March 21st, 2008


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If one of your friends called you and said they were too druck to drive home, would you drop what you were doing and go get them ?

I called 4 friends tonight asking them to coem get me from the bar and bring me home. One friend was at work. One friend said, don't worry, you'll be ok just drive reallll slow.
One said she was too drunk to drive too and would i come get her? and the last one noone answered. We have no cabs in my town, so I had to call my best friends mom and have her come get me. I'm jsut pissed that someone told me to drive and think I coulda made it

UTI Problems

Is it normal to have problems with orgasming after recovering from a UTI?

Had one, got antibiotics, it's gone... except now when I have sex the feeling builds, but there isn't ever a release. I can do it by myself just fine, but during actual intercourse, it just builds and then fizzles out.

Sure does suck.
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I have sixteen pages of an essay on the Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales, and there's no end in sight. It's going to be a pretty good paper (I'm talking about why people get married, and why the Wife of Bath likes being married so much), but I've got to have a rough draft in to my tutor by tomorrow morning, and I don't want to stay up until 3 a.m. again.

So, TQC, tell me your thoughts on Chaucer in general and the Wife of Bath in particular! Maybe it'll get my creative juices flowing again :)
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chicken or the egg

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Based on your answer, what's your reason?

My friends are having an argument on this, and I want to win! (We have no lives, but I don't care!)
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Have you ever heard of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers?

Did you know that when Roger Clyne was a member of The Refreshments, they wrote the theme song to King of the Hill? (I didn't until I heard it at the concert this evening.)
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TQC, I just had an excruciatingly miserable day because of boy problems. :/

Is it really shitty, finding out that someone likes you when you certainly don't like them back, and therefore deciding to have someone else tell the other person that you're not interested?

If you were the person being rejected, would you rather hear it from the person you like(d), or from someone else?

Is there anything you’d like to rant about?
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1. ) When's the last time you had a good cry? What was it over?

2. ) Any personal heroes? I'd say for me, Badou Nails (LOLZ icon), Patton Oswalt, and uh.. whomever made those parody G.I. Joe videos.

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Has it been so long that you feel like you've never danced with anyone?
Nevermind. It was a reference no one seemed to catch

But srsly,
Can you refer me to a good eye safe makeup remover? I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I'm tired of waking up looking like a raccoon, despite washing my face before bed.

If you have a cat, how vocal would you say it is? How would you rate its vocal range?
Mine is horribly vocal. All of my cats have the same meow except this one. He also makes random little noises like grunts and huffs.

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I don't have a question (I'll make one up at the end)

Collapse )

And my question is:

Has anyone ever been fooled by one of these scams before?
Is there any way I can keep from getting these calls (Other than blocking the individual numbers, which are almost always d/c immediately)?

And completely off topic

Why are people so confusing?
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hai tqc,
so my bf have been fighting for the past week and just had our biggest blowout (basically, he's trying to be considerate 'cause i have a lot of work to do, by not seeing me, but i need to see him, and i'm an inconsiderate bitch etcetc, and he disregards my depression...ugh)

so now, i want to get trashed til i pass out (yup, at home) while watching a movie.

what movie should i watch?

should i play a drinking game?

what's a good drinking game movie?

/edit: going to watch sicko, without any drinking.

has anyone seen sicko? did you like it?
what's your opinion of michael moore?

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I have a huge craving for sweets right now but there aren't any in the house and I'm broke, so I just ate a tablespoon of pure sugar. Is this normal? Have you done it?

ETA: Because I'm sure you care -- I made a cup of hazelnut tea with like two cups of sugar in it. It's reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllly good!
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When you comment on a post, do you read other threads below or above you, without commenting back? Do you feel like you're eavesdropping?
(ME: Yes and Yes)

When you're on the way home from a concert, do you play music in the car? Is it the same as the band/artist you went to see?
(ME: Absolutely not. I need quiet after a concert)
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does anyone have that picture where its a guy at a table trying to do homework and on theo ther side of the room there is the "internet"? will you post it for so i can show my friend?
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1. Why am I on this strange sleep schedule where I sleep for 8 hours and then stay awake for about 24 and then repeat?

