April 1st, 2008


this is my inaugural post!

why do i suck at life?

and, so as not to be overly emo tonight: ladies, what is your favorite perfume? fellas, is there a perfume (or scent) you like on girls? i'm looking for something new to try, but get overwhelmed when i go into sephora. for the record, i'm not a fan of smelling like food or baby powder.

thanks tqc.
Flaming Sikozu

(no subject)

I'm feeling horribly friendless and lonely right now, more than a little miserable too.
What do you do when you feel like this?
How do you personally deal with having a crush on somebody who you'll never get to actually meet? If you ever have had a crush on somebody you'll never meet that is.
Why am I listening to such a sad song?
Have you seen the tv series Carnivale? What did you think of it?
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(no subject)

Does anybody know if it's possible to number pages differently than the standard way using Microsoft Word?

I'm printing a short book, and so the pages won't be ordered 1, 2, 3, 4 as they print. Can I do this, or should I just number by hand?

(no subject)

Should I ask a guy out over Facebook or is that too cheesy?
I know him through a friend, and we don't know each other that well, so I figure what the hey.
Do you want to chat with me? (because I'm lonely, but entertaining!)
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(no subject)

Describe the bed you slept in when you were a child.

Describe the bed you currently occupy. What's in it? What surrounds it? What do you do in it?

Describe your fantasy bed, a bed where money is no object, a bed that can be made of anything you like. (eg. chocolate!)
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two unrelated topics

Show me a pic of your favorite body part please?

Do you personally feel like your body is just a vessel for you to use as a tool while you're here or do you feel like your body plays a role in who you are?

My new phone does this weird texting thing that I have never seen before. I don't think it's T9 unless it's a new greater feature of the T9 I'm familiar with... where I type, for example "I have to get" and when I hit [SPACE] it supplies me with a word "used" before I even type the u, and if I hit space again, it supplies "to" and again "it" so essentially i'm just typing "[space][space][space]" and the phone is typing "used to it."

Then my friend wanted to try it so he had me type "Jimmy is [space][space][space]" and the phone typed it as "Jimmy is a constant leash" because I had used the word leash in a previous text earlier in the day....

What the hell is this feature and why have I never heard of it before? Does your phone have it?

Is Jimmy a constant leash?
chan marshall

(no subject)

Have you seen Faster Pussycat Kill !Kill!?

What awesome retro trash movie should i watch?

I think i am in love with Varla!!

And if you havent seen it yet...here is a sample of the classic lines.

Gas Station Attendant: [staring at Varla's chest as he pumps gas] Just passing through, huh? Boy, that motor's sure hot! You gals really must have been moving on these little machines. Yessir, the thrill of the open road. New places, new people, new sights of interest. Now that's what I believe in, seeing America first!
Varla: You won't find it down there, Columbus!


What happened to the Zebra gum with all the Stripes?

What about the gum that was square that had one color on the outside, and another within?

Will you picture post all the gums of yesteryears for me?

a day in a life of... you.

I'm a photography student and have to capture the DAY IN A LIFE OF... and I need 10 interesting/twisted images of someone throughout the day.

So from morning to night, what are some (perferably 10) things that you do daily? Or maybe not daily, just on a special day?

can be humourous, boring, funny, scary... give me ideas TQC!
simply sweet

It's all Greek to me!

I have to make a phone call tomorrow to set up an interview for a school externship. I don't want to butcher the names of either of the women I have to speak to. Can anyone tell me how to pronounce these very Greek names?!

Dimitratis & Stagias-Coulianidis

James Franco joint

(no subject)

Can anybody recommend any good RX sleep aids? I've been self medicating with Xanax, or just not sleeping, and my grades, health, moods, etc. are suffering. What has worked for you? Is it hard to wake up in the morning? Do you have weird dreams?

What could I buy at a university bookstore for a 10 and 8 year old that is relatively cheap and they would enjoy?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,
im having an overwhelming time picking out a bag.
i trust TQC (i think)
so you pick:
which should i buy?
a)this nevermind. i dont like it anymore.
g)none of the above, these are hideous and you have no sense of style.
h)a suggestion by you

and also what are your favorite etsy.com sellers?

(no subject)

Blizzard is fucking amazing. I LOLed IRL for about ten minutes.


(For you non-WoW/Blizz nerds, that shit is hilarious.)

