April 7th, 2008

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What are some things you are still rather morally uptight about?

- I can't really stand blatantly promiscuous behavior. It's okay if you sleep with a different man each day, but I don't want to know about it.

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Do you feel more embarrassed if you loose your temper or cry in front of someone? (Both for petty reasons).
What discrepancies are there between how your friends see you and how you perceive yourself?

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What languages are you fluent in?

How about semi-fluent?

Are there any you're actively learning right now?

Is there any you want to learn, but you haven't for some reason?

Will you write something in a foreign language for me?
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Why do they include more of the boring flavors in mixes? For example when you buy a mixed bag of crisps. They have a million natural flavored ones but only 3 French onion!

Ages ago having a huge phone attached to your car was the coolest thing ever. Are there any present day inventions that will out date quickly?

I have one medium sized canvas that i have painted red. What should i paint/stencil over that?
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I got some really bad news about four hours ago. I can't sleep now, and my alarm is set to go off in four hours. I need to get at least some sleep tonight.

How can I make myself stop crying long enough to sleep for a little bit? Or do you have any tips I could use to cry myself to sleep in a way that won't wake my roommate up?

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"I wanted to know.. the same way that the vagina gets wet during sex, during anal sex does the anal get wet?"

Have you ever watched Talk Sex with Sue Johansen?
Did you hear anything absurd?

If you called in, would you use a fake name?
What would you ask?
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Do you think Kim Kardashian has butt implants?

What do you think it would feel like to be sitting on butt implants? *boingyboingyboingy*

Who is your favorite Kardashian?
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TQC, it's 2 am. I have a class at 11. Today's been really rough (my best friend and I are in a serious fight) and I want to start tomorrow off on the right foot, try to be positive and start the day out right, get my mind off him. I am tired now, but not exceptionally, I slept 8 hours last night.

 I can:

A) Wake up at 9.45, go to Chic-fil-a, eat breakfast and read, run by the mailroom to get a package I've been waiting for, and then go to class, go to lunch after.
B) Sleep until 10.30, go to class, go to the mailroom for a package and then lunch.
C) Skip class, sleep until lunch, get package then.

What do I do?

Touche, God. TOUCHE.

Are you on an a-list?

What's been the cherry on top of your fantastically shit day?

What's the most terrible thing you've ever done?

What do you think about my solitaire fail?

***I'm pretty sure it is a glitch in the matrix.
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When was the last time you were drunk?

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

If you don't have a song stuck in your head what was the last song you listened to?

Do you actually like that song?
Gaga: Elegant

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What did you have for dinner?
Are there any movies you want to see?

Ladies, when someone yells things like "Woo! Yeah! Take it off, baby!" at you when you're walking down the street, what do you do?
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What would you think about this persons use of "them" in this conversation,
"I don't do that anymore because it reminds me of my ex, but then again, I haven't spoken to or seem them in a long time."
as opposed to "him" or "her"?

Does your answer change if they are female?

How are you this morning/today?
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Happy Monday Mornings TQC,

Guess what?

This morning I found more than a few strands of hair in my toothbrush, yep.

1. where does this rank on the nasty scale of 1-10?
2. where do you think it came from?
3. would you have used the toothbrush, or thrown it out and screamed?

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What band stereotypes do you know of?

IE flute players are usually bouncy people, trombone/trumpet (don't remember which) players are usually the fun kind of trouble-makers, etc.

Do you play an instrument? Which? If you don't, which one did you always want to learn but never did? Why didn't you?

If you are not an instrument kind of person, do you do anything else musically?

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Have you ever had sex?
Have you ever had phone sex?
Have you ever had cyber sex (webcam or something else)?

The planes are coming into Logan directly over the Campus Center today and they are VERY low. Am I going to die TQC? Will you miss me when I'm gone?

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The mailroom guy's breath reeks of whiskey this morning, enough to smell from a few feet away. Have you ever come to work drunk? How'd that work out for you? He certainly seems to be in a great mood.
Typing Monkey

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Last night I had a dream about being trapped in an amusement park with a psycho killer (after our pirate ship crashed, of course). In the middle of the dream, I distinctly remember coming up with a list of questions to ask here - but now that I'm awake, they really don't make much sense.

