April 8th, 2008

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What do you think of the idea of vigilante justice?
Have you ever seen the Death Wish movies?
How fucking awesome is Charles Bronson and his mustache?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you best be educatin' yourself.
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Is there someone you find sexually attractive who you shouldn't? (i.e. someone who would not be considered culturally "acceptable," like a criminal of some sort, a fictional character, someone of a questionable relation to you, etc.)
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My friends and I were randomly wondering this today.

1. What is it called when a substance changes phase from a solid directly to a gas and/or vice versa?
(I looked it up but I didn't see it anywhere. I feel like it might be called sublimation, but I'm not sure.)

2. Waxing your armpits or legs...worth it?

3. a) What is your favorite perfume/cologne to wear?
b) What do you like about this fragrance (something more specific than "it smells good", please)?
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I'm playing for a free agent outdoor intramural soccer team in our first game tomorrow. Since I doubt I will be able to properly run for 50 minutes out of 55 to play defensive midfield or side back, do I insist on playing a forward that doesn't drop back to defend often and make super awesome header goals, or a goalkeeper where I have a 40 pound advantage on the average opposing play while being no slower and can charge the ball a lot? (The question is moot if we have a proper goalkeeper on the team - I haven't yet met any of my teammates.)

If you wanted to ask out a hypothetical person on a date, and it turns out they're dating someone, do you :

Not care and persue them anyway?

Not care if the relationship turns out to be long distance, so you'll never run into the person they were dating?

Do neither, or something else?
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1. Do you resemble anyone famous?
2. Is there someone famous that people insist that you look like?
3. If so, could you post a photo of yourself ?

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5. Are you tired, but not quite ready to go to bed yet?

1r. I don't think
2. A teache I had at the first college I went to insisted that I was a dead ringer for someone from the show 24. I didn't think that there was much of a resemblance.
5. i kinda want to go to bed, but i don't. its a dilemma, but if i go to bed soonish, it will mean that i won't sleep all day after class- and I'll be able to finish my one project.

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I play this little game with the guy I'm dating regarding  the movies we see.  We alternate taking turns picking movies and see who can pick the better ones. It's fun because we get to watch all these great new movies. Right now he's teasing me about him winning because the last movie he picked was amazing and is now one of my favorite movies [Into the Wild].

Help me out TQC! Can you recommend me an amazing movie? I don't mean a movie that you like and you feel people should see- I'm talking a movie that was just so profound and awesome that after you watched it you had to take a minute to just take everythng in.

Thanks in advance!

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Is there something you wanna tell me?

When i say "Australian Films" what comes to mind?

For me it has to be my favorites.. Looking for Alibrandi, Picnic at hanging rock, Garage Days, Idiot Box, Gettin' Square, The proposition.
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I've been really busy lately, so if this is really old news I'm sorry, when/why was ch3rrybaby's account suspended?

When's your bedtime?

What song is on repeat in your mind?

(I'm up to 2 or 3 on average, but last night i was in bed by 11:30=) and I've had Silver Tiles by Matt & Kim stuck in my head for a week).
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1, my usual little corners of the internets are kind of dead tonight.

what should i do
a) on the computer
b) off the computer?

2, what are your little corners of the internet(s)?

3, what's the worst thing that's happened to you in the past 48 hours? the best?
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I'm not sure which question is best to ask.

How retarded can we get? Do people actually fall for this bullshit?

("Why are you receiving VS stuff via e-mail ya fucking faggot?" Well perhaps once upon a time, I purchased some goods via the intertubes for a lady friend, and I'm too lazy to unsubscribe.)

im french

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There is this job opening (Craigslist, lol) for a server at this restaurant that I adore and basically I really really need to work there.

Except, I'm a little underqualified. Just a little. What can I dooo?

How can I get the job?

ALSO!, what do you think of job listing that request a photo with your resume?
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..can pixie stix go bad?

I've had these pixie stix sitting in the trunk of my car for.. about 3 months.. and it tastes funky. A funky I've never witnessed before. I'm saddened. They're the kind in the plastic tube, too, not just the paper.
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Wigging out

What kind/colour/style of wig should I buy to cover the new bald head?

My students have suggested pink, rainbow and afro.

They are STUPID cheap here in Hong Kong, so I am going to get about 5 or 6 of them.

Where is __ria to come shopping with me when I need her?? :)

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In regard to porn websites: are there any where the model has any rights copyright-wise or royalty-wise at all?

If so, which sites and to what extent are these rights offered?

