March 25th, 2008

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What's so fucking bad about *daha* besides the fact that he's a fat old man who obviously uses the Internet as it's supposed to be used?

Will anyone else stand beside me by not being a stinky twat and stop talking about/saying anything towards our very own ticktockman

He's just a guy after all!
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who is your favorite:


(ex: my favorite donna is so and so from the coffee shop, my fave john was a kid in my geoggers class.)

why are they your favorite?


UGH nevermind! i tried to put down what was in my mind in words, and it didn't work. so new questions for those baffled by the first:

1. do you sleep naked?
2. how much do you recycle? do you throw away things you know can be recycled? can you recycle in your town/city?
3. how confusing was my first question?
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Maybe you can help me, this is driving me crazy:

What's the name of that hairstyle where the bangs are pinned back so they poof straight up off the forehead? It's sort of retro-looking, you know?

ETA:  Apparently it's a pompadour. Thanks, TQC! I appreciate it.

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does it drive you insane when people write, 'AWWW WHERE YOU'RE HAIR LIKE THAT THE NEXT B DAY!!!' and they mean to say 'wear your hair like that.. yadda yadda.' is it just me?

have you heard both rufus wainwright and jeff buckley's versions of hallelujah? which version do you like better?

if i asked you to recommend me a movie right now, which movie would it be?

why have i received so many comments about my icon since i put it as my default? is it that weird?

what was the last thing in your mouth that normally isn't in there?

have you ever watched talk sex with sue johanson? have you ever called in and asked a question?

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If you had a friend ... or just knew someone I guess, that indulged in (better word for this?) casual sex with whoever/whenever... would this bother you at all(would you judge them, I suppose, etc)? Why/why not?

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Im not trying to indict anyone, theres nothing wrong with casual sex, but motivation and circumstance can affect my opinion on someone who does it.

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what is your favorite kind of tea?

do you generally stay away from spiting people?

how long can you go camping before you get sick of it?

what do you think about friends dating exes?

bumper stickers: y/n?

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Which of the seven deadly sins is most likely to cause you to make a decision you'll regret?
Sloth for me

If you could add new sins to the list, what would you add?
I'd add willful ignorance

For reference, the seven deadly sins are: sloth, lust, gluttony, pride, avarice, envy, wrath.
Typing Monkey

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When you were a child, did you ever cut the phone cord while someone was using it? Apparently both siblings and I did this at one point or another, to get Mom's attention.

Where you ever seriously injured as a child? I broke my collar bone at 2, after falling off a garbage can trying to get to Mom's keys.
I <3 TLV


When ordering stuff from other countries, when and how do you pay customs? I've ordered stuff from other countries (England, Japan, China, Australia, etc) many times, but I don't recall ever having to pay something extra.

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Is there a company/store that you refuse to do business with?

Who and Why?

Home Depot can kiss/suck/*$&*(%$ my big toe. Who would you like to tell to kiss/suck/*$(& your big toe?

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My boyfriends psycho bitch of an exgirlfriend somehow got my cell phone number and called me in the middle of the night and left this voicemail. "Fuck you ho, I hate you!"

How should I retaliate?

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You and your SO have been going out for a few months, but you don't love one another (and you are both very careful with the use of that word and know what love feels like). You started out going out because you were both in a similar situation, and originally relied on one another as friends, but it grew to a committed relationship (not love). Things are very stable, but one day you are both faced with the prospect of falling in love with OTHER people.

Assuming the stability will last, and considering the highs and lows and potential uncertainty of love, would you leave the stability of this relationship (which is likely to last a long time), in preference for the potentially unstable emotion of love, knowing that love can change and ruin the relationship, but the stability has other qualities at work that keep the relationship together, that likely will not change.

Assuming both aren't possible at once, and assuming the same feelings are returned, would you rather:
1. a fully emotional love with another person (the kind that makes you do crazy things and fills you with this unsmashable sense of hope, brings you back to life etc...etc...)
2. or a more stable like based on common similarities/circumstances (ex, you and this person grew up together, you and this person are in the same circumstance where you don't emotionally love one another, but care for one another greatly, and trust one another fully etc...etc...).

