March 20th, 2008


Oh woe.

So 14 of my relatives who live in Ireland are visiting Orlando. I live in the Tampa area and plan on going there to visit with them. The only problem is that my father will be there too. I haven't seen nor spoken to my father since October 2005. A ton of shit happened and it ended in him basically throwing a vacuum at me and me calling the cops. The last I heard from him was that he had hoped I would have died when I totaled my car a month later. Now I feel as though I should try and talk to him again, but there is no way that I'm going to apologize to him. And I'm fairly certain he won't be anxious to say sorry either. We're both very stubborn people, to a fault.

Anyway on to the question: How do you act like an adult and say sorry when you don't really feel that you were wrong?

When was the last time you had to make amends with someone?

Do you hold grudges?

My cat is sleeping inside my purse. How cute is that?

(no subject)

Have you ever just stopped liking someone?

I have a friend that I'm just not liking anymore. It could be that she's totally fucking another friend of ours over, but mainly she hasn't changed, I'm just realising she's a giant skankadelic toolbag.
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that time of the year

(i lj-sought and didn't see anything super-recently)

so, if you have them, what're your picks for the NCAA tournament?
is your team in the tournament?
any other college basketball-related comments you'd like to make?
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Are you colorblind?

Do you know anyone who's colorblind? Who?

What's your favorite color?

What's your least favorite color?

Is your blood blue inside your body and then turns red when it hits the air?
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(no subject)

1. what kind of cell phone do you have?

2. what's your main ringtone?

3. what song are you listening to right now?

4. what's your number one most listened to song in your music player of choice?

5. what's your favorite song of all time?

(no subject)

Assume you're with your male significant other.

1.  If you saw a man pissing in his car (while standing outside of the car), who then proceeded to wave his erect, pissing dick at you, from about 10-15 feet away, what would your significant other be most like to do?

2.  What would you WANT the significant other to do?

What the hell?

Ok, I am confused. I have a few shows on my TiVo that have been saved until i deleted. I went through this afternoon, knowing that I would have time to watch them tonight. I go to watch the three House episodes that i had saved, and all but one are there. They are not in the deleted list, they are just....gone. They were there earlier, as in two hours ago, and now they have vanished. Is my TiVo possessed? Did the episodes just vanish? I know i can download them, but I have to send my laptop in to be fixed in the next few days, so not an option.

Any thoughts? Everything else is there, they are not in the deleted things, and this is just odd. Help! I just want to know if I need a new TiVo!?!

Freezing yourself to time travel into the future.

Assume that cryogenic technology is advanced enough to safely unfreeze a person very far into the future (currently you wouldn't be able to recover anyone at all).

How far into the future would you want to 'time travel' using this cryogenic technology?


1. Iff other people you know agree to it, they can be frozen just as long as you are.

2. You get only ONE chance to use it, so you can't go back in after being unfrozen.

3. You can only specify a time period for unfreezing, NOT a condition of the world under which you'd be unfrozen.
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1. How do you go to sleep at night? With a light, or in total darkness? With music, or silence? TV on, or off?
I use a sleep mask, so total darkness. I like to listen to SIRIUS Symphony Hall to go to sleep, and I get that on Dish Network, so TV on.

2. If you use a sleep mask, what does it look like?
Mine is a blue and green patterned thing I'm using until I get my Holly Golightly sleep mask.

3. What time is usually bedtime, if you have one, and when it's left up to you, how long do you normally sleep?
I would like to get a normal bedtime down of about 11 pm, but usually I'm up until 2 am, at least. I would probably sleep about 10 hours before I crossed the "too much sleep, will be tired all day now" threshold.

4. What sleeps with you? Pillows? People? Pets?
Pillows. In Goldilocks fashion, two homemade ones that are just right, and a Pooh Bear pillow pal that I've had for years.

5. Do you dream and actually remember them? What do you dream about? Anything recurring?
Rarely do I remember my dreams. Sometimes I do, but they're either really fucking weird or like a rom-com. Nothing recurring, but I do go to a lot of concerts in my dreams, haha.

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Tonight I saw one of our regular homeless guys scrounging for half-smoked cigarette butts in the rain (ew). Sad! I felt so badly for him, I bought him a pack of of cigarettes. He seemed grateful but now I'm wondering, would he have been better off with the 7 bucks?

I don't know. What would you have done?

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you felt so pleased with yourself?

I touched my hair which has somehow become silky in the last two days (I dyed it deepest of purples and now it's laying like a silky little hankie on my scalp, whereas previously it felt so ghetto and disgusting) and I felt like I'd triumphed over everything.

