March 18th, 2008


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When was the last time you realized you were talking to yourself?
(About thirty seconds ago.)

What were you saying?
([referring to homework] "Well, that's done. What's next?")

Did this freak you out or surprise you?
(A little.)

Should it have?
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Pesos to dollars

I was going through an old coin collection and found one of these coins, which appears to be 100 pesos.

Per google, 100 pesos = $9.30 USD. This coin dates back to the 80's and is phased out, but can I take it to a bank and have it exchanged for USD? And, if so, why are these coins selling for under a $1 on ebay?
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1. do you get panic attacks?
2. how do you treat your panic attacks?
3. can you tell me what medications you take if you mind/use medication?
4. do you know what triggers yours?
4a. do you avoid doing certain things knowing the triggers?
4b. are there foods besides caffeine that make panic attacks worse?

1. yees.
2. at this time, i lock myself in my room and ride it out.
3. i am on fluoxetine for something else, but apparently that is used in treatment of panic attacks and seemed to have no effect.
4. talking on the phone, or the idea of it is one of them.the thought of having to call someone other than my mom terrifies me and i am not quite sure why. i rather like to email or text message someone.

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Are you a critical thinker?
In what ways are you a critical thinker?
In what ways are you not a critical thinker?
How come it is so friggin hard to spell and have things be remotely gramatically correct when you are dead tired?
What is the most disasterous thing you've ever written when you were over tired and handed in the next day? I did a preposal for a possition in one of the school clubs that a lot of people were able to see, I came across sounding more stupid and inarticulate than Bush.
Were you embarassed for that disaster? because I sure was.
What is with the talk of an LJ strike?
Have you ever been on strike for anything before?
How did that go for you?
If you could follow me into my classes tomorrow, what would you do to keep me awake? Non-srs answers plz.
What is your favorite swear word? I type fuck a lot but I say shit aloud much more often although piss-ant is quite enjoyable to say.
If swear words tabboo?

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Poll #1156013 Dirty Deeds

Which would you rather do?

Shortly before your dentist's appointment, while waiting in the lobby, you eat 10 Oreos. Don't apologize to your dentist about the cookies in your teeth
Attend a Cuddle Party after running 6 miles on a treadmill
While on ecstasy, you go in for a Brazillian wax
Masturbate with a chocolate bunny right before your gyno exam. Plead you have no knowledge why it looks like that down there
Go a movie theater. Step into a drama. Use your cell phone and call a 976 number and put it on speaker
Throw up in the glove compartment of your friend's car
Go crowd surfing wearing only skimpy lingerie
Glue together the palms of a passed out homeless guy (he won't notice you pressing his hands together)
Wax your pet
Pour itching powder in all the discount bras at a Victoria's Secret
Get a small tattoo that reads 'GEENIUS 4EVER' on your neck
Fill a balloon full of pepper spray and drop it off a 5 story building over a crowded street
Next Patty's Day, when you see your boss isn't wearing green, pinch them hard....on their ass. Just grab a chunk and squeeze and tell them they're not wearing green
Tongue kiss the next person to walk out of your local supermarket
After being given instructions, you go off and castrate a bull
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 What should I do for my 21st birthday?

I'm one of those people that LOVE birthdays, but I can't think of anything 1) great 2) cheap 3) I haven't already done.

I'm just looking for fun themes, random ideas (like bowling, but not bowling) fun places to go (that aren't bars, most of my friends are poor) or any other idea you care to share with me.


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Okay the question is..

If there is two boys and two girls one girl and one boy is a couple and the other two are single and they go out bowling and they go out to the mall all together and are always out together that is a group date right?

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I don't smoke but a bunch of my friends do. Rather than be antisocial, I stand outside with them.
Tonight, while they bought cigs, I bought a cup of hot coffee and zipped it up in my coat. It kept me warm for the duration. I threw it out on the way in.

What's the weirdest thing you've done to keep warm?