2. When was the last time you slept in jeans? Why?

Oh yeah, ETA: What's the weirdest class your school offers/offered?

Anna Nicole

In late summer 2005 I saw a documentary on TV about Anna Nicole Smith. It featured some of her family members. I remember one of them (cousin, maybe?) had a tattoo of Anna Nicole, she said she had gotten it as a birthday present for her or something. There was also a pretty memorable quote that I loled about.. something along the lines of "...You take too many pills and they say you overdosed."

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd like to know what the program was called, and who this family member was.

Refuse to meet celebs?

Is there a celeb  that even if you were given the chance you would refuse to meet them? Someone you dislike so much that you would avoid meeting them despite their fame?

Me- I would refuse to meet Amy Winehouse, Although her music is ok she is disgusting trash. If I wanted a crack head to sing me a song I can find one in any city in America.
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left-over mucus?

I started getting a cold over a week ago. It was mostly over 2 days ago, but now my throat is starting to hurt again. It's more on the left side and I felt it with my finger and it feels kind of tight and maybe like there is a slight bump. Whenever I cough up anything the bump starts to feel better for a while. Could this be a left-over mucusy-booger bump? Has anyone ever had this? I just took a Mucinex in hopes of being able to cough it out.

If it still hurts like this tomorrow I'll be going to the doctor, as they will be closed on sunday.
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How sensitive are your eyes to light?
My boyfriend and I were talking. I can see when all of the lights are off. He can't. If I'm sleeping, and he turns a light on, I wake up. He can sleep through that. Also, I can barely drive around 1:00pm because it's too bright - even with sunglasses on. :(

Do you think it's fair that I had to take my picture of Matt Damon down while the chick who isn't in my office and is out on the actual reservations floor didn't have to take down her picture of Kiera Knightly (looking skanky, IMA!)?
I don't. :(

What famous landmark (natural or not) do you hope to see before you die?
I hope to see Ayers Rock in Australia - just because.

What are your favorite kind of post its?
I just got flower ones and they're bright and happy. :D
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Are you off from work/school today?  If so, is it considered a holiday or did you request the day off?

What are your plans for Easter?

Did you hear about the MI woman in the Florida Keys who died of a freak accident with a sting ray?  The sting ray jumped into her boat and hit her in the face.  The woman wasn't stung -- the imact killed both.  Crazy?


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What does the phrase "for the greater good" make you think of?

Do you think this would be a good advertising slogan?

It's become sort of an advertising slogan/motto for something in my town and to me the phrase has a fairly negative connotation - like suck it up because it's for the greater good, or we're going to screw over the individual for the greater good. But maybe that's just me. So what does that phrase make you think of?
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I know this question is asked semi-regularly, but here I go anyway.

Last night I had a dream that firefly062 had a baby girl and was really stressing out over something or other and asked me to watch the baby for her. Then the baby peed on me. firefly062 laughed. :(

Have you had a dream about another TQC member?

What's the last weird dream you had?

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1. Why is it that so many people are anti-religion?  Not just they don't believe in God, but they HATE religion.  It's not okay to be racist or homophobic, but it's okay to hate people who are religious and their religion.

2. Do you think that if Clinton or Obama gets elected, and does poorly, a large percentage of Americans will say "We'll that's why we shouldn't put a woman/non-white in office?  Do you think it would set us back in that sense?

3. How do you copy movies to your computer and then burn them onto a DVD?

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1. Jesus rises from the grave on Sunday. Unlike most zombies, which feast on the living, Jesus prefers we feast on his body every following Sunday (Eat of my body, drink of my blood). Is Jesus a Bizarro-World zombie?

