March 30th, 2008


Where was the last postcard you received sent from?

I'm going to France next week and want to send postcards to a couple friends scattered across the US and Canada. Will I need to buy postage? Anyone know exactly what kind of postage I'd have to buy for the postcard... or how? (I don't exactly live there so it might be a bit different)

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Is it normal to feel a slight pang of uneasiness/upset-ness/jealously when you find out that your significant other occasionally talks to his/her ex (say nothing at all is going on between them any longer, they just remain on friendly terms)?

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1.Are you all ready for Dirty Jobs to move to Mondays?

2.I accidently bought a Snickers Dark, does somebody want it?

3.What was your last meal, and what did you have for it?

1.Yeah, doesn't really make a difference to me
2.I dislike dark chocolate
3.dinner, I went to Panera's I had their asiago roast beef sandwich with chips and Dr. Pepper

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Hello TQC,

It's just after 1am and I need to sleep. My crush is coming over to cook me dinner tomorrow night and I need to get my beauty sleep but can't because the excitement is keeping me awake.

Could you please say/do something to put me to sleep?

Thankyou! :)
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This question's for the girls in the group! YAYYYYY US.

How do you feel about your SO watching porn? How would you feel if you found out he had a "Fleshlight" or some other comparable masturbation aid?

My answer: Frankly, I wouldn't give a shit. Really, if I had a problem with my SO having porn or sex toys, I would officially be the world's biggest hypocrite. I ask this question because I know a girl who will not "allow" her boyfriend to watch porn at all, even if he's just hanging out with the guys and laughing at it (which he's likely to do) and I just cannot imagine not allowing a grown adult to do something. I can't wrap my head around it.
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hate pimentos

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My husband is sick with a head cold, and is therefore snoring terribly.  He claims nothing will "unstuff" him-not nasal spray, not sudafed, not sudafed PE, not an allergy pill, and he won't wear one of those strips.

How should I kill him so I can get some sleep?

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im a high school senior and my bf is a college freshman. he knows no one in my school or really any of my friends from school. so for prom, i am taking a close guy friend that goes to my school because im pretty sure ill have a better time. but my bf is really upset about it.

TQC what would you do?
take the close friend and have a good time?
of take the bf and risk a possibly awkward situation?

if you were on the other side of the situation, would you be upset if your SO was taking someone else to prom (or any other "special" event) under the same circumstances?

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No flames please, but do you usually find women who are academically driven and who graduate from top tier colleges to be more focused on intellectual activities and less focused on their image? Do they tend to be less inclined to pursue plastic surgery or be into looks/vain stuff?

Sure, there are certainly outliers, but in general, do you find this to be true?

I once read a post somewhere saying that MIT girls seem like they don't give a shit about their looks when that person visited that college.
princess rihanna

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Congratulations, TQC! You had a long lost and extremely wealthy uncle who just kicked the bucket and left you a ton of things. He was in the process of building his own town- however, since he died, all of his plans fell through. Now the city is yours!

1. What do you name it?
2. Where is it?
3. Do you plan on making it a big city, suburban, or rural?
4. What do you put in your city? Utilities are included.
5. Any special laws?

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What do you think of this site?

How did people ever take the show Full House seriously?

Why are you such a whore?

ETA: What is your all-time favorite candy?

Why is no one commenting?
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Does anyone remember the episode of 'Tiny Toon Adventures' that was written by two teenage fans?
What TV show(s) do you know well enough to write an episode for?

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Why are SciFi Network movies almost always Mystery Science Theater material?
Seriously, it's not a small time network, they buy rights to some very good and very popular shows. I would think they could make better.

Speaking of Mystery Science Theater, who do you like better, Mike or Joel?

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I put in a transfer at work, and if it goes through I'll have to move across the country.

Everyone I've told about my plans has thought it's a good idea, save one. A girl that I like, but previous to my telling her of my plans had shown little to no interest in being anything other then friends.

