March 24th, 2008


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Have you ever been in a psych ward as a patient before? If so, did you like arts and crafts time?

The only reason I ask is because my sister is in one right now and they get to make all sorts of cool stuff like sock monkeys, Ugly dolls, jewelery boxes and leather stuff!!! I'm so jealous!!!
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For those of you who have recently been accepted and those who have attended university, did you have conditions on your acceptance? If so, what were they?

My friend's boyfriend just got accepted to university and insists he has no conditions on his acceptance. I thought all universities had at least a grade condition, so I'm trying to see if there's actually some places that don't or if he just has no idea what he's talking about.

EDIT: I'm in Canada, so we don't have community college. Just university and college.
Jane Lane
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public urination

So my neighbor, who lives BEHIND my house, spends a lot of time right on the property line (no fence) raking and cleaning shit up and we usually don't care. The other day my entire family was sitting in the living room watching TV and looked outside the window to watch the dude whip it out and take a leak out in public. Now I understand that if you gotta go.. you gotta go, but he could've gone behind some bushes or something and it wasn't like he was far from a bathroom. he did again the other day and it's really disturbing to see especially since my dog plays around there. what should i do?
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PMS-like moods.

Girls, what do you do when you're having one of those "crazy emotional bitch" days that we're all prone to?
I don't want to go out or hang out with people, because I really don't want to piss anyone off/get pissed off, but I've got no idea what I should do to kill time.

ETA: Maybe I should've worded this better. "Crazy emotional bitch" can range from getting upset and crying at the drop of a hat/for no reason to getting angry over things way too easily. So, if you get emotional or angry, feel free to tell me what you do to pass time.
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sinus rinse

I'm almost certain I have a sinus infection. I will be calling the doctor first thing in the morning for an appointment. I've tried Mucinex, Sudafed, and a few other things but nothing really helps. I've been reading about sinus rinses, specifically the NeilMed ones. It's 1 AM here. Would it be worth it for me to blow dry my hair, brave the dark, and get myself to the drugstore to get one of these?

If you have ever done any kind of sinus rinse, did it hurt? Was it really as fabulous as everyone claims?

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1. Do you always orgasm when you masturbate?

2. Do you ever add an extra "na" to "banana," "me" to "remember," or something like that?

3. Do you have any songs that you will not get tired of listening to, no matter how many times you play it?


1. No

2. Yes--I did that a few minutes ago with "remember."

3. Yes. Right now they're really catchy anime songs.
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1. Is it homophobic for a person to not having any interest in dating someone bisexual?

2. Do you consider yourself to be bisexual?

3. At what age do most bisexuals grow out of it?

Three ?s

What time do you plan on waking up tomorrow?

Are there any movies that you have never seen while sober? If yes, what are they?

What movies or CDs that you own seem "out of character" for you? What are they?
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Icon choices

I always experience a bit of cognitive dissonance when I discover that lj users are a different sex than their icon. Do other people feel that too? Not that I particularly care what sex people are, but I can't help but hold a male or female image in mind.

To those who use such icons, was the sex of the person pictured an influence in your choice, or is it totally irrelevant to you? Do you identify with the icon, or do you use it exclusively for other reasons, such as humor?

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tell me something.

anything at all, just AMUSE ME.
damnit i'm so bored.

give me a quote, a story, a lyric, something to do.
anything to amuse me people.

also. wax or shave or neither?
aha. random.

[EDIT: please and thank you wonderful people of TQC community<33]
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hey tqc!

how can i stay awake (and alert enough to write a 20 page research paper) until tuesday night, providing the last time i slept was from saturday to sunday? (all answers welcome)

what's the longest amount of time you were awake? why?
chan marshall

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What was the last nightmare you had?

These mobsters were after me because they said they liked my style. They initiated me by cutting my arm with a blade for some reason. They aid i had to prove myself in this fight against someone else and it was like a street brawl using just fists and kickboxing moves. I ran away instead and then woke up to one of them outside my house with a shotgun but instead they gave me a virus until i joined their squad. And the virus was the color you get on nasty bruises like greeny purple growing off my hands. Ugh :(

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I'm sure you all missed me and would love to know where I have been...

