March 17th, 2008

Tom shaming you

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If you were the killer in a horror film, what would your weapon of choice be?

What would be your motivation to kill and who would you target?

What would your outfit consist of and would you have a catch phrase?

Help me, TQC!

So I visited this place within the past ten years and it's driving me crazy trying to remember where it was.

It was in a city (list of cities I've visited in the last ten years behind the cut). It was an indoor botanical garden, in this warehouse-ish type greenhouse building made of glass and steel posts and stuff. There were ladder/stair things you could walk up to get to catwalk type paths on the upper levels.

It was not a zoo or an aquarium (my husband keeps telling me I'm thinking of the rainforest at the Baltimore aquarium, but I know I'm not!). It was free to get in - there weren't even any gates or anything, you just walked in the doors. It was right in the middle of downtown in some city. I keep thinking there's a shopping mall or something nearby with expensive boutiques but I could be completely off on that one.

I remember just walking around the streets downtown in whatever city it was, coming across this place and going inside. It was really cool and I wish I could remember where it was.

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Does anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?

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Poll #1155435 Lucky Charmin

Tomorrow's St. Patty's Day. People should be wearing green. What green items of clothing will you be wearing on the 17th?

Kermit the Frog furry suit (you know who you are)
None. You may pinch me, sir

Related things or activites that might take place on St. Patty's Day for you?

Green beer
Eating Lucky Charms
Watching Far and Away on dvd
Throwing up (it may or may not be green)
Potato eating
Fisticuffin' donneybrook!
McDonalds mint shake
Green eggs and ham (it's possible the fridge is on the blink)
Best attempt at riverdancing
Playing Steely Dan at max volume
Playing Enya at max volume
Urinating in or on something that isn't a toilet
Getting crabs from Colin Farrel (you know he's probably got em)

Where will you wake up on March 18th?

In my bed
In my SO's bed
On my friend's couch
In a complete stranger's bed
In the gutter
In the back yard
On the floor next to my bed
In the drunk tank
Who says I went to sleep?

Places you might find vomit that morning?

Toilet bowl (unflushed)
My hair
Passenger seat in the car
In significant other's hair (sorry honey)
Inside your purse
On your pet (sorry Fluffy)
In the fish tank (sorry Bubbles)
No throwup to report, thankyouverymuch

Best Lucky Charm marshmellow?

Pink hearts
Yellow moons
Orange stars
Green clovers
Blue diamonds
Purple horseshoes
Red balloons
Blue moons
White shooting stars
Yellow/orange pots of gold
Pink, yellow and blue rainbows
Green leprachaun hats

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I'm about to watch Reign Over Me alone. bad idea, y/y?
it's 1:00am and i don't think i want to be sad, but I've really been wanting to see it.

edit to add: "I just thought that if you wanted me to...I would. With my mouth. I would. You could lock that door...tell the nurse not to come in. ... I'd do it. I'd enjoy making you happy." WHAT THE FUCK? as soon as he came out telling his secratary about her, i thought "i thought (male) doctors/dentists aren't supposed to be alone in the room with (female) patients because of potential sexual harrassment law suits?" i hope this lady falls in love with charlie next.

leave things that will cheer me up after? this includes:
-funny anecdotes.
-the best thing that happened to you today
-hilarious and/or cute pictures

Have you seen the show Pop Fiction?

Is anyone else secretly hoping that Britney Spears will be like "HAHA j/k y'all, I was never crazy!"? because i think that would be hilarious.

Also, what is something you got really excited about today?
I was thinking about getting a ferret or hedgehog when I move into an apartment in August or September. i thought it would be really hard to find one and research owning one, but it only took a little googling and i found breeders in my state :) hopefully i can look into it for a few months and do it.
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hey tqc.

what's your favorite song right now?

what's your favorite song on rock band/guitar hero?

mah answers:

only - NIN

cherub rock - smashing pumpkins (i love drumming this song.)

would you mind posting your answer with the icon you like the most right now? what's the story behind it?

i am. :) this is kristoph gavin, from the recent apollo justice: ace attorney game. i just beat it, and his character is rockin'.
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My sleep schedule is completely reversed; while most are sleeping at night, I am awake, and while many are awake during the day, I am asleep. This has been ongoing. Tomorrow I am going to a theme park all day and will need rest. Should I:
Take a Xanax or two to fall asleep and snooze for six hours?
Let my body rest and not do anything stimulating, hoping to stay awake during the day?

