April 9th, 2008


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When you hear something you find offensive to any degree, do you speak up or keep it to yourself?

If it depends on the situation/people involved, what situations would you speak up? When would you be quiet?

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So I have googled this, and I can't find what I'm looking for. I have made an icon out of one of my pictures before on a website, and I can't find where I did it. I don't have photoshop or anything that I can make icons with. I just need something simple. Anybody know of a site where I can do this?

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i want to see a movie that came out on february 15. how likely is it that it's still in theatres?

actually, a better question would be: how long to movies typically stay in theatres? because the movie i want to see apparently isn't to be found in any theatre ANYWHERE.
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What is the last thing that made you go "awwww?"

I was at Denny's and it was raining outside and I saw an older guy take his coat off and put it over his wife's head and then walked her out to their vehicle. :)

Before going to bed

1. I want to know how many TQC people live in California. Are you a a member of TQC: California?
2. I'm not trying to initiate any meeting, but if there was a TQC gathering for the Californians, would you attend?
3. Pick a theme for this fictional Golden State meet
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its 1:35 in the morning and I just got back from the ER with four staples in my head (if you wanna know what happened read my journal)

What's the most seemingly innocent task you've done lately that ended in disaster?

Short version of mine, I opened my window, it fell on my head, I now have 4 staples in my head.

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I read this book titled The Time Traveler's wife, by Audrey Niffenegger, which is SO good that I want to read another one by her. Can anyone suggest a title?

I also would love another romance book to read of any subclasses. Can you suggest one?

When you go to Outback and order a hamburger, you can get it with cooked onion and blue cheese. How do you cook the onions? Is it in oil or some kind of sauce? Any suggestions?
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Is there a way to cross-reference LJ tags?  That is, to search for all entries that have two particular tags on them? 

I thought it would be http://journal.livejournal.com/?tag=tag1&tag=tag2 but that doesn't seem to be working.

Edit: Oops, fail.  Um....what's for lunch?
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If someone didn't know your name, how would they refer to you?

(For example, "The Blonde-Haired Abercrombie Girl", "The Guy Who Wears the Weird Hats", "The Drama Major with The Long Hair", etc.)

People did actually call me "The Dark-Haired Girl" for a while at my former school.
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Anyone have portable speaker recommendations, for laptop use?

I'm looking for a compact pair; what I have in mind is stuffing them in my bag and taking them with me to work. Usually work by myself and listen to music, and headphones don't work well at all because a) I move around a lot and can't be tied down b) I have to listen for the phone and can't do that with something stuffed in my ear.

Thin and compact, fairly good quality.

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Do you still use snail-mail?
Do you have a pen-pal?
Do you listen to internet radio at all?
What time do you usually go to sleep at night?

1. Yes
2. Yes, LJ has a few wonderful pen pal communities.
3. I listen to a few college radio streams from my iTunes.
4. 2am, tonight... who knows, probably never.

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Let's say you're playing a 20 Questions type game with a cute friend-of-a-friend, just getting to know them since all you really know about eachother is where you work, go to school, and a few random facts.

What are some questions you'd ask them?

srs and non-srs answers welcome. :]

But this is relevant to me so I do need some serious answers lol....I'm totally at a loss & it's my turn to do the question asking.

Thanks BB ;]


I want to change the level of privacy for a large number of past entries, but to do this I need a paid account. Would it work to just set up automatic deposits, use the thingy, and then cancel before one month so as to only be charged $3?

Anyone ever used the mass-privacy-change tool?

*new* Anyone ever used automatic deposits for just one month/$3?

Are you ever concerned about the "privacy" of your livejournal?
Are the bulk of your LJ friends from real life or the internet?

Is this post a thinly veiled attempt to get technical support?

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does anybody else have trouble staying focused on the present and not worrying about everything you have to do tomorrow/this week/etc? lately i've been basically unable to stop worrying about shit like that and it's driving me insane, especially because now i'm worrying about my future with my boyfriend, which i DO NOT need to be worrying about right now. and the thing is, most of what i'm worrying about isn't stuff i actually need to worry about. it's stuff like moving in with my boyfriend (which won't happen for at least six months) and school, cause i can't afford full time right now and don't qualify for financial aid, and the fact that i don't have a job and currently owe about twice as much money as i actually have. i'm really sick of freaking out like this because i know it's pointless and unnecessary but it just seems like i have nothing better to think about and thus have to worry about stupid shit.

so, does anyone have any tips or anything for how to stay focused on the present and live in the moment and all of that? i feel like i'd be a lot less stressed out and a lot happier if i could master this.