Also when I was on the toilet and peeked down and this really beautiful stream of bloody mucus was suspended out of my cooter and forming tiny patterns in the water. I thought, "Wow. I did that!"

2. Why did my buffalo wings come with a non-crispy skin that's about half an inch thick and the texture of rubber?

The inside is all cooked and tasty but I've never experienced chicken skin that thick (and disgusting) in my life.

3. What's the deal with lambskin condoms? Are they actually made out of lamb intestines? Does that technically make your penis a sausage?

(no subject)

1. Should I go to sleep(3:23AM), or stay up and do something that's not very productive?
2. What toilet paper brand do you use?
3. Do you wear glasses/contacts? If so are you near-sighted or far-sighted?

(no subject)

Do you have mad Google-fu skill?
no; I sook at google-fu :(

How early is too early to be buying wine?
idk, it's why I am asking.

Does it feel like Easter snuck up you?
It does me! I thought I had time to order something online! HA!

Have you ever come here thinking you had an AWESOME question to ask... and then forgotten what it was you were going to ask.
Basically every time I press that little pen button LOL.. o_0

(no subject)

Do you like or dislike Microsoft Office Word 2007? Why/why not?
I like it. However everyone I talk to seems to hate it and I'm not too sure why. Just yesterday I discovered it can do citations for you--all you have to do is instert the info!

(no subject)

I'm going on a Carribbean cruise this coming December. I desperately need fashion advice! I hear I will need some formal wear. Is a gown appropriate or overkill? (I'm looking at one on Ebay.) Short cocktail dress instead? Norwegian is the cruise line.

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How wrong is it that this makes me lol EVERY TIME I see a headline for it?

This leads to a few srsly pressing questions:

1a) If you decided to sit on the toilet for two years, would more than just one person notice?

1b) Is there someone in your life that cares enough to save you from your butt cheeks growing over the toilet seat, or would they just bring you chicken wings and call it a day?

2. How are you today?

3. Do you have pets? Are they your babies, or do they just happen to live in the same house as you? Do you have a favorite? Don't pretend like you don't. Pics?
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Strep Throat, it kills

Alright, Doctor TQC...

Can a person get strep throat a week after having strep throat? Or is it still the same strep that hasn't gone away?

I had strep throat last week, took two whole days off work to sleep (and started a 10 day amoxicillin treatment), and now I think I have strep again.

Why won't it leave me alone?

(no subject)

Would a server ever refuse to sell you alcohol because your driver's license was expired?

No, I hope...because I know a certain 21 year old who might take that poorly. (I'm speaking of tonight when we go out to a pub, by the way, for those kind people concerned that he may never get a valid ID.)

(no subject)

Is it too early in the morning for an academic question?

EDIT: Ok guys, you only have yourselves to blame for this:

What do you think of libertarian paternalism?

The wiki article on it is kind of crappy. Basically the idea is that you can't avoid influencing people's choices (something as simple as the order in which you present options has a pretty substantial effect on what option is chosen) so you might as well influence them in a manner that is beneficial to the person/society. So instead of an opt-in policy for organ donation you should have an opt-out one, in a cafeteria you should put the fruit before the dessert (or the dessert in a separate room entirely).
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After reading the awesome story from naughtydolphin about the Sims Asylum, I have the urge to create my own.
Who wants to be in it this time?
Edit: Ok, the list is:
1. poo
2. omgcrazypants
3. crazyzoo8886
4. shinga
5. twystedfate
6. nerdtopian
7. audacian
8. lai_lai_ranma

Also, is everyone in TQC ill? I just read through at least 5 straight sick posts.
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i just realized there's usually a bathroom/toilet in every single dream i have. sometimes they're really awesome, but there's always something wrong in them.

what do you think this means?

what's the strangest dream you can remember having?

do you daydream a lot?
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TQC rollcall

There are over 10,000 TQC members, and over 4,000 actually have TQC on their friends list.

Do you think we could get 5000 comments on a post?



eta: luckily, I turned emailing comment notifications off, i have a feeling that was a good idea.

ETA: As of 11:26 am, EST, we are at 237. C'MON PEOPLE.

- 11:48 am EST: 454 comments.

- 12:02 pm EST: 591 comments

- 12:19 pm EST: 844 comments

- 12:29 pm EST: 1002 comments!!! KEEP GOING, GUYS.

- 12:47 pm EST: 1337 comments.