A few days ago I went to the casino, long story short I made a few thousand bucks from less then $100, and I've payed off all my debt, bought a huge bag of weed, a few bottles of absinthe, and am holding on the the rest of the cash since it'll be nice to have a few bucks when I move to Savannah this fall. Awesome shit.

So I ask you...

Whats the most you have ever made at the casino? how much did you start with?

You (like I did) put $60 on 26, and win, $2000ish bucks, what do you do now? Mind you you've been on a huge winning streak?

What would you do if you came across a large amount of money from gambling tomorrow?

Nose ring question

I just got my nose pierced on March 5th. My nose actually took quite well to the piercing, didn't bleed, didnt really get sore. I've been cleaning it everyday and if I realized I skipped a day, I would wash it an extra time the next sleep sched. is odd anyway so I figure that shouldn't matter. I make sure to rinse very well and dry each time and I've been very careful with it.

What I'm wondering is if anyone on here has a nose piercing and experienced the outside of their nose, where the piercing is, the skin is getting hard...kinda looks like it's wanting to bubble only gets red when I clean it, I guess from moving it around cuz I'm supposed to twist it around. The skin on the inside is getting a little hard this like part of the healing process or did I do something wrong? A friend of mine's nose ring pretty much rejected her nose and popped out one night :/ I hope that's not happening to me.


How To Get Her Back

So last night my girlfriend and I broke up. I was upset, trying to use logic to win her back but when that didn't work, I let a few hours go by and then I acted cool with it...telling her how i understood where she was cause I had been there with other Ex's(on the reverse end)...and I knew what she dumped me for wasn't who I am.....which threw her off...because I know she expected me to be devistated but in my experience this never works with women. They just register begging, crying and pleading as pathetic.

We've had small problems for a while now, mainly because we've both been increasingly very open about our jelousy. I wasn't orginally like this and thus I think the break will be good for us both to get to better places and control BUT I would like to still have a shot with her.

I want to maintain a freindship that will eventually lead us back to dating. Does anyone have any advice ?

She SAYS she wants space, time to figure out what she wants, and has not ruled out getting back together..(she normally rules this out with other guys)..I know this has come about because of my freaking out any time she hangs out with another guy alone.. (which this time around, it was her ex that had taken her virginity and vice I was with good reason peaved...)But I went overboard this time, leading to our doom.

(which i note, she does the same to me But I don't really get upset like she does being usually the more rational of us two)

I know had I not done this we'd still be together, I'd just have less of a reason to work on things and get back to my mellow.."have fun, I trust you" self from our first 3 months of dating...

can you give me advice .. Like what to do and not to do. I'm giving her the space, but I'm not giving it to her to the point that I avoid her, I'm being calm while still showing I still Love her, but i don't know what else I should do.
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 tqc, what is a bisexual?

is it someone who has sex with both men and women, but will only pursue a romantic relationship with one or the other?

is it someone who pursues romantic relationships with both?

what do you have to do(or not do)to be straight?

how about gay?

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i know that i can post in whatwasthatone, so no need to tell me.

anyhow, i have this scene from a movie stuck in my head. it's of a woman in her 20s-30s, and she's staring into a mirror and she's crying. she's got a bobby pin in her mouth, opening it, and then she pulls her bangs back with it.

what movie is this? i think she might be blonde.

EDIT: i have a strong feeling that it's girl, interrupted. anyone?

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What was your favorite stuffed animal when you were little? Did it have a name? Do you still have it?

What's a toy that's that kids play with now that you wish existed when you were young?

What is something in the room you're in that is purple?
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When it comes to washers and dryers.. what's the best brand to go with? I purchased a GE w/d set at Home Depot this weekend.. and lets just say that I'll be returning them in about a day or two.. $(*%&$(!

What was the last thing that made you want to yank your hair out?

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How do you define "daddy issues"? Edit: Does it refer to a unique set of problems (and if so, what?), or just general problems that happen to stem from her relationship with her father?

Does every girl who has a bad relationship with her father have daddy issues?


Is it illegal to send cockroaches in the mail? (In Australia if you know)
Dead vs alive? I was hoping for alive.

Have you done anything nasty to your real estate agents?
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As I'm watching The View today the gals are having a conversation about sex.. this leads me to ask this question:

Can you tell me a celebrity that you absolutely can NOT (or do not want to) imagine having sex?

for me, as of this second: Whoopi Goldberg. Ughhh *eyes glaze over*
chan marshall

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Have you ever had therapy?

