April 6th, 2008

road kill!

if you hit a small animal (rabbit, squirrel) do you turn around and do the 'mercy hit' to make sure it's not suffering?

i hit a bunny tonight. it was running like it was going to make it across the road and then all of the sudden it turned and went running forward (same direction as my car) and i hit it.
i turned around and saw that it's guts went EVERYWHERE, but i still hit it again to make sure it was dead.

i feel horrible, though. can you cheer me up?


What do you think of bath tubs with sliding shower doors ?

If you were buying a house, would you rather the tub/shower have curtains or sliding doors and why?

(I hate sliding doors, it is important to be able to sit on the edge of the tub, and I feel that baths in a tub with sliding doors is plain stupid and awkward)

(no subject)

My little brother is going through a real hard time at the moment and earlier I found out that he's a lot more down & depressed than I thought.

Which means my motherly instinct has kicked in & I feel the overwhelming need to try to 'fix him'. But he's told me that he comes to my house to relax & have fun so he doesn't have to think about the world outside of us & my home. Which has put me in a bind because I feel if I try to talk to him about any of his problems then I'm taking a bit of his sanctuary away from him.

Plus he doesn't make it any easier when he refuses to take part in a conversation he doesn't want to have. And by refuse, I mean literally run out of the door & disappear for a few hours.

So any suggestions on what I can do in this situation?

(no subject)

Have you ever heard of the game "ding dong donkey"? Do you know what it is?

I ask because ever since I can remember, I've called "nicky nicky nine doors" ding dong donkey. All of my friends think I made it up and have never heard of the name, but one of their moms vaguely knows what I'm talking about. Am I nuts? I swear I heard it on Rocko's Modern Life once.

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You are on Jesus's game show. You have been given a truth serum and all your friends and family are in the audience, watching. You will be asked 100 open-ended questions (no yes or no answers). If you answer all of them, you get one gazillion dollars and a limitless supply of bread and/or fish. You can stop the game at any time before the end and walk away.

What is the question you stop at?

(no subject)

I'm moving near Ohio State's campus in the summer. What are some ~safety tips~ I should be aware of? What kind of weapon should I buy that I will not get arrested for having?
years go by

(no subject)

I remember seeing a parody of Circle of Life from The Lion King on Youtube once. I know that's really vague, I'm sorry. But it was pretty well done, not just something from some bored 17-year-old. I think the people had a lot of parodies of a fair amount of movies. Does anyone have the slightest idea what I'm talking about? If so, could you point me towards it?

(no subject)

You are on a popular, internationally syndicated game show, and it's down to a one-on-one, 5-minute trivia showdown between you and your opponent for one million dollars. The two of you are both poised behind your lecterns, hands on your buzzers, when the category flashes up: Scandals in Entomology: 1961-1979. Your forte! You're sure that this round is yours for the taking.

But then, just as the timer starts, you realize that you really, really have to urinate. In fact, you have about 2 minutes before your bladder voids itself. You can't call a time-out, but nobody would stop you if you just stood up and ran to the nearest washroom, effectively conceding the match to your opponent. If you stay, pee yourself, and win, you're going to have to walk out to center stage to accept your million dollars and washer-dryer set in urine-soaked dress pants.

Alex Trebek smiles at you, blissfully unaware of the battle raging in your groin.

Do you stay or go?
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Pics requested for answers. unless you wanna be lame, in which case I'll just overlook your comment. nbd.

1. Are you more often described as pretty, cute, or sexy?

2. Which do you feel more like?

3. Which would you rather be?

4. Which do you consider most flattering?

Bonus: name a celebrity (or tqc member!) whom you consider to be pretty, one you consider to be cute, and one you consider to be sexy.

(no subject)

What is going on? Some girl called my house a little while ago (it's 2 in the morning) and kept saying she wanted to fuck me and calling me Michael. When I told her I was a chick she started calling me Michelle and moaning, then told me she was 16. What the hell is this?
bowie bright

(no subject)

Is njyoder aware of tqc Rule #9:

  • Don't post multiple questions in a short period of time. If you're posting more than twice in a given block of ten or so posts, you're posting too much, and people will get annoyed with you. Feel free to combine multiple questions into one post.
Also, when is the last time he had consensual sex?
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What's a good table-like or other type of device that's good for using a keyboard and/or mouse while lying down?

