March 29th, 2008


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Why do some people who are ostensibly trying to avoid conflict, proceed to say things in an "attempt to understand" (not expecting any answer short of complete reversal) or to repeatedly emphasize how they're not getting involved?  And for those pretending to attempt to resolve a conflict, think in terms of someone who is patronizing and repeats previous inflammatory statements, knowing how they caused the previous conflict.

I think it's just people who are too immature to engage in actual proper behavior for someone actually attempting avoid conflict and want to, instead, say something that will help them feel better about themselves in how totally "above it" they are.  I guess you could call it feigned maturity.
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What's the minimum amount of money you need to get through four days? Assume no bills are due in those four days.

What are your usual daily expenses?

How many times can I edit this before it gets commented on? I'm at 3 so far.

What have I been drinking?
night porter

To the naked eye obviously

Is there really a visible difference between real diamonds and say cubic zirconia or crystal or topaz or some other clear cut gemstone? I mean really...

A lady bought a $50 skin cream off of me on ebay for $15 and wants a refund now because the top loosened during shipping and some of the cream came out. Should I refund her money?

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College question!

I'm currently a freshman and I'm going to apply as a transfer student at several schools in the fall. I'm trying to plan next semester's classes and I have the option to take 4/6 Honors level classes with one being absolutely miserable or 3/6 Honors classes with the third regular class being enjoyable. Do you think I'll look better if I have more Honors classes or do you think it doesn't really carry that much weight? My GPA is fine and I'm employed/have nice extracurriculars/and I'm involved with the school. Should I take the miserable class, just so I can say I took more Honors classes, or should I screw it and take what I want?
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1. I am going to go watch The Dark Crystal. Whats your favorite part if you have one?

2. I have 5 more strawberries left. But they are the size of my head. Should I eat them all now?

3. Where is the best gold from?
Michaela Coel


edited: do you think digital penetration  (because that does sound like sex with robots!) fingering counts as losing one's virginity? if not, what to you counts as losing one's virginity? let's set aside the fact that virginity is a heteronormative concept.

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Do you like musicals?

I have been watching Hairspray a lot lately and I definitely wish that life could be like that, where everyone breaks out in song and dance. That would be amazing. There is something about watching people all dancing in unison. I love it. :)

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why is it that when I meet someone who knows how to play chess, they automatically try to teach me it because they are 'so good at it'?

I have tried to play chess. I do not enjoy it. it isn't because of my total lack of understanding the game. I just think it's boring.

do you hate chess? why or why not? do you find it as pompous as I do when someone insists on teaching you it, even if you're like a kid being forced to eat a worm throughout the game?


If you're a woman, do you shave your face? Do you believe most women shave their faces?

I was watching something on youtube, and this guy mentioned that most women shave their faces but just don't talk about it. I don't believe that to be the case.

EDIT: Do you even know any women who shave their face? I don't.
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What, in your opinion, is a good cat name?

To pass the time here at work, my coworker and I try to create random cat names from the names we run across during our shift. My favorite so far is definitely Mr. Harry Wemus, although I will always be a fan of the classic Mr. Meowgi.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Has anyone ever made Hershey's hot cocoa with soymilk?

Did it taste good?

I'm wary of trying because I ate some chocolate cake with soymilk once and the cake made the milk taste like vanilla grass.
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Bonus question: why the fuck am I awake this early?

My sister's boyfriend lives about three hours away and just texted me this morning telling me to let my parents know that he's on his way over this weekend as a surprise visit. My sister does not, of course, know. On a scale of 1 to AWWWWWWW, how adorable is this?

When was the last time some one did something sweet for you? What was it?

not exactly 'homework help'...

TQC, I'm in a bind...
In my writing class, this coming Tuesday is my turn to be workshopped/peer edited.  I'm supposed to post the pieces I want to have looked at on my class' website by tonight.  My problem is that we all have notebooks for this class in which we do all of our writing, and we turned them in on Thursday because there was a different assignment due that was contained within our notebooks.  All of the writing I want to use for my workshop on Tuesday is in this notebook, which is now at my professor's house.  Since I'm the only one being workshopped on Tuesday, I don't think she realized that this was going to happen, and neither did I.
So, what should I do/what would you do?  I can try to re-write the pieces I spent the last 3 weeks working on... or I can turn out 6 completely new pieces today that are not going to be half as good, or I can just take the hit and do nothing.  I've already tried to get in contact with my professor to let her know about my dilemma, but I've yet to hear back from her...