How do you get past the first session? It seems i have so much to talk about i can't get it into words.

Do you like your therapist? There is one i went to a while ago i will see again. She is really cool.

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Is there a novel you would recommend for me to read?
I'm not too picky about genre.
What is the ugliest animal?
What is the most batshit quiz you've ever seen in Cosmo or simular magazines?
What website is your guilty pleasure?

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All the jobs I've ever had in the past was minimum wage and I worked in the food industry. I never lasted more than 3 months, so I was trying to avoid the food industry. But then I get a chance to get a job that pays 5 dollars more an hour than minimum wage.

My question is, would you accept a job that you know you will hate, even though there's a high chance of quitting? Even though you're making 5 dollars MORE than you usually make, ever.
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 Every morning in the same place, you see a pile of dog poop.  Does this annoy you?  What does it make you feel about the owner of the dog?

A few weeks later, you see the offending dog pooping and realize it is a seeing eye-dog  being walked by the person it sees for.  Does this change your opinion?

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So there is a movie my crazy father use to watch. All I remember is there being a bunch of kids, and the girls would go see the boys in their hang-out of sorts, let the boys look down their pants and they would get jewelry. I was really young so I don't know how old the kids were...I've always wondered what movie this was. Mostly because it seemed like a freaking crazy movie.

Do you know?

lost in translation

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A while ago, I sprained my ankle badly, and I was given crutches. Now my ankle feels fine, and I'd like to get rid of the crutches hanging out in my hall way. Where does one donate/otherwise dispose of crutches? For donation purposes, I'm in Boston, if it helps.

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Okay, so your coworker is a serious nymphomaniac. You're having an office orgy at your place. Do you invite the nymphomaniac coworker even though it may set them on a streak that could last months because it's their decision whether or not to be good and just watch or do you find some way to avoid inviting them?
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1.Do you ever get slightly paranoid when a helicopter flies over your house?

2.Did you get sent to a religious school when you were young?
2a. Did you have an okay experience from it?
2b. Are you horribly scarred for life because of going there?
2c. Or do you hold a grudge against people who tried to shove the religion down your throat and told you that if your beliefs didn't match theirs then you were going to hell?

my answers:
1. just a bit. i watch a lot of scifi, lol.
2. K-12 Mennonite/Christian school. My experience was not so great. They screwed me over big time.
I didn't get help with concepts I had trouble learning till too late, and that was only after my mom had to go in and forcefully insist. By that time it really was pointless. I harbor a boat load of resentment to pretty much the entire school except for one teacher.
In middle school I learned that all I needed to do to pass Bible class was to make up some bullshit that would make them happy.

so. yeah. major resentment. a lot more than i realized it seems, now seeing what i wrote. woo.

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Do you think it's rude to invite yourself (or just say, "Hey, could I come along?") to some activity that two relatively but not entirely close friends are participating in?

Have you ever disowned a member of your family? Did you ever go back on it?
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Have any of y'all...

... ever rented a car before? How much (approximately) did it cost? What kind did you get?

... been so stressed out that your skin erupted in acne, even though you're well out of your teen years?

... taken a prepaid cell phone out of your home state and had it work just fine?

... seen the original cartoon my icon (which I didn't make) was based off of?
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Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
What was your method?
Obviously, you survived if you are answering this. How close to death were you?
Why did you try to kill yourself?
Do you think suicide is selfish, brave, or something else?
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I will be meeting up with latenightdrives and perhaps oneblackshoe this weekend.. should we randomly go up to people, tell them that we're doing a survey and ask them OFF-THE-WALL type questions? if so.. what questions should we ask?

sarahonlife (that should be sarahWINSatlife) came up with the idea of us bringing a 'prop' along with us and seeing how many people will let us take their picture with said prop.. what prop should we use? okay, we've decided on bunny ears and a sign that says *DAHA*.

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I went on a date this past friday. We hung out at his place and had sushi. Well, being the clutz that I am, I spilled soy sauce ALL OVER myself. 

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on a date?

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I've never encountered this problem before. I'm trying to post, and I can't get to rich text editor. It appears to be stuck on html mode, and i can't find a way to switch it back. Do you know how?

