March 31st, 2008

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I'm not really "for" any of the candidates running for president, but I was assigned to write an essay on the candidate I will be voting for.

TQC, who should I write about? I was thinking of writing a powerful essay on why this country needs Nader as president.

Edit: I have finished my essay on Nader.

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Ok, some background before I get to my question:
        It was November, and my brother, Ben, came home from his mission (He's Mormon, I'm not, that's another story).  I had been using his computer for 2 years, but he was going back to school in January with his computer.  I saw that I would need a computer after he left, but if I'm getting a new one, I want it to be a Mac.  I told my mom in January, "Mom, I know it might seem like I need a computer once Ben leaves, but I only want a Mac, so don't go out and buy me a computer without talking to me".  She says ok.
        A few weeks later, I come home from something and my mom went and bought me a computer.  This is a PC.  It's kind of slow, and only has 18 gigabytes of space.  I've had it since December, and just yesterday, as I was downloading free stuff from iTunes, it told me that the hard drive was full.  I said, ok, there are probably a couple of programs and stuff I can delete.

I ended up deleting some weird audio program that I never heard of, and now I can't play any sound on my computer.  I still have iTunes, but I can't play anything.  I tried re-downloading iTunes, but this didn't work.  I went on YouTube, and tried to watch a video, but only the picture came up.

Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can play sound?   Is there something I can download?
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blonde streak

thursday night i put one blonde streak through my hair, i used a bleach kit, it came out golden blonde, i did it again today to make it more intense, i want to make the streak white, do i bleach it more or do i have to buy a kit to make it white. how do i make my blonde streak white?
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Hypothetical question time!

What would you think if you knew someone who constantly swung their head back and forth (left to right)?

The hypothetical person in question is 15 years old, and has shaken their head back and forth as long as I've known them.

My mother and I thought it may be a balance issue, or a hearing loss issue.

I've tried googling this, but I'm finding mostly things for shaken baby syndrome, and Parkinson's Disease, which are both most definitely out of the picture. And I'm interested in personal responses.

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1.I need an icon.
A new one.
You know the kid from the Flintstones that goes BAM BAM all the time?
I am willing to donate my first child to the person who gives me a good BAM BAM icon.

2.Oh, did you like Jeepers Creepers? Why or why not?

3.What is the BEST lotion?

I made an edit.

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SO WHAT U DO when you're dSOO drunk and in your house w/ BEST FRIEND?

(We spammed people's Facebook walls with the Pledge of Allegiance, but with tehat person's name, or the Fresh Prince of zbel air, but with their name in it. HUNDREDS OF POSTS. So good)

p.s. goodnight TQC I wish you good Monday

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1. Did anyone else see Beach House on their current tour with the Papercuts? (I just got home from the show, it was amazing.)

2. What was the last concert you attended...... on weeeed?

Guitar Amp?!

I know this is a long shot but...Any clue about this!?

Let's say you have a Peavy Trimpuh 60 guitar amp and you want to replace the tube with one that has a really high gain modern metal tone...what tube would you have to get to acheive this goal?

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I somehow made it through 16+ years of school/uni without ever having to write a book report. Until now. Also, I have never seen an episode of Leave it to Beaver.

What have you never done that most people have?
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You are on the street, homeless and begging for change.

What happened to you to cause this drastic switch in your living situation from where you are now?
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what's the difference between self-rising flour & all-purpose flour?
edit: if it's a leavening ingredient, could you use self-rising instead of all-purpose + baking soda &/or powder?

do you want a cookie (homemade tea cakes frosted with store-bought chocolate icing)?
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What would you call a person who poisons people, other than a "poisoner"?

I'm not looking for "murderer" or anything like that, but a word specific to the act of poisoning someone.
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Are you an otaku?