Should I start such a website and become a millionaire?

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How do I so consistently manage to fuck everything in my life up, no matter how hard I try to do things right?

How the fuck do people go through life without something disasterous happening every fucking day?
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What is a group of people that, at least in GENERAL, annoy the fuck out of you?

Have you ever posted any kind of rant about them online?

Did that members of that group of people find out about it?

What happened?

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Which do you think would be generally cheaper - taking a weekend trip to Chicago or Toronto? I'm a US resident and live in Michigan, so they're both a little over 4 hours away. We were hoping to maybe save money by staying on the outskirts Friday night and then downtown Saturday.



Poll #1167806 Questions

Which of these are you most prejudiced against?


How long do you last in bed?

Under 5 minutes
5 to 15 minutes
15 to 25 minutes
A long time
I'd rather not say because I'm embarrassed

What do you think about prosthelytizing?

I dislike anyone who prosthelytizes
I don't mind prosthelytizing

What do you think about sex in public places?

It's gross and disrespectful to others
It's awesome and I do it all the time
It's okay, I've thought about it
I don't care




Sorry for the caps lock.
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Well my the connection between my computer and the power cord has gone kaput, So i need to make a decision on what new computer to get.
From 1992-1997 We had a Apple IIgs, then from 1997 until this year we had a Gateway Desktop (family comptuer) Then I got a gateway laptop in 2002 for college, which died in 2004, and now I have had a mac(powerbook) for the past 4 years. I don't know which to get a mac or a PC, if PC which kind?

Any help? pros/cons would be great!
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I feel so overwhelmed by all I have to do in the next two weeks. I feel like breaking down and crying (which I have, quite a few times, this semester).

What do you do when you're feeling like this?

Kill Bill - Elle
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If you could have designed your own lunch menu/schedule in elementary, middle, and high school what would you have listed for each day of the week?

What would make someone take the blankets off of your bed, fold them, and put them in the closet - without having washed them?
Edie Sedgwick

Mac formatting vs PC formatting

I have an external hard-drive that I have formatted for use with a Mac.
I now need to extract some things from my home computer which is a PC.

If I bring the hard-drive home and connect it with the PC will anything diabolical happen ie files being lost, scrambling... etc etc...

Any help or clearing up would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


1. Did any of you ever watch Tales from the Dark Side?

2. Did any of you every watch Monsters, the t.v horror series back in the 80's?

3. What is a show that you used to love that is not aired anymore?

Har har

I just spotted this gem on the wikipedia page for Nicolo Machiavelli: "Machiavelli's best known work is The Prince, in which he designs the arts by which haute couture can retain control of his realm. He focuses primarily on what he calls the "Louis Vuitton Monogram", under the assumption that a hereditary prince has an easier task since the people are accustomed to him."

What's the weirdest wikipedia edit you've spotted?

A few months ago, someone edited David Duke's page to say that he masturbates to albino mice. 
[RP] tired
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How well are you or are you not able to function after pulling an all-nighter?

When was the last time you did?

I just pulled one last night/this morning and I'm like a zombie. Could barely stay awake during seminar. Must...take...nap...
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1. I'm trying to fill out this form because I would like to take a few summer classes at FIT. I fill everything out (with the exception of the New York State Resident part) and when I go to submit it I get "Please enter a value for the 'Enter your email address' field." I have tried calling them and it gets me nowhere. Does anyone have any idea why I keep getting this? If any of you have filled it out before, did you have such troubles?

Which of their 73482754823 phone numbers should I try? I've tried the general one, the registration one, and about 6 others.

2. I do plan on applying to FIT one day. Will taking classes there this summer help my chances of getting in? Lets say I took the same classes at my current school. I got the same grade at both schools. Would the FIT ones be more helpful? Does this question make sense? Can you tell what I'm getting at?
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Poll #1167859 This is not homework- but it's my first poll. Hope I don't fuck it up.

Do you believe in any of the following (check all that apply):

Alien abductions
Extra-sensory perception
String theory
Intelligent Design

How old are you?


Are you edjumacated?

No high school degree (dropped out)
Still in high school
Still in college
Still in grad school
AA degree
BA/BS degree
Graduate degree

Would you FIRMLY believe in anything that is not just unproven but untestable?


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1. Do any of you know shorthand? Is there a style/system that's preferred over others? What's the best way to go about learning shorthand?