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1. Do you ever espy posts on your friends list that you think are TQC questions and you come up with a totally ridiculous or mean reply for it and then realize it's from some completely different community that is legit filled with honest and helpful people and realize your comment would be very inappropriate?

Someone in a community for natural products and such asked what my dream trail mix would be and I wanted to say MY DREAM TRAIL MIX WOULD BE CHOPPED GREASY FATTY BEEF AND FAKE CHEESE AND STINKY ONIONS ON A HUGE FUCKING ROLL THAT'S BEEN FRIED IN LARD just because that's what I was craving but then I realized where the question was from and could not do it.

2. What is your dream trail mix?

3. If I needed a SHIT TON of semen for an art project, where would I procure it?

4. Will you write a smallish poem about the things you ate or pooped today?

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1. am i wrong to think she's a bitch for being angry with me and calling me a bullshitter because i had a prearranged plan with my future inlaws that i didn't want to skip cause it was with my boyfriends very rich, very important, very judgemental father who i want to think i am good enough for his son?
2. am i being a snob for picking him over her?
3. am i a snob because any day i would pick him over her, and not because he is my boyfriend but because when we hang out i don't have the strong urge to punch him in the face?
4. am i wrong for staying in the friendship mainly because she owes me a whole bunch of money because i saved her cat THREE TIMES and paid for the bill even when it was at big cost to me (in total she owed me about 2,500 dollars)?
5. how do i tell her i am mainly sticking around for the payback of cash?
6. should i just end the friendship early and say oh well on ever getting the cash back?
7. how can i tell her i am not her flippin taxi and that gas is 3.79 a gallon here and that her little 10 dollars doesn't pay for me picking her up from her house, getting her to college, getting her the therapy, and getting her back home?? not to mention the meal i got her in between all that?
8. am i being over sensitive?
9. did you all have a good st. pattys?
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Okay, so my cat is dropping stink bombs bad enough to raise the color on the Terrorism Alert Color Bar and it's getting old. I scoop every day and replace the litter every week and it's still just... bad. The litter itself is fine, but what she's dropping really isn't. I bought iams which was apparently a bad move... not only is the smell a problem but she acts like it often doesn't sit well in her stomach, so...

What food do y'all recommend I buy for her that would help her apparent digestive issues?

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Sooo I just discovered Is the site legit? Has anyone tried it? The prices are way cheaper than other sites that I've checked out so far, so I wasn't sure.

EDIT: Nevermind! :) I got unlazy and checked out a few sites about it.

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You just found out that you won $100 million. Do you take the lump sum (in which case you lose a large chunk of the money immediately and pay exorbitant taxes) or do you take annual payments spread out over 20 years?

And, what would be the first thing you would buy or do if you won?

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1. Perfume never works right on me. It smells okay in the bottle but after a few minutes on me it starts to smell like ass. Am I broken?

2. My neighbors keep parking in my (assigned and paid for) parking space because they have a baby and apparently that makes them unable to walk as far? Are people with children entitled to better parking because of their burdenz?

3. Have you ever solved a Rubik's Cube?
lost in translation

Creepy y/n?

So, back story: Maggie is my future sister-in-law. She's never really warmed up to me in the 3 1/2 years I've been dating her brother, Ian. She's gotten better lately, having gone from completely rude to mostly pleasant in a "we're awkward acquaintances" way.   Anyway, as a good will sort of "hey, I like you, I'm marrying your brother, plz chillax, lets be friends" gift, I was thinking of getting her this locket  . Is a locket a creepy/weird gift for an icy [future] sister-in-law? I wouldn't like, pre-fill it with pictures or anything.  I want to give her something handmade and thoughtful, and I know she'd love the locket. I'm just having issues figuring out whether it's appropriate. Danke!

EDIT: I went ahead and bought it. I'll probably give it to her on Easter. Thanks, everyone!
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What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten AND liked?

If you live in a place where it is about to become spring, do you plan to garden?

What news topic do you always skip over?

What is the first sound you notice when you close your eyes?