Also, on the forums, all of the official posters have buckets as icons, the MVPs have walruses, and the regular posters have bears. And apparently there's a filter that inserts 'lawl' and 'lolwut' and 'roflmao' and other various phrases before certain punctuation marks, and a 'lol' at the end of every post. This makes serious ranting posts particularly hilarious.


So TQC, what was the last thing/prank that made YOU LOL IRL?



Bloody LJ, hiring new members to the Advisory Board without consulting anyone...

How do you feel about this new addition?

(no subject)

here's an extremely stupid question.

how do i become a resident of the state i go to college in? not for tuition purposes, i am fully aware that i will never qualify for in-state tuition. i'm asking so i can get an ID card in delaware because my home state is shit and takes five weeks to send out ID cards. apparently a utility bill and my rental agreement is enough "proof" that i live in delaware but that alone can't really make me a delaware resident, can it?

what if i wanted to register to vote? You may register to vote if you are: a United States Citizen; a permanent resident of Delaware; at least 18 years old on the date of the next General Election; not adjudged to be mentally incompetent; or an ex-felon who meets the requirements as specified by law according to 15 Del C. Chapter 61. oh yeah? well what makes me a permanent resident of delaware? i don't want to be fined all this money and/or put in jail by trying to register to vote.

(no subject)

Okay guys, so my girlfriend totally ditched me for this other chick. I was all at work today making mocha frappucinos and shit and i even called her and she was totally cool. Then I come home and her shit is gone and so is some of mine!!!!! What the fuck should I do? HELP TQC!

favorite picture

what is your favorite picture of all time?
post it without any explanation as
to why its your favorite.
and if you dont have a favorite,
then post a completely random picture.

*yes i can make up "rules on the fly like that".

(no subject)

I am transferring to Ohio State in the fall, should I live in a dorm? I can't decide.

Pros - getting away from my mom, hopefully making new friends, etc.

Cons - my mom is going to be angry (she doesn't understand why i would not want to live with her)
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(no subject)

What would you change, if you could turn back time 3 hours?

My answer; I'd put the can of red bull back in the fridge. I think maybe the red bull in my system is the reason for me still being wide awake at 3am 8D
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Porn as a Career?

This question is hypothetical but if after turning 18, your child tells you they are considering a career in porn would you support them? Talk them out of it?

Would  you consider this a failure as a parent?  

Would you yourself ever consider porn as a career if you had the chance?

- A girl I went to Highschool with became a porn actress and I talked to her parents about it the other day. They said they support her no matter what she chooses to do.
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(no subject)

Should I make some cheese on toast and watch House or should I read my book on Cacti and Succulents?

Have you ever ridden an elephant?
ETA: If yes, was it fun?

(no subject)

what's the weirdest way you've ever met a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I met one of my ex boyfriends via a prank phone call. he & his friends were looking up random names in the phonebook and they happened to call me. he said he thought I sounded 'cute' so he continued to call me & we ended up dating.

what are you plans for the next few hours?
drink coffee, straighten my hair, get dressed, go to work

(no subject)

What one thing that you've done had made you feel the most fulfilled?

Have you ever experienced anything that restored your faith in humanity?

What have you done that you're the most proud of?
bowie bright

(no subject)

If you went to community college before transferring to a four-year university and went on or are hoping to go to grad school, how did the grad schools you applied to view your starting at a community college?
hannibal skull


If you had to relocate to another country by the end of this week, what would you take with you and what would you leave behind?

Are you a pack-rat or do you throw things out?
nana smoking

(no subject)

I've seen at least 8 couples, including me break up and it's only April. Is it just a bad year for relationships?
If there was a TQC potluck, what would you bring?
What song brings you comfort when you feel down?
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(no subject)

Why don't people work out every day if they're so adement about losing weight? I ask because I want to tone my legs and maybe shed a few pounds by, or simply look as best as I can by April 20th. I always see exercise plans saying "1 hour 2 or 3 days a week." Why not one hour every day?

Besides the obvious "dont have time" and "would be too sore" is there a reason why working out every day wouldn't be a good idea?
Kitty lite
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any cheap, fast and legal ways to make money? I work full-time at a well paying job and go to school full-time so another job isn't really an option. I've also thought about egg donation but it is way too time consuming with all the doctor's visits and shots.
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(no subject)

Is there anything serious you want to talk about on LJ or elsewhere today, something personal, but you're worried that people will think it's just an April Fools joke?

