March 23rd, 2008

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You must leave Earth and can not stay on this planet for any reason. You can pick any of the planets to live on and human life will be sustainable.

Which of the other planets do you choose to live on?
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My sleeping patterns have gone a bit haywire again (i stay up all night and crash at 2pm then wake up around 3. Or i make it all day and sleep until midday the next day)

Is there any way i can correct them before the 28th of march? i need to be fully active that day and i am kind of freaking out. I am going out and getting some exersize and things like that. Any tips?

What is your Favorite venue?

The Tivoli for sure.
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1. would you go on a weekend blind date? a friend of mine, her fiance, and her fiance's brother are going to the beach next weekend, and she wants me to go along so he won't be a third wheel.

2. as awkward as that sounds, how much more awkward does it make it that she says "don't worry--he'll pay for everything for you! your own room, everything!"??

3. after you've declined a second time, and she says, "what, not into latino lovers?!", and you say "no..." (getting ready to say "no, i don't date at all"), she kind of stormed off and treated me funny the rest of the day. how do i remedy this situation without looking like i'm desperate to prove i'm something i'm not?? dshgksghsdg this situation blows

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I have a problem, TQC: I'm too intelligent. So intelligent that I have trouble fitting in with mainstream society--and that's okay, since I have no real interest in doing so. The problem is that nobody seems to listen to me when I kindly and gently point out their intellectual deficiencies. What can be done to alleviate this problem, TQC?

Serious answers only, please.

Or, if you are intelligent like me, feel free to commiserate. It can get lonely at the top.

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given the current upsurge in news stories about the increased pace of environmental change for the worse (increased ice melting rates, plastic trash covering hundreds of thousands of sq miles of ocean, water shortages everywhere, etc) and the imminent decline of oil as an energy source (which is guaranteed), how long do you think it will be before civilization ends?


I think I got automatically registered through AIM with a site called Plaxo, and I can't seem to get out of it. When I go to the page to uninstall, it won't come up, and I can't find it in the add/remove programs in the control panel.

Is it harmful? How do I get rid of it? help me please!!!


Firefox Extensions

TQC, I use the following Firefox Extensions:

Adblock Plus
Colorful Tabs
Download Statusbar
Firefox companion for eBay
GMail Checker
Live IP Address
McAfee SiteAdvisor
New Tab Homepage
Screen grab!
Speed Dial

So, TQC, what other extensions would you recommend? What are your favorites? Which are the most useful? The most fun?


So my friend is bent on getting a piercing and he really wants his eyebrow pierced. I have been trying to talk him out of it for a bit but I don't think it's working. I just don't think he'd look good with one. I keep telling him I think he'd look better with either his nose or lip pierced. What do you guys think?

Here are some pictures:¤t=Photo303.jpg¤t=Photo310.jpg¤t=Photo311.jpg¤t=Photo304.jpg

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tqc, make my fashion choices for me!

tomorrow i am wearing: a teal v-neck top with a white lace cami underneath, with a black cardigan on top of that, and dark wash jeans, and pearls. i can't decide what shoes to wear.

Collapse )

they're all about 4" tall, so heel height isn't a consideration. i'm learning towards the ones i never wear, simply because i never wear them, but the wedges are SO COMFY, and i'm 100% in love with the first ones, just cause they scream fifties to me. i can't pick. D:

chan marshall

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What is the worst feeling when sick?

Throwing up water/ OJ

Do you live in a leafy or industrial area?

My CBD is very industrial these days. It is full of construction sites.. luckily my area is leafy and i live 50 meters away from a forest.
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It's almost 6 am here and I'm visiting my bonus sister's sisters family. I have been awake all night and in just a few hours there will be church going and stuff with my bonus sister's niece singing and such (she is 6 years old) should I just stay on the Internet and wait for the rest of the people getting up so I can have breakfast and try to stay awake during the day, socializing and stuff or would it better if I at least tried to nap some before it's time to get up (in 2-3 hours I think it is)

A person that we first thought could be a friend turned out to be a selfcentered, atterntionwhorish drama queen that doesn't seem to know how to have friends, just audience, she is lying, backstabbing and seems to be mentally unstable (for realz it's not something I say because she is twit) she gives nothing back and has been calling at crazy times just to rant not willing to listen to any advice and even claimed that my bonus sister is her therapist now (she already has one) it's wearing my sister down, am I a bad person for thinking that she ought to drop her like a bad habit?
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There are fantasy camps for people who wish they were rock stars, kids who want to be astronauts, and so on.

