March 28th, 2008


1. What song have you been listening to on repeat lately?

2. Is there any animated character that you (or someone else) thinks looks like you? Share pls.
2b. (is the appropriate word in the above sentence 'think' or 'thinks'?)

3. Would you take a free weekend vacation with someone whose last name you don't even know? It's free!

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what are random things you thought/believed in when you were little that make no sense at all?

okay, i just remembered this morning that when i was little, i thought when you ate noodles, you weren't like...ALLOWED to bite them. so you had to finish a whole noodle until the end of it. get my drift?

and also, my mom told me that escelators would like, eat you if you didn't jump off in time. (so i used to leap off in fear)

EDIT: for some reason i thought that stewart little was martha stewart's pet? lmao.

on another note

do you know what skanking is?
do you know how to skank?
how did you learn to skank?
if you don't know how to skank, what would you do if everyone around you was skanking?

Web Browser

GAH! Firefox won't sign onto my yahoo mail-it's not yahoo because I can get into it with IE and Opera9 which I just downloaded to test it out.

First of all, anybody else having problems with firefox and/or yahoo?
Second, since I may have switch browsers, do you have any suggestions? I like Firefox for it's tabbed browsing, spell check, and security so something with some of those features would be nice, but I'm open. What, are the opinions on Opera?

I FIXED IT GUYS! and of course, it was the easiest most obvious thing-after I got the pop up error messages, yahoo went to a page that said it wasn't loading but had links to fix it-ALL I had to do was clear my cache/cookies and it was resolved. I've been ready for bed for like an hour though because I kept hitting walls with getting my computer working well. I think I was so frustrated and tired I just didn't notice the link until now. So, new question, has anybody else ever caused themselves needless hastle because they missed the obvious? Please explain

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Hey TQC, it turned March 28 here barely an hour ago - and it's my birthday! o^______^o

When is your birthday and what is your wish?

My wish is that I get to talk to him but he's probably off in school. ^^;;
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Is there anything you're hypocritical in your relationships about? If so, what?

I dont do drugs regularly, but I'll have stints every few weeks where I do tons for a week or so in a row, and then just stop. Anyway, the boy I'm seeing was talking about "smoking his first doobie" with this guy we call black jesus. And I cracked up at the time, but I was also like "No. No weeds for YOOOU!"

And I question one of my best friend's decisions all the time, but I want to backhand her when she questions mine.

I also get angry when anyone but me in the family disciplines my brothers.
im french

(no subject)

1. Do you think that Japanese men are less hairy than men of other races because they consume so much estrogen-loaded soy?

2. Does soy make you gay?

3. edit: Does soy make you Asian?

(no subject)

This is a repost. For those of you who took this poll earlier, I screwed up the Brad Pitt question, so I had to go back to the drawing board. lainy gets the shoutout for calling me on my mistake.

Poll #1161884 Celebrity pop quiz 2

Not consulting IMDB. Which of these actors DID NOT play Jennifer Aniston's love interest onscreen?

Bruce Willis
Kevin Bacon
Brad Pitt
Ron Livingston
Jay Mohr

Which of these actors NEVER costarred with Brad Pitt?

David Duchovny
Sean Bean
Bruce Willis
Kevin Kline
Harrison Ford

Which actress NEVER played the love interest onscreen with Tom Cruise?

Nicole Kidman
Lea Thompson
Katie Holmes
Cameron Diaz
Elisabeth Shue
mister q

(no subject)

Have you ever produced a booger so amazing that you had to save it, so you could show it to someone else?

not yet
no, but I've saved some other type of bodily excretion to show someone.
swine flu fishes


1. My washing machine will fill with cold water but the hot water only runs for like 15 seconds before it suddenly slows to a drip.

[Details: I've had the washer for a year and this only started recently. No warranty. I can't afford a repairman, so I get to fix it myself. The repair/troubleshooting websites don't have anything relevant.]

Have you ever heard of a washer doing this or do you have any ideas as to what could be causing it? Halp?

2. Can my immersion blender really not handle ice or is the manufacturer a dirty liar?
lost wolfwood

(no subject)

I turn to you again for reasons unknown. Glutton for punishment.

