April 4th, 2008

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what do your hands say about you at this moment?

mine say that I got attacked by the popcorn grate when I was washing it (that's gonna scar..) and that I've been playing octave scales on the cello judging by the messed up callous on the edge of my thumb. I just cliped my nails and some might accidentally think I'm engaged but I just wear a ring on that finger because I like it.

a reply of a question asked about a month ago

You're going down on your partner, and he/she farts--and it's a stinker. What do you do? Keep in mind he/she will probably be extremely embarrassed. (Or maybe not--who knows?)

I would probably move away from his lower region and search out other erogenous zones--neck, nipples, etc. If it was really bad I'd probably suggest we move to another area of the room, or another room if necessary. I wouldn't want to embarrass him.

Then again, if we're really close, maybe we'll just laugh about it.


Okay so its close to 130. And I'm stuck at work.

will someone please entertain me? :(

what was the last embarassing thing that happened to you?
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Hundreds+ of years ago , what did people, especially kids, in rural areas do for fun?

What prevented them from constantly killing eachother and themselves from having to work in the corn fields all day?

Seriously...there was no fucking entertainment.  No tubes, no nothing.

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if you went to the beach with your girl friend and her pubic hair was hanging out of the bottoms of her bikini, what would you do?

this happens every summer with my best friend. i never have the heart to tell her about it. haha, i'm a horrible friend!

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1. Despite having to work early today, I stayed up all night playing video games, downloading Ben Folds and Richard Cheese songs, and making summer travel plans. I have to work 10AM-3PM with only one or two other people (if there are two others, one is a trainee). Besides copious amounts of caffeine, how can I keep myself alert for a lunch rush at a fast food restaurant?

2. My hair is too long. I want to buzz it all off today after work (not all off, but down to about 1/2"), but pretty much everyone I know wants me to keep it as is (it's like a 5" mop on my head). Should I just say "screw you guys, it's gone" and buzz it off or try my hand at hacking it down to something decent? (Despite having a friend who owns a salon right next door to my workplace in the strip mall where we're located, I can't afford a proper haircut. Woe.) I'm pretty good at cutting others' hair, but I've never tried my own. heh

3. Did/do you have Mario Paint on SNES? On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love it?

3.  Did you watch the Dateline special on and/or read the book Mistaken Identity? If so, what are your thoughts on the whole...thing?
I live about 15 minutes from Taylor University. I didn't know either of the girls involved (or anyone else in the accident for that matter), but I have a lot of friends at Taylor. It made me ashamed of and furious at the county for not being more thorough in their victim identification and actually had me considering running for county coroner.

I hate Public Transportation

Dear TQC- What is the appropriate thing to do about snorers on public transportation?

I ride a train to work at about 6am, and just about everyone is sleeping- but occasionally I get stuck on a car with individuals whose snoring could wake the dead. Do you wake them up and say "dude, you're snoring and annoying the hell out of everyone", nudge them and hope they figure it out on their own, or do nothing?

Also, when everyone else is sleeping at 6am, and people get on the train and start gabbing on their cell phones or having extremely loud convos, should you do anything then? 

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If stephie hadn't deleted this post:
I hooked up with this cute boy last night from one of my classes. It turns out he's had a crush on me for a while, and I love that 'cause hot boys never crush on me. I got laid... thank God. Last time I had sex was MAY. I shudder when I say that.

So, anyway - here's what I'm wondering. He made it seem like he was in the same boat as me regarding hooking up with people. He said he doesn't hook up a lot. But I have to admit, I am skeptical. HE WAS SO GOOD. And he knew how to hold me and move and stuff and it was just mmm mm good.

Am I being a hypocrite? I mean, I'm good at sex, but it doesn't mean that I fuck guys all the time. Why am I making a different standard for him? In my mind I'm thinking, ohhh he's good at this and he knows what he's doing... he must sleep around. Should I lighten up? Does anyone else do this?

I think I'm just being a pessimist, but another part of me really doesn't trust him for whatever reason. I've dated some really crummy guys in the past and I'm sure that doesn't help.

would you have said it was weird?
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Are you familiar with the saying "Ignorance is bliss"?

Can you tell me a situation/scenario where you think that would be true?

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you so far in 2008?

Family Guy- dance the dance!

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If you are getting married or are married the following questions apply to you.

