March 19th, 2008


i get by with a little help from my friends

My best friend is studying abroad in Lithuania this semester.  Her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and a few friends and I are planning to send her a birthday package full of things she might miss from America... but we are running dry on ideas as far as what might be good things to send.
Right now we have a book and a bag of Starburst (her favorite candy).  We also wrote her a story and drew her some pictures.  I kind of think that we should include some more food.  So here is my question for you, TQC. 
If you were away from home for 5 months and really missing some American snacks, what would you want?  Keep in mind that you are allergic to milk, eggs, cheese, chocolate, nuts, and fish (yes, seriously).  What types of things would make your eyes light up if you were to open a package from your friends and see them inside?  Or... what are some candies/snacks that would be easy to mail in a small package?

Does anybody know how marshmallows do in this type of situation?  They wouldn't like... explode or anything crazy like that on an airplane, would they?  She really likes marshmallows... would that be something I could possibly include?

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1. Do you get the reference "the citizens protest your destruction of the forest"?

HINT #1: it's from a computer/video game.

2. If a game is released for both computers and consoles, what do you refer to it as? Computer game, video game, game or something else?

skincare products.

i don't know if it's because of finals week or if i'm just stressed out, but my face has been breaking out left and right.

i usually use cetaphil and proactiv on and off, but i think it's time for some change to rejuvenate the face. help!

what skincare products do you use?
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Inspired by this post:

How would I go about backing up all of my LJ posts without having to cut-and-paste every single post? (That's six-plus years of posts, and I'm not that patient.)

Would said archival means include all of the responses to my posts?

EDIT: Thanks. I'll use LJ Book.
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If you could change one thing about your favorite TV show, what would it be?

Edit: I was going to edit this question to ask you to name the shows, but the random comments are more interesting, I think.

class question

There have been seventeen nineteen (yes, I counted) posts in between my last one and this one.  I hope that's okay.

It is my turn to ask TQC to make my important life decisions for me.  :P

I am about to enter my senior year of college, and I am totally excited about the fact that I am registering for my *last classes ever*.
I have one problem...
I can fit in ALL of the rest of the classes I need to take... except ONE!  There's no extra space for this last one, and my schedule is crammed full summer, fall *and* winter semesters.
there's no way around it - I am going to have to wait and take this last class as a summer class in the summer of 2009. 
So, TQC... I have two options.

Option #1: Keep my jam-packed schedule the way it is, leaving just the one class to take next summer. 
Option #2: Thin out my schedule for the next year a little bit and take two or three classes next summer, since I'm going to have to take at least one anyway.

What would you do?  Why?
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Do you enjoy popping your own zits?

ETA: Will you inform me of an instant messaging service I can use that will let me chat with people with AIM screen names but is not AIM or Trillian?
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1. Under what circumstances would you feel perfectly ready to get married and have children?
--none. i wouldn't mind getting married one day (when i'm emotionally/financially secure) but kids are so not for me.

2. Are you from your parents first, second, third (...) nineteenth marriage? do you have any step/half brothers/sisters? if so, does your family mesh well together or do y'all have to work at it?
--first marriage. one younger brother, same marriage. we have to work at it, since we were both accidents.

3. how can i convince my 20 year old friend that now is not an appropriate time for having babies? she is getting married in june and she and her fiancee work less than 40 hours a week COMBINED at low/minmum wage jobs, while they live in his parent's garage apartment. she somehow thinks she's destined to be a mother in 9 months and is pissed she's not pregnant yet...i'm stumped as to how to gently breach the "shut the fuck up you're too young and ill prepared" speech. help please?

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I’m in a very frustrating love triangle, and since I’m emotionally inept at making decisions at this point, would TQC be as kind as to play love therapist with me?  
So here’s the deal;
Boy Number One is a very humorous person and we could joke and laugh all day long. He is very easy to get along with. We meet through an anime cosplay convention and we really like each other. But sometimes, he bitches and moans a lot…to the point where it gets on my nerves. And at the same time, he gets very easily flustered by a simple hug and does not seem to enjoy physical contact at all. He’s very tall and quite thin really.
But along came Boy Number Two. We attend design school together and he tends to be very silent. He doesn’t enjoy explaining things either. He does however, enjoys cuddling and whatnot. He is somewhat romantic, but gets very defensive and aggressive quite easily. And he could never keep his promises. He’s sort of tanned and buff at the same time.      
So TQC…who do you think would be a better choice, and why?
Thanks in advance,
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So, i went into the city of chicago today, and i saw a billboard sign saying "my mom always hated you sarah marshall" then I see it on a website tonight.... what's the dealio with this?? is it a show...? I went to this website, it looks like a blog.