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Is anyone else surprised by how many people are on this community on a Saturday morning? Is it always like this? Don't we have anything better to do with our lives?

What's the worst thing you've ever spilled/smeared on your computer keyboard?
wtf mingo

another question about names

Inspired by this post

Does anybody know what the deal is with kids who go by names that AREN'T EVEN THEIR NAME?
For instance: I have two younger sister-in-laws - their names (first and middle) are Heather Lynne and Jessica Marie. They go by "Skyler" and "Gabby".  Not just on the internet, but "in real life" amongst their friends.
WTF?! Why? Can somebody explain this to me?
Heather also has a male friend named Ethan who is "bisexual" (that's what he calls it, but I feel like there is a different name for it?), and when he is 'feeling like a female', he goes by the name Kira.
She's got countless *other* friends who misspell their real names on purpose (like a friend name Courtney who spells it 'Courtneh').
Where does this come from?  What is the purpose?

A: In case it makes a difference... Heather is 18 and Jessica is 12.
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April Fools!

Do you plan to play any pranks on people on April 1st?

Have you ever fallen for an April Fool's prank?

What is the meanest April Fool's prank someone could play on you?

What is the meanest April Fool's that you could play on someone?

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So..this charity car wash my friends are participating in started at 8, I planned on leaving about 8:30... it's 10ish now... when should I leave? (it ends at 1)

Of what brand is your favorite pair of pants?
Mine: Levi Strauss

ETA: I just saw on 'The Feed' that there was an Anti-Emo Strike.. How lame is that?
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At the end of April, my friend will be having surgery. She is slightly freaked out about it. I want to get her something either for before or after her surgery as a little pick-me-up. I know that as her friend, I know more about her than you do, but what kinds of things would you want if you were having surgery and were a little nervous about it?

Time Travel!

Here's a question I posed to my ex-girlfriend many years ago...

So you make a machine that allows you to travel through time. Except, every time you travel, you gain 100 pounds. So for example, lets say you travel to the future, and then you come back to the present. That's 200 pounds right there gained (and yes, people can tell). Would you do it? Keep in mind you can always work off the weight (eventually, though 200 pounds is a lot of weight to work off sometimes).

Edit: Assuming this weight gain will not change your future (if you happen to glimpse your future).
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Have you ever deleted a post from a community? Why?

If a woman considers herself childfree, gets unexpectedly pregnant and doesn't want an abortion so she carries the fetus to term, what does that make her?

Do you have any scars you'd care to share the story behind? pix plz

I still have a faint mark on my arm from burning myself with a glue gun when doing a school project when I was 8. :(

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1. which is better, an ice cream sandwich or a klondike bar?

2. ok, so, say you get sucked into the star wars universe. what would be your preferred mode of transportation? (guess what i would choose, lol) is the dark side strong in you?

3. can anyone tell me what type of flowers these are? if not, could you direct me to some place that could?

EDIT: thanks, musicluvr325's mom! they are a type of geranium

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is there a chance this won't blow up in my face..? simple y/n will do.

what made/makes high school bearable for you..?

whats your favorite book at the moment?

have you ever found yourself in a relationship you never thought in a million years would happen..? details if you please.

will today end up going well..?


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Dear Dr TQC,
Am I going to die? My head hurts from sinus pressure. I sniffed my nose and it felt like my face/head was going to explode.

Would you miss me if I died?

What do you take to get rid of a sinus headache/pressure? (I am going to the store later for some tylenol sinus meds, I just wanted to know what specific brands everyone uses)


My boyfriend's granddad just died. He's really upset about this (I'm meeting him for lunch in a little bit, and will then just spend the rest of the day with him until he gets ready to drive down for the funeral). I've talked to him a bit already and did the whole hugs-and-comfort thing, but I'm sort of at a loss for what to do and say for him right now, because I've never known someone very well who died, and can't really relate.

What should I say, TQC? Or, better, what shouldn't I say?
nkotb - joe - yay

Drunken happiness?