1. Do you watch anime? What's your favorite?

2. Do you read manga? Fave completed manga? Fave ongoing manga?


3. Do you just watch/read anime and manga or download online too?
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mixed signals

I am sure almost everyone has had mixed signals from someone they liked at some point. You know you meet that person and you get on very well, maybe there is some physical...lets call it "action"... and you think everything is going OK. Then suddenly that person seems more than  non intrested but yet they keep giving you that flicker of hope, some sort a least. 
They like you, they don't like you, they like you, they fon't like you. 
So which is it and what do YOU do? 
Are you that kind of person who stands up and says WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? DO YOU FANCY ME OR NOT? Or do you just wait it out and chase after them?
Which is smarter? To chase or let them chase you? Do you read into things alot?

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Hello internets, I'm putting together a little bizness venture making hand painted sign-in boards for bar/bat mitzvahs/sweet 16s/whatever and I'm working on putting together a portfolio of design ideas and need help remembering all those crazy things that kids like.

For those of you that don't know, a sign-in board is basically a decorative item with the kid's name on it that friends and family come and write little messages and mazel tovs on. For the money people pay for them, most of them totally suck (those both start at $125, seriously) and others are totally awesome. I make the latter.

Anyway! What's the best/most creative/most common bar and bat mitzvah reception themes you've seen? Every boy I know did sports and every girl I know did broadway musicals. Mine was art themed. Did you or a friend have one? What was the theme?
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I just woke up for work and suddenly I realised it's very painful to put pressure on my left heel.
All I did was use Photoshop yesterday, so why does my foot hurt like this when I did nothing to it?!
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You Almighty!

9:46 PM 3/30/08 · So, I'm watching Bruce Almighty and naturally I'm turning around in my head what would I do if I were given all of God's power by God. Personally, I think I'd do a pretty damned good job, all puns intended. However, I don't need to ask how I'd do because I already know that.

How well do you think you would do if God suddenly gave you all the power God wields?

Also, don't you think Morgan Freeman was the perfect person to play God?

Just for the fun of it, if you use tags in your journal, how many variations of "God" do you have in your tags and how many times have they been used?

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Why yes I did just take a flight.

1. How do you like flying, on commercial airlines? Necessary inconvenience? Evil? Funnest thing ever?

2. Turbulence - 'whatever' or 'omg fire and death!' ?

3. Are you fascinated by factoids and anecdotes about commercial aviation?

4. Tell me about your best and worst flying experiences?

5. Just gonna save for business class in future y/n?

6. Favourite airline you have flown? Shittiest?
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Have you seen "SLC Punk"?

If so, what did you think of it?

ETA: Oh yeah, I probably should have answered the questions. XD

I've seen it many, many times, and I quite adore it. I'm from Utah, so I watched it a lot when I was stuck overseas. :D
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Wake up!

1. I just made some amazing coffee. Then realized I was out of 1/2&1/2!! So I used whip cream and it was amazing!
What beautiful mistakes have you made?

2. I feel like my hair is getting thin:(
Any recommendations on how to make my hair thick again?

3. Will you post a picture of your favorite book if you have one?

4. What do you hate most about mornings?
I HATE blow drying my hair.
reading quiet

Because I just misread a question from yesterday...

Do you think someone's worth is tied into their books?

Do you judge people by what they read? Do you look at someone's bookcase when you first go into their house?

As a corollary, do you pick and choose what books are "on display" (i.e. in common areas) in your house?

For non-readers - is there anything else you try to examine when you first go to someone's house? Medicine cabinet, for example, or refrigerator contents?

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Do you prefer light or dark liquor? 


Have you ever heard the term "box" used to describe vagina? EDIT: Where are you from?

I never had, until a few days ago.  Apparently it's what the Michigan UPPERS say.
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Employment Poll

Which of the following work schedules would you choose, if you could pick?

five 8-hour days a week
four 10-hour days a week
three 12-hour days and one 4-hour day

I am currently:

employed full-time
employed part-time
a student
a stay at home parent
on disability/workman's comp
Other (explain in comments)

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DEAR TQC SORRY I GOT DRUNK AND MADE A MESS LAST NIGHT. I will do the dishes and take out the trash in return.