If you could go to a fantasy camp for a week, what would the fantasy be?

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last night i heard my door creak open and heard some rustling going on. i opened my eyes to see my sister sneaking around my room. i told her to gtfo and she bolted. 99.9999% of the time she's in my room it's because she's taking something of mine.

so this morning i asked her what she wanted from my room and she denied ever being in there. lololol compulsive liar.

so tqc, what was my sister trying to steal from me last night?

edit: who wants my chocolate bunny?
Peacock Eye

The Goonies are on!!!


1. I need a recipe for meat pies. Do any of you have any good recipes, for meat pies:D

2. If you participate in Easter, what are your traditions? What foods do you typically eat today?

3. The Goonies are on, ARE YOU WATCHING? I love Chunk.

You know what really grinds my gears?

What grinds your gear?
What are your fun filled plans for the day?
My cats got into a fight earlier. The smaller cat is covered in gross crusty stuff that I cannot identify. What did the bigger cat do to the smaller cat to make her covered in unidenifable crusty stuff? Non-serious answers welcome
Bathing cats- thouroughly unpleasant? Y/N
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I am trying to find the title of a book I read way back when, about 2 sisters and their dolls. The girls didn't treat their dolls very well and at least one of them ended up broken. They took them to a doll repair shop, owned by a guy who's face might have looked like a moon. The owner gave them a special tea for their dolls, that made them switch places. The dolls-turned-girls treated the girls-turned-dolls poorly, locking them in the toy box. The girls-turned-dolls were stuck in the dolls' world and made friends with all the other toys in it. The shop owner was also a part of the dolls' world, in some capacity.

Anyone know what book I am talking about? I've posted this in a couple of places, searched my library's online catalogue, etc. I'm not sure where else to look.
o... Haiiiiiii   ^____^

So ..uh two things.

Why didn't Google do any kind of decoration change for Easter?

I can assume it might be since its a religious holiday but It's also pretty commercial and they did decorate the lettering for x-mas.
Now while I don't care too much, I'm just wondereing if I was the only one confused about the normal Google lettering and no Zombie holiday change.

the second question was a post I dreamt I made so I was told to do so by a friend.
When did you find out Tupac was dead and how did you react?

For me, a record store in my neighborhood made a sign announcing it and I hadnt realized till they were already printing R.I.P t-shirts, I wasnt a big fan so I didnt care much, I did wonder how he died.
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Do you use LJ's 'Post an Entry' screen to post to your LJ or communities or do you use another program?
If you use another program, which one??
Do you have a Mac or PC?

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because I'm not a native speaker and have to write an essay, I have a question concerning vocabulary.

Can a person 'fit' a cliché? and if not what would be the appropriate term?

thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for TQC-er's who know a thing or two about putting together an outfit properly.

I work at the A&F Home Office and have had my eye on this dress all season. However, I refused to spend $80 on it. Since somebody up there loves me, I found the dress at a second hand store just weeks after it was set for sale on the floor. I dont know who in their right mind would sell an $80 dress to a thrift store, but it was my size and $20.

One problem - I have no idea what to do with the dress now. It's an awkward length so it looks kind of silly by itself. I want to wear it tonight for Easter dinner, but it's very cold out. Jeans look silly with it and I've no idea what to wear over it/under it.

So, TQC fashion designers, how would you dress this dress up?

Easter Dinner... WAHHHH.

So, last minute, my mom and I were invited to Easter DInner at my Friend Dresden's house. It's only him, his dad, me, and my mom. It's also semi casual, I guess, since we're going to be watching basketball while we eat dinner.


a) Light Blue Hennely + White Skirt + Pink Flip Flops
b) T-Shirt + Jeans + Red Converse
c) Nice-ish Shirt + Jeans + Black Converse

For Science

Do you get paid holidays?
How many per year?
If the holiday falls on a weekend, do you still get holiday pay?
Are you required to work the day before and day after a holiday in order to get holiday pay?
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The other night I was trying to make instant soup (Thai Kitchen FTW) in a cup. I put the water and noodles in the cup, but I guess the cup was of the wrong dimensions, because the water didn't cover the noodles. After staring at the cup-noodle-water situation, I said to myself "This cannot end well." What was your last "This cannot end well." moment?