What part of the theater do you like to sit when seeing a movie?

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Do you smoke? If yes, how much?

Do you drink coffee? If yes, how much?

I feel like there should be a correlation here.

I do both, the former lightly, the latter heavily. Half a pot to a pot a day, my heart is going to give out one of these days.
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Do you think there's a correlation between religious fervor and susceptibility to addiction? I keep hearing about people who become passionately religious after kicking some chemical habit. On the other hand, virtually all my non-religious friends are quite temperate. I know there are certainly exceptions, but can anyone else see a trend either way?
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There's a strange girl upstairs in my brothers room. My brother's at work, so he's left this chick on her own and I don't know when she's leaving. I've offered her a cup of tea and she declined, is it alright to just leave her to her own devices now?
It must be weird sitting alone upstairs in a strange house with a complete stranger downstairs (which would be me) but I don't know if it'd be weirder if that stranger kept appearing and asking questions....

It's currently 10.47 am. I'm thinking of cooking some chips, chicken and parsnips in a minute. Is this too much for so early in the day? Will I explode?

What time is it where you are?

A good friend is trying to set me up with a guy she works with. I've seen a picture and I'm not impressed (I'm quite picky), should I go along with it or decline and go about finding my own boyfriend? 
Added difficulty: I've been single for the past 7 years, so obviously I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

inspired by Fruckina

Be honest.

If your current SO was instituted in a mental health facility less than a month or two after you started dating them, would you have visited them or would you have given up? 

What did/didn't you hypothetically see in them to decide so?

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1. Everything I need to know about life I learned from ________. How would you fill in the blank?

2. There's a message on the right side of my screen today that looks like this:

OMG who do you think it is???

3. Favorite video game of all time?
Paul Dano
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How old should a minor child (17 and under) be before having say in whether or not they go on family trips?

What was your last annoyance?
Your last great moment?

How hairy are your armpits?
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 If you have a car, do you have the regular state license plate or do you have one of those pretty, special, charity ones?

If you don't have a car, what kind of public transportation do you use most often?

Make 'Em Laugh

Ah, my dear TQC-ers, what was the last thing that made you laugh?

Really laugh, that is. A full-on, from-the-gut laugh; not a twitter or a chuckle or a half-assed "heh, heh".

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For that matter, what's something that always makes you laugh, no matter how many times you see/hear/read it?
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Bad Boys/Girls vs. Nice Guys/Girls

Every so often I ponder the phenomena of the Assholes/Bastards/Bad Boys vs. the Nice Guys... mostly because I'm trying to explain to one of my male friends, or trying to understand my own tendancy to go with the former rather than the latter. However, every time it comes up I find different reasonings. (Someday i'll dig through my journals and compile a list of all the things I've written on the matter, hah)

So I pose the question, Ladies and also Gentlemen

Bad Boys/Girls vs. Nice Guys/Girls?
What makes one appealing more than the other?
Why do you find yourself more interested/attracted to the one than the other?

Which would you qualify yourself as?

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my bulletin board for april is going to be something along the lines of "life lessons i've learned from rap jamz." i am trying to think of something as an example but i am at a loss. do any of you know any great lines from rap songs that you think are really deep and prophet-like?

do any of you have text tattoos? do you want to show me a picture?

if you have deleted a picture off of your digital camera, is there any way, at all, to recover it? is it gone forever?

do you have any exciting plans for today/tonight? tell me about them!

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I'm eventually going to go get a passport so that I can someday travel like to Mexico or something. You know actually leave the country. Anyway I have a couple of photos that might be viable passport photos and I like them both and can't decide which to use so please tell me which is better?


lol @ spanglish.

More current events...

A woman has filed a $200,000 lawsuit against American Airlines alleging the flight crew failed to protect her from a passenger who moved into the seat next to hers while she was sleeping, then "masturbated to her" and—well, you've seen "There's Something About Mary"? Yeah, that.