2. If Zombie Jesus bites you, are you 'saved'?

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I'm in charge of fund raising for my son's school...I HATE candy sales and catalog sales...I want to do something different next fall(we do a theme tray auction in the spring)

Has anyone heard, been to, or run a "Vendor Fair"??
I know you invite vendors like Tupperware and Avon but how do you charge them...flat rate or % of sales?
Did you make a lot of money (we need about $11,000)???

Grrrr!  Arrrr!

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1. Should I dye eggs tomorrow?

2. What's the last thing you ate?

3. If you died this week, what picture of you would you want blown up and placed at the front at your funeral? (Show me it, please!)
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1:How old are you today?

2:What is your favorite day of the year?

3:What is on the floor in your closet?

4:What is the number of keys on your key ring?

5:Have you ever driven a motorcycle or heavy machinery?

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My girlfriend and I are a year on Sunday. Unfortunately, we're also LDR, at the moment. I'm trying to think of something I can do for her on Sunday from this distance. Any ideas?

If you've got NCAA brackets going, how'd you do yesterday? (I picked 10 of 16 correctly.)

Can I be in somebody's Sims game? I always miss out...

Would you like to be my secretary?

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I just got the official word my promotion/transfer was approved!!

The new job comes with a significant pay raise, a nice increase in my annual bonus percentage and best of all it's no longer in Network Operations/Support!

So TQC, how should the wife and I celebrate?
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1)should I spend money on board games or comic books?

2)should I save my money instead? difficulty: will certainly quit job in May.

3)should I spend money on beads? difficulty: I made extra money selling jewelry

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1. How do you attract birds to a feeder?
I have had a bird feeder up for weeks and I haven't seen one stinkin bird.

2. I just reached my hand in a vase that I keep my spare change in and my hand got caught. I panicked. If I broke the face I could slice my wrist. What would you do in this situation?

3. I have a scratch ticket. Will I win?
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What is the newest item of clothing you are wearing?  When did you get it?

What is the most expensive thing you are wearing (clothes, jewelry, etc)?  How much did it cost?
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Is there some one you know IRL (well I guess online too, either way) who everyone is all like "omg they are so great" but you can't stand them?

Will you tell me about them and why people think they're great?

Why, in your opinion, are they not great?

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1. What is something awesome to grab for lunch from Whole Foods?

2. Do you wear deodorant, the dreaded anti-perspirant, or are you au natural?

1. i don't know. you tell me!

2. deodorant. actually, that strange mineral salt block thing. it really works though. i'm never stinky and hopefully won't get cancer now.

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I need help finishing this song. Please?

To the tune of Happy Birthday:

Happy Easter you Jew
Happy Easter you Jew
You killed our messiah
(And you)....(too)

Easter's coming up quick and I need it by then!


Guilt Trips & Lies

Do you use guilt trips?

What have you used one for lately?

Do you like them?

If you use them, does it piss you off when someone else uses them against you?

What's the biggest lie that YOU told?

Have you ever told a lie that blew up in your face or hurt someone?

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Hey I have to do a project in regards to taking a picture either relating to chemistry or physics. I have to be able to explain my picture in 2 pages and I am confused in regards to what I should write about. If any of you guys have suggestions about physics or chemistry in the home which I can take a picture of..........I'll greatly appreciate it!!!

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1. Why are you especially awesome today? (Or, if you are not, what can you do to be especially awesome, and will you do it?)

Collapse )

2. My town is so windy all the houses sound like they're screaming. What do I do to stop pissing my pants in fear every four minutes of the day?

3. Would you rather die from the death by a thousand cuts or get all of your flesh nibbled off slowly by somewhat hungry but not particularly voracious piranhas?