I know I've got that problem.
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(no subject)


So anyways, I got to meet latenightdrives and oneblackshoe on Sunday.. HAD A BLAST. so onto my question.. we talked about a lot of you guys and I wondered to myself.. how often do you catch yourself talking about a certain TQC'er IRL (whether by their SN or real name)?

(no subject)

1)What do you think of the view that 'boys will be boys' or ;that;s just what boys do'?

2)are schools harsh enough for children?

3)do you ever feel like you need to play more video games?
andrew raycroft

Random questions.

1. Tell me about the most memorable summer (or any type of break from school, work, etc) that you've had. What made it memorable? What did you do? Who were you with?

2. How do you get someone to leave you the hell alone when they won't take hints OR obvious statements? I'm talking like.. you've already told this person that you don't like them, they're too clingy, you don't want to ever hang out with them, you wouldn't date them and so on, as well as more subtle approaches.
Serious and non-serious answers welcome :-P

3. Why do people call high school "the best years of your life"? Were they really the best years of your life (so far, at least) for you personally?

(no subject)

I am going to Stockholm this weekend with a friend and I was hoping someone could give me some personal opinions about what is good and worthwhile in the city.
I looked through some tourist books and sites but like usual according to them everything is "wonderful" and "and excellent choice" bla bla bla bla.

Also: if you can point me in the direction for someplace to go out and have some fun that would be cool.
For the going out part: since both my travel partner and myself are gay we would like some gay friendly/oriented places.

Can anyone help me?

(no subject)

So I've decided to make a mix tape for my sweetie, but I want to put my own twist on it by singing all the songs myself (I have a good voice, don't worry, hehe). Can anyone recommend software that I can download off the Internet that would allow me to do this, preferably free ones? My computer has a mic, but I need a way to actually record my voice. Thanks! :)

On an unrelated note, what did you have for breakfast today?

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ETA: I've downloaded MixCraft 4.

To say something or not

I'm a team leader in an office setting with staff positions that would be considered "professional." A guy I hired about five months ago has suddenly taken to having a toothpick in his mouth all the time. It's just ALWAYS there now, hanging out of his mouth, being distracting, interfering with his diction when he speaks. And often when he talks to me, he'll fiddle about with the toothpick, poking it around between various teeth as he's talking (which is just gross).

It totally bugs me. Worse than fingernails on a chalk board. I don't know why it annoys me so much (if he chewed a pen or something I don't think it'd bug me as much - I don't think that sort of thing would be so completely constant as the toothpick). Naturally there's no company rule specifically restricting the use of toothpicks.

He worked here for four plus months without the toothpick so why now is it suddenly there??? (He's an older guy - mid 50's if that has any bearing. Oh, and he's not a smoker or trying to quit smoking.)

Would this sort of thing bug you?

Should I ask him to stop it/restrict it? If so, how can I put it nicely?

What do you think, TQC?
screw u

DMV Day!

My car hasn’t been registered in almost 2 years (very long, stupid story) and I’m going down to the DMV today to register it, finally. 

Anyone here ever had to do this? (Re-register after such a long lapse, I mean.) Do I need any other forms, except for the regular re-registration PDF I’ve already downloaded off the DMV site?  I can’t find anything on the FAQ about whether or not I need anything else, since it's been so long.

(no subject)

Is anyone else a server at a restaurant?

When you dine out, do you usually leave a good tip? (15-25%)

What are some things that can irritate you about your dining experience?
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A tricky race question

Why are individuals who are biracial, usually half Black and half White, deemed "African American" in the media? For example, Barack Obama, son of a White mother and Black father, Alicia Keys, daughter of a White mother and Jamaican father, Halle Berry, daughter of a White mother and Black father, etc.

I understand that it is important to most people to connect and support their ethnicity/heritage and, appearance-wise, biracial individuals generally take on more qualities from their darker-skinned parent. Still, aren't the aforementioned people just as White as they are Black?

What say you, TQC?
Luis sloooow

(no subject)

I am doing a paper on social movements. I have chosen to write mine about using the internet as a tool for activists. I think I will write about the great LJ strike of 2008.