1. When I get back from the library, should I make a piece of salmon I have with peas and rice, or pasta with some sweet Italian sausage and vodka sauce?

2. What should I get at the library, if anything? There are movies for a 3-day loan, and then mostly art books and science books. There is no fiction, but there is a bunch of reference.

3. My body is telling me to shower but my brain is telling me I have better things to do. What do I do?

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vegans and vegetarians...
why did you decided to stop eating meat? or for you vegans, everything with animal bits?
have you stopped using animal-type products all together (make-up, jello, glue, erasers, so on and so forth)?
for vegans: did you know that milk is the only thing that isn't losing it's life in order to be eaten (if you consider plants are living things)?
do you take a ton of vitamins because you are no longer eating meat and thus your body isn't getting everything it needs?
what special things do you need to get at the store? i've heard of fake bacon and fake eggs and egg whites, but what else is there?
i am asking all these questions because i cannot understand the lifestyle and those that i know in person have no flippin clue why they have changed to this particular lifestyle besides "the poor wittle animals!" so i want to know if there is some big reason, or if it is just the poor wittle animals.
do meat eaters mess with you in your every day life? or have people on the whole accepted this as your lifestyle?
do you ever wonder why people put so much stock just because you wanted to change your eating habits because YOU WANTED TO?
do you really get sick if there is a teeny about of beef in something?

Kidney donors

1. Have you or someone you know donated a kidney? If so, can you tell me about it?

My dad is in end stage renal disease and is starting dialysis soon, and his doctor is setting him up with a transplant specialist for an informational meeting. My brother, sister and I all want to get tested to see if we're matches. I'd give my kidney to my dad in a heartbeat, but aside from the info I get from Google, I don't have any personal stories of what it's like to go through the process. And we're all freaking out just a little bit. :P

2. Would you be a living kidney donor, even if it wasn't for a family member?

3. What piece of shitty health-related news have you received recently?


Dear TQC:

Let me open this post with an apology -- normally, I think my google-fu is adequate. But today it is failing me terribly, so I'm hoping one of you will be able to either google-fu the answer, or simply KNOW the answer! Here is the question:

Every year I plant a vegetable garden, and every year, I plant the same thing (peppers, tomatoes, squashes and green beans). This year I want to branch out and try planting new things -- like carrots, onions and potatoes. Do any of you know, or know how to find, the planting schedule for the North Eastern US?



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today is my last day of freedom unemployment. I've been unemployed for 2 months and I usually just waste my days. since I'm getting up at 6 AM tomorrow to start a shiny new job, what should I do today? all of my friends are either at work or unavailable. I live in Jacksonville FL if that helps anyone.

suggestions? preferably ones that don't require much money.

Moving to California

Not this summer, but the following summer (2009)...or possibly the summer after that one (2010) depending on my schooling, I will be moving out to California for a bit.  I want to gather info on where to live, and other useful info!  Here's some info to help you out:

  • I will be 21-22 depending on when I move.
  • I am a female.
  • I like LA and San Francisco.
  • I work as a massage therapist ,and I will continue to work as a massage therapist when I move  With this in mind, I would like to live near an area that has a large spa/service industry (but not *that* kind of service industry, you naughty people!) 
  • I am willing to commute to these areas up to 30 minutes by bus.  If absolutely required, I will accept a longer commute.
  • I won't have a car, so I will need to live very close to a bus line.
  • I will need to rent a sublet with a short term lease.
  • My rent range is between $400 to $800 :(  [<--slightly adjusted...again...after I realized that I'll be working more in the summer as I won't have classes]
  • I am studying Chinese, and I like martial arts.  I also like music.  A lot.  I also like Japanese culture and am overly willing to live in or around China Town or Little Tokyo...especially China Town...cos I'll need to practice.
After reading this, are there any areas or helpful websites or other info that comes to mind?  Where to stay?  Where NOT to stay?