- 2:28 pm EST: 2793 comments (sorry, I went to lunch.)

- 2:33 pm EST: 3050 comments.

- 2:47 pm EST: 3289 comments.

- 3:17 pm EST: 3859 comments.

- 3:27 pm EST: 3999 comments.


- 3:39 pm EST: 4243 comments.

- 3:51 pm EST: 4541 comments. I SEE THE LIGHT.

- 4:00 pm EST: 4719 comments.

- 4:04 pm EST: 4825 comments.

- 4:07 pm EST: 4935 comments.

- 4:09 pm EST: 5007 comments. Sorry, this entry already has the maximum number of comments allowed.

If someone makes an icon commemorating this as someone suggested, please post it in tqc_updates. Thanks to all who commented in this epic post.

(no subject)

 I need a new pair of headphones for my iPod. I'm willing to spend up to $50.  I usually only use my iPod when I work out, so I would prefer really comfy earbuds or the ones that go around your ears.

Any recommendations?

(no subject)

So, TQCers, how is your day going?

What is the weirdest headline you have read recently?

Do you have any scars from childhood that are still noticeable?

Are you experiencing any crazy weather where you are at?

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1. Can you dance like an Egyptian?

2. Do you wear a robe?

3. Do you collect anything? If so, what?

4. How are you sleeping?

5. What hurts?
by crop-crop-crop

(no subject)

Hey TQC - could you help?

Forgive me if this is overly naive - I don't know as much as I should about these things.

Collapse )

*As far as I knew, to get a deductible refund, you had to dispute it or at least do SOMETHING. Is that true, or do insurance companies just regularly do this type of thing without informing you?
*Should I call the glass company/insurance company and ask why, risking them taking the money back if it turns out they messed up? Or should I just pretend it never happened?
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SO, I found this report just now about a murder that happened several months ago.
I know the sister, Becky, mentioned in the story b/c she's one of my SIL's best friends. It's creeping me out quite a bit.

This is the second highly-publicized murder where I knew someone involved, the first being when a coworker on the office tennis team with me was murdered by someone in another department b/c they were bothing having an affair with one of my supervisors. Then the murderer tried to kill her husband and my friend was working in the emergency room at the hospital when the husband was brought in.

Anyone else here ever find themselves connected to shocking news stories? How does that make you feel?

(no subject)

What movies do you recommend that have best friends falling in love with each other? (Both of them falling for each other, not one like in My Best Friend's Wedding... but they don't have to fall for each other at the same time, it can be unrequited for a long time)
edit: It doesn't have to be the whole premise of the movie, but their relationship together does have to end happily.
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So. Damn. Sleepy.

I haven't been able to sleep through the night in a week and a half, and I'm tired of it.

Do you think if I staggered an OTC sleep aide (like Advil PM, perhaps), that would help? Or would it kill me via my liver going on strike?

What do you do for insomnia?
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Kissing Parts

Shopping Time!


I have a formal event coming up for which I need a hot pink/black dress (to match my hot pink/black Chucks, naturally). Can be any length, canNOT be super-revealing. Pictures a plus. What are your suggestions?

Edit: Wow, guys, I do know what formal means. However, having spent 7 1/2 years in the military, I'd actually like to have on COMFORTABLE shoes at the Marine Corps ball this year. I didn't mean I was wearing them to a wedding or to meet the president or something.

Edit 2: The icon? It's a joke, guys. Seriously. I'm not a 17 year old fangirl who thinks that Avril is the mother of punk music.
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dark silence

lying liars and the lies they tell... but why?

I keep noticing random, pointless little lies that people tell that ends up getting them into more trouble than it saves. For example... a friend's car is in the shop, the guy who offered to loan the money for the repairs asked if she was going to be busy over the weekend, so she invented a trip out of town. The guy? Instead of paying the car tomorrow when its done, decided he's going to wait until she's "Back from her trip" so now she has to find a reason to not go on her 'trip' so she can get the car back before the weekend.

Other things, I dunno. My ex used to tell stupid stupid pointless lies. About everything, but he was compulsive. He could be standing next to the overflowing garbage and insist he's already taken it out... or holding the eviction notice and swearing he paid rent... right up until he opened his wallet and oh look, there's the money order, all dusty from sitting there for weeks when he was too lazy to go drop it off...

So. Lies, what silly, strange, or pointless ones do you tell?
Any interesting ones? Funny ones?
What unforseen complications have you caused by them?