ADDED: What do you think of Verizon Eva? Good? Bad? Can you think of a better phone that's less than 200 dollars that has a keyboard and is worth getting?
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My fiance and I are about to get married in a couple of months. (I know, I know, you guys are probably sick of hearing about it, but really, my life is pretty uneventful. And I'm kinda nervous about it. Hence, all the posts.)

It occurs to me that I've never met his father. In fact, whenever I mention it, he gets kinda defensive. They don't have the greatest relationship in the world from what I understand.

Is it a bad idea to marry somebody without meeting one of their parents? At the very least, I'd think it's a bit rude.

What say you, TQC? Does he not want us to meet because his daddy is really a hideous space alien that eats small babies? Or is it because he thinks I'm a hideous space alien that, last I checked, doesn't eat small babies, but does munch on asparagus from time to time?

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Ignoring medical/health implications, would you rather have people that you're physically attracted to have anuses, or to not have them? In other words, how would it be if you were to decide from a strict aesthetic standpoint? What if you could redesign it to look/operate differently in a way you'd consider more attractive?
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So I'm here at work because my relief came in all pale and sick like. I've been here since 4pm. Almost twelve hours. Ugh.

I'm never working 15 hours straight ever again.

My question to you, dear TQC, is this: have you ever worked 15 hours straight? How'd you do it? What should I do for the next three hours that's not work related?
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What do you listen to while working out?

I am putting a mix together and so far i have At the drive-in, Rage against the Machine,  Bad Brains, Bowie, Iggy pop, Ice Cube, Mars Volta, Naughty by nature.

any suggestions :)
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If you're looking to rent a house or condo, would you accept a place with the address of 666, assuming the house/condo is pretty nice and well-priced? Or would you feel uncomfortable living there?
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Washing your hands

Which is worse?

Poll #1156477 Hand washing after going to the toilet

Which is worse?

A woman who does not wash her hands after peeing
A man who does not wash his hands after peeing
Both are equally revolting
Neither, doesn't bother me if it's just pee
Other - will comment
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(no subject)

1. When cooking, what do you make:

a. Instant potatoes or homemade mashed potatoes?

b. Minute rice or regular white rice?

c. Canned, frozen or fresh vegetables?

d. Homemade gravy or jarred gravy?

What are some other things you cut corners on in the kitchen?
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My cousin moved in with me last month. Typically, he sleeps until about noon. Today is his second day of work, and he's supposed to be in at 11am. I am unsure how much time boys need to get ready.

What time should I start kicking on his bedroom door?

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1. Are you guys watching Bush speak? Feelings so far?

2. How do you eat toast? Cut it? Crust first? Crust last? No crust?

3. Is there snow on the ground where you live?

1. I am. I feel he needs a good eye cream.

2. Crust first, because I am four.

3. Yes, and there will be for several weeks yet. Ugh.


Do you bring your lunch?
Do you have trouble deciding what to make for lunch?
I still like the idea of bento boxes. But most i find pics/recipes are for preschoolers and stuff.
Would you join a community based on what your making for lunch with pictures/recipes and stuff? It doesn't have to be lunches in bento boxes just lunches.

a physics moment

We’re going to have you look at a famous auditory illusion called the tritone paradox. In the tritone paradox, two tones of different pitches are played. While most people agree that the two tones are different, they do NOT agree in general on which tone is higher. To some people the first tone sounds high, and the second tone is low, and to others, the first tone sounds low, and the second sounds high. Even more strange, is that preference for hearing high-low vs low-high seems to be correlated with where people are raised! (text cut and pasted from physics hw)

Go here to hear the tones: Tritone illusion

Will you answer this post with "high-low" or "low-high" and then tell me where you’re from (city + state)?