I was changing my earrings, and when I lightly squeezed one of them, liquid came out. Is there such a thing a liquid pus? Is my ear infected?
I developed a condition where when I'm poked with needles, my blood sugar tends to drop. To all appearances, this is happening on a lesser scale when I change my earrings (I just feel a little shaky and nauseated, not faint). Should I let the holes close, or should I just put my ying-yang symbols in and never take them out?

Do you enjoy holidays? Why or why not? What's your favorite holiday?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (and why is it harder for me to type that than to say it?)

Website Research

1. What do you think of the colour scheme of this forum
1.b) Do you like that they have a new section for guests?

2. What do you think of the colour scheme of this forum? What colour scheme skin would be better for this one? (I've got people nagging me to create a new skin for it)

3. What do you think of the idea for the site 'shop'?
3. a) And what books about creative items would you personally think should go in it?

4. What sites do you know that you really like the layout of? And by sites I mean any sites, not just forums, and by layout I don't mean colour I mean how things are set out on the page.
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What were your parents' reactions when they found out they were pregnant with you?

Were they married, unmarried, one-night-stand-and-the-father-didn't-matter, other?

Do you have siblings? Will you tell us about them?

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Should I get two pairs of practical shoes (sneakers), or one pair of really nice, somewhat less practical shoes (pair of boots)? Two sneakers = 120 dollars, and 1 pair of boots = 145 dollars.

No pictures! Blind opinions needed! >:-(

and no, i'm not here to brag

When i was with my last girlfriend, we'd gotten to the bedroom for what would potentially have been my first time (lol virgin), but once the pants came off, she refused to do it once she saw the size. no, i'm not tiny. the fact is that she thought it was too big. regardless, we stayed together for 4 months afterwards, and third base rules.

anyways, here goes: i have an eight inch long penis. is she correct in saying that this is gargantuan and too big for sex? or is she just a whiney baby?

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What are the benefits of getting a minor in something if you are going to be a teacher? 

My friend and I are very close to graduation. We are both getting our Bachelors in Secondary Education with Spanish as the subject. She's getting a minor in history, and I'm not getting a minor. I don't think that means she can teach history, but I'm just curious to know. 

On the plus side, I will be working on my Masters. 

Should I have tried for a minor in something?  

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1)how are you ruining the holidays?

by telling my mom that the peppers look like they have baby peppers in them

2)Why can I remember the Monty Python shrubbery joke but not that it's wrong to wear trouser socks with skirts?

3)How many items should an ebay store have to be successful?

4)Are you far behind on tv shows?

im french

ethics, man

Last night, a table of three walked out on their $60 bill. (I'm a server.)

It was busy and no one saw/knew what happened, but the owner decided we'd divide up the bill and pay it like this:

Me- $10
Girl who also worked my shift- $10
Guy who primarily served that table: $20
Owner: $20

I mean, me and the other girl had nothing to do with the table besides passing it when we walked by, but the guy who served them says he had no idea either. The other girl I worked with was kind of upset about having to pay $10, but I sort of got over it.

Do you think that sounds fair?

*If not, what should have happened?


TQC, I needed to be at the park half an hour ago. It's a ten minute walk from my house along the railroad tracks which are inhabited by hobos. However, if you drive it takes about fifteen minutes. If I wanted to drive, I would have to wait for my friend to get off work at 2:30. Should I wait or risk the walk?

If I take the tracks, should I take my dog with me, even though I would have to bring him home early and cut my visit short?

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Is it worth the embarrassment of being sung to in a crowded restaurant for a free piece of cake on your birthday?

Do you like the attention or do you just want to crawl under the table?

How could I have made the first question less awkward sounding?

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1.What was your last "Oh, duh" moment?

2. Where did you go on your last vacation?

3. What year did you graduate high school?

1. I just now realized it was my college's spring break. I'm in high school, and taking an online class at the college. Their breaks are usually different than ours, so I was confused when I went online, and my homework still wasn't due.

2. A spring training game, Giants vs. Angels in Phoenix and a U of A softball game in Tucson. Very exciting, eh?

3. I am this year.
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So i love "mean" cooking shows like Gordan Ramsey and Chopping Block. Do you have any links to mean food critic blogs? they just make me laugh so much.