Moving will be a great opportunity for me, but also a huge risk. The main reason I put in for the transfer was because I felt  I had nothing keeping me here. With her, it might be worth sticking around.

So, TQC, in the immortal words of The Clash:

Should I stay or Should I go?

Da fitness

Okay, so, I'm at a hotel and their little gym doesn't have an elliptical machine, which is what I usually work out on. They do have a treadmill, and I did a little more than 1/2 hour on that yesterday, and now I'm REALLY SORE. It's been a long time since I've been this sore, and I'm confused, because I used to jog, and I currently do other stuff besides the elliptical (like hike and bike ride).

Do treadmills use some special evil power over my calf muscle that isn't exerted by any other activity or something?

Should I go back this morning and do the treadmill again? Or should I just sit in the sauna? I really don't want to be sore all day, I'm gonna be busy.

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a) Time to run away and start over, where do you go?
b) What brand of gel do you use? What kind? (ex: extra hold)
c) How would you tell your parents you're pregnant?
d) Whats for breakfast?
e) Whats closest to you thats pink?

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 Do you drink SlimFast? 

Does it really curb hunger? 

Do you like it? 

What's your favorite flavor?

My answers: 
I drink it for breakfast. 
I think it depends on how hungry I am- usually it works well at keeping me settled until lunch. 
It's okay if I get the chocolate ones.

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We  have all been in situations that made us want to ask for TQC's opinion but we refrained from asking because we knew that everyone would read too much into it and you would get flamed.

If your issue has already been resolved and you no longer worry about getting flamed, what was your question?

Did you get the opinion of friends, family, or another community or did you fix the situation without asking for opinions?

If your issue is unresolved, would you like to post your question anyway?

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would one egg, one piece of toast and one giant pickle be enough of a breakfast for you?

i totally thought it would be, but i don't feel satisfied. what else should i eat to top off?

ETA: what did you have for breakfast today?
Hot Pink Tape

Another 'What If...' Question....

Let's pretend that the season premiere of one of your favorite TV shows is tonight. Half an hour before it begins, you find out that one of your very good friends is upset/lonely/depressed/whatever and REALLY needs someone to talk to, and that person is you. You can tell that they are really hurting on the inside, but you been waiting forever and a day for your program to begin its new season....

Please answer BOTH scenarios, thanks!

1. If you had the ability to record the episode, would you or would you not go and talk with your hurting friend?

2. If you did not have the ability to record the episode, would you or would you not go and talk with your hurting friend?

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1:If you could be anything or anyone for a day, who or what would you be?

2:Do you have anything coming up that you are nervous about?

3:When you are out alone, are you on alert or mostly relaxed?

4:Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

5: If you have one, what is your favorite Elton John song?
Truck Tipping
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For my birthday my husband bought me a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I'm very excited since for the past few years I have been relying on a cheap hand mixer I bought at Wal-Mart.

What should I make to christen my stand mixer? Cookies? Cake? Bread? Have any recipes you want to share?

Flintstones was trufax. Man & dinosaurs were BFF

1. What would you do if the tour guide was your kid's science teacher?
2. What was the most interesting point he made? If not interesting, what was the most amusing point he made?
3. T-Rexes had to be herbivores because meat-eating hadn't been invented yet. With their ginormous size, underdeveloped arms and massive sharp jaws, what kind of plants did they eat? Would they be able to graze; eating long grass? Or were they more about fruit that grew high on trees?
4. Could you be friends with someone who was a creationist? Could you date one?

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What is better than the post-orgasmic feeling right after taking an ENORMOUS and PERFECT poo?


Now that I've achieved the world's most epic poo, what should I do with the rest of my day? It's so early for a Sunday.

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 so i managed to somehow do some sort of weird mouse combination that made the text on my internet so big that it's for like blind people. i've done this on my desktop at work, with the scrolly mouse thing but i know how to fix it. On my laptop, however, I don't have a scroll button so I can't figure it out.