What are you doing tomorrow that IS NOT St. Patty's Day related?

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1. Have you ever had a prairie oyster? Comparisons/analogies/descriptions please.
I imagine it's like a spicy mucus.

2. Riding horses can give you orgasms y/n?
Cruel Intentions 2, also, how did Lady Godiva feel?

3. Do cervix tattoos exist?
I know the answer is probably no, but I wish they did. Not on me, but on someone else, so I could see.

4. Your favorite onomatopoeia?

5. How could mermaids possibly be sexy in real life?



Oh no.

My roommate's air vent connects directly to my air vent. I am trying to go to sleep but all I can hear is my roommate and her douchetruck boyfriend having sex. The vent amplifies the sound . . . I swear to God it sounds like they are INSIDE my room right now.

It is both distracting and really REALLY disturbing.

What should I do? How can I erase this sound from my memory forever? How will I ever sleep again?

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1. What's the difference between when an emergency vehicle (fire truck, etc) is driving with lights flashing Vs lights and sirens?

2. How often do you accidentally post to the wrong community?
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So i thought i was this amazing virtual mechanic and accidentally tweaked the "Angel" bike in vice city too much. Whenever one goes by my game crashes. Does anyone have the original stats found in the handling folder they could give me?

What was the last movie you watched?

Looking for Alibrandi. Oh i love that movie.
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help me figure out this song?

I've been wondering for weeks what this song is. I can't remember the name for the life of me. All I know is that it is from the 90s and was sung by a man. I figured out a bit of the chorus on the piano so here it is. Any help would be great, thanks!

It was Fastball- The Way. Thank you so much valkeakuulas!
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i work on tv shows as a P.A. and tomorrow night I have an overnight shoot (3pm from tuesday afternoon until 5am on wednesday morning).

What would be better.

Keeping busy and going to bed at a reasonable but not early hour (think like 11:00 or 11:30) and sleeping late tomorrow (it takes me an hour to get ready and and hour to get down to set so I'd have to be awake by 1pm)?


Resting up as much as possible today, going to bed early and waking up late tomorrow?

any other suggestions so that I'm not a total zombie come 2 or 3 am? I'm only a day player I have a job on a different set and am just doing this because I have the day off and extra cash is always nice, so I'd like to make a good impression.
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TQC, it is so far a slow and boring day at work and my boss will not be in to give me random strange things to do until at least this afternoon.

Will you tell me a funny story from when you were a kid?

Will you also tell me about the most annoying coworker you've ever had? Or the creepiest, whichever has the best story with it.

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Ok I have this form from a series of interviews, and I need to gather the information/comments I have from all of the intervieweres into a document. And i can't decide the best way. I have about 30 of the below form that needs to be put together. How do you think I should do it?

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Candidate Name

Please comment on your assessment of the candidate’s abilities

Level of technical expertise and experience in occupational health & hygiene.
Please circle/highlight one:
Low High
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ability to lead, direct and support a comprehensive occupational health & hygiene program. (Comments)

Level of knowledge and experience of broader safety responsibilities.
Please circle/highlight one:
Low High
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ability to communicate effectively and build constructive relationships within the organization, and with campus, state, and community groups. (Comments)

Additional comments?

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1) I buy soymilk, and the big cartons are in the refigerator cases, but there's little juicebox-size packs that sit on the shelves in another aisle. Why are the little ones shelf-stable?

2) When is the last time you had a visitor at your house? Who was it, and why were they visiting?
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I'm getting these books in the mail from my splurge a while back ago. Anyone read them? What did you think?
I have read White Oleander.

Dry: a Memoir-Augusten Burroughs
Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account-Miklos Nyiszli, Richard Seaver, Tibere Kramer
Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood-Julie Gregory, Marc D. Feldman
Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality From the Human Anatomy Lab-Christine Montross
White Oleander-Janet Fitch
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How often do you tell lies? I mean little 'white' lies, nothing major.

