April 2nd, 2008

FFXII - Penelo

A cat with no name...

I'll be getting a new cat soon and I can't find a name for him. I had a few ideas, and my friends and family suggested some names as well, but I can't choose. TQC, what should I call him?

Here's a picture of the cat.

And a choice of names. Suggestions of other names in the comments are welcome.

Poll #1164491 Name this cat!

What should I name my cat?

hannibal skull


If you received lottery tickets as a gift at the office party, and you won $500,000.00(of your currency), would you share the winnings with the person that gave you the gift?
Prince Harry in Lesotho

Cheer me up (i have a poll!)

I missed a deadline. It's not a huge deadline. It's worth 5% of my module and 0.375% of my degree. I have never missed a deadline before.

Backstory: my dissertation was due in on Friday. By handing in time, Friday noon, I had been awake for about 30 hours, so I decided to skip my afternoon lectures. Oh dear. (P.S. My dissertation rocked).

During the lectures, the teacher announced the deadline for a piece of work (which are normally the day of class, Friday) - I check the course website today (last checked it on Friday before the lectures) and I realise the deadline was Monday. The 'extended' deadline was earlier today/yesterday (Tuesday). I've done the work, but I'll be submitting it tomorrow (Wednesday), with a grovelling apology.

The one person I know in this class - my friend - (my least favourite class - the assignments are hellish) didn't bother to inform me about the deadline. Charming.

Poll #1164375 NOT FRIENDS ONLY

Whose fault is this?

Mine, for skipping lectures
Mine, for not checking the website
My friend's
My teacher's

How annoying is this?

Not very - IDC
Mildy - *sympathy face*

Should my teacher mark this?

Hell no
No, but it doesn't make a huge difference
Yes, but knock off a grade
Yes, if you grovel nicely

What should I do to my friend?

Forget to give him his fantastic Threadless t-shirt I got him as a birthday present
Tell him he's an ass
Ditch him in favour of new friends
Cheer me up, Y/Y? Your honesty is really making me lol.

(no subject)

Is bad credit and/or bad financial habits a deal breaker?

Are there any shampoos and conditioners that are especially friendly towards acne-prone skin? That I can find at the average national chain store?

(no subject)

What time is it where you are?
What are you doing... right.... now?!
Wanna chat? We can all group chat!
Huh? :)
Can you REALLY watch a sunset on your own?

(no subject)

So I took a tour of a space I might live in next year. It has a trapdoor in the corner that leads down into the second floor, which is occupied by a group of high school boys who have turned their house into a magical maze.

What would you do with this trapdoor?
Or any other awesome secret trapdoor?

(I was thinking: use it to lure the sexiest ones into my bedroom, use it as a portal between two worlds for my cats and their cats, attach a tin-can telephone between floors.)

Edited to add: THERE ARE NOW ABOUT 8 TRILLION "INAPPROPRIATE" PHOTOS IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. Essentially, I spammed myself. But it is completely top-notch, and including micropenis.

(no subject)

have you ever taken ciprofloxacin?

what kind of terrible awful scary side effects did you have?

is it normal to have back and shoulder pain, tingling, or numbness with ciprofloxacin?

i doubt it :(
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Why am I listening to Hanson?

How did my five long stemmed red carnations survive in a vase in my bedroom from February 10th until March 31st and still look good? And why did they suddenly wilt on April 1st?

Spoiled Brat? y/y

Okay, my birthday is coming up. A few weeks ago, my husband asks me what I want, and I say "anything but a new tablet" and tell him why. I currently have one that's good enough for my needs, and I am saving up for a $3000 one at the moment as a "congratulations you really do have a successful business" present for myself. I tell him exactly why, and he says that he understands.
So, tonight I find out that for my birthday present, he decides to go halves in buying me a new graphics tablet with a friend of mine. however, instead of going halves, said friend is flipping about $60 more than husband man. I found out because I was grabbing a file from said friend's email and opened the wrong message. It's very much the husbands style to not plan to buy anything else, so I'm not actually betting on getting anything more from him. Do I act suprised and happy as to not look like a spoiled little bitch? Do I take it up with him later? Would there be a sane reason for this to happen? The conversation that I had with husband-man took place long before he started talking with friend about my birthday.
Do I get to be a bit pissy at this or should I get back to the kitchen and not really expect anything?
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Day of Silence?