Stemmed from this comment from an agent's mouth just now:

"The first time I got drunk, I got drunk off of Bud Light. I drank a whole case myself and was throwing up for HOURS! Hey.. I was 16!"

What did you drink the very first time you got drunk?
How old were you?

ME? Hornsby Apple Beer, a bottle of Strawberry Hill and half the bottle of Boones Strawberry Daq.
I was 17.

help please.

thanks to everyone who relplied to my post from a little bit ago, but I decided that I need to be more specific.


this interesting girl I know was dropping me off at hame and asked if I wanted to go to a show some time or something and I was like "yeah definitely!" when I got inside I realized I had just been asked out. the thing is that I dont wanna DATE her, but just hang out. what should I say next time I see her?



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have you heard of this website?
does the low cost adoption fee (10.00 + the cost of spay/neuter) make you want to adopt more than where dogs are like 150.00?
does the fact that it shows how many days the dog has left to live matter at all? does this influence your decision?
do you already have a dog?
what about cats?
pictures of your animals?
what's your current favorite song?
favorite show?
favorite movie?

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Are there any celebrities you used to like/find entertaining that you can't stand now?

For me it's Drew Barrymore. I loved her when she was a dirty crack-smoking whore, but now she's just a boring airhead with a fat face.

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So I went out with a guy for my third date. We had a really nice time, talked a lot, kissed a lot, he brought me to a nice restaurant for dinner, comedy club, and then we watched a movie. we also messed around in the bedroom for the first time and laid around afterwards talking, cuddling, kissing. Yet he didn't kiss me good night we he walked me to my car. What is up with that? Please tell me if I'm reading too much into this.

edit: I'm of the opinion that you should do what you feel like doing. I don't like those stupid games where, you know, wait five dates before this, and six dates before that. Yet this is the first guy I've felt comfortable with sexually so fast. So I guess I'm just feeling like maybe those rules are there for a reason. Is this ridiculous?

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 What do you think of this??

When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.

Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but doesn't possess,
acts but doesn't expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.

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One of the hottie bar tenders at my work (that I love to flirt with...he's still not as cute as the hottie server ^_^) told my hostess friend that he's in a relationship with a girl, and they've decided to be chaste with each other.  He's also a recovering alcoholic (ironic).

When he was saying goodbye to me I told him I was disappointed that he wasn't single, and he told me they we're just casually dating, and hadn't had the relationship talk yet, and that he'd probably have to hold off on it in case someone else came along.

Is this guy just trouble?


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On an average day or work or school, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Do you take more time when you don't have anywhere to go?

How many hours have you been awake today?
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Did you know your friends are poll-only?

Did you know poll is friends-only?
Oh for fuck's sake already!

Just to be nice, I'll stop with the joke after this poll. Because I love you all so very much.

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1. Do you get confused when TQC regulars change their default icon?
b) Do you ever see TQC regulars in other communities and feel like going "OH HAI TQCer!!"?

2. Have you ever eaten toast in bed?

3. Will you recommend some good music to me?

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Have you ever applied for a promotion to management in a place like a movie theatre, book store, etc.?

What were some of the questions your boss asked you?

How do you deal with nerves before an interview?


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My parents are coming over soon. I don't feel in the mood to be criticised or questioned about my housework, last few days or my new hair do.

How do you suggest I get them to leave quickly?

Looking for the silliest answers you've got! :)

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OK, TQC, song recommendation question. I have tons of "breakup songs", "men suck" songs, "girl power" songs, "omg i'm so in luuuuuuurve with yoooooou" songs, "why must you be so far away" songs, etc., etc. But now I need some songs for that kind of mood you get into when you're like, "You know what? I don't give a shit what you think of me, I am who I am and if you don't like it you can bite my ass." Or songs that send the message "I'M AWESOME." Whatever. lol.

Any song recommendations for that kind of mood?

another Facebook question

My friend and I were talking and she asked if I thought there was a protocol on facebook.
If someone adds you as a friend, do you feel like you have to comment on their wall?
And with people from work, do you add everybody or the people you like?
Do you think it's rude not to respond to a post on your wall?
Should we start a TQC group on Facebook or would that be too nerdy?
princess rihanna

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Hey TQC!

