April 5th, 2008

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Do you think you and your friends could beat Barack Obama in a 3x3 match?

Do you like sushi? What kinds?

If a co-worker didn't show up one day (and it was just supposed to be the two of you there, no boss), would you say anything about it to your boss or let it slide?

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I hope you all enjoyed that if you saw it lol. I have been drinking!!

For those of you who didn't..

Have you ever posted a private journal entry to a community?

Were you a bit tipsy at the time like i am?
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You are transported into the depths of Hell, apparently Satan has gotten bored and decided to fuck around with the living, and find yourself in front of the throne or whatever of the fallen angel himself. On either side of him you see two people, who seem more or less average, and whom you have never seen before this day--likely to never see again.

He tells you to pick one of these people to live, and the other to spend eternity in everlasting torment.

The person on the left is an average-looking woman, aged 23, with a child and an ex-husband who doesn't pay child support. She's a secretary for the CEO of a large corporation, though recently she's been considering quitting because she feels perpetually degraded by the sexual comments made by her boss. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite song, right now, is "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.

The other is a slightly overweight, but not unpleasant-looking man, around 34, who is married but has no children. He's currently without a job because he recently was laid off (poor economy and all). His unemployment is almost running out. He has two jack russell terriers named Mindy and Billy that he loves very much, though. His favorite color is red, though he says it's green. His favorite song is David Bowie's "China Girl".

Which of these people do you save?

Or do you use Charizard to save them all and kill Satan?

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chan marshall

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For those of you with long hair, how long do you need for it to be blow dried etc before being ready?

How long is your hair?

I need to make a good high protein salad for fitness tomorrow. I think red kidney beans along with an onion garnish sauce would be nice. Any suggestions?

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So, I just sat on my foot for an unreasonable amount of time and now my leg's asleep.

When's the last time one of your limbs, or at least an extremity, fell asleep?
What fell asleep and what were you doing, or not doing or... whatever, that made it happpen?
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Follow up question:

This is a follow up question to this post, cause I still haven't decided what to do.

Basically, my estranged aunt sent me a birthday card with a check for fifty dollars in it. The card was covered in a letter detailing all of her financial hardships, well into the ten thousands. I don't know what I am going to do, still. I want to send her a letter shaming her, really, and returning the check, that way, if she's just doing it to look like a martyr, she still has to deal with my scornful reply. Ugh, please help me decide wtf to do, TQC

Poll #1166137 Follow up...

What should I do with this dinero?

Send it back with a shaming letter
Keep it
Void it and ignore it
Another option I will comment with

It's time to play Naaaaaame Thaaaat Buuuuuuuuug!!

When I lived in Southern California, we'd get this little beetles that were attracted to light, like they tended to come out in the evening and nighttime. They were pretty small-maybe half an inch long (at least where I lived)and a brownish red color. They could fly too. I had always called them June bugs but because I am bored I just looked up June Bug on wikipedia and it gave me some other beetle that is a little bigger, makes a buzzing noise-like a bee, and is green-it didn't mention that they flew either. So, anybody know what sorta bug I'm thinking of?

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I'm listening to Coast to Coast AM, so I wanna know-

Will you please tell me about

an experience you had with a ghost?
an experience you had with an extraterrestrial?
an experience you had with some other supernatural entity?


Is there anywhere I can watch the Grand National live on the internet tomorrow? I'm in the US.

Barring that, is it going to be aired live on TV over here?

I've a friend in the UK who wants to watch it with me, and hell, I'd like to watch it anyway. Google isn't helping me much.

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Not that any of you are bored enough to read this, but I always come to the TQC for all my question needs. SO, if you are bored, or you consider yourself the best advice giver, knowledgable on men, or relationships, or anything at all, if you consider yourself a lover of meeeeee, or whatever the reason...read this cut.

Collapse )

no hard feelings if you don't though!

Alright alright alright guys.