Some of my recently out bisexual friends are planning a "Day of Silence" protest for their school. I think it's great that they're getting involved, but I went to their school last year and I think it's pretty darned LGBT-friendly. Out of about 150 students (small school) I knew 3 gay guys, 6 lesbians, dozens of bisexual boys and girls, and one guy who didn't identify as trans, but ususally came to school dressed as a girl. That's still a minority, but in all the time I was there I'd never seen any gay-bashing or bigoted attitudes (not to say nobody had them, but if they did they definitely didn't voice them). People are very accepting at that school whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, pregnant and lesbian, whatever.

Anyway, I gave all that background to ask you this: Does it make sense to have a day of silence when the school is so accepting? I'm undecided myself, so I want some opinions. What are your thoughts? Who is this protest supposed to target?


(no subject)

Do you think you'll end up marrying someone of the same race?
Have you ever dated anyone who was of a different race?
What do you think about interracial relationships? Is the world ready for them?
pushing off

(no subject)

Do guys you like always fall for your dumb friend? I mean don't get me wrong, I love my friend and all, but she's the stupidest person I've ever met and I don't get why men are attracted to her.

Guys, do you like dumb women? If so, why?

Ladies, do you ever act dumb to try and score men? Has it worked?
chan marshall

money honey

1.How much is your Rent?

2.Do you pay it weekly, every fortnight, month or other?

3.Where abouts do you live?

4.And if you can't answer that.. Lets say that everyday for the rest of your life you would get $30 big ones to spend. You have to spend it on something fun and silly. What do you buy?
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1 Things I could do with a machete at 3:42 a.m.?
2 Is anybody else craving fish and chips and also some vinegar?
3 Has anyone here ever had a false pregnancy where you fake yourself out so hard that you start having morning sickness, etc?
4 Sharpie porn would get 5 stars on Redtube, it is yes or it is no? (THIS IS FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS PEOPLE GET WITH IT)
5 How is vegetable porn ever sexy? I don't think even vegans would get off on it.
6 What?
7 Have you ever spammed yourself?
8 Do I think about porn constantly or do I only come to TQC when I am thinking about porn?
9 I can't decide if I should experiment with my current artichoke (in fridge) or eat it the same way I have ALWAYS eaten it (boiled with butter/mayo/wasabi mayo). Experimenting might destroy a holy artichoke, but it might result in delicious accidents. What do I do?

Goodnight! Remember that I love you all, with more intensity.


1. Do you suffer from insomnia or another sleeping disorder?

2. If you do, what do you do about it?

3. Are there any drugs out there that really work well?

I'm suffering from insomnia in a very dangerous way. I'm looking for some serious help, and fast.
I would like to treat it without drugs. Over the counter stuff does NOT work for me.
Some of my symptoms are getting worse. I'm losing mobility in my hands, I'm gagging and throwing up when I drink. Like my body is on total shut down. My teeth are clacking too. :(
rufus, muppy

comp choice

I need to buy a laptop for my next school year. Our University has this spectacular (not) program where we must have a laptop. They've gone from allowing us to rent Dell comps, to now making us buy our own. We have a choice of 4 computers which they will accept:

Apple MacBook
Apple MacBook Pro
Dell Latitude D630
Dell M1530 XPS

Which would YOU choose? I have no idea what is a good choice :/

ETA: what I need for a comp, is pretty much just a means of taking notes, writing papers, creating lesson plans, making presentations, emailing, chatting, surfing the net, etc.

(no subject)


Do you lIke the reefer?

If so, do you use a vaporIzer? 

Do you lIke it? 

What kind do you have/did you use?  

How much money should i look to spend for a good one?

What kind should i get?
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28th, go me!

April birthdays shout-out!

Who here is an April birthday?

We're the best, y/y?

What day is your April birthday on? What are your plans for your birthday?