Are you participating in Earth Hour? I'll turn some things off, but i'm not "officially" participating.
If not, do you think it'll be a success, or one of those things you hear about once and never hear about again?
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1:What's your first and middle name?

2:How many states have you lived in?

3:What did you do last night?

4:When was the last time you cried?

5:Cherries or Blueberries?

6:What was the last movie you saw?

7:Last person you spoke to on the phone?

8:If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

lead me

i r confused.

You have a soda fountain but only two unmarked containers (one 5 ounces and one 8 ounces) that can be filled or emptied or poured back and forth as needed. Your goal is to get precisely six ounces in one of the containers. How do you do it?

This is not homework -- my assignment is to explore three math education websites and write reviews on them. I'm on a virtual manipulatives website right now and this problem has me stumped. (I was never good at these anyway, but this bothers me.)
Sweet Pea

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What is a reason you may be wearing a business suit on your day off?

My coworker saw me dressed in a suit and told my manager. I was actually on my way to a job interview, but of course, I don't need her knowing that! I know she will ask me about it  tomorrow.
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What is the difference between teal and turquoise?

ETA: Why are Minnesotans so polite and reserved? I moved to the twin cities a month ago, and I still feel too energetic and loud.  Not saying it's a bad thing, just different is all.

Asshole day

Mom and I went out today and it seems like every single person on the road was acting like they'd left their brains at home. We were tailgated by this jackass in a silver jeep halfway towards the grocery store, then while we were on our way to Robeks for lunch (They sell some of the yummiest smoothies EVER that are basically meals in themselves, not to mention awesome service), we were cut off, and the twit behind the wheel honked at US when it was HER fault. We also got beeped at by a guy in a Hummer in line at the gas station. Mom and I both gave him the finger. I know people are assholes on a regular basis, but they seemed to be everywhere Mom and I went today.

1. Is this just me, or was it asshole day today?

2.  Should we declare an official asshole day on, say, the first day of spring, maybe?

ETA: No, my mom isn't a perfect driver either. She wasn't looking and accidentally cut off a guy trying to throw off the tailgater. He was PISSED OFF with good reason, since we nearly rammed into his car.
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You ever do anything potentially very dangerous, knowing how dangerous it could be, and still not care that much?
I've listened to headphones in the bath before.. also stuck metal in a socket, switched lanes without checking my blind spot, put metal in the microwave, ripped the sticks off of bottle rockets, lit, and threw them.. I'm sure there's more, but anyways..

Why do I have a hard time spending over $20 bucks on any item of clothing?
misc - not a weapon

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What is one product that has really lived up to or even exceeded the expectations you had for it?
OxiClean - that stuff really works!

What is one product that other people rave about that you don't think is that great?
Magic Erasers

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What would you do in this situation?

You're taking a shower in the dorms. All other showers are empty. Someone walks in, rips open the one closed curtain (yours), and sees you in all your glory. They go O_O then walk to another curtain, mumbling angrily the whole time.
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I am moving into an apartment in August, and I love everything about it, except it has sliding closet doors with mirrors like this. I have a phobia of mirrors which I can deal with in the day, but in the dark, it's really bad. I plan on covering up the closet doors. Any good ideas so it doesn't look completely trashy and like a college kid apartment? (My ideas are fabric, posters, could I attach you have any alternative ideas?)

What is the name of that community with all the awesome decorating stuff in it? Do you know what I'm talking about?

What bedspread should I buy? Pictures please. I am open to almost anything. Also, pictures of curtains, rugs, storage, entertainment systems that you have/want/enjoy etc are welcome.

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I have a little 'issue'

My flat (apartment) has needed a lot of repairs done for quite some time (washing machine is not working at all, shower isn't working either, the lock on the door and more recently, the smoke alarm) . A few months at least. The shower and the lock on the door were reported to him back in November. The lock on the door is very loose and is right now, held in place with strong tape. Which isn't ideal when my neighbours are drug dealers.

Every time I ask my landlord about it all he says he's 'dealing with it' but it doesn't seem like he is.

I also owe him some rent money, its not that much, maybe around £100. (the rest of the money is paid for me as I can't work)   I don't see why I should give him this while my house is in need of so many repairs. Can I legally do this? Tell him he'll get the money when the repairs are fixed? I've moved so often that I don't want to piss him off and end up having to move again. It is really beginning to piss me off now.

