March 27th, 2008

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Both my flatmates have gone away and I'm alone here until Saturday! I feel like a kid whose parent's have given them the run of the house.
What things can I do to fully maximise the fun that is an empty flat?
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1. TQC, what vitamins would you recommend for a woman experiencing her first pregnancy? (Her baby is growing extremely quickly (way over 10 lbs) and she fears that it may eject itself prematurely do to lack of sustainable nutrients.)

2. You can make cheese from any kind of milk, right? Like, from any animal? If so, why don't we have milk from all sorts of animals?

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What's a food you used to not like but you enjoy now?

I wouldn't touch pizza or anything with tomato sauce until the last few years.

What is the color of your favorite pair of shoes?

What time do you have to wake up in the morning?

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for those of you (who are in America) and went out on your 21st, how many shots/drinks did you end up having? If you're from a cooler country, how many shots/drinks did you have on your birthday when you turned "legal?"

(I had four tonight, in case you care)
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1. what books always make you cry?
mitch albom books are the only books i remember crying to

2. what movies always make you cry?
in her shoes, a walk to remember, anne of green gables, and the notebook. that's all i can think of now, but i know there are more

3. do you ever have tonsil stones? if so, how do you curb their presence/GET RID OF THEM (other than getting your tonsils removed)
yes, and god i don't know which is why i am asking you.

4. what is your normal routine at the gym? if you alternate, describe each/all!
eh i don't have one.

5. what is your motivational song on your workout playlist at the moment?

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Hi, TQC.

I am a practicing entomologist and numismatist who has recently landed in dire financial straits due to some unexpected complications in my wife's pregnancy. To tide the family over during these hard times, I grudgingly pawned both my collection of rare African beetle specimens and the prize of my coin collection, a 7th-century Norwegian nickel that was once flipped by the legendary King Olaf himself. Now things are looking up: thanks to a well-timed government grant, I have enough money to buy back one of these two items.

Should I go for the beetles, or should I get my nickel back?
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Are Nazi jokes more offensive than incredibly serious/mawkish Holocaust media by people who have no idea what they're talking about?

Why don't people remember that other people besides the Jews were killed in the Holocaust? ETA: People in general. If you do know about the Poles and gypsies and gays and handicapped and other undesireables that were sent there, good for you.

How many Nazis does it take to change a light bulb?

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Is your S.O. the jealous type?
Are you the jealous type?
How's that working out for you?

To answer my own question - No, No, and Swell
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why do my douche bag friends insist on texting me the moment I go mobile, when they never talk to me online otherwise?

why do they do it at 2am when I am ill and unconscious?

more importantly, should I kill them?

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Here's a question that's been bothering me.

Why is it, when a guy kisses a girl, everything is peachy, then the next night when the girl kisses him, it's going too fast?

To edit for clarification. Say a guy kisses a girl. Then, the next night, the girl kisses the same guy. Said guy freaks out, and says it's going too fast.

How does that make sense?

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Am I the only person that hasn't seen "Two girls one cup"?

I have heard a description, and I'm not overly squeamish about such things.  I almost feel that my not having seen it has become an idiosyncrasy that I'd like to which I'd like hang on.
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Is there a plugin or some doodad I can use to fool the internets into thinking I'm in the US? I'm home in the UK with the flu (boohoo and all that) and I want to watch, and it says I can't get the videos in my location.


1: Do you feel better or worse after you go #2?
2: Do you take something in the bathroom to read?
3: Are you in and out or do you take a while?
4: Is there any food or drink that sends you to the bathroom ASAP?
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There was a song, that I remember playing on Mtv in 2001...

I can't remember who sings it, or even how it goes.. The ONLY thing I remember is the girl singing in the chorus, "game over."

Anyone have any idea what the hell I'm talking about?
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What is there to do for free or very cheap in Chicago and surrounding areas?  I have another week until my job starts, and I'm bored.  I haven't been to Chicago since I was a little kid, so I am up for all the touristy things.

Help prevent me from becoming a couch potato slob for the last week of my freedom!

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I was just thinking. My sister does a LOT of reading, and she spends like $1000 a year on just books alone. Most of them she reads once then never looks at again. Is there any kind of rental store but for books? would make things alot cheaper, plus once one person has read one the next person can get enjoyment from it etc
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So, recently a friend and I swapped a pair of earrings (he wanted curved barbells and I wanted studs). I started wearing them and everything was fine until last week when my ears started getting sore around said earrings. I took them out and looked and it looks like the silver is wearing off one, exposing what looks like copper underneath.