How do you feel about incest?

How do you feel about incest? Consensual, between adults.

Edit: Me, I think it's strangely beautiful in film, literature and music. (Like in that Kate Bush song The Kick Inside, or in Oldboy, or in a Shakespeare play) but if I were to encounter it in real life? I'm not sure how I would react.
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TQC, what kind of memory loss am I having?
(copy/pasted from wikipedia)

* Alzheimer's disease is an illness which can cause mild to severe memory loss.
* Parkinson's disease is a genetic defect which can always result in memory loss.
* Huntington's disease is an inherited disease which can result in memory loss.
* Stress-related activities are another factor which can result in memory loss.
* It is also caused by traumatic brain injury, which a concussion is a form of.

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 Hey TQC. I'm so tired that when I went to bring my lunch to the kitchen, I walked into the bathroom instead. Which is down the hall and past the kitchen.

What kind of stupid things have you done from being so tired?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

true story?

Yesterday, a decent looking woman wearing sunglasses in a SUV stopped my sister on the street and asked her to do her a favor. She said she'd give my sister $200 if she can come with her to a mall because she apparently forgot something. And she couldn't just go in there because the cops would chase after her or whatever. She said she couldn't get her husband to do it for her either cause they'd get a divorce.

My sister repeatedly asked the woman what it was that she forgot at the store in the women's dressing room...and the woman just kept on biting her lip, putting her head down, and tears were dripping down her cheeks. The woman refused to tell my sister what it was...and kept mentioning 'it's just a thing' and shaking her head and shit.

What do you guys think it could possibly be? I don't know how my sister stayed that long to hear her story...I'd bust outta there if some stranger asked me to do them a favor...especially one that involved money!
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You're with your sweetie in bed, cuddling. You're aware you have to fart, but you're holding it in. Your SO makes you laugh, and you suddenly let it out. It's loud and really stank and it's all over the bed. Your reaction?

This makes it even funnier! I start laughing even harder
Humiliated! I go and lock myself in the bathroom
I sit there and pretend nothing happened
"Excuse me. Sorry"
I get all quiet. Awkward quiet. It's pretty embarassing
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a meal full of shame

So I read a review for a fast food burger where the writer said over and over again that he was ashamed to have people see him order it. Also one of my lj friends said she was embarrassed about eating at mcdonalds, and it made me wonder:

Have you ever been ashamed of something/somewhere you ate? Have you ever been embarrassed about ordering something?
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Decadent Birthday Cake

I want to make a deliciously decadent birthday cake for someone special. Does anyone here have any favourite recipes? Or even if you don't know the recipe, what's your favourite cake? I haven't made a cake in years - unless cupcakes with buttercream icing count...mmm...
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 a small black spider just crawled out from under my shirt sleeve and bit me on the arm. i've been wearing this shirt for almost six hours now. is this a sign from a higher(or lower)power? should i start washing my clothes in insecticide?

 ETA: okay, so i keep feeling small bites all over now, so i went to the restroom and took off the shirt. so i'm still wearing a hoodie, but truck drivers can smell a nipple from a mile away. they keep circling me like sharks swimming around a three-legged kitten. should i just say i'm sick and go home early? or should i stick around and put a stapler through the eye of the first driver that approaches within four feet?

woof woof mew mew

Is it better to adopt from a shelter that kills after a certain number of days, or from a no-kill shelter? In the first case, you're saving an animal from almost certain death, but in the second, you're supporting the places that make it possible for the animals to have a safe place to go/be sent.
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Ok we have a board outside the office showing all the members of the department. The current members have their pics (like REAL people) but the people who have retired get Bucky Badgers (the UW mascot) placed over their name and picture. Because we have sooooooo many retirees the boss wants to replace the bucky badger with other characters like yoda.