Edit: And just so the rest of you plebes aren't all left out, what's YOUR birthday? Are you sad that it isn't in April? I know you are. ;)

(no subject)

I opened a bank account yesterday. And I'm not totally broke. And I now have a job AND a car.

And for the women/crossdressers/trans/etc. out there in TQCland, do you love the sound your shoes make when you wear high heels?

(no subject)

What's the best unintentionally funny sign you've ever seen?

There's a sign on the car stereo shop across from my hotel that says, "Warning! Building is alarmed!" Oh no, I didn't mean to startle it. I hope it doesn't kick.


For those of you who work with kids, or have at some point, how often do they tell you embarrassing things about their parents? What is the most embarrassing thing they've ever told you?

Recently one kid told me and my coworkers that his mom watches playboy for tips, and that she has really hairy legs.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

1. What do you do in elevators when you're alone and have a couple of floors to go?
2. Do you like yogurt? Favorite flavor?
3. f you had to go to jail for committing one crime, what would your record say? (eg: public indecency, homicide, etc)
4. When you talk to yourself, is it usually in a narrative style (eg: I'm gonna go do this, and then this ..), a self-effacing style (eg: I'm such an idiot, why the fuck am I doing this) or a positive style (eg: you go! yeah! I'm great!)

(no subject)

wtf. so i got back together with my ex about two weeks ago. since the, i've had four different dreams about guys i've liked in the past. the first dream was about my first ex, and he wanted to hook up with me but i told him i couldn't cause i had a boyfriend, but i think i wanted to and felt bad that i couldn't. then i had a dream about my best friend's roommate, who i used to have a pretty big crush on but don't anymore. i think we hooked up, and i think i was single in this dream. then i had a dream about my second ex, and i can't remember any of that. then last night, i dreamed that i was single and i still liked my friend's boyfriend, only he liked me too. and i think we hooked up or something, but that wasn't in the dream. near the end of the dream, we were talking, and i kept telling him why didn't he like me last semester when we were both single, and he said he did and that he wanted to marry me last semester, and i was all frustrated. then i asked if his girlfriend knew about us, and he said, "she's minimizing it," and then i don't remember what happened but i had to leave, and before i did he kissed me. so apparently he still liked me and kind of wanted to be with me.

why the hell am i having these dreams? i'm happy with my boyfriend, and i don't currently like any of the guys i dreamed about.


  1. Does your SO snore?
  2. Does it keep you awake?
  3. What do you do to make them stop snoring?
  4. What do you do so you can sleep while they snore?

My answers.
  1. yes
  2. not always but if it's super loud yes
  3. I used to elbow him, then lastnight I found that rubbing his stomach made him stop, but I just realized that is probably because he was awake :/
  4. nothing! ack

(no subject)

For people in Britain or those who just know for whatever reasons.

So in the United States chips=French fries (or just fries). So in Britain are curly/waffle fries called curly/waffle chips?

I would assume so but for some reason I just thought I'd ask, in case they were given a completely different name.

Miss England

What do you think about this (not a rickroll, I promise)?

Is it weird that it took so long? Do you think this is a more normal-sized woman's body than that of a size 0 model, or is it equally unhealthy?
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

Is it a yard sale, garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale or something else entirely?

If you found out someone you were dating had previously been on a tv show like Springer or Cheaters, would you continue to date them? What if they claimed it was all an act?

Do you think it's weird for adults to read books for pleasure that are meant for children/teens?

Sadmaking poll

Poll #1164721 Roadkill you have made

Animals you have hit with a car (either as a driver or passenger)? It doesn't have to be a fatal accident, just that contact was made

I've never hit anything with a car
Mitty box


Do you think $50 is a reasonable price for 16 NES games in working condition and some of them quite popular titles? (Gold cartridge Link, Ninja Gaiden, Techmo Bowl, TMNT among others)

What about $30 for a Dreamcast with only a fishing rod controller and fishing game (and all cords)?

I'm trying to sell them on Craigslist for my mom. They were donated to her work (a homeless shelter) so she asked me to sell them and give the money to her work. A private org. matches each donation 100% up to 30k.