2. How often do you eat breakfast? What are some things you often eat for breakfast?

3. Did your parents serve you breakfast when you were younger or did you always just find it on your own?
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1) It's fairly nice outside today...should I walk 3 miles to my parents house, or should I drive there and do 3 miles on the treadmill(one mile running, 2 miles walking)? Both will take about an hour. I don't run outdoors because I look ridiculous :P (ETA: Or should I do BOTH? lol)

2) How is your day so far?

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Have you ever,..."lost" time?

I went outside with my friend to smoke a cigarette, and then I came back and sat down at my laptop. Suddenly it was 20 minutes later, and I had no idea what I had been thinking about, or where the time had gone, even though I had been carrying on a conversation with my friend. Then time went really slowly for a while, until everything went back to normal.

And my best friend lost FOUR HOURS one time, and he described the same slowing down thing happening after it. He said he was reading a book and he looked at the clock, looked down at the page, and looked up and 4 hours had passed.

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If you were in a TV sitcom what sort of character would you be?

I'd be the annoying neighbor that drops by all the time and has no real purpose other than to say lame jokes that everyone still laughs at.
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I have poison ivy on my arm, I fell last night while taking out the trash and twisted my ankle, and I tripped over Noah and bent my wrist. My day has sucked. Is your day good so far?

Did you know poison ivy can last 3-6 WEEKS? I did not. Excuse me while I cry.
When was the last time you had poison ivy? Where did you contract it?
Calamine lotion FTW y/n?

There is a gigantic dead hairy spider on my windowsill. At least the size of a nickel. Do you think it crawled on me in my sleep??

What's for lunch? Either a turkey sandwich or english muffin pizza.

Do you like cornbread? What about when it contains actual kernels of corn? I think that's weird when there's actual pieces of corn in it.
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 dear tqc,

i am dispatching for a furniture company. we give customers a four hour time window for when they should expect delivery, which is very generous in this business. i just got a call from the customer asking if i can promise that my drivers will arrive at a specific time. when i told them know, the guy says his wife has cancer and he has to take her to the doctors for an appointment.

i told him it wasn't a good idea to schedule his delivery on the same day as his wife's doctor's appointment.

am i a bitch?

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i used to be the class treasurer and a year after graduation, i find that i have $24 left over from the class fund. There is no way to split this money up with everyone because I didn't keep in contact with anyone. So what should I do with this money? Donate it?

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I was waiting for the elevator at work today to go get myself some lunch, thinking about various things...and I realized that the elevator was taking forEVER and that I'd been standing there for a good five minutes. Then I realized I hadn't pushed the down button yet.

What silly absent-minded things have you done (or forgotten to do) lately, TQC?

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Peaches or mangoes?


Do you take any vitamins or supplements? Which ones?
a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement.

When it comes to sweets, would you rather have something rich like chocolate or caramel, or something fruity?


Can you recommend a comedy movie?

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I'm having a relatively bad/poopy day since the boy is gone back to MN, and hasn't texted me all day. But on my way to work I sprayed the cologne he uses that i love in my car and accidentally some on my hand, so I keep smelling my hand and smiling.

What is making you smile today?
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I'm thinking of what pet I'll get next. I have to get something small and cageable because my apartment doesn't allow animals.

So I was thinking of getting a chinchilla or a hedgehog!

1. So which one do you think I should get?
2. Have you owned either one of these animals?
3. Did you hear about the hedgehog weapon?


Sorry I guess I should have been more specific! The apartment managers do not want me to have pets that are able to roam the apartment freely during all hours of the day. They said I could have a caged pet. I'll let them out to play when I'm at home and can supervise their play, but they need to be able to be caged fairly easily during the day when I'm gone and while I'm asleep?


I have had excruciating and nearly constant lower back pain for almost ten years now. It ranges from just aching to stiffness and shooting pains down my legs. I never had anything traumatic happen, one day I just couldn't get out of bed because my back was completely locked and it was intensely painful when I managed to stand up eventually.

I stretch almost every day and I'm fairly physically active (I take a Kung Fu with a dash of Yoga-esque techniques once a week) and I ride my bike or walk to class/work everyday.

I've been to a couple of doctors but they just told me to stretch (which were basically the same as the ones I already do) and told me to take Ibuprofen. The Ibuprofen doesn't really help and from what I understand taking it every day constantly isn't all that great of an idea.

Have you/someone you know ever experienced this? What's a good way to deal with it (other than just suck it up)?

Edit: The only "diagnosis" I've ever gotten was "Its probably just weak muscles"
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Help me TQC!