EDIT: I'm only talking about an external keyboard and external mouse. I'm thinking of something that doesn't put pressure on my legs/body (otherwise I might as well just use my body), that is fairly adjustable and can hold the keyboard in place when it's titled at odd angles.

It would be extra cool if the legs themselves were snake-like, like those snakelight flash lights. Innovative designs appreciated.

EDIT: After checking prices, I've realized that even the simple stuff is well out of my price range. Why can't they just invent hover-keyboards already?!?

Sexual assault.

Think of these in terms of your own MORALS, rather than legally:

A)  If an intoxicated woman is having consensual sex with a man, then falls asleep part way through and the many continues for minutes or longer, until he completes, is it rape?

B) What if the woman consents, but falls asleep right before any penetration?

In both of these situations, because she consented, it can't possibly be rape.

(no subject)

Post a picture of yourself that you feel really captures you

Or, If you're like me and have an irrational fear of having your picture taken, post a picture that you think describes (visually) the type of person you are. Serious business here, so try to refrain from goatse or lolcats.

And as for the Question part:

What was it about your picture that made you decide on it?
hannibal skull


When you go on holiday, what is one souvenir you always buy?

Do you like it when people bring you back souvenirs? What is the best one you have ever received?

Do you like postcards? Do you send postcards?
china town

(no subject)

so last night, somewhere in my intoxicated haze, i made a copy of The Transporter and The Transporter 2. i didn't know that one side of the DVD was full screen and the other side was widescreen... and that I made full screen copies of both movies. i hate full screen with the fury of then thousand boiling red seas.

so, is it acceptable that i'm making a second copy of both movies widescreen or am i being completely retarded?
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(no subject)

1) What's your favorite breakfast food?

2) If you meet an SO's family member for the first time and they say "I've hears a lot about you. All good, of course" what do you think?

3) What was the last movie you saw in theatres? At home?

4) Is there a song you don't really like which you like because it reminds you of something really positive?

5) This is a sort of specific question for people who've seen The Ruins, you'll have to highlight it to see it as I don't want to make it spoilerific.  --->What were the flowers vibrating/saying to the blondie before she started cutting herself up? I couldn't make it out.

6) Where do your pets sleep?  What type of pets?

Collapse )

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TQC, I really need your help here, I'm losing my mind.

I've been hanging out with this guy for like a month now, and we've already discussed that we like each other and we're probably going to go out, but the thing is he is SO DAMN SHY! And like I wanna fucking kiss him all the damn time, and I'd like,...make a move but his shyness makes me really nervous.

So, how do I say to him "Listen, if you don't make a move soon, I'm gonna punch you in the forehead, you big ninny." ?
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(no subject)

What celebrity that, upon finding out they were homosexual, did you mourn?

What one did you celebrate?

Anderson Cooper.

I have yet for that moment to happen, sadly. SCARLETT JOHANSON, WHENNNN CAN OUR LOVINGS BEGIN?
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Any music majors in here? Or, perhaps, any Mozart fangirls/boys?

I've fallen in love with the piece "O! du Eselhafter Martin." (K560b) I want to get my virtual hands on an mp3 of it so I turned to bittorrent. There's a torrent of the complete works of Mozart here. Now, I really don't want to download all 45 volumes (but I may in the future purchase the box set). So, I downloaded Volume 23 which contains "Arias, vocal ensembles and canons. I'm pretty sure "O! du Eselhafter Martin." (K560b) would fall under vocal ensembles. The only places I've been able to hear snippets of it (Amazon listening samples) had samples of four part a cappella.

But I can't find K560 in the volume. There is a K559a, which is the closest thing. It's called "O! du eselhafter Peierl." and upon listening to it, it does sound similar to K560b.

My question is, what's the difference?
hannibal skull


How would you rank these in order of age, youngest to oldest?

"when I was young"
"when I was little"
"when I was a toddler"
"when I was a kid"

Do you say "when I was a kid" or "when I was little" more often?