If I wanted to buy a car from craigslist or some other private seller, would I be able to get an auto loan from my bank for it? I only want to spend about $2000. What kind of older 4 door car should I look for (not Ford, sorry)? There was a 95 Honda that looked nice.

I can only afford one: Get my wisdom tooth pulled or get new glasses. Which should I do? The tooth has a hole in it that's bugging me, but I think the nerve is dead so it's not that big of a deal. My glasses rx isn't too off but it's enough to annoy me and make me squint. Also, why is insurance for glasses and dental so freaking stupid? We have some of the best insurance around for either and we still can't afford for all three of us to go at the same time.

EDIT! What kind/brand of cheese do they use for their cheese dips at mexican restaurants? I asked a waitress one time and she told me "A white cheese" GEE THANKS! That shit is so fabulous I want to make it at home and eat it all the time. It seems like it might be pepperjack but I am not sure.
I <3 TLV


Ladies who have been pregnant: How long after getting preg did you notice an increase in boob size? I'm on BC and had my last period just two weeks ago, but my husband swears my boobs have gotten bigger and fears I may be preggers. That's silly, right?

(no subject)

Would you rather rent an apartment/house from an individual landlord, or from a large leasing company? Why?

I've had both great and terrible experiences with each, and we're moving in a few weeks so I'm curious as to what others think.

What is the one absolute must-have amenity in a rental place for you, not counting things like a bathroom that any residence obviously needs? For me, it's a washer/dryer; while I can live without a dishwasher and without a real closet, I cannot stand laundromats or shared laundry rooms.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Are there any foods that you are very picky about what temperature its at? Will you eat it if its not at your ideal temperature? I will ONLY eat tomato soup if it's very hot. Lukewarm, nasty.

2) Have you ever been promoted? How did you adjust? How much did your responsibility increase? Did your pay increase?

3) How in shape/out of shape do you think you are? What do you do to stay in/out of shape?

(no subject)

I'm heating up a frozen baked potato for lunch, it's already flavored with cheddar cheese but what ELSE should I add to it?


hot sauce
green onions
regular onions
sour cream
suggest something else

(no subject)

As mentioned in a question i posed a couple of days ago, my crush cancelled having dinner with me. I had been baking cookies that afternoon that I wanted to surprise him with for dessert.

When I see him next (most probably for lunch sometime over the next few days) should I give him a couple of them or should I not tell him i baked at all?

Bonus Question: Why do I allow myself to get emotionally attached to someone who doesn't want me?
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Arrested Development

(no subject)

How long do the effects of caffeine work on you? How much do you usually drink?

I never drink caffeinated stuff, but this morning I sucked down two cups of coffee, and I'm still jazzed four hours later.

Moar Food!

On Monday night, around 10 PM, I ordered Chinese food with my girlfriend. I had some leftover sesame chicken, so I stored it in my fridge. Due to circumstances, I was out and about and not home at all yesterday. I come home from work right at 3 today. Will my sesame chicken still be edible, or should I just throw it away and consider it a lost cause?
german avatar

(no subject)

I wrote a very non-traditional cover letter for a company that advertises itself as being intrapreneurial. I think that fits, right? Or is that taking it too much to heart?

(no subject)

Poll #1164785 More roadkill in the making

You're driving home late at night, down a fairly lonely stretch of road. Ahead of you, there's a car parked on the shoulder of the road. As you get closer, you hear a shriek, and a woman runs across the street, trips, and falls, and quickly starts crawling on her hands and knees. Behind her, a large man with an axe is chasing her, with obvious hostile intent. They're both so fixated on their current dramatic situation, that neither one of them notices you in your car, which is approaching. The man lifts his axe and is about to swing it at the woman, who is cowering and screaming. You could keep at your current speed and swerve to hit him before the axe reaches its target if you wanted to. You have no information about the situation except for what I've described. What do you do?