Awesome idea y/n?
Is my lecturer gonna laugh at me or be wowed by my brilliance?
Is there any particular LJer I should include in my essay?
Or should I write about the great LJ strikethrough and include a video of that chick trying to burn that t-shirt?
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(no subject)

are there weird things that make you feel sick that really shouldn't make you feel sick?

seeing "MySQL" (exactly like that) makes me feel so nauseous and i have no idea why that is exactly

(no subject)

On April Fool's day in 1997, my fourth grade class took advantage of the school's temporarily relaxed discipline policies to fill the classroom with streamers and balloons. We wanted to surprise our home room teacher, whom we adored and feared in equal measure.

Long story short, the teacher ended up going to the emergency room after being spritzed in the face with pressurized confetti two minutes after she walked in. Apparently she had asthma. The boy who did it cried all day. The rest of us were made to write reflections on what we did wrong. When the teacher came back, she told us that they were too poorly written for her to read, and returned them to us. Obviously she was still mad.

Have you had any April Fool's Day disasters? What were they?

Dear TQC

I have a confession.........I'm a woman. This whole thing started out with me going on a bad date and telling people I cross dress. Apparently I look passable as a man. I feel sorry for douping you all for over a year now and have to come out with the truth.

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crest whitestrips

Ok folks: I found two boxes of Crest Whitestrips in my bathroom that expired FOUR YEARS ago. Do you think they'd be safe to use? My teeth aren't going to fall out, are they? I'd go buy some new boxes but I'm poor and I have a wedding coming up and want my teeth to be whiter.

Will you?

1. Post a picture of your favorite snack food?

2. Tell me how I'm going to get through the day with only $2.00 to my name?

3. Help me with my runway show?

4. Post a picture of your favorite stone/gem?
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(no subject)

For those of you with trash pickup, what day of the week is it picked up on?

It's every Tuesday here, it has been for all 17 1/2 years we've lived here. I don't know if I'll be able to adjust to another day when I move, it's so ingrained into me.

(no subject)

Last Monday when I got home from class, my boyfriend asked me if there were any trains around my house because while I was at school, he told me he had very clearly heard a train. I told him, "no, you are nuts, there are absolutely no trains near my house." And we chalked it up to my brother watching an obnoxiously loud movie in the other room that apparently featured train sounds.

Until last night.
I heard the train.
I am absolutely sure I heard the train, and if I doubted myself the first time I heard, I heard it again not one minute later.


I have lived here for 10 years, is it possible that there is a train that has managed to escape my knowledge? Maybe there is something else in existence that sounds like a train, but it is not a train. Does anyone know of something like that?

This closely rivals the gate-slamming noise I always hear from my bathroom at night, although there is no gate. But that is another story for another time. I'm not crazy, I swear.
by crop-crop-crop

(no subject)

What was the last thing you quit? Why?

If you could have anything at all for lunch today (money/time to cook it/availability of it notwithstanding), what would it be?

Which day this week was/will be the most stressful for you? Why?
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(no subject)

Have you ever overdosed on a prescription medicine? What was it? How did you react?

I just did yesterday, completely on accident. It was chloroquine. I couldn't even tell I did. I had no side effects.
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

Have you ever replied to an email forward that was just so stupid and wrong that you had to say something?

(For example, one that tells you not to vote for Obama because he's Muslim or that because Democrats support affirmative action [as if it's a bad thing or that Republicans don't support it also], you shouldn't vote for a Democratic presidential nominee.)
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(no subject)

What good things are happening in your life right now?

When things are going really good in your life, do you just roll with it, or do you wait for/expect something to come along and fuck it all up?

What's your favorite brand of soda?

What do you call soda (soda/pop/soft drink/etc)?


I don't think I've ever had to write a reflective essay until now and I have no idea how to set it up. It says it would be considered a personal essay and I can use the first person as well as "creative techniques". Do I need to have a thesis and body paragraphs and the whole deal or is it literally just me responding to the book we read with an introduction, three paragraphs, and then a brief conclusion?

I'm in high school English by the way. The assignment isn't a major one but I just need to have it done.

(no subject)

Can two wrongs make a right? Explain?

When was the last time you doubted yourself or a decision you had made? Did your choice turn out to be the right one or did your doubts prove true?
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(no subject)

Is there a song that makes you sad but you're not really sure why?

Do you like being angry?

Father of Mine by Everclear. Obvious reasons. The title itself and the fact that I'd rather go through what he did to know my bio. dad then not at all.

I love being angry. It gives me something to do and a ton of energy.
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(no subject)

In a work situation (or any other situation yourself regularly surrounded by acquaintances)

Would you be the person the others felt was making poor life decisions or would you rather be the one who felt that everyone else was making poor life decisions?