Would you choose not to let yourself 'fall in love' (if you can help it) with this other person in preference of the stability you have with your current SO?

Why? Is the first kind of love worth sacrificing in place of a more stable, but perhaps less 'emotionally high' feeling of like? Would you feel empty without that crazy love high?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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1. What's a movie most people have seen or considered "classics" that you haven't seen yet?

2. Suppose, that in order to prevent further extinction of animals in the animal kingdom, one more had to be wiped off the face of the planet.  What animal would you choose?  (and if you choose an insect please be specific)

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What's your best side?
Have you ever noticed that when someone makes a post asking for unflattering photos people post pictures that aren't nearly that unflattering? Like some are not even unflattering AT ALL. That sorta pisses me off. How about you?

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did you get stuff for easter?


do you know what those bushes with yellow flowers are? Bloom in early spring, seen in the South of the USA...
ANSWERED! If I have future very vague plant questions, where should I turn? a google search seems that it would turn up a lot of junk.

Do you know where your nail clippers are?

Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I'm REALLY bad about procrastinating.  I always wait until the last minute to do stuff and then I wonder why I'm stressing out over everything.

How do you deal with procrastination?
Any tips?

lead me

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i need children's books (fiction or non-fiction) about music and musicians. do you know of any?

edit: i'm teaching a reading unit next month to fourth graders. they are accelerated students, and our story deals with music and the way people use it to express themselves. i'm particularly looking for recommendations on picture books or nonfiction/resource chapter books on music and musicians (possibly music as a career?)... but really, if they can read the book in 10-15 minutes, that's perfect.

i do intend to go to my local library later this week, but if there is something particularly fabulous i should include that they don't have, i need time to either initiate an interlibrary loan or order it online.

Doctor Bags

Dear TQC,

Do you remember how in older movies and television shows doctors always carried around this bags, usually sort of big and floppy and made of brown leather? What did doctors carry in their doctors' bags, aside from the ubiquitous stethoscopes?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) I'm trying to lose a couple "vanity pounds", but I has easter candy and it's tasty times. How long should I keep it around before I toss it all? Give me an ultimatum! :P

2) I'm quitting my 2nd job at Borders. I'm scheduled to go in tonight but I really don't want to. I don't respect this job at all really. Should I call in and say fuck you guys, or just not go ever again?

3) When you come back from vacation, how do you re-adjust to the daily grind?

4) What is your favorite video game?
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Have you ever been base jumping?

I have always wanted to.

Do you know anyone who thinks if they are sad everyone else has to be?

I like looking out for people but i don't want to be a scapegoat. I will give people space and things like that but i don't know why it is so illegal for others to be happy.


What children's TV channels have no commercials? EX. PBS, ABC Family, Disney...

I'm pretty sure PBS has no commercials.

Does the Disney channel have commercials and advertising for toys and food and such. Or is it just advertising for their shows??

and what is your favorite commercial?


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Where would you most like to live?

In a not so great apartment around the corner from a homeless shelter, in a beautiful building next to a psych ward, or in a very nice building across the street from city housing?

Edited because typing too fast leads to leaving out words and sounding dumb.

books: ramona


1. What's the saddest book you've ever read (it always makes you cry)?

2. What kind of themes in books are more likely to make you cry than others? Eg. death/sickness; tragic love affairs; failed dreams; family issues; loneliness; something else?

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What is your craziest story involving your family? How did it end?

My husband's whole family, us included, is hiding out right now because his crazy uncle may be planning to kill us. The local police and the FBI are involved.

Have you ever had a holiday ruined? What happened?

See above
MLP - pinkie chicken

Picky, Picky

1. What condiment, if any, would be better off vanishing from the face of the earth?
2. Is there anything you find in your salad and immediately pick off or pass off to someone else?
3. Your sandwich or burger?
4. Is there a food you will flat-out refuse to touch or eat? Why?
5. Are you one of the people who won't order much food at a restaurant and then eats off everyone else's plate, or are you the victim in these situations? How do you handle them?
6. When at a buffet, what food do you make a beeline for?