I get it, I'm actually socially retarded. THANKS!
But, IN MY DEFENCE. I've heard that 'losing the v-card' makes people act strange.
I also lost my brother a month before I was with this guy, and was in the grieving stage --still am.
I also have never been with anyone even close that way ( no fooling around )and never dated. So this was someone I felt strongly about or something.
BUT, I can read from your ever so caring (sarcasm much?) responses, that it was all wrong, and I am absolutely horrible at reading situations and people. So, thank you all, I'm moving on. I realize the errors. But, thanks.

Edit 2:: I also wrote all of this in about five minutes, didn't take grammar, spelling, or formatting into account whatsoever when writing this. It resembles a huge mess of text, that actually probably will hurt your eyes. But I was lazy, just wanted to type it out quick, that's all. I didn't think I'd have to write extra "proper" for the internet. Just typed everything I could think of, quickly at that. My apologies. I won't go back an edit it now, because it's long done.
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If you inherited $100,000 dollars on your next birthday, what would you do with the money?

I ask because my friend is already outlining five-thousand of hers to go to charity (she turns 18 today).
Great job!

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One time mine (and all my roommates) cat got preg and we didnt know it. Well that damn cat got into Zac-s room and his girlfriend is alergic to cats so he got all pissed off and kicked the cat. Anyways it aborted all over our other roommates (Jenn) bed (where it typicaly slept)

Now this was about 2 years ago.

So I ask you. Did this sad and tragic story make you lol a little bit inside? Like you know its not funny but you pictured a girl comming home and finding aborted cat fetuses on her bed.

Also we were not sure what to do with them so we put them in an old DVD player and the put that under the new sod in the front yard.

Whats the best way to get rid of dead cats and/or cat fetus?


Did this offend you?
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Okay, so what can I do to entertain myself on a 13 hour bus ride? I have a laptop but the battery only lasts about 2-3 hours. I have books but if I read for that long I will get a headache.

Ugh, it's too early for this, damn it!

I don't know what my uncle is listening to right now, but he keeps playing the SAME SHITTY FUCKING SONG over and over and over on the highest volume possible... 

He did this shit with John Mayer's Gravity, as well. >.< Killed my liking of that song.

What should I play to drown out the song, TQC? Usually I'd play something loud and percussion-heavy over YouTube, but it's almost 9:00 AM here. Help? 

ETA: I'm playing 'Your Little Secret' by Melissa Etheridge. >:) Took me a moment to find something in my favorites loud enough.
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What Would Wonder Woman Do

Answer Mickie's questions!

1. Has anybody had any experience with donating hair to Locks of Love?

2. What makes hair grow faster?

My daughter has a classmate with leukemia, and she's said something about donating her hair in his honor. It's not quite long enough - they want a 10 inch ponytail, and right now that would scalp her - but it's getting close.

I have a neat kid. ^_^
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Even if you don't consider yourself to be superstitious, do you have any habits or things that you do that are?  Why do you do them?

For example, when I put money in my wallet, I always put bills facing the same direction with "In God We Trust" facing out, because my aunt told me once that it makes your money grow faster.  I do it now not because I really think it will get my rich, but because it makes me think of my aunt.
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lately my hair has felt very tangley and...waxy? could this be a result of too much deep conditioning? it feels dirty even right after washing. i've been using a deep conditioner every time i wash and a defrizz serum after.

maybe this is a stupid question, but i'm so used to having damaged hair that the idea of "too much conditioning" is foreign to me.


Brunch and AMA

1.I am hosting a 9 course brunch tomorrow. What should I make? I have 11 people coming over. I would also like some beverage ideas. I'm making quiche, and I know there will be waffles and mimosas, but I need some more ideas before I go to the market.

2. I guess I was banned from AMA because I said TQC was better last night.
The community is called ASK ME ANYTHING right?
So if they ask me something I should be able to say ANYTHING correct?
I think it's hilarious.
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Uni break?