Can you help me make my screen normal sized again, plz? It's so zoomed in :( 

ETA: fixed! thank you, internet!
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Why was the "what do you look like" post deleted? Did the OP decide she did not, in fact, want to know what we looked like? Did she think we weren't hot enough?

ARE we hot enough, Y/Y?

EDIT: Please provide photographic evidence that we are indeed too hot for the OP of the deleted post. Come on, put your sexiest photo out there!
Arrested Development

(no subject)

You know that annoying state where you know you're GOING to start crying sometime in the next few days but you're not quiiiiiite there yet? What movies are good for kick-starting that process?
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Can anyone tell me how much an eyebrow arch wax will cost at the Red Door Salon on 5th Avenue, Manhattan? The website says to click your location for pricing, but I can't find it.

Okay, I figured it out. Since that's done,

What weird eating habits did you have as a kid?


Have you ever had Pinkberry? What did you get? Was it as amazing as the reviews make it out to be?
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Kidney Stones

So, I was just informed yesterday that I have my first ever kidney stone (2 to 3 mm). Yet another lovely side effect of the Prednisone that I have to take for my Sarchoidosis. Anyway, I was wondering how many TQCers have also had kidney stones? If you have, how long did it take to pass? Did you have to take any medication for it? I'm trying to avoid getting any medication if at all possible (I was given an RX, but have not yet filled it). I'm hoping to be able to pass it without having to spend more money. Any tips on how to get things moving along quicker? I'm drinking water like crazy, so hopefully that will help.
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Funny Bone

I hit my funny bone the other day. Really hard. My arm is still all wonky, and I'm getting these very uncomfortable pains up my arm and into my shoulder.
My question is, how do I recover from this?
Without cutting my arm off!
Have any of you ever experienced funny bone trauma?
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Geek-inspired question

Congratulations! You're a real-life Dungeons & Dragons character, and you've just hit 12th level. You get to improve one ability. Do you want to raise your strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, or charisma? (You don't have to make any further effort to improve yourself in this way. It just magically happens.)

I'd like to improve my constitution. I can hardly walk upstairs without getting winded.

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I always find really cute boy t-shirts at Target and buy them in size small. Usually I don't have an issue with them fitting, I like these kinds of t-shirts to fit a bit lose anyway. But today I bought two neat ones and they're a bit bigger/looser than normal. Would it be safe to wash them and dry them on medium heat? Would that shrink them a bit? Or shrink them too much? I don't know much about how cotton + heat works, so any insight would be great!

edit - well my html sucks.
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More on stealing

Where do you like to shoplift from? What do you think the best times of day to shoplift are? Do you have a technique? What sorts of things do you like to steal best? Do you steal stuff for yourself or to sell to other people? Do you think I could quit my job and make a living as a professional shoplifter? How would I get started doing this?

I just cleaned my boyfriends kitchen, this was nice yes? Not mothering? It was really gross.


Jesus people, can we think hypothetically here? I'm not actually a thief!
Little purple

My Tummy Aches

I loaded in the bad food yesterday - wings, big puffy pretzels and cheese, and a big grilled cheese sandwich. My stomach has been telling me for about 12 hours this was a very bad idea, it feels like someone is kneading my intestines.

I have Pepto, but wonder if I should let it work itself out?

Do you generally medicate or suffer through?

(no subject)

1.You just inherited your own country...what now?

2.If you were in a book club what[edit] book would you suggest they read?

3. Where is the best place to get a pair of black puma tennis shoes?

(no subject)

a) Where did you meet your SO?
b) Do you remember the 'bumble-ball'?
c) Whatcha listening to?
d) Whats your messenger service of choice?
e) Who makes better sandwiches, boys or girls?

This is a bumble-ball

(no subject)

1. Do you know who killed Laura Palmer?

If so, do you agree with David Lynch that it would have been better had the identity of her killer never been revealed?