(no subject)

About two hours ago I began getting a tingly sensation in my right hand with an occasional pinch in my middle finger. Now it has spread up through my right arm. Its not "asleep" because I haven't been laying on it or applying any sort of pressure. One co-worker thinks it might be diabities. Another thinks its a stroke. I mostly just want it to stop.

What's wrong with me Dr. TQC?

(no subject)

Did you name your car/previous cars? Our Blazer was "The Bitch", and now we have an Altima SER named "Chuck Norris" Share pics!

What is your Myspace URL? Why did you pick it? If you're page is friends-only...why?

ETA: mine is www.myspace.com/h_tothe_ollay

it's pretty stupid, but ti's from a few years back so leavemealone. And it's NOT friends-only but you do have to know my last name or e-mail to send a freind request
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

1. Do you think I could crush Sudafed and snort it for more effective relief? (I'm mostly kidding)

2. Are there any chores you actually like to do? What are they?

3. Do you like kettle corn?
Bad Hair Day

(no subject)

What shape is your face? (i.e. Oval, Round, Heart, etc)

I have a round face (ick) and am looking for some good hairstyles for me to consider when I get my hair done in a couple of weeks. Currently my hair is about shoulder-length, but I think I might want something shorter. IDK though.

What do you think is a good hairstyle for a round face? Pictures would be made of awesomesauce.

(no subject)

So, TQC, my friend and I live in San Francisco. Last night we bought concert tickets for a show in Seattle in August. We're debating how to get up there. I'm up for either flying or driving. I'd rather take the car so that we could drive around and explore the city, instead of just taking the bus everywhere. Like, the 14 year old in me wants to see Kurt Cobain's old house.

But it'd be easier to take a plane, and because I own a Dodge, a plane ticket would be cheaper than gas. Plus, public transportation and wandering the city on foot would be part of the experience, yes?

So, TQC, plane or car?

(no subject)

Edit: For questions 1 and 3, it's now $100,000

Poll #1166798 Cloney Island

Science has mastered the art of cloning! Every single person is allowed to clone themselves, but only one clone of each person may exist at one time. The procedure is about $10,000, and due to advanced hormonal manipulation, your clone emerges from its...pod...at the age of 10, with your looks, your feelings, your intelligence. You're approached one day by someone in a trenchcoat, who makes you an offer. Get a clone made of yourself and then sell it to him for indentured servitude. There's coal mines that need work and there's no law that gives clones rights. If you do all this, you get $40,000 (plus the initial 10k to get it done). Would you do it?

Yes. One coal miner coming online. Where's my monies?
I could never do that to anyone, especially my clone

Science has mastered the art of cloning (see above). A new business emerges as a result. One that will guarrantee you superextended life. Sign up and you clone yourself, and whenever one of your organs starts to deteriorate, they harvest the perfect replacement from your clone, which is guarranteed not to be rejected. Until you need your new organs, your clone is kept in a cage and fed only raw foods for ideal health, with only a large human-sized hamster wheel as entertainment. Whenever a clone is killed for their organs, you simply get a new clone. You can do this indefinitely, and the only loser here is your poor clone, which will be consigned to a horrible, possible short life. Would you sign up?

Yes. I want to live as long as humanly possible
No. It's immoral to do that to anyone, especially a clone of myself

The long arm of the law has determined the best way to curb and deter pedophilia and to empty our prisons a little is to give each pervert their own sex clone. For every citizen that offers up their 10-year old clone for unsolicited carnal relations with the many pedophiles in their city will earn $40,000 in federal money (the 10k seed money is waived) . Would you donate your clone

Yes. It's for a good cause and I get paid for doing almost nothing
No. I couldn't do that to anybody, especially my clone
i say, old bean



Poll #1166808 whowhowhowho

Who should I work my butt off to buy tickets to see?

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Crosby, Stills & Nash

Prices for both aren't horrible, I JUST NEED TO DECIDEEEE NOOOOW. So that I can begin my savings :D

And because this isn't just about me, what was your first concert? (as many times as this has been asked..)
Did you enjoy it? plz tell me the story.

(no subject)

Did your class do senior pranks? What were they?