1. Should I take some time off uni?

2. If so should I take a year off or six months?

3. Should I start next year, or next semester?

4. Is starting at a new uni in second semester ridiculously difficult?

5. What will I say to my mother who will be disappointed & passive aggressive about it?
Is "at least I didn't get pregnant?" too harsh?
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Cultural groups

What is, in your opinion, the most irritating or annoying cultural group (ie hippies, scene kids, art snobs, etc)

If you could be part of a cultural group for a day without standing out from the group in any way, which would you pick?
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I have a Compaq tower, about 3 1/2 years old, just sitting here that hasn't been used in a few months. The motherboard is fried but everything else works on it.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I no longer want it because I bought a new computer. What would you recommend.. donate, recycle, or try to sell it?

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(A) You ever think you know something and everyone else is a moron about it until you realize that you are actually the moron?
I was totally like "Morons, putting Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) when they're just editing to add something. Doesn't make any sense." and then two days ago I'm like "Oh, wait....duh. Edited To Add. Idiot."

(2) Why do people pay money for drugs and shit when you can just stay up for 36 hours and get completely fucked up?
Seriously, I'm seeing music. And it's all dancing and rainbow-y. And I thought I saw a girl outside, but it was just grass which doesn't make any sense because grass is green and she was a scary little WTFGoth girl.

(#) Can you tell I'm really fucked up?

Yeah, you're really fucked up, Rox. Seriously, get some sleep and stop talking in the third person.

Oh, okay.
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Relationship f-ups

So, when your boyfriend royally screws up - say, does something that is one of your top 'no no's (e.g. cheat, lie, manipulate - whatever it is for you), what do you want him to do (other than say 'i'm sorry' and promise to not do it again) to make things better? 

If it's your girlfriend that royally screws up, what do you want them to do? 

When responding please let me know what gender you are. I'm just curious to see if there are differences in needs when it comes to this.  

EDIT: Ok, say it's not something serious enough to break up over. S/he loves you, didn't realise how badly it'd hurt, and are seriously apologetic. It's the first time they've ever done it, so you have reason to believe them.  Do you just forgive and forget? Or, do they need to do something more? If so, in your ideal scenario, what do they need to do to make things right - typical responses might be 'buy flowers' 'stand at my window with a boombox', lol. What would be yours? 

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Should I go to the movies by myself this afternoon to see Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger for the second time?

What is the most awesome  non-alcoholic beverage in the whole world? I think easyway peach green tea with rainbow jelly is pretty awesome.

What kind of cupcakes should I bake?
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LOL what?

*phone rings*

Lady: Hello, I'm calling from Circuit City.
Me: Alright.
Lady: You have an appointment with a technician for your television on Tuesday the 8th?
Me: Yes ma'am.
Lady: Alright, the technician will be there between 11 and 1 on Monday the 7th.
Me: ...what?
Lady: 11 to 1. Monday the 7th.
Me: But I scheduled it on the 8th.
Lady: Yes, and he'll be there on the 7th between 11 and 1.
Me: But that's not when I- oh, forget about it.
Lady: Have a great day!


Stupidest phone conversation you've ever had?

Anyone willing to take bets on what time he actually does show up?

Dope ?

If someone were to come up to you and say, "Hey, you. Want some dope?"

What drug would you think they were talking about?


Crystal Meth
Some other drug I will mention in the comments
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If your name were Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. and you needed a stage name to become famous, what would you change your name to?

I'm assuming probably about half of you already know his stage name, but I'm asking what YOU would change YOUR name to if it were Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr.
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what are you doing and where are you doing it?

when was the last time you got laid? was it good?

i'm watching ncis and being bored in a hotel room in irvine, ca.

friday morning and hell yes.

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I have dry skin but I'm not sure if it's because of a lack of water or because of a lack of oil. Does anybody know a site that can explain how to tell which cause it is and what to do to make it better?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Would you please describe your perfect day, weather-wise?
(what's the temperature, what are the sky, wind, air, precipitation conditions like, etc.)