Do you ever think of a question or two while you're half-asleep, drunk, etc. then realized they were incoherent/didn't make sense later? Did you post them or not?

Will you describe the last dream you had/can remember?

When is the last time you went to an amusement park?

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I want to change my workout time from evening (8-9pm) to early morning (5-6am) so that I can go before work. However, I have a REALLY hard time waking up in the morning.

TQC, what suggestions do you have for me so that I can get up earlier?

How do I change my sleep schedule?

Oh, France!

In an article about anti-Chinese protests during the Olympic torch run through France:

" Security in Paris was extremely tight, with some 3,000 police on duty, riding motorcycles, jogging or on skates."

WTF thinks it's a good idea to have cops on skates?

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TQC! why do I suddenly want a motorcycle so badly!? I've never even ridden on one before (subject to change in the next few weeks) I don't know much about them! and yet! I want one! or I think I do! enough to abuse shift+1!

what's a good first bike and why?
what do I need to know?
why do you love your bike (if applicable)?
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Where should we camp?

So, my fiance and I want to go camping in about two weeks, where should we go?

Quick background info: Last time I camped was in high school (aka 6 or so years ago), but it was a hike-out primitive camp without water, showers, electric, etc - but the people I was with are more experienced with camping. He has never camped but he's quick at adapting at new situations.

So... which place should we camp at, a more developed campsite since we are pretty much beginners, or a more primitive park where it's quieter and more private?

Here are the pros and cons:

Park A: Developed State Park
Pros: more amenities (showers, toilets, water, picnic sites), can rent boats
Cons: more expensive (~$20), more likely to be crowded at this time of year

Park B: Primitive Natural Area
Pros: more likely to be secluded/quiet/private, cheaper ($5-10)
Cons: no amenities (showers, toilets, water)

Both parks are next to a lake, both parks you can drive up to the campsite, and both parks allow ground fires at this time (no burn bans in those counties).

So, A or B?

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I have to go grocery shopping tonight. I am in serious need of some food in my house.

I like to cook, but not anything too crazy or involved that requires me to be standing for extended periods of time (ie, crockpot recipes are good, but stuff that I have to stand and stir for ages are not so good). I do love to bake though, because I find it very relaxing.

I've been kind of sick a lot lately so the easier it is to prepare the better, but I don't really want to go for too many packaged convenience foods.

So, TQC:

Do you have any recipe suggestions for me, or meal planning ideas?

And... more interestingly, what are the staples on your grocery lists - what do you always have to have in your house?

For me it's bread, milk, eggs, butter, and Nutella.
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 have you ever had a false start?

specifically, have you ever had a seemingly life-changing moment which caused you to re-evaluate the way you live or who you are, with the result of making you certain that you are going to make serious changes... and then you just forgot about it or stopped caring so much?

gimme some background here. i want something to distract me from how awful the weather is here.

tag chasers?

*What every military man should know about his "woman"*

There is a whole list but this one I was confused about...

25.) Tag Chasers are her WORST enemy, she CAN and WILL spot these girls... random profain comments may come out of your little princess' mouth... its okay, shes protecting her best asset...you!

My Question:

What are tag chasers?


Edit: I did a yahoo search and got laser tag results... I didn't think google would have different search results

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Girls, my boyfriend is a student teacher.

Will someone please make me an icon to show my love for his profession?
It should be as glittery and cute as possible!

Also, do you have an icon to show how proud you are of your SO's job?
If not, are you ashamed of yourself?

does this count as meta?
should i be ashamed of MYself?
hate pimentos


So, I need to call this billing facility to see if they're accepting interns for this summer, and I'm nervous as hell.  Should I call now (it's 11AM here), or should I wait until after lunch (probably 1pm)?  Any tips on how to sound bubbly and confident on the phone when you're really terrified?
If only tea could solve it all.
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What do you do if you really want to cuddle but there is neither anyone nearby nor are you comfortable enough with any friends to just no-string-attached-ly snuggle for a while? (or vice-versa; said friends are not comfortable enough with you)

Lots of unrelated questions

I have a paper to write.  We have no rubric or guidelines or anything, we just have to take a chapter from our textbook (they are management classes) and write a 10-20 page paper on it.  I'm not that great at papers, does anyone have any suggestions?