*edit again*
i'm only still here because this is fucking ridiculous.

I have carefully crafted entries of many many many pictures, art journal entries that i manually resized until they would sit next to each other and look good. These entries are private, but i want to transfer these images-that are already exactly how i want them-to other entries. I've been doing this for a long time. In rich-text editor, I can copy all the images from one entry and copy them onto another, exactly how i already fixed them up, with only one copy/paste motion, and without having to fuck around with the size anymore. I can't copy/paste like this onto html mode, maybe cause i didn't post in html mode to begin with.

So the question is, how do i change from html mode to rich-text editor? i've already tried to figure it out on lj, but if you're so much smarter and more computer-savvy than i am, why don't you go find the answer and tell me. make yourself useful; help a stranger in need instead of being an asshole for no good reason.
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Poll #1159697 who is getting the better end of the deal??

Which blonde lesbian?

Ellen DeGeneres
Portia de Rossi

Which 80's-90's star?

Kevin Bacon
Kyra Sedgwick

Which oldie but goodie?

Kurt Russell
Goldie Hawn

Which even oldier but still fabulous?

Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward

The golf superstar or his model wife?

Tiger Woods
Elin Nordegren

The country crooner or the former ingenue?

Brad Paisley
Kimberly Williams

Edit: Also, who is your favorite celebrity pairing?


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So a mutual "friend" of my friends has taken to cyber-stalking me via AIM, lj and fbook. I'm too passive aggressive to just tell him to fuck off, as has been advised by one of my friends, so how should I handle this guy?

ETA: Yeah, I'll probably just block him. As I went to do it, he ended up IMing me. He's apparently got good timing.
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 okay, so your co-worker is a serious alcoholic with a failed marriage and a liver that looks like it's going the same way. when you invite your co-workers out for drinks after the shift ends, should you invite the alcoholic or not? would it be better to offer him booze and let him make his own decisions even though you know he'll accept? or should you invite everybody except him?
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let's say you are in your early 20s and, for whatever reason, you will be dead between the ages of 35-40. what would you do with your remaining years? would you bother going to college and planning out a career? would you try to find a husband/wife knowing you were going to die anyway or would you just sex up everyone? would you travel all over the place? what would you do?

(no subject)

Your co-worker who works beside you in your department, has diabetes and a serious addiction to sweets. Her diabetes is exacerbated when she overindulges (she has told you this). Do you offer her candy when you are offering it to other co-workers knowing that you may be harming her? Or do you allow her to make the decision for herself as an adult and go ahead and offer anyway knowing that she won't refuse?
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom

Romantic randomness

I've got a first date this week, TQC, which makes me wonder about your first date experiences.

1. What's the best first date you've ever had?

2. What about the worst?

3. If you could go back to just before your last first date and let your past self know something, what would it be?

4. Suppose you're invited to a carnival as a first date. Good idea, yn? What about a haunted house? Jazz club? Interpretive dance party? Snake House? Plain old dinner and the movies? Which of those is best and which worst? Got one that could top either extreme?

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I'm going to the video store soon & feel like spending an afternoon watching funny highschool/college movies. The more drunken & sexed up the better.

I've seen Superbad & the American Pie movies (I figured they'd be mentioned the most).

Any suggestions?

Also, to go with my movie afternoon, what should I get from McDonalds?
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Do you have a hard time opening up to the possibility of being interested in someone when your head is stuck on someone else?

How do you overcome this nonsense?

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You know on newer PCs how they have the sidebar where you can have the clock, post-its, weather etc. Well a few weeks ago my internet stopped worked so the tech support logged on and remotely controlled the computer and fixed the problem...only my sidebar went away. I can go into the computer and click on it and it returns to my desktop but it won't stay there after I shut off the computer-when I turn it back on it is gone again :( Can anybody tell me how to get it back SO IT STAYS?

Also, again from the tech people-after she was done my Support icon was messed up-I got that image you get when a picture won't load-but the actual program still worked fine. It's been that way for a while only today I noticed the icon is back to normal, not sure when it happened since I pretty much got used to it and didn't notice but it had to have been within the last day or two. I didn't DO anything different-just downloaded a couple of games from online, but I don't see how that would do anything. Does anybody know what caused my icon to come back?
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I still need to take English (ugh). Help me decide what to do! These are my options:

A) Take English at the university (where I'm taking all of my other classes). It will fit into my schedule nicely except that I will have FIVE classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. This means 7 hours of class, nonstop, on those days.