(I already did my damn homework, I just thought you guys would get a kick out of this. also, I x-posted this to my journal because it is AWESOME. )
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 so my sig-oth is going out of town to las vegas for the week. no big deal, i'm not really clingy or anything and i don't like bright lights or loud noises so the strip isn't for me. besides, she's visiting a friend and i'd just be third wheel. it's not like i'm jealous or anything. honest.

but here's the thing: she says to me yesterday, "Looks like you're going to be living the single life again for a little bit! Gonna have any fun while i'm out?"

i just slowly put down my cereal and turned to stare at her. wtf does that mean? so i ask her, 'wtf does that mean?'

her clarification: "Haha, I just meant that maybe you might talk to some of your girlfriends. I mean, it's not like I'm going to be around so they won't be competing with me. And maybe we can all hang out when I get back!"

me: '... you're getting a blood test when you get back. and don't kiss me after you get off that plane unless you're holding a clean bill of health.'

edit: the context was long and didn't really give any useful information. here is the gist: sig-oth wants me to find someone for us to have fun with. what are your experiences with threesomes in a long-term, stable relationship? is this something you would risk?
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(no subject)

What personal items do you share with your SO?

body wash / soap
bath puff / washcloth
face wash / toner
shaving gel / cream
hair products
something else I will mention in the comments

*Yes I spelled deodorant wrong and I forgot shampoo/conditioner. Include those in hair products if you want.
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So in two weeks' time, I will be moving about an hour away from the city I live in to do a clinical placement for three months.  It's cool, because it's going to be my first independent placement, and the job sounds really excellent.  It's not cool, because I'm going to be away from my boyfriend, friends, and home for 5 days out of 7, and it's a little town with not a whole lot going on.  Also, I hate change.  Once I've adapted to it, it's all good, but until then... yuck.

So, TQC:

1) Do you like or dislike major life changes?
2) How do you cope with change?
3) I 100% fully acknowledge that a one-hour drive does not *really* make a LDR - but any ideas for ways to stay close to the bf that aren't necessarily the phone or emails? 

(no subject)

1. Whats an easy way to loose weight, without really changing your day much?

2. Having sex for the first time with your boyfriend/girlfriend when your both drunk, good or bad choice?

3. If you have children, whats the

meanest thing they have ever said to you, because they werent getting what they wanted at the time?

4. When you were younger, what did you think about marijuana?

5. What do you think about it now?

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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

If you have purchased a mattress in the last couple of years, how much did it cost you? (And what size?)
I've never bought one and we're going this weekend to look at options, I'm just trying to prevent sticker-shock. Thanks.

And unrelated, would you tell me about your favorite pair of pants that you own?
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Heres My situation, and I want your honest opinion.

I work as a live in Nanny. The family I work for is going away to Vail for a week of skiing. Isnt it unreasonable for them to say they arent paying me for that week since I wont be with them (I wasnt invited), I didnt ask for the time off, they just said, 'hey we'll be away that week." DOnt you think I should get something? I depend on that money to pay my car insurance, car payment, cell phone bills, gas, etc etc.

What do you think TQC?

(no subject)

Have you ever pulled a chair out from under someone as they were about to sit down?
Was it hilarious?
If so, how old were you, you meanie?

eta: Has anyone ever pulled this trick on you? Was it hilarious?

Pinky or the Brain?

(no subject)

  Once again, are you doing a college basketball pool? 

If yes, who did you pick to win the champtionship? 

My answers: 

Yes, but I know nothing about basketball. 
I picked North Carolina to win.
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You are faced with a terrible choice.

Either you agree to have one of your arms cut off (you don't get to pick which one) or you have to cut off the arm of someone you don't know. If you don't decide, you will both be shot in the head. You have 60 seconds to decide.

What do you pick?
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Naming things

I just got a used laptop from a friend.

1. Is there a good way to remove stickers from it? They're small stickers but yeah, not my style.

2. My home computer is named The Red Queen after the computer system in the first Resident Evil movie. Any ideas for a good name for the laptop?

3. Have you named your computer? What do you call it and why?

4. Speaking of naming, have you named your car? If so, why did you name it what you did?
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let's talk about nudity

1. are you that person who walks around the house naked with all the windows open for the whole neighborhood to see?
2. how many people have seen you naked (as an adult)?
3. have you ever been paid to get naked?
4. shit happens when you party naked. y/n?