Do you feel guilty afterwards? Do you lie to certain people more often then others?

I just talked to my mom on the phone. I saw the dr on Saturday and she diagnosed me with strep throat and put me on antibiotics. My mom asked if they did a culture and then went on to talk about how they can't tell the difference between viral and bacterial strep. I lied and said they tested because I didn't want her to go on and on about how I shouldn't be on antibiotics etc. I feel a little guilty, but I know that now that I've started the antibiotics it would be worse for me to just stop them.
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Looking for "love" online

I'm looking for opinions on dating sites (i.e. Lavalife, Plentyoffish, etc.):

1) Have you ever used a dating site? Why did you choose to do so?

1a) Did you have success? For example, formed a relationship with someone you met through a site.

2) If you've never used a dating site, would you ever try it? Why or why not?

3) How do you perceive people who use dating sites?
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Some tech support woman from Dell will be here at my college dormitory in approximately 45 minutes.

1. Do tech support people like to be talked to, or should I just let her into my room and fuck off and do homework or something? I never know.
2. Should you offer these people drinks? Tips? Tell them hilarious anecdotes about my collegiate escapades? My parents used to always handle this one and I just stayed out of the way.
3. My motherboard and my fan are fried. I was told to back up my files, but I was also told that the motherboard doesn't have anything to do with memory and that I should be all right. Does anyone know anything about computers enough to tell me wtf is going on with my laptop? (other than the fact that it being a Dell is wrong enough)
4. I'm trying to fold up laundry to put it away, clean off my desk and back up my files all at the same time. How do I calm the hell down?

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i have spring break this week. i have absolutely no money, no obligations and 1/2 a tank of gasoline in my car. it's only 10:20am on monday and i'm already bored out of my mind.

what would you do for the rest of the week if you were me?

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Apologies to anyone who may be bothered by these questions. I know some of you may have lost loved ones, and I am not trying to pick at those wounds.

Poll #1155674 Inspired by the French return-of-the-dead movie Les Revenants

One day, the dead come back from the grave. Oddly enough, they bear none of the injuries that resulted in their death, nor any of the decay of the grave. They don't shamble and act and behave normally, except they're more quiet than normal and go into dazes here and there. 60% of the dead are over 60 years of age. Doctors say that their brains operate like they had concussions. Other than that, they're very much like they were when they were buried. Only the dead from the last 10 years have returned. How do you feel about this assembly?

Happy. It would be nice to see my loved ones again
Fearful. This can only be a bad thing. Just wait
Wary. This is highly unnatural. Something isn't right.
Indifferent. Big deal. They look just like normal people. Big whoop
Annoyed. There's already an overpopulation problem and jobs can be scarce as it is. Why do we need them here?
Paranoid. This is obviously a zombie invasion. I start to arm myself and barricade my home

After a couple weeks, there's no hostile incidents. But follow-up medical tests show that the former dead have a body temperature 10 degrees lower than the living, and their heart beats slower. They don't actually need to sleep and don't really need to eat. They sit up late and stare at the wall. Or walk. Every one of them walks about 7 miles a day. Most of them amble about in packs of up to 10, and their jaunts, seemingly aimless. How do you feel about them now?

Happy still. This recent odd behavior doesn't neutralize the fact that my loved ones are back
Even more fearful. I avoid them as much as I can
Very wary. I am constantly vigilant of their activities, and try and figure out what's with the oddness. I don't trust them
Indifferent. Still don't really care about them.
Annoyed. They're strange. So effin what they're back. We didn't need thousands of extra old people.
Paranoid. Zombie attack must be imminent. I never leave the house without a hidden weapon

One night, the former dead all return back to the earth. Waves upon waves of them. Migrating herds of thousands. They say goodbye and vanish as strangely as they arrived. How do you feel?

Sad. I'm going to miss my loved ones
Relieved. Life can go back to normal again
Indifferent. The only thing that will change in my life is quicker commutes to work
Fully intrugued. I'm so damn curious what happened. I pursue answers, and consult the internet heavily and chat with other curious parties
Paranoid. They're obviously going to inform the rest of the dead what's up. They can't go back. I start attacking them with a weapon before they leave
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If you use honey at home...
do you use a honey bear?

or a regular ole' container?