"So... you single?"

All of the people I've dated have been part of my social circle, so I've never had to deal with that phase of being interested in getting to know someone you're attracted to. So now that I have a regular customer who comes into my work and is kinda flirty, I have no idea how to approach the subject.

Is there any subtle or casual way to ask whether someone is single and interested?

Is there a way to ask if they'd be interested in hanging out that doesn't sound like its just a hook up?

How do you let someone know you're interested in spending some time with them to see if you could become friends, or possibly more?

I dunno, I'm just afraid I'll sound stupid or something, lol... but I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone and this guy seems like he'd be interesting to have as a friend, even if it doesn't go anywhere else.

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I have bad cramps (on top of other pain, OH HO HO D: stupid body). All I have for pain killers right now is excedrine tension. Is this going to do jack for the cramps? Or am I dooooomed?

Do you ever feel weird for buying a only select combo of things that tell the cashier something about your life? eg: buying tampons and advil. or specific ingredients for pizza.  or something.

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I think I am a really good flirt.. I tend to make people feel at ease by just talking to them for a few minutes.

What's something that you feel you're really good at?
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so i' m listening to ladytron, and the album is on random. i just finished the song 'light & magic', and the very next song is the live version of 'light & magic'. and i noticed this happens a lot when i listen to any kind of music list. i'll hear a song, and the next one on the random list will be the same song but a different version or something.

does this happen to you? what do you do when it does: do you listen to the rest of the song again, or do you click next?

eta: i'm not using itunes. wtf is wrong with you people and using itunes? i'm still rocking it on my windows media player, old skool.


I has a new fuzzy!!!

She is a cute little girl, but I need help naming her.

My other fuzzies have plant names: Lily, Holly, Ivy. I can't think of a good name for her. She's tan and white.

Serious and non-serious names accepted.

EDIT: I AM MADE OF FAIL TODAY!!!!!!!! I forgot my question is: What do you think I should name my new fuzlet?

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I had an interview today (for an internship) and I forgot to ask for the interviewer's business card.

Is it appropriate for me to call the company receptionist and ask for the interviewer's last name?

If not, how should I go about getting the interviewer's last name?

(I need it so I can send them a Thank you letter).

Thanks in advance!
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I'm thinking of going in for a screen test for The Young and the Restless on Friday and the registration form asks for acting experience. I don't have any professional experience, but I'm not sure if real world acting experience counts. And besides everyone lies on their resume. What should I write?

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Do you think it's better to know a little about a lot of different subjects, or to know a lot about one specific subject? Which (if either) of those groups do you fall into?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing anything close to that now, or have your interests changed drastically? (When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a pilot. Now I hate flying.)

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have you ever bought an impounded car at a police auction?
how was it?
how much did you pay?
did the car work out for you?
would you recommend buying impounded cars to others?
Mitty box

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What household chore do you hate the most?

Do you like applesauce?

What's for lunch?

To those of you who are Sims players, when you first started playing did you ever DREAM about your Sims? I can't stop dreaming about it! I dreamt that we were real life Sims and my husband got a skill point for cleaning the living room.

Do you have difficulty sleeping when there is a full moon?

Should I join Curves with my mother or should we buy DDR instead?
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if you are married, where did you go on your honeymoon? would you recommend it? if you're not married, where would you like to go? anyone else feel free to tell me about any awesome vacation you've been on. i'm looking for honeymoon ideas, but that doesn't mean they need to be traditional.

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Does anyone know of an oldies song with one guy singing about his dad... Something about how his mom died or left and his dad was upset. I think it had something to do with dancing alone. And the word "Papa" was in the title. I want to say it's by Neil Sedaka but I can't find anything.