Some of my keys on the keyboard are sticking, how can I clean them?

And since those are boring questions...

What is your favorite part of the seasons? Spring, summer, winter and fall.

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Do you think Cassandra Claire's success as a YA novelist is largely due to the massive fanbase she aquired when she was writing fanfiction (the Draco Trilogy, etc)?

For those of you who don't know, Cassandra Claire was really big in the Harry Potter fandom, back in ~the day~. Like, bigger than God.

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1)do you cut up your fruit?


2)where do you fall on the 'if he hits you, hit him back' or 'never hit' continuum?

3)do you rent video games often?

no, it takes me forever to beat any video games, for reasons unknown.

4)cute kid stories? please?

eta: do you play video games one at a time or more than one at a time?

one at a time
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1. do you subscribe to any business, medical (or any other type) journals or publications?
2. if yes, which ones?
3. if you’re thinking of moving to a new place what sorts of things would you want to know about this place?


1) What is the best way to avoid the "one thing is said, then another is done" pattern in a job? In other words, my boss(es) are telling me one thing (rule) and then changing it saying that they never said it in the first place
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2) Will you tell me your most infuriating job story dealing with bosses/higer ups?

3) What is the best way to look for a different job if this sour?

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I'm looking for imixes on Itunes right now but every time I put in a phrase to search, it changes to summer. Is that happening to anyone else?

Kind of on the same note, what is some good relaxing/chill out music. It being slightly trippyish is a plus.

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I have 3 $5 vouchers to my university's store. It has to be used by April 16th and can only be used once. That is, if you use one to purchase an item that costs less than $5 you won't get any change/store credit.

What would you buy? What should I buy?

(The store also has a market section that sells all the things you would find in a liquor store, minus the hooch, porn, and cigarettes.)
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1) How's your hair looking today?

2) Can obesity affect a young man's sex drive so much that he rarely craves sex?

3) What is the last item of food you ate? Did you enjoy it?

A Question about Juno

There's a bit I don't fully get in Juno: when Bleeker is in his room looking at where Juno signed his yearbook, and his Mum comes in to tell him that dinner's ready, he's holding what looks like a knee support in his hand. When she leaves the room, there's a close-up on the knee support which is all blood-stained. What is this supposed to represent? Has he been cutting or something? If so, why is it just this one reference and then no further explanation? 

ETA - ohhhhhh, it was her underwear.  Evidently my eye sight is failing me.  I take it what I thought were blood stains was just the pattern.  Problem solved.

Bonus questions:

What's your favourite snack?

Best flavour of crisps/potato chips?


Does the thought of being pregnant gross anyone else out?

I understand many women believe it's a beautiful experience, and you're obviously entitled to that belief. I was wondering about the other end of the spectrum.
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Why did all the dinosaurs die? :-(

If you could be a dinosaur, what would you be?
I wanted to be a brontosaurus, but quite a while ago, ten_of_swords said they weren't a real dinosaur because of some discoveries saying brontosaurs were just baby apatosaurs, or something :( .

Why did all the dinosaur books I read when I was little lie to me? D:

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Which occupation do you think would be more fun and rewarding?

a) Interior Designer
b) Event planner
c) Magazine editor (not editor-in-chief, but a section editor)
d) Public relations

Also, how long does it take to get from Philly to NYC (via train or car)?

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You and your significant other have planned a romantic vacation on an island of your choice. Your in-laws want to come and are ready to purchase tickets to join you. Do you let them?

EDIT: For those of you who are going to say no, how do you break the news to them?
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1. Have you had any type of cosmetic surgery? If so, why?