I tend to always get the bear because it's cute. And yes, I realize that's probably lame. lol
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Vaginal - pronounced Vah - Gin - All or Vadge - Eye - Nall? They both sound stupid to me....

WTF does "Mamma-say, mamma-saw, mamma mah-koo-sah!" mean? I've heard it in music videos, interviews and stuff but I don't get whether it's some foreign phrase or just noises or what...Any idea?

Last food you thought you'd hate but ended up loving? Oreos! 

When I spell check entries, it ALWAYS comes up with nbsp as a mispelling for no reason and it's annoying. Is it only me this happens to?

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Do any of you use Progressive car insurance?
How's that working out for you?

I'm about to buy my first car and it is the ONLY insurance I can afford to get more than the minimum on. In fact, the minimum on all the others I've seen is out of my budget. :(
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1) Are you required to get state car inspections where you live? (state where you live plz)
1a) How often?
1b) How much do they cost?
1c) What are the consequences if you don't?

2) I'm currently eating rice with a plastic knife. Can you tell me about a time you had to improvise with a food container/utensil?
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1. In a work situation, would you rather be friends with the majority of your coworkers, be really well-liked, and in general have good relations, but not get many responsibilities, or be an authority figure with a lot of responsibility but not have many friends and be generally disliked?

2. I'm going to Boston over spring break, as well as some surrounding cities and upper New Jersey (to look at colleges :/) What attractions or sights or stores etc should I try to see?
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I have a dilemma!

Today I put on my black singlet and went to my underwear draw to get some knickers when I found ANOTHER black singlet exactly the same size, from the same store and everything.

However, I have only ever bought one singlet like this before, and there is no way I could have bought another and just forgotten about it.

So TQC, whose singlet am I wearing?
Where did it come from?
Are my singlets multiplying?

Have you ever stolen something accidentally?
How about on purpose?

ETA singlet =

Apparantly this isn't common knowledge?

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a gay 26 year old internet predator is after my 14 year old brother. they have been talking for months and are talking about meeting. i have access to his computer and all of the temporary internet files. i would like to read the e-mails between them if possible. although doubtful, is there any way to get into his e-mail?

what should i do to this guy? i have his phone number. obviously i should call chris hansen with dateline nbc but i think i will eventually call the police. but i want to scare this guy.

should i call him? what should i say? what would you do? srs/nonsrs answers plz

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How do you think social expectations will change in 50 years?
For example; how old will be people live to be? Will monogamy still be the dominant way? Will the ideal of beauty be the same?

eta: Inspiration from uberash, where do you see yourself in 50 years?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to keep multiple MSN screennames open?

Ugh. I'm probably not explaining that very well. I have two MSN screennames, and there are different people on each one (one is for work purposes, the other just for contacts who are friends.) Is there any way for me to be online under both names at once? Some kind of chat program, maybe? I could have sworn there was, but maybe I'm dreaming. I figure if anyone would know, it would be someone here.

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1)what stuff are you obsessed with lately?

cooking mama; invader zim

2)why is the japanese magnolia in my yard pinkish and the other ones[for example, by the post office a mile away] purple?

3)what do you waste money on?


eta: have you had white honey?


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1: What has gotten you where you are today?:

a: luck
b: hard work

2: What is your favorite smell:

a: found in nature?
b: man-made?

3: Are you more a minimalist or do you like things about?
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Look, uh... we were both pretty trashed last night, and I know waking up naked in bed together probably told us everything we need to know, but... since I think you were a bit more sober than I was, what do you remember?

Possibly hackneyed.

1. Hypothetical A: You want to get married. It's a fundamental desire you've had since you can remember, and it's very important to you. However, the person you're with for whatever reason can't get married to you (can't marry someone out of his/her faith, is fundamentally opposed to marriage, etc etc). You love this person very much and they love you very much - other than this one thing, you're extremely happy together and well suited for each other. Do you stay with them anyway, figuring happiness is worth more than a cultural institution, or do you move on and find someone that will marry you?