Have you ever given your number to someone and then found out later from someone that they were crazy? What did/would you do when/if this happened?

(no subject)

What's the catchiest song ever (excluding anything by Rick Astley)?

In which time-zone do you live?

For those who have flown with them, were you satisfied by British Airways? Why/why not?

Do you watch Showtime's Dexter?
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(no subject)

My dad just randomly knocked on my door so he could hand me some grapes. Why did he want to give me grapes?

How would you describe your current state of being in one word?

Do you have any "People IRL Found My LJ" horror stories you're willing to share?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

1. Have you ever gotten into a car accident with someone you know?
I've known everyone who has hit me and the one person I hit. The girl I hit when I was 17 I went to elementary, middle and high school with, the lady who rear ended me when I was 18 worked with my mom and was a family friend (sort of), my friend rear ended me when I was 18 after school, and today, my uncle backed out of the driveway into me.

2. What are the political differences within your family?
In USA/presidential election centric terms: My parents are voting for Clinton, I'm voting for Obama, my Mom's Mom and Dad's parents are voting for Clinton, and my Dad's sister, and Mom's sisters and brother are voting for McCain.

3. What do you know the word "guido" to mean?
My cousin was explaining an episode of Spongebob to me this weekend (he's 9), and my aunt said "Mr. Krabs looked all guido'd out." Then she asked my cousin if he knew what that meant, and she said it meant he was trying to look cool. So now, my cousin has "guido" in his vocabulary as "trying to look cool" and not "Italian racial slur". I thought this was kind of weird for my aunt to think it was okay to tell him that definition. (I'm Italian, too, so I got a kick out of it)


(no subject)

to those of you who roleplay or read fanfics..
what is your favorite paring that is shown in canon?
what is your least favorite paring that is shown in canon?
what pairing, that if someone said "soxso?" you would go "ECK!" but you spotted something and fell in love with it?
what do you hate most about fandoms in general?

remyxrogue from x-men
helenxbob from incredibles
sideshow bobxbart
rabid fangirls/boys

oh, also, what is the pit? i hear about it in various places, but i have no idea what the pit is.

(no subject)

My ex called me from Iraq at 5:30 AM and told me he was suicidal. How would you respond to something like that?

Have you ever felt trippy without actually taking any drugs?
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(no subject)

the last adventure you had that made you feel like a little kid again?

last night my sister, my boyfriend, and my 2 friends all jammed into my aunt's honda civic & went to gravity hill*. the car really did go backwards in neutral! then after we drove to a park & played on the equipment & pushed each other on the swings. my boyfriend and i jumped up & down on the earthquake bridge & we held hands when going down the double slide. (:

*On this hill you are facing downhill and if you stop and you place the car on neutral you will go backwards up the hill. finger prints are reported to be found (According to legend... a girl took her parents car for a wild ride with friends and on this hill lost control and spun out of control and killed herself and her 3 friends. now they try to push you back up the hill.) http://www.strangeusa.com/ViewLocation.aspx?locationid=206&desc=Altadena,%20Ca%20Location%20Type%20Haunt%20Ca

well, slap me on the ass and call me shirley!

So, the other day someone asked if anyone in the UK believed the weather reports saying there'd be snow this weekend, and I was like, "Oh ho ho, snow in NORFOLK COUNTY? That can't possibly happen! *lofty chuckle*"

I just looked out the window and guess what? Haha.

What's the last thing you were stupidly, hilariously WRONG about?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

My most recent ex is a compulsive liar, and highly manipulative. He caused me a great deal of pain, and I've cut off every form of contact with him. I know that he's not somebody I wish to re-enter my life at any time. Even the supposed "honeymoon" period of our time together wasn't all that great.

For some sick, incomprehensible reason though, I find myself missing him tremendously, though I know I want nothing to do with him.

1. Is this normal, perhaps just another part of the healing process, or am I crazy?
2. How did you know that you were ready to date again after a serious break-up?
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heartlocks @ lipshine

(no subject)

I need to build my music collection, seeing as how I only have 271 songs in my itunes library.

So TQC, what is your all time favorite song/artist/band?

And to answer my own question...

My favorite song is Iris - Goo Goo Dolls.
My favorite artist is Corrine Bailey Ray.
And my favorite band is Seether.