B) Take English at the community college on Saturday mornings. This is a fine option, because CC classes are generally easier, meaning I'll have to devote even less time to this class. I did this same thing recently, and it was well worth it because I treated it like a blow-off class and still got an A. However, the class is full and I will have to go through the trouble of trying to get an override, which the teacher may not even be willing to do.

C) Take English at the community college online. I really, really hate online courses, and I avoid them at all costs. But, it would be a CC course, so I'm hoping it won't be the sort of class that will fuck me over. I wouldn't have to worry about fitting it into my schedule or being on time to class because, duh, it's online. Plus, when they do transfers from the CC to the university, only the credits go through, not the grades -- so I can get a C and as long as I pass, it won't fuck with my GPA.

What do you think? Which one would you choose?

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I have windows vista on my gateway laptop. I enjoy the program on iBooks that allows you to put post-it notes on your desktop. Is there a program like that for windows vista?

If someone came up to you and randomly kissed you on the cheek, what would you do?

The hell?

I was sleeping on the floor of an apartment along with 8 other friends of mine.
I woke up to one of my friends making out with my hand.

I said, "Wot?"
...and the next thing I know, he rolls over on top of me, starts biting my earings and doing mad and frantic kissing all over my head and neck.  No lip on lip action happened, this went on for about 20 seconds, and then he rolled off me, asked, "Are you okay?" and then went back to sleep.

1.  What the hell?
2.  How would you handle this?
3.  Any crazy awkward things similar to this that have happened to you?
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i want opinions

this summer, should i

(1) au pair abroad [again], attain fluency in a useful language, visit a lot of friends, and incur the costs of transatlantic travel?


(2) sublet and stay with a close friend in a new & nice city, possibly get a job at a lawfirm and probably work at starbucks as well, and be an actual adult?

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1)what weird things have you or people you know taken home from the doctor?

Mom was sent home with a $40 shoe for her toe, and dad was sent home with a very large rubber band apparently to teach him not to try to catch footballs again.

2)should I skip class? it's boring and pointless!
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1. TQC, do you or have you ever had an STD?

2. It takes me two hours to leave the house. 30-ish to shower and an hour and 30 mins to do other stuff that should not take very long. What the fuck am I doing wrong? How do you leave the house in a timely fashion without fucking everything up?
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Targeted Strike

Ok, TQC!  I have to go to Target tonight, but I've misplaced my shopping list.

What do I need to get? 

What fun things should I get?

Need me to pick up anything for you while I'm there?

Serious or not serious... whatever floats your boat.

(I know I need to pick up razors, hangers, and kitty litter.  I might grab a new Wii game for my husband and for myself I'll probably pick up a camisole top and some squishy socks.  Exciting stuff, I know!)

(no subject)

1. How do I improve my essay-writing skills? I need to do extremely well on the AP Literature and Composition exam.

2. What language should i learn that can be beneficial? I speak Bosnian, German, and English and I think I might go into a career involving international stuff, but I'm not really sure on what I want to do.

3. What kind of luck do you have?

4. Do you like roller coasters? Why?

5. I'm going to Six Flags in a few weeks and I have never been on a roller coaster...what rides should I go on?

6. Who is an underrated musician?
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What's something that you've been wondering about, yet haven't gotten around to ask about? (ask! maybe someone here might be able to answer it for you :D, no question is too stupid.. so feel free to ask whatever your heart desires)

If I buy something at Sears store #1261, can I take it back to Sears #3444, if I find something there that I want instead?
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I bought two novels today:

Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin and Crossed: A Tale of the Fourth Crusade by Nicole Galland.

Which should I read first?

Who else here loves historical fiction?
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TQC, I am extremely attracted/in lust with/cannot stop thinking about my friend who is a man slut, an angry drunk, and was also hooking up with one of my REALLY good friends for the entire first semester.

Why can't I get him out of my head?
Why do I *luv* this asshole? (he's actually very nice just has serious issues)
How do I make it stop?
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my mom just scolded me for not talking loud enough on the phone, when i know for a fact it's these stupid new phones they've bought. you basically have to make out with the phone or shout for anyone on the other end to hear you.

what's the last little things that's bugged you more than it should have?
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(no subject)

What's the most creative way you've ever been told "I love you" ?

