March 16th, 2008


Bum post

What things that will make you more likely to give money to a homeless person?

Looks really dirty
Is pretty attractive
Has a dog/cat
Has a small child
Has a sign that reads something tragic like 'Hungry. Please help'
Has a sign that reads comical like 'Want to try the new Carl's Jr. chili burger. Please hook me up'
Is in a wheelchair
Is wearing army fatigues
Is female
Is white
Is a nationality besides white
Looks young (21 or less)
Looks old (65 years or more)
Is really skinny
I don't give money to the homeless

You happen upon a homeless guy with a little girl. They're dressed in shabby but clean clothes. He has a sign that reads 'Hungry. Please help'. The last thing of interest about them is that you spy a meth pipe dangling around the guy's neck. What do you do?

I give them money. I hope he doesn't spend it on drugs
I don't give them money. He'll probably spend it on drugs
I don't give money to homeless people

You happen upon a homeless guy sitting on the street. He has a pet cat sitting next to him. He has a sign that reads 'Hungry. Please help'. You also notice what looks like a Rolex on his wrist. What do you do?

He has a kitty. The kitty could be hungry. I give him money
He's a scam artist. Kitty or not, I give him nothing
I don't give money to homeless people

What services, if offered by a homeless person in exchange for money, would you accept?

Clean your windshield
Gives you a newspaper (he emptied a newspaper stand)
Tells you a joke
Sexual favors (they're cute)
Origami horse
Reads your morning horoscope
Does a brief tapdance number for you
Tarot card reading
Simple magic trick involving a deck of cards
Shines your shoes
None of the above

(no subject)

Your opinion on a 17 year old dating a 15 year old?

Has anyone ever questioned your reasons for entering into a relationship?

You know someone on an internet forum is a soldier currently in Iraq. Do you get concerned when they suddenly go inactive on the site and never come back? Or do you just figure they got busy with life/bored of the forum?

(no subject)

1) What is something you've never done that you think most people have?

2) What's the worst movie you've ever seen in your life?

3) Have you ever beaten someone up?


(no subject)

do you ever wonder whether or not colors are perceived the same way by everyone?
if yes, what do you think the answer is?

edit: I didn't really mean color blindness, or anything where someone has an issue differentiating colors, I just mean if people see each individual color differently than every other person. where it wouldn't cause a problem in differentiation. it would just be different if you were ever to see through a different person's eyes.

(no subject)

So there's been a bunch of questions about murder...
I was always under the impression that only psychos killed people but apparently non-psychotic people kill as well.

How do you rationalize a seemingly normal person killing someone?
Do you think you could kill someone?
Do you think that maybe killing is normal (ie a part of human survival) and that we've made it taboo in order to make society work?

(no subject)

Dear TQC;

What song would you have sweet, romantic fuckings to?

Bjork - All Is Full of Love....I'd be thinking about lesbian robots the whole time, though.

What song would you have angry, violent/sweaty fuckings to?

Meshugga - Bleed.
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(no subject)

Can you call a song a "tribute" when it's a ripoff of two classics whose brilliance you'll never equal?  Especially when you steal outright the melodies, but change the lyrics to yet another vain account of your skanky, white trash youth?

I was wondering how this worked.

Take for example WoW. It obviously has to send data between the client and the server, but how does it make it so it's hard (impossible?) for someone to just... make another application to send that data saying "I've just picked up thousands of gold"?

Anyone point me in the right direction? I don't mind researching, but I don't know where to start looking.

(no subject)

Who else really hates those radio commercials for XM where the car radio leaves phone messages?

What do you think of the people who generally don't have a lick of Irish in them-and if they do they don't really care, but use St. Patrick's Day simply as an excuse to get shit faced on green beer?

(no subject)

Anyone want to iSketch?

Word categories: animals, occupations, and "lewd."

EDIT: Forget "lewd."

Also, does anyone know what "chicken snatchitori" is without googling?