What is the worst restaurant you have ever been to? please tell me all about it

(and by that i don't mean Mcdeath because that is automatically a bad place to be)

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1. Where should i go running?

as ridiculous as this is, i hate running in my neighborhood because everyone looks at you funny if you're not in a car. the school track is pretty much always occupied because our track team is kinda crazy haha. i could go run at the rec center but 1 mile=12 laps and that's not fun when you're counting 24 laps.

2. Can you convince me to go running in my neighborhood regardless of the weird looks?
3. Where do you go running?

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If you could stop the assassination of any one historical figure, which would it be?
And why?

ETA: Don't worry about ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time. I've taken care of that.

ETA 2: I have moved this problem into a parallel universe.

Silence Of The Lambs

I was just watching Silence Of The Lambs. At about 40 minutes into movie they are examining one of Buffalo Bills victims.

What is the white stuff they put under their noses before opening the body-bag? What is the purpose of it?
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Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? What colors? How old were you? Picture proof, please.

For those of you who dye their hair or otherwise damage it a lot, what are some of your favorite hair products for getting your hair somewhat back to normal (other than the obvious cutting it off)?
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Why doesn't anyone ever believe me when I tell them that I'm white power and totally racist?

How do you define racism? ( a question from my multi cultural studies class that I ironically got a 4.0 in)

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You are sitting in your house. It raining outside and quite chilly. You have a stash of lemon poppy seed muffins and a huge white chocolate egg.

What movie would you watch to occupy your time?
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I'm Bored, TQC.

Can you show me any interesting web comics or websites?
Do you have a favorite ghost story?
Do you have a favorite fan-fiction website? (yay fandom)

Aw yeah

How awesome are these shoes, on a scale of 1-10?

Keeping in mind that if I buy them, 5% of the money will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria (or so they SAY)! They're $57! I say it's to-tally worth it.

EDIT: Philistines!

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I've heard that if you paint your middle fingers with black nail polish, it means something, but I don't know what. 
Like, your nails are painted all one color, but then the middle fingers are black. Idgi. 
Anybody know?

Oh, and, what color are your nails, girls of TQC? 
doctor who - tardis

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What's your favorite not-so-well-known musical?

What's your favorite song from that musical?

Favorite character?

(I don't know the show very well, but the song "Comfort and Joy" from Batboy: the Musical is awesome)

(no subject)

Anybody seen the new broadway musical Spring Awakening?
Or read the book its based on?

If so, how many times did you see it?
If not, are you planning on seeing it?

Favorite song?
Favorite character?

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Do you have asthma?

What do you do when you're in the middle of your lungs semi-failing* and your inhaler is somewhere else? Meaning..Not at all where you are.

*= You can breathe..but it's wheezing and uncomfortable.

probably been asked before

Apart from general "hypocrisy"...
Why is it that Tyra Banks gets all bitchy/up in arms about models who are TOO THIN and unhealthy looking and how horrible this is for girls to look up to blah blah blah (on her talk show) and then she puts disgustingly thin models on the top model show?
I tried to find pics for examples...but I'm pretty sure they edit out the disgusting ribs because they are CLEARLY there in the show and not visible in the photos I can find (I'm watching the show now and I'm talking about Fatima, but I've seen it a few times before).

How can someone who is supposed to be a role model/spokeswoman for "real women" not called out on this?

tech problem. help help!

I went to the mall yesterday & bought Rockband.
It's a pretty cool game, besides the fact that my drums don't work.
I've tried plugging in the USB cord to every outlet in my PS2,
yet the game still doesn't recognized the drums are plugged in.
All my other stuff works, microphone, guitar, etc.

Has anyone had this problem?
I'm thinking i just got a faulty drum set.
Solutions, y/n?

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It is Easter and I am far away from home. I miss my family and I've just spent the past three hours snotting and bawling like an absolute lunatic. I don't want to be sad anymore, so can you cheer me up?

Post the funniest YouTube video, macro, picture, website, etc. you can find.

I need some serious cheering, people. Consider it your good deed for Easter Sunday.
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Forgive me, TQC, it has been about 26 posts since my last questions.

Could you please (pleasepleaseplease) tell me why my cd drive on my laptop is doing this?
Collapse )
Is it time to take anything and everything incriminating off of my laptop and take it to my colleges IT department? (Read: Porn)


Also, to those of you in college or recently graduated, or can remember this:
When you went to your parents house to visit, did you find it hard to stay for more than a week because your family started to irritate you and you were bored out of your mind? Normal, y/n?