2. Hypothetical B: You are fundamentally opposed to marriage. It's not something you ever want to do, for whatever reason. However, your longterm SO has just been diagnosed with a fatal disease - doctors give him/her anywhere from 4 months to 5 years, it's not certain. He/she wants more than anything to get married and start a family, even knowing that they could die at any point in their family's lifespan. Do you marry this person, knowing you would bring them their life's happiness before they die, or stick to your non-marrying guns, knowing that you would have to raise the child alone if you had one?
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Grumpy Angel

Cry Baby

(1) Are you a crier?
(2) What makes you cry?
(3) Does your crying ever frustrate you?
(4) Does your crying ever frustrate someone else?
(5) Quiet crier or noisy?
(6) Can you control your tears?

(1) Hellz yes.
(2) Being sad or frustrated, watching something touching or triumphant (underprivileged teen graduating high school?  I got yer tears right here.), seeing other people cry... the list goes on and on.
(3) See, I cry when I'm frustrated.  So then I get frustrated that I'm crying and ... well, you see where this is going, right?  It makes conflict situations really difficult, because as soon as I feel I'm not expressing myself well, the waterworks start.
(4) Drives my bf crazy.  He's never really sure how to handle me when I'm upset.
(5) Typically noisy, unless I'm trying really, really hard to be quiet.
(6) Not really, though (as stated above) I can sometimes control how loudly I cry.

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How do you feel about one person giving the other an ultimatum in a relationship?

Ex: You do _____ or I'm leaving.


How do you feel about a couple arguing/fighting when their kids can hear them?

(no subject)

when someone says "I'll call you RIGHT back", how long do you consider 'right back' to be?

I consider it 10 - 30 minutes. my bffl seems to think right back means 4 - 6 hours later.
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If you could have a say in what man's next step in evolution is, what would you pick?

I'm going for a better body temperature regulation system. This hot-flashy stuff is starting to suck ass.
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Poll #1155693 Random Number 2453645

So you're walking down the street on your local college campus on your way to class when you glance over and see a couple having a lovers' spat on the sidewalk (you know neither party involved). You've got about fifteen minutes before class, and they don't appear to be in anything too heated - she's bitching and he's rolling his eyes. What do you do?

Ignore it and walk off. It's commonplace in college.
Stop and gawk for a bit before moving on, especially if there's already a crowd gathering.
Look around to see if anyone else has noticed this, maybe make a few remarks to the people around, and then leave.
Walk over and ask if there is anything I can do.
Call the police.
Start throwing some punches.
Other, explained in comments

The lovers spat has escalated into namecalling - nothing physical, but you can hear him shouting obsenities at her and she's starting to have negative body language. What do you do now?

I still keep walking. This stuff sucks, but happens often.
Slow down to make sure things don't get too heated, but I keep going to class.
Put down my books and try to speak to him, calm him down.
Call the police or campus safety.

Same scenario as #2, but the girl is the one shouting the obsenities, not her boyfriend. Does your answer from #2 change?

Yes, if a girl is doing this something must be serious.
No, I would handle it just the same.

It's come to blows, and you watch the boyfriend punch his girlfriend in the stomach and she falls to the ground. What do you do now?

Keep walking. What a bunch of freaks.
See if anyone else is around to help before jumping in.
Throw my stuff down and go help. She's hurt!
Stand back until he stops and then go to her aid.
Call the police, leave an anonymous tip, and go to class.

Same as #4, but now the girl's punching her boyfriend. Does this change your opinion on what to do?

No, it's the same situation.
Yeah, girls really shouldn't punch boys, what's up with that?

Which Disney princess do you think is most likely to turn crazy and beat up on her significant other first?

Which male disney character is most likely to beat up on his sweetiepie?


(no subject)

Nostalgia question:
Do you remember Discovery Zone? If yes-- how the hell could a place so awesome go bankrupt? Do you think there'll ever be something similar for kids?