[EDIT: I can't adjust my income, so I can't adjust my rent range any more.  However, as mentioned, I am willing to take  a longer commute or to rent a room in a house with a lot of people to lower the costs.  Sorry, I can't adjust my range and continue to feed myself.]

Thank you!!!
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Do you find yourself judging how much of a "right" some one else has to be proud of something they've accomplished? What do you base your judgment of that on (Example, me saying so-and-so is dumb for being proud of winning third place in an art contest because I win contests all the time and it's no big deal, so they shouldn't make a big deal out of it... BTW I don't do that, that'd be dickish, it's a made up example ;))?

What about judging how much of a right some one has to complain about something? (Example, I had a friend who would bitch that no one had a right to complain about being in pain because she had been in a car accident 5 years before that and for some reason this was always relevant... and this example is not made up)

What are your examples?

baby shower etiquette

My mom is insistant that you do not throw your own baby shower. I am to leave that entirely to her to arrange for me. But there are people I want there whose addresses I don't have. And I have no creative notion of how to ask them for their addresses without letting on that it's to invite them to the baby shower that I am supposed to have no hand whatsoever in arranging.

Is there some proper etiquette for this? Some clever and discreet way to ask for addresses and not have them go, hmm, my pregnant friend wants my address, they must be planning their baby shower? Those who've had babies (and showers), how did you handle this?
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1) I need smaller clothes, but I'm kinda poor right now. Should I suck it up and buy some cheap walmart(eta: or other "cheap" stores) clothes until I can afford better ones? (Yes, I'm a snob and I shop almost exclusively at mall stores. I freely admit it.)

2) Is there any cure for "butterflies" in your tummy?

3) What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
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Where are these calls coming from?

So I have been getting numbers I don't know calling my cell phone recently. If I don't recognize the number, I don't pick up. I am just curious where in the world they are calling from. I have left off the last 4 digits of the phone numbers as I didn't want to post an entire phone number here for the privacy of the people calling me (whoever they are). And I assumed that the last 4 numbers would not be needed to say where the call is coming from.

#1: +44-207-414-XXXX
#2: 614-551-XXXX

The second number is definitely somewhere in the US, I just don't know where.
Yet, with the +44, the first number appears to be an international call, but from where?

Anyone know where these calls (city/state/country/etc.) these calls are coming from? I'm just curious.
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When you post an argumentative/insulting comment to someone in TQC and they respond, do you ever leave the question and never come back to see if they responded, or delete the email notification without reading it?
I just accidentally deleted a comment notification, and I'm just wondering if anyone ever does it on purpose.  Seems like that tends to happen a lot.

Cake or death?

(no subject)

1)what sort of continuity do you prefer- the simpsons sort where things mostly reset every show, or the anime sort where almost nothing resets?

2)what video games systems do you own?

ds, ps2

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Do you get migraines or wicked bad headaches?

1)What do you take for them?
2)Do you know what causes yours?
3)Do certain things trigger them?

4)Is there anything special you do to make yours go away?
5)is there anything you HAVE to do to make yours go away?
6)Have you ever gone to the hospital for one?

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1. What turns you on?

Neck kisses, the smell of aftershave on a man's neck, nicely dressed fellas.

2. For my cousin's high school graduation, I am planning on taking him back to New York City for 4 or 5 days. We went in June 2007 and saw the statue of liberty, Wicked on Broadway, Empire State Building, and other kinda touristy activities. Can you give me suggestions as far as new cool things to see or do this time around? Areas of the city to see, places to eat, etc?


can't you tell i'm hungry?
1) favorite chain restaurants?
2) favorite snack foods?
3) favorite easy-to-make dinner recipe?
4) favorite easy-to-make dessert?
5) favorite healthy foods?
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Questions and real life?