(no subject)

I finally looked it up, the park district has a fitness program called jazzercise, its every day. You can join it anytime. I'm interested, but what's holding me back is the fact that I'm deaf. They don't provide an interaputer(signer) for the class. So I was considering maybe swinging it (guessing by watching what people do and follow along)

I'm mostly trying to figure out this... Do I pay $59 dollars for 6 weeks unlimited, $36 dollars for unlimited per month... or 10 dollars for walk in.

The walk in is the cheapest as I'm trying to be careful with money. But if I did an unlimited kind of thing.... I would feel more compelled to go in... and not, and feel guilty.

I dunno, maybe im just trying to make an excuse to not do anything.
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(no subject)

My co-worker just got the Blue Screen of Death on his work PC. How fucked is he?

Have you ever gotten the BSOD? Share stories.

Do you know how to use chopsticks? Are you good at it?

What is your favorite board game?

(no subject)

I don't know if I've ever seen this question posted here, but what the hell. Even if it was, I don't remember the answers.

What is the shortest time in which you have ever written a paper for one of your classes?
How long was the paper?
How much time did you have before it was due?

In case you can't tell, I have a paper to write and I can't seem to bring myself to do it. It's due at midnight tonight. "But it's only 2000 words!" I keep telling myself.

(no subject)

I  decided to abort some baby chickens this morning and blow out the eggs to make panoramic eggs. 

What should I use to cut a nice circle out of the side of the egg without breaking the shell all to hell? It needs to be a window so you can look inside. 

(no subject)

After work today I will be stopping by my mother's house to check up on her as she's currently in the midst of a 103+ fever from some mystery cold -- it's been diagnosed as "either bronchitis or influenza".

What steps can I take to ensure that I don't contract this disease?
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Hotel in Vegas?

I'm going to book a hotel for 2 nights in Vegas later on today.

My all time favorite cheapo hotel on the strip, the Boardwalk, was shut down a few years ago. I am trying to spend (on average) under $100 a night, which is not easy because one of the 2 nights we are staying is a friday so the price jumps up almost $60 for the second night.

If you had to pick on based on personal experience, which hotel is a better stay?

Circus Circus, The Statosphere, or The Tropicana? (all 3 star hotels, all about the same price)

I am leaning toward The Tropicana because of its convenient location to the rest of the strip, and a few friends told me while it's nothing special, the rooms are clean. (Which is all I really care about... a clean bed and a clean bathroom.)
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(no subject)

in case you didn't know, livejournal has a list of the most popular interests. but not really. because they don't put up some of them(homosexuality, guys, girls, faeries, dragons, BDSM).

does anyone here actually have any of these listed in their interests?

edit: i'm not gonna lie, i expected to see more people listing homosexuality. something about this community just sets off that kinda vibe.

(no subject)

Dear Dr. TQC,

I have a cold and need to get some medicine :(

What are some good cold medicines that help clear up icky throats and relief the sore/itchy feeling in your throat? How about some non-medicated relief ideas? I drank hot tea and has some toast earlier but that only brought relief while I was consuming it :(
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Smell That?

1. If your laundry could smell like anything, what would it smell like?
2. Is there a scent you wish that you could bottle and wear as perfume?
3. What smell coming from the kitchen of your house made you the most excited as a kid? Now?
4. Is there a scent that you feel weird for liking but like anyway?
5. What smell makes you cringe and walk away as fast as you can?

(no subject)

1. MY CRAMPS IS KILLIN' ME. I'm quite glad that I am so vehemently non-pregnant, but what can I do to distract myself from the pain?

2. I want to make a list. What should my list be about?

3. Would you rather live in a four-by-four-by-four cube-shaped room with your true love for twenty years in matrimonial bliss but ALSO YOU'RE IN A TINY CUBE, or in an enormous mansion completely filled with coke-addicted hipster artists who are not even particularly witty for the rest of your life (and you cannot leave)? (Your true love has a whale head.)


What are your thoughts on the new sins?