2. I like weird movies (discovered Todd Solondz through tqc). Mommie Dearest is probably my favorite. Do you recommend anything?

3. Do you like Kevin Smith movies?

(no subject)

It is said that 'once you go black, you can never go back.' What black are they talking about?

Chess pieces
Tenacious D
& Tan
Eyed Peas
Power Ranger
derek smalls

(no subject)

how does it make you feel when someone says to you "oh, you remind me so much of my friend/this person i know/some celeb/etc."?

i always feel indifferent, but some people seem to get offended. does reminding people of someone else make you sooo much less ~*unique*~?

how much reading a night, you say?

We're all S-M-R-T, super-awesome once-students, y/y? what I want to know, is..

What were the discouragingly hard, bruise-your-ego classes at your school?
and if you'd like to elaborate, what made the class(es) so hard?

Yes, we're likely to disagree, as certain classes are hard for some students and easier for others. 
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What are the most delicious foods that do not require chewing at all to consume? I'm having a seriously painful dental problem and at this point I can't even chew on the other side of my mouth, because my top teeth touching the one that has the problem is excruciating.

The less sugary, the better. Also: vegetarian.

Edit: Also, I'm allergic to apples and peanuts.
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(no subject)

What is something delicious that I can make without access to a kitchen? I have a microwave, but that's it. Bonus points if it's really easy and/or cheap, since I'm dirt poor right now.

Do you have a record player?

(no subject)

I'm not sure if I can get very good answers for this here, but...

1. do you work in the fashion industry?
2. What are some jobs in the fashion industry that you know a little about? tell me about them...
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(no subject)

What does your skin care routine consist of?
Are there any brands you live by?
Will you post a:
CLEAR,NATURAL LIGHT,NO FOUNDATION/COVER UP (other make up is okay) picture of your skin/face?
I don't care if it's a silly and/or myspacey pose, as long as it's a good quality picture.
I'm curious to see what everyone's skin looks like.
I'm anal about my skin routine, but I still have redness problems.

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Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

(no subject)

1. How do you make time seem to go by faster, when there's something in the future that you're really looking forward to?

We're going on a family vacation... in ten weeks. ;_;

2. What celebrities would you like to meet?

Harry Connick Jr. and Alton Brown. Perhaps George Clooney.

(no subject)

Can you explain the levels of degrees in college?

For example, if one were to go to a community college for business, what sort of degree would they graduate with? What would be the next step?

It is very sad that no one has explained this to me, and I'm graduating high school in two months.

Edit: Thanks for answering that, now I'll ask a less limited question.

What are a few things an almost-high school graduate needs to know?

(no subject)

What do you secretly hate about your friends?

I hate how most of them always talk about themselves, and they would never suspect that I hate that about them because I kind of encourage it by asking them about themselves (because I know people like to talk about themselves), but they never reciprocate and ask about me really. It's only "How are you?" without a tint of real curiosity. Honestly, I don't care to talk about myself, but usually it's a sign that they care if they want to talk about me. I would be fine with talking to them about themselves all day, but as long as I know they care about me.


(no subject)

1. What kind of diet do you have? (vegetarian, vegan, omni, low-carb, low-fat, etc)
2. How much do you spend per week on groceries?

ETA: By diet I don't mean for weight loss, I just mean how you normally eat.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

TQC, I am but a poor college student. I'm going to the store in a bit for some supplies, and I was curious. What foods do/did you eat as between meal snacks/study snacks in college? I'm not crazy-rich, but if I eat one more handful of trail mix I might vomit and I'd like some variety.
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Cell phones

I've been with Verizon for years and I've had the same old phone all this time. I've heard of others upgrading their phones after they've had a contract for a few years, either at a discount or for free.

Does anyone know how I could go about trying this? Just call them? Threaten to change providers? I'd just walk into a store and ask, but I tend to make an ass of myself enough as it is.

The phone still works (beat up as it may be) so I can't ask them to replace it because it's broken in some way.