Non-disguised advice question:
I've been trying to grow my hair out just to see what it would be like. I haven't had a haircut since September and it's now nearly to my shoulders in some places. By my calculations, it will take me another 6 months to get it to the length I'm going for, but I am nowhere NEAR patient enough for that; I might not even want to keep long hair for that amount of time, much less wait for it to grow for another 6 months and then keep it beyond that. I've already wasted 6 months on this, so it's kind of like I might as well just go with it because that's the most progress on hair growth I've ever made. But it's frustrating the hell out of me, and honestly I don't even like long hair on myself, I'm only doing it for the experiment value. Should I just cut my damn hair?
Also: I'm too cheap for extensions.

at-home hair questions

I got a perm about 2 months ago, and the curls are still holding strong, and I hope they stay this way for at least another month. I want to dye my hair a dark blue/black color. My natural hair color is dark brown, some people think it is black. I haven't dyed my hair in over a year.

If I dye my hair with an at-home kit, will it affect my perm negatively?

What are some problems that could happen with a professional perm and an at-home hair dye kit?
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Would you drop a class where your first test was a 57 BUT it only counts for 12% of the grade?
Do you know any websites that help explain topics in elementry statistics in layman's terms?
Want to do my statistics homework for me? :'(
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Okay, so wow. I should ask for things on TQC more often. I start a three month temporary job that pays 9$ an hour on Wednesday morning. It wasn't from anyone on TQC, but  maybe if I ask you guys for Lindsey Lohan doing the backwards crab walk , she'll show up. :D

Anyway, new question:
On my laptop before it crashed I had a datebook program that I downloaded. I had the free version, but I remember there was a 'Pro' version. I don't remember the name of it, but I'd like to get it again. I remember you  could keep multiple accounts on it and if it was installed on several computers in your network, you could use it as a network chat program. You could change the colours on it and it had three tabs at the top: Appointments, Tasks, and maybe options?
Does anyone know what this program is called? Or do you know of a program like it?
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Need help with the name of an instrument:

I think it was made of steel, entirely. It was a silver box, laid on one's lap, and you played in by hitting these... (cutouts? I didn't see it up close) flat, metal, tapered "prongs" that seemed to be of various lengths, with your fingertips. It was played with both hands.

What is it?
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*sigh* why don't i have patience with kids? :(

omg. my boss' niece is in here with me, and if i had to count the number of times i said the words "don't do that!" i might run out of numbers..*shakes head* i dunno how people can actually want kids. < /rant>

anywho.... what do you want to rant about? feel free to vent here!
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Present for Pregnant woman?

Random Question: Have you ever been pregnant?  Did you enjoy it?

Real Question: What kind of $10ish easter gift would you suggest?  I would like to get her something for herself rather than the baby, she will get plenty of baby-gifts as the due-date gets closer, but I know by this time (4-5 months) her stomach is probably touchy and she can't drink alcohol and I know she's not doing caffiene...
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(no subject)

Do you have anything interesting in your email signature? Do you use a custom email stationery?

For those who don't have anything to contribute based on those two questions, when was the last time you wore a hat? What was the occasion?

(no subject)

No matter what I say to my mother we end up have the same fight over and over again. If it doesn't come up when I see here there is just this underlying tension and it is driving me up a wall! Everyone is telling me that I should just put some distance between us, ignore her phone calls and try not to talk to her for a while. Should I just cut off communications with her?
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Why do toddlers wear the empty bowl of spaghetti on their heads?

Why do they do it after they have had a bath and had their grimy hair washed?

Would tying their arms down to the high chair be a crime?

Would it be acceptable if I left enough rope so they could feed themselves, but not go any higher?
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1. I heard a pretty song on the radio last night and I would like to hear it again. It was Irish, but not blatantly so, and I think the DJ said the album was from the IRA...? Anyway, it was a solemn little song about this lady making her son try on her dead husband's suit. Yes. Any ideas who sang it?

2. How ridiculous is it that I still can't find a Wii at any local stores?

3. If you or someone you know has a Wii, how did you (or they) acquire it?

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Hannaford supermarkets had a security breach with visa (and i think mastercard or something) credit and debit cards. i have a visa debit card and i use it at Hannaford somewhat frequently. I don't keep very good track of my bank account, though there is only around $400 in it right now anyway.