1. `Bioethical' violations such as birth control

2. `Morally dubious'' experiments such as stem cell research

3. Drug abuse

4. Polluting the environment

5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor

6. Excessive wealth

7. Creating poverty

More info.

(no subject)

Do you work in an industry where you have a press pass?
What is your speciality/what do you use it for the most? (i.e. behind police lines, expanded access at concerts, trade-shows, press box at sports events)?
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1. My boyfriend just started snoring rather suddenly. It's waking me up at night, and is just generally annoying. How can I get him to stop snoring? (srs and non-srs answers welcome)
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There's frantic knocking at your door at 1am. You cautiously peek through the peephole and there's a naked young man covered in blood, nursing what looks like a gunshot wound. "Please let me in", he says, "I need help, and I'm so cold. No one else will help. Please!". What do you do?

Let him in. Give him blankets and towels and call 911
Tell him to wait on my doorstep while I call 911. I do not let him in.
Ignore him and hope he goes away. I don't want to get involved
With a blanket and/or towel in my arms, I walk out to meet him, but close the door behind me. I call 911 afterwards
I tell him to fuck off and leave me alone. Someone else will no doubt help him

You're at a nice restaurant, waiting to be seated. While you're standing, Donald Trump leaves, passing you. You're then shown to your table, and on your seat is a wallet. You open it up, and it belongs to Trump. His ID, all his credit cards, family pictures, about about $2,000 in cash. What do you do?

Chase after him and return his wallet. It's the right thing to do
Chase after him and return his wallet. Then, hold out my hand and ask for a reward
Give the wallet to the waiter. Let him deal with it
Give the wallet to the waiter, only after I've taken half the money out
Take all the money. Mail the wallet to his house afterwards
Take all his money, and start using his credit cards

Say you returned the wallet to him. If you didn't want to, your friends or SO demanded you do so. You find him in the parking lot, next to his limo. He's surprised to find that his wallet was missing and relieved that you have it. To show his appreciation, he reaches into his briefcase for a reward. You stand there, somewhat excited, wondering what it will be. He turns around, and he has just a signed photograph of himself. He steps into his car and his last words are "Watch Celebrity Apprentice" before rolling up the window. What do you do?

Spit at his car, tear up his photo, and storm back to the restaurant
Get what I can. I sell the photo on ebay
This is sooo cool! I frame the photo and keep it for myself
Doesn't matter what I do with the photo. I call up the Enquirer or some tabloid and sell the story
It really doesn't matter. I didn't return the wallet for a reward. It was just the right thing to do. I'm not owed anything

You're standing on the curb, waiting for the light to change, when out of the corner of your eye, you see a little pomeranian with an untended leash around his neck bolt into the street. Thinking fast, you grab the leash and pull, yanking the dog to safety, just as an SUV comes crashing down where he was. "OMG", you hear someone screaming. "OMG, THANK YOU". It's the dog's owner, who's more than grateful. Apparently her dog chased a cat and broke free from her grip. She's wearing a tight mini dress and is very attractive. "I don't have anything to give you as a thank you, but please take this". She hands you 3 free lapdance vouchers at this VIP strip club. "I work there and these are as good as money. Thank you again" as she hugs you. What do you do?

I plan on redeeming these vouchers. Looks like I got something to do Friday night
"Thank you, but there's no need to reward me. Anyone would have done the same thing", as you return the vouchers to her
Give the vouchers out to friends. No point in letting them go to waste

Similar situation above, except this time, it's not a dog you save, but the person who wasn't watching where they were going. He or she (whichever you're attracted to) is gorgeous and very grateful to you for saving their life. They tell you that they're a high-priced call girl/boy, very good at what they do, and very clean, and as a reward, offers you one free night of their services. What do you do?

Take them up on their offer. I schedule an appointment
"No thank you. I'm tempted, but I'm in a relationship and it just wouldn't be right"
"No thank you. I'm tempted, but I'm in a relationship and it just wouldn't be right. Can you sleep with my friend, so I can live vicariously through him/her?"
Eww. I refuse cause that's just not very appealing
Push him/her back into traffic. If I had known that they were a hobag hooker, I wouldn't have saved them in the first place

Which would you rather have?