Thoughts on furniture? As in.. recommend any place for furniture?

I'm looking for a sofa, or perhaps a chaise. I'm thinking I'd really like a chaise and it'd fit well in my tiny little apartment as well.

This one, for instance.

Yeah, I have something in mind, problem solved? But no. Nearest Ikea is 4-5 hours away.. I'd hate to think what the shipping costs would be. Not sure I can get that thing upstairs. Not sure I want to spend 450 dollars.

So yeah, where have you purchased furniture? Relate your tales of woe and/or glory here plz.

(no subject)

1) if you're dating someone, break up, and then get back together, which date do you use for you anniversary? how do you determine how long you've been together?

2) what are good, cheap, and relatively healthy meals i can make? i have a basic understanding of cooking, and i have a cookbook that can explain how to do things like cut up leeks and crush seeds and stuff. eta: i'm looking for ones people here have actually made and can vouch for their tastiness.

3) TMI SEXYTIME QUESTION FOR THE LAYDEEZ. if you don't use condoms, how you prevent it from becoming incredibly drippy and messy? or, how do you deal with it?

me - with gun

I'm having a debate with my mom about this... IT'S IMPORTANT

You have not painted your fingernails in a couple of years. You HAVE worn fingernail polish on your TOES though, very recently. Do you still have the right to say, "I haven't worn fingernail polish in years?"

I mean, it's the same product, just in a different place so it still counts, right? VALIDATE ME.

When was the last time you wore fingernail polish (on fingers or toes)? What color?

(no subject)

TQC, tomorrow I'm traveling solo by train and I have two 3 hour layovers (One on the way there, another on the way back) at around 3 am. Italian train stations are pretty sketchy, so I'm a little scared. Will you give me some tips, or share some experiences?

(no subject)

I'll be house sitting for a friend today, I have two frozen meal options, which should I eat for lunch?

A. Wegmans brand Indian food (it's quite tasty) Buttery Chicken
B. Amy's (organic) brand Mexican meal-cheese enchilada with corn and refried beans

(no subject)

Other than  hookers, blow, and lots of liquor, what would you say are must-haves at a housewarming party?  (also excluding some kind of home, furniture, and people who live there)

(no subject)

Do you know of any communities where I could ask a question of conservative-leaning folks, not mostly-hippies like yourselves?

I <3 you, but you won't give me the answer I want to hear.
Fine, I'll just try to ignore all the answers I don't want to hear :p

Do you have any thoughts on who should have the authority for the final say on the import of foreign nuclear waste, the state the waste is disposed/transported in or the federal government as a whole?
Article referencing this:

I sprained my ankle last week, and today's the first day it feels almost normal. I want to go out tonight. Dr LJ, will I be okay if I go out but sit on my ass a lot?

I just got a book called, "Eat That Frog!" -- what would you guess the book to be about?

(no subject)

My upstairs neighbors (college kids, all female; I live in a crappy 1930's row house divided in to an upstairs and downstairs apartment) are kinda loud but this particular incident baffles me.

Two weeks ago at 1am on a weeknight they turned on some item that sounded like a giant floor sander or a lab sized centrifuge or an enormous hair dryer and left it in one spot on the floor right over my head. It was on for 2 hours and the entire ceiling was vibrating. I have no idea still what the hell it was and I'm afraid to ask.

Any ideas on what it could be? Points for creativity.

(no subject)

1.) What are some good jobs/careers for introverts? Two people have said that I'd be miserable in the business field & should switch. BUT TO WHAT. TELL ME..

2.) I'm finally sick-ish. I don't have a fever, but my throat hurts & I cough. What is this illness?

3.) Considering you've played SSBB, what is/are your top characters to use? LUCASSSSSSS.

Edit: I really want to get my AA in interior design. It's always been something in the back of my mind I've considered. The big concern is, when I transfer to a university, can I get a Bachelor's in business? I may have to take some extra electives, but I really don't think what you do for AA in general should determine what your Bachelor's is. HELP TQC COUNSELING, because I can't get ahold of FCCJ.
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

I gotta know your thoughts on this -- how does shippo always seem to know what's going down in TQC? Psychic? A special red phone on his desk? A shippo-signal?