Who should I print out to use as replacements?



What does a person do if the sirens are going off (like the ones that blare when there are tornadoes) and you can't figure out why? I looked outside and at the local stations and there doesn't appear to be any severe weather. Also, they test the sirens at noon on the first Saturday of the month here, so it is not likely to be a test.
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1. What is a store or restaurant you have to travel out of your way to get to but is worth the trip?

2. What is the last thing you bought with cash?

3. What's the worst piece of clothing you wore as a child?

Collapse )

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What's the best spam subject line you've gotten lately?

Today I got "Natural fertilizer for your cucumber." and it made me lol because what if I was some unassuming gardening enthusiast?
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To work a job in a country that you are not a citizen of, do you have to become a citizen?  Or do you just have to get a visa?  Basically, what do you have to do to work in a foreign country.  Say for a job like a waitress.

whatever's cool with me

Poll #1168432 another poll

Which of these issues are you most passionate about?


Should Iggy Pop star in a fitness video?

I do not know who Iggy Pop is

What do you think about ass licking?

Gross, that's where poop comes from!
It's awesome, I love to do it
I like to receive it
I like to give and receive it
I don't care

Is Charlie Sheen sexy?

I do not know who Charlie Sheen is
I would rather have sex with John Cryer

How would you feel if you found out your SO loved Pokemon?

I would not care
Pokemon is pathetic
It would be sexy
I also enjoy Pokemon
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my dad called me at 4:52AM, but i didn't answer because i was afraid of getting bad news. he didn't leave a message and hasn't called back. i'm not sure how long the phone was ringing and he might have hung up pretty quickly. it's been a while since he's called me so i'm probably not on his most recent calls, so i don't think it was an accident.

why do you think he called? should i be worried? i'm scared to call back in case there is bad news.

edit: alright, i got up the nerve to call back. he was trying to shut his alarm off and he hit the wrong buttons.

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what the flip is going on with jeans these days?

i've been losing weight for over 3 years. i should have gone down 3-4 pant sizes but i've somehow barely managed to crack the size below the one i was at my highest weight, despite losing a significant amount of pounds and inches. i found one of my old pairs of jeans and despite being the same size and brand as the ones i've got on now, they're noticeably bigger. it's just a bit annoying.

the jeans i've got on now are the same size as the ones i had 4 years ago, when i was a few sizes bigger but they are much smaller.
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if you're going to accept a job position in another country (or state) what sort of things would you want to know about the job, company, and country?

i just want to make sure i cover all areas and don't end up with... "damn i should've asked about that before!"

ETA: thanks a lot you guys! some of this stuff i would not think about till i got there/too late... :\
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1) Have any of you had any heart problems? Could you tell me about them?

2) Reasons why a healthy 20 year old girl would keep getting sharp pains in her chest right under her left breast? (could it be a pulled muscle?)

3) What should I do to earn some pocket money? I'd prefer to stay out of retail and prostitution :P lol

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Up to what age/stage of development is it appropriate to live with your parents? At what point do you become a hopeless loser, a mama's-basement-dwelling freak of nature not fit to be seen by normal society? When did you sever the apron strings - or when do you intend to leave the nest?

My parents have told me that as soon as I'm out of college, I'm on my own, and while they'll be glad to see me for Christmas I'd better get my own damn apartment! My father left home at 18 to join the army, and my mother married my father by the time she graduated college, so they were living together.

I just always think it's a bit... weird to read stories of thirty-year-olds with toddlers who are still living in their parents' homes, and not in separate suites paying rent but in their childhood rooms and so on.

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I man the phones here where I work, and there is one caller in particular, Paul, who would do the rudest thing: he immediately interrupted me during my greeting and talked over me.

So I decided to just cheerfully continue on with my greeting, whenever he'd call. It forced him to have to repeat the name of the person he was calling for.

I am happy to report that this has "trained" him. Now he no longer interrupts, and he actually waits for me to FINISH. How great!

So! What is something that you conquered, at work or wherever, by forging on and maintaining a positive attitude?
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Okay, so I'm about to go drop off a resume at a few places where I want to intern as a healthcare records clerk.  Would it be okay to wear a blouse and a nice, new, non-frayed pair of jeans?  Or would a skirt and heels be more appropriate?  I'm just dropping off resumes, not interviewing, so I don't want to appear too formal or desperate, but I don't want to be too casual either.