The woman slept most of the flight, but awoke about 20 minutes before landing when the pilot announced the plane was on descent into Los Angeles. When the woman opened her eyes, she saw that an unknown man had moved into the seat next to her and was staring at her as he masturbated, the suit states.
The woman turned toward the window in embarrassment and in an act of nervousness began to run her fingers through her hair where she noticed "a substantial amount of an extremely sticky substance in her hair," the suit states.

The woman began to cry and tried to get the attention of a flight attendant, but was unsuccessful, the suit states. Finally a passenger in the row in front of the woman comforted her and verified the semen in her hair, the suit states.

When the plane landed, employee called airport police and the man was arrested.

The suit claims that during the police investigation, the flight crew acknowledged they saw the man move from his assigned seat to the seat next to the woman while she slept.

Do you think the suit has merit?
What would you do if you awoke on a plane and a man had just ejaculated on you?

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Will any of you delicious people make me a scrumptious layout for my sad little LJ? What will you get from me? A delicious cookies perhaps?

Anyone hung over?

Have you ever thought of a question in the middle of night to ask here, and then when the times comes to ask it! You've forgotten?

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1)what commercial jingles are memorable for you?

dunkin's fratalian ad- we don't even have dunkins here. 'why am I dressed up like a pirate in this resturant' free credit report

2)what do you eat to soothe your stomach?
uncool before it was cool


I'm sorry if this is something really easy to figure out, but i am having trouble with it.
How do i change the 411 listing for the company i work for?
apparently we're listed under the wrong phone number.
thank you!

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Spurred by comments regarding professor crushes in another post...

Anyone ever had an affair/relationship with a teacher? A boss? Do tell.

If you haven't: Given the opportunity, would you?

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1. Is there someone you work with that you just want to punch?  What is this person like?
2. Have you ever counted how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
3. Did you sleep well last night?

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Do you swear?


Are you a good lover?

I'm not sure

Does the word "lover" weird you out?

How old were you when you started to feel grown up?
I was 25 but I still feel like I have more growing up to do.
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What is your favorite way to say "I would have sex with that person"? (Besides "I would have sex with that person")

For example: "I'd hit that" "I'd buy a ticket on that ride", "I'd ride that into the sunset", etc
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Everyone in my office is in a frenzy because Rudy Giuliani is coming here in a few hours.

What was the last thing that set your work/home/school into a crazy mess?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

(no subject)

How do I walked in heels?  I'm almost 21 and I've never learned.  Please, teach me how not to stagger like a drunken ho and twist my ankle.  And am I doomed to click click clack forever?
Dude love

Condo or home?

If you had the chance to get a condo in a really nice neighborhood that's close by work or a house in a decent neighborhood which would require a huge commute, which would you choose?

ETA: The area I'm looking at is West Hollywood, where we currently rent. To get a home (that my hubby and I can both agree on) the commute would be 1.5-2 hrs.
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(no subject)

I recently rented The English Patient. I'm gonna watch it either way because Naveen Andrews is there (<3!), but what do you think about it, TQC? Best Movie Ever or interminable drivel?

(no subject)

Dante, my puppy, has discovered the Dog in the Oven Door. He likes to bark at it, tries to rush it, though the only time he actually dared to head butt the other dog he found out that it was a little more solid than he is. He's fun to watch.

Animals are making me happy right now. What are some of the cute things your pets do?

King or Queen of the Damned (or the Gosh Darnit, if you don't swear)

One day you're walking home alone at night, when you're cornerred by a vampire. He says,

"Look, by the clan rules, I have to turn 2 people per year into vampires as part of my membership duties. 2 people to counteract the average number of vampires who get staked or get caught in the sunlight, so the vampire population is always at a certain number. The vampiric year ends in one hour and I'm 1 person short of my quota. I'm making you an offer to join us.