Hit him. He's going to kill her. I can't let that happen
Run her over. It's obvious she did something to deserve her fate
Stop the car and shout at the man, hoping to persuade him to stop. It might make him charge my car though
Stop the car and watch. This is getting interesting.
Keep on driving. Call 911. The cops can probably catch him for the heinous murder
Keep on driving. It's not my business and I don't wish to get involved
Honk my horn, letting him know that I see what he's doing, then keep on driving
Honk my horn as I put my brights on him. He'll stop the assault and be blinded and maybe he'll run off. Or charge my car
tiger on your couch

Mental Health and Visitors

I am going to visit a friend in the hospital today, she happens to be in the psych ward. I'm not sure what exactly she is there for, but she's had some breakdowns/mental issues in the past.

For those experience with this sort of visit, how is it best to conduct oneself? Is it inappropriate or gauche to ask "how are you feeling"? or "how things are going?" or to act as if nothing is really wrong? Do people hospitalized for mental issues in general like to discuss them, or is that a taboo topic when visiting? Or is it totally on a person-by-person basis, effectively rendering this question moot?

(no subject)

Questions about lens photography/pinhole photography.

1.How do exposure times differ?
2.How does the use of pinhole photography effect depth of field?
3.What are some advantages of pinhole photography?
4.What are some limitations of pinhole photography?
5.When would you use pinhole instead of lens photography? Why?
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) I have two choices today: I can do a 3 mile walk as soon as I get home from work and get it out of the way, or should I do DDR for an hour on Heavy mode(which is a much better workout but strenuous)? If I choose DDR I might not do it for hours and then I might not do it at all. Should I risk it or go for a sure thing? Something else?

2) What should I make for dinner? It's just me, tonight.

3) What is your favorite comic? (web, manga, american, doesnt matter)

4) You just got 2 tickets to an event/show/festival/etc that you were DYING to go to! Who do you take with you and what event is it?

(no subject)

i posted in hip_domestics but i guess no one likes me there, and i like you guys better anyways, so

what kind of stir fry sauce can i make at home without having to go to kroger and buy a bottled stir fry sauce?


Tummy Tuck

Have you ever had a tummy tuck? What's the recovery like?

My mom's having one in early June. I emailed her today to let her know I'd be able to stay with her for a bit afterwards if her husband wasn't taking much time off. Yeah, apparently he's not taking any time off at all. Am I crazy for thinking she won't be able to function on her own for at least a few days? My mom does think she's superwoman though...
omfg cookies

(no subject)

so, say you met someone over the weekend and seemed to click. you had dinner together last night. during dinner, you invited them to see your friend's band play at the end of april. you invited them because:

a) you think you'll still be into them and don't mind making plans that far in advance.

b) you just want as many people to see your friend's band play as possible.

c) some other (snarky!) reason.

for those of you that never invite people anywhere:

raspberries are delicious? y/y?
what's your favorite fruit?

Shopping Help

I'm looking for an alarm clock radio with an ipod dock so that you can either wake up to the buzzer,  radio, or music on your ipod. Another important aspect is that I need an LCD that isn't super bright that you can't dim. I'm not sure if there's one out there where you can dim the LCD screen for the clock itself, so I just need something that doesn't light up the room at night but you can still see what time it is. Most of them seem to have a bright blue LCD and is super annoying. Also, I'm hoping to spend $50 and under.

It's a long shot, but can anyone direct me in the right direction of something that fits those criteria? Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

Let's say your friends like to call you Whiskers. Why?

I'm curious like a cat.
I'm just a worrier, I guess.

At work, how do you feel about people who lick their fingers to flip through papers? The papers are touched by many.

I do that! That's why my friends call me Whiskers!


1. How do you know if you're depressed?
I think I'm depressed, but I'm a very happy person and my life is pretty good. WTF is up with that? Chemicals suck.

2. Why do cats love boxes so much?

3. When you are on the phone and put on hold for FAR too long, what goes through your mind?

4. Would you rather have people number their questions or have them in paragraph form?

5. Why does anyone give Maria Carey money?

p.s still no sleep
p.p.p.s.s I edited

Pour me some sugar, daddy

Say you're single. At some gathering, you meet a 65-year old man/woman. He/she seems to be really interested in you. They're average-looking for an older guy/gal, but they have a good sense of humor and a pretty good fashion sense. They ask you out to dinner. Do you accept?