What is the last drama situation you had at work and on a scale of 1-10 (1-honest to god serious and 10-are you fucking kidding me) how bad was it?


I was just walking to my shop and while looking around, I realized that most people move around like zombies. Just kinda starring off and walking like life fucking hurts. It was a sad sight.

1. What was your last realization?

2. Do you think people are starting to behave like zombies?

3. Do you think its strange that the favorite snack at the cinema is popcorn, and its the LOUDEST?

(no subject)

1)do you go to grocery stores to pick up lunch and end up eating something really random?

yes, I ended up eating spinach dip for lunch.

2)what have you freaked out about lately?

I swear I saw a vulture eating road kill!

(no subject)

Has anyone ever had MetroPCS? I'm considering switching to it because I'm constantly going over my minutes and texts on Verizon and it's getting to cost way too much. How is the service? I'm used to having impeccable service with Verizon, so I don't want to save some money but then in turn never even really being able to use the phone itself.
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) If your SO used the internet/LJ as much as you did, would you ever think of proposing online? like, a blogpost or something, haha

2) What is your work style? What I mean is, do you work in short spurts, can you focus for hours at a time, etc? I can focus for a while, then I need to take a break and relax before I have any hope of being able to focus again.

(no subject)

Scientific study in Norway has determined that multiple choice questions, such as those found in collegian tests and certain online polls, can contribute greatly to depression, onset alzheimers, severe OCD and in severe exposure, suicidal tendancies. How does this make you feel about polls?

Polls clearly suck. You'll never catch me filling out a poll now
I love polls. They'll have to pry the mouse from my cold, dead fingers before I give up polls
I'm sure that those were extreme cases, where the subject took 1,000 polls a day. A few here and there probably won't be bad
I heard it's worse than that. Polls have caused bowel cancer and spontaneous combustion in lab rats
Doesn't change anything. I don't take polls anyway. That's something other bored people do, not me

(no subject)

Anyone else taking ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN birth control?

I just started it on Sunday and I got it for a bc as well as to clear up my skin but I was just curious if anyone else felt nauseous after starting to take it? Also what kind of weight flucuations have you had?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

This is one of the most disgusting questions I have ever asked, and I'm so pissed that I have to ask it.

It basically starts out that I live in a dorm, and the fact that my suitemate is a psycho and insists that the shared bathroom between my roommate's and my room and her room must have two trashcans, one for us and one for them.  I believe this is mainly because if she has to take out our trash, she'll freak out, and if we take out her trash, she'll freak out.  Whatever, works for me.

However, for the past two days, their trashcan has been filled with old, disgusting, smelly, used feminine pads and other things.  It used to be that the smell was contained around the trashcan, but it filled the bathroom yesterday.  At around 1am this morning, I heard one of the suitemates complain about it, so I assumed they would take the trash out today.  They haven't.  And now, the smell has permeated our dorm room.  I can only assume it's also inside theirs.  It is disgusting.

TQC, if you were in this situation, would you:

a. storm into their room and insist they take out their trash?
b. ignore it and wait for them to take it out?
c. suck it up, hold your breath, and take out the trash yourself, risking your hand accidentally brushing the grossness but avoiding confrontation between yourself and the people you'll be living with for two more months?

(no subject)

Would being a permanent resident in a different country be enough for you to become a citizen, or would you need extra reasons?

My uncle lived in America for 30 years before getting citizenship, and that was only so he could vote againt Bush in 2004. My dad never got Irish citizenship.

(no subject)

are you asshurt by my icon, TQC? since clearly half of hte internet today is offended by it, i thought i'd check.

if so, are you a hillary fan? Everyone who has complained has been a hillary fan.

now it is party polka·dot time

10:02 PM 3/30/08 · Jesus is a pretty impressive guy. He can walk on water, raise the dead, make a little food into a lot of food, encourage cannibalism, and rise from his own grave...

...zombie jokes notwithstanding.

How do you think he'd be at playing Twister?
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Dear Abby TQC,

Has anyone on here ever moved halfway (or even all the way) across the United States? If so, how was your experience? Any tips you can offer someone planning on moving from Illinois to Oregon? We've given ourselves a year to plan and gtfo of this state.

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Throwaway ticketing.