2. What would you think of someone who gets plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons? Specifically, slightly alerting their nose.

3. Do you think the cost of cosmetic surgery is justified?

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hold old were you when you graduated high school?

i was 17! i didn't turn 18 until september of that year. it sucked! i was the only kid that went on our senior trip that needed parental consent. lol

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I have to do a presentation on a non-fiction book for a class next week. I need to have it read basically by a week from tomorrow.

Do you have a suggestion for a non-fiction book that is an interesting or quick read?
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I've been using a combination of color-enhancing shampoos and one of them has turned my light brown highlights BLUE. Does anyone know if this something that will fix itself if I stop using these shampoos or do I have to recolor my hair? Can I do anything to fix it? HALP.
Got Rat

Just a wii question

When I turn off my Wii, the light turns to yellow. I can only seem to get it to turn off properly if i hold in the button, making it go from yellow, to green and then to red. Why is this? My friend's Wii hasn't never had a yellow light.

If I leave it yellow, a little while later, the place where you put in the discs pulses with a blue light. What's going on?!

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 TQC! I just saw that the Bath and Body Works website has their Strawberry Lemonade scent in stock after it was discontinued for a long long time! And I just ordered 4 bottles of the spray because I love it and I'm crazy.

What scents do you like that have been discontinued?

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Please be my dictionary/thesaurus/word sleuth

I was talking to my friend while we were driving today about how when you get in an accident things/people in the car can fly around and hurt you...what is that called, like when they become airborn and fly at you/endangering you?

They become something, I can't think of the damn word.
PROJECTILE, thanks guys!

New questionWhat's the weirdest/scariest thing you've heard of becoming a dangerous projectile in a car accident?

When I was taking a defensive driving course, the teacher said she had seen an accident where a straw,yes, like a regular old fast food straw, was found in somebody's neck *shiver*
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1.) What's something strange that you love the smell of?

2.) How would you make this into a perfume or air freshener?

3.) There is an incredibly attractive guy sitting across from me in the library. How do I get his attention? Preferably in a positive way but ridiculous answers are encouraged.

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Poll #1167379 Dinner

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Mini cheese and potato pierogies w/ a little oil, with mixed vegetables
Kraft "scooby doo" mac & cheese and peas
Whole wheat penne pasta with red sauce and garlic toast, maybe a small salad on the side
Brown rice with soy sauce and vegetables
Pizza rolls and tater tots
Canned soup
From-a-box spanish rice
Spicy chicken Ramen
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Because I am 12 years old

So, I feel like a 12  year old, and I would like the wise advice of TQC!

I had a crush on someone who lived in my old building.  I really only saw him when we were walking our dogs, but because I'm a stalker, I found him on Facebook.  I'm contemplating adding him or sending him a message, but again, that's stalkery, because how would I have even known how to search him or come across his profile?  (And because I haven't seen him in like 5 months.)

So, what would you do?  Add him?  Don't add him?  Send a message?  Pretend not to be a stalker?  Embrace being a stalker?

He already knew I had a crush on him so it's not like there's any dignity to be lost.

Serious, non-serious, mocking answers and macros - all welcome.

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I wrote a song to help me get through a physics class...I used to fight horribly with the professor. We had a very strange relationship. Now that it's roughly recorded, I have a horrible urge to send it to him. Should I?

Have you ever sent a gift or some sort of unexpected communication to someone with whom you've had an odd relationship? (Not counting, you know, odd love or familial relationships).

Social Networking Sites

Do you believe that LiveJournal created the trend for sites now such as myspace? I personally don't like myspace blogs but that is just me.

Does anyone feel like they got swept into the social site craze just to keep up with old friends? But if you were the only one who knew about it you'd probably be less interested?   

edit: It's clear that dating sites are becoming are popular... so, I just wonder why do you suppose such methods of finding someone to be in a relationship with have come to exist? Also, has anyone ever used a dating service?

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What is the most unexpectedly delicious thing you've eaten recently? I mean, something that you didn't expect to be good because of where it was from or what it was, but it was damn good?