If you decide to become a vampire, you'll have eternal life, providing that no external harm ends it prematurely. You know the vampire legends. So, eternal life, and you'll never age beyond the year you are now. You'll have amazing superhuman strength and speed, and you'll be immune to poison, disease and normal physical injury. You'll be able to mesmerize/hypnotize people at will, and can change shape. You'll also have supernatural charm, which you can use to recruit your own harem of loyal servants. You can turn 2 people into vampires per year, but they cannot be related to you. You'll have superhuman senses.

The downside of being a vampire that you cannot step foot into sunlight again. You can no longer eat or even keep down normal food, for blood will be the only nourishment you can subsist on. You'll not only get used to it, but you'll crave it eventually. You must feed on the living, preferably human. You don't have to kill them, but you will need a pint or two. You can keep a loyal stable who will willingly feed you. You'll outlive everyone you know and love, barring those you've turned. Because you will no longer be among the living, you will cast no reflection. Your lungs no longer have need of breath, and smoking of any kind is pointless. Your heart does not beat, your veins do not transfer blood, and thus, you will be unable to circulate blood to your nether regions, meaning that sex will be impossible (if you're male) or painful and ineffectual (if you're female) from this point on. And, lastly, there are humans out there who believe we are evil, and they seek to slay us all, so you'll have to be covert and probably train your servants well to protect you.

So, what's it going to be?

Yes, make me a vampire
No, I do not want to be a vampire

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How old were you when your parents/legal guardian had the "sex talk" with you (if ever)?
How'd that go?
Any embarrassing stories born from it?

There was a radio station when I was younger that gave out condoms with one of the DJ's face on the tip so my sister and I ordered one when I was 12. When it came in the mail, mom bought a zucchini, sat me down and showed me how to properly put a condom on. If I hadn't been so giggly over it, it might've been awkward.

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1. Have you ever accidentally incested in your dreams and woken up so confused and feeling disgusting?

I've incested my mother so many times I don't even know what's up with that. Last night she was gnawing on my naked leg in bed, but she was more meaning to actually eat me than to give me (bad) foreplay. Still, ewwwwww.

2. What's the equivalent to Savers or Building 19 (REALLY ENORMOUS CHAIN THRIFT STORES) where you guys are? What's the most amazing item you've discovered there for cheap?

Cheap hooker heels that would normally be expensive hooker heels!

3. Have you ever experienced Anal Leakage? What does this mean??? Why is this a side effect to so many prescription drugs?

4. If you HAD TO replace your hair with another material, what would it be?
Soba noodles that never go bad, tinsel, or cheerleader pom-poms.
Zooey face


1. What is the most obnoxious thing you have to do today?

2. If your walls were red, would they drive you insane? (What about black?)

3. What is your favorite newspaper?

4. Which newspaper do you think is the most respectable?

5. If you could drop everything tomorrow and start a new career, what would it be?
I like Bukkake
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1. Is Arby's REALLY that bad of a restaurant?

I'm thinking of two cartoons where Arby's has been mentioned negatively.

A Simpsons ep where the kids are stranded on an island and one girl remarks, "I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's!"

Then in the recent Li'l Bush, Barbara is tanning at maximum heat and the younger Bush sibling remarks, "Jeb smell Arby's!"

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I feel bad about using an average of 3 plastic utensils at work each day. They provide them but I'd rather be reusing real utensils. I want 5 sets of fork, knife, and spoon and they don't need to be pretty.

Should I buy my cheap utensils at Target, Goodwill, or elsewhere? Who'll be cheaper?
gasp zooey

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Why does it seem that the worst thing any actress can do to her career is to be in a horror movie?

Remember when horror movies didn't suck, and could actually improve actors' careers?

(no subject)

My SO is always wanting to fill out those online surveys for Wal-Mart and Lowes. Has anyone ever heard of any anyone winning the gift cards or cash for those? I think it's a waste of time.

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If you were to add your birthday (view example down below) then add to it the age that you were when you lost your virginity (if you're still a virgin add the age that you were when you graduated high school, if you're still in high school GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO STUDY, DAMMIT!) at what age will you be more than likely to die?

my birthday is april 1st, 1984..