What will you do on this perfect day?

Anything in particular you want to eat or drink that will add to your enjoyment of this day?

My cat is a couch potato

It has been a slow, lazy morning with lots of time to think of stupid questions so before I go out and decide to be productive, I was wondering...

Do your pets watch TV?
My cat typically totally ignores it, although he seems to be intrigued by car chases and action-adventure type things on the screen. He also reacts when an actor is being very emotional (i.e. crying or yelling) or when another cat or a dog is making a lot of noise on the program. The only quieter things that catch his interest are nature programs a la Meercat Manor and the like. However, I think he might be a bit nearsighted because when he does become enraptured, it is when he is sitting about a foot and a half from the screen.

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So, I'm wondering what my spiritual beliefs would be classified as.

I don't believe that there is just one god or that god exists as defined in the Bible/Quran/Hebrew Bible/etc. I don't believe that any being can be completely omnipotent, everything has a weakness.

I do believe that there are higher beings that may, on occasion, interfere in our world/the workings of the universe. These beings could be previous evolutions of our own species or highly evolved aliens from another planet, I don't know or particularly care, I just believe there is something. I believe in an afterlife and that all concious (not trees/plants/bacteria) have a soul/life force that continues after their body is dead. Deep down I believe in reincarnation, though I may scoff at the idea, but I don't think you die and are immediately reincarnated. I believe that there is a place where souls wait until it's time for them to be born again.

So TQC, what am I?
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I recently gave a seminar on Proteomics in my Clinical Labortory Science Seminar class and I just wanted to know:

Before I asked this question, did you know what Proteomics is?
Do you now have to know what Proteomics is?

And one last question:
What is your least favorite color?

Mine is #EEE8AA or this color
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What random objects do you enjoy playing/fiddling around with?

Me: Magnets, laser pointers, and candles. I've never been able to let a candle burn fully without eventually playing with burning things in it.
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1. What can you hear outside while in your room? If you're there, can you hear anything right now?
2. What's the weirdest thing you've ever heard outside?
3. Do you regularly hear things, or is it quiet?
4. Is there anything in particular near you that causes noise?
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1.  Will you be trying for Glastonbury tickets tomorrow?

2. If someone has about 2" of roots (the same colour-ish as the dyed part), should this make a vast difference to the lightening process?

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What should I do to keep me occupied during the hours of 2 a.m. - 5 a.m. (approximately) while I camp out on the back step waiting for my elusive escaped cat?

Also, is it a good idea to put some of his used pee-pee litter outside so he can smell it and return home?

What do you think cat meat tastes like? You know, just in case he didn't survive.

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1) What do you believe to be true about yourself?

2) What misconceptions do people have about you?

3) If you made the front page of the local newspaper what would you want the headline to say?

4) Raw cookie dough, yum or not?
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Is there anywhere I can buy a legit full version of vista (any version: home, basic, w/e) that can be installed on multiple computers for under 100 bucks? (Preferably cheaper than that tbh.)

Everywhere I've looked, it's either an upgrade of an old system or 200+.
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Jean is shorter than Brutus but taller than Imhotep. Imhotep is taller than Jean, but shorter than Lord Scotland. Lord Scotland is twice the height of Jean and Brutus combined but only one-tenth of the height of Millsy. Millsy is at a constant height of x − y. If Jean stands exactly one nautical mile away from Lord Scotland, how tall is Imhotep?

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1)do you ever read classified ads and go huh?

Yes. my favorites from the weekly newspaper are 'single white female seeks a room mate'[I'm not a race doesn't matter person, but why put your race in?] and basically, an ad that was like prostitutes wanted.

2)what are you feeling guilty about?

feeling like napping instead of working.

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If hair grew INSIDE of the vagina on the walls, the way it does in your nose, and people were still big on hair removal, how do you think we'd get rid of THAT?

ETA: I'm thinking a wax stick that you'd have to stick up there, and then yank out. Good lord, the horror.