There was a video I saw about a year ago that was Romeo and Juliet (they also had Hamlet) in the dumbed down TXT message or IM type of speech. Well I need to find it for a class and I can't find it, do any of you know what I'm talking about? If so could you point me in the general direction of where you found it?

Found it! Thank you!

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TQC, why am I so beautiful and cool? Why does everyone want to be my friend?

Will any of you beautiful, popular people tell me about how hard is it just to get through the day?

(no subject)

How's your skin doing, in terms of aging? Better or worse than you'd expect for your age? On what parts of your face do you notice the most aging?

Also, what's your skincare routine like? Do you use any particular creams or lotions to combat aging? Are they making a difference?

ETA: So I'm the only one whose face is falling off? OK, good to know.

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I am not fat or ugly, but I have days when I feel fat and ugly, and it will take me anywhere between 1-3 hours just to pick out something to wear that I don't feel fat and ugly in. I know that this is absolutely ridiculous behavior, but I do it anyway.

So, what do you do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling fat and ugly? I don't mean things like exercise or eat better, I mean something more immediate. Something to make yourself feel better right away, so you can get over it and move on with the day.

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I'm having a relatively nice & happy day. Will somebody please tell me a story/show me a picture/link me to a website that'll really bum me out?

What's harshing your mellow these days?


At the beginning or some point in your relationship did you have communication issues?

How did you and your SO get over them?

I keep realizing even though i've known him for 8 years I feel nervous/scared at asking him questions, mostly regarding the army and his job. I dont know how to go about asking

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On just about every psychological exam report I read, the psych asks the client, "If you found a stamped, addressed, sealed letter on the sidewalk, what would you do?"

So, TQC, if you found a stamped, addressed sealed letter on the sidewalk, what would you do?

Do you think this is a really well-formulated question that will somehow miraculously reveal the intricacies of a person's mental state? It is apparently the only such question that they ask.

ETA: should say sealed letter, not envelope.
Prince Harry in Lesotho


Is it possible to scare someone to death?
If yes, I want proof.
[Don't kill someone, just give me an example]

edit// the reason I asked is because I jumped out from behind our fridge yesterday, and yelled "raaaaaaar" at my dad. He got quite angry and told me I could have killed him. Still, I found it funny.

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My awful roommate left a see-through white garbage bag full of vomit outside her room the other day. I was not meant to see it, and I pretended I did not, and she shuffled over and put her sneakers on top of it to hide it, but it only accentuated the liquidiness of its insides. I wanted to smack her on the face with her vomit bag until it exploded, mostly because probably all the thrown-up food inside the bag was food she stole from me. She throws up in her room all the time and once in a while drops into conversation how good it feels to vomit.

Her bulimia: funny, gross, or garden-variety?

I wondered, also:
How long have eating disorders been around? Since last century? Since always, but undocumented? As a reaction to standards of beauty shifting towards the skinny range? More prevalent on certain continents/in certain countries?

I randomly found $220 in cash in an envelope in my room. I am so broke. I hire some sex tonight, y/n?

What can I do to drown out the constant house-shaking vibrations of roommate sex?

This is stupid, but I want them!

Okay TQC...I need your genius minds.

Growing up (80's), I was seriously addicted to the cheese balls that came in a blue cardboard can (kinda like a pringles can, only shorter and wider).

I am seriously fiending for them (and yes, I am pregnant). The last time I found them was more than a few years ago.

Can anyone remember the brand name? Or does anyone know where/if they are still sold? I have checked Target, Walmart, and Publix.

TQC, where are the cheese balls?

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Lets say you meet someone on the roof of your apartment building (you are up there reading HST and smoking a cigarette).  He wanders up on his cell phone talking to his girlfriend.  You spend some time talking to him, and while there are no sparks, he seems like a decent guy.  You talk a bit, and it turns out he has ties to the mafia/has a history of drug abuse, but is clean now/is unhappy with his controlling girlfriend/is about to come into some money and move to hawaii to buy a ranch and open a little breakfast place and give up his life of crime.  You confide that you are also unhappy with your controlling boyfriend, and miss having horses.  He says you're cute, and that you should come with him.  He is totally serious.  You exchange numbers and goes on his way (he doesn't live in your apartment building, he just goes up on the roof there to smoke sometimes). 

Assuming that you believe everything he tells you, do you go?  If not, are you at least a little tempted?   Cause I have to say that I totally am. 

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dear TQC.

as i was going down the street to my appointment, some guy rolled down the window in his truck and yelled "queer" at me.
this got me thinking.

what about me struck this man as seeming homosexual?
is it my shoes?

he did look rather gay himself, though, so perhaps he has some sort of insight on my (homo)sexuality.
perhaps he knows something i don't!
is this possible?!