My mom brought home key lime cheesecake from Cosco the other day and it was fucking delicious.
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What small things have made your day amazing today?

I got a letter in the mail today!
The weather is amazingly beautiful!
I made myself the best salad I have had in a while.
Realizing my birthday is in one week!

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Is there a website you can download random noises/sounds from?

In my drama class we're doing old time radio shows, so the audience won't be able to see us and we have to incorporate sounds so they kind of know what's going on.

15 sounds have to made technologically and i need to know if there's a website where you can download random noises,

for example some of the noises i need are cars starting up, a police siren, someone falling down the stairs.

Anyone know any websites?
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So my tombstone pizza doesn't have instructions! What do you heat the oven to, and how long do you cook it for? It's a standard cheese pizza.

edit: no, I'm not overlooking it, there really are no instructions or nutritional information anywhere on there. It's bizarre.
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Is LJ being ridiculously slow for you too?

TQC why am I so dizzy today? Is it related to how little sleep I got, or how much pain I'm in (I shopped today and walked it... worst. Mistake. EVER.)

Are you going to watch TV tonight? What will you be watching?

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What's common feedback you've received about yourself from an so?
Or friends in general?

So's have repeatedly told me I am "honest", not sure if this is a euphemism for tmi/bitch, but I'll take it as a compliment.

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Unassisted birthing is when a woman gives birth, either alone or in the presence of her family, without the help of a doctor, midwife, or other birthing professional.

What is your opinion on this? Is it sensible or selfish of the mother? Would you do it?


I don't think there's a problem if it's been a healthy pregnancy. It's not something I would do, because if something did go wrong I'd think it was my fault, but I don't have a problem with other women doing it. If there is something wrong with that baby, though, I think it's a good idea to give birth in the hospital.

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Anyone have any suggestions on a new laptop? I have a price threshold of about $900, but I'd rather find something in the $750-800 range. I don't do much besides photo editing, word processing, music playing (but not some obscenely large collection), and internetsing. I'm just a student, and I just need to be able to function.

Oh and don't bother suggesting Macs. I won't be buying one.

Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Dada is Dada

For my art class, i have to do a dada style performance piece. i do not get anyone else to be in my group. anyways, what does TQC think i should do? i need to make this last around five minutes, and so far i'm stumped.

to give context, my teacher did an example of a dada performance. she pantomimed getting out of bed, and then rubbed oatmeal all over her face. then she did her hair insane, and cut up the shirt she was wearing and danced around. then she made a mixture of sardines, mustard, and some other crap, and brushed her teeth with said mixture.

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Do any semen sweeting products actually work?  What about special diets that improve the taste of semen?

Do any semen-volume-increasing (i.e. makes you produce more semen) products work (or exist lol)?  What about special diets?

How do male porn stars manage to consistently pour out buckets of jizz?

Did you know that studies show that absorption of semen may produce mood elevating effects? It's not yet known if the same applies to oral ingestion.

EDIT: For females only: have you ever described your own state as having a "boner" or something similar? What about describing sex acts such as cunnilingus in a non-standard way (e.g. "blowjob")?
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1. I am in the mood to make breakfast for dinner, and there are frozen sausage links in the freezer. You know, the cheap store-brand kind that are like "mild sausage links". Anyway, they've been in the freezer for probably.... two years. Is it ok to eat them? Or should I just toss them out once and for all?

2. Is Fight Club (the movie) actually any good? I've been meaning to rent it.

3. Name your general (positive or negative) opinions on Australia, if you've visited, lived there, etc.

(no subject)

1. What is your ultimate weakness?

2. Trees or Flowers?

3. Do you have any health issues? If so, what are they?

4. If I handed you $500, what would you spend it on?

5. If you have a SO, and caught them cheating on you, what would you do?

6. What is your favorite berry?

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I am in Michigan right now for my cousins wedding, I forgot to wrap the present I got him before I left. Rather then buy scissors, paper, tape , a bow etc... I was going to just get a pretty gift bag with some tissue paper and a bow. Everyone is telling me that is tacky for a wedding gift. I saw screw them.

