn thing darts around my neck really quick fast and starts trying to suffocate me. She got wrapped around twice before anyone could do anything. It took 5 people to pull her off me. I almost passed out and I now have neck bruises that are pretty obvious.
Anyone else been attacked by an animal?
How do I get rid of/hide neck bruises? I've had awkward conversations all day and it's way to hot for a scarf.

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i have a job interview in about an hour for a food service job. i am wearing a light blue polo shirt. i can either wear a knee-length black skirt with several large, colored dots sewn onto it or a pair of stuffy wool-blend gray pinstriped pants. it is 70 degrees today. i feel that the skirt is a little too fun and the pants are too formal and very obviously weather inappropriate. should i wear the skirt or the pants?

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Poll #1169165 Who's to blame?

Grandfather buys his grandson a Porsche for his 16th birthday, shortly after he passed his driving test. The father, who had never ridden in a car with his son, is beaming with pride and lets his son take the car out for a drive. Son steps on the gas and veers out of the driveway at 55mph, into traffic, and is immediately hit by a truck, which was passing by his house at the time. Which party is the most at fault for this incident?

The grandfather, for buying his inexperienced grandson a fast car
The father, for allowing his inexerienced son to drive the fast car without practicing first
The son, for being kind of an idiot
The truck driver, for not being timely with his brakes
The Porsche company, for not making better visibility for their drivers
It's no one's fault, These things happen

A 20-year old couple has been dating for 6 months, when the girl gets pregnant. The boyfriend says that he's not ready to start a family, and that she should abort it. Girl refuses. Boy says he really doesn't want anything to do with the kid, that he doesn't want to be a father. Girl demands he take responsibility. Boy breaks up with girl. Girl gives birth, finds that single motherhood is hard, takes boy to court for child support. Court agrees with girl, and boy has to pay. Boy still doesn't pay because of he never wanted a kid. Girl sues for back payments. Boy refuses again and is incarcerated for non-payment. Who's the more at fault for this situation?

The girl. She shouldn't have kept the kid if she's not prepared for motherhood and the father doesn't want it
The boy. He should have been responsible once the child was born. Shit happens and we step up to the plate and deal with it
It's no one's fault, These things happen

There's a car accident, and the car gets flipped over and there's gas leakage. The driver has a broken arm and leg and cannot get out of the car, and the engine starts to catch on fire. All seems fucked. Suddenly, a young man runs over to the car, and yanks the driver out of the vehicle, and then, throws him behind a car to shield him from the explosion (the good samaritan dives behind another car). The force of the throw causes the driver to damage his head, inducing a coma. When he gets out of it, he sues his rescuer for damages and reckless behavior. Who's the guilty party in this incident?

The driver. What a douchebag! The guy saves his life and he's going to take him to court. He should be lucky he's alive!
The good samaritan. Yeah, it's good that he saved him, but did he have to chuck him like a water balloon like that? Couldn't he have simply pulled the injured man carefully behind the same car he was using?
It's no one's fault, These things happen

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TQC, today is shopping day. payday = grocery shopping!!!

Will you help me plan my meals for the next week or so? I'm sick of frozen pizza, tacos, taco salad, taco casserole and hamburger pie.

What should I make?

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Do you have any friends or know anybody that is jealous of you and anything you have or do?

How do they act about the situation? When they're are their most jealous I suppose..

I'm just wondering if this is what is happening with me and someone.

Thank you!

Breaking the rules!

Would you rather be really, really attractive (with low-to-average intelligence) or really, really smart (with low-to-average attractiveness)?

Post a pic or a link to the person you would most want to physically resemble.

Post a pic or a link to the person whose brain you would like to transplant into your own head.
girls in white dresses

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as some of you may recall, the original power rangers lived on "angel island". some questions:

if an island were famous for being attacked by monsters every week at two in the afternoon on fridays, why would you call it angel island? wouldn't you call it monster island?

how did the residents of angel island pay for the massive destruction caused by giant monsters and/or the megazord(and sometimes the dragonzord)? incredibly high property taxes?

what would they have to have on angel island to convince you that living there was a good idea despite the above difficulties?

my mother used to tell me that i watched too much television, but i fucking liked it. she was a bitch, y/y?
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Do you agree with me that it's absurd to receive a check from the U.S. Treasury for $1.40?

Why couldn't they send me some of the 8,300 tons of gold they have in the Federal Reserve or a check as a more than the currently not as significant as it could be assistance package passed by the Senate to encourage purchasing a foreclosed home?

Phi Sig

Are there anyone here who is part of Phi Sigma Sigma? I am interested in meeting more people from the sorority.

I am from the Beta Pi chapter which is located at Queens College, CUNY.
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Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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What genre of music is your theme song?