Have you ever been an intern?  What did you do/what was it like?

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Do you agree that moving up professionally is not what you know but who you know? Can you put percentages to the statement? For instance, "it's 75% who you know and 25% what you know".
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I shop so much that I can easily tell where somebody got their clothing choice from based on the brand. Eventhough I don't focus on it for some ODD reason I can always remember what outfit a person was wearing the first time I met them. (ie. my best friend moved here about 5 yrs ago and I can still remember what she was wearing when I picked her up at the airport)

What's your hidden talent?
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If one of your friends was making what you considered to be stupid decisions that could end up as big disasters, would you tell them what you really thought when they asked, be supportive, or try not to say anything either way?

If someone on your friends-list was making what you considered to be stupid decisions that could end up as big disasters, would you tell them what you really thought when they asked, be supportive, or try not to say anything either way?

What if it was some random poster in a community you didn't know at all?

Edit: Do you want your friends to point out what they consider bad decisions you make or might make? Your flist? Random internet strangers?
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Will you post a group photo you're in and let us guess which one's you?

And if we feel up to it, make up names and stories of the other people in the picture and how they're connected with you?

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OK, TQC, this might be a tough one, but I'd like to settle a bit of an argument between me and a friend of mine. Nothing too major, but I'm pretty sure I'm right, and she insists that she's right. Which is where you all come in, because I'm hoping someone in here will actually know the right answer.

My friend's twenty-year-old cousin just gave birth to a baby boy at 5 AM this morning. My friend is all excited about it, obviously, and was telling me all about the baby on the way to breakfast this morning (including his name, which is, wow, as we were saying, just ridiculously long.) The baby's name is Jacob Thomas William Cooper-Adams.

Now. It's the "Cooper-Adams" bit that has caused the small argument between us. Apparently, the cousin decided to give the baby a hyphenated last name because she and her boyfriend are (obviously) not married, are not even close to being engaged, and she didn't want the baby just to have the father's last name in case they broke up. But, she didn't want to give him just her last name in case they got married, because then the father would have to adopt the child in order for him to have his father's last name.

I say that's bullshit, because even if the mother chose to give the baby just her last name for now, and they decided to get married in the future, why would the father have to adopt his own biological child in order for that child to take his last name? There's no dispute over this guy being the biological father; his name is on the birth certificate, so why in the hell would he need to adopt the baby in order to give it his last name? It doesn't make one bit of sense to me, and I used to work for Vital Statistics back in my home province and I know I had more than one case where a couple would come in with that exact same situation, and all they needed to do was fill out a "legal name change" form and voila! In ten business days, it was done. And this couple lives in the same province I'm from, so...unless the rules have changed majorly, I'm pretty sure I'm right.

But what say you, TQC? In the case of a baby being given his mother's last name at birth, would the biological father have to actually adopt the child if, in the future, the couple decided to marry and they wanted the child to have the father's last name?

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I guess this is kinda like the adult version of a homework question. I'd be sorry, but frankly I don't care how much you guys hate homework questions :p

Concerning this:
"Energy users are concerned about the fundamental reset of energy prices over the past 10 years and the resulting volatility."

Does anyone know what this "fundamental reset of energy prices" was? Or have decent guesses on what a "fundamental reset of energy prices" could be?

I'm really tired today and I just can't even munge my way through this. EDIT: But I do know it's -extremely- unlikely this deals with oil. My company doesn't deal with oil at all, except when it comes to the tiny handful of homes in the NE that use heating oil.

Also: What do you do when you don't understand something at work?
If you wanna answer "talk to my supervisor", imagine he's in meetings for the next ~4 weeks like mine is. :p
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom

A bunch of unrelated topics

I'm beyond sleepy, TQC, despite coffee and a decent amount of sleep. When you're exhausted for no apparent reason, what do you do to wake up? What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up?

Jumping jacks or stretching, plus more caffeine; between 1-2am and up again ~8:30.

What is the weather generally like where you live? What is the worst weather that you have experienced living there?