4+1+1+9+8+4 = 27

i lost my virginity at 19.

27+19 = 46.

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Does your dog/cat/significant other/mom/lawn/etc get spring fever?

My littler dog has been following me around all day and barking because he wants to go for another walk. It's sort of nice out today (43 degreesish). The boyfriend wants me to go hang out with him at work because he's bored and no one will sit outside with him (he works at a fish market that has a lot of downtime) and this is sort of a strange request.

I would rather hang out inside because it's not really *that* warm. So, no spring fever here.
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If somebody gave you $500 today and said "Spend this however you want, but you CANNOT save it," how would you blow the cash?

I'd buy a new widescreen LCD monitor for my computer, and then throw the rest at my student loan debt so I could feel responsible.
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1. is there a such thing as a tupperware sandwich box that has different layers for bread, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc? so that they don't touch and make the bread soggy before you want to eat it? can you give me a link?

2. have you ever seen this?
andrew raycroft

Three questions.

1. Ladies, where do you get your shoes? I'm looking for new ones, preferably some cute flats, cowboy boots, or basically anything but sneakers.
2. What's the best website to compare prices when you're looking to buy something online? I'm usually an impulse buyer, but I'm looking for the best deal on a dSLR camera, so websites where you can compare prices would be extremely helpful.
3. If you could put together a concert with any 3-5 bands (dead, alive, broken up, anything goes), who would they be?

(no subject)

should i ask my dad to watch enchanted with me?

is that a good father-daughter movie, or do i not count for father-daughter activities anymore since i am 22?

EDIT: i asked my dad if he wanted to watch it...he said that HE ALREADY SAW IT WHEN IT CAME OUT AND HE REALLY LIKED IT AND THOUGHT IT WAS HILARIOUS. omgwtf lol.
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(no subject)

Is there a P.S.A that you would like to make?

Dear Customer, If another person is helping you and I am sitting at my desk staring into the computer screen *THAT HARD* it's because I am reading something [of great importance that requires my full attention] not ignoring you, funny how you feel the need to talk to me NOW yet when I try to help you, you're all quick and to the point.. EH? so why can't I be the same way towards you sometimes? Thanks and have a great day.

(no subject)

1.) What is the most recent book you've read that you were disappointed by/didn't enjoy?

2.) What is the most recent book you've read that you were impressed by/enjoyed?

3.) When you pick up a book (for pleasure reading, not assigned reading) and you're not enjoying it, do you stick it out and finish it, or do you stop reading?
3b) If you quit reading it, how much of a chance do you give it?  (ex. a chapter, 50 pages, etc.)

4.) When wrapping something in bubble wrap, do you put the bubbles facing in towards the item or out?

5.) For all of you yard salers/auctioners...what has been your best find?

(My answers in the comments)
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(no subject)

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and "invent" one piece of modern-day technology (therefore taking the credit for some else's work... don't play noble, you know you'd do it), what would it be?


1. ) What toppings do you like on your burger? How do you like your meat cooked?
2. ) Arby's has the best fries: y/n?
3.) Dr. Pepper is nectar from the gods: y/y?
4.) What is it about sushi that makes me crave more for days after eating it?

(no subject)

Are you a pretty quick decision maker and have a lot of stick-to-it-ness once you've made up your mind? Or are there things you stay wishy washy on for forever? Basically I guess I'm asking what kind of decision maker you are.
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(no subject)

1. I bought sushi yesterday for lunch from a nearby restaurant...i meant to take the leftovers home, but i forgot them in the fridge. they've been in the frridge since you think it's safe to take it home and eat it tonight?

2. do you ever read Yahoo Answers? I like how questions are searchable/categorized, and people are way more helpful....but it's hard to start discussions of any kind.

3. have you ever had a performance review at work? what was it like? what did you have to do to prepare for it?
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A Slow Afternoon...

1. What's for dinner...gnocchi or a wrap? The gnocchi takes some time to cook..but the wrap is just a matter of stepping out to the corner store.