Also, how do you think the hair would play a part in the pleasure involved in sex?

Would it tickle? Would the removal of the hair have any effect on that?

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1. What's your opinion on sex among the elderly?

2. At what age do you suspect you'll stop having sex?

3. What do you think of this?


1. I think it's cool. I'm currently writing a paper about it for sociology.

2. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I hope I'll be getting more action when I'm 60.

3. I think it's awesome. I've watched it quite a few times now, and am citing it in my paper.
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I woke up, at a good breakfast, worked out, showered which made my hair smell like limes and green tea, and I get to wear new pj bottoms from old navy that my mom sent me. I feel so happy and relaxed.

What routine is therapeutic to you/makes you happy?

What does your shampoo &/or conditioner smell like?

(no subject)

What kind of music do your parents listen to?

What kind of deodorant do you wear?

What was your favorite part of Juno?

What's your favorite junk food/drink?

Did you ever want to be a fire(wo)man?

What is a good reason to throw a party or reward yourself?
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Is there something you wanted to say to or ask outyp_8, but couldn't get there in time (or you did, but he never replied)? Will you post it here, since he deleted all evidence of his fail?

Is there anything else you'd like to say to a TQC member?

(For those who missed it, you can still see outyp_8's fail over here, because we have caps ;))
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Holy Crap TQC!

My dad just caught a ferret. It just walked up to him from under my dad's toolshed. We put him in the cat carrier for now, but what do we do with it? I think the shelters are closed for now, adn I am wary of that anyway since they might put him to sleep.

Has anyone ever owned a ferret before?   
.the game is on!.

Oh Parental Units!

My mom and I had an argument recently. She insisted that all college seniors, who are "motivated" and want to be "successful", look forward to and are happy to write their thesis. She insinuated that if you don't have these qualities, of looking forward to a thesis and being happy happy, joy joy about it you are an unmotivated, irresponsible wretch with no ambition, who is completely hopeless. Being as I think this is a completely irrational case, I took the opposite position. So now I turn to you, TQC!

1. If you are/were a senior in college, did you, in fact, look forward to doing your thesis, and were you happy while doing it?

2. If you could graduate college with the same qualification, but without the necessity of writing a thesis, would you take that opportunity?
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How do you usually respond to failposts?

I don't normally respond. I usually get there after many responses of "Fail", and I think it would be redundant. Sometimes I get the urge to just write "I hate you." as a response, but I haven't yet.

Mix it up

1) I'm in the middle of a typography design project based on the lyrics of a pre-determined song and I'm currently at the audience research stage. So pray tell me, what images/thoughts/words/opinions come to mind when you hear Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?

2) I have August free this year and I want to go travelling. Where should I go? Money is not an issue, I'm 19, in the UK, female, don't deal with hot HOT heat very well and spent 3 months in the US last year so that's out.

3) Orange juice or blood orange juice?

4) Also to any UKers here - do you actually believe it's going to snow this weekend?!
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is my cat having seperation issues???

Charlie had kittens about 4 or 5 weeks ago now and she was being a good mother and doing her things and whatever.

Damnit was pregnant at the time and had her kittens last night.

Now for some reason Damnit keeps taking Charlies kittens out from where they are at and moving them to where her kittens are..

What the hell is wrong with my cat??

she has NEVER done this before and tehy ahve had kittens together for over a yr now.

what gives? did she mis carry? did something happen that made her go crazy like this?

should I keep taking charies kittens back to her ? how do i stop damnit from doing this??

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Kind of a bizarre question here, but...I just found about a dozen bottles of McCormick's Flavor Extracts...

hidden in my 14 year old son's bedroom.  

Are kids drinking this stuff to get a buzz?   

(no subject)

I am currently at university and when I started at September I made friends with just about the wrong bunch of people
I could have been friends with, they are loud and obnoxiouse and I may not have realised then but I have now.
At the end of the first semster I left and just went home after a exam and havent spoken to Tem since,its been two monthsand since then I havent had friends or spoken to other people as I am very shy and suffer from social anaxity.