The most creative way you've heard about anyone in particular being told?

The best way you've been told/heard about?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

What does your toilet paper holder look like?

If you smooshed your ass against the shower wall, how many tiles would it take up?

What do you smell like?

I totally <3 you guys

I'm going into the studio this weekend to start recording my stupid album. I don't really like the band name I have now (Pimento in the Hole), and yet I don't want to just go by my name, even though I'm basically a solo act backed up by whatever musicians I can kidnap and brainwash into playing with me, because...I just don't wanna go by my name. Music is too much of a collaborative effort. So, I want to tap the wealth of knowledge and opinion that is TQC. What band name should I go by?

1. Circle of Willis

2. Steel Belted Radicals

3. Guido and the Benton City Philharmonic

4. All those suck. You suck.

5. Other (please list the best/worst band name you can think of): ______________________
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1. Are Wiis widely available where you live? Where do you live?

I cannot find one anywhere in Central NJ but my aunt claims they have them everywhere near Yonkers, NY.

2. Should I get up extra early tomorrow to take the train into the city so I can get to the Nintendo World Store early and finally get one?
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In the way of fyi for those who usually bypass reality tv, on 'SuperNanny', JoJo as often as not deals with bratty kids of parents who are pretty clueless about making discipline stick.  Try to be really honest here: were you sometimes one of those brats growing up?  Are you ever these days?  If no to both, did you know any such brats, and did you ever marvel at the behavior they got away with?

For those who watch 'the Bachelor,' any impressions to share of the new guy or his ladies yet?

For those who watch 'Dancing with the Stars', who will be among the first contestants to get the boot, do you think?

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I've heard of two different people who had this happen very recently: They take their vehicle to a vehicle repair shop to have a problem diagnosed and the shop, without calling for permission, fixes the problem and presents a bill. One of the people specifically said "don't do any work until you talk to me" and they other didn't think to say it (because it's always "what has been done"). These two different people also went to two different shops. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do you think the shops are doing this because they don't want to provide a "free" diagnosis and then have someone take their vehicle elsewhere or fix it themselves?

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tqc, how is your day going? will you tell me about it?

my phone is totally dead and will not charge. I don't have a house phone. because of this, at&t are being assholes. I need to print out a form for my new job in order to be hired.. even after they keep calling me & asking me questions and telling me that I'm finally done with the application process. oh and I pulled my back.

today can go diaf.

Drugs, Airplanes, and Conferences

I may or may not have a sinus infection. I was prescribed Amoxicillin, but I already have some left from last year when I had one. Is it safe to take the old stuff or does it expire? I can't find a date on the bottle at all.

Can you take metal paper clips on an airplane? I'm flying Continental on Friday and my resume pages are held together by the large metal paper clips. Do I need to take them all apart and put the clips in my checked bag? My resumes have to come in my carry on.

Are there any other Higher Ed TQC members that are going to ACPA this weekend? If so, are you going through Placement and feeling as nervous/excited as me?
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(no subject)

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, please describe what happened:

Have you ever hallucinated from tiredness alone?

Have you ever thown up from shock or fear?

Have you ever passed out from shock or fear?

(no subject)

Who else thinks that jassalol is fucking annoying?

ETA: I realize most of you will not know who she is, but I'm hoping someone will. If you want to know why she's annoying, look at her userinfo. It's not a huge big deal or anything, I just want some reassurance that I'm not alone in being annoyed by her.

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Does the Suns volume affect the shape/speed/anything about the earth orbit?

What if by some strange twist of fate it became tiny and super dense and everything else stayed the same, would our orbit change?
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This question is for already married or soon to be married brides in the community. What song did you walk down the aisle to?


What song are you having played as you walk down the aisle?

I am having a difficult time deciding between "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" or "Canon in D".
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Renting a house

My fiance and I desperately want a house that my uncle owns. We are only interested in renting it, because we plan on moving out of the state within the next few years. Said house has had no one living in it for at least 3 years. My uncle (and aunt) are procrastinators. They've been talking about selling the house for years... but have never actually done it. My fiance and I recently decided that we'd like to move into a bigger place by July of this year (shortly after the wedding). We immediately thought of the empty house. When I approached my uncle about it, he acted somewhat interested, but said he needed to check with my aunt. I brought it up again yesterday, and my uncle said that my aunt has yet to give him an answer (although he still seemed interested). However, he said that he thinks she'll say that they need to sell it right away before the recession starts. Buh? Apparently they don't watch the news.