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1) Do any of you know if this program works over a shared network, such as those in universities?
2) Not sure if this has been asked, but do you have a secret/hidden room in your home, or do you know someone who does? Pictures, if possible, please!
3) Did you know dogs get periods? Maybe it's because we spayed our dog, but I just found this out last night. D'oh!
4) Do you know of any legit places that have contests for iPods? :)
Baro Bitch Stare

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Someone just asked if we stopped ourselves from asking questions because they might cause a stir...I'm not stopping!

Okay so I read a book awhile back where every single person on Earth was sterilized at birth. This was a reversible thing, but insured people who didn't want to have kids wouldn't have them until they applied for reversal later in life. I think there was a complicated thing about buying "baby credits" (for the number of kids you could have) and be financially stable and all this other jazz.

But if such a thing as sterilizing every single person when they were born and having it be a process that could be reversed later in life, would you support it's happening? Why or why not?
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The Receptionist Classic

Early morning, April 4th

Maybe it is because I've been rockin' out to them since before half of you were born, but WHY THE U2 HATE? Seriously, I want to know. Please, tell me - why do you dislike U2?
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Sometimes my right shoulder will start throbbing in aching INTENSE pain when I breathe, sigh, or talk. Never my left shoulder which is, in fact, the one I permanently damaged a few years ago.
What's wrong? Am I going to die? Is it AIDS? Am I pregnant?

If you could have any one chin shape, what would it be?

What color is the fourth button on your cell phone?

When was the last time you masturbated FURIOUSLY?
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I'm going to a mixer with a fraternity tonight.  I've never been to a mixer before.  Hell, I've never even been to a PARTY before.

What do people do at mixers?  How do people usually dress?  Should I stay after the first half hour (the first half hour has to be alcohol-free, as per the fraternity's national bylaws, or something, but after that, I'm sure the booze shall flow), or should I go back to my dorm room and do my homework?

In college, did/do you party with the fraternities/sororities, or did you try to stick with GDI's?

First Question

I'm gonna sound like an idiot, but that's fine with me. I would really like to play/buy Audiosurf, however, I have a Mac, and I'm told that I need to use WINE. ...How exactly would I do that?

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my boyfriend and i are getting an apartment soonish. thing is, he won't move further than middleport, which is 20 minutes away from work or his parents/family. this would put me 30 minutes from my parents, 40 minutes from school/possible job, and more than an hour from the rest of my family. i personally want to move to medina, which is closer to here what i need, and i'd only be like 25-30 minutes from school, and about 20 from my parents. last night he kept saying that medina was too far and he didn't want to move there EVEN THOUGH it's a bigger town (ie, there are actually things there and also THEY HAVE A GROCERY STORE).

what would you do in this situation? also, there's apparently a chance we might need to move out like NOW. ugh.

eta: he's not THAT concerned about his family. he's mostly concerned about how far away from work he is. i'm most concerned about work/school, but i'm also concerned about my family because i love them and i want to be able to visit them regularly.

eta2: someone wanted a map of all the important locations. Collapse )



My work buddy told me he was going to take off at 4 because it's slow but he left at 2:15 instead.  He didn't say bye or anything.  I got back to my desk to find his desk organized, computer off, and chair tucked in.  I wasn't prepared to be alone for almost TWO HOURS.  Two hours almost equals an eternity here.

What do you do when you're lonely at work and your job is boring?

death from above!

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Rockband or Guitar Hero?

What's your favorite song to play?

If you play Rockband, what instrument?

What's your band's name?

My bf just got Rockband, and I love doing vocals on Dead or Alive.  Our band is the Facial Frijoles, because we just kept hitting "Random" until we found one that made us giggle.

And on a completely unrelated note, how would you feel if you found out that your mom got an abortion shortly (say, within 2 years) before you were born?


So I went snowboarding about a month ago for the first time.  I was smooth sailing down the intermediate hill and POW out of nowhere, I face planted.  I saved my face with my wrists.  I didn't know there was a problem at first except that evening I realized they were sore.  Then for a couple of days they were swollen.  I figured I just sprained them or something.  But now that a month has passed, I can't lift anything over a few pounds or my wrists will give out.