Nice, but the random tornados and hurricane remnants can get old. Exciting, beautiful to watch, but old.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you do it and if not, do you plan to in the future?

Either a doctor or a street artist in San Francisco. Didn't do either and don't plan to.

Do you have a cat? Is s/he neurotic? Does this piss you off or just amuse you?

Two, one of whom is definitely neurotic and the other who couldn't care less. It's sweet and I'm quite fond of her and all of her obsessively possessive, affection starved ways.

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What does blood pudding or any other heavily blood-centric food item taste like?

What is the thing that really hurts that you get when you bite your nails and it's like a tiny shredded piece of nail that's still attached to your nailbed? I thought it was a hangnail but I guess that's just skin.

I just got a Brown library card. They have like 398348234 libraries including a general one, a science one, and a music one. WHAT SHOULD I TAKE OUT?? I can only use it 'til the end of the semester which is in like a month and a half.

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1. the muscles in my lower back are ridiculously knotted. why does this happen? anyone else have this problem? any suggestions how to get rid of them?

2. why do i dream about my ex-boyfriend every single night?

3. why don't they make lucky charms cereal with JUST the marshmallows? now i'd eat that every day.
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1) TQC is ordering Chinese food! Don't worry, it's our treat. What would you like?

2) What side of your car is the gas tank door on?

3) Did you know that on your gas gauge, there is usually an arrow pointing to which side it's on?

4) Is the gear shifter on your steering column, or in a console between the seats?

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Argh, so I'm writing a cover letter for an internship. Everywhere I've looked for tips, they've said not to start the letter with Dear Sir/Madam or To Whom It May Concern if at all possible. However, the website just lists a specific department to send the internship inquiries to. No names anywhere on that thing. Should I use Dear Sir/Madam? Something else?

And for those of you who don't know/don't care:

When was the last time you went on a road trip? Who'd you go with? Where'd you go?

What's your favorite planet? (Mine is Saturn. I dig the rings.)
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Do you find that there are certain people/groups of people that you just won't take any crap from, and others that you will let walk all over you?  Why do you think this is?

I realized today that I will let other females treat me however they want, and that I don't confront then when they anger me... but when a male pisses me off I speak my mind to a fault.

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My boyfriend is at the library and the woman next to him is laughing loudly at pictures. She's been doing this for a while and it's starting to get REALLY annoying.

Should he punch her in the face, y/y?

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What is the name of the flying dragon that the kid rides around in A Never Ending Story?

How come a quiet man is considered strong and silent while a quiet woman meek and shy?

Could my neighbors below me have thier television any louder? Should I be passive aggressive and stomp around my apartment being really loud?

What is the worst movie you have ever seen? What made it so bad?
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Besides any kind of home (including your own), what is your favorite place to get away to and relax?

What would you do there that you find relaxing?  And with no pressing timetables, how long would you stay?

Hail to the Chief

Which of these discoveries would be the most damaging to a male presidental candidate's run for office?

Candidate was the last one to see a certain person alive, and unintentionally provided a bunch of vague answers to the police
Was a member of the KKK/Black Panthers when they were in their late teens
Frequently patronized a local brothel. A few dozen credit card transactions report the transactions
Flip-flopped their opinion on every single stance they initially made 10 years ago
Admitted that they once got high on pot while in college
Candidate isn't married. He and his 'wife' actually divorced a couple years ago, and have just been masquerading as a couple
Candidate is caught petitioning for sex in a men's room
Candidate is an avowed athiest
Candidate is a devout muslim
Candidate has an illegitimate child with another woman
Candidate is a firm believer in creationism and harbors a complete mistrust of science, and vows to cut all funding for scientific studies
Candidate is in Alcoholic's Anonymous
Candidate is in debt financially, and has declared bankruptcy twice in his life
Candidate has a violent temper and once punched out a reporter over a certain question
Candidate is on the sexual offender watchlist for an act of public indecency several years ago

Which would hurt a male presidental candidate more? It being found out that he had affairs with over a dozen women over the last couple years, or was reported to have spent an hour in his bedroom with Lance Bass, behind closed doors. Lance leaked the story, but the candidate denies it

Numerous affairs
One mysterious hour spent with a gay boy bander

Which would hurt a male presidental candidate more? Being a suspect on a long list of possibles for a murder case, or getting caught getting a blowjob from an intern?