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Do you know of any not-so-recent movies (let's say 1998 or earlier) that you'd really like to see remade?
What's the plot?
Why would it be a good remake?

Did you spend the weekend doing things you should've been doing or lazing around for a few days?
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My daughter came back from her grandparents' house with a lot of Easter candy.

Including Peeps.

My fiance won't eat them because he's a vegetarian and doesn't eat gelatin, and that's a whole lot of sugar for just me and my kid.

What can I do with two and a half boxes of Peeps?
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 Anyone else ever read "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max? 

Ever visit his website,

What do you think about this guy? Comedic genius or complete a$$hole?

big brother fans...?

Where is Big Brother?
It is past 8pm... and I see no BB on my television. :(  Why am I seeing a show about a seed vault?

ETA: My husband wanted me to wake him up at 8pm, but this is presumably because Big Brother is supposed to be on and we always watch it together.  Big Brother is not on.  Should I wake him up anyway, TQC?
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question the first
i'm bored, depressed, lonely, etc. & everything about my life sucks.

can you recommend for a person in my current state (so nothing too sad or deep or depressing) one or more:
a) tv show
b) movie
c) free internet game

if not &/or question the second
everything you are obligated to do tomorrow gets canceled! what do you do with your day?
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All right, TQC...

It's time to come clean...

Admit it...

What Reality TV show would you willingly be on?

I personally would SO go on Beauty and the Geek as a chick-geek, since they're aren't nearly enough of those on there. ;)

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o hai again, guise. yay for second post of the day~

my 19th birthday is on saturday, and my sister told me she would take me to get my nose pierced. i've been thinking about getting it for a while, but no one has really given me a straight answer to my question:

how painful is it? how is it to clean/maintain?

to make this more poster-friendly: what are you watching right now?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Asthma solved! Thanks!

Do you think it's possible that there are among us?

EDIT...No one got the reference.

New question.

Do you know who the hell Tenacious D is?
Did you know who they were BEFORE their movie?
Sally Hearts
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Happy Easter

Is there any thequestionclub member that you would like to give a shout-out to?
If so, who and for what?

Personally, I would like to thank verygwen for giving me that awesome risotto recipe. I made it today for Easter, and it was the first time I had ever made (or even eaten) risotto, and it was soooo good. Plus, it got rave reviews!
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Does anyone know what this movie is called? I can't remember for the life of me:

the movie is about a boy who reads a treasure island book and then is a character in the book or something like that, i remember that it wasn't like the other movies. this one had like pizza trees and sand sharks... I Don't know..
EDIT: it's not a cartoon, and I think it's a Disney movie.

Do you like to wear pants?

(no subject)

Would you rather have a mosquito constantly buzzing around you/biting you (you cannot kill it) for 24 hours or have sex with *daha* for no less than 5 but no more than 10 minutes?

Please explain why you chose the answer you did.
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So I'm going in tomorrow to have four impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed & the anesthesia part of the whole ordeal is freaking me out...

1a) Have you ever been sedated for some kind of medical procedure? (mine is going to be an IV)
1b) If so what did it feel like? Were you aware you were falling asleep? 

2) How should I stop myself from freaking out about all of the websites that warn people against the "dangers" of general anesthesia? (Its too late to remember not to google things I'm already worried about)

Sorry for the boring questions...

Wireless Q

I just reinstalled XP on this laptop, installed all the drivers, and all the apps. My wireless network is a WEP 128-Bit data encryption, but when I pull up the config, there's only an option for WEP. There isn't an option for WEP 128 on any of the Network Authentication's four options (Open, Shared, WPA, or WPA-PSK).
On Open and Shared, there's 'Disabled' and 'WEP'. On WPA and WPA-PSK there's "WEP", "TKP", and 'AES"
When I tried to put in the network key, it took it and let me online, but it kicks me off every few minutes and I have to reconnect. It also reduced my key down to about eight or nine letters instead of the twenty or whatever letters and numbers it is.

How in the world do I get this stupid thing to stay connected?
What's a good Tech comm to post this to if no one on here can help me or to ask future questions at?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite planet?

Have you ever seen an eclipse?

Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs?

If you had to choose between being the top scientist in your field or having Mad Cow Disease... what would it be?

(no subject)

So, I know there are doggie breath mints. But what do you do for a cat with bad breath? Their toothpaste is liver flavored or something, so I don't think that would do it.