My question TQC is whether any of you have hurt your wrists from falling on your face snowboarding?  Have you sprained your wrists, how long did it take to heal? 

(Side note is that I don't have insurance and am dirt poor so I can't afford to go to the doctor to have it looked at but I wear a brace on my right wrist since its the one that bothers me the most, about 4 days a week)

Thanks!  :)

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1. Will you please invent a new cocktail? It may be foul or divine; please list ingredients.

2. Will you please invent a new "special feature" for condoms? Along the lines of vibrating rings, or twisty-twists, or little bumpy know what I mean.

3. Should I buy a quarter pound of scallops and eat them with caramelized onions, or buy a t-bone steak, and eat that with caramelized onions? Should I replace the caramelized onions with something else?

4. You just finished writing your autobiography and it's going to press. What are the first and last lines?

5. Bananas vs. mangoes?

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Have you ever had a wounded pet come to you for help?

I mean obviously they can't talk and be like "help," but my cats are little shitbags and even when they're hurt (okay it's only happened once to each of them) they hide. Is it a pride thing or do they not understand that people want to take care of their pets?

eta real question
when the creative juices flow, what do you do? do you make something? bake? decorate? clean? go to sleep? 'bate?

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TQC: I'm going to my first dance club ever on Thursday. Woe is me, I lack club clothes! Can you please post some ideas of awesome club clothes? Whats the best club outfit you've seen? How about the worst?


i was just thinking about this for no particular reason today..

is it better for your significant other to be very good friends with your best friends or to dislike them greatly?

i'm not sure because if they're best friends things can get suspicuous and if they hate them hanging out sucks. it's a lose/lose situation!

EDIT: to be honest i've never seen a relationship where having your friends and SO being friends worked. how sad is that?
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Something in my house is beeping fairly faintly... it beeps a bunch, and then is quiet for awhile, then beeps a whole bunch again.

What do you think it is?

Should I investigate?

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Do you find that there are particular ethnicities that you're attracted to? If so, is it one that is different from yours or the same?

Also, spellcheck haet Megan. Is it ethnicities (mine) or ethnicity's (spellcheck)? Solved, thanks.

help! ankle injury!

 So I fell down some steps at the movie theater where I work the other day while checking a movie in the dark. I thought that I had made it to the landing but I actually had 2 or 3 more steps to go and when I fell, my ankle twisted and I heard a loud snap. I just started working there and I'm sort of timid and shy, so I tried to not make a big deal out of it even though it really hurt. At the end of the night I decided that even though I didn't want to say anything, I should tell my boss and fill out an accident report in case it were to get worse and I would need to go see a doctor. 
The next day I woke up to an ankle the size of an orange and so needless to say, I went to the hospital to get it checked out. They took x-rays and gave me crutches and an air cast. The x-rays showed a definite line in my ankle but they said that it could possibly just be some kind of growth plate or something that hasn't finished growing yet and that they would call me by today to let me know for sure. I still haven't heard back about my x-rays and so I don't know if its just sprained or fractured. I've heard that "no news is good news" so if they don't call you back with any results then nothing is wrong. Is this true?
I've already missed 2 days of work over it and my boss doesn't seem to be mad or anything but I don't want to push my luck. My ankle DEFINITLY hurts but if its not fractured I feel like I should be going back to work. I tried taking the cast off today and not using the crutches just to put a little weight back on it and it ended up hurting me worse. I'm sort of worried that the hospital I went to just did a shitty job of looking at my x-rays and there may be something wrong that they just didn't catch (this particular hospital is notorious for sending people all over the world to a specialist because they don't want to deal with things or else just not doing their job to begin with and giving a misdiagnosis). 

So I guess my question to TQC is what should I do? Should I go and get a second opinion from a foot/ankle specialist? Should I make myself go back in to work or should I stay home for the week despite all the shit the people I work with are probably going to give me? Should I call the hospital and ask about my results even though they didn't call me
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How do you know when you're falling into a period of sadness/depression? What kinds of things about you change?