Assuming that I'm allergic to the metal, is there anything I can coat them with so my ears don't freak out? I've heard of putting clear nail polish on belt buckles, but I'm not sure if it'd be safe to do to earrings.

Also, before anyone asks, yes, I cleaned them before I started wearing them.
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I'm being asked for a list of movies to load onto my Zune and I have NO IDEA what to put on here.

I have a couple anime movies, We Own The Night, Predator and some episodes of South Park.

What other movies can you recommend? Anything, anything, anything. I love all genres. ....except porn.... I can't have any pr0n on my Zune. lol Since I watch stuff at work. Of course I have my favorite movies but I wanted some different stuff on here.
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 Do you have a work spouse?

When did you first declare the other person a work spouse?

How long did you know the other person before they became a work spouse?

If you have a real SO, would/are they be jealous of your relationship with your work spouse? 

Edited to add:
Have you ever done anything scandalous with a co-worker?

Have you ever not done anything scandalous but the situation had potential to seem scandalous to your other co-workers, so you tried to hide what you weren't really guilty of?  Did that even make sense?

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So does anyone have any thoughts on how to make a stupid cardinal stop flying into my passenger side window? He just sits in my side mirror and repeatedly launches himself at the window and crashes into it. Also, any ideas on why birds do this?
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1. What is a situation that someone keeps updating you on, and you really couldn't care less about it?

2. What is a situation that no one is updating you on, and you really want to know more about it?

3. Any plans for the weekend?

4. What was the last good surprise you got?
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I just mailed an invoice to a guy named Benjamin Onderdonk.

What weird, funny names have you come across lately? Do YOU have a weird or funny name?
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 The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.

What do you think of this statement?

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Im taking an english class on Sci-Fi literature with special emphasis on a feminist critique of Sci-Fi literature. My final paper is due in a couple of weeks and we can write it on pretty much anything related to Sci-Fi (in movies, books, sci-fi theory, etc etc). What should I write my paper on it?

Did you watch the space shuttle land last night?

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Do you go up stairs two at a time or take each step?

Where do you buy the best tasting bagels?

Do you wear scarves? Do you wear them just when it's cold or do you wear them for style reasons?

myspace or facebook

or other?

it's not for me (geez, I don't have enough time to update on LJ!) or a person, but as a page/contact for a club / organization

the target audience would be adults 20, 30 and up.

what's your call?

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It looks like I may be going to Costa Rica in the end of May.  Nothing is planned yet.  Where should I go?  What should I do?  
(It'll be me and a friend, we're 24/25.)

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 If you'd abort over Downs, would you abort because of autism? Would you abort if the child would have sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, or other genetic disorders? Would you abort if you knew the child would be bipolar or have another mental disorder later in life?

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1. Imagine that you come home to find your significant other and best friend having sex. What's your reaction?

2. If there were no legal repercussions or consequences, what would you do/say to them?

3. Tell me your favorite fuck-you break up anthem.
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Do your teachers tell you fun anecdotes?
tell me some of them,please?

all my ethics teacher's anecdotes start with 'well, so I told him to put down the knife...' but I think my favorite one is my african history teacher's story about how she got malaria in Zimbwawe, and the hospital called her family and asked is this [teacher's] family? she's in the hospital. she might live *click*

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For people with multiple pets;
Is there one pet you pay more attention to?

Do you share food with your pet?

What kind of animal is it?

What is your dream pet?

Have you ever taken the time to breed a species of animal?

Post a picture of your NEWEST addition to your family! Be it human, animal, technological, or automotive.

Collapse )


Very disturbing pic.

What r your thoughts about it?

And for retards. Yeah i know i'm black these aren't my family members.

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One of my coworkers just started speaking in a British accent.  As far as I know, she isn't joking and isn't trying to be Britney Spears.  Why did she suddenly become fake British?

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For those of you who would like to have children in the future:

If you found out in the first trimester that there was a high risk that your baby would be born with down syndrome, would you keep him/her or abort?
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What streets are in the worst part of your city?
Queen St., Valley Way, Ferry St., First through Seventh Streets, Main St.

What streets are in the best part of your city?
Mountain Rd., Dorchester Rd, Fallsview Rd., Falls Ave., Clifton Hill

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How many of you would offended if I called you a cunt?