$100 cash
$200 Marie Calendar Restaurant gift card
$300 Starbucks gift card
bunny flowers

(no subject)

do you use and sleeping pills to sleep? prescription or non?

i went to the dr and got a prescription and they had me out cold in 5 mins and i slept for 11 hours :) after a long month of sleeping for 3 hours and waking up every hour when i did, i am happy that i have some help.

I'll be the last one to know...

I waited for this guy for a year and a half.
He finally expressed interest, and I lost mine.
1.  Have you ever wanted to be with someone, and then once you got your chance, you changed your mind?
2.  What do you think your problem is?
3.  Have you ever known you were meant to be with someone, but you still didn't go for it?  WHY!?

I've done it my entire life.
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(no subject)

Have you had any awkward moments with a significant other/FWB/random hook up while getting all intimate? Did you laugh about it or were you too mortified? Want to share?
My boyfriend and I just had a proper bad kiss (my fault) and are still cracking up about it, although I am slightly embarrassed.
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(no subject)

1) It's 40 minutes till I get to go home and not be back to work till Tuesday, WHEEE! Should I bother doing any more work?

2) Do you use your cell phone or a real clock for a wake-up alarm?

3) Do you like scars? On yourself? On others?

(no subject)

So, I just checked my call log. Sometime between my last phone call of last night and my first phone call of this morning, I somehow made an outgoing call to a number that I'm pretty sure is the number of the ex-boy I told I would never speak to again. I'd deleted his number from my phone, as well as all related text messages and other places it would've been saved, but apparently it was one of my speed dials (which I do not use!). Clearly, I am mortified beyond all normal human capacities.

What do you think I did during this phone call?
And what the fuck, TQC, what are the chances that I would somehow randomly roll over in the middle of the night and call the one person that I am not allowed to?

(I'm convinced he picked up or I left him a voicemail of me breathing very deeply and snoring a little and maybe talking aloud in my sleep about the ridiculous dream I had last night which involved RATS and BUNNIES and BARBIES.)


(no subject)

I was at the store yesterday and saw chocolate Skittles!

Does that sound disgusting to anybody else?

I dislike Skittles in general, but chocolate flavored ones sound extra gross
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(no subject)

This morning, I walked in to work to find fresh homebaked cookies waiting for me on my desk. My boss and his sons baked me 2 dozen cookies to share with my hubby.

What was the last time your job made you feel appreciated?
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pet grooming + easter

1 - You know those vans where they come and park in front of your house and groom your dog, and after they're just pick your pet up and they leave?! I'm probably not explaining it very well. What are they called? Pet grooming mobile? (LOL)

I passed by a van the other day, but I couldn't get the number because I was on the bus. I want to find one in my area but I can only come up with the services where you have to go to the spa or whatever and get it done.

2 - How do you guys celebrate Easter? Egg hunting? Going to church? Family get togethers?
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(no subject)

If you spend a lot of time online, do you think people can tell you spend a lot of time online, just by looking at you?

Do you ever see people and think, "They look like they belong on the internet?"
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nick who?

What are all your nicknames and how did they originate?

Which is your favorite and why is it your favorite?

What is your favorite of the nicknames you've given to other people? Are you good and giving nicknames?
derek smalls


i've been offered a job "demonstrating" a product in various stores. it sounds pretty sweet, it doesn't seem that they force their employees to annoy people and shove the product down their throats, and they seem like a generally good company.

do you think it would be totally awesome or totally boring to stand/wander around a store for hours at a time hoping someone wants to hear your spheel about the oh, so amazing product you're repping?

is it wrong and horrible of me to be repping said product and telling people how great it is when i secretly am purchasing the same thing from a different company all the time?!

(no subject)

1.)whats a quick/good way of losing weight? i.e any particular diet or anything.

2.)did anything/anyone make your day today? if yes what was it?

3.)whats something your looking forward to in the near future?

Dog Breeds

OK guys, answer me this:

Is there an *official* dog breed (name) for a chihuahua/pit bull mix? As in... mini-pit? Chipit? Pit-hua? LOL

The only reason I ask is because *I* have a chihuahua/pit bull mix... and yes there is video footage to prove it!! Hahaha.

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Poll #1157197 Dead, Death and BEYOND!