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what is your favorite comical movie that can be considered "popular"?

and what is your favorite comical TV show?

favorite reality TV show?

i'm looking for some new stuff to download! :) and i don't like anything scary haha.

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Why did my Linksys router suddenly stop letting me get to the internets?

I just had the cable guy here and I can connect to the internet when the ethernet cord is attached directly to my computer, but Mr. Linksys isnt supporting wireless.

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Grossest thing you've ever encountered?
(Doesn't have to be food related or cultural.)

Mine happens to be a delicacy consisting of a STILL BEATING cobra heart.
wEROFJSrfkhrsf Anthony Bourdain, you are nuts.
i don't want to be friends

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Should I avoid smoking pot if I'm on the following meds?:


What are some other meds + pot= no no?

Have you ever had Peanut Butter and Jelly cheesecake? (I just had it today, and it was amazing).

medical insurance

My boyfriend and I are both 20, we live in Texas and I have medical insurance, but my parents pay for it. My boyfriend doesn't have insurance and he's a musician, so he can't get it through his job. I'm looking into purchasing insurance for him, but I've never ever tried to buy a policy and I'm trying to learn as much as I can, but there's some things that I don't understand. I'm wondering if you'd be able to answer my questions. Thank you.

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Driving pug

Help me get dressed.

Tonight I'm going bar hopping/drinking/dancing to celebrate 2 friends birthdays.

Which of these should I wear?

A. A new light pink dress that's kind of short, with short sleeves and heels.
B. An old purple sweater dress and extra cute flats.

It's kind of cold outside. A is cuter but B is more comfortable.

What do your most comfortable pair of shoes look like?
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Did you know Twinkies actually ARE baked?

I spent my entire childhood believing they are never baked, and never ate them because of this fact. But I just learned that they ARE baked for ten minutes each! This changes everything!

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 3/29/08
Turn off your electricity for one hour from 8-9pm local time.

Did you/Are you planning to participate in Earth Hour?

What do you think of movement?

I think it's a really cute idea and even if it is just for one day, every little bit counts!
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Dying Denim

I have a pair of old diesel jeans that i've stopped wearing because i hate the color. they came pre-faded between darkish and lighter blues.

I want to hit them with some RIT dye to turn them dark, dark blue. Will this work? Will it not take to the already dark areas? Will it look a hot mess?

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(no subject)

1 -
In translating a comic book from paper to film, what do you think are the TWO most important aspects of the series/story arc to be maintained? That is to say, what two things do you think should stay the same in the two media, regardless of everything else.

2 -
What comic book series would you like to see made into a movie?
OR, if your favorite character [such as Batman] as already been established in movies,
What story arc would you like to see made into a movie?

3 -
Would you play a Massively-Multiplayer Online RPG set in the Pokemon continuity?
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Would you send me mail?
I never get any mail, and so walking to the mail box with my roommate/bff is kind of a sad thing. I like mail. I like getting random things in the mail, it could be a foreign candy wrapper and I'd be happy. Or foil. I like the foil from cigarette boxes. (email me if you like to send random people random mail?)

I have $19usd in my paypal account and want a glass hitter. Am I going to be able to find one for about that price anywhere, or am I going to be out of luck?

Would you have John Barrowman's baby?

What is that html code where when you hover your mouse pointer over the text, you can get a little pop up box with other text?

(no subject)

1.) For the ladies: Aunt Flo hurts :*( What do You do to feel better during that time?

2.) Guys: Does your significant other change noticibly during that time of the month? Are you nicer than normal or annoyed?

(no subject)

Would you ever do something such as hanging on to a fast food cup until t was practically disintegrating just so you could always get a free refill?
HAVE dome something like that?

Another thong post

Anyone seen the new g-string trend?  The string goes all the way from the back to the front.
Anyone think that's appropriate for a public beach?  

EDIT:  I can't seem to find a good picture of it, but the one that someone posted in the link "Oh Google" isn't it.  This is basically a single string that runs around the waist, between the ass cheeks, and up between the labia.