What song are you using as your father/daughter dance?

What about for the groom/mother dance?

I haven't got a clue as to what song I should play for either of these and I have less than a month and a half to decide!
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What is the last completely unexpected, utterly fantastic thing someone did for you?

I've been super-stressed about moving in 20 days, and finally found an apartment but didn't have the funds for the deposit ($450); my SO-of-not-quite-a-month is taking out a loan to help me out. I was so shocked and completely & utterly grateful that I actually got teary-eyed.
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Let's say they were going to remake Blazing Saddles. Who would you like to see play Bart?

Eddie Murphy
Martin Lawrence
Tracy Morgan
Mos Def
Andre Benjamin/Andre 3000
Wesley Snipes
Damon Wayans
Laurence Fishburne
Denzil Washington
Snoop Dogg
Chris Rock
Chris Tucker
Will Smith
Jaleel White (Urkel)

Who would you like to see play Jim (Gene Wilder)?

Will Farrel
Jon Heder
Jack Black
Al Pacino
Tim Allen
Owen Wilson
Luke Wilson
Jay Mohr
Jeremy Piven
Johnny Depp
Jason Lee
Matt Damon
Vince Vaughn
Ben Stiller

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1. Do you love dick like Vampires love dick?

2. It's raining here and I need to WALK to the doctors office. Is there something you need to do today that you don't want to do? If so, what?

3. If you could have a personal assistant, what would you have them do? List 3 things.

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1)what are you sad about?

my crappy paycheck

2)what are you guilty about?

leaving job short staffed because I don't think I've ever worked 30 hours before[10 job hours + 15-20 prac hours] might be too much.

3)what should I do about my brother's 30th birthday? He has the delusion that he is old.
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Subletting an apartment

I am planning on subletting my apartment this summer from June through August. I live in family student housing through UC Berkeley, but I can't afford to live here during the summer because rent is insane and I don't have childcare. I will be living with my parents. I have never lived in an apartment before and don't know much about subletting. I listed my apartment through the school's apartment search webpage and I've had a couple of responses.

Any advice on subletting an apartment? Should I take all the rent upfront since it's only a few months? Should I write out a detailed inventory of what is in my apartment (I am leaving all furnishings here)? Any other random advice or things to look out for?

sleepy leila

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why cant i sleep???

I have a teething 15 month old and shes finally taking a nap and i cant fall asleep. same thing with this morning. i was up at five am and she was sound asleep. why cant I sleep TQC? its not fair!!! im so freaking tired. i take sleeping meds, i did essential oils. i wasnt anxious, i calmed down. i just want to sleep!

Alrighty then!

The first four comments of my last entry were all "I'm skeeved out" so I got rid of that one pretty fast. Wasn't expecting that reaction! = D

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Are you a dog person or a cat person? Pix pls?

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My hair is down to my elbows. How much should I get cut off tomorrow morning?

Do you ever see signs with really bright colors and it looks like the letters are literally moving or jumping out at you like IN YOUR FACE? This particularly happens to me with bright blue letters on a bright pink background or vice versa.

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Do you ever stick your face in your pet's fur only to realize that you now have animal hair up your nose and sticking on your face?

What is the worst thing about having an animal live in your home?

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This is the seriousest I will ever be. My amazing fluffy black cat, Jose, has gone missing. I thought he was awfully quiet last night, but when I sent out an e-mail to the other apartments in my building that I thought he might be missing, someone wrote back saying he was last seen outside the house at 1:30 this morning. Additionally, the under-cat, Maya, has been acting totally insane and climbing all over the best furniture and splaying out everywhere in the house...she knows that Jose is really gone, not just stuck in the basement as usual.

Jose has never been outside before. He has NO IDEA how cars and rain work (it is raining!!). I have looked under every car and front porch on our block and wandered around calling his name. However, since today is my first day on my new medication (you all heard about this yesterday), I am COMPLETELY zoned-out. I have been running into things and falling down all morning. I am worried sick but I can barely leave the house because I am so disoriented. I have already written notes to almost all the houses on our block with my phone number and a description of my cat. I've put out a note on Facebook to people I know who live near me.


I am going to die if Jose disappears.
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TQC, I just realized that I really like Sting. I'm very surprised at myself because I usually hate airy, sentimentalish music.