2. DS or PSP? Why?

3. If you saw Obama's speech...what did you think of it? Negative and positive opinions welcome, as I am somewhat on the fence about Clinton and Obama.
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(no subject)

1. How clean is your room right now?
2. What motivates you to clean?
3. Have you done your spring cleaning yet?
4. If you could have a mural of anything on your wall, what would it be?
5. Do you have any rasterbations?

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Tim onstage!

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TQC, sometime in the summer my dear friend, mjls, is coming all the way from Belgium to visit me. I live in Northeast Ohio, about half an hour from Cleveland (or fifteen minutes from Cleveland, depending on how much I speed).

I want to take her to Cedar Point at least once, and possibly to some concerts in the city, but I'm drawing a blank on other fun stuff. She'll be here for about a month. Also, she won't yet be eighteen, so the usual clubs that my friends and I like to go to aren't an option. What cool things should mjls and I do while she's here?
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Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC, me and three friends are staying in a hotel for three nights for a convention. To help save money, we plan on buying food before hand and bringing it with us. We will have a microwave and mini-fridge.

What cheap but still tasty and filling foods should we bring with us so that we do not starve and/or get poor?

What other things should I not forget to take?
nana smoking

(no subject)

Are your glasses absolutely filthy, like mine are?
Do you have totally opposing views on certain issues with siblings? Will you elaborate?
Do you know someone who has died from an uncurable medical condition?
I feel tired and I ache; come cuddle with me for a while?
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I've been really into fragrances lately. Not perfume but essential oils and the like.

What are your favorite singular notes? I like neroli, black pepper, vetiver, bergamot, cedar, citrus and frankincense. I hate hate hate hate hate HATE patchouli.

Do you have any favorite blends?

Do you know of any websites that have recipes for blending essential oils?
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I got my tax return today. It's 138$! Where's the 300 I was promised by the Man?  Okay, so that's the rebate and it isn't coming until May. I guess I need to go learn about tax stuff besides just filing it.

Jsbr upi rbrt dystyrf yu[omg smf yjrn trs;oxr yjsy upit gomhrts ertr pm yjr etpmh lrud>
Have you ever started typing and then realize your fingers were on the wrong keys?
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tuesday bored at work poll

1) How much on average is your monthly cell phone bill?

2) What makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

3) What remakes are better than the original? Can be songs, movies, whatever.

4) Where is your next trip or vacation?

5) If you were going to Egypt, what kind(s) of shoes would you bring for sightseeing / traveling? 

My answers:

1. $80-ish, although this month it was $130 which I was not too happy about.

2. mascara, concealer under the eyes & blush...maybe a lipstick or lipgloss

3. I think Kanye's "Stronger" is better than the Daft Punk version...also "Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees

4. I leave for Egypt, India & Jordan on March 31st. Going to Barbados next February.

5. You tell me. I am at a loss & probably need to go shopping. Help! 
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(no subject)

1) What is the last dvd you watched?

2) What flavour body wash/soap are you currently using?

3) Have you ever been stuck in a small space? What happened?

4) TQC, what are you getting me for my birthday?

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(no subject)

Besides getting a job (I have one, searching for another), what are some (realistic!!!) ways to make and save money quickly?  The only bill I have to pay right now is my phone, so aside from that I'm not spending another cent until I pay for the program.

My dog has terrible acne!  We have special shampoo for him, and we follow the skin care isntructions just like the book says, but he has crazy pimples!  Any ideas on how to get rid of them? 
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(no subject)

If you had to drink a glass of soy sauce or a shot glass of hot sauce, which would you choose?

Give a speech to a large group with little to no advance warning or streak in front of an equal crowd?
I am a girl of the future

(no subject)

Is there anyone in your life (or out of your life) who you can't help but act irrationally towards?

For me, it's my ex-girlfriend. We had a really long weird break-up where we just got more and more off-kilter with each other, and we ended up as nearly Manichean opposites. Even today, if I happen to think of her, I get a weird little emotional seizure and want to do stupid things like e-mail her just to argue with her.