Is it tacky?


So I'm planning a strip tease for my Husband, he's into NIN and goth girls, I got the look down I'm just not familiar with NIN, so TQC, which NIN song should I strip to? Or if you have any requests, those are good too!

Serious and Non Serious(Preferred) answers welcome.

EDIT: Thanks guys! I'll let you know what I did weds morning.

EDIT2: I've decided on Sin.
night porter

Oh and 2 more

What is it about me that makes strangers want to talk to me? I would like to change it.

I saw the first hot red headed male that I have ever seen before the other day. I was shocked, I didn't think they could exist. Have you ever seen a hot red headed male? Do you have pictures of any?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever enjoyed the taste of a man's semen?

2. If not, have you ever found it tolerable?

This post was suggested by ships_sail who, in her extensive experience, says that it's not possible for semen's taste to be tolerable. She said that in the direct taste comparisons during her "tasting parties," none even came close.

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can you convince me to do my history homework?

what did you or are you going to have for dinner?

have you fainted before? if so, where'd it happen?

do you know anyone with diabetes?

can you touch your toes? can you reach your head to your knees?

was your monday as shitty as mine?

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I've had a headache since Friday, and every pain reliever I've tried does not work. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, but until then I have no idea what to do about alleviating this pain.
I have two tests Thursday that I should be studying for, but that's not happening.

So... any suggestions on getting rid of the pain, if even just a little bit?

The Happiest Place on Earth (in your pants)

Which one of these characters would you soonest have sex with?

Mickey Mouse
Daisy Duck
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck

Which one of these characters would you soonest have sex with?

Snow White
Prince (either from Snow White, Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty)
The Beast (furry form)
The Beast (princely form)
Sleeping Beauty
Megera (Meg)

Which one of these characters would you soonest have sex with?

Captain Hook
Mr. Clayton
Wicked Queen (Snow White)
Shan Yu (Mulan)

Which one of these characters would you soonest eat for dinner?

Little John
White Rabbit
Jhali (Esmerelda's goat)
The Genie
MLP - pinkie chicken

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1. What's the dumbest thing you did as a child that got you in the most trouble? ("Child" meaning under the age of 10). 
2. Were you the "problem child", the "golden child" or somewhere in the middle?
3. Where are you in birth order? Are you glad you're here?
4. Do you know what your name would be if you had been born the other gender?

(no subject)

 would you rather be friends with someone who a is good listener 
or someone who you could benefit from being friends with for personal gain (i.e. if they could get you into concerts for free etc etc) 

are you friends with someone who you've always felt a bit fed up with but never knew how to tell them? 

i'm terribly bored <.<
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How old.

How old do you think is old enough to let a child stay in the tub while the parent steps out of the bathroom?

How old do you think is old enough for a child to play outside with other children, without the parent's immediate supervision?

How old do you think is old enough to walk alone two blocks away to play at a friend's house?

How old do you think is old enough to walk fifteen minutes away to pick something up from the store?

Are you answering from your actual past parental decisions, your childhood experience, or what you consider to be ideal?

How dangerous do you think it is to accidentally leave the door unbolted one night while you sleep? Do you think that's going to be the one night that a burglar is going to go around testing doors and yours just happens to be unbolted?
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I was stopped at a red light earlier, car in neutral, when my fucking speedometer flashed from 0 to 50 REALLY fast (I'm talking the blink of an eye) then back to 0. I felt like some fucking supernatural being (except not) jumped in my dashboard and made it freak out. The engine didn't sputter or jump and none of the other controls were affected. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON GUYS? Any ideas? I drive a 2001 Ford Expedition if that helps.

What was the last freaky or odd thing to happen to you?
Mraz: Heart


What are some of your biggest fears, rational or otherwise?

Mine...Other peoples bedding (gross.), slipping on ice, and falling down stairs resulting in my imminent death.
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Will you post your favorite picture of you and some family members?

Will you post your favorite picture of you and friends?
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