OR was this not about me at all?
was he simply shouting his own sexuality from the proverbial rooftops (or truck window)?

please advise me, TQC.
my sexuality may or may not be on the line.

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Hotels ftw?

How sweet does this job sound?

My sister applied for a job at the Hampton Inn, and I followed suit (even though she lives in Massachusetts and I live in North Carolina.)

I will get paid by the room, not by the hour. We get 2.16$ per room, and about 20 rooms a day. Which equals out to about $816/month, which is about what I made as a CNA in Massachusetts. North Carolina minimum wage is about 5.00$. Also, if we are scheduled to work 8-4, and we are done with our rooms by 3:00, we can just go home. if we clock out early every day of the week, we get an extra $0.25 cents per room, which is 5$ a day, so about 25$ a week!
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Have you ever found a wallet or purse WITH identifying information?
Did you make the effort to return the item? Or did you keep any of the money?
If it happened again today, would you return it?

When I was 17, I worked at a movie theater and I found a wallet with $600 in cash while cleaning between movies... I kept the money and tossed the wallet. The guy stopped by and called a couple times a day for a week and I had to keep telling him I still hadn't found it.

Another time, around the same age, I found a purse at the mall and I just took the money out and left the purse where I found it.

I had no remorse back then. haha.

At this point in my life, I would totally return it, no question asked.
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(no subject)

What were your favourite shows as a kid?

Will you show me your favourite music video?

Would you rather watch gay porn or lesbian porn?
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I am feeling lazy and don't want to cook dinner. I have the following things to use:

Red & Yellow Peppers, Zucchini. Olives, Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Potatos, Red Onions, and your basic mix of sauces and stocks..and red kidney beans.

What will you make me?
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okay, this is a regional dialect question im asking totally out of curiosity.

is saying "much obliged" instead of "thank you" a southern (U.S.) thing? i say it not infrequently (because im from texas), but i work with a lot of people in NYC and i wonder what they think when i say that.
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(no subject)

Just because of something that happened today. D:

Do you think there's anyone who isn't even "a little bit" racist? And do you think people who say they aren't racist at all just being slighly hypocritical?

andrew raycroft

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My contract with T-Mobile is over this month, so.. what phone should I get from Verizon? I like the LG Chocolate in Blue Ice, but what Verizon phones do you guys have and like?

If you don't have Verizon but still want to answer a question... what's your favorite horror movie?

ETA: Oops, I forgot. My favorite horror movie is Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers :D
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You have a friend, but it's really more of a friend-of-a-friend that you see at parties and things like that. There are a few pictures of you together with other people, like that happens at parties and whatnot. You post one of these pictures on your website (myspace, lj, facebook, whatever). Friend-of-a-friend calls you and asks you to take it down as her new boyfriend wouldn't like it.

1. Do you take it down?
2. What if the guy the in picture was grabbing the (multiple) girls (fully-clothed) boob? Would that make a difference?

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So tomorrow in my Zoology Class, we're having a STUDYSTRAVAGANZA. We're invited to bring soda, popcorn, chips... anything our heart desires, that we can eat while we study for our big test on fish at the end of the week. So TQC...

a)What should I bring? The classroom has a microwave.
b)What's your favorite snack food?
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How much do you think you would go for on Ebay?

Who would buy you?

I'd go for a 20 dollars and a pack of popsicles. My buyer would be a grunting, tank top-cled man who wanted me for cleaning purposes and company.
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So...I have a nice cold sore right next to my lip ring, and part of it is actually spreading into my piercing. It's gross. Can I put that abreva crap on it? I got my lip pierced a week ago and I don't know if it will irritate my piercing.

(no subject)

funniest thing to happen to you on public transport?
today the underground conductor said :

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I do apologise for the delay to your service. I know you're all dying to get home, unless, of course, you happen to be married to my ex-wife, in which case you'll want to cross over to the Westbound and go in the opposite direction".


(no subject)

What would you do if your 2.5 year old (who has quite interesting taste in movies to begin with, ie Labirynth, MirrorMask) was set on wanting to watch The Crow?

Edit: What was the first scary or R rated movie you remember watching? How old were you? Did you like it or did you just get nightmares?

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Is there an animal that is small enough (or just well-suited to it) that I could HUMANELY and COMFORTABLY carry it about in my breast-pocket? I've always wanted to carry our rats around like in books but I imagine they'd get cramped/bored after a short while. It would help if this animal was not an insect.