So have I made the wrong choice?
Would it have been better to be around people you cant stand
or be alone and the possibilty of never having social Intraction with anyone?

Thank you in advance.

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How long did you and your ex go out? How long did it take for you to get over him/her?

My big toe's been hurting these last few days, and today it felt worse and I walk with a slight limp. What the hell is wrong with my foot?

Where do you shave hair on your body?
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Poll of sorts

Newsweek recently had an article about surrogate mothers. According to the article, most people view them in the same line as prostitutes, even though fertilization is done using IVF. Others allegedly see it as renting out a womb.

What do you think? Ethical dilemma, or guilt-free way make people happy and make money at the same time?

(no subject)

Sometimes I come across a strange breed of human online. People who pretend a celebrity is or was their IRL boyfriend/girlfriend. They weave these imaginative, detailed stories of their past or present relationship with their chosen celebrity and hang the information over their friends' heads because they don't seem to think they're interesting enough by themselves.

I was wondering, tqc, is there a medical term for this type of behavior? It's too common to not be documented somewhere.

(no subject)

What are your religious beliefs?

If you have a s/o have you discussed what beliefs you will raise your children as if you intend to have children?

Have you ever been in a heated argument about religion?
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Superman questions

Superman is invulnerable to physical injury and superstrong, yes?

1. Clark Kent loves to eat candy and dislikes brushing. Would he get a cavity, or is his Kryptonian saliva superstrong as well and capable of destroying errant bacteria in his mouth?

2. Superman gets a cavity, let's say. What can he do about it? Are his teeth superinvincible too, or can a dentist drill penetrate them?

3. Superman has superstrong muscles and his body is impervious to injury, because his skin can't be broken and the muscle mass can shrug off blunt attacks like it was nothing. But there is no muscle behind the scrotum. Would he be vulnerable to a kick to the nuts? Or are his testicles superdense?

4. Clark Kent finds that he's allergic to pollen. He has to sneeze. What would happen if he was in the office? Remember he's got superbreath

5. Superman isn't eating enough fiber, and he's a little superconstipated. He's sitting on the toilet, and pushing his superintestinal muscles to force out a superpoopie. For someone with the strength to lift a locomotive, would his dookie fly out of his butt with enormous pressure? What would happen to the toilet? The floor beneath it?

to the non-christians

*I'm not trying to leave you guys out, if you can answer this question feel free to do so*

So, I've been noticing through the years that there is a ton of Christian music out there that's not the typical gospel religious fare, but everything from country to heavy metal, and alot of it is good and modern. 

So...where's all the Jewish/Muslim/other religion's snazzy music? I know we've got catchy songs like Havanagila, but...anything more modern too? If so, is there anyplace I can get some? 

(no subject)

Do you know/have you heard anything about University of Tampa or Saint Leo University? If so, What?
Have you ever attended or know anyone that has?

I'm trying to find some honest opinions of both schools by students who are going there/have gone there.
Are there any sites I could go to?
I don't want the sugarcoated stuff directly from the school's mouth.
I just wanna know what each school is like in the student's opinion.

thanks! =]
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Which looks worse: being dressed fancy but having a visible bandage, or being dressed fancy and having a visible cut?

How should I do my hair for an upcoming wedding? It's short so I can't really put it up, but I want to look like I actually put some effort into it.

(no subject)

If you have x amount of refills for a prescription by x date, is there a minimum waiting time between refills, or could I get, for instance, two refills at once so long as it's before the cutoff date?
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I just finished watching the entire Scrubs series, and now I'm trying to decide which TV show to (hopefully) get hooked on next.

So TQC, should I watch...

- The Tudors
- Alias
- Arrested Development
- Freaks and Geeks
- Roots
- something else?