Yes. Age isn't a factor. This person is amusing and it could be interesting
No. They're too old. I just don't feel comfortable

You bump into the same person the same night, and you talk a bit more. Turns out, you have a few things in common. Similar interests, like the same movies, and you guys go into an interesting, detailed discussion about your favorite book/author. You're evenly matched. This person asks you out again. Do you accept?

Yes. We seem to be compatable. They're worthy of a date
I already agreed to go out with them in the previous question
OtherNo. They're too old. I still don't feel comfortable

While rubbing elbows with other people, you discover that the older guy/gal who's been asking you out all this time is a billionaire! Lots of property, loves to travel, and quite generous. You bump into this person a third time, and they smile and say, "Third time's the charm. I gotta ask one last time. Will you go out with me?" What do you do?

I agree to go out with them. The rich part pushed me to accepting
I already agreed to go out with them in the previous question
It's flattering and tempting, but no, I can't accept. I could never get past the age thing

How important is material success in a suitor/potential lover?

Mean: 4.41 Median: 5 Std. Dev 1.78

(no subject)

For an Intro to Criminal Justice class, which question would you RATHER write a paper on:

"Should potential clients have access to their attorney's track record in court?"

"Explain the following: 'It is the duty of the prosecutor to seek justice, not merely a conviction'."

I cant decide which one I want to do the paper on.


So, what's the last thing you got noticed for?

I just got called out for my mirrored aviators being badass twice in the last hour.

(no subject)

Last night, while feeling a tad melancholy over the an old friend I dialled his old phone number. Why? I don't really know. He had it cut off about a year ago and I knew this. Still, I dialled it. Nearly fell off the bed when it rang.

Then it went to voicemail. Which got me wondering, what happens when you get rid of your old phone number? It was a contract as opposed to Pay As You Go. It was Vodafone and in the UK incase it matters.

I'm just curious as to what happens. Has he got it again or has someone else?

(no subject)

What is the stuff you can color with that is sort of like chalk?

I want to say charcoal but I keep thinking there's another name, do you know what it could be?OK so we've established it's pastels I'm thinking of. So now I'd like to know what they're like to work with? Are they forgiving, hard to use/get right easier etc?

Norcal Star

How did the nautical star get to be associated with NorCal?

Edit: Maybe that's just a northern California thing... But yes, in Nor Cal the nautical star is called a "norcal star". Especially with tattoos or on clothing and stuff.

(no subject)

What is the worst job you've ever had? What made it suck?

What is the best job you've ever had? What made it rock?

Worst - I worked as a security guard in Boston. I was out on a public plaza all day, and my post meant that I was standing for eight hours a day, and five of them were in full, direct sunlight -- in the middle of summer. I got heatsick at least once a week, dehydrated, wound up with swollen feet/ankles from all the standing on a hard concrete surface, and my coworkers were awful.

Best - I worked for a small independent sandwich shop. It was awesome because I was one of only four employees, the owner was a really good friend of mine, and everyone got along well -- there was a lot of trust, and we all did a lot to help each other out. When I had to move and wound up living almost an hour's walk away, the owner and one employee who had a car made sure I never had to walk home at night, and I helped out one of the other employees who was trying to learn Spanish and having trouble. We were like a bunch of friends, rather than employer and employees.

(no subject)

How do I justify the right margin in Word Perfect 10, so it looks like a book, the end of each line ending in the same place?
And is it possible to indent a whole paragraph from both sides, like make the margins bigger in just one little section?

I cannot figure it out for the life of me.
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(no subject)

If TQC had a prom/formal which member would you invite as your date?

What kind of gift would you buy them?

What would your outfit look like?

Would you try some moves on them while parked somewhere after the prom is over?
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spn ; cas ; nerdy angel

(no subject)

Do you like the Twilight series y/n?

If you like the series, who's your favourite character? Why?

If you don't like Twilight or never read it, why don't you like it/why haven't you read it?

Would you read a storyline that I wrote for a Twilight-based game?

Do you think that Twilight is the new Harry Potter?