And if you don't know that, would tell me what kind of soap you're using in the shower/bath these days?

(no subject)

1: Who, in your opinion, who can function on the least amount of sleep?:
     a: Men
     b: Women

2: What singer or band needs to sit down and STFU already?

3: Have you ever chewed out a telemarketer?

4: What have you eaten today?

5: Bacon or Sausage?


It's a long shot...

I'm filling out a form and have come across this:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto set his hand and seal at ____________, this ____________ day of ____________, 20____________

By: ____________ (Signature of Assignor)

The "seal" part makes me think it's supposed to be filled in by a notary public (which would be me). But what goes in that first space?

I've tried Googling that first sentence, but it just brings up a link to the form I'm trying to fill in. Also, I've tried calling the company but am going around in circles.

EDIT: Thanks guys, I'll go with location
Kissing Parts

(no subject)

So, TQC, I'm FINALLY getting out of the military after 8 years.

I go on my terminal leave in 25 days. Aside from finally getting my hair dyed the color I want (a sort of eggplanty-red with dark streaks), what else should I do to celebrate?
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the N word?

I go to school with a pretty diverse group of people and we listen to CD's during class. Since there are more African American students we primarily listen to rap music [not being racist, this is just a fact in MY situation that we listen to rap because the students in my class like it, I'm not saying ALL African American's like rap]. The music is unedited so the rapper will say the N word very often. Plus the other African American students will say it to each other/about each other from time to time in a lighthearted manner. My friend [a white girl] happened to say it jokingly and lightheartedly, not directing it to anyone in the room, and the other students started flipping out and calling her a racist. She's not a racist.

Why is it ok for the African American students to say the N word but not for my friend to say it in the same context? Is it a word exclusive to certain groups only?
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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

Hey, guys! I'm participating in Relay for Life this year, which is an event to raise money to fight cancer.

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Would you please donate to the cause? Even if you only have $1 to spare, every little bit helps! Thanks so much!

misc - not a weapon

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TRUFAX: Facing mounting diesel fuel costs and shrinking profits, truckers nationwide plan to protest next week by parking their semis or clogging traffic by driving slowly.

These truckers are douchebags, Y/N?

Americans: What did you pay for gas most recently? Where do you live?

Non-Americans: Are you laughing at us for freaking out about gas prices?


TQC is a little dead this morning. Whyyyyyy?

Do you love lolcats?
If you do, how often do you visit
Will you post one of your favorite lolcats for me? =D

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(no subject)

1. How old were your parents when you were born? My mom and dad were 44 and 47 when I was born, respectively. This is fucking old, yes?

2. When people donate breast milk, how do they ensure that it's safe? Do they follow basically the same guidelines as for blood donations? Or do they pausterize the milk? If you/your partner couldn't breastfeed your child, would you get donated breastmilk or just use formala? Why?

3. What do you think of teenage parenting? Have you been around any teenage parents much? Were they shitty parents or good parents?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Should I get my nostril pierced?

I have/had a septum piercing, but I feel like I'm too old for that now. I'm 27 years old, and I can't wear it to work anyway, but I could wear a nostril stud if I wanted to. I used to have it pierced before and I liked it.

Burrito or chinese for lunch?

In what ways do you self-harm? I'm not talking cutting or whatever necessarily, but like, smoking, binge-drinking, overeating, etc.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

Am I an idiot for bawling at Click even though I knew it was going to end up all happy ?

If I blamed it on hormones, would you believe me?

Seriously I never cry at anything (not counting the end of HP5) but for some reason this got me.
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(no subject)

One of my uncles passed away not long ago. For Christmas, my aunt (his wife) gave the entire family coffee mugs with his photo on it. Mine is sitting in our coffee mug cabinet but I refuse to use it. It's okay that I'm a little creeped out drinking my morning coffee from a mug with a photo of my dead uncle on it, right?

ETA: I didn't mean that he's dead in the photo. He's alive in the photo.