Do you have any of these random exception-to-the-rules in your musical tastes?

What do you think of Sting?

Anyone seen Wristcutters? What did you think? I had expected it to be all emo, and was thrilled at how cute it was.
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Since yesterday I got no answers cept a Butt pictures, and i'd really like help here i go again..
So I decided that I am going to start riding my bike to work, but since I live pretty far away and don't want to bike home in the dark I am going to drive half way, park and bike from there. So I need a bike rack for my car, I have a Toyota Camry.
What car bike rack should i get?
What ones do you have?
How much are they? (links please!! :D)


Think about how many people in today's world smoke cigarettes. Will the number of smokers have increased, decreased or remained the same by:

1) 2018? Why?
2) 2058? Why?
3) 2108? Why?

Should know, but don't

How do you pronounce the name "Siobhan"?

I'm hanging out with this woman tomorrow so our daughters can have a "play date" (*cringe* at this term), and since we've mostly only communicated by email, I've never caught how she pronounces it, and I'd like to make as little an ass of myself as possible.

ETA: Thanks, guys. There's some disagreement, but I'll get it close enough :)
Oh hay thar


How do you remove Section Breaks (continuous) from Word? Everytime I press Enter a freaking line goes across my page that I can't get rid of! I use Office 2008 for Mac.
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My dad came over to my apartment the other day, and saw that my hubby and i have the game Risk. He told us that he and his old stoner not old enough to be hippies buddies and he used to have a FULL CONTACT Risk Tournament every year on the anniversary of the day John Lennon was killed. (and he was the champion for three years in a row) He said they did it on the 8 of December, cause they were playing Full Contact Risk when they heard the news he had died.

Have your parents told you any stories about strange things they and their friends used to do, way back before you were born?

a boring

Do you hesitate to ask to add new friends because your own journal is so boring?

Do you feel obligated to be entertaining in order to invite people to read?

Why do my coworkers dress SO overdone with strappy heels and leggings just to sit behind a computer all day? Do yours? Do you?
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Please help me figure it out, TQC: what am I craving?  I've had something salty, so I'm pretty sure it's something sour and/or sweet, but I can't pinpoint it.  What do you think it is?

Also, what should I drink? (I've had water and do not want any more right now.)

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What's a really shitty thing a friend has done to you lately?

A friend asked for my help for her assignment. To do it I had to take time off work but since she gave me enough notice it was all fine. The night before and all during the day I sent her messages asking what was happening. Two days after the planned event, she sent me this message: 'hey i ran out of credit. man works sucks. my uni thing is next week, u still cool to do it?' I want to kill her.

Should I call her and unleash the anger or passive aggressively dish the silent treatment?

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We just got a letter from my brother's high school. It has our address handwritten on it, not printed like it usually is. Tell me, TQC, what do you think could be inside it?
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How much was last month's electric bill for your abode?

(Please also include your city, whether you live in a house or apartment, and whether your heat is gas or electric.)

I just want to see if I'm anywhere close to normal. My bill last month seemed really high. :-(

Hypothetical, fake fecal fun

You're invited to a party hosted by that cute guy/girl at your work/school. It's pretty crowded and it's alright. Someone presents to you a plate of chocolate cupcakes and they look really, really yummy (if you don't like chocolate, the server gives you an expectant look and you take one out of guilt). You taste it and it's kinda crappy, with sugar-free carob, and it's messy. Upon completion of said cupcake, you find your hand is covered in brown goo. Not compelled to lick it off cause it doesn't taste good, you look for something to wipe your hand with. A search of the kitchen reveals no paper towels or napkins, and you see that the bathroom is available, and go in, looking for toilet paper to wipe your hand. It's all gone. Frustrated you walk out, hoisting your stained hand uncomfortably when the cute host/ess sees you exiting the bathroom, sees your brown, soiled hand, cringes and says there's extra toilet paper under the sink, and as you're trying to defend your soiled mit, they say "GROSS. Keep it to yourself please and don't touch anything!!"

What do you do or say?

Edit: the kitchen sink is occupied and someone threw up over the bathroom faucet, so you can't really wash it off

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Do cats like it when you talk to them in a high-pitched voice?

My housemate's cat doesn't seem to react either way when I babytalk to her, but I'm a dog person so I can't really tell. She will sit and purr if I'm quiet or talk.