Stories acceptable also from witnesses, or the lie-ee (Thats not a word is it, the person that got lied to.)

I sometimes catch myself lying about silly little things, like what I had for dinner. The wrong thing slips out by accident and then I'm like "What? Why did I say that? Is mcdonalds faux pas now? ah well...."

Mostly I just exaggerate things to make 'em sound more interesting. Its in the details, y'know.
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Easter Eggs (yes the DYED ones)

For those celebrating Easter:

1. How do you like to dye your eggs? (good old-fashioned Paas dye tablets? the fancy egg dyes like tie-dyed, glitter, painting eggs, etc?)
2. Do you write on them with the magic crayon before dying them? :)
3. Do you eat the whole egg, or just the white/yolk?
4. Do you get cascarones with your other Easter eggs?
5. What do you like to find in your Easter Basket?
6. Also...which part of the chocolate bunny do you bite into first?
6a. Solid or Hollow?

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(no subject)

 I just found out I have to write my own performance evaluation at work. I've worked here for over 2 years and have had 2 other reviews, both of which my manager did. Not this year, and not in this group apparently. I've also worked at other companies where I didn't have to write my own (and some of those managers were dumb as rocks). I think this makes the whole process look like a joke. So my question is, what should I write?

Also, have you ever had to write your own evaluation?

This isn't a self-evaluation. We have a screen where we write down our accomplishments and goals and such. The one I'm talking about is the actual evaluation. The manager doesn't do one. Well, they're supposed to...they just....don't.

(no subject)

You HAVE to give someone a sponge bath (community service or blackmail, whatever). Here's the list of dirty, dirty people. Who do you sponge down?

80 year old grandmother
13 year old boy
Porn actress
Homeless man, 40s
Obese woman (400lbs)
Pre-op transsexual man
Double amputee (legs)
Porn actor
15 year old girl
80 year old grandfather
Extremely anorexic girl
Midget/little person, male
Ann Coulter

(no subject)

I just got a rejection letter from a job I really wanted. When was the last time you were/felt rejected?

In silly teen movies does the nerdy best friend guy ever really love the pretty ugly girl more than the jock does?

What cliché best suits your current or last SO?

Favorite Japanese Food meal?
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Arrested Development

(no subject)

What's the most obnoxious place you've gotten a bruise?

I whanged the fleshy part between my thumb and index finger on a railing. It's making the most random parts of my hand hurt whenever I move it in any way.

(no subject)

If you get bitched at on the internet, are you able to brush it off easily or does it tend to occupy your mind for the rest of the day?

Do you think that experiencing a strong emotional reaction to something said to you online is justified, or is it "just the internets"?

Do YOU have what it takes to be a licensed physician?

This is a real question from one of my medical licensing exam practice tests. I thought you all might enjoy it:

A 24-year-old woman comes to see her male physician complaining of pain and stiffness in the left lower quadrant of her back. During the physical examination to locate the extent and severity of the pain she says, "Wow, you've got great hands, Doc. Just having you touch me helps me feel better." As the patient is getting dressed, she asks the physician if he is married, and then asks if he ever dates his patients. The physician is unmarried, is attracted to the woman, and would like to see her socially. At this point his best action would be to do which of the following?

A. Begin to see the patient socially as long as she understands that it must be kept separate from the medical relationship.

B. Explain that as long as she is his patient, no social relationship is possible.

C. Have the patient sign a liability waiver and begin to see her socially.

D. Refer the patient to a colleague and begin to see her socially.

E. Refer the patient to a colleague and refuse to see her socially.

F. Refer the patient to a colleague, wait six months, and then begin to see her socially.

G. Tell the patient that he will not pursue any social relationship with her, but that he would like to continue to be her physician.

[by the way, only 59% of the med students who took this test got this question right]

ETA: the answer.

(no subject)

Poll #1157723 This or that

Christmas or Halloween?


Hot chocolate with tiny marshmellows or chocolate milkshake?

Hot chocolate

George or Elaine from Seinfeld?


Which would you rather have? Someone give you a foot massage, or someone paint your toenails a very flattering color?

Paint the piggies

Red hair or auburn hair?


A strong, barefisted jab from Mike Tyson to your face, or a kick from David Beckhem straight to your genitals (your legs are parted)?


Lion tamers or trapeze artists?

Lion tamers
Trapeze artists

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?


Glazed donuts or the donuts with chocolate sprinkles?

Chocolate sprinkles

What's more embarrassing? Camel toe or butt cleavage/plumber's crack?