Completely unrelated: What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

1. Yes
2. Bella Swan, because I'm her RL twin.
3. Can't answer it because I love the series.
4. Well, because I wrote it, I already read it.
5. Kinda.
6. To keep you entertained while taking a bath.
Prince Harry in Lesotho

middle names

1. Are middle names a cruel and unnecessary form of punishment?

2. Would you ever give your kid a name made of awesome?
e.g. if your surname is Legend, give all your children first names starting with 'A', so each is A Legend,
e.g. initials that spell something hilar., like the author C.U.M. Smith. ROFLcopter.

3. Are double-barrelled names cute or pretentious?

Stolen from this.

Dress Codes

How strict is/was your high school dress code?

Our dress code was a mile long, but some of the highlights of mine were:

We weren't allowed to wear red or blue shoelaces or anything with sports logos on it (particularly Georgetown Hoyas and the raiders).

If you wore baggy pants, the narcs on campus would make you take your belt off, and if you could take your pants off without unbuttoning them, you had to change into your PE shorts.

No hats/beanies of any sort.

It was mostly cause our school was in a fairly good-sized gang area.

(no subject)

some freshmen at my high school think that throwing little bits of food at my group of friends is funny. anyways, one day after seeing a peanut land in my lap, i walked over to their table, jumped on top of it, and yelled in their faces. i also threw a cookie some kid was eating on the floor.

today, i walked by one in the halls and a casually tossed corn nut or something hit my shoulder. TQC, what would be the funniest/greatest  method of making them stop? i don't want to do anything that will get me suspended or anything (so no physical violence).

in b4 "lol highschool".

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Hello TQC, my boyfriend has a dilemma. He just got wireless internet, and he can't connect his Wii to the internet. He needs a WEP address for a Digital Broadband Wireless Cable Gateway (manufactured by RCA ) on Time Warner. How can he obtain this WEP code?
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So today, I took my first-ever high school trip to guidance (I'm a Sophomore) and I filed a harassment report because I'm being needlessly bullied.  My bio teacher went and talked to guidance, because the problem is severely disrupting his class.  Wasn't my choice, really.

So, TQC,

1.  Have you ever been bullied?  Why?

2.  High school harassment reports ... ever filed one?

3.  What's your favorite kind of soda?
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When was the last time you realized you are immature? (or did/thought something of an immature nature?)

I just got really upset because I was reading wikipedia entries on Harry Potter, and now that he isn't a horcrux anymore, he can't speak Parseltongue. That blows.

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1) Okay, so, I'm dumb. I'm trying to change my phone number (Verizon), and I call and of course get one of those number-punching automated dealies. But I have no idea which one to choose to change my number. Anyone with experience with Verizon happen to know? D:

2) I'm going to buy flowers tomorrow, but can't choose between petunias or impatiens. Which one should I get?

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for those of you that subscribe to magazines. around what time of the month do you tend to get 'em? do you get like the april issue towards the end of march or around the 1st-15th of the month?

what magazine(s) do you subscribe to?

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My husband broke my laptop. It didn't have the processor needed to play WoW but that didn't stop him so one day while he was doing a very fantabulous and important quest that would give him such an awesome and wonderful prize and it was just going so well and he was about to WIN...the laptop died. ( laughed. hard. but thats neither here nor there, really)

To appease my wrath that he broke my laptop (because I use it to work), he bought me a high end gaming computer from dell. One that I picked out. We have WoW on it and its beautifuland pretty and shiny! But I want more games on it.

I LOVE survival horror. Anyone know of any good survival horror games that I might just lose my sanity over because its just so scary its awesome?

Ones that won't hate Windows vista?

Or, hell, any awesome games to put on this thing? I also like silly, cartoony games like Spiro and the Jak and Daxter games. (Daxters a dirty little bastard, huh?)

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Is it wrong to be excited about getting my cat euthanised?

Even if he's a jerk and has put me and my sisters boyfriend in the hospital?

Edit to add the backstory

We got him from a co-worker of my step dads. They abused him to the point of their 5 little girls pulling his tail, chucking him outside in the snow for hours, locking him in the basement with no food.

My mom finally decided we needed to bring him to our house when the co-worker squeezed him until his eyes bulged out.