(no subject)

To keep with the musical theme of the moment:

What are some of the better/best, yet little-known local bands from your area?

I'd have to say either The Flobots, Aloft in the Sundry, or 3OH!3. :P
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(no subject)

Do you ever have a problem figuring out where on your head a hat is supposed to sit? I don't often wear hats, so when I put one on I always feel it's too far back, or too far down my forehead, and putting it "where it looks right" doesn't work because I just second-guess myself. Is this just because I'm OCD and weird, or is it a skill I could have gotten in childhood if I'd worn hats more often?

(no subject)

You have been shown to have the best brain in all of TQC land!  The most agile, fastest-thinking, best-reasoning, etc. - everything that a great mind should have, and it's yours.  (Don't disbelieve - just go with it for the purposes here.)

You are given a glimpse into the future to see that you will have a terrible accident - within the next three days - that will destroy your physical being but leave your marvelous brain miraculously intact.  With this vision, you also see that you are donating that fabulous brain to some terribly needy tqcr whose own organ is sadly, even painfully, lacking in effective function.

So, TQC, who in this community do you donate your brain to?
Care to share a reason why, if it does not seem self-evident?

The Dude Abides

3 ?s

1) If you've ever had a hangover...

Do you remember what you drank the day/night before having the worst hangover you've ever had?

2) Besides maybe the government, who is the largest employer in the city or town you live in?

3) Is there any brand of gasoline that you refuse to put in your car? If so, what is it?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Do you care when people write about their sex lives in their LJs?
Do you like for them to give you warning, or put it behind a cut?
Do you talk about your sex life in your LJ? why/why not?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

Should I take a nap? I'm super tired, and I'm having company over at 11:30pm. But naps make me cranky and I always feel gross and disgusting after a nap... but if I don't I may fall asleep soon after they get here.

Do naps make you feel gross?

How often do you take a nap?

How long do you usually nap for?

(no subject)

Do you ever buy albums based on the album art alone, not ever having heard of the band/musician? 

If so, what albums have you bought?  Were they awesome or awful or somewhere in between?


Today I bought albums from the Photographic and the Mumlers.  Both are awesome.  Previously, I bought CDs by Astronautalis and the Wombats, which are both pretty good.
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Poll #1166861 I like to procrastinate

You have a 6-page paper due this Wednesday, and you're procrastinating. Why?

I fear messing up.
There are just so many more interesting things.
I really hate writing papers.
I work best under stress.

Experts (and most teachers) say that "working best under stress" is simply a delusion you give yourself, which leads to poor work.

Well, they ARE experts...
That's stupid. Stress is the only way to get things done.
That's a silly generalization. It's different for individual people.
Through personal experience, I agree with this analysis.

How long until summer break?

chicken legs
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(no subject)

Have you ever bought a digital camera as a bundle on Newegg? If so, how did the accessories work out for you?

Any ideas on how to buy an entire bundle of accessories + camera inexpensively? I'm buying myself a present. :P
sonic the hedgehog

(no subject)

what's your favorite sonic the hedgehog game? i think my favorite is sonic 3.

edit: i'm moving on june 1st and a lot of the stuff in my current house will no longer be available to me because it belongs to my roommates. my birthday is may 17th. should i ask for furniture and cooking stuff for my birthday or a specific mp3 player that i want? my dad will help me out with the apartment anyway, but i feel like it looks better to ask only for responsible-type things for my birthday. at the same time, my dad doesn't want me working this semester ("just focus on school," he says) so i can't buy any of this stuff on my own. oh, and my dad likes to throw money at me because he doesn't know how else to be a good father, so asking for just furniture might actually hurt his feelings. i'm really confused.
power to the peaceful

(no subject)

I'm listening to Zap Mama right now (they are amaaaaaaazing) and I was wondering....

Does anyone have any good world music recommendations?

Edited additional questions:
Do you mind describing the kind of band/artist they are? Or where they are from? Why do you like them?
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(no subject)

How does your family feel about your significant other? (If you're currently single, how did they feel about your previous S.O.?)

Do you think that movie hopping is bad? Does your opinion change if the theater is a very small chain/privately owned?