If your life were a movie, would it have absurd monologues that were actually heard by the other people? By that I mean:

Say you're a detective in some classy, 1930s black-and-white movie. You're looking out the blinds and you're thinking. "Just when I thought the day couldn't get any worse, a tall glass of trouble made her way into my office. She had hair like fire and eyes that melted my soul."

To which she says:
"Who says 'tall glass of trouble'? I mean really."

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Is the Pillsbury Dough Boy partially baked, or is he made of raw cookie dough? I mean, he holds his shape quite well, but still seems pretty flexible.

I had to scoop out some congealed congee from a pot just now, and it totally felt like I was finger-sexing the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Does that feel like a brightflight comment to you?


What are your thoughts on Philadelphia, the city?
Be honest, I'm not from there so you won't hurt my feelings. I'm just trying to decide if I should move there.


Drs. TQC:

I've been sick all week with a cold. The doctor gave me Celestone for 3 days and it did absolutely nothing. On the nights I can't sleep because of the congestion, so I've been drinking Theraflu. Today I woke up feeling like a complete zombie, AND to make things worse, with my ears feeling clogged. Does someone know of anything that can help me? At least with the clogged ears?

Because I have something very important tomorrow and I really wish I could feel better by then and not like an emotionless zombie. Thank you for any suggestions!


Why are hiccups associated with imbibing alcohol?

Any cures for the hiccups beyond the following tried and true methods?

-plugged ears
-held breath
-gulped drink (through straw?)
-peanut butter
-being frightened

:) Hiccups suuuck

ETA: You guys are awesome. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to reply to each later on when I stop hiccuping.  I'm still hiccuping but off to try some of your methods. Any ideas on the first question? :)
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Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Someone stole my fucking bicycle! It was chained to one of the supporting poles of our porch.

How do you suggest I better protect my shit, seeing as how everyone around here is apparently entitled to come into my yard and take it?

(Srs and non-srs answers welcome.)


So I go to insert an image into a LJ entry, and under preview is this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas feugiat consequat diam. Maecenas metus. Vivamus diam purus, cursus a, commodo non, facilisis vitae, nulla. Aenean dictum lacinia tortor. Nunc iaculis, nibh non iaculis aliquam, orci felis euismod neque, sed ornare massa mauris sed velit. Nulla pretium mi et risus. Fusce mi pede, tempor id, cursus ac, ullamcorper nec, enim. Sed tortor. Curabitur molestie. Duis velit augue, condimentum at, ultrices a, luctus ut, orci. Donec pellentesque egestas eros. Integer cursus, augue in cursus faucibus, eros pede bibendum sem, in tempus tellus justo quis ligula. Etiam eget tortor. Vestibulum rutrum, est ut placerat elementum, lectus nisl aliquam velit, tempor aliquam eros nunc nonummy metus. In eros metus, gravida a, gravida sed, lobortis id, turpis. Ut ultrices, ipsum at venenatis fringilla, sem nulla lacinia tellus, eget aliquet turpis mauris non enim. Nam turpis. Suspendisse lacinia. Curabitur ac tortor ut ipsum egestas elementum. Nunc imperdiet gravida mauris.

Is there any chance my buddies Mac is possessed?

Whats your favorite type of tea?
Mine- Awake tea from Tazo.
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Tech Support Please

My mom is really frustrated because her e-mail program won't let her edit her own emails-so she has to write them perfectly the firs time, if she tries and go back to edit it it simply will not let her put the cursor there. Anybody know what the problem is?

She says it's only at home, she can edit them on the computer at work.

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If you were to meet me or someone from TQC, what about yourself (looks or personality) do you think would be most surprising?

If you ever have met someone from the internet, what about you most surprised them?

Pick one person from TQC whom you have never seen a picture of, and tell me what you think they look like.

(no subject)


If I were to kill myself, but my parents co-signed a student loan, would they still have to pay it?

What if it were a homicide?

What if it were a natural death?

What if it were a "questionable" death?
cubs hat

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My sister and her boyfriend bought a house together last year, and then they broke up.

They are both on the mortgage and the title.

She wants to sell the house, he doesn't. But he doesn't have the money to buy her out or pay the mortgage himself.

What can she do? If she just stops paying, her credit is screwed. Can she force him to sell it? (Let's not go into how stupid it was for them to buy the house in the first place)

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SO, I work for a company that purifies water and I have a test I have to take about water purification.  I have a question on my practice test that neither me or my boss could find in my manual, so here goes...

What is the primary indicator of microbiological contamination in water? 

a) Viruses
b) iron bacteria
c) coliform bacteria
d) protozoa

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If you could choose between being reincarnated, going to heaven, or nothing after you die, which would you choose and why?