4. What is the best thing you have ever learned or discovered through TQC?

LOL MONEY, HANDS DOWN (as well as LOL Bunny and LOL Moet). We will be recording our video response called LOL Monet in the RISD Museum this coming week.
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Toilet paper OCD

Does your toilet paper have to go over or under, or do you even care?  If you do care, when you are at someone elses house will you change it?

eta: I have to have it over, it seriously bugs me if it is under.  I have had a level of OCD that I would flip it at other peoples houses, but have gotten myself over that. haha. 

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I e-mailed a professor of mine with a concern that I wasn't getting a 100% in lab even though I felt I deserved it (Doing all requirements, which were to just show up, have your work done and participate... And I participated a ton) and she responded back to me saying that no one got a 100% and that was an unrealistic goal for me or for anyone else.

TQC, does that make any sense to you?

ETA: Dangit, I guess that does make sense.
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I've been invited to an 'all white' engagement party, what should I go as? (besides the traditional bride/angel/ghost).

I'm thinking escaped mental patient, straight jacket and all.
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In honor of a potentially sweet new job and Spring...

I just secured a job interview for next week and it sounds like I've got a pretty good shot at getting the position (based on my resume, they're willing to train me at part-time for a month or so before taking the full-time position when I graduate in May).

What good news have you gotten recently?

For those who have one nearby, did you get your free Rita's ice yesterday? Did you try the new birthday cake flavor?

Milkshakes or smoothies? What's your favorite flavor?
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Which is better?

To have class on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday?

Or to have class on Tuesday, every other Wednesday, and Thursdays?

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday classes are 6-9pm. Wednesdays would be 6-10pm.

ad nonsense

Is anyone here familiar with Google's AdSense?

I have a blog through and I am considering signing up for it, not for personal revenue for myself, but I was thinking that any revenue I get I want to send to a charity of my choice. (I am aware that I cannot advertise this fact on my blog, it's not fair for the advertisers and I think it may be against AdSense's TOS, but it is something I would do anyway.)

I doubt my blog will ever be high volume- just my friends and family read it, less than 20 people lol. Estimating 20 clicks a day with a cost per click pricing system, do you think this will ever generate a good amount of revenue, or will the revenue generated be negligible?

Thanks. :-)
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will you join this community?
[removeded, for rules]

will you answer each of these questions in a separate comment?

what did you have for breakfast?

edits: the last question is actually the most important, since i haven't had breakfast yet and i need inspiration 'cause i'm hungry.

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1. Do you have anything interesting in your bathroom? What is it?

I have a signed photo of Jim Irwin on the moon that says, "Tim, Reach for your dreams, aim high!" I got it when I was maybe 6 or 7, and I thought I was really hilarious for putting it over the toilet.

2. There was a thread the other day about Shakespeare that made me wonder if people were more interested in him than I'd actually thought. I was thinking about starting a community (or maybe a blog somewhere else) where I'd pick a passage, offer whatever my MFA in dramatic criticism is worth in thoughts on it, and then let people discuss it. Think there's any market for that?

Edit: I just created readingthebard. Mods, if this counts as using a post to pimp a community, let me know and I'll put this up in updates instead.

3. Drew Carey is a terrible replacement for Bob Barker, y/y?

zombies ate my _______.

In your opinion, what makes a good horror movie?

And what movie would you recommend?

The bf and I are on a horror movie kick - both a fan of zombies, but have been fairly disappointed with Day of the Dead, the original Night of the Living Dead, Zombie Town, and Returning of the Living Dead 1 & 2. In my opinion, a good horror movie consists of slighly realistic gore, and atleast slightly more than half "horror" verses dialouge. Which I think is why we weren't impressed with any of those zombie films. There was too much dialouge, and not enough zombie, haha.

So gimme what ya got!
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What politician do you hate the most?

Apparently, my office closed for the holiday 20 minutes ago, but we're all still here working.  When do you think I'll actually get to leave?

manga avatar

Will you solve this puzzle?