You've heard of "throwaway ticketing," right? That's where you buy a round-trip ticket, but don't actually fly back. You do this because it is almost always cheaper than buying a one-way ticket. All of the legacy carriers except United techically prohibit this practice.

Specifically regarding Northwest Airlines, what can they possibly do to you if you do this? I know that they can cancel all your frequent-flyer miles, but what else could they do? I've heard that in theory they could charge the fare difference to your credit card, but I've been unable to find any evidence that this in fact happens. Does anyone have any hard evidence of this? Google was not terribly helpful.
  • libram


Even LJ joined in.

Tell me, TQC, am I the only one that actually ENJOYS being rickrolled? I just love the song, and even though the video is lame as hell, it's still fun to watch.

Anyone else like being rickrolled?
Were you legitimately rickrolled, or did you catch on and STILL click the link?


ok, so, i am watching the beauty and the beast right now, and OMG!!!!!!!!!!

what if someone gave you a surprise room full of your favorite thing?!? will you post pictures of what would be in that room??????????????

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April Fools

1.  A local radio station played a prank on its listeners (the ill-informed ones) - they talked about prostitution being legalized in NYS as of 12:01 this morning.  My question to you (those of you in areas where it isn't legal) is do you think it should be made legal?  Why?

2.  Also, do you want to fill the blank here?
"The world would be a better place without _________________________."
Funny/serious/random answers welcome, as always! :)

(no subject)

 Silly question, but if you were to sell a poster on ebay, where would you find a tube to send it in and what would you chose to mail it as? Priority mail? I would want it to get to the buyer safely and without any tears. 

Also, did anyone pull any clever pranks on anyone this fine April Fool's Day? 
Thanks TQC!
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(no subject)

I have an Acer Aspire 5315-2153 laptop that I purchased in the beginning of December. There are three buttons below the touchpad-- left click, a middle button which acts as a scroll mouse, and right click. About a week ago the middle button refuses to scroll up. I've tried going into the touchpad settings and changing everything but no matter what when I press scroll up it only scrolls down (or whatever other action i set it to). Just today I plugged in a real USB mouse and I cannot use the scroll wheel on there either because it does the same exact thing. Any advice on how to fix this?
  • sssea

Outfit opinions.

I have an interview to intern at an art gallery, and usually I dress really kind of like a teenager. Boot cut jeans and spaghetti strap tank tops. I had asked around and I needed to throw together some kind of outfit, but I don't think even still it looks dressy enough, and actually I feel funny wearing a scarf, but I was told this pulls together a look. We literally have no money right now, so I need to use what I have, but this definitely made me realize I need proper adult clothing, especially for looking professional.

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And for people who don't care:
Favorite shoes to wear, ever!?
Globe {stock}

International Flights??

Sooooo Saturday I'm going on my first ever international flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt, Germany. It's about ten hours, I think. I'm on United Airlines.

I've checked online, and I can't really find anything straightforward on the United website about the plane. I'm not really sure what kind of model the plane is. So I was wondering if anyone knew what the chances are that I'll get a plane that has the little individual TV sets built into the backs of the seats? I'm not sure if they're standard issue on transatlantic flights, or if it's a matter of chance. Any guesses?

Thanks! =)
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(no subject)

Everytime my eyes start to water, whether crying or not, it actually burns, like fairly painful. This has only been happening the last few months.
What's wrong with me?
If someone's best friend told you you were a doormat because you don't get jealous much, how would you feel?
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(no subject)

So, today my mom and I went to a softball game at the community college here. In the middle of the game, I turned to my mom, and said, "The catcher is going to get hit." Next thing you know, BAM! the batter swung and wacked the catcher across the side of the head.

1. Have you ever guessed something was going to happen, then it did? Will you tell me about it?

2. What are you allergic to?

3. What kind of poptarts do you like?

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why do i NEVER FAIL to get food on my lap when i'm eating? even if i have a napkin or i am scooted or something else that would make it seemingly impossible to get food on my lap, it always happens.

do you live near your family?

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TQC, I recently came into some money via an inheritance. I plan on being responsible with the larger part of it, paying off debts, school expenses, etc, but I figure I have about $1500 that I can spend as I please. Any suggestions?
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Poll #1164322 Poll time!

What should I cook for dinner tonight?

Lobster-filled raviolli
Spinach souffle
Hot Pockets
Our housemate

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Stick him in the bab and beat him senseless
Put him in the longboat 'til he's sober
Put him in bed with the captain's daughter
Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Tie him to the taffrail when she’s yardarm under

What should I wear to an interview?