Do you see a therapist regularly?
What do you think about therapy, in general? (whether or not you see one)

Thanks, TQC. :)

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My friend just gave me a gift card for Gamestop, and now I wanna buy a game for my 360. What should I get?

Which was a better game, Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

Which was a better cartoon, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show or The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

(no subject)


What do you do when you get a call for someone who no longer lives at that number?

Example: My mother died 16 years ago and we sometimes get calls asking for a 'Mrs S'. I was once in a really terrible mood and snapped at the caller than they should call the cemetary because she'd been dead for years. I felt awful afterwards. >.>

Serious and non-serious answers are okay. :)

Unrelated: Does your phone have phone jewelery/charms/ding-a-lings/whatever you want to call them? What is/are they of? (I have: a pink ribbon charm (for my mother), a crescent mood and star charm (from my best friend), a small bell (music!), a Chupa Chup, a small solid star with a clear crystal (from the same friend as above), and a butterfly charm on some beads.)

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I'm on the verge of tears right now...long story short, my MIL hates me.

We are currently living in her basement, the whole thing is finished and is our little apartment right now while I'm in Nursing school.

On easter night, she made 'bunny foot prints' for my daughter to wake up to, both downstairs and upstairs.

Upstairs, where she lives, she used baby powder. Down here, she used flour.

And Water.

And by morning, it's dried, and crusted all over my beautiful new rug. I've tried scraping, and brusing it out, but I don't know what else to do.

ANY suggestions/help, would be greatly appreciated. It's really thick, like pancake mix.

Edit: She made the mix, then gave it to my brother to put on the rug, so she claims it is not her fault, since he APPLIED it to the rug, though she admitted she made it, told him to do it. My brother is way young, and totally did not realize. She is NOT the type of person to take care of mistakes she makes.
Arrested Development

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What was the last thing to send you into throes of giggly joy?

Today's been a succession of happy little things, but discovering a neat-o guy in my lab and friending a childhood buddy on Facebook made me all giddy. ^___^
mlb: panic

KIIS FM (for those who live in the LA area.)

I don't live in LA, I mean I have a home in Whittier but currently work in the bayarea. I'm interested in going to their Wango Tango summer concert. On their site is says tickets go on sale for KIIS members on the 28th, but on ticketmaster it says the KIIS members get to buy on the 27th. To those who listen what are they saying on the air?
Misc: Cowboy Boots

South Florida: Camera Stores and and Hair Salons

Hey TQC people!

Two questions for you (boring, non funny ones at that):

I'm in Wellington/West Palm Beach for a vacation and I'm wondering?

1. Where's the best, most well-stocked camera store in South Florida? Some place that has a wide selection of Canon cameras and lenses, as well as lots of camera bags, preferably...

2. Is there somewhere around here that will do a great job cutting and colouring my hair for less than the price of my first born child?

Heeelp! :D
amack: glowing

Movie Editor

I took a video on my camera, and it saved as a .mov (of course). I need either a windows XP compatible program that will allow me to edit it (flip it 180 degrees and speed it up 4x or so), or I need a program that will convert it to an AVI that will work in Windows Movie Maker. I downloaded "MPEG Streamclip", but the AVI it created is useless.

Anyone know of any FREE video editing programs that can do this?
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Have you ever been on a "customer advisory panel", or something similar, in which a company gives you money/gift cards to purchase specific products and fill out long-winded surveys about them? What company? Was it worth it? How did you get on the panel?

One to twice a month, Starbucks has me buy new beverages and fill out surveys about them, and they give me ten bucks on a gift card!

Do you think my hair will fall out if I bleach my hair? I bleached and dyed it two weeks ago, but I'm kind of hating the red and orange.

(no subject)

alright. so, april fool's day is coming up, and my co-RA and i are thinking about ways that we can prank our residents. do you guys have any ideas?

it'll need to be safe and not make a mess.

anyone see the season finale of the l word on sunday? do you want to share your thoughts?

(no subject)

How do you feel about the lottery?