EDIT TWO: Forget "animals" and "occupations"


1a. When you were in middle school/high school...were you ever picked on? Talk about it.

1b. How did this affect you? Any idea what your bully is doing now? Would you ever want to see him/her again?

2a. When you were in middle school/high school...did you ever pick on anyone? Talk about it.

2b. How did this affect you? Are you sorry, or just chalk it up to being a kid?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC:

I have lain in bed for an hour, trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep. It is now 4 AM.

Should I just go in the living room and play Super Smash Brothers instead, until I'm actually tired?

Alternatively, how do YOU fall asleep, when you're not particularly sleepy?
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Luis sloooow

(no subject)

I have a really drunk boyfriend thrashing round in my bed right now.

Eventually he's gonna tire and pass out.

Should I risk sleeping in the bed with him and having a very disturbed sleep and possibly waking up with vomit in my hair, or sleep in the loft bed which is probably full of spiders and has no blankets?

It's winter and 4am here if that changes anyone's decision.

Do you have a friend/SO that's piss annoying when they're drunk? What do they do? Any good stories?
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Laundry Detergent Staining Clothes

I've had twice now where my laundry detergent has stained some clothes to the point they aren't wearable anymore. What am I doing wrong that causes this?

I've been using white powder (Tide) detergent so far, and this rarely happens, but when it does I can't do anything to get rid of the stains. It also never stains an entire load, just one or two items. (Shorts once, a sweater once.) Am I using too much detergent (I use the recommended amount on the box), or is it the fabric, or should I switch to liquid?

I'm guessing it's really stupid, but I'm a college kid! I'm learning. :/

(no subject)

1)How do you deal with your anger issues?

2)Is it as easy to think positive thoughts as it is negative thoughts?

No- bad things happen on their own, but good things? you have to work your butt off, and you still won't get them.

3)are you quite bitter and twisted? why?

(no subject)

Imagine you are watching television as they draw the winning lotto numbers. You have your ticket in hand and check off each number as it gets called. When they call all six numbers let's say, you look and see that you have all six numbers on the lotto ticket checked off.

In other words, you just won.

What do you think would be running through your head? What would be your first reactions as it sinks in?

Let's pretend you won, once taxes are taken out, $10 million. What do you think you would do with the money?

(no subject)

How do you turn off your brain? When I have a problem I tend to over-analyze and obsess about it. I will lie awake at night thinking about it and fretting over the worst case scenarios and I won't get any sleep. Luckily this doesn't happen with minor stuff, but if I have a major fight with my boyfriend, for example, I will sit and stew about it and then wake up the next morning with the problem still on my mind. The only thing I've found that allows me not to think about it is sleep or pot and sometimes I won't be able to get to sleep without the pot. :\ What helps you not think/worry about stuff?

(no subject)

I changed my Default icon from Hey Jude to this one, how many of you aren't gonna know who I am now?

Why did ch3rrybaby add me, then unadd me?

What can you tell me about Norwich, England, if anything?

Is London really that pushy?

If I were to have a bake sale to raise money for my friends ticket to England, how should I put out flyers? What should they say on them?

Should I give it another chance?

I went on a date with a guy and felt no chemistry toward him whatsoever, then I felt uncomfortable when he sat in the same armchair I was sitting in and moved away from him when he started trying to make moves on me. Then he asked me if I wanted to start a relationship and I kept saying "I don't know" but I couldn't come up with a specific reason why. I just feel nothing toward him and I really don't care to pursue a relationship simply because I want "a" boyfriend. But he really wanted to get together again so I tentatively agreed. We had been talking on Myspace and now I am afraid to even go on Myspace and check my messages, and it's been two days.

Should I give it another chance or is feeling *this* uncomfortable after one date indicative that it's not going to work? I feel like staying very far away from him and never seeing him again at this point, but there is no particular reason why.

thesis projects

So, I'm working on my Masters Thesis. the topic is about medieval cloisters and how those transported to the US (the Cloisters in NYC, and there is a cloister gallery here at the Toledo Museum of Art) still retain much of their intended purpose as a 'spiritual place' even though they are far removed from their original location and time. I don't want to make it a big paper, but some sort of fun and creative project. Any ideas on a project? I was thinking of doing a website, but that might be beyond my means. I just can't come up with a starter idea.