A week or so ago I asked about people being obsessive about which direction the toilet paper roll went.  It was funny because very few people said they would change it if they went to someones house and it was not the "right" way.  So a few days later I went on vacation to a friends house.  Her toilet paper roll was the way I like it (over) the first 2 days.  Then when it got replaced it got replaced the wrong way.  It was driving me nuts but because so many of you were adamant that it was crazy rude to flip it, I didn't.  But I laughed everytime I went in there.  So then mid roll, it flipped itself.  I was so weirded out because I KNEW I didn't do it.  I finally had to confess my dirty little secret to her and ask her wtf?  It ended up that her husband has the same issue as I do and he couldnt stand it anymore either.

So my question TQC is, do you find that random questions that you post here pop into your life?

Also, what color are your undies today?


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I have a really stupid question and I don't even know what to Google to find the answer. I figured since a lot of you probably have personal experience with birth control pills I'd ask here.

What happens to your period when you start taking the pill? Like, I'm supposed to get my period April 20th, but if I start taking the pill say .. April 12th, will I get my period April 20th, or during the placebo week?

Also, cuz I'm curious, how do you pronounce New Orleans?

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Anyone beat FF12?
I can't get pass the demon wall and the walk-throughs for this fight are rather vague. Is there a trick to this I'm not aware of?

What is the last console game you've played?

Computer game?
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TQC, halp! My friend burnt some files to some DVDs for me for my birthday, and my computer is insisting that there is nothing on these discs. Is there anything I can do to try to view them, or is my computer retarded, or did it not burn correctly? Confusion and sadness. :(

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Is there a good way to handle a situation at work where everyone thinks you slept with someone because your boss told everyone that (based on speculation) but you really didnt? (This would have been on a business trip where the boss' wife saw me go into another man's room...which I did but if she kept watching she would have seen that I came out of the room 2 minutes later and absolutely nothing happened)

I mean I'm assuming he didnt come to me about it first because "its none of his business" but I just found out from a couple sources that he told some other employees. This is really bad because my boyfriend works at the same company, and now everyone thinks I cheated on him.

(And yes, I know that I put this on myself because I shouldnt have gone into any guys room in the first place, but whatever, I did, and I can't take it back.)
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So I have a friend (pretty new friend) who gets very upset or thinks I hate him if I go more than a day without talking to him or texting him. Do you have any insecure friends like that? Any good insecure-friend stories? I need some comic relief!
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1- What are you waiting for?

2- What happened last night?

3- What are you doing right now?

1- 6:30 tonight. I want to see my spawn rolling around in my gut!
2- I'm still not sure, it was so hazy.
3- Watching 'Without a Trace' and considering how to while away the next 4 hours.


What would you do if you were out somewhere where you can't get home to change soon (like, say, work) and your zipper on your pants gets stuck and won't zip up?

ALSO your shirt isn't long enough to cover AND you don't have a jacket or anything.

me - with gun

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What is something you are good at, and know you're good at, but you still hate it when people observe you doing it?

(For me, I'd say cooking. I make some damn good food and I know it, but I fucking hate being watched... it makes me nervous)

So bored

- Do you know 2 people that really, really just need to get together already?

Yes, this guy I know has been pining after a girl for 2 years and I'm pretty damn tired of his wrist-cutting over it at this point.

- If so, have you ever considered giving them a "friendly little nudge" in that direction?

They were both tipsy a few nights ago and I was so close to leaning over to her and saying how bad he wants to do her, but that would definitely ruin his chances and I'm not quite that mean.

- What do you think of people who fall madly in love with someone else for years and never act on it?

The Black Lou Ferrigno

(no subject)

Have you seen the preview for that new Jackie Chan & Jet Li movie?

Are you interested in this movie?


What's something that you think should've happened a long time before it actually did?