My brother (also roommate) has just announced that he's headed back to Chicago when our lease is up here in Madison. I don't really have anything going on here at the moment, so I'm wondering if I should pack up and head somewhere else, too. Any suggestions on where to go? Or should I stay in Wisconsin? (This is dependent on a whole lot of stuff, but at the moment it looks like I'll be going somewhere.)
hannibal skull

Camel toe?

The other day, a friend of mine saw a man with trousers so tight, you could clearly see his ball sack on either side of the fly of his trousers, creating a male version of camel toe.

What is a better name, in your humble opinions, for male camel toe?

(no subject)

Where was I going with this paragraph I was writing?


Baked Penne and Cheese
Falafel Pita
Portabella Mushroom Pizza
crappy salad bar
Pastitsio (maybe the same as baked penne?)

Wtf is this puzzle pirates thing?

(no subject)

i  need to find a friend that goes to my university- we'll call her S.

My phone broke and i had to get a new one, so S's number is no longer in my phone.  S doesn't like phone calls, so she never calls anyone first.  S also never, ever checks her email, so i've gotten no responses there.

She is in a different major than myself, so i have no idea what building she is even in and we have no mutual friends or profs.  The campus is huge, so there's no way i can just park myself somewhere and hope for the best.

how do i find S???  


S has no myspace or Facebook.  she's not a net/phone person- she's an earthy crunchy hippie and hates technology, pretty much. To give you an idea- she owns an outhouse so she can make compost.

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1. When filling out forms, do you ever need more space than they provide (e.g. for your name or street address)?
2. Have you ever had someone you love and/or are close to arrested? If yes, what were they arrested for? To clarify, I mean have you personally called the cops on them?
3. How many names do you have in total? E.g. John Smith (2), Marie Helene Devereux (3), Juan Manuel Fuentes Rodriguez (4) 
yummy beer!, yummy

(no subject)

How do you help someone remove a stick from up his/her butt?  What if it's wedged in there really good, sideways even??

HEY GUYZ!  As of right now in the US mtn time zone, Barack Obama is on 'the View', and acquitting presenting himself terrifically, if I do say so!  Have you watched or will you have the chance to? 
If so, what did you think??

edit: I used acquitting in a more generic sense, so I changed it to a less connotative term in an effort to limit confusion.   8)

(no subject)

So I found out that a girl I used to know, who was a few years behind me in school, and is in general rather strange/socially awkward (but nice for the most part)...has copied my custom designed tattoo and put it on her body.

It's the same coloring, same shading, same size, same EVERYTHING, essentially a mirror image of mine, so it's not like it can played off as "whoops omg what a coincidence lulz"

What are your thoughts on this? What would you say/do to her?

At the moment I find it rather funny, and somewhat flattering...but mostly just annoying.

(no subject)

Why do Rickrolls only go to one song? I would prefer if some of them went to Together Forever.

How many keys are on your keyring?

Will you post a music video you like made from 2000's?
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus?

2) What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

3) What is the last thing you lost? Did you find it yet?

1) It's hard to choose, but Blackmail is one of my favorites.

2) The Other Boleyn Girl

3) My ring! no :( :(

(no subject)

 If you could go back and pick what your parents named you when you were born, what would your name be?

Which would you choose as a side, a potato dish, or rice dish?

How long is your hair?
{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride


I've never been to a music festival, but I might go to ACL this year (then again I say that each year). What should I prepare for, and what should I bring that are absolute musts? Does anyone know if ACL is even worth going to?

(no subject)

If you were married, but separated, and things were going to lead to a divorce, would you start a relationship with someone else or would you wait until you were actually divorced?
princess rihanna

(no subject)

1. Can someone link me the rickroll where it bounces across your screen and won't let you leave until the song is over?
2. Who are your favorite composers? Handel, Puccini, Chopin, and Mozart.
MALL-- crash


Have you ever swallowed a coin?
Yes! I'd swallowed many pennies when I was a kid!

Where does it go? Does it just pass through or does it hide somewhere in your guts forever?

(no subject)

whats the longest amount of time youve gone without a shower?
whats your opinion on hot cheetos?
how tall are you? would you rather be taller or shorter than you are now? (if so what height?)
whats your favorite color?
what time is it where you are?
broccoli, spinach, cabbage, or green beans?
whats the last thing you bought?