Also, what is your favorite TV show of all time?
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(no subject)

1) What is the most delicious thing you've eaten today?
I just made a yummy fruit salad with cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries and bananas. It's SO good.

2) What's the grossest thing you've eaten today?
I tried some beef jerky that my boyfriend bought. Blech. It inspired the fruit salad.

Passport question

I have a major problem, and the official web site about passports provided no answers to the following question:

Can you still renew your passport by filling out a form and turning in your old passport after it has expired? In my particular case it would only be a couple of weeks after the expiration. The problem is that other than my birth certificate, I have no other forms of official ID (I don't have my social security card, and I do not have a driver's license).

Alternately, if I apply for a passport in one state (BEFORE it expires), can I have it mailed to an address in a different state? To make a long story short, I'm going on a trip where I'll need my passport in a couple of weeks, and then it will expire the week after, when I'll be in the middle of moving to another state.


Poll #1166440 i live one day at a time all year long...and all days lead up to this one.

who should win the next basketball game in the final four?

Kansas, of course
the Jayhawks!
whoever you say, suzermagoozer because I don't want to fuck with you, seeing as you are fragile right now.
the other team, who shall not be named.
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What significant 2D animated series/movies/whatever have there been where black lines weren't used as outlines for the drawings (e.g. Samurai Jack)?

EDIT: What about ones that don't use darker outlines at all?

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1. So, I'm an idiot and I'm not sure if I should capitalize 'prohibition' when it's used like this: "In America, in the 1920s, Prohibition sucked." Capitalized, Y/N?

2. What was the topic of the most recent report/essay you wrote?

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When you're feeling down, or just "blah", what do/buy you do that cheers you up? Preferably:
` lasts more than an hour
` costs less than $40
` not a movie and not reading/vid games/bubble baths

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I have soba noodles (the wide kind) and want to use them for dinner. I have cauliflower, broccoli, peanut butter, rice vinegar, canola (and no other kind of) oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger, sunflower seeds (I'm not sure if they're salted or not)...

What can I make with these? I can figure it out in terms of the vegetables and all, but I'm not sure if I can make the peanut butter work in a sauce of some sort.

Any ideas?

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Should Unicode designate an official dick-in-a-box character?  They have all other kinds of random "graphical symbols" (in the sense of a smiley face).

Who will design the archetype of the symbol?

What other symbols should Unicode add?
lead me

i hate laminating machines.

so i have a bulletin board i have to put up monday morning. i went and got my stuff laminated today, so that i could cut it out this weekend. except... the plastic didn't seal right around the cutouts, so it's bubbly, and if i cut it, it peels off. tqc, how can i fix this? i was thinking maybe iron it with a towel over it, but idk. srs answers plz, i am really in a bind if i can't get this fixed.

and why do we suddenly have no water pressure out here at home? what the crap.

For beeeer

You have a strange dream where reginald crept in through your window as you slept, and stole $20 from your wallet. You woke up and thought it was all a silly dream, but upon inspection of your wallet, you seem to be $20 short. What do you suppose happened and what will you do about it?

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So my dad accidently deleted the recycle bin on his PC. I can't seem how to find it to get it back for him.
I am totally stumped on this and I am sure I am over looking something. I have tried looking on line for some help but can't seem to find anything.

Can you help me?

How do I retrieve a delete recycle bin or is it just gone for ever?

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1. Are you allergic to anything? What is it?
2. Have you seen Stop Loss? Is it worth seeing?
3. Is there a food that isn't available where you live that you'd like to try? What is it?
hate pimentos

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My husband has been sick as hell for the last 2.5 weeks, and I have managed to remain healthy.  However, I am developing a killer headache and am noticing a bit of a hot, scratchy throat.  I'm getting sick!