(no subject)

I was on the pill for a long time, and now I'm off, and I didn't realize how clear it kept my skin until now, and my face is driving my crazy! So:

1) Whats your favorite face wash?  I don't need anything too hardcore, just something to keep the few zits I'm getting now at bay.

2)Whats for favorite moisturizer?

3)Should I start wearing foundation or something? 

What to say...

I have twelve Japanese prints that I want to have framed and matted. From a distance it'll look like a sophisticated display...but I want them to have funny/silly captions when you get up close to look at them.

I'm looking for something Wondermark-esque. Here is an example (scroll down a tiny bit to the framed posters).

Help me out! What should each of these prints be captioned with? The funnier the better, though if it's interesting enough it doesn't necessarily have to be lol-worthy. ;)

I don't mind mild potty or sexual humor, but nothing terribly graphic, please. No drug jokes.

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I'm not very clever

I messed up, I have a HP laptop with a little slot where you can insert memory cards from cameras and such. anyhow late one night I wanted to get some photos from our brand new memory card and inserted it. All too late I realized it was too small. When we tried to pull it out again we only managed to push it further in and now you can't even see it. Is there any chance we can retrieve it? If so, how? If we bring it to the nearest computer shop will they be able to help us with some nifty computer shop tool? Or are we out of luck? Should we just cough up the monies for a new memory card and accept that I'm a dolt with a now useless port on my computer? Did you ever do something as clever or am I *~spechul~*

Edited because puncation is hot and to long sentences aren't.
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Prince Harry in Lesotho

i know there's more to life, but...

since i haven't found that yet, for anyone who has graduated university/college,
- how well did you do?
- did you get a First, or the equivalent?
- How in the hell do I get a first? My final exams are coming up and I have to boost my current grade by 2%. I am trying, believe me.
- Any tips? I also take ridicule, k thanks.

Edit: and by First, I mean First Class Honours (>70%), which doesn't sound too hard, but only ~10% of students achieve it.
TY for the responses
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Poll #1163608 run for your lifeeeeeeee

There's a natural disaster heading your way. Mother Nature comes down and picks you to pick what your country endures for a year- either a flood or a drought. Both will be severe. You can only pick a flood or drought- nothing else. You'll have a year to prepare and get everyone and everything ready. Animals will not be harmed. You will also have an endless amount of money to use for getting ready. Once a year is through, everything in the environment will miraculously go back to normal (all the plants that were there will grow again with no problem, the weather will go back to normal, etc.). So which do you pick?

the flood
the drought

ETA: The damage at the end of the year will go away, no matter if it's flood or drought. There will be no consequences after the year is up.
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1. Guys, I told my mom I would come home tonight and have dinner with my family so I could take/sit with my mom at the podiatrist (she has to have stitches taken out) because she doesn't want to go alone.

Though, this morning she called me and was being a huge bitch about nothing so I told her to forget it and I'll see her in three weeks.

It's only 3pm and it's a 40 minute ($7) train ride. Should I go? Will you guilt me into going?

2. Did your family vacation anywhere particular over the summer?

Since today is apparently do-my-homework day

I need the following things done, TQC:

- A position paper on the conflicting theories concerning the mechanism of neural adaptation to stretching and the possible implications of said adaptation to muscle injury in young athletes.
(It only needs to be about 2500 words but I'd like the first draft back to me by Sunday)

- Teach me everything there is to know about t-cell and b-cell development for my Immunology exam because honestly I can't be bothered to read the book anymore. :(

- I'd also like a paper on Hantavirus for my honors seminar, I can provide you with the research articles and it only needs to be 3 pages long so that's not bad at all!!!

- We're doing alkyne reactions in O-Chem so if you could do about 20 problems from chapter 10 of Organic Chemistry by Silverthorne that would be great, just let me know who wants to do it


And to make this relevant, what is the most annoying assignment/project you've had to do this semester?

That position paper will be my worst one.

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Imagine TQC had organized a meetup to occur somewhere in the near future.