Do you shop at Hannaford?
Have you used a credit or debit card there recently?
Am I asking to be fraud-ed?
Aside from watching my bank account for shady things, is there a way to find out if I'm being screwed?

*I tried googling but it just gave me a lot of news articles about the breach.

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I made a major stuff up at work today (I accidentally deleted some files of someone else's) and I'm hoping when I go back tomorrow everything is ok.

What was the last thing you stuffed up at work/school and how did you fix it/get out of it?

What will you do or say to make me feel better about this?
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Would it be really pathetic if I went and bought some crayons and a colouring book (I can't draw!) and spent the rest of the night colouring in? I've been really stressed lately and it used to soothe me as a kid!

Edit: I'm gonna go get some crayolas and a colouring book. Haha :D

How are you feeling today?

Do you like creme brulee?

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1. Have you ever used a bidet? (see bottom of page for description)

2. Do you want to?

3. Would you want one permanently installed in your home?


1. No

2. Yes

3. YES

For those of you who like bidets, what would you say to someone who's afraid to use one?

For those of you who don't like bidets, what would you say to someone who wants one?
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Do you use tags for your journal?

Care to share what your tags are?

How do you organize your entries? Several tags for one entry or just one?

I'm so late on this but thankfully I don't have much entries to work with.

Others, have you tried persimmons? Yummy or yucky?


Do you think a person's sexuality can change (actually change, not just "oh, I was fooling myself all along")? Have you ever known anyone who was asexual? Do you think you can go from having a sexual preference to being asexual?

Am I having an identity crisis?


Okay, scenario:

Your significant other goes ON and ON and ON about a particular book. As in, breaks up random conversations about completely unrelated topics to go on a long spiel about some minor subplot and how it's OH SO GODDAMN COOL. You're not really interested in it, and are noncommital/irritable/.

You naturally get annoyed, and eventually break down and point-blank tell your SO you don't care about that book and you're sick of hearing about it.

Their response? "Oh, really? Well gee, I feel really horrible now. I bought you the special leatherbound boxed edition specially signed by the author himself. It was really expensive. :("

Are you in the wrong for being so snappish? Are they in the wrong for not realizing that you weren't eager for a super-expensive version of it? Should you apologize?

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Obviously I won't ask you for the password you use now, but what are some weird passwords you've used before?

I used babyspice once, I think it just popped into my head and I'm not really into the spice girls. Now my passwords are weird but make sense to me.
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If someone can answer this question for me, I've got to think of a serious way to repay them

I'm trying to remember the name of a really old Japanese horror movie. This is what I can remember.

It was B&W, the plot revolved around 2 kids who were trying to escape from this horrible old woman alien thing.
She had an odd-shaped mouth & breathed out this gaseous/foggy crap that killed anyone it touched. She also moved really oddly, was kind of hunched and had long black hair.

The ending came when it was discovered that she could be killed by using a fire extinguisher on her. Something about the contents being toxic to her.

I think the title was one word and started with a C.

How's that for vague?
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My little sister wants to have a miniature "rave" in our basement for her birthday. So I come to the source of wisdom that is TQC and ask you. Do you have any suggestions as to what music she should play for said event?

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1) Do you ever dream in a foreign language and speak it a lot better than you do while awake?
(I have to make up some limerick in German for a class and I had this dream where I came up with one just off the top of my head, and it made perfect sense only I can't remember half of it. :X)

2) How do you alleviate anger and annoyance at life in general if you're stuck in your room all evening researching something?
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What is the weirdest name of someone you've met?
-Cinderella YellowBlue

Is it normal for a gay boy  to admit he is questioning his sexuality, then like a week later tell a female friend that he thinks he's in love with her?
-I'm thinking no, and it makes things awkward.
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Do you have "sexy barista" espresso stands in your city? I can think of 3 that I know off of the to of my head. It's like a Hooters for coffee.
Check out the uniforms section.
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When one runs out of underwear and the local laundromat isn't open late enough for one's schedule, is it more efficient to:

--Pump quarters into the laundry room with horribly inefficient in one's apartment complex for hours until everything is dry, or

--Go to Wal-Mart and buy a new pack to tide you over until you've got time to do laundry?