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So, I have some what of a guilty pleasure. I sort of like Vera Bradley purses. I feel silly, never having like "designer" anything before, but at the same time I don't know that I'm totally sold on the obnoxious/cute/recognizable patterns they come in. I like cute/quirky patterns, but those are just so BRIGHT. My favorite style bag that I've seen is the Bucket Tote for its size and pockets. And for the question...

Do you know of any other sources for purses in similar styles to that one? Especially if they come in a variety of more calm patterns instead of boring solids?
girls » barbie
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Hey TQC! So my birthday was a little more than two weeks ago, but most people forgot, so I'm still getting late cards. I got one from my aunt who I have nothing to do with, that had a check in it for fifty dollars. Pretty sweet, huh? Ya, it would be, except she took up 2 1/2 faces of the card with a missive about how broke she is, having just dropped more than 16 grand on her pets and house, and how she needs more money coming in each month.

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So I have no intentions of cashing/depositing this check. I'd rather burn it and piss on the ashes, but my mom says I should just send it back. That would work too. What do you think, TQC? How should I return this guilt-laden gift?

And for unrelated questions!

1. Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? If yes, how so? Do you listen to his radio show, or have you done FPU?

2. What're gas prices looking like for you right now?

3. What's the most vindictive way to kill a spider that's after you?

4. If you regularly paint your nails/toes, what color/style do you paint them? Do you get them professionally done, or DIY?
eknock, Ash

Cheap date ideas?

Yeah, I've googled, but I want ideas from people, what you've actually done yourself.

Okay, so my significant other is coming up here in less than two weeks to visit me. She's driving all the way up from the US, but I don't have that much money, but I want us to have a good idea... any ideas?

watership down

(no subject)

Okay, the year is 3,000 and it's possible to travel at the speed of light and visit other galaxies and stuff.

Would you travel to distant galaxies and explore? Or stay on Earth?

All rules of physics must apply. When you leave and come back your children (who stayed on Earth) will be a lot older than you. Everyone on Earth would have aged much more than you have.
chan marshall

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Dammit TQC my toe is still playing up and really tender.

What was the last performance you were in?

We got forms at trapeze today for  a shows in november! It will be so much fun and i can't wait.

(no subject)

1. What was the last good deal you got?
2. What's the big deal about going to prom alone? a lot of girls decide they don't want to go unless they get asked because it's "pathetic." why is it so pathetic? /:
3. Does shopping exhaust you?
4. If you could go to a five star hotel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

(no subject)

1] What's the best way to tell a father that his eighteen year old daughter is going to go live with her boyfriend in a very far away state? When she's never mentioned him at all before, that is. Her father also moved and no longer lives with her family, so he won't be directly affected.

2] Will you ask me a question?!

summer plans

I recently got a job as a camp counselor, but the camp doesn't span the entire summer.  I have a little over a month to spend at home, which means I won't have time to take any summer classes and probably won't be able to get a job for just the one month. 

What should I do for this month that will keep me busy and entertained and preferably out of the house?
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lol wut? Mom.

My mom just left a comment on one of my Flickr pictures and I have no idea how to interpret it:

"I was going to save this for you. Mom"

What does this mean, TQC? She was going to save a picture... that I took... for me?

GR Press Box
ETA: This picture. It's one of those boxes that sells papers and they put a grammar error on their actual box.

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If SNL got Rick Astley as a surprise music guest and the cast dressed up like people in the video and rick rolled all of America (the ones who were watching anyway) in the middle of a music performance by someone, who would be the best music performer to interrupt with a rick roll?
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For serious

What is your preferred method of *safely* losing weight (i.e. no drugs)?

If you've lost a lot of weight and kept it off, how did you do it?

Other than the obvious of eating right, and only eating the amount of calories burned, what other tips/tricks do you have for staying healthy?

another question for Dr. TQC

Dear Dr. TQC,
Why does my elbow hurt?  It hurts right smack dab in the middle, and the pain feels like it is in the bone/muscle - it is definitely not on the skin/surface (not a cut or bruise or anything like that).  It hurts the most when I stretch it out really fast (for instance, while I was playing euchre today it hurt every time I laid a card down), but most of the time it is just a general ache.  It is a sharp pain, almost like someone is stabbing a needle right into my elbow.
What is wrong with me?

ETA: It has been doing this on and off for about a week.  Today is definitely the worst it has ever been, though.