This chick (Not here) started some stuff in a community I'm a part of and I didn't want to hear it, so I told her to piss off. She comes to my personal journal to attack me. She tells me I'm fat (Which I already know, as I put it in my user info..I'm the first person to admit it) and says I should eat a hamburger and die of a heart attack.

Am I in the wrong to call her a cunt?
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Have you ever popped one of your SO's pimples?
I ask because I was getting my StumbleUpon on a little while ago, and I came across a dating-type site with this question in a poll.  I was actually surprised at how many people said they had!

Is that supposed to turn-on?

If your SO asked you to pop one of their pimples, would you?

ETA: I asked the "turn-on" question because the people on this site were describing it like it was a turn-on.  Lol, god, I wish I still had the source to link you guys to!

Test your movie and celebrity knowledge

Poll #1161589 Celebrity pop quiz

Without going to IMDB, answer these questions. #1, What nationality is Mila Kunis (Jackie from That 70s Show)?

Half white/half black
Mutt/hybrid of a few nationalities

#2. Where was Keanu Reeves born?

America, on the mainland

#3. There are 5 Arquette siblings in Hollywood. One of them is Richmond. Can you name the other 4?

There are no Arquettes in Hollywood. Trick question

#4. Jamie Lee Curtis' mother was one of the lead characters in which famous classic movie?

King Kong
Gone with the Wind
Citizen Kane
All About Eve
To Kill a Mockingbird
African Queen
The Birds
Arsenic and Old Lace
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So i am looking at overseas travel and the flight choices i seem to have are between these :

A) Cathay Pacific

B) Malaysian Airlines

C) Thai Air

Should i go any of these people or demand another airline?

Do you have any comments on the ones listed above?


which airline is the best for Vegan airline meals? (this is also because i can't eat dairy and i would get very i am not being a fashionable/trendy is important you guys..)
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So yes, I just posted, but this is for the TQC FAMILY!

If I were to make blankets, would you like one?

I'm thinking those SUPER soft ones..I don't know the fabric name..but it's baby soft and I am going to make a few this upcoming month.

If you do, and I decide to make you one, I will tell you BUT! I need to know your two favorite colors.

edit! FLEECE! Fleece blankets!
EDIT 2!! So far I have 18 requests..I'll take 2 more and then that's it!
EDIT 3!!! I have ONE more request open!

The following people will be recieving a blanket.


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I work as a building services assistant in my dorm. Which basically means that if someone needs a broom, they come to me. If someone needs a light bulb, they come to me. If something breaks in someone's room....well, you get the picture.

Anyway. I am not "on duty" 24/7. I am a full-time student just like everyone else in the building, and I have early-morning classes. As such, I tend to go to bed around 11-11:30 most nights.

In the past few weeks, a few people have seen fit to bang on my door at midnight, 1 AM, and in one memorable case 2:30 AM, for completely inane things (I'm sorry, but you can wait until morning for a broom unless you have broken glass on your floor. Spilling hot chocolate powder? For the love of Christ, go get a paper towel. You'll live till morning, k?) Anyway, I got sort of pissy at people, considering the fact that they were waking me up for ridiculous reasons and really, not emergencies at all, so I put up a sign outside my room informing people that I am not on duty 24/7, and asking them not to knock on my door past 11 at night, and instead asked them to leave a message on my whiteboard if they needed to.

A girl on my floor (who consistently wakes me at all hours of the night knocking on my door, even after sending me MSN messages asking if I'm awake and getting no reply), apparently thinks my sign is "immature" and that if this is my job, then I should be available at any hour of the day or night. I say I'm not getting paid enough to put up with people looking for fucking brooms at 2 AM.

What say you, TQC? Was my reaction reasonable? Or am I being a total bitch for not wanting to be woken up in the middle of the night by people who apparently think that just because they never go to bed, no one else does either?
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I've gotten a job as a waitress at a huge outdoors restaurant down at the dock here in Oslo. They serve cold beverages, wine, spirits, pizzas and salads. It's a very casual sort of place where most of the staff are people around my age, 20 - 25 year old.

So, what sort of service would you want or expect at this sort of place?

What's the best experience you've had with a waiter/waitress?

What sort of things did they do to make you feel welcomed, special, happy and content?