This mathematical derivation proves that every number is actually zero, and that 2 = 1. This rewrites mathematics as we know it. However, there is a major, yet subtle flaw. What is this flaw?

a = b
a^2 = a b
a^2 - b^2 = a b - b^2
(a + b)(a - b) = b(a - b)
a + b = b

Therefore, a = 0, 2b = b, and 2 = 1 (if you let a = b = 1).
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I have a very dear friend called Katie who is 21 years old.  We've known each other since the 3rd grade.  She's studying abroad in India.  Last night I got a call saying that she died suddenly and nobody knows any details.  I can't really talk about it without crying hysterically but I've been asked to break the news to any of our mutual friends who don't already know.

Thing is, the only two people left are abroad for spring break and can only be reached through the internet, which is really impersonal.  So, tqc, if you were enjoying your spring break abroad, would you want to log in to your email and read that your friend had died or should I wait until they're home?  


Have you ever wished for something via some kind of medium (on a star, blowing out birthday candles, at 11:11, etc) and had it come true? Did you later regret it, or was it entirely awesome?
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Girls (or guys with long hair?), can you braid your own hair if it's long enough? What about something simple, like putting it in pigtails and keeping them smooth? How did you learn to do your hair? Is there some trick, or something?

I realized that at seventeen, it's totally pathetic that I have to get my mom to put my hair in a ponytail or braids or something. For seven years I detested doing my hair or dressing in a way that made me feel attractive, so I left my hair hanging in front of my face and I wore shirts three sizes too big for me. Now, I'm pulling out of that, but it's left me fundamentally incapable of basic beauty-type skills. Help, TQC! D:

Edit: WHY DOES MY NOSE ALWAYS ITCH/RUN WHEN I GO TO WORK? I work concessions at a movie theater and so I cannot scratch or wipe it as much as I want. BWAH. D:

I have to wash some of my work ties because they are getting dirty. How do I do this?
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What are some background soundtrack type songs from movies/TV shows/video games/whatever, that make you...

1. Get all goosebumpy?

2. Want to kick some ass?

3. Kri?

4. Happy?

5. Want to go on some epic quest?

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I just got the movie Tape with Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, and Uma Thurman. I have to wait til tonight to watch it with my boy and our friends, but I was wondering (since I'm the one who wanted to watch it) has anyone seen this movie? Could a room full of guys enjoy it?
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Do you take surveys online for money? If so, what websites do you use?

My boyfriend came over last night while fairly sick (had been vomiting and was not very coherent). We shared spoons and slept in the same bed together. What is the chance that I will get super sick as well?

Should I play The Sims 2, or read my book?

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today is the first day of my spring break. then why does it look like this outside?

why does my yahoo tell me i have four messages when i only have two?

why am i still sick?

are you having a good day?

i've been a fat ass all day, but i'm still hungry. should i just fuck being skinny and continue shoving food in my face?

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1)when this year, if at all, will your car be covered in pollen?

maybe around april?

2)will there be a bonaza of half off chocolate on monday?

3)How many cats do you think one person can reasonably have in their house?

eta: what ps2 games should I become obsessed with?
I get motion sick when playing games sometimes. ;_;
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Have you taken any pictures today?


If yes, what?

Do you agree with Tina Fey that Jon Stewart makes people clap more than he makes them laugh?


Who do you think was the most talented member ever to be on a Saturday Night Live cast?
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(no subject)

Who is this??

(Yes, the photo has been shopped. And not by me. That's why I'm trying to figure it out.)

What is your favorite kind of bread?

Does anyone still want an icon about the post from yesterday?
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In regards to this post:

Thank you for all your sympathy and your thoughtful replies.  I felt completely lost and needed someone to do the thinking for me.

A friend of ours made a facebook memorial and invited all of her and Katie's mutual friends to it.  I thought that that would be the worst way to find out so I ended up emailing the bad news to my friends abroad.

Since there has to be a question, have you ever suddenly lost anyone close to you? Tell me about it.
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I'm kind of bored, TQC.
Should I drive two hours to my moms tonight instead of tomorrow morning?