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I was reading Dear Abby an a woman wrote in because she had a 20 yr old nephew helps himself to their milk. They have a 7 yr old kid who drink a lot and since the cost of milk is so high they're trying to make a gallon last a week. She asked the nephew to please ask before he helps himself to their milk, (she didn't say if she had explained WHY) but he just took to sneaking the milk whenever they weren't around-the woman is close friends with the mother and she said one day they had left the room at which time he drank OVER HALF A GALLON!! of their milk. When they found out she called his cell phone to scold him. The mother of the boy/woman's friend then stopped responding to her calls and e-mails. (the question to Abby was could her scolding him have anything to do with it)

Abby's response was that perhaps if she'd explained to the nephew WHY they wanted him to ask, he'd listen and that yeah, some people tend to get annoyed when you scold their child.

1. Is it rude to consume food/drink from a family members house without asking?
2. What if they specifically ask that you not just take stuff?
3. Was she right to confront the 20 year old?
4. Was the mother right to be angry?
5. Who the hell drinks over half a gallon of milk-much less somebody else's milk?

My views-I don't think it's rude as long as they don't mind. When I'm at my friend's house I know it's OK if I got get something to eat or drink and I don't care if my friends do that. However, if somebody asks me not to obviously I won't and no, they don't need to explain why. It's their food, they bought it just because they're friends or family does not mean I'm automatically entitled to consume it. Yeah I think the woman completely had a right to scold him-he's 20 fucking years old he should have better manners and better judgement than that. The mom getting pissy about it shows where her son gets his maturely from, she should tell her son to grow up and stop being such a selfish inconsiderate little shit. Even when I do consume stuff at my friend's I am careful to not take too much.
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I graduate high school in less than two months - I'm in the Credit Recovery program for English (officially as soon as the paperwork's done after spring break), am doing well in every other area, and I'm finally going to get my problem teeth dealt with. Everything's falling into place and I can breathe a sigh of relief because, now that my English credit is going to be out of the way, I have nothing left to worry about.

Why am I still so stressed out? Do you get 'leftover' stress? How do you deal with it?
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There is a boy and a girl.

The girl does not know anything about sex, does not know that sex makes babies, etc. She has been very sheltered and her parents have not told her anything about it, and they are very religious.

The boy lives in a similar society, but he learned about sex by reading books.

The boy and the girl have sex. She does not know that sex makes babies, and while she says no at first to his physical advances, she then consents and participates and even enjoys it.

Is this rape?
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ladys of tqc,

1. where (preferably online) do you buy your bras and undies?

i usually get stuff from target or h&m and i feel like it's time i try else where

2. what kinds of skin products do you use?
what do you use them for?
where do you get them?
[k.perry] watermelon

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 I am on a very tight budget and in my new place I have next to no furniture.

Where can I find very affordable furniture besides goodwill or yardsales? Anywhere online?

target.com & ikea.com are slightly out of my budget, though ikea is slightly more affordable... 

EDIT: and besides craigslist ;) I already look there everyday.
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If you have a cell phone, what kind is it?

What kind would you like to have?

1. A crappy old LG that does nothing that I'm waiting to get rid of.

2. Either an enV orange or a Blackberry Pearl.

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Since I got so many helpful answers last time I asked a cat related question, I'll try again. I have a cat door through my front door that goes to a hall with the kitty litter in it. My cat has been using this cat door with no problem for the last few years until recently. The front door is kind of fucked up as in you don't have to turn the knob open the door, you can just push it open.

Starting a couple months ago my cat now insists on pushing the door open instead of walking through the cat door (unless I lock the door, of course). Sometimes it takes him a couple minutes of effort to get the door pushed open. I checked the cat door and it is operating as usual and it would take him much less time and effort to just go through that way. Sometimes he even sits outside waiting for me to open the door so he can come in.

Any ideas? What gives?

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What makes you feel better when your down?