Former waiters and waitresses - got any advice to share with a young novice?
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What's your worst experience in an ER?

I had to go last night and the experience there was just really bad. I can almost understand not enough nurses/doctors, but the guard that let people into the waiting room disappeared and people couldn't get in. What the hell, TQC?

Also, to make this less blood guts and icky service, what origami animal should I make next? I just made a cute little jumping frog....:)

Online movie and game rentals.

In a week, I'm moving to an island that has very little in the way of entertainment. No video game stores, no movie theaters, no game and movie rental places. The only way to get access to that kind of thing is a 75 minute ferry ride to the mainland, which can get pricey if you do it a whole lot.

So, the logical step would be to find something I can do online (because I'll still have high-speed internet, thank god!). I'm looking into Netflix or Blockbuster Online, stuff like that. I had a Gamefly account before and I was pretty pleased with it, so I think I might go back to them if I can't find a better deal.

Do any of you use online movie and/or game rentals? If so, what do you use and how do you like it?
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Every day when I open up my Yahoo messenger, I have about 5 porn messages waiting for me. Does this happen to anyone else with YM? Or should I blame an exboyfriend? If I delete my name and make a new one will that one be attacked with porn messages each day? It's seriously super annoying.

What's your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?
What are you having/have you had for dinner tonight?

Iced tea: Sweet, Unsweet or Arnold Palmer?

Which book should I read next: Dune or Hitchhiker's Guide?

Which is better: A phone that plays MP3s or a regular MP3 player?

What's the weather like today? It's 74F! At first I was excited, but then I saw the bees and remembered that spring means bugs. =(

strange, yet relevant question.

the local "clinically insane" girl at my school is threatening to rape me. seeing as she's clinically insane, i don't doubt her for a second.

the question is this: besides the obvious "strap-on, LOL", is there actually a physical way for a woman to rape (being defined as penoo on vagoo action) a man? i mean he kindof sortof has to get hard first but...?

also, what signs should i be looking for before i GTFO and save myself from rape?

EDIT: i should mention that she's stronger than i am, and the first time she said she was going to rape me, she pulled me into a tiny, secluded room, and said she was going to rape me. i didn't fight back due to being mostly a pacifist and being suprised. regardless, this means that she could basically position me anyway she wants, for optimal rapage.

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Dumb question, anybody know?

I hope so =]

I'm getting married this weekend by a justice of the peace at the courhouse. I'm wondering what's up with vows and readings? I don't want this to be long, but I'd like it to be special. What's the norm here? Anyone know? Please help?

And... not so dumb, maybe? Anyone here get married like this? Or, without the big wedding stuffness like this? I wanna know the story =]

I'm trying to get excited here, people (try not to take that the wrong way, or do and you'll get a tl;dr haha). HELP! =]

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Just so everyone knows..
The following people will be recieving a blanket.


AND so that I'm following the rules...

Am I the only person that likes prunes?

Do you own a hamster? If so, show me pictures!
Do you own a FAT cat?SHOW ME!

These questions may or may not be related

How gullible do you think you are?

Should we start up a uterine lining and/or placenta donation program for ships_sail's cannibalistic baby? Ladies, will you help her out? We can make a uterus quilt and she can get it stitched in. Or for her "friend", whichever one of them needs it!

Has she gotten you good?

Has anyone else gotten you good? What's the story there?
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do you swing your arms when you walk?

(i do...i think it makes me walk faster but i'm always worried i'm gonna knock someone)

i wanna buy a chia pet for my desk...where the heck can i buy a chia pet???


my office is moving...i'm now gonna be in a cubicle. any good ideas on how to decorate my cubicle so that it doesn't look blah and boring?


My best friend is looking for his first job.

He likes languages, particularily Japanese and German
Can anyone think of some good ideas for jobs ?

We're trying to avoid the local garage/call centre/ mc donalds kind of thing

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dear TQC,
aghhh! I got a sunburn four days ago, it was weird because I was only in the sun for 20 minutes, but I'm really pale....
its been pink the last couple days, but now in the last two days, my skin has gotten all bumpy and old feeling and my lips are really chapped. and then, this morning i woke up and my face was all puffy (not extremely, but definetly puffy).
are my skin and face connected to my sunburn? or am i having an allergic reaction (i have no known allergies-- ive put aloe and lotion on)? i might go to the doctor but its not THAT bad. what should i do to fix this? is this normal? HELP.
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Let's say that you find yourself in the bathroom of your former lover's house, in the tub, and the tub is being slowly filled with cement. You can't actually get out of the tub, for reasons that have yet to dawn on your heavily drugged mind. Your former lover says things, convoluted things telling you of "what could have been" and how "you shouldn't'a oughta done that" and how it was "a real bad thing, George." then he giggles at the bad jokes that you can't comprehend yet. The drugs start to wear off as you realize there's a strong, quite uncomfortable pain on your right side, your right arm. You turn your head to see, only to learn that you don't, in fact, have an arm.