Murder suspect

Which discovery would hurt a female presidental candidate's chances for office the most?

She's reportedly slept with 3 different fellow congressmen to help get a bill passed
She's a lesbian. Has no partner
She's a lesbian, with a significant other
She's fugly, heavily overweight, with poor, cheap taste in clothes (Kmart off-the-rack)
She's young, blonde, pretty, dresses kind of provocative, and when she talks, sounds a little dumb (ok, not much of a discovery)

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is your journal private? why or why not?

i keep mine public because if i make it private, i feel like i'm hiding something. i like being an honest, open person, so i'm proud of who i am, and letting people know that

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So as you may have heard, several airlines (particularly American) have been canceling tons and tons of their flights after failing recent Federal inspections. If you haven't heard about it but care, you can read about it here.

I am scheduled to take a trip next week, and indeed one of my flights is on American, and is one of the routes which they've been canceling. If you were in this situation, what would you do? Would you try to reschedule that flight on a different airline asap, would you just cancel your trip entirely, or would you just not worry about it at all and assume it will be magically (and safely) fixed by this time next week?

On a very related note, for those who think I should throw caution to the wind and go on my trip anyway, how expensive do you think it would it be to rent a car and drive it (on the highway) for 8 or so hours?
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Don't you have any shame?!

Another question: What would you do if someone knocked you upside the head for not having a V8? Personally, I'd be really pissed off because I find it to taste like frothy blood and hitting me is uncalled FOR.
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I had a plastic MacBook case for my 13 inch MacBook. I recently upgraded and bought a MacBook Pro so I no longer had use for the case. I left the case at my boyfriend’s place for a few weeks. Then this morning, he says to me: “Oh, I gave your old case to my neighbor.” I was in a great mood, but as soon as he said this, it was very hard for me to stay that way. Even if I no longer used the case, IT STILL BELONGED TO ME. When I bitched at him, he asked, “are you seriously mad about this? What’s the big deal?” He then asked why I had such an attachment to it, but this has nothing to do with attachment issues.

Is it just me, or does his actions display a complete lack of common courtesy and MANNERS? Did I have a right to get upset?

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 TQC. A bunch of my old co-workers are getting together after work and I was supposed to go. But I'm bailing because I've hardly slept since Friday night, I have a horrible headache because of lack of sleep, and if I do go, I still have to drive 30 min home first, walk/feed the dogs, the drive 30 min to meet them, and that is way too much driving/activity for me right now.

Am I a scumbag for bailing, y/n?

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So, I have that stupid arm fat thing going on. I'd like to start doing some bicep and tricep exercises every day, along with my trying to walk for at least 45 minutes a day and do 50 sit-ups.

1a.) How long would you recommend I do exercises for biceps and triceps each?

1b.) Which exercises specifically will be the best for toning my arms?

1c.) How long do you think it'll take before I start seeing results?

2.) In your opinion, is it a rickroll if you just play the music at someone in person as opposed to having them click a link?

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My aunt once said "If your children were toys, the package would say, "High Energy! Action-Packed! Never Need batteries! Watch ''Em Go!"

What would the box say if you were a toy?

*my answer* "Needs massive amounts of caffeine to function even remotely well."  
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Does your pet mirror your mood/behavior?

I ask because I've been very busy lately and my cat has been totally restless, walking around the house meowing constantly and cannot sit still. She's been very weird and the only time I wondered if it had to do with me is when I laid on the couch to nap today and she instantly calmed down and went over to snuggle up with me and sleep too, and didn't move until I woke up. O_o
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Anybody here familiar with day spas (within a reasonable PRICE range $80-$100) in Dallas, TX? I've googled it and have come up short. done.

What city (or cities) will you be in this weekend? google the name of that city and reply with a picture of what you come up with.

Btw, what's a song that always makes you feel.. better? like you listen to it and all seems right with the world.
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Do you think honor societies such as Phi Theta Kappa are for pretentious and egotistical people?

Do you like being single? Why or why not?