The housing market in our town is just as shitty as the rest of the nation. Within a block of that house, there are 4 other houses that have been for sale for months. The odds of them making any sort of profit at the moment are slim to none. I've been trying to tell them that they should rent it to us for a couple years in the hopes that the housing market will look up again. I just need to push some concrete information their way (and have them talk to my current landlord, who will give a glowing recommendation on my behalf). What would you do in this situation, TQC? Consider it a loss and move on? Look up some facts to show that they're better off renting the house to us, rather than attempting to sell it? Or just continually suck up in the hopes that they'll take pity on their (soon-to-be) newlywed niece? Do any of you have any recommendations for sites to find good articles to present to my uncle? I hate to just give up, because it's difficult to find a nice house to rent that will allow pets. :-\

Additionally... Chocolate easter bunnies are evil. y/y?

ETA: I haven't been harassing my uncle about the house. I only ask him about it when I run into him (which is pretty rare). I didn't want anyone to think I was smothering the poor man lol.
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1. Oh so hypothetical social etiquette question: Imagine you live in a dorm, and two other people who live a few doors from you have been writing nice things on the board on your door. However, you have pretty much nothing else to do with them and don't know them well at all. You decide to ask them to have dinner with you (via writing on their door). Are you being nice, or creepy?

2. Worst song you've heard in the past 24 hours?
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Does anyone here speak Finnish?

Would you learn a new language so you could speak to a cute foreigner in their own language?

How much Finnish do you think I could learn in two weeks?

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I left work early because I felt like I was going to pass out. Have you ever passed out at work before? What do you find to be the worst part?

There have been a lot of posts recently asking about what your sick foods are. Is anyone else not very picky when they are sick?

What is a movie you watched countless times growing up?

Care to share a tasteless joke with the rest of the internets?

Do you have any videos that make you laugh every time you see them? Collapse )

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Hey TQC. I've been away from my computer for the past few days. What have I missed? Did TQC boycott the boycott?

Also, because I was on a plane today I was wondering: Do you have to have a partner to be legit in the Mile High Club?

Tummy twitches?

Just a couple days ago I started experiencing twitching in my lower right abdomen. It's not painful or anything, just a little annoying. It feels like a rapid eye twitch, a kind of fluttering feeling. I've been trying to google, but the only thing I can come up with is either it's just gas or I'm well into a pregnancy. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, but I'm still kind of freaking out. My boyfriend says he gets tummy twitches like that sometimes but I'm still uneasy about it...

Does anyone else get tummy twitches like that?
Should I get this checked out?
My period is due the middle of this week, should I just wait before I freak out?

Do you like pickles? Tomatoes?
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I bought potatoes, and peeled it. But I apparently forgot to buy the premade seasoning from the food store. I don't want to go back to the store just for one thing. Any suggestions on what I can make here at home with sliced, peeled potatoes?
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1) What is the weirdest thing or combination of things you've eaten as a meal recently?

2) For those in college or that went to college; did you ever transfer institutions? Why and how many times? Isn't it a pain?

3) To keep notes do you prefer notebooks, binders, portfolios, laptops, other?

4) Is there anything you do that makes you feel guilty but you do it anyway? If so, what?

5) How many hours of use do you consider too much time spent on:

1) Wise plain chips, saurkraut, sour cream, and hot sauce - yea, together. haha
2) Yes. First time was transferring from a community college, and now, I hate the school I transferred to. It sucks.
3) Depends. Binders, Portfolios -usually.


I'm taking time off from my junior year of college in Providence to get a job, make some art, and recuperate my frizzle-frazzled mind.

Meanwhile, my lease is up in a couple of months, and I'm considering starting/participating in a gallery space in some of the rehabilitated industrial/warehouse areas in town. It would be some sort of commercial lease.

1.) Is it an enormous pain in the ass, in terms of paperwork, taxes, inspectors, or whatever else, to rent industrial as opposed to residential space? (Living would either be under-the-table or probably an addition to the lease.) Am I just going to have a nervous breakdown instead of having an awesome time working with my community?