The chances of winning; and where the money that goes into the lottery ends up coming out in the community (ie, schools).
P&R ; food of champions

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I want to plan a trip to a Cape Cod bed & breakfast for this summer. While I have friends that could possibly be willing to go with me, I usually end up playing mother hen to them and I just feel like relaxing for once and enjoying myself without their drama. Do you think it would be weird to go by myself? Have you ever gone on vacation alone?
Baro Bitch Stare

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Have you ever aspired to be featured on stupid_free, without obvious trolling of communities??

My post earlier about forced sterilization I was sure would get sf'd!! I am slightly sad it did not. It was a legit question but I was sure within the comments drama wank would ensue and a sf police officer would swoop down and feature me!

What was the high today where you live?


Would you rather have a car from: Ford, GM, or Chrysler?


How quickly do you realize that you just posted an entry to the wrong comm?

Immediately for this one! I totally saw where it was posting right when I clicked post. Whew, disaster averted!

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when you get alcohol on a flight, do they check your ID (in the US of course)?

last time i flew, i upgraded to first class so alcohol was free and the flight attendant offered it, but i turned it down because i was afraid she'd check my ID. (i was 20 at the time, i'm still 20)


How do I get this old lady who comes into my job to stop giving me photocopied psalms? She gave me one, then the next time she came in she asked me "Did you like that thing I gave you the other day?" and I said "What thing? Ohhh- yeah! Sure."

Now she has a gift every time she comes in. I'm not religious at all, and I just chuck 'em, but I can't think of anyway to get her to stop without being rude.

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The question -- What do you think of Zionism (i.e. do you support it or not & why or why not)? Do you think it's just causing needless blood letting for the sake of gaining territory and Israel further engorging its military-industrial-cockplex?

In a rather ironic twist of historical racism, the hunted has become the hunter.  Zionism, the belief that having some ancestors lived in some general region eons ago means that you own the entire region forever, is a belief pushed forward to the point that the creation of the nation of Israel.

How was this amazing feat accomplished?  The combination of the Jewish version of the race card being played (allowed for ideological immunity from criticism), hatred against Arabasterrorists,  and being visibly/aesthetically "white," allowed this group of essentially white people to reign supremacy over the terrorist-nations.

The UN and other policy-making groups granted them the state of Israel.  Did they just accept this gracious offering of land and learn a lesson from their history of oppression? NO.  Not only did they create a state which was explicitly sexist in policy, which was explicitly biased against non-Jews (no first amendment there), they started a RUTHLESS, BLOODY WAR against the Arabsterrorists.

Did they need this new, extra land?  Was there any justification for it that wasn't entrenched in some sense of greed and sense of conquering akin to the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR et al during the CRUSADES?  Was it at all based on something than a perversion of a very old religion? FUCK NO.

Israel...FUCK YEAH (think Team America)....fuck all those dirty fuckers who dare to get in the way of your expansion.

Just think--if this were a group of very, very non-white people, such as Africans or Middle Easterners, would this behavior be accepted unless they had oil?  Hell, if they had been white, but non-Jewish (i.e. no race card), would they have gotten away with this?

Regardless of what you think of my post, it's clear that "Zionism" is just a bunch of greedy, blot letting bullshit that results in POINTLESS expansion of territory.
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So how is this for a movie idea?

Back story: There are three guys at my college that you look at and think "Jesus?" Two look like stereotypical white Jesus, except one looks more biblical (dirty) and the other one is well groomed and wears a bandana and aviator sunglasses (I about shat myself when I saw him walking down the hallway). And then the third one looks like PERFECT Black Jesus.

So, I want to pitch an idea to the three of them:

Passion of the Christ 2: Die Another Day, and I want it to be an intense movie that involves the three of them fighting to the death over the course of 2 and a half hours, and their battle will be rampaged through some cool ass city.

High speed motorcycle chases, hookers and blow, blatant heresy, and HILLAAAAARITTTYYY!!!

So, my question for you TQC, is who's gonna be on my crew?

I need camera men, money, writers, producers, and extras.
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