(no subject)

Have you ever murdered anyone? What do you think are the best times of day to commit murder? Do you have a technique?

Do you think I can quit my job and make a living as a serial/professional killer? Where would I get started?
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One more..

If you use Facebook/MySpace/some other networking site, what do other people do that annoys you?

- MySpace: Trying to make your own layout and having no idea what you're doing. Slapping Blingees everywhere. Commenting on my page with a stupid blinking image celebrating the fact that it's Tuesday or something.

- Facebook: Excessively updating your status. You'd think I'm exaggerating, but I do know a girl who updates her status around 8-10 times a day.

- Any site: Having 30 photo albums of you throwing gang signs and duck lips. Especially if you go to my college in Boulder, Colorado. Look up the demographics and tell me how many kids honestly need to do this.
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(no subject)

I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now. In that year, he's gotten really drunk in my presence about four or five times. Each of these times, I've found out that he drunk texts and/or calls his ex-girlfriend just to say hey.

In my opinion, getting drunk enables people to do what they don't have the balls to do when they're sober and also "drunken words/actions are sober thoughts."

Does this mean he's still into her??

Note: I've once accidentally stumbled upon his facebook message exchanges with her, and their conversations seem completely harmless. In one message, he wrote to her about how me spending the summer with him kept him sane and grounded...

(no subject)

My crush was supposed to cook dinner for me tonight. He rescheduled dinner till tomorrow night.

What would be more important than dinner with me?
What will he tell me he was doing?

(I'm looking for a laugh here kthanx)
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lead me

qwerty phones

i think i want a qwerty phone. i'm with at&t/cingular.

what do you think of this phone? it's a pantech. cingular really doesn't have many slideout qwerty phones.

or suggestions? i'd totally go with another phone if i could use it with my carrier.

(no subject)

What causes you to get that horrible feeling in your gut? you know what I mean, that terrible sinking feeling right inside your chest.

how do you aleviate this sensation?

Will you associate a movie with a song?
I Am Legend:
the only living boy in New York, by Simon and Garfunkel.
kihei akahi

(no subject)

I need to purchase an FM Transmitter for my Nano (3rd gen) so I can use it in my car...
is there one that you might recommend? Or have you used one that sucked that I should know about? Yes, I realize I'm not going to get super awesome sound or anything, but I've used one before with my Shuffle a few years back and it worked just fine for me (that one sadly is not compatible with a Nano)...I'd like one that is able to charge the Nano at the same time. Thanks!

(no subject)

did you go through a dinosaur phase when you were little?

did you go through an egyptology/mummy phase?

what is the strangest intellectual fascination you remember having before high school?

(no subject)

Do you like the name Chutney?

Where's the weirdest place you've ever had a cramp? A Muscle Spasm?

1. No. Ugh, god no.
2. I get MS's in my eye all the time. As for best friend has one in her tounge right now.

(no subject)

Do you think it would be cheaper to book a hotel room as far in advance as possible, or to wait until the day of? This is assuming there aren't any major factors that would fill up hotel rooms in town quickly. (I would think it's cheaper to wait until the day of, because hotels would be more willing to lower their prices just to fill a room.)

I don't suggest doing what I do...

How do I convert a .mswmm into a .gif? 

EDIT:  I need HELP, people.
h e l p.

 EDIT no. 2:
I gave up.

What is the most obscene thing you've ever done in public?
Why would you do such a thing!?

1.  I told a woman I'd cap her with a tire iron in front of her kids, and then told her to kiss my branded ass.
2.  I was in a fashion show, and she called me a "Hot Topic Whore."
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funny bone(s?)

are there other places on your body that when struck wrong can trigger the "funny bone" feeling, aside from the elbow area?

i hit my ankle the other day and it felt exactly like the funny bone pain, but it didnt last as long.