I'd choose reincarnation. I don't like the idea of being in a perfect place for all eternity. It sounds boring. I mean, I suppose I could stand it, and I know that heaven is supposed to be better than anything we could fathom, but I really love this life. I know there would be a possibility that I'd have a really horrible one, but I love people and I love places and I love living.

My second choice, though, would be heaven.

ETA: Okay, after having a few minutes to ponder all the horrible things that could happen, I changed my choice to heaven. But it would have to be interesting.
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I'm forgetting some stuff

Last night I had a dream that I posted pictures of eight foods with (live) miniature frogs in them that resembled meatballs. I asked TQC if anyone could do better and make NINE foods (I had macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, etc.). taijiling (or whatever the hell her screen name is), in all her infinite wisdom, started a 250+ comment drama thread of ZOMG I ACCIDENTALLY ATES THEM :O

So, any TQC dreams?
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1. people you can talk to forever & time just seems to fly by?
2. favorite food to put hot sauce on?
3. what is a good recipe with red onions in it?
4. how tall are you?
5. what school do you go to?

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How do you feel about the use of the word "nigger?"

It is appropriate only as something similar to "bro."
It is appropriate only as something similar to "fellow black man."
It is appropriate only with a negative connotation, similar to asshole. i could call anyone a nigger, regardless of race.
It is appropriate only in jokes - never seriously.
It's okay when black people use it, but offensive when others do.
It's okay for black people to use it, and only ok for others if they are joking and/or there are no black people around.
Anyone can use it however they want.
Anyone can use it however they want as they want as long as they're not using it to insult the black race.
It is always offensive and should not be used.
Nigger is synonymous with "black person" and should be used as such.
I really don't know.
Other - please share in a comment

What is your race?

Pacific Islander
Native/Aboriginal (yeah this is kinda vague, whatever)

Do you live in the United States?

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My friend and I were getting into a wage discussion the other day, and as I am honestly clueless in this area, I was wondering if maybe thequestionclub would know the answer.

The discussion is this: I work at a movie theatre and make minimum wage, $5.85 an hour. My friend works as a waiter and makes below that - I believe it's about $2.50 or so. We were joking about who had the better job, and I said that I did, seeing as at least I made minimum wage. My friend became very argumentative and started saying that he made 'waiter minimum wage', and therefore did not make below minimum wage.

So there's my question. Is there such thing as a 'waiter minimum wage'? Am I still right by saying he's making below minimum wage?

And if there is a waiter minimum wage, what is it? Because I always assumed waiters' wages went on the thought that their tips made up for what they weren't paid.

I live in America, if it helps any.

*EDIT*: Because my wording is confusing. :P. I do understand that he gets paid less than minimum wage, and that his tips are supposed to make up for it. I just didn't know whether or not there is a standard waiter minimum wage, like all waiters must be paid $2.50 per hour before tips. That kind of thing, yano? ;)

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I just finished reading, for the umpteenth time, Forever by Pete Hamill. (Fantastic book.) So, TQC, I bring you these questions:

1. One day the gods reveal themselves to you. They offer you immortality until the day, which they promise will be 3 or 4 hundred years in the future, that a prophecy reveals itself to you and you can cross over into the afterlife.

Here's the catch: you can never leave the city you're currently in.

Do you take it?

2. Now the gods say, "Pick a city. We'll drop you in there right now, but again, you can never leave." Do you take it now? Which city do you pick?

Pros: Living for at least three hundred more years. So many possibilities to experience (except travel, of course).

Cons: Outliving everyone you've ever loved. Possibility of absolute pain without the option of the relief of death.

If you don't take it, you continue to live as you have.

ETA: You don't age, which would probably mean reinventing yourself every 50 years or so. "Retiring," then showing up somewhere else as someone else. Let's say documentation is not an issue.

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What ritual/regular experience that you had in your childhood do you really miss nowadays?
I miss our annual family holiday in Italy, because me and my sister always had a lot of fun there, which was rare, because usually we were fighting like crazy.

And I really really miss the hiking trips I experienced with my grandma, her SO, his kids, my sister and my cousin.

When and why did you stop doing it?
I think around the age of 15. It just wasn't the same anymore and I couldn't stand being with my family for a whole week, just lying on the beach.

I think the hiking trips stopped for the same reason, we just grew too old to enjoy sleeping in cabins on the mountains. Some of us grew up to be snotty teenagers and we just didn't get along anymore.
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So my little brother convinced my parents to buy a NES. We now have it.
Can you recommend some NES games I can search for on EBAY?
What was the last music you listened to that was not in english?
Do you have any artistic skill?
And do you have a preference in terms of ethnicity in the people you date/d?