(this is me getting out some complaints)
my symptoms are:
-i just found out my grandma has cancer
-ive been crying all the time for no reason
-im nauseous because i havnt eaten but i cant eat cus im nauseous
-my eyes are so itchy and dry because of allergies that i want to rip them the fuck out of my eyes
-my job is finding excuses to fire everyone because they found people to do our job for less money
-i quit smoking cigarettes two days ago

lets see anything else to whine about?

i dont think so..

so what do you do when you really need to feel better?

any suggestions at all please because i am going crazy

i will post a happier more interesting question once i am better
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what exactly is a dry sense of humor?

i was always under the impression that someone who had a dry sense of humor wasn't funny. but my aunt just called to tell me that i have 'the dryest sense of humor and she was cracking up' over something i wrote.

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i have $3, tqc. what should i spend it on?

a book or VHS from the thrift store
art supplies
fruit for a still life painting set-up
soy sauce
other (will explain in comments)

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Imagine you work a desk job, and you are THE ONLY person in the office on a Friday. What do you do? Dilligently plug away, finding busy work even if there is nothing urgent? Do you loaf to the point of ridiculousness? Or something in between?

What are your opinions of the following instruments:

1. Banjo;

2. Bagpipes;

3. Wurlitzer organ routed through a leslie and fuzzed out beyond belief;

4. Musical saw;

5. Mandolin?
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Are you ever paranoid that people will think you're imitating them?
What if you like the same exact music as them, by way of them (indirectly) introducing you to it?

How do people hear of these obscure indie artists about whom I can find no information whatsoever???

ETA: I'm not looking for "hipster cred", honestly, I was just wondering...thanks for not being TOO mean ;)

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How often do you degauss your computer monitor?

I do it about 3 times a day or until it barely flickers.

How often do you clean your monitor?

I clean it about once a day. I can't stand a dirty screen.

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What ridiculously stupid thing have you done recently that just cracked you up to no end?

I just was sending my co-worker a text saying, "you look like a monkey" And I sent it to my mom instead, who's name is right below hers. She and I can't stop laughing about it, my mom then called asking why I was texting at work and why I told her she looked like a monkey?!


Suppose you had to pick one of the following, which one would you pick?

You could be an 80 pound anorexic who looks like someone from the holocausst, or a 450 pound person, who can't get out of bed. 

Why would you pick that one?


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Why don't we consider ancient societies like the Spartans in the same terms that we think of Nazis?

They exercised extreme euthanasia and extreme aggression in warfare. They crushed anyone who wasn't a strong, obedient warrior.

Of course, the Nazis failed shortly after rising.

Does this mean we'll eventually see the Nazis like we've seen the Spartans?

We have tons of media documenting how they affected us, so I'm thinking probably not. If we had tons of videos of interviews, contemporary literature, etc from the era of the Spartans, we might see them like we see Nazis today.

EDIT: A copypasta error caused the post to be malformed initially. I'm looking for answers that go into why us, as humans, tend to view things like this psychologically BEYOND the obvious (i.e. beyond the fact that this was recent and we therefore have survivors) . In other words, consider this more from the perspective of being viewed 100 or 1,000 years from now.

Chicago People!

So my conference was a big drama event.

I'm coming home early and I'm taking the train.

I'm leaving from my hotel and taking the Chicago train...(is it the L or something?) and jumping off at the stop for Union Station.

How hard will it be to navigate the train with a duffle bag and a rolling bag?

I don't think it will be too crowded. I'm leaving the hotel between 6-6:30 and my train home leaves at 9:15. The station is 14 miles from here.


Why is my co-worker an idiot?

What is Union Station like?

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I am in the market for a laptop. But I am not in the market to go totally broke, and since I am a total eBay addict, I've been browsing around there. The only thing is, obviously I don't want to get totally hosed. I've only ever bought small things off eBay (the "biggest" purchase being my iPod.)

Has anyone here ever purchased something "big" like a laptop off of eBay? Do you have any tips for me? Or do you think it's a stupid idea to even think of getting a laptop off of eBay?

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So I just got back from seeing my doctor and she is putting me on Paxil for my anxiety.
1. Do any of you take Paxil? Do you like it?

2. When I was filling out paperwork at the doctors office today, one of the questions asked was, do you wear a seat belt. What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

3. I ordered a turkey sandwich today and they put coleslaw on it. Have you ever ordered food and found something bizarre on it? If so, what?

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does anyone know a decent amount about sewing? i'm making an apron right now from 100% cotton, basically what quilters use. the arrows on the pattern indicate which way they need to go on the fabric, but i don't have enough fabric to fit all the pieces IF I FOLLOW THE ARROWS. if i DON'T follow the arrows for the straps (but follow them for everything else) i will have enough.

is this going to work? or will it end up stretching for some strange reason and not being right?
Gemini, Canokie


Cures for cross-continental jet lag.

Got some?

The computer seems to be taking my mind off it currently. I'm tempted to sleep so long that I won't remember what time it is, anyways.
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How did you figure out what you wanted to do with your future, career-wise?
Is there any type of career test/guide online I can take a look at to help?

I'm having trouble deciding what I want to study. I thought I had it set, I thought I wanted to study Veterinary Technology but now I'm not 100% sure. I'm 18, 19 next month and still not in college or anything. I blame it on certain problems I've encountered in the past months that have delayed me but mainly to my lack of motivation because for some reason I feel like I need to know what I want to do before starting. It doesn't help that I feel confused about everything else in my life right now.

I love animals. I love poems, art, photography but I can only write when angry, can't paint and my pictures are "there". I love cartoons, I love graphics.. but I'm not the best at it. I like physiology type stuff, knowing about the human mind but again, I'm not too sure. I feel like I want something exciting yet stable. I can't see myself doing something unless I really love what I'm doing.
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Since I don't understand karma and need this cleared up, is it karma if I save money obsessively and one day decide "psh, I never treat myself, I'm GONNA!" and buy a lot of stuff, and then the next week lose my job? :(

Or is it because just this morning I thought to myself, "boy I wish I had more time to work on all the art projects I need to finish"?


How/why did you leave your last job?

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What's the stupidest/weirdest/ugliest name you've ever known someone to have or name their child?

I went to high school with a girl named Cinderella. I shit you not. And her little sister's name was Aurora.
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Can someone please tell me the name of this song and who it's by..it's driving me crazy.

It sounds like it could be by Slightly Stoopid, kinda mellow. the only lyrics I can think of are "nothing really matters, nothing else matters" and they repeat several times.

Also, is anyone going to Jazz Fest in NO this year? I am! This will be my 3rd year in a row going. I'm SO EXCITED.

EDIT: My bad, I had no idea that Slightly Stoopid was not even remotely well known. They're a band from California on Sublime's record label. yep. They (and this song I'm looking for) sound similar to G. Love and Special Sauce. Has anyone heard of them either?

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For someone who regularly reads TQC and other LJ communities, do you think it would be more accurate to say that they rarely see lame arguments, or that they see a lot of lame arguments?

If the person above suggested that they always/almost always complain about lame arguments they see, and they don't actually complain about arguments much, would you think that they are at least exaggerating, if not being outright dishonest?

Money money money

This just came to mind and I was wondering what other people thought..so here I am. Trusty old TQC.

In the UK, if , for whatever reason, you are claiming benefits, there is a basic amount the law says you need to live on. And unless you have kids/are disabled this is the amount they give you. £46 ( $91 )a week whether you live at home with parents or are in your own house. (When you are over 25 it goes up slightly to around £59 ( $117)  per week )

Do you think its possible to live on said amount? I have been in that position myself and I couldn't do it without getting into debt and I don't smoke/drink or have kids. Just wondered what everyone else thought.

ETA I should have said that rent is usually paid for with Housing Benefit.

I found it impossible to manage. Okay so I didn't spend much on groceries for myself, but what with electricity, gas, phone, insurance it was difficult.
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1. Do you think TQC has the ability to take over the World?

2. Have you ever lied to your doctor? If so, what was it about?

3. What do you do when someone close to you is close to someone you don't want to be close to?

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Which is better: Stupid in real life, or on the Internets?

I've got to say Internet stupidity is better. Real-life stupidity is just annoying. And nothing causes DRAMA like Internet stupidity.

The only drawback is sometimes it's just a troll. Or a SOSHUL EXPERIMENT.

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Dr. TQC:

Is it normal to feel like a total zombie 20 hours *after* taking .5mg of xanax?

My doctor is out of town today and the health clinic wouldn't let me talk to a nurse D:

do I want a burrito for dinnerz?

(no subject)

1. Where can I buy cheap food?
Excluding McDonalds; I only have four dollars and I'm a vegetarian, so I'm on a budget.

2. What are some things you do that you know are wrong or bad for you but you do them anyways?