2.) If I do go with this plan, will you come to my gallery openings? I promise there will be liquor.

3.) If I go one step further and actually rent a storefront (ground floor, with a window, etc.), do the terms of that type of lease automatically change/become even more terrifying based on zoning/whatever?


Stankin' ass bitches need soap and water.

Soap and water, soap and water, water water water water water....

1)  What are your bathing habits like?
Whenever I bathe, I take a bath for the shaving part (I'm CLUMSY and I'd waste so much water if I did it in the shower) and stuff, and a super quick shower for my hair (I hate putting my head under water/getting my face wet).

2) What song is stuck in your head?

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Do you think some people are more prone to high highs and low lows?
Are you more into insane bouts of joy and intense sadness or a level contentment that is sort of boring?
Or is it just human nature to be high and low?

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Does anybody else hate those damn word tee shirts?
I'm not so much talking about the "THIS IS WHY I'M HOT" ones, but the "Your boyfriend..." or anything that could be described as "sassy."

Have you ever found anything interesting sorting through family stuff?
My dad and I found my late grandfather's navy medals and some booklets of war bonds and war rations.
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Cheese and salad

What's your favourite way to use goat cheese?

My gram gave me a big log/stick of it. I found a salad recipe (although it's not really a recipe, I guess. What would you call it?) on the back of my dressing bottle that includes baby spinach, walnuts, mandarin oranges, and red onions, but I don't have any of that. And I hate mandarin oranges.

How awesome is bleu cheese? I've been using it in salad: frisee, radicchio, baby romaine, red onions,carrots, walnuts, craisins, and raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette. I'm going to get some more tomorrow and slice up some baked chicken into it.

What's your favourite salad?
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If I gave you a plane ticket, and told you that you HAD to go to another country that you've never visited, where would you go?

While on the plane, the flight attendant hands you a magical menu.  You have to order a food and drink that you've never had before.  What do you order?

When you arrive, you're told that you get to stay anywhere you want -- but yup, it has to be a type of housing that you've never stayed in before.  Sleeping outside even counts.  Where do you stay?

You get a free personalized tour!  Where do you go in this unknown country?

You need to document your trip with something -- not photos or filming.  How do you show people where you've been?

It's time to go :(  On the flight back, you're given a choice of movies.  Again, you have to pick something you've never seen before.  What do you watch?

You're home.  Who do you call first to talk about your crazy adventure?
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I just got a shirt from JCPenny (the brand is Mixit) and I want to try to find a picture of it online to show to my friend. (I'd take a picture myself and post it, but I don't have access to a camera.) It still has the tag attached, but I've lost all the cardboard tags that came with it. Anyone know how I can find it?
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do you need fashion advice? are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

eta: done! 10:33pm ET. better luck next time.
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I say, good sir or ma'am, have you seen my pipe? I seem to have misplaced it. It was an heirloom, you see, from my grandfather's grandfather, passed on dutifully to each of the male children as we came of age. We all enjoy a good pipe, you see.

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1)go out for dinner or eat leftovers?

difficulty: it's 9 at night

2)Do you believe in demon posession?


3)things you wish your teachers would understand?

Yes, they give you three hours for class- that doesn't mean you have to make every class three hours.

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Which type of lined paper do you prefer to use, College Ruled or Wide Ruled?

I prefer College Ruled since my handwriting is kind of small. I feel obligated to use the whole line space, so with Wide-Ruled, I end up writing really big and loopy (also read: girly).
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Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You ?s

When you have a song stuck in your head and you want to get the song "out of your head", how do you usually go about getting it out of your head?

Where is Scooby Doo?

Do you think Velma ever got any play?


Did you like Scrappy Doo?


Did you like A Pup Named Scooby Doo?

Never even heard of it.

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Through inspiration and dumb luck, you have come up with a new invention that will change how businesses communicate. This invention will make you a multi millionaire, but will cause millions of people to lose their jobs worldwide. What do you do?

Go forward with my invention. Enjoy being rich. People will find some way to make ends meet. It's not my problem
Put my invention on hold. I can't hurt so many people

They cancel your favorite tv show and air 'Yodelling with the Stars' in its place. What's your strongest emotion?