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(no subject)

A few questions regarding iPods, as I am trying to figure out what kind of iPod I want to buy. I'm choosing between a 80 GB iPod Classic or a 8 GB iPod Touch...

Question one: Which would you get? A 80 GB iPod Classic or a 8 GB iPod Touch?

Question two (which is sort of the same as question one...): Which would you rather have? Wi-Fi (because iPod Touches have Wi-Fi...don't they?) or more space for songs/movies/TV Shows?

Question three: How many GB is a movie from iTunes? Like, uh, say Step Up or something? What is the size of the average movie?

Thanks so much!

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Pucker up

Describe the worst kiss you've ever had, whether it was due to bad technique, someone you didn't like, nastiness of their breath/mouth, or something else.

What makes someone a good kisser?

(no subject)

Have you ever wanted to punch someone REALLY HARD in the face?

Have you ever laughed at how short someone is?

Is love REALLY all you need?


I know there's Office fans out here.

Miroku Turn

(no subject)

I'm scheduled for three and a half hours tonight at work, and it takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to get from my house to work, depending on traffic.

Is this totally bogus, y/n?

Recently I've been stuck with a closing shift on Saturday nights and a short and/or undesirable shift on Fridays, and rather than being in the box office like I had been for two months, I'm back on concessions, which is where you start out. They don't fire people here - They convince them to quit. This started shortly after I had to call in for two days because I had a severe infection in my wisdom tooth and couldn't talk, let alone work. This is also exactly what happened to my friend before she quit. The only difference is, I haven't pissed off the boss's kid... ...I hope.

Does this sound like they're trying to get me to quit? I can only work weekends because of my school schedule.

Oh, and in addition, I did ask for this Saturday off because I'm taking a friend out who's just come into town, but coming in at six doesn't equal the day off, so I don't think I got the closing shift because of that. :O It doesn't interfere with my plans too much though, and I understand that you can't always get off what you want - That's not what I'm upset about. I'm upset that they keep giving me this shift, coupled with other things, and that they did exactly that to my friend up until she quit.
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(no subject)

Now that I'm post-traumatic-breakup, I've decided I really need to take some time to get to know myself. What suggestions do you have when it comes to exploring yourself and wanting to grow as a person?

Kind of vague, I know, but any advice is welcomed.

(no subject)

1. What states* surround the state* that you currently live in?
2. Did you have to look it up or did you already know?

*If you don't have states in your country, use whatever the closest equivalent is, e.g. county, autonomous community, province
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) I'm staying inside tonight because there is wet heavy gross March snow that just fell outside. What should I do tonight? What should I eat for dinner?

2) I'm going to the cheesecake factory tomorrow. What should I order?

3) Is your SO your "type", or is he/she a completely different type than who you tend to go for? If so, why do you think this is?

(no subject)

1. What's a movie where a guy gets really close, in a friendship way, with a girl, and then realises that he's in love with her? (the movie can be from either the girl's or the guy's perspective, but it has to be clear that the guy only liked her as a friend at first)

2. a movie with a guy who dates a girl who's all wrong for him and then realises that someone else he knew all along was better for him

3. What's a movie where a guy is using  a girl (may not be for sex, could just be like, wanting to see her breasts or to flirt with or something) and the girl finds out that he's not in fact actually interested in her?

4. About someone who is shallowly rejecting someone and then finds her/him beautiful later. edit: and i
 don't necessarily mean after a makeover. 

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a life coach? what's it like? How do you know you need one?

2. Have you had a professional work on your resume? How do you find people to do this?

3. How did you figure out what you wanted to do?

4. Do you think personality tests (like the ones that say your an ESPJ or whatever) and recommend career paths work?
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

The question a few below mine just inspired this..

I'm trying to grow my hair out. Any suggestions on how often I should get it cut, how much I should get cut off each time, anything that'll keep it healthy while I'm going between cuts?

(no subject)

You had a fairly hot one-night stand about a year ago.

You haven't corresponded with the person since.

You still have the person's number programmed in your phone.

You are headed back to the city where said one-night stand took place.

Do you call?

(no subject)

Jumping on the bandwagon of gun point questions here...