You notice shippo (or some other mod) posts a thread titled:
TQC meetup antendees (actually TQC party attendees)... the free stuff you will get...

Collapse )

Note: In the version shippo posts there will be a question about ponies, but I edited it out.
i say, old bean

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how often do you get calls from wrong numbers?
on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely rude/1 being very sweet) how would you rate the people you who've called you declaring they have the wrong number?
(sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense, if it doesn't I'll attempt to clarify)

has anyone else been watching baseball today?

should I do homework or force myself to sleep?
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(no subject)

Do you dream more about people you see/talk to every day or people you never or only occasionally see/talk to?

Also what's a movie that totally confused the hell out of you the first time you saw it but you ended up really loving it?

(no subject)



(no subject)

Lets say you're in the market for someone of your preferred gender,
Which would you prefer as far as a date/SO is concerned?

Someone with an average face and good body*
Someone with good face and average body*

*Plastic surgery and/or living at the gym isn't an option for them. What you pick is what they will continue to have.


Holy Fuck!!!
My one day off, and my power went out first thing in the morning.
I went outside to take photos and it started raining.
My dog got sick all over the floor.
I dropped my phone in water so now it won't work.

1. What has gone wrong today for you?

(no subject)

My crush cancelled dinner on me (this is the second night in a row) and he said he'll take me to lunch tomorrow. I am really upset about this, more upset at myself I think really. I ended up inviting my friend over to watch dvds which will be heaps good anyway.

What should I say to him next time I see him and the subject of this story of events comes up?

(needing a laugh - seemingly a lot lately - so non-serious answers always appreciated!)
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1. Can't anybody in this house change a roll of toilet paper?

2. Can you reach me one? They're in the bottom of the hallway closet.

3. Hello. Hellooooo. Hello? I know you're there. Just get me a damn roll of toilet paper, will you? Hellooooooooooooooooo.


Multiply, casualties, and capitalism on the Apple II

1. How do you UN-friend a friend on on

2. I remember a game for the old Apple II. It was 3 games on 1 floppy. One where you use advertising signs to sell tomato plants, one where you run a lemonade stand, and another business sim. What was this game, and where could I find these games on the web to play? Maybe on an emulator? You know, for nostalgia?

3. Why the fuck do they call them casualties? I don't see anything casual about getting your shit ruined in battle.


Let's make some video art together! (I decided to pretend to still be a student at my school and borrowed a Mini DV camera and a tripod. I just took it out for fun.)

• Nearby locations: some parks, many New England streets, some waterfront but it's far away, various eating places, my house, other people's houses.

• Available products: kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff, a lot of paint, casting materials, a bag full of fabric samples, and a lot of clothing that could possibly be costumes.

• Available people: me, my roommate, strangers in the street, probably a bunch of my friends.

What should I film?

Does it involve getting naked?


(no subject)

1 - How old were you when you learned to drive?

2 - How long did it take from starting lessons to passing your test?

3 - What stuff is in your car at the moment?

4 - Should I get my sexy new car before I pass my driving test with the hope of getting someone to take me out and give me some lessons or just wait til I have passed my test and then get it?
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Angry lovin'

I have this condition that I want a name for, so I come to you, dear TQC.
When I get mad at anyone remotely actractive I get almost uncontrollably horny. The hotter they are, typically male but occasionally female, the hornier I get! There is a guy I work with that irritates me quite often, unknowingly making me want him more and more.
So, serious or not, what would you call this? Also, I'm not the only one, am I?
(I apologize if this is formatted weird, I'm updating from my blackberry and I can't help it)
Don&#39;t Fuck With Me...or ria.bia

Movie ?s

1) Have you seen the sequel to The Hills Have Eyes?



2) What's the longest movie you've ever seen? If you know, how long is it?

3) What do you think is the most awkward mainstream movie scene to watch with your in-laws? youtube links are a +