Is the term "weird" mostly associated as being a bad thing or a good thing?

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My school newspaper does this thing called: Overheard on Campus and it cracks me up, it's basically students who report funny things they've overheard people say on campus
Also if you know what I'm talking about, have you ever said anything that could qualify?
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Haruhi disappearance
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If someone is showing visible symptoms of having a stomach illness, are they contagious then? Were they contagious before they started showing signs?

Basically: If I don't go around this person from now until he's better, like if I avoid him now, will I have less chance of catching it? Or am I potentially fucked already since I've been around him in close range?

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this might be a stupid question, but, how do i know if i need stitches or not?

i sliced my finger open pretty bad yesterday slicing an avocado and i would almost say it's bad enough to need stitches, but i have never had stitches before so.. !?!?!?
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Losing things

I can't find the receipt for my doctor's visit, and the prescription I got. I need the receipts to claim money back.

It was in my handbag, but it kept getting in the way, so I put it somewhere else. I just don't know which particular somewhere else.

So, TQC, if you were a distracted, slightly forgetful woman, where would you put important, folded pieces of paper?

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So I just burned my face with some depilatory cream. So I put on some moisturizer and consulted google who told me to put some hydrocortisone cream on the inflamed areas and now my skin is burning a lot more, and is really fucking red.

SO, TQC, should I skip class?

Oh, and do you have any advice for my face?
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I saw someone ask this a few months ago, and the answers were so helpful. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of them because I wasn't going on a vacation at the time.

What items (obvious or not so obvious) do you forget to bring/pack when you go on vacation?

I want to be extra prepared. I'll be gone 3 days, and will be staying in a decent hotel.

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What is the exact name for these plates?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

My mother said that they were given to her by a Japanese foreign exchange student we hosted back in the 90's. She can't remember what they are. They are plastic and about 5inches in diameter.

question answered!!

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Would you be weirded out if your friend(of the sex you favor) told you they had a sex dream about you?
For all intents and purposes, lets assume you don't find the person (otherwise)creepy or unattractive.

ETA: Would you be flattered?
ETA pt II: His reply was "LMAO! That's effing sweet!"

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have you ever had an abortion? how did you feel afterwards? if you haven't, would you ever have one if you were caught in the situation? (if it's not possible for you to be pregnant, pretend it is)

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 If I absolutely loved the book East of Eden, would watching the movie disappoint me?

 I've read East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row, and Sweet Thursday.  What Steinbeck book should I read next?

 Do you know of any good activities I could make my class do on schizophrenia?  I'm doing a 40 min presentation next month and need some ideas besides a power point and video clip.

 Have you ever heard of The Economist?  I am thinking of subscribing--should I?  Only about $60 a year.

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How do you feel about your last name? Would (or did) you change it if you could?

I'm asking because I just found out today that I got into the grad teaching program I wanted so I'm about to be called Ms. "Jooolia" by 50 sixth graders, which is both good and bad. Good because I'm psyched to be in the program, bad because I got made fun of because of my last name when I was in the 6th grade :P.

ETA: I was called "Julia Jerk-off" and like, didn't totally get it. Woe.
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A question I need to ask for work:
What do you call oral sex?

If you would mention if it's only applicable in certain situations--girl on girl, guy on guy, wookie on incredibly distraught ewok--that'd be fabulous.

ETA: You all rock. Thanks muchly!
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What's the best birthday party food?

For me, its little sandwhich mix without a name...

The ingredients are:

1 can of spam
1 block of Cheez Whiz
1 tblspn of mayo
half a can of red peppers
a little milk

and into the blendeeeerrrrrr

then, smear on two pieces of wonderbread.


good, no?
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What was your last "I fucked up big time" moment?
Are there some days you just wonder if people are better off without you?
Have you ever tried E before and if so, how was it, both during and after it wore off?
Do you know someone in your life who you know is probably bad for you, but is just utterly shag-worthy beyond belief?
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My cell phone was shut off. I'd like to now get a prepaid card - do I have to buy a new phone, or can I buy a card for the phone I already have?

Do you bless yourself when you sneeze?

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which movie should i watch right now?

ichi the killer
the boondock saints
layer cake