Pug in wig

(no subject)

1. Do choads (penises shaped like tuna cans, so a friend says) actually exist, or are they mythical creatures, like unicorns? Have you seen one?

2. If you drive an SUV (or any other large vehicle), do you park in spots marked "compact"? WHY?

(no subject)

okay so boys.... lets say you're with a friend who is a girl and youre both drunk. you end up hooking up. you go back to your place. while about to do your thing the girl stops you and says, "im a virgin".

what do you do? 
a) have sex with her anyway
b) decide that her first time should be 'special' and dont have sex
c) ask her what she wants to do
d) other. (what)

girls.  if you were a boy.. what would you do?

So far in your life...

1) What's the most impulsive thing you've ever done?
2) What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
3) What's the best thing you've ever done?
4) What's the worst pick up line ever used on you?
5) What pickup lines have you used that worked?
6) How would you try and seduce me?
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(no subject)

What healthy but kid-friendly items should I purchase at the grocery store?
Aside from the obvious fresh fruits and vegetables.

I always go blank once I get there, and end up with a lot of unhealthy crap because it's easy to feed to them

(no subject)

What book would you reccomend to me?
I enjoy funny-laugh-out-loud-witty books.
I enjoy incredibly distrurbing books as well.
Bonus for books that consist of both!
My favourite author is Chuck Palahniuk.

Or what would you reccomend if it doesn't fall into those categories?
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Who wants the rest of these mini chocolate cupcakes? I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and I only wanted one but wal-mart didn't have single cupcakes.

This is not happening to me, for the record - I'd be way scared if it was and I'd be consulting a doctor asap, but how sick/what would have to be happening for you to be pregnant AND losing weight? Can that even happen?

(no subject)

Have you seen the show Rock the Cradle?

Do you have any thoughts on it that you'd like to share?

Do you think it's strange that Chloe Lattanzi seems to sing with a Russian (..or something?) accent?

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What are some great things to do in the Tuscon area?

I'm going to go visit my cousin, so I'll be spending some time in the Apache and Navajo areas with her.  What else could my mom and I do there?

If I go there for around my 21st, what's a great bar there?
dirty dancing

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What is an injury that could get me out of a fairly physically strenuous weekend job for three weeks?  I was thinking something with my back?

(This would be a fake injury, that I would lie to my boss about.  Not that I'm actually going to hurt myself haha)

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If TQC were a place you could visit in person (like, a small city), would you go there on vacation? Just passing through? Move there?

What are its most excellent attractions?

(Oh, my answers: I would go there for a very short vacation, like a long weekend. I would go make out with one of the handful of people I hit on here at Inspiration Point. Also clubbing I never go clubbing in real life but I bet TQC clubbing is totally amazing. I'D WEAR MY NIPPLE GLITTER maybe.)

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tqc, i have a stray... i'm surprised it's our first because we live out in the country and there are a lot of farms out here.

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It's yowling outside our door. I'm 70% sure it's pregnant, too. It's skin and bones and has a belly and it's nipples are large. Yes, I felt the cat up. It won't hold still enough for me to look at it's genitalia, so I'm going with pregnant female.
It has eaten 1 1/2 cups of food in less than 5 minutes. It's literally scarfing it down.

So, what is the yowling for? Could she be going into labor? The area around the anus is wet. Oh and it won't get away from my door! AGH.

Should I set up shop for it to give birth? Will I be a mommy of 13 kittens tomorrow morning?

Married men

So, at my bowling league last night, a bunch of buddies and I were drinking, and then after a few of us hung out in the bar to drink more and wait for our friend(the bar tender) to get off work.
One of my friends is married, and as we were walking out to go to a different bar, he pulled me over and kissed me.  I was like "Hey, you're married!" and what do you freaking know, but his wife had been sitting there in her car and saw the whole thing, pulls up and starts freaking out(Understable).
She goes "Don't you know he's married!" and I(a lot drunk) just nodded and said yes.  He told her that he was the one that kissed me and told me to just leave, and she freaking punched me!
I just brushed it off and walked to the car.  I understood why she was angry, I would be too.  But damn!  She didn't need to hit me!

Here are my questions:

1) Have you ever had someone who was married make a move on you?
2) How'd that end up?
3) Would you have punched the girl back?  Or did I handle it the best way?

I've got to see this guy next week for league.  I'm actually kind of paranoid of his wife coming and trying to start more shit.