What is your favorite vibrator?

Where did the wasp go? My cat pointed it out to me, I got a cup and a little book to catch it, but now IT'S GONE! I'm NEVER going to sleep if I don't find it!
The Dude Abides

Invoice ?s

What's the most you've ever spent on car maintenance?

What's the most expensive gas and/or power bill you've ever had?

Can you pay my bills?


Can you pay my telephone bills?


Do you pay my auto[mo'] bills?

The lee of teh stone?!?!!!!!

Deodorant questions

1. Do you use your deodorant until it's 100% gone, or do you throw it away when there's still usable stuff left? This is not counting the bit that's lower than the plastic that would require you to hurt your skin by scraping it on.

2. Do you buy a new stick before you run out of your current one, or do you wait until you throw the old one away?

3. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment/satisfaction when you use the very last bit of deodorant?
Give a dog a home

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TQC, today my mom told me that Barack Obama not only supports abortion, but if a baby that is intended to be aborted is brought out alive, then they kill it anyway.

TQC, is that true?

Would you rather have tons of live babies without health insurance, or health insurance for everyone but lots of dead babies?

How does your love know that you love him/her?

(no subject)

Let's say you're on birth control.  It's a time in your life when children are an absolute N-O.  Considering you take the pill very responsibly, would you let your partner cum in you with no other protection?
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Why has my ex been contacting me since my surgery? Is it because he is genuinely worried about me or did he just want to drop the bombshell "I may have a child"?

Have you ever had the perfect household situation re: house mates? Or is there always one that screws it up by being a lazy sod? Care to share stories of slobby house mates?

(no subject)

Apparently the quality of questions has been sorely lacking lately, so in an effort to bring TQC back to its full glory:

Can I douche your ass?

Whose ass would you like to douche?

Not an enema; those don't come in scents like "sparkling mountain rain", that I know of at least -- do enemas come in scents like sparkling mountain rain?

(no subject)

Who was the best detective on Homicide Life on the Street?
How about the worst/most annoying?
What's your favorite episode?

Falsone, he was icky the peach scene STILL grosses me out
Approved By The Comics Code Authority

(no subject)

You find yourself in Hell and Satan has challenged you to a battle. The stakes are simple, you must defeat him to keep your soul, and rescue your beloved [whatever] from eternal damnation. If you lose, you are forever doomed to a life of pineapple butt sodomy--unless you're into that sort of thing. Lucifer steps down into the arena and declares the battle to begin and he reaches down to his side and throws an object. You hear him call out, "GO JIGGLYPUFF!"

"JIGGLY!" You hear. It's ready for battle.

Your team is:
1 - Charizard
2 - Mudkip
3 - Fuck Yeah, Seaking!
4 - Abra
5 - Geodude
6 - Missingno.

Which do you use to defeat The Lord of Darkness?
you make baby jesus and luke cry, facepalm

a question about pets

dear question club:

my two roommates and i are moving into a house this may and were tossing around the idea of potential pets. we really want a dog, but it would have to be carefully negotiated with the landlord and time is also a concern. our next thought was a hedgehog, and this seemed like a perfect plan until we found out that hedgehogs are illegal in our state.

what would be a good alternative to a hedgehog?? rabbits/cats/gerbils are pretty much out of the question unless someone can provide a really compelling argument.
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I'm looking for a site, that involved solving riddles. I don't remember that much about the site, I only know that you had to answer the question in order to move on to the next, and that the first question involved creating an arrow out of a persons head.
also: if I remember correctly the site had a foreign sounding name, I'm not
sure however. :/

does anyone know which site I'm taking about?
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Easter Candy is smarter than me.

So, there was a big bowl of Easter candy at my husband's store.  He was absently picking through it and reading the crappy jokes off the Laffy Taffy.  One joke said this:

Q. Which garden has the most vegetables?

A. Flash Garden.

WTF?  Does ANYONE here know what that means?  Can you explain it to me?  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Why is it funny?  What's the joke?  I don't get it, none of his co workers get it, he doesn't get it, we need your halp, TQC!
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1. Do you know who Miranda July is?

2. What do you think of her?

3. Have you seen Me & You & Everyone We Know?

4. What did you think?

5. Have you visited ?

6. What password did you use? Why?

7. Have you visited ?

8. Have you taken part in any assignment?

9. Would you consider doing so? Why or why not?