Should I make brownies or cheesy tuna stuff for dinner? Or should i go to the store and get a pizza?

When is the last time you have washed your sheets?

What do you do if a boy is leading you on and has a girlfriend? (or girl/boyfriend if applies)

(no subject)

What's your favorite form of exercise that can be done indoors in a small amount of space and with minimal equipment (i.e., nothing larger or more expensive than a yoga mat, jump rope, and things of that nature)?

I know most people are probably going to say "sex, lol!", but serious answers are appreciated too.

(no subject)

What is the most unusual hobby that you have that others might find odd?

I raise butterflies during the warm season. I have a butterfly garden that attracts butterflies to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch I then move the caterpillars to bins on my patio to keep them safe from predators (wasps and lizards). When they become butterflies I release them back into the wild. Last season I released over 100 butterflies. I'm looking to get an seperate extension to my patio so I don't have to keep them in bins and the butterflies can hang out a couple of days inside before releasing them.

ETA: Pictures as requested.

Pictures here with commentary

More pictures

(no subject)

Does anyone here use a car adapter to play their Ipod?

I want to buy one for my car but i have no idea what kind.

If you have one what kind do you use? Do you like it? Does it charge your Ipod too?

berry tart


Do you have an OCD/ICD? [obsessive compulsive disorder]
What is it?
How long have you had it?

I have trichotillomania. I pull out my hair. I've had it for 9 years.
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So, me, my SO, and two friends (who are a couple) are spending three nights in a hotel to attend an event. My SO cannot stay the first night due to some extenuating circumstances. I've invited a friend of mine (we had a somewhat rocky friendship previously) to stay with me the night my SO won't be there.

My SO really does not like this kid, who also used to have a huge crush on me. How upset do you think he'll be when he finds out? (He knows someone is staying the first night other than him, but he did not ask who). Do you think this was a bad idea?

I think it's going to be hilarious.

(no subject)

Hey TQC, I'm not in a good mood... this is the first time I've cried in months.

Can you show me something to make me laugh? Suggest some music( I like the hush sound and the horrorpops right now.), or tell me a joke?

much appreciated.

ETA: The music doesn't have to make me laugh.

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***EDIT*** So it's, "I shot a man in Reno..." I'm not a fan of Johnny Cash, so I didn't know that. Thanks for your help guys!

 "I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die." 

I never knew where that came from. I did a Google search for the quote and it says Johnny Cash. Anyone know the song?
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What's one thing that bothers you really badly, but people don't seem to understand why you get so angry/upset over it?

For me, it's having people go through my sketchbooks or poems. That shit is private, and I don't want you looking unless I ask you to. There's a fucking reason those things have covers on them. People don't get what it is, but drawings, poems, etc can be totally private. Sometimes, it can be like them picking up your diary or whatever and just reading it. I guess it's sort of hard to explain.

Drama Momma

Do you feel its okay to invite someone else's boyfriend over for a movie night, and not their girlfriend?

EDIT:: Now you are the girlfriend in question.

What if you are friends with the person having the party?

What if you know that the person having the party doesn't like the two of you dating?

Would you confront them?

There is only two other people there, and they are hooking up, and she used to be with your boyfriend, has your opinion changed?
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HALP! Motivate me to clean the mess that is covering a good portion of my house, would you please?

When was the last time you felt like a fatass?

If you could eat any food with the color blue in it right now, what would it be?

(no subject)

What should I do tonight? My choices include:

- Going to a drag show with one good friend and lots of people I don't know
- Going ice skating with my guy friend, another boy I kinda like, and his girlfriend
- Randomly calling other friends staying at school over Easter and tagging along
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My mom made some chicken with cream of mushroom soup, it's pretty delicious. What other soups could you make chicken with to make it delicious?

Do you prefer beef or chicken?