(no subject)

Kerplunk! You find yourself stuck in a elevator with Hannibal Lector. It will be one and a half hours before the electricity comes back on, and Dr. Lector is looking ready to make the best out of a bad situation. What do you do/say to stop him from eating your face?

ETA: Doctor Lector is stronger and psychopathier than you, but he is open to interesting conversation.
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(no subject)

Have you been/currently are in a committed relationship where you are not having sex for reasons OTHER than distance?

Do people assume you are having sex? How do they react when they find out you aren't?

If you haven't been in this situation, do you know anyone else in it?

What is the longest time in a relationship that you've waited before having sex for the first time?

I'm not in this situation, but my sister and her boyfriend are not sleeping together, and people keep making jokes to me about them having sex and it is CONSTANT despite me telling people OVER AND OVER they aren't having sex. Why is it so hard to believe that not everyone jumps into bed immediately? It's seriously beginning to annoy me.

Groceries and TV

How much do you spend on groceries for the week? How many people is that for?

Does it annoy you when you are watching something you really like on tv and somebody comes in and starts talking about how they hate it and its full of crap etc?

(no subject)

 My throat has been hurting since Thursday. Sometimes it really burns when I swallow. 

How long would you go with a sore throat before you made time to go to the doctor?


Have you had your tonsils removed?

(no subject)

Do you rock climb?

If you do climb: how often do you climb, where do you climb, what grade and type of climbs do you do?

Imagine that you are scared of heights but find it ok to climb indoor walls with ropes and somebody you trust at the bottom. But, you have somehow signed yourself up for a few sessions of outdoor climbing with a bunch of your amazing friends who have climbed all their lives, and it involves a type of climbing (lead) which you can't do but everybody expects you to get the qualification for in the next few weeks and you're terriffied. What do you do?

Did you pass your driving test on the first try?

How do you like your eggs?

(no subject)

Which do you think would be worse to have in your home as pests: cockroaches or mice?

What is the closest object to you that is gray or silver?

Will you please post a picture of you "partying" to show TQC how cool you are?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

Is it cowardly to confess your feelings to someone in an e-mail?

I've had feelings for this guy, but it's not very often that I get to talk to him. He rarely gets online and he's moving, so the number he gave me is useless now. I know he checks his e-mail, and that's the only way I can reach him. He thinks I'm not interested in him anymore (we had a little thing a few years back) and I'm really curious if he still likes me.

So, go for it or not?

(no subject)

I am in an American Sign Language class. My friend said that there is a Deaf girl in his cooking class and she has two translators with her at all times. I asked him why she has two and he told me because if you sign continuously for more than fifteen minutes, you'll "fry" your brain. I have trouble believing this.

TQC, did my ASL teacher forget to tell me that I am going to short-circuit my brain?

Tell me something someone told you that you find ridiculous?

How tall are you?
How tall do you want to be?

I am 5'3", but I wish I was about 5'7". My doctor said I still have time to (and probably will) grow. :)

(no subject)

What are your thoughts on posting party/drunk pictures up online?
Cool or Obnoxious?
Are we supposed to think you're "cool" when you post such pictures?

m looking through the facebook photos of kids from my school, the pictures are quite amusing, yet very pathetic.
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IUDs and eye twitching! (not related)

If you've had an IUD, did you like it? y/n
If you're in the US, was it Paragard or Mirena?
Other thoughts on IUDs?

Also, cause it's fun to ask Dr. Eljay (even though I am not trying to use any of this information as medical knowledge), My left eye twitches occasionally. It started about a year ago,I just realized. it was *slightly* better when I was on Zyban (to quit smoking), but now that I'm off that, it's twitching again.

Ever had this happen to you? (Yes, I'll ask my doctor, just curious about other people's experiences!).

.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1.  Who do you think Jack the Ripper was? What is your theory as to why?

2. Who's worse, the Ripper or Albert Fish?

3. Did you know that apparently LL Cool J's nickname is Jack the Ripper? WHY?!
I searched Jack the Ripper on IMDB and his name is the first result!
Star, Star of Life, Life


How was your night last night? Mine was pretty kick ass!!