What would you do if you saw someone holding a gun to someone else's head?

How would that reaction change if you know the person that had the gun pointed at them?

(no subject)

I know I'm getting old when I don't get references in songs anymore. What does this line from Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" mean?

"‘Cause baby I’m up in my bidness Like a Wendy interview"

Who is Wendy? Is she applying for a job at Wendy's? I just don't get it. This song sucks, anyway. *sigh*
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So a few posts down someone asks for an opinion on a local band and I started wondering if my favorite local band is really as good to outsiders as we think they are. I love them and have even got my parents to listen to them.

Will you post your favorite local band if they have a myspace?

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im french

(no subject)

Are you a good kisser? How do you know?

What makes someone a good kisser?

If someone is a not great/boring/mediocre kisser, would that seriously turn you off?

Why do people even kiss? It's so weird!

(no subject)

1. Robert Wadlow was 8 ft 11.1 inches at the time of his death at the age of 22. He kept growing until his death because of a tumor on his pituitary gland. If he had lived for another decade, how tall do you think he would have been?

2. Since we're on the subject of height, how tall are you?

1. Probably 10 ft or taller.

2. 5 ft 8 inches.

(no subject)

You've done a favour for a friend/relative. It wasn't that much but it meant a LOT to the person on the receiving end. They get you a gift to thank you for it, what would you love that gift to be?

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? (And how old are you?)

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
2. What was exposed?
3. Was Justin Timberlake responsible?

Say you were in need for a lot of furniture. Would you buy used furniture from this man? Let's say for $100, he'd give you an entire kitchen table set, plus a recliner and a leather sofa? Would you take him up on it?

Yes. That's a steal, and I'll just have the furniture cleaned
No. That's just wrong and I'll always wonder what I'm sitting on
i don&#39;t want to be friends

(no subject)

DILEMMA: Tonight there are two things I want to do, and I need help picking one. Will you help me TQC?

ONE: It's my friends birthday and a group of people are going to watch roller derby. I have never seen roller derby, so I don't know how interested I am in it. This event starts at 7, is 12 dollars, and then we'll probably get food afterwards.

TWO: My college is offering a Caribbean Steel Pan Workshop. I have just recently picked up the drums, and would like to expand my knowledge of drumming. This event starts at 6:30, has food, and is free.

What would you pick?
amelie half face

(no subject)

So my roommate has to write a paper about tampons for a college course. What do you think of that?

Original intent of post:
What do you know about your heritage?
Did your ancestors immigrate anywhere?* (If yes, where did they go, and where had they been before?)
Any weird family stories you feel like sharing about your ancestors?

*ETA: This is assuming that everyone reading this is not necessarily in or from the USA.

Srs ansrs only pls.

You are approached by a genie/faiy/hobgoblin/magician/Sabring the Teenage Witch.  They offer to give you $1 BILLION, the catch being that the ONLY song you could ever hear would be It's a Small World as it is played at Disneyland (even if it's not the song playing, it would be what you hear).

Could you do it!?
evil smiley

Interesting Interests

1:00 PM 3/21/08 · This may or may not have to do with the fact that I just saw Whoopi Goldberg on Bravo, which I'll be trying to track down through later, but I really can't see how. This'd be one of my challenge posts, which will go far and long through a range of communities, but that's not really important to this.

Among a number of the upgrades LJ has made over the last year is displaying the communities that come up in an interests search in order of activity; most active to least. So, here's what we're going to do...

...or I'm going to ask you to and then it's up to you if you do it.

1) Goto your interest list.
2) Pick your favorite interest and click on it.

Advice: Try to pick an interest that's actually a link. Some (sad, pathetic, lonely) people have unique ones that just kinda sit there with no link because no one else shares it.

I know, I have a couple.

Now, the questions!
  • If you skim to the very last community listed...what is it and how long ago was the last post to it?

  • Goto the community, click on the friendslist link...are there still any active members or is it a blank page?