Camel toe
Butt cleavage
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

What is your cellphone ringer? If you could have any song as your ringer (well, I'm sure you can, but going about it is difficult maybe?), what would it be?

Do you think ringtones are annoying?

What's your favorite Sonic drink? :O

Did you wear ever wear something weird to prom? (Maybe a weird dress, like a renaissance fair type thing or cosplay, or if you're a girl, a tux, or a guy, a dress, etc.)

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(no subject)

How does one just stop caring about their dog?

There's a chocolate lab that lives down my street a ways, and down the next side street. He loves to swim and comes to our area via the creek-he'll swim up the creek and go play in the bay/boat launch hear our house. He gets out regularly-so much so that he knows our neighbor's house because sometimes they'll take him in and feed him. He's (the neighbor, not the dog) has brought him home a few times and they've pretty much stopped coming to the door even-at one point they said they didn't care if he took the dog but at the time he couldn't. The dog doesn't starve, he apparently will go back home and they obviously feed him, he knows how to sit, stay, lie down, and shake so clearly they took the time to train him but now they're just like 'we don't care' and let him wander all over, don't thank people for bringing him back etc. I think I found their house (he has no tags) so I'm going to call them and ask if they'd mind if the neighbor took him or if I gave it to the shelter I work at.
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. Do you believe in luck?

2. For example: If someone's having a terrible day and everything is wrong, is it "meant" to happen that way, or is the person causing more bad things to happen unconsciously, perhaps by giving up or being careless?
aww yeah


Now what?

(I have to do work, I've been avoiding)

OMG ducklings posted a picture of The Cat From Outer Space!

You win a gold star! I love that movie so much.
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(no subject)

Some lady who I emailed keeps responding to me as Rudi.  Except, both my email address and signature clearly say my name, which is not Rudi.  

What creative way should I respond to her emails, short of telling her that my name is not Rudi or calling her by the wrong way?

I am open to answers which will result in me getting fired.

Arch Rock Mack Island

Epic icon

In one of my comments, I suggested that there should be an icon made, but I don't know anything about making icons.

What does everyone else think?
Will someone make an epic icon for the epic post?

ETA: Since I don't know how to read, how about another question?

Is it nice out today where you live?
Notebook fun

Jeans vs. Not jeans

We're allowed to wear jeans tomorrow at work because it's the last workday before a holiday. BUT, I have to take a client to the bank for a meeting. So, be all responsible and dress appropriately? Or bow to the comfort of my levi's and wear jeans?

ETA: Okay, okay. I'll dress up.
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(no subject)

1. do you think words have the power to curse someone? i'm not sure how best to explain this.. like if someone tells someone that they'd "never find someone to love and spend the rest of their life with"... would those words somehow cause that outcome? :\

(no subject)

Has anyone here succesfully used tanning lotion? If so, what type? I'm ready to get rid of this sickly winter skin, but weather's not good enough to expose myself to the natural source, and I'm not about to hop in a tanning bed. I'd really love to avoid becoming a streaky orange freak though.
Worst Blind Date

(no subject)

What do you think about conservative talk radio hosts (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) urging Republican voters to switch to register Democratic just so they can fuck with this race some more?

And here is a quote from some idiot in Dallas: "My whole family actually voted for Hillary in the Texas primaries and we are all McCain supporters. We all thought it would be easier to beat Hillary in the fall. Also, we all agreed that if for some reason a Democrat won the election we would be better off with Hillary than Obama... scary thought!"

Curiosity killed the cat

I got my first bikini wax yesterday because I wanted to know what it was like. I was going for a Brazilian but I pussed out. How long does it take for all this redness and soreness to go away? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process? I want to get busy tomorrow night.
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Which do you choose?

You're on a trip to a foreign country. In this country, there's genocide going on, along with an uprise against the government (reminiscent of Pol Pot's reign). As you're walking through the city or whatever you may be doing, you're captured by soldiers working for the government. They take you back to a camp to be executed. Before being executed, they separate you and other prisoners and have you alone in a cell (as a form of torture/to make your nerves get to you). Three possible scenarios can come out of this:

1. You're told that you'll be executed. They give you one last meal and give you a chance to say your last words. What is your last meal? What are your last words?

2. You're told that you'll be executed. Since then, you've thought about how to get out. Alive. You either need to overpower them or outsmart them. Which do you do? How do you do it? Keep in mind that you cannot communicate with any fellow prisoners, as you're in a cell by yourself, and you don't have any weapons unless you can manage to make some from what you find on the ground or take the soldier's weapons.