EDIT: Wow I really thought I remembered people in here having a sense of humor... Guess I was sadly mistaken!

(no subject)

Something has been biting my friend as she's sleeping, and now she's got cellulitis in her foot. I thought  they were bed bugs, but then somebody said that bed bugs only bite in lines (she just has random bites). She thinks it's fleas, but I'm sure she'd know if she has fleas, cos I got fleas from my aunty's dog once, and I could see them, and once I'd sprayed them I saw dead fleas. She hasn't seen anything.


Do you know what cellulitis is? 
She told me she had cellulitis and I nearly peed myself laughing, thinking that it meant that she's fat.(she's really skinny)

Have you ever had fleas/bed bugs?

Non serious answers are great too! (as long as I get at least one serious answer)
drew pickles tilde

(no subject)

1. Would you kill your pet (say, by shooting it) if it meant saving the life of a child you didn't know?
2. Would you kill your pet if it meant saving the life of an adult you didn't know?
3. Would you kill your pet if it meant saving the life of a random person in prison you didn't know?

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can purchase Australian Muffins?  You know, they're like english muffins...only better?

I Googled, but couldn't come up with anything :(

I'm in the capital district in New York.
odd enthusiasms

(no subject)

Help me settle an argument, TQC. Putting aside your sexual orientation, which set of genitalia (male/female, of course) would you say is:

More efficient?
Easier to clean/maintain?
Better to look at?*

*Yes, I know, there's a reason people call sex 'bumping uglies,' but which of the two do you find weird/gross/whatever?

Also, what is your favorite piece of art (interpret the phrase however the hell you want to) that somehow pertains to sex?
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I'm classy.

I just found this plain-ish Japanese painting of bamboo by the trash tonight, and since I'm a thrifty college student I immediately thought, "free decoration!!" I've been looking at kanji online though and am not finding anything that perfectly matches the symbols on the painting. There's just two of them, so it's either some short generic message or perhaps it says "eat babies" which is why it was thrown out to begin with. :P

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And if not, I welcome your creative interpretations. I'll stick with "eat babies" since it's hanging in my kitchen. That seems fitting.

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1. When (if you enjoy them) eating donuts, do you ever get the wrong filling?
Some candy companies put a different design on to to indicate the type of filling (creams, fruits, nuts etc) shouldn't donuts but the same, some indicator of what's inside?
2. Of course, Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire is awsome, but did you ever think about how creepy the video is?

1. Yeah, I like custard filled but the cream ones look the same and unlike the pretty pictures the donut places show you, there usually isn't a pretty spot of the filling peaking out. They should do something so people can tell without having to pick it up and look at it.
2. I love the video but watching it one day, I realized it really is a bit creepy. This man, all in black (save for the yellow on his socks), is in a family's kitchen watching them and singing about them. He'll be inches from their face, playing with their baby and they have no clue he's there. That or they've gotten used to the idea that they've got one very musically inclined ghost.

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1. What was your favorite television show as a child (any age under 18)?

2. Did you parents limit the amount or kind of tv you could watch? Were certain shows off limits?

I couldn't watch the Simpsons until well into my teen years when my mom realized she thought it was funny, too.

3. Do you remember the first time you stumbled upon porn? What form was it in (magazine, internet, etc.)?
bitch please


I saw Presidents of the United States of America at the Roxy in L.A. last week and they brought out Wayne Kramer from the MC5 to play "Kick Out the Jams" and then closed the encore/set with a cover of Boston's "More Than a Feeling" featuring Weird Al on accordion. It was fucking sweet.

What's the coolest thing you've ever seen in concert?

What inspired your last surge of music love?

I am OBSESSED with Ludo right now. They opened for Presidents and I'd only barely heard of them before, but I turned to my friend halfway through the set and screamed, "This is my new favorite band!" I haven't stopped listening since.