You try to scream, but you find that your mouth has been gagged with a cloth and covered with something that is probably duct tape. You can just tell it's grey, not anything else. You try to use your other arm, only to find that it, too, has been removed. Your eyes focus a bit more and you see, taped to the wall of the shower, are your arms. Again, you try to scream. You hear an annoyed groan from your former lover as he finishes pouring the cement into the tub. You trash your legs and torso about, only to be met with a very angry man with a large blunt object in his hand. He chuckles softly, and moves towards you with a syringe in his hand, filled with a liquid that you can assume is not there to make your arms grow back. But, in a twist, he sets down the needle and grabs you by the throat. You feel the cement hardening, slowly but surely, and you realize that you've essentially lost all change for escape.

You desperately try to kick your legs out of the cement, but they must be bound, as they aren't moving. You don't want to panic, since that's just gonna make everything that's happened worse, but you don't know what else to do.

He grabs hold of the tape, and rips it off your mouth. Before you can scream, he muffles you with a hand that smells like the cement and gas and many other things. You choke of the fumes of it all. "Now, before I go ahead and just let you die here," he says, "I gotta question for you."

You arch an eyebrow to show you want to know what it is.

"Do you know where my dog went?"
Haruhi disappearance

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My phone has full bars and I've restarted it twice, but it still won't send a message! (It keeps trying and then saying "retry?"). WHY IT DO THIS?!?! D:

What is the last thing that drove you nuts?

(no subject)

• Would you rather get robbed by your interpreter/guide and completely abandoned in an extremely foreign and dangerous travel spot where NO ONE speaks your language(s), or get publicly humiliated (on a scale of 1-10, about an 8) on national television in your home country on a show you know most of your friends and family watch?
(Foreign country. I hate shame.)

• You and I are spooning. Would you rather be big spoon or little spoon?
(Big spoon, so my arms can go somewhere.)

• You and I are spooning. The material being spooned is a type of food, into each others' mouths (I am SO CLEVER). What is this food?
(Jell-o and ride pudding mixed up, or maybe tom yum soup.)

• Sex product question of the day: You just invented a lube! What is its flavor/magic power?

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How did you meet your SO?
How did you meet your best friend?

I met my husband through mutual friends at a party.
I met my best friend in 7th grade, she "started going with" my boyfriend right after we broke up.
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A fish we've had for 8 years now is currently dying. The other fish it shared the bowl with died a few years ago and it's been by itself ever since. My mom told me to stay near it so it wouldn't have to die alone. It definitely reacts when people come up to the bowl.

Do you think the fish cares if anyone is around while it dies?

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I know Pizza Hut is pure shit. I don't even consider it pizza. And yet...I like it. Yummy chemicals maybe?

Whats the most unhealthy food that you put into your body on a fairly regular basis?
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Have you ever moved cross-country? How difficult was it for you?

I'm moving to Phoenix, AZ this summer from Chicago and I don't know a soul out there. While I'm definitely looking forward to it, I'd like to know some of your experiences, and any advice you might want to share. Merci!

ETA: OMG will I have to change my user name?!
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I'm a member of a knitting group that meets about once a week in different places around the city.

The organizer has been totally awesome in the past, but has recently been dropping the ball - not showing up to meetings, not planning meetings, not answering emails, etc.

I had emailed her about a month ago, offering whatever help she needed (hell, I'd even take over the group at this point) and she emailed me back saying thanks and that we'd talk about it at the next meeting. Well, she wasn't at the next meeting, and there aren't any more scheduled.

Would it be inappropriate for me to email her again and volunteer my services or would that be overstepping my bounds?

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1)what are those things behind politicians called? for example, Hiliary Clinton is giving a speech- behind her is a something that is grey and says 'solutions for the american economy'

2)at what temperature do you get out the shorts?