Chicken or turkey?

(no subject)

Have you ever accidentally seen anyone you know in porn? Who was it? How did it make you feel? Did you ever mention it to the person? How did they react?

I figure, with all the porn out there, this has to happen fairly often.

(no subject)

You are the writer and director of a new film that depicts
1950’s and/or 1960’s America through the lens (no pun intended) of popular culture. You
are seeking funding for your film, thus you need to persuasively articulate that your film
is both interesting and important. In your proposal you should do the following: 1)
Describe your film and its title; 2) Describe who or what the central character, plot, and
themes would be; 3) Describe what event(s) would be shown in the film and how they
reflect the social and political situations of 1950’s-60’s America; 4) Discuss how your
film would be similar to, or different from one or more that we’ve viewed in class. How would you write this proposal?

(no subject)

how can I trick TQC into answering my homework questions without letting them know I'm asking homework questions??? My teacher gave us strict guidelines for the essays :(
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Why do americans seemingly hate telemarketers with a passion?

Are you a telemarketer? If so, what company do you work for?

Do you play videogames? If so, what are you currently playing?

What's your haul after your last visit to the mall?

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where do you shop? what range of money do you spend, in general, on clothes, shoes, accessories?

did you brush your hair today? what about your teeth?

are you wearing jewelery?

what was the last website you visited besides livejournal?

what did you, or are you having for dinner?

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Everyone remember Sold Out games? They published stuff like Gangsters: Organised Crime. Well, now I can't seem to find their website, nor Hothouse Creations' site. I wanted to find them and ask if they still held the copyright for the images used in their games, but I can't find them anywhere to ask...

What should I do?
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Hey TQC!! I'm looking for something new to read! Want to suggest some of your favorite books and authors for me??

Bonus question, are you on

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This is the last time I post something like this, I promise.

But can you kind people tell me which movies these screenshots are from? Or if you can point me in the right direction by naming an actor in them.
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really, last time, I promise.

I think this is "mask"
Also: do you know any movie which can be summed up by 'bulldozer' , 'motors' and 'planet vulcan(us)'?

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I was noticing, as I sit here eating for billionth time today, that when I'm not preoccupied (read: spring break) I think about food CONSTANTLY. I think it's the default thought in the my brain, like its screen saver.

How often do you think about food in the average day?

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Shit. I've lost my phone. I can't look around very well for it because my ankle is borked and I'm scared it's about to lose a charge. Will anyone be willing to call me? Found it! Thank you!! (Just in time, the battery is all blinky)

What's the last thing you lost?

Are there any songs you like despite lyrics you hate?

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 I walked ten blocks to the retaurant I work at (and ten back!) to bring my sis something in really cute uncomfortable shoes (white peep toe sling backs) because the hottie server was working tonight.  Not that he'd notice the shoes, but I felt cute in them, despite the firey pain.

What stupid thing have you done lately?  But srsly these shoes are cute.

Talk to me

I'm going to the cinema tonight, should I watch Shutter or Doomsday?

I'm hungry as hell and the only places near the cinema are Joe's American Bar and Grill or Chili's. Which one should I stuff my gut at?

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So I live with my boyfriend and his parents and have been living with them for about a year.
His father eats ALL of our leftovers and drinks ALL of our booze. Usually, I hide things in our room but for some stuff that needs to stay cold, I try to hide in the fridge (like the veggie drawer). HE FINDS IT ALL THE TIME and it's starting to get really annoying.

So, TQC, what are some ways to keep him from eating all of our food/drinking our booze?
(Serious and hysterical answers are okay, I'm desperate!)

ETA: I do pay rent, I buy my own food and we are currently apartment hunting. Also, I work two jobs so that we can move out.
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I'm watching M*A*S*H reruns.

1. What was Radar's teddy bear's name?

2. Who in pop culture has a teddy bear named Radar?

Cookies to those who answer and don't invoke the name of Google...
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