French town has outlawed dying. Those that choose to break the law and die like the rebels they are will be severely punished. Kind of hard to punish the dead though. What severe punishment do you think should be sentenced upon the lawbreaking dead?

Turn them into zombies, and then imprison them
Oldest child of deceased must serve time
Like in Frankenstein, the dead are resurrected, and then, like in Frankenstein, chased out of town by a torch-bearing mob
Deceased is to be presented at their funeral completely naked. Illegal termination = humiliation, Frenchie!
Saugiere, the town pervert, gets to cornhole the corpse prior to interment
In an act of shame, two buffoons strap the deceased to them and recreate Weekend at Bernies
Deceased is excommunicated
Deceased is buried in pet cemetary
Surviving family must pay a steep fine
Considering there's no room for new dead, the deceased is then buried in the basement of surviving family's house
Deceased is buried in fur suit. This is bad, because we all know that Jesus hates the furries and they all go to hell
The body of the deceased is thrown into prison for a week
Youngest child of the deceased is buried in the same coffin. Take that!
At the wake, the deceased is painted up in clown makeup
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The Gods of Audio have granted you the ability to have a theme song. This will play any time you wish (like during a dramatic speech, or whenever you enter a room and want to look cool). It will play however you wish (taking control of an iPod, playing inside the minds of people, semaphore, whatever).

What is your theme song?

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Should I work at the summer camp I did last year this upcoming summer?


*would pay approximately the same amount of money as my job does now, and I would not be spending any money on food since room and board is covered
*could take time off my job and come back "refreshed"
*would meet a lot of new people and probably have fun again
*they are usually short-staffed
*it's a ten-hour drive away, but my parents have offered to drive me there so I wouldn't have to worry about spending money on transportation


*would have to take nearly three weeks off my job - while this would not affect my employment status, it would be directly after my six-month review and could potentially affect me getting promoted (if I haven't already been promoted)
*the kids have a tendency to really annoy me, but their good qualities generally outweigh the bad
nana smoking

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Why did you choose the default icon you have?
Have you ever had someone photograph you naked?
Did you go to prom? If so, how was it? If not, what did you do instead?
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do you like it when you can feel your heartbeat in your stomach, or fingers?

have you ever watched top chef?

have you heard the leak of panic at the disco's new album? do you plan on listening to it, ever?

what do you think is the longest time you've taken to pee?

will you tell me about your icon?

what's your name?
Greased Up Deaf Guy

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Family Guy Fans:
What is your all time favorite episode?
Mine is Model Misbehavior, I find some serious laughs in Greased Up Deaf Guy

Dog Owners:
When you are eating does the pup whine incessantly for your food? If you say "No!" does he/she still whine?
What are some of the lengths your pup will go to get what you are eating?
She actually jumped into my lap earlier and snatched the bread with peanut butter from my hand. My boyfriend is going to take her to the vet next week but I'm wondering what everyone else's experience is.
andrew raycroft

Songs, movies, and instruments.

1. Are there any song lyrics that you just cannot get down, no matter how hard you try?
2. What's your favorite 80s song?
3. What's your favorite 80s movie?
4. If you play an instrument, what is it and how long have you been playing? If you don't play an instrument, are members of your preferred sex more attractive because they play an instrument, less attractive, or is it not a factor?

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Scaring kitties with sound.

1. What relatively cheap and portable/light weight device that is NOT loud enough to disrupt humans (e.g. NOT a bull horn) can be used to scare kitties away from doing something?

For example, something like this, around that price or cheaper.

EDIT: Googling ultrasound/ultrasound cat repellent gets these types of device, but because there are so many at so many prices, I want a recommendation of what's good in the economical price range.

EDIT 2: This keychain item looks good, but I have no idea how effective it is and what battry life it is.

2. If I don't use a physical device, where can I get good recordings to play on my computer that does this?

3. What frequencies are ideal to repel cats, especially ones not audible to humans?

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I failed my drive test, TQC :(

Did you fail your first drive test?
The next drive test in my town isn't until the end of June, wtf. This is March!

Would driving 5 hours to another town for another one(ie, spending $100 or so in gas) be crazy? Should I just take the bus for 4 months?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Do any of you remember this story?  A local radio host did an interview with the hiker recently, and he sounds every bit as a