80 degrees

3)what do you think about girls laying on college campuses in bikinis?


I have one of those oval Euro "point of origin" stickers for my Jeep. My Jeep's name is the is the Island Assault Vehicle. It recently acquired a large dent on the passenger side that I can't afford to have fixed because I lost my job. I'm having a hard time where to place the sticker. In need you help, TQC.

Poll #1161631 Oval Sticker

Where should I stick it?

On the back bumper
On the back window
On the big dent
Up my ass

ETA: The letters are "KW" for Key West.


Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced. Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming. The offical worldwide Earth Hour is Saturday, March 29th 8:00 to 9:00pm.

For more information about Earth Hour and how it began visit...

Will you be participating?

What will you do for that hour?

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What kind of bird is this that's sitting outside my front door? What kind of human food would it eat? It doesn't look hurt, should I just leave it there being cold and miserable or should I bring it inside?

[edit T+25m]

I've brought it inside, in a shoebox (deepest thing I could find) with it nested on top of a couple washrags. I've given it water and some tiny pieces of a wheat hamburger bun (also about all I could find - yay bachelor life). When I picked it up it started screaming and I thought it was just scared, but after I got it into the light for closer inspection it looks worse for wear. A couple people noted molting on its back, and there is a harsh red raw strip between its wings. When I touch its right wing it screams again, so that may be broken. Stroking its head seemed to calm it down a bit. Further updates will be in my personal journal, here.

[edit T+70m]

I got in touch with a wildlife rescue operation, I'll be taking it downtown tomorrow to hand over to them. They said to not give it food or water, as that might hurt it more. Otherwise, you guys were right on track - warm, dark, and quiet place. Thanks!

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When you use a public restroom with an automatic toilet, do you wait for the toilet to flush before you leave the stall, or do you just leave your business hanging around and assume that it will eventually get around to flushing?

If it doesn't flush automatically, as many of them tend not to do even when they're supposed to, will you flush it yourself?

(no subject)

When you take a bath, are you in and out in the length of time it takes you to wash, or do you make an event of it, with reading material and so on?

I can't not make an event of a bath. It seems like a waste of all that lovely hot water.

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My 'mister plumber' failed to unclog my sink. It smelled a lot like pure bleach though so I was reading the back label and noticed

"DANGER: (blah blah blah) Do not mix mister plumber with ammonia, toilet bowl cleaners, or other drain openers as hazardous gasses may be released and a violent eruption may occur..."

Lets say I am in the mood for a violent eruption... what do I have to mix with this stuff to make it happen?

Oh, and the ingredients were Water, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Hydroxide, and Surfactants. Of these I know what Water is. What are the other three in lay mans terms?
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I'm in a pretty bad situation with my grades right now. I'm passing everything with decent scores, except my English class. My teacher has become really petty and counts me off on the most ridiculous shit, and I, in my infinite wisdom, got really pissed at her for it and stopped doing my work for a little while. It occurred to me suddenly that it's no skin off her nose whether I graduate or not, and it's my job to get the fuck out of here no matter what. I have two options at this point:

Option A: I have a paper due soon that's worth 35% of my nine weeks grade. My current grade is a 45%, and I need a C for this quarter to graduate. I can do it, I think, but God only knows how it's going to go over. The best I can do is write this paper to fit every parameter, and go above and beyond what she expects - But I've done this for her before and papers that other teachers would have given As to earned Ds in her class, because she will, without fail, find something ridiculous to count off for. I can write this paper and put all my hopes on it, but if I don't do well, that's it - I'm done. I won't be graduating.

Option B: For the low, low price of one hundred dollars (FJKHADJFHOIJAE), I could take a Credit Recovery program. This is a computer based program that even a monkey could complete in a few days, and would assure that I would graduate so long as I did well in the other classes (which is a piece of cake). This feels cheap to me, but the fallout from not graduating would be akin to several hundred Hiroshima bombs, no fucking shit.

What would you do in this situation? I realize it is, on the whole, my own fault I am failing, so I would prefer if you kept those sorts of comments to yourself plz.
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1a. Do you like artichoke?
1b. What are you favorite ways to eat it?
I've only eaten artichoke in dip form, and it's delicious.

2. Breakfast for dinner, Y/Y?
I'm having pancakes, yay!

3. What's your favorite popsicle flavor?
I've been craving some artificial orange or grape popsicles.
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