Linux Media Library

I've got an oldish computer I want to install Ubuntu (or some distro of Linux, but I'm definitely leaning towards a -buntu) on and turn into a strictly media computer.

Anyone have any recommendations of music, movie, and/or picture management apps? I can find plenty of players, but I'd love to find some apps centered around maintaining an organized library - I'm much too lazy to keep my shit sorted manually.

(no subject)

Since we moved in to our new place, we've seen this kind of beetle (click) in almost every room in the house. The cats eat them, we kill them, it's not a big deal. However, the other day while I was gardening I happened to notice about a few thousand of them on the house, about a foot from the ground.

Any idea what they are and how to get rid of them? I'd rather not use chemicals of any kind, but dear god, it's nasty and they need to not be on my house (and in my house).

Collapse )

(no subject)

1] Do you think it's a hardship to be attractive on the internet?

2] In one sentence, can you tell me who I should vote for in the next presidential election, and why?

3] Who were the last people you hung out with?

Chipotle + video games

I have noticed an odd correlation between people who enjoy video games and people who enjoy Chipotle, the finest (and faux-healthiest) of the extremely-caloric Mexican food chains. Not only does this apply to literally all of the gamers I know IRL, but also to quite a few of those I know online.

So tell me, video gamers of TQC, do you enjoy Chipotle? Do you find yourself running there before your guild's raids, or seeing other people talk about doing so?

And to make this more interesting for people who do not live near Chipotle, what's your favorite unhealthy food to eat before/during a long evening of gaming?
Luis sloooow

(no subject)

I dunno if this has been discussed or not but why did hip_hop_is_dead delete?
Is it because of the kitty post?

Did hip_hop_is_dead make a flounce post? If so, can I see it?

Have you ever considered deleting your journal? Why?

Have you ever deleted a post in a community? Why?
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(no subject)

Lately I've been waking up at night not being able to breathe. I have to keep taking long breaths until my chest hurts, and this usually lasts well into the morning. Is this anxiety related or should I go to my doctor and see if there is something wrong with my lungs?

If it is anxiety related what can I do to make it go away? I tried hot baths, meditating, exercising...nothing seems to be working.

(no subject)

I'm hyper and bored. Well I should really be doing an essay right now but TQC is always a more attractive option.


 - What/who are you missing right now? Not much really.

 - My cat is sitting on all my notes for my essay (which I need right now) What mad things do your pets do?

 - When will you be going to bed tonight? Probably a late one for me

 -  What was the last item you treated yourself to? I bought a new phone

companion cube!

(no subject)

What  is your favorite healthy but super duper fast supper?  

My husband and I work full time (plus a bunch of overtime) and opposite hours so I could use some practical bake-and-eat meals that won't make me gain 100 pounds!  Double points if they're just as good refrigerated and reheated!
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(no subject)

Do you think you can be "addicted" to working out, or is it just the endorphins?

I usually work out every day, but I was feeling lazy today, so I didn't - at first. Then I was kind of moody/depressed all day, so I went for a run and I feel better although everything that was depressing me has not changed.

(no subject)

is it normal/common for computer printers to randomly realign/readjust themselves?

I have a printer in my room and really early this morning when I was still mostly aslseep I heard it making noise for a couple of seconds.
John Simm, Life on Mars

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I have just finished my "complications of liver failure" workbook. It is 7:15pm, and I have to go to bed at 9:30 for a 7am start at work tomorrow.

Should I watch some Angel, or start my physics study program?


ETA: Isn't it really annoying when products you like get renamed? I really love this Burberry perfume, which was originally I think Burberry for Women, and then renamed Burberry London, and then taken off the market and a new Burberry London launched which smells nothing like the one I want.

Now apparently the old Burberry London is coming back... but I have to buy from a shopfront, because online shops are really cagey about which Burberry London they're selling.
A star dies.

(no subject)

 Has your LJ ever been hacked, and if so, how did you recover your entries? (Or did you?)