3. You're given a choice. You can either side with the government or be executed. If you side with the government, you'll be forced to kill prisoners, possibly including anyone who was with you when you were captured. But, if you side with the government, you'll be kept safe from harm. Which do you choose?

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(no subject)

1. Are you going to church on Sunday?

2. Do you believe in giving a person a second chance after they've fucked you over pretty bad?

3. Who was the last person that you missed?
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Flying in the US

According to this site, saline solution is regarded as an over-the-counter drug and so is permitted in volumes over 3 ounces. I'm still paranoid though so I want to know:

Has anyone had problems bringing a carry-on with contact solution in larger volumes? Where the heck would I even find a bottle of solution that's less than 3oz???

I am not going to check my bags because that would just be ridiculous!

(no subject)

Can you believe that when I go to change my address on Geico's website, they require me to fill out a form telling them how many miles I drive to work, and even though I drive six miles to work, they want to increase my insurance benefits by $53 and some change?

Should I call them up on the phone and act all pissed off at the absurdity of it to the service representative so they'll have something to bitch about to their co-workers?
kesha rose

(no subject)

1 if you've seen across the universe:
did you like it?
why or why not?

2 what is your favorite 'trippy' movie?

2.5 what is one of your favorite comedies?

3 what was the last thing you applied for & got rejected from? (i need some commiseration)

4 [if you care] what do you think of this year's line up for the Sasquatch music festival in WA? eta: link


is there any way to see a comprehensive list of communities you're banned from?

I've lost count

haha I'm only kidding, I was just wondering. I think I'm only banned from one.

Psychology questions

I had to do a psych evaluation for Vesid today. (will explain below) This is my first post in this community so be gentle. :)

1.  Have you ever had to take a Rorschach test? If so, what did you see?

2.  Did you have to look at pictures and tell stories about those pictures? Did you say what came to your mind or did you try to make something up?

3.  Was the psychologist friendly to you or was he a pompous ass?

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macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

Would you consider the use of ad-blocking software (Adblock, etc) on your computer to be a violation of LJ's ToS since you aren't seeing the ads and your LJ or the LJs of others might be ad-sponsored?
me - with gun


I am very depressed right now because I am planning on moving back to TX and my mom just went off on me about it as if I have personally offended her, and struck me as low as possible, saying I would never get a job, that I am going to fail, that I have no idea how life works and no apartment complex would ever let me live there. And here I was just starting to feel some bit of confidence about my plans, and she has shot them all to hell.

So for those of you living on your own, how much did you know about the world when you moved out? What things did you not know and learned once you had your own place?

(no subject)

The Greenhouse Effect, and various other news items about hurting the earth:

how much do you buy into, and how much do you think is hype?

Are you willing to spend more to (theoretically) benefit the earth, such as buying a hybrid car? And the reason I say theoretically, is things like this.
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(no subject)

Does anyone remember the SNES Mario game that had Yoshi in it?  What was it called?  I can't remember for the life of me and I really want to play it again.

EDIT:  You guys rock!  Thanks!  :-D
macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

It is 5pm, and according to the HP website, they have not shipped my laptop back to me yet. According to the info provided by tech support, I will get it back tomorrow. I have looked for additional info, and there is none. No email, and if I call, they tell me the same thing.

What are the odds I will get it back tomorrow?
Do you think all the computer repair guys already went home for the day?


How many computers do you have in your household? How many people live in your household? Are they all connected to the internet?

I have three, two desktops and one laptop. I just connected the laptop to the wireless, so now there are three internet computers--for TWO people! I'm sitting literaly three feet away from my desk on the couch with the laptop. I feel sort of lazy and very spoiled.
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1) What was the last promise you broke?

2) What's the best movie out at the cinemas at the moment?

3) Will you post a photo of the ugliest ornament/piece of furniture in your house?
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Animated Kitty :)

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Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out? (I had mine out yesterday :-/)

Is so, how long were you numb? (My lower left jaw and the left half of my tongue are still numb, I fear nerve damage.)

When did you start eating things other than liquid or soft food? (so far I've had cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, vanilla yogurt, split pea soup, and a little vanilla ice cream.)

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1)what should I be butthurt about?

2)what do you think about moral hazard?[a semi explanation- if we help people whose homes were foreclosed on, they'll just go and buy a million dollar house!]

3)Do you save?

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How do blind or visually impaired musicians "sight read"? Is there a system in braille for reading music, or do they just learn music by ear?