How do you handle being sick?  Do you just take a bunch of medicine and push through it, or do you curl into a ball and sleep until you feel better? 
ocala drive

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I'm not looking for an answer, more of a how-to on how to figure these out, please. I can't figure this out:

"Mark Barrett purchased 210 shares of the Martin & Newsome Aggressive Growth mutual fund for $22 a share. The fund charges a 5 percent commission when shares are purchased. During the next 12 months a $50 management fee was deducted from his account. He also received income dividends and capital gain distributions that totaled $0..80. At the end of 12 months, Mark sold his shares for $26.

How much money (including commissions) did Mark Barrett invest in the Martin & Newsome Aggressive Growth fund? "
I came up with 4,389, but my quiz marked me as incorrect.

"Mark Barrett purchased 210 shares of the Martin & Newsome Aggressive Growth mutual fund for $22 a share. The fund charges a 5 percent commission when shares are purchased. During the next 12 months a $50 management fee was deducted from his account. He also received income dividends and capital gain distributions that totaled $0..80. At the end of 12 months, Mark sold his shares for $26.

Assuming that he sold his shares in this fund at the end of 12 months, what was Mark Barrett's total return or profit from this investment? "
I just guessed on this one.

Can someone please guide me on how to figure these out?

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Do you know any good sites for long hairstyles?
Cute Accessories? (hairpins, clips, etc etc)
Good stores to shop at?
I'm growing my hair out and I'm tired of my same ol same ol boring style.
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1) Have you ever been given advice by TQC, taken the advice and been happy with the end result? What happened?

2) Have you ever been given advice by TQC, taken the advice and NOT been happy with the end result? What happened?

3) When will TQC take over the world?

4) Which member of TQC will be president of the world?

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OK, here. This has been bugging me for a while now.

How could you get younger people informed/involved/interested in politics???

Need something realistic and not too complicated....

Xanx lD
sad girl

Tell me

What is going on in this picture? Please narrate it for me.

edit: Narrate! Fictional dialogue and such! You people make me want to bang your mom and shoot your dog at the same time!


Have you ever had a woman put her fingers inside of you and massage your uterus and ovaries from the inside out while looking you straight in the eyes? What the hell? She also looked at my cervix :( Collapse )

Would you rather have hair that smells like mackerels or constantly be having a light period, both FOREVER?

Also, is there a thing like a push-up brassiere, but for your buttocks? I can invent it?
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How is it that so many people don't know the meaning of irony, or how to use it properly?
How is it that even on tv shows it is used horribly wrong?

What's wrong with people?

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Poll #1166540 A/S/LotR?

Who'd you rather hook up with?

Gandalf (he has a little of that Sean Connery mojo)
All 4 hobbits at once

Edit: It's Galadriel, not Gwendriel. My error. There's another elf girl named Gwendriel and I got my pointy ears crossed

Edit2: You can add Treebeard if you want. I should have remembered him when I made the poll. All you dendriphiliacs can rejoice

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1. Do you have any theories on why my ex just called me?

2. Girls- Be honest, about how many times a day does your ass crack/underwear show? Guys- What do you think of this ass crack/underwear showing?

3. Guys- Be honest, do you wear your pants halfway down your ass, with your boxers hanging out? Girls- What do you think of this boxers hanging out thing?

4. Do you have a regular work schedule, or is it different weekly?

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If you are a Christian: Why? What is it about the premise that you really relate to? When you feel touched/moved/elated by it, can you describe what it is you are feeling?

(I'm an atheist but I'm genuinely interested)

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I'm watching Law and Order: SVU.
Do you watch any of the Law and Order shows?
Which is your favorite?
How do they come up with the ideas for some of this stuff?
Has anything in the show ever disturbed you?
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My DS's would LOL at this

Guys, I was Army... I wore the uniform. So why is it when I see people in uniform now, I want to say something to them, but I get all shy and can't approach them? (IDK if it's shyness, I don't know what it is... maybe shame :O) I mean some makes sense, if it's some one high ranking that I would NEVER SPOKEN TO while I was in, but even the ones my rank I get all weird with! Why is this? What can I do to stop being weird and not able to approach strangers in uniform? D: