April 3rd, 2008

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1. So, Snow Patrol's "Set The Fire to the Third Bar" sounds amazingly familiar to me, especially the chorus. I'm thinking I've heard it on a TV show or something of the like. Any ideas, TQC?

2. Have you ever received an academic/scholarly recognition that you felt unworthy of?

3. Yellow cheeses or white cheeses?

This is me, being a goober. *but at least I admit it*

Ugh. THis may be the lamest question/request I've ever had.

Does anyone have a copy of the march edition Quck and Simple with Paula Dean on it?

If yes, would you be so kind as to e-mail me? dwlikeebeinlost@gmail.com because I need something from the magazine that you can't get off the website.

I have a copy of it, I know i do, it's just a matter of finding the dadgum thing. I've looked every freaking where. :(

*head desk*

Random question: for the ladies

Is boob hair normal? Not a bunch of it, just the odd hair or two.
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So, I like Rockband right, and I hate Coheed and Cambria, but that song that they have on Rockband "Welcome Home" I really like the guitars. So TQC will you recommend some bands (or songs) with cool guitars like that??

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I just watched a news clip on a man who has to evict people when the bank forecloses on their house, he talked about how hard it is to do. My question, what sort of warning/s do these home owners generally get, I mean do they have fair warning or is it just one day he shows and and tells them to get out?

I don't mean to say that kicking somebody out from their home is always fair, obviously sometimes things happen but the bank won't/can't do anything.
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What is this string of numbers?
Also what does it mean?


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Where can I download the [simplest] form of solitaire for free?
Everything i've tried is either too fancy...that costs...or is trial... etc.

please guide me!!

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chan marshall


Do you know someone who is a "One Upper?"

for example :

Person: I have a a dislocated knee.
One Upper: Yeah, well last summer I broke my leg in four places and had to have a steel pin inserted. I also had to have surgery done on my knee to repair the torn ligaments. I was on crutches for almost two months.

Do you have a favorite plot device? Dues ex Machina, Red herring.
people |  rapp ; poetic/pathetic

html help?

Guys, I'm laying out a character lj user-info, and it looks like this. However, I"m unsure how to get that big space out of the top, in between the beginning of the boxes and the end of the junk on top.

The raw HTML can be found here.

Am I missing a tag somewhere?

Thank you!

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Why do cats talk like idiots on the internet? Who decided that and why has it propagated into dictionaries and programming languages on "cat" speak?

Are you offended that I asked another question so soon?

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2 entirely unrelated questions for you at 3:24EST time...!

1. If you could pick any store (list multiple if you'd like) to open near you, which would you pick? ie, stores that you wish were located in your city/country for easy access!

2. How old were you when you lost your virginity? (I know this must have been asked before but I'm new here so bare with me pleez.)

I heart NKOTB

Who is excited about the New Kids on the Block comeback?

Will you be watching the Today Show tomorrow to see how it turns out?

Are you willing to see them live after all these years?

I must admit that I'm super excited to see my favoritve childhood boy band come back and and make music after all these years.  I will definitely see them live when/if they come to my area! 

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I know I posted scary picture post last night.

1. Did anyone experience nightmares from the scary picture post?

2. I'm hooked on lemon water, I can't stop. What are you hooked on?

3. To reverse the trauma of the scary picture post, will you post a picture of a place you would like to visit before you die?

Mine in comments.
Jane Lane
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Who is your favorite character from Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

If you don't have it, WHY NOT!?!?

right now i'm fond of Meta Knight

Bike Racks

Hey guys!!
So I decided that I am going to start riding my bike to work, but since I live pretty far away and don't want to bike home in the dark I am going to drive half way, park and bike from there.  So I need a bike rack for my car, I have a Toyota Camry.  
What  car bike rack should i get?
What ones do you have?
How much are they? (links please!! :D)

Love in culture

What are some big, historical names of writers, playwrights, composers that are popularly associated with creating something about love?

Shakespeare is an obvious example of a writer and a playwright who had a lot to say about the topic. I'd like to find a composer as well, but I don't know musical history well enough to figure out which composer will be THE name associated with the subject, or if it's even an appropriate question. Somebody from visual arts would be wonderful, too.

I am trying to make a point that though love is an old topic that many people (like Shakespeare) have already, ahem, discussed, the creation of culture about the topic is still going strong to this day, so it's a timeless topic.

Update: I rephrased the first sentence to be an actual question, replacing "I need" with "What are" :-)

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1)so when do the tulips bloom in your area?

right now.

2)Do you complain a lot about your NPR station?

Yes. I think classical music should be on HD radio and news on regular.

3)How many hours of classical music would you enjoy listening to per day?

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For $20,000, would you be willing to get herpes rash tattoos and mysterious lesion tattoos (let's say they're done by the best and very convincing) inked around your genitals? You are not allowed to remove them until 2013 or to tell anyone they are tattoos

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If you were enrolled in a course that you really hated -- but needed it to graduate -- would you drop it and take it in a year or two, or suck it up and take it? Bear in mind that I am a freshman, and that this class is taking up a lot of time that could be spent on other classes.

Help me, TQC! :/
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What's something contradictory that you do?

For example, I'm an ardent atheist, but I ask for St. Anthony's help when I'm looking for something.

Also, has anyone been having trouble lately with Yahoo Mail not loading?

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1. Could you pose naked?

2. If you were a man, and you were posing naked for artists, would get a...you know...a boner?

3. What makes someone a pervert?

4. Do you get worried about money? If so, why?

5. What is your favorite restaurant?
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What is your first reaction to this picture? It made me crack up.

Collapse )

Is it still incest if the two participants are step-brother/stepsister/step-father/whatever?

A woman in New York City allowed her 9-year-old son to ride the subway home by himself. Is she crazy/a bad parent, or teaching her child responsibility?
kurt halsey

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1. How old were you when your peers started drinking?
1b. What was your response? (ie. did you go along with it, were you reluctant, were you a perpetrator...)

2. How often do you go to the bathroom?
race w/ yourself

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Poll #1165238 self-awareness?

with 1 being not at all, and 10 being utterly and w/o question, how self-aware are you, honestly?


*For purposes of this poll, please look at self-awareness as being aware of how others perceive you and some of the most likely reasons for their perceptions.

If you rated yourself a 5 or lower, what do you think most hinders your awareness?

If you rated yourself a 6 or higher, what contributes most to your level of awareness, or your ability to be aware?

For all, is your awareness higher than it was 2 years ago?  How about 5 or 10?  Do you think self-awareness keeps growing in the 'average' person, or do you think that individuals generally have their own (possibly self-imposed) stopping point they will reach and probably not surpass?  Other thoughts?

Do you think it's good to be self-aware (as we're talking about here), or is it better to be oblivious?

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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There's this bitch that moved into the apartment below mine. Huge bitch. HUGE. She blasts her shit-tacular music all fucking night and all fucking day. She doesn't sleep. Last night, I had my white noise machine on, ear plugs, and noise canceling head phones on and I could STILL HEAR HER FUCKING MUSIC.

My roommate and I have talked to the girl (she apologizes profusely, then turns on her music as soon as we leave), called the police multiple times (they come by, tell her to turn it off, she does, fifteen minutes later she turns it back on, and then we call the police again) and talked to the apartment manager multiple times, and now she's getting kicked out. But she's still playing her fucking music. My 19 year old friend offered to don his black trench coat, pour a little whiskey on his shirt so that he reeked of alcohol, pound on her door, and shout slurringly, "TURN THE FUCKING MUSIC OFF!!" while brandishing his machete. Yes, his machete.

So, two questions:

1) Could my friend get arrested for doing something like that?

EDIT: THIS QUESTIONS WAS A SOSHUL EXPERIMENT GUISE LOLZ. OK, but seriously, I'm running on two hours of sleep, and I thought, Hey, my friend wouldn't really be threatening her, he would just be telling her to turn down the music and he would just so happen to have a machete in his hand. I should ask strangers on the internet to see if that would be a legal thing to do. My IQ has dropped significantly due to lack of sleep so please forgive my stupidity.

2) What are some other ways to get her to turn her music down?

Serious and non-serious answers welcomed.
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I just found out today is Thursday!
This makes me excited, because I thought it was Wednesday.

Does this ever happen to you?

Also, what's the first thing you notice about Collapse ) picture?

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1. Why do I feel like I've just thrown up?

2. Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill or Dirty Sexy Money?

3. How do you stop missing someone?

4. Electric, acoustic or bass?

5. Sparkling or still?
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1. Do you wear glasses?
Yes. And contacts too.

2. Which do you prefer? Glasses or contacts? Are your contact lenses colored?
I prefer glasses more. My contacts are clear. Natural irises.

3. Do people wearing glasses intimidate you?
No. But the ones with knotted brows look like they have a problem.

Online Banking

I think it would be cool if I could categorize my deposits/debits/withdraws from my checking account online. Like, I'd have categories: bills, mortgage, clothing, eating out, etc. Then, I think it's be cool if the website would pie chart it up for me so I could see where I'm spending my money.

Do any banks offer this or something like it? I think they all should - because it would be awesome.
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Is there an LJ community or area to submit suggestions for the LJ spell checker ?

I think the word online could be included in the next version of the spell checker. Strangely, offline is already included as ok.

Here are the silly suggestions for correcting Obama: ob ama, ob-ama, ABM, IBM, AMA, abeam, ABMs, Asama, ABA, Baum, Omar, beam, Alma, obs, AM, Abba, Am, BM, OB, Ob, Obadiah, am, bomb, boom, ob, om, Abra, Abram, Burma, Irma, barmy, iamb, Ob's, Occam, Ame, Ami, Amy, BMW, Eba, Ema, OMB, Oby, bum, obi, ohm, obj, Abramo, IBM's, Ebba, Emma, Erma, Obie, eBay, obey, oboe, Alabama.

And LJ could be included as well. (^:

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"It would be a blessing to those who have curious minds and an endless appetite for learning. The thought that they have forever to absorb knowledge would be very comforting for them. But for others who feel they have learned all there is to learn and whose minds are closed, it would be a dreadful curse. They’d have no way to fill their time." --astronomer Robert Jastrow concerning living forever.

If the prospects of pain and suffering were removed, would you want to live forever?

If no, how do you think your loved ones would feel if you chose to die and they somehow live forever?


The thought of never seeing certain faces again for eternity hurts me.


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What do you hate most about being sick? and not just having the sniffles sick, like throwing up, on the toilet all the time, wish you were dead kind of sickness.
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A recent death in the family of a very young cousin (he was 19...died violently and needlessly) as well as stumbling across this exhibit (not a rickroll, also SFW) has made me feel entirely impatient with how my life is going, and in need of a drastic change.

When was the last time you had to (or felt you had to) make a drastic change in your life? What was the change, and what was the result?

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Hypothetical situation: Your partner wants out of the marriage and is cheating on you with another married person. There is no or little hope of reconciliation. Do you let the spouse of the person who is cheating with your husband/wife know that they are cheating?

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Should I quit my job? I really can't stand another minute here (I bag groceries, for God's sake, and they're not hiring cashiers anytime soon). I don't have anything else lined up, but I don't have any bills/rent.
I Love Books

Baby Shower

OK guys, I am going to my first baby shower in a few weeks and have no idea what to take as a present. The obvious choice is heading to a big department store and buying lots of babygrows and so on. But I want to make a bit of an effort as I've been friends with the mum for some time. But I am rather clueless when it comes to buying suitable presents for under 18s.

Can anyone recommend a suitable present? UK-centric answers preferred and double points for products that can be bought on the internets ;)

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My much older cousin (30 years older than me) likes to send out jokes to her entire address book. These jokes are stupid, offensive, violent, and more often than not just scream "REDNECK!"

Collapse )
(Cut because of length)

It's not the first time she's sent me something like this, and the last time she did it I sent her a bunch of links that should have made it obvious we don't agree on most things. I thought she'd take the hint, but then I got that stupid thing in my inbox yesterday. I sent her an email that consisted of the following:


Please don't send me jokes like this anymore.


I mentioned it to my mom and now she's pissed because I said something. Should I have just kept my mouth shut? I didn't want to block her because she sends family updates, too. I could have just ignored the jokes but the subjects are very misleading sometimes.

Do you think I'm an asshole for saying something?
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1. Dear TQC, I have JUST been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADD, and some anxiety shits. How should I celebrate my little pile of brain problems? For starters, I guess 3/3 will be their official birthday, but I need to do something else to make myself feel better.

2. Also, a serious-er question about drugs:
Do drugs like Seroquel make you gain weight because it gives you munchies and you eat more, or does it just...magically make you gain weight regardless of what you eat/do?

I DO NOT WANT TO GAIN 40 POUNDS like everyone else on the Internet who describes Seroquel seems to have. That kind of rapid weight gain is stressful on the body! Also I have enough booty right now!

3. What is the hugest kind of cat I can get? I need a huge cat in my life. Explosive-looking fur is an added bonus, but none of those chi-chi Fancy Cat pug-nosed deals.

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I'm sitting in a library computer lab, full of shiny expensive computation machines and tons of people.

This guy sitting across from me at another computer is eating onion rings.

Onion rings.


TCQ, do I have a right to be utterly disgusted? I can smell the sick, greasy oniony smell from 4 feet away, and it makes my tummybox hurt.

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hello tqc-ers,
how are you this fine day?
I am ok, but I have to seriously limit my internet use for this final week and a half of school.
How do you manage your internet usage?
How do you cut down drastically?

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Quick TQC should I buy this laptop?

LENOVO : 3000 N100 0768 Notebook - Intel - Core Duo - T2350 - 1.86 GHz - DDR2 - 1 GB - SATA - 120 GB - 5400 Rpm - DVD Recordable (DL) - Intel GMA 950 - 15.4 Inch - TFT - Fax/modem - 56 Kbps - Bluetooth 2.0 EDR;10/100;IEEE 802.11a/b/g - Windows Vista Home Premium

It costs $543 CAD.

What's something that always makes you happy?


I'm going to a party today and my eyes are bloodshot from not getting enough sleep last night. I don't have time to take a nap beforehand, is there anything else I can to to lessen the redness? Thanks. 
James Franco joint

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TQC, a bomb threat at my university is keeping me from getting lunch, my student notes, a notebook, pens, and getting to my class the easiest way. But I still have to GO to class and my concert tonight. Is it ridiculously selfish that I hope this 'investigation' takes so long that they cancel class so my band concert is ruined and we don't have/get to perform this semester so I can leave town early?

What's the last selfish thing you did?

how do u read this?

how do u read this and what is this thing called?

-- -.-- -. .- -- . ... . ..-. ..-. -.-- .. -- ..-. --- ..- .-. - . . -. .- -. -.. .-- .... . -. - .... . .-- .. -. -.. -... .-.. --- .-- ... .. -. - .... . .-. .. --. .... - -.. .. .-. . -.-. - .. --- -. .. --. --- - --- ... -.-. .... --- --- .-..

.-.. .. -.- . .- ... - .... . .-- .- ...- . ... -- .- -.- . - --- .-- .- .-. -.. ... - .... . .--. . -... -... .-.. . -.. ... .... --- .-. . ... --- -.. --- --- ..- .-. -- .. -. ..- - . ... .... .- ... - . -. - --- - .... . .. .-. . -. -.. . .- -.-. .... -.-. .... .- -. --. .. -. --. .--. .-.. .- -.-. . .-- .. - .... - .... .- - .-- .... .. -.-. .... --. --- . ... -... . ..-. --- .-. . .. -. ... . --.- ..- . -. - - --- .. .-.. .- .-.. .-.. ..-. --- .-. .-- .- .-. -.. ... -.. --- -.-. --- -. - . -. -.. -. .- - .. ...- .. - -.-- --- -. -.-. . .. -. - .... . -- .- .. -. --- ..-. .-.. .. --. .... - -.-. .-. .- .-- .-.. ... - --- -- .- - ..- .-. .. - -.-- .-- .... . .-. . .-- .. - .... -... . .. -. --. -.-. .-. --- .-- -. . -.. -.-. .-. --- --- -.- . -.. . -.-. .-.. .. .--. ... . ... --. .- .. -. ... - .... .. ... --. .-.. --- .-. -.-- ..-. .. --. .... - .- -. -.. - .. -- . - .... .- - --. .- ...- . -.. --- - .... -. --- .-- .... .. ... --. .. ..-. - -.-. --- -. ..-. --- ..- -. -.. - .. -- . -.. --- - .... - .-. .- -. ... ..-. .. -..- - .... . ..-. .-.. --- ..- .-. .. ... .... ... . - --- -. -.-- --- ..- - .... .- -. -.. -.. . .-.. ...- . ... - .... . .--. .- .-. .- .-.. .-.. . .-.. ... .. -. -... . .- ..- - -.-- ... -... .-. --- .-- ..-. . . -.. ... --- -. - .... . .-. .- .-. .. - .. . ... --- ..-. -. .- - ..- .-. . ... - .-. ..- - .... .- -. -.. -. --- - .... .. -. --. ... - .- -. -.. ... -... ..- - ..-. --- .-. .... .. ... ... -.-. -.-- - .... . - --- -- --- .-- .- -. -.. -.-- . - - --- - .. -- . ... .. -. .... --- .--. . -- -.-- ...- . .-. ... . ... .... .- .-.. .-.. ... - .- -. -.. .--. .-. .- .. ... .. -. --. - .... -.-- .-- --- .-. - .... -.. . ... .--. .. - . .... .. ... -.-. .-. ..- . .-.. .... .- -. -..
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for those of you with a job.. why are you at your present job? (because you know the owner so you got the hook-up? you had no other choice but to settle for whatever you could get? it's in your field of interest?, etc.)

for those of you that are single.. what's the #1 reason as to why you're single? (YOU MUST NARROW IT DOWN TO JUST ONE REASON)

for those of you in a relationship.. why are you with the person that you're with? (YOU MUST NARROW IT DOWN TO JUST ONE REASON, and because you ~love~ them or because they ~love~ you isn't good enough)
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What is your homepage?

For those of you of legal drinking age, do you have a favorite bar that you go to?

My nose is stuffy and is hurts... IS IT GOING TO FALL OFF?!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!1

Are you close to your siblings?
Collapse )

edited to change legal drinking age instead of 21...

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I have to write a paper for my communications class and it's supposed to connect our notes about conflict with a movie. Basically, I need to choose a movie that has a lot of fighting in it. Any suggestions??

(I've already considered How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and License to Wed, but I'd like more options.)

Edit: My bad, by fighting, I mean arguments, emotional arguing, not physical fighting

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What book have you read that you really didn't like?

I read the The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke in high school. I didn't like it at all. I thought it was silly and I didn't like the ending.

I wasn't too fond of Artemis Fowl, either, but that was mostly because it was advertised as "the next Harry Potter." Also, Artemis' arrogance and brattiness annoyed me, even if he was a genius.

Come to think of it, Scipio was arrogant and bratty too. I guess I just don't look stories with arrogant, bratty kids in them.

EDIT: HTML fail.

Also, you may as well say why you didn't like the book, because I'm curious to know every time someone mentions one I've already read.
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Serious business.

This topic nearly caused a riot in class today so of course I have to bring it online as well.

Sarah has HIV and is fully aware of this. Mark does not. They sleep together.

1. Sarah doesn't tell Mark she is infected. Should she be prosecuted for murder if Mark dies of AIDS later on?
2. What if Sarah tells Mark that she has HIV and he still decides to sleep with her?
3. Which is more important (or are they equal): Should Sarah tell Mark she has HIV, or should Mark always ask Sarah if she has any diseases by default?
4. What if Sarah has a child and the child is infected with HIV? Is that child abuse/neglect/etc?

[/Serious Business]

5. Should I make beef tacos or burritos for dinner tonight?

(no subject)

What have you done that people have made the most fun of you for?

Have you ever done something, artistic or academic or whatever, that you were really proud of, only to have some people mock you for it? Are you able to shrug it off, knowing that everyone has an opinion, or does it sting?
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(no subject)

I have a VERY small DVD collection (like 10 dvds*) D:

what DVD should i make sure to purchase on my trip to the store in a few days?

(*Mean Girls, White Oleander, White Chicks, Love & Basketball, Disappearing Acts are some of the examples of what I currently have.. I also have SATC, L&O: SVU, Strangers w/ Candy and Reno 911 collection sets)

give me as many suggestions as you can think of.

(no subject)

Would it be crazy to take a road trip from Miami, to southern California?
How long do you think it'd take?
Around how much $ would need to be saved?
When you hear of Miami, what do you think of?

(no subject)

Does YouTube ever remove videos from your account without informing you, if the videos are violating copyright? I thought they contacted people to request that they remove the vids or else action would be taken, but three of my mine have suddenly disappeared, and I've had no contact about it from YouTube. (I definitely didn't remove them myself.) Any suggestions?

Mystery solved. :)
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How many bras do you have?

How many times do you wear each one between washings?

If different than above, how many wearings between washings do you think is ideal?

And what quantity do you think is ideal?

Do you think the average person wears their bra too many times between washings?
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So, I just bought a Wii. :) !

Are there any games that you would like to recommend?

I have Super Smash Bros. Brawl.. I really like it. But I need more games! Halp?
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Worst Blind Date

Resume and Job Hunting

I am polishing up my resume and doing some job hunting here and got a few questions TQC:

1. Do you include your GPA when you list which school(s) you attended?

2. If you send your resume electronically, should you still include a cover letter?

3. I saw a really great job posted on both Monster and Career Builder, but it was posted a month ago. Do you think I should still apply for it?

4. Also I don't graduate until May 4th. Should I even be applying for anything right now?
tick tock

skin problem

Does anyone else have the type of skin where you get red blotchiness or spots on the back of your upper arms?

I've been moisturizing a lot, and I exfoliate with a loofah in the shower, and my skin is now soft there but you can still see the redness. How can I get rid of it? I've read that salicylic acid creams might help. Have you tried this?

(I tried to put in a picture, but it didn't work for reasons I can't figure out.)

Anyway, chocophilosophy already pretty much answered the question, so instead... what's your favorite breed of dog? Cat? Horse? Gimme pictures!

(no subject)

I am absolutely miserable. Instead of asking for cheery things to be posted in the comments I want something frightening. Would you post something fightening in the comments for me?

Has anyone played the new FF7 for the PSP? Any thoughts on it?

Why did you get out of bed this morning? Was it worth it?

Fear Factory

You HAVE to eat a plate of one of the following. You can't opt out. Which do you pick for num-num time?

Human meat. 2 kabobs
Dog meat (Collie). 2 kabobs
Cat meat. 2 ka-bobs
Human veal (young kid, kept in box, very, very tender). 2 ka-bobs
Plate of 4 grilled tarantulas. Peel the skin, and eat the small mouthful of meat
50 Peeps. Purple bunnies. Remember, you have to eat all 50
2 sticks of butter, and whatever trans-fats, regular fats, calories and lactose it contains
Monkey brains. 2 of them
Live scorpions. It's a Chinese delicacy. You catch one by the tail (with your chopstick), dip them in sauce and lower it in your mouth. There's 3 of them
1 live octupus. Asian delicacy

Reading during sex

I'm honestly curious about this. And it's something I would love to try, but haven't. And because I'm curious, there will be many questions. Answer as many or few as you want.

1. Is it possible?
2. Have you done it?
3. If no, would you like to?

If you have done it once...

1. What were you reading?
2. Why were you reading during sex?
3. Did you enjoy it?
4. What position were you in?

If you have done it more than once...

1. What position is the best for reading while making love?
2. Is there a particular kind of book you like to read during sex?
3. Do you read out loud?

I hope I get some answers!
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(no subject)

I know most of the members here are women, but:

If you had to provide a complete physical description of what makes a woman beautiful, what would it be?

I realize appearance is not nearly close to everything, but this question is for physical appearance specifically.
chan marshall

(no subject)

If you could open your own Venue and or Music club what would it be like?

Have you ever done a working holiday before?

What do you put on your popcorn?

1. Largely alternative base, and i would have bands every week. While they weren't playing i would have Dj's playing good music.

2. Considering it.

3. Vegeta powder, olive oil and dill.
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tomorrow i'm going to a battle of the bands (highschool) and i'm going to see the guy i like. i almost never see him as he's a year older than me and i'm not in highschool yet...i haven't seen him since last week, when he saw me outside of his house and invited me in. and before that, it was like two weeks before, before that, it was in january and then before that it was june. i really really really like this guy and he has this really fucking annoying on/off girlfriend. they break up like every second and get back together which i don't get since that's really not like him.

i used to talk to him A LOT but now since we don't go to the same school, we talk a lot less and just occacionally online but it's been really awkward.

anyway, right now they're back together and i'm really scared she'll be there tomorrow and just scared in general because i tend to get really nervous about these things. he doesn't know i'm going, i don't think.

what should i do?

i really want to go up to him and be like ROBBYYYYY but i don't want to seem too eager and i'm going to be really flustered if i see his girlfriend.

(no subject)

I have my first STD/STI test next week and have just realised my period is due that day. Sometimes I'm a few days out, but mainly not. 
So what do I do? 
Can I have the check done while I'm on my period? 
Do I call up tomorrow [closed now] and cancel, or do I hope I'm not on? 
I'm clueless bascially and all I've been told is that I can't pee for 2 hours before it...


EDIT: I will be calling to ask about it, but seeing as I can't do that until tomorrow afternoon, I thought I would ask opinions here first.
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Food help.

What's a relatively "fancy" meal that I can make for my husband when he gets back from being away? I have about a week to prepare, he'll be home next Friday, and I want to make something amazing. I'm pretty competent at cooking, but I am not very cultured when it comes to food, other than Polish food. My family has been living under a rock. I just found out what fettuccine is and such...

So, any dinner ideas?

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1. Is the Pope a Christian?

2. At Wrestlemania 24, an overhead cable holding fireworks burnt through and dumped flaming fireworks on the crowd. 40+ people were injured, and 3 went to the hospital. Does this prove that Pro Wrestling is real?

3. Quisp or Quake?

4. Can you remember any toys that were disappointingly lamer than they looked on the commercial?


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if you have ever had a slight crush on someone (maybe that hottie you never really speak to but stare at all the time while you're at work or school) - have you ever felt like you'd NEVER have a chance with them? if so, why? what held you back from persuing it?
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Body mods

Does anyone know of any good [preferably cheap, but good] tattoo shops in Orlando? I'm in the Universal/Sea World area so around there would be best.

& also, for anyone who is experienced, can anyone tell me how much I should except to pay for something like this? [that's a rough draft version, btw.]
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Have you ever heard someone blasting music while driving by and genuinely thought: "wow, that guy is cool" or "i love that song!"

Do you respect statistics from people with different social/political views?

Why....do people...have...to fight? Why don't....they learn....to do ....what's right?
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Have you ever seen a planet through a telescope? Which one?

(edit, I just want to say I saw Saturn on Monday night. It was very cool! It is yellow and it had its ring around it AHH)

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Poll #1165460 Stirred by the Peep enthusiasts

Do you think you could eat 50 Peeps in one sitting?

Yes. For sure
No. Def not
Maybe. I'd get pretty close

How many Peeps could you eat in one sitting? Say it was for a bet or a dare

Zero. Hate those frikkin' things
Over 50, under 100
Over 100

Next Easter, who would like to see those Peep peeps put their money where their mouth is and try and eat 10 packages of Peeps?

I so would. They're fooling themselves
Doesn't interest me. Don't people have something better to do?
I'm one of those aforementioned Peep enthusiasts
I would like to see them try. It would be interesting to see how many they could eat. I hope they reach 50

This is going to be a really hard question.

My aerobics/ballet/cardio instructor has a CD that was burned for her. This CD is a bunch of old music put to techno and its really cool. I have been trying to find out what it is because I can't borrow it from her. It has "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley on it, as long as "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees. Each song streams into the next one. Anyone know what CD this is and where I can get it?

Oh, it also has "Lady Marmalade" but it is the Moulin Rouge version.

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What is pissing you off right now?

What should you be doing right now but you're not?

What is one piece of advice you would give to your daughter (if you had one. If not, an imaginary one)

Everyone has a sad story, whats yours?
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im very curious today

**edited because Bold seems to piss people off in this community.

A) Do you honestly like a wide array of music?
--yes, i can go from elliott smith straight to lil wayne directly to frank sinatra and on to the subhumans etc.

B) Did you pass your end of the year AP exams with flying colors?
--I'm going to take my english one.. not so sure i'll do better than a 2, those timed writings are a bitch

C) Down here by the border :] we Mexicans like to eat this candy thats like a thiiick tube of chili powder... does anyone else in the country do that?

D) What's one thing you're most proud of?

E) What's one reason you'd be proud to say you went/go to the high school you go to?

F) Do white kids like Mexican candy period?

G) What are some preconcieved notions you have of any race...in all honesty?

H) Do you find Tuesdays to be unusually the saddest day of the week?
--yes, me and my friends proclaim it vagina day

I) Would you find it offensive if someone called you a vagina because you're sad too often, way too emotional etc..?

J) How was your day today?


Softly, softly

So, TQC, I just saw the dentist this morning for an infection in my gums. It hurts like a bitch whenever I cough or open my mouth, so I have to eat soft-ish food until the infection disappears.

1. What are your favorite soft-ish food? (FYI, I had ice-cream for lunch. I feel sick now.)

2. Will everyone go and grab something tasty and CRUNCHY on my behalf, please?

silly offense

Would you be offended or annoyed if...

1) ...someone wrote "X-mas" instead of "Christmas"?
2) ...someone wrote/said "Congrats!" instead of "Congratulations"?
3) ...someone pronounced it "powned" instead of "owned"?
4) ...someone said "obv" instead of "obviously"?

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I've asked this question before, but it was a while ago and I think it would be fun to do again. Besides, it got 200+ comments last time.

Will you post a picture of yourself so we can guess your age?

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What was the last thing you were truly surprised by?

I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency.. like the IRS) with the most lovely person that told me not only am I not getting in trouble for not filing for the past 5 years, but I'm getting my GST refund for those years in one lump sum (about $1500). Also, the refunds I would've gotten go directly to my student loan payments. SCORE.

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if someone was willing to pay for one of your body modifications (tattoos, piercings, body carvings, suspensions, etc) which would you choose, where would you get it, and what would it be of?

whats the last things you got for free?

whens the last time you got growing pains?

have you changed anything about yourself recently? (habits, schedules, characteristics, etc)?

what do you think of beards?

have you ever reaaaaally let yourself go? what did you look like/what changed?
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I made vanilla bean ice cream today. But I fucked it up. We don't have a very fine strainer, and now there are little chunks of cooked egg in my ice cream. It still tastes good, but the texture is nasty.

Does anyone want to come over to my apartment and eat my ice cream? I'm not interested in it. Bummer. And that vanilla bean cost a ton, too.

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Is it bad to be somewhat happy that my boyfriend will be gone on Spring Break (he's relatively clingy, if that justifies anything...)?
Since he's gone and we won't be attached at the hip, should I use this time to start writing the next great American novel, or should I go have some whirlwind affair that, at the time, will seem totally worth it?
Am I really the only one who didn't like Crime and Punishment?


Does anyone here know chemistry REALLY REALLY well? i gots a test in AP chem coming up tomorrow, and any and all help for thermodynamics and equilibrium would be greatly appreciated.


1) Did your parents make you take classes outside of school when you were younger? Do you still keep up with that hobby/talent now?

2) Have you ever been on a ghost tour? Photos?

3) What was it about you that attracted your s/o?

4) What medication are you on?
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Anyone have any recommendations for cheap flights from NYC (JFK preferably, but LGA if I have to) to Toronto in June?
Also, anyone want to help in my dilemma?
Collapse )

My questions: Do I risk being on the wait list for the trip from NY or do I take the trip from Toronto?
So far the only flights I've been able to find are $360+, so that would be more than $200 or my own money. Amtrak is around $200, so I would only need to pay around $70.

I'm very indecisive, but I need to decide this in the next day or so (I'm giving myself till Sunday, because even if I email them now they won't be in until Sunday anyway).

out of curiosity

Do you think affordable health care/health insurance are basic human rights or privileges? Or is there some other explanation?

I'm just trying to understand. It's hard to believe so many people here in the US are uninsured.

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I applied for a scholarship and they contacted me today saying they want to move me forward in the process and they sent me a thing to fill out online, its kind of a survey and one of the question is" Please read the words in the list below and check those that you feel
describe the way you are expected to act by others." and then there is  about 50 different qualities and i have to check off which ever ones i want. well all of them are good qualities.  So what is the point of this? should  i check off all of them?