Once he got here, he was extremely scared of us because the reasons stated. As time went on, he got better. He became my best friend, because I didn't yell at him for puking all his food up (he inhales it STILL to this day) and attacking our other cat.

He started to turn though as time went on, attacking my sister as she walked down the hall, attacking Drew while he was feeding him, biting my mom for walking past the dining room table. Today is the first time he's attacked me in months.

My sister is attacked anytime she's home and he's out. Drew doesn't bother coming over if Peanuts out and my mom she got over him attacking her and he doesn't do it anymore.

If it was up to me, I wouldn't have him euthanised, but it breaks my heart everytime my parents put him in his room because he's attacked someone. That's not fair and it would be easier on everyone if he didn't live here anymore.

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rockband or guitar hero (1, 2 and/or 3)? which instrument is your favorite if you said rockband? second favorite? what difficulty do you play the instrument on? do you play more than one instrument on rockband regularly? favorite song on guitar hero (1, 2 and/or 3)? whats your favorite song on rockband? least favorite on guitar hero (again, 1, 2, and/or 3) or rockband? do you play the game with friends (including live friends/people) or by yourself more?

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If some one gets ridiculously fucking pissed off at animals to the point of wanting to "kick them/beat them/etc" when they do nothing but normal animal things (meowing, for example), is this a sign of some kind of mental instability? Should this person ideally NEVER HAVE KIDS?

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What's worse...
A. Killing a person
B. Mistreating/Abusing a person
C. Paying to have a person tortured, abused and killed, so you can eat them

If you picked C, following that logic can you be upset with someone for mistreating their pets AND eat a Big Mac without being a hypocrite? How?

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Okay, TQC.

Lets say that you live in a college dormitory and have public bathrooms. One morning, you get up, grab your shower basket and hit the showers. When you finish, you realize WTF YOU FORGOT YOUR TOWEL! All you have is your clothes and your shower basket with assorted shower things. You didn't bring a robe because you usually dry off and change before you go back to your room (Which is pretty far down the hall). At the moment, no one else is in the bathroom.

What do you do!?

ETA: Since most of you chose to just get dressed... Somehow, someone stole your clothes when you were in the shower (Or they magically disappeared, whichever you like). Now what?!

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Something is wrong with my ankle. Any time I move it to the left it's excruciating and it feels like a pinching and like I need it to make a pop, but it won't and it is killing me.


How do I fix it?

Serious + non serious appreciated.
But seriously, wtf it hurts :(

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What do you think of people who drive super-large SUVs (or Hummers, large pick-up trucks, etc.) for no practical reason? That is to say, they don't live in the icy mountains or pull a horse trailer or have a landscaping business or do anything else that would actually necessitate having anything other than a regular car. Let's also assume for the sake of argument that you know they bought it new, and it was their choice to buy that particular vehicle.

Is it nobody's business but theirs, if they have the money to pay for all that gas, or does it bother you that they're driving an unnecessarily wasteful vehicle?


EDIT: Voting is now closed. I'm having B!

Hey guys,

I'm ordering in Indian food tonight but I can't decide between two dishes so I wanted you all to pick for me! For a vegetarian entree would you rather have:

(A) Bhartha - Tandoor roasted eggplant pulp with peas, onions, tomatoes, and fresh seasonings


(B) Channa Masala - Chickpeas cooked with mild spices, tomatoes and onions


PS. Who have you been fantasizing about lately? Tell me about it ...
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How do you pronounce?

I always pronounced .gif like gift minus the t but recently I heard it pronounced like Jif like the peanut butter. Which is the right way?

Also how is meme said? I always say in my head

    meh (like men minus the n) mmmmmm

but I heard someone on a podcast say it like

    mee (like me, myself and I) mmmmmmm


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1. Guess who just woke up from a nap?
Thank you TQC for all your awesome advice, I really think it helped:D

2. I drink so much lemon water the enamel on my teeth seems to be getting soft.
How do I reverse the effects of this? I stopped drinking so much lemon water btw.

3. I'm making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. What are you having?

4. Can you give me a random fact about King Tutankhamun?

5. What is your favorite moment in history?

6. Whats your middle name?