Not jeans
Not jeans
Not jeans
Khakis with a nice shirt & appropriate shoes
A nice skirt with a nice shirt & appropriate shoes
Not leggings
It's a proven fact that you'll get hired on the spot if you dress like a California Raisin.

You are standing in the cavern of the evil wizard. All around you are the carcasses of slain ice dwarfs. You want to melt him. What do you want to melt him with?

Throw thermal pod.
Throw bacos.
Throw the....crap, you have to take out the garbage, the game will have to wait. You lose.
Throw hookers and blow.
Throw down the gauntlet.

Have you ever watched a full episode or more of "The Honeymooners"?


Normally Tuesday nights are band practice nights here. But the downstairs is silent. What happened to the band members?

They are dead and the dog is eating their remains.
They ran away to form a group of lost boys who will never grow up.
No really, they're dead.
They are cleaning the kitchen to surprise you.
Eating all the ingredients you want to use to make dinner.
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Do you use gmail?  What do you think about the new feature that allows you to change the date on messages you send?  (ie say I forgot to email my teacher my paper, I can email it now and make the date say whenever it was supposed to be in by).

I think it's kind of...pathetic.  It's too deceitful.
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Do you think celebrities care what people on the internet say about them?

I think I'd be so upset if I could read some of these websites! If I were a celebrity, that is. And someone said something nasty about me.

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do you like sideshow bob?
if yes, what is your favorite episode?
do you like flaming hot cheetos or regular or other?
how can i play .rm files on my computer? it's driving me bonkers.
how exactly does one suck a fuck?

Wedding shower

I was just invited to an old high school friend's wedding shower. The thing is - I wasn't invited to the wedding. 
WTF? Should I go? Is this appropriate? I'm not so concerned about going to her wedding, if she wants to keep it small that's fine and I would probably have fun at the shower.  But I am concerned that this just a gift grab.

Because I want a laugh - serious and non-serious answers welcome.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

Duhnananana, BATMAN!

1) Anyone else think that Christopher Walken as Max Shreck in Batman Returns is a fucking hottie?

2) This movie is fucking old (1992), but I'm four years older than it, so does that make me hella old or do you think that a movie 'ages' more than a human?

3) Do you even get what I mean by that or am I just making no sense what-so-ever?

4) Are you excited for The Dark Knight?

5) Will it be fucking awesome but sad at the same time because of Heath?
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I just got this great email!  Apparently, my long-lost great-something uncle, who was king of a small country in Africa, died and left me a gigantic inheritance!!!  I didn't even know I HAD a great-uncle who was royalty!  All I have to do is wire my bank info and $500 to insure that they can get the money into America, and I'll get more money than I even knew existed!!

What should I spend my awesome inheritance on???  Would you like some money??

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What does it mean (in religious matters, particularly in the Baptist religion) when people say they are "saved"?

I am a hindu.......so I'm curious because the only saved I know is when a hero rescues his beauty!

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I live right next to a funeral home.
Since its warm out I have the windows open.
I can hear a young child sobbing his eyes out because he lost his dad:(
Its breaking my heart!!!!
My mood went from happy to sad real quick:(

1. How do you react to sadness?

2. Does it matter if it's a stranger that's sad?

3. How do you cheer people up?

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Is it unfair to fire an hourly paid worker who calls out at least one out of every five days per week she's scheduled to work on grounds of mental health issues, or could the employer get in trouble for discrimination?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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My friend just texted me :"there ten types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't." I know there are other "jokes" like this, "There are [number] types of people..." I want to text him back with one. Anyone got a good one for me?


I need a job. There's a customer service call center right down the road from me that hires pretty much everyone, assuming you had one year of continuous employment with the same employer at some point in your work history.

The only job I've ever had that was over a year of continuous employment was my work study job. When I first applied to this place last summer, I didn't write down my work study job on the application - and of course, didn't get the job.

I want to reapply now that I've talked to the career services people at the school I graduated from and have been assured that yes, work study does count as actual work.

How do I explain this when I reapply? Can I just tell them what I said here?
Big Love

Uh oh

So over in ONTD someone just posted that Scott Weiland has been kicked out of Velvet Revolver.

What job should he get to support his, as of now unborn, child?

What are you/did you have for dinner?
Give a dog a home