(no subject)

How long is the longest you've stayed on hold?
What was the phone call regarding?

My mom's spent a total of 9 and a half hours on hold over the past two weeks trying to get H&R Block to transfer money back into her bank account that they took out to pay a bill that they never paid. :|

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Poll #1156522 A Farewell to Arms

OH NOEZ! While feeding the ducks at the park, one of them bit off and swallowed your dominant hand (the one you write with). You're left with a stump. They can probably give you a prosthetic, but you probably won't attain the dexterity of a real hand and will probably be forced to use your off-hand as your new dominant hand. What activities can you perform adequately with your lesser hand? You may have to experiment to see if you really can do these activities

Brush teeth
Use fork/spoon
Use scissors
Use knife (for meals)
Wipe butt
Brush hair
Put in contacts
Shave face/legs
Button clothes
Use keys (to open doors. Odds are, you probably never used your off-hand for this)
Use manual can opener
Snap fingers
I'm ambidextrous, bitch
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)


If Obama gets the democratic ticket and you are currently supporting Hilary, will you support Obama for President?


If Hilary gets the democratic ticket an you are currently supporting Obama, will you support Hilary for President?

ps: I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm just curious who would support the dems no matter who ends up running for President. kthnxbye :)
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(no subject)

at what age is it embarrasing for a guy to be living at home?

what about a girl?

does this change if they are living with a single parent?

what about a grandparent?

if two people are in a relationship, do you automatically assume that they are having sex?  at what age does this happen?
odd enthusiasms

Woo, putting off homework!

Obviously using SparkNotes instead of actually doing one's reading assignment is frowned upon in most circles, but would you/have you ever used the site to help you write a paper or to get a better grasp on a book?

Have you ever heard of SparkNotes?

Have you ever completely not read a book, and relied entirely on a website/Cliff's Notes or the movie for information? How'd that turn out?

(no subject)

What are some good dance videos?
As in the instructional/workout type.

Are they any such ones streaming online?

I really want some good dance videos that are not cheesy or annoying.

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(no subject)

So I was going to get a tattoo today, but couldn't. The first place was closed because they're all hung over from their party yesterday (which is why I couldn't do it yesterday), and the other place didn't have enough time to do a quality job. Now I have to wait till after spring break to get it done. I'm pissed!!! So....

1. Have you been thwarted recently?
2. What happened?
3. What should I do with myself now? I was expecting to be getting tattooed, now I'm bored and pissed.
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(no subject)

I know some of you like Death Cab for Cutie.

Have you heard I Will Possess Your Heart?

What's your favourite Death Cab song?

Edit: Why is I Will Follow You Into The Dark most people's favourite? Dang.

(no subject)

What's the point of decaf coffee?
Yes, might be a stupid question, but I live in a country where it isn't even available. Telling someone I drink my coffee decaf would produce a lot of WTF faces and people would think I'm some kind of weirdo.

(no subject)

If you knew your marriage was failing, and that your wife was close to leaving you but you wanted to talk to try to work things out, would you:

A) Come home and talk to her about it.


B) Come home and go straight to playing video games?
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(no subject)

TQC, I can't come up with a suitable way to describe how bad and terrible and scummy it is that my friend is lying to me about a guy raping her. I've been good friends with this guy for a long time (and we actually just started dating.. could this be related!?), and I can't stand that she'd try to ruin such a nice person just because he didn't call her after a mutually drunken hook up. I don't accept crying "wolf" with rape. It's lower than low.

She's blatantly lying to my face about this. She never said it was rape until I started dating him, and I'm assuming she's just forgotten that she has told me in the past (before I got close to him) that it was (more than) consensual. Provided details that would definitely imply it could not be rape, in fact.

So how would you express to this girl how you feel, TQC? What descriptive words would you use to explain how scummy this is? Because alone, low and scummy don't quite do enough to get my anger across.