Has anyone else done a big project for a thesis/degree? What interesting things did you do?
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(no subject)

Why is it that when I was little it was so easy for me to get a tan...and now I just turn red? I used to be brown all year long, but now I look like the fucking pillsbury dough boy.

weird question

okay, this is a weird one
i am in a roleplay and another person in the roleplay is slowly becoming addicted to pain medication. but she is also about to find out she is pregnant. what horrifying side effects could pain medication have on a child?
links to articles would be helpful.
EDIT: i said it was weird. i can't find anything on the internet, and i keep my roleplays as close to reality as possible. if there is a side effect to something, i want to know what it is.

(no subject)

Many people find strength in an external God.
Does anyone here find strength in internal Gods? Aspects of themselves that they've given a name, maybe a face, or a feeling to so that they can engage in dialogue with?

Ex: I seem to have personified 'hope'...and in moments of weakness I rely on/interact with this internal hope element which motivates me to keep going, and tells me that it'll be OK, that I need to hang in there etc...

Tell me about them? What do they mean to you? Who are they? Any interesting insights or self-discoveries by engaging in dialogue with them?

(no subject)

TQC, I've been feeling pretty down the last week or so. It's my birthday tomorrow & I want to buy myself something. Fuck that I don't have the money, I deserve something nice to cheer myself up.

So, what should I buy? I'd most likely be using ebay & it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's under $20.

Picture Messaging.


I have an iPhone.. and believe it or not, you can't send picture messages.. you can E-Mail them though. I've figured out how to send to and from other AT&T phones b/c it's (phone number) Buttttt what is the 'e-mail' or domain? for sayyy.... a Verizon phone number??

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense! LOL
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(no subject)

I've just moved house, but the new place has no carpet.
There's brick dust everywhere, that really fine stuff that just sticks.
It won't be hoovered or swept, and I can't mop the floor because of electrics and things.
So how can I get rid of it?

(no subject)

When you get really angry at a person how do you act towards them? Do you scream and yell, use a disappointed voice, throw things, ignore them, something else?

What's the angriest you've ever been at someone?
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

The soap at my work makes my hands bust out in some sort of horrible painful rash that goes up my arms. I asked if I could use hand sanitizer and got no response (my boss gave me this smug kind of look and said that it was 'just Dawn dish soap' and then left). I thought it would be better to ask first, as I work in concessions (sometimes) at a theater and some people think that hand sanitizer isn't as good, blah blah blah.

What would you do in this situation? I wash my hands more than anyone else there that I've seen, because, I don't know, it's gross not to. Should I use hand sanitizer anyways? Should I bring some soap from home? Should I suck it up and keep using the soap here? It hurts really fucking bad, and got red and painful six hours later when I got in the shower, and they were still red and blotchy when I got up this morning. It's since gone away almost completely. I know it's the soap because it happens right after I wash my hands. I put lotion on after I wash my hands because I have a tendency to dry out and crack, but it burns before I put the lotion on.

Do any of you have a sensitivity to soap? Am I just being a wuss?

When I eat Junior Mints I have to squish them to make sure they're not hard. Do you have any weird eating rituals?

Edit: I shouldn't go in to pet stores because seeing the animals there makes me want to cry because I want to take them all home. :( Do you get sad, too?


I have some dark greens that I need to use up, I've decided to make a smoothie, here is what I have to work with:
Dark Greens
2 Oranges
1 Apple
Bag of carrots
Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Carrot-Mango Juice
Cranberry-Raspberry Juice
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Extract
Water/Ice (O'course)

What would be the best mixture of these? / Which mixture do you think would be most delicious?
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(no subject)

i swear that i have had this when i was little but now i can't find it anywhere!
my favorite chocolate easter bunny was white chocolate w/ cookies and cream. have you ever had or saw/heard of these??!!