Also, for all the free plus accounts out there, are any of you atheists and/or scientists who get mildly annoyed when your journal displays ads for Creationist crap?
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icon questions

1.) How many icons do you have?
2.) For those of you who have multiple icons, do you have a default?
3.) About how often do you change your icon(s)?
4.) Will you change your icon depending on whose entry/ comment you are replying to?
5.) About how often do you check out someone else's icons, like to see who made a certain icon?
6.) Do you judge others based on their icon(s)?
7.) If so, what would you say about me? Dig deep, people.
8.) If applicable, what is your favourite Kurt Vonnegut book?
lulu guinness clutch

digital slr

I've been looking into getting a DSLR for a while, and I can't decide.

Collapse )

EDIT: These were kits I saw while I was out today and I thought they seemed like they would be good for beginners. Would they? Or would I be better off buying the body and lenses separately? I will be buying additional lenses eventually (probably very shortly after buying the camera).
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(no subject)

My husband called me last night and told me when he gets home we can get a kitten!
We currently have no pets, but!
This is a list of names we've both compiled

Adam West
Chesty (After Chesty Puller... ugh)
Dr. Pepper
Pinkerton (go Weezer)

Which do you like best? What are your own suggestions for names for a kitten?

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Is it normal for an alcoholic drink to taste progressively more and more alcoholic as you drink it? (like, when I started this bottle I could barely taste the alcohol, and now that I'm finishing it, I can barely drink it because it tastes so strong)

Is it just that I really don't drink often (this is my fourth time having alcohol like... ever XD) or am I just weird?

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Okay, so there's this girl who is an acquaintance from a former job who I hang out with very sporadically. I'm not tight with her and don't know her that well. She's my age (25). The last time I grabbed some coffee with her, though, her sister, who is two years younger, was at the same bookstore and sat down and chatted with us. She's way cuter, and funny, and I think we kind of hit it off in the brief time we talked. Anyway, I kind of want to try and get with the younger sister now, but I don't have her phone number or anything. The only way to get it is to ask the older sister. So, how do I ask for the younger sister's number, as I'm assuming any girl would be defensive about someone macking on their little sis?


 Do you think anyone is truly unique even though we all wear the same clothes, shop at the same stores, speak the same languages, eat the same foods, etc?

Why/Why not?

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One of my candles comes with dirrections and warnings. Wouldn't that seem self-explanitory?

What is the most rediculous warning label you've ever come across?

For those of you who have played FF7 crisis core- any tips on how to beat the griffon in Modeoheim?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I have this huge fear of my wallet or cell phone getting stolen from me. I have to keep my phone in my pocket at all times to know it's safe, and refuse to put it in my bag, because someone could steal the whole thing. If I'm at the library alone (sitting at one of the computers, that is) and I have to go to the bathroom or want to look for a book, I'll carry all my belongings with me. Am I being overly paranoid or is this a reasonable fear?

(This pretty much started the moment my mom and I bought our phones, but it really hit me today while Mom and I were going food shopping.)
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I went to Mass a half hour early today and picked up a bulletin to read to pass the time.  I read that one of the priests is being transferred to a different parish.  After I distributed the Holy Communion, I went to the back room and put my dish in the sink and saw the priest there.  I said "Hey Father Dave!  I read that..." and he cut me off and said "Shh!  You aren't supposed to read the bulletin before Mass.  You're not supposed to read the bulletin before Mass."  I said "Oh" and walked away.  Since he repeated himself in a stern voice and didn't smile or anything that would make me think his reaction was him just being silly because he is a silly priest, I thought his response was kind of mean.  He acted like I committed a capitol sin or something.  All I did was read the bulletin before Mass.  =\

Is reading the bulletin before Mass that big of a deal?

Has your religious figure ever put you in your place?  Why?


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What are your definitions of "geek" and "nerd"?

I see nerds as people with a lot of passion and expertise in a specific area, and geeks as people lacking in social and hygiene skills. My brother swears it's the other way around though.

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Would absolute, incontrovertible proof of sentience in another species, say dolphins or chimps for example, change your worldview?  If so, how would it change?

and for the silly question to go along with the serious one:  Will I have a good first day on the job tomorrow?  I am wearing a brand new outfit from head to toe and I'll look really cute.  What are the chances of finding a nice, decent guy that catches my eye tomorrow?