Some communities are created that no one has ever posted to, listed simply as (Never Updated). Those don't count.
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(no subject)

My mom is turning 50 in a few weeks and I'm trying to think of something I can do for her birthday. I'd like to do something big, unfortunately I'm broke and in the midst of looking for a new job. I also bought her a computer for Christmas, so she doesn't really expect much from me, even though I've told her that we have to celebrate it somehow. (*note* parents are divorced and I'm an only child, so I can get some help from aunts & uncles, but it would mostly be me)

So does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to cheaply celebrate my mom's 50th?
What sort of things have you seen done for 50th birthdays?

college questions

1. cute ways to decorate dorm rooms please! include pictures of yours, or ones you've found that you like. also, where to buy this stuff.

2. and this one is for my cousin whose deciding amongst three colleges. she got into rutgers, boston university, and fordham lincoln center. so basically any opinions if you go or have gone to these colleges. are the people nice, snobby, mean, cliquey? how are the dorm rooms? are you allowed to have cars first year? it's silly because she says that shes popular in high school and doesnt want to rebuild her status in college. i tell her its all about making friends and finding yourself.

thanks guys!

First post. woo.

1. What would you attempt to do if you could not fail?
2. Favorite flavor of tea? Iced or hot?
3. Have you read The Lovely Bones? Did you know that it's being made into a movie? What do you think about that?
4. What do you prefer to write with? Pens, pencils, brains, whatever.
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Allow me to be stupidly sentimental and frivolous for a moment, but you were to be serenaded, what song(s) would melt you into a pile of diabetic goo?

Guys are welcomed to answer.

For me that song would be Layla.

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Where can I find creative people who actually want to talk about their creative things, who'd be willing to join a forum? Stupid advertising campaigns.

Say you want to read an article about some aspect of creativity, (like, writing, art, acting, etc) or to read a review on a product to help you with creativity. (like, books on how to write, reviews on computer programs, types of clay, etc) What exactly would the article or review be about?

My answer to 2. Right now, it'd be 'how *not* to write plot driven comics'

Spirit Week costume ideas

So, my school is having Spirit Week next week, which means everyone dressed up according to each day's theme. The themes of the days are as follows:

Monday - Blast from the Past (I'm thinking Toga.)
Tuesday - Hillbilly Day
Wednesday - Strictly Formal
Thursday - School Spirit Day (Our colors are green and white)
Friday - Fun in the Sun

Will you post costume ideas? Funny ones encouraged.

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1. Why do people feel the need to play games after a year of dating?
2. do you think its ever okay to play games with the person you are interested in/ dating?
3. What is one game you admit to playing?
lost wolfwood

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Okay, let me try a different tack.

How much money have you spent on a couch/sofa/chair/etc.? Or have you witnessed someone else buy furniture, say your mommy and daddy, and how much did they spend?

Wowee. So judging by your responses, 450 for a chaise is rather cheap eh?
chan marshall

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Should i buy a longboard?

A couple weeks ago at Trapeze i hurt my foot and thought it was nothing. I hurt the front part of my right foot and if i try to bend it the muscles and toes really sting. In particular one toe even hurts if it is touched...what is going on with that TQC? & if i try to wiggle any of them it stings.

How is the weather for you? Rain!
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Previously, I'd been quite adamant against leggings.  I still refuse to wear them as just pants, the way some girls do, but I want some for this spring (to wear under dresses, etc.).

Are leggings still in? Will they be in come springier weather?
Am I caving?
What color(s) should I get? I was thinking brown, since it goes with more stuff I have, but then a funky brightly colored pair would be cool.

mlb: panic

Stubhub tickets.

Has anyone boughten bought tickets from stubhub tickets. Everyone is telling me that's the place to buy from instead of craigslist, since there is a "FanProtect™ Guarantee" which sounds just as great as "PayPal Buyer Protection" (i.e - it doesn't guarantee anything, but sure sounds nice.) If neither of these are places you buy tickets from, where do you go? (I'm not talking ebay.)
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Speaking of rope, did you know that in the Aramaic version of the New Testament, the phrase "it's easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" actually says it's easier for a rope?

In Aramaic, the word gamla means both rope and camel, and context is what makes the difference when translating. The analogy being made is that the type of rope is intertwined, and the more you unthread it, the easier it is for you to enter the kingdom of heaven.