(no subject)

1: Which do you enjoy more?:

a: You visiting your family
b: Your family visiting you

2: Do you prefer?:

a: camera with film
b: digital camera

3: How was your weekend?

4: Dunkin' Donuts,Krispy Kreme, or local donut shop?

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Do you drool when you sleep? How do you stop it?

I didn't used to, but for the past couple of months, I have. It's really starting to piss me off.

(no subject)

I just got asked by my new neighbours if I could change my music (Slipknot) to "something nice" because their kids are playing on the veranda next door, which is very close to my window & speakers.

After my initial "...wait...what?" moment I told them I'd just turn it down. They seemed a bit disappointed. I'm thinking they wanted me to play some N*sync for their kids.

So TQC, what course of action should I choose next?

Kill them all in their sleep? Y/Y?
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In what ways have you always participated in green, planet-friendly, actions?

In what ways have you changed your behaviors or habits in light of the green movement?

In what ways are you polluting the planet but don't plan on changing?

What is your overall opinion on going green as a trend?

What is your opinion on green, the color?

Will you be wearing green tomorrow for St. Patty's Day? Or drinking a green beverage?

(no subject)

1. I went to a chamber music performance last night and was wondering two things: Is it awkward to be playing an instrument and have to turn the pages of your sheet music yourself? (There was no little boy turning the pages for them; what if the end of the page is some really ridiculous difficult passage? What then?) Also, how come there isn't technology for an electronic screen which shows the score scrolling along at the right pace (or is there)?

2. I'm trying to forget my first man-friend by moving on to man-friend #2. Do I seduce: hot middle-aged pizza parlor employee (this is not a joke; the pizza is really good and this man is totally classy)? Or the boy who sits at the counter of the local independent movie theater and has crooked teeth and wears sweaters and is beautiful but who my friend (who has a boyfriend) also totally loves, and either really piss off my friend or end up having a really hot foursome with?

3. When you go to get your poon waxed do they also wax your buttcrack? Does this make you feel like pooping? I'm just trying to comprehend the feeling here.

4. What should I buy to eat with penne pasta?

When you hear that someone has commited suicide what do you think?

A look into your thoughts of suicide

When you hear about people committing suicide, what do you think? What goes through your mind? Do you think "Man, he/she was a coward"? "Another soldier in life down"? "What a selfish person, do they not know the effects that it has on their loved ones?"

Do you look at it like while it is a sad occasion/decision that it took bravery to go through with it? After all it is far easier to find people who are scared of dieing, or love life then it is to find someone who is ready or not afraid of death. Like, maybe you don't approve of their choice, but you respect the fact that for whatever reason they felt they had to commit suicide and it took courage to go through it?

Do you feel like its impossible to know what someone has been through and it isn't your place to judge? Sometimes the best Pep-Talks will never change the fact of how someone feels the way they do or the hopelessness they see all around them.

What are your thoughts?
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Computer Help

I'm thinking of getting a new desktop computer. I don't know a lot about computers but the website I'm looking at buying from lets me choose processor speed, ram size and so on...The question is, which is better for everyday multitasking use, a big ram or a big processor? I'm not planning on doing any intense gaming or anything, just some general word processing, web browsing, downloading and a bit of casual gaming.

Wtf broken fridge

TQC, my fridge is broken. I think that either somehow it's become unplugged, or something. I don't know. Anyway, what's going on is, the freezer which was once like a giant block of ice is now melting and leaking all over the kitchen. I've told 2 workers at the apartment complex, and they claim that no one will come to fix it until tomorrow. I've already sent an e-mail to the dean at my study abroad program explaining that my roommates and I refuse to pay for any damage caused by the slow response, but no one has gotten back to me. I'm not too worried about our food, but our kitchen floor is covered in towels and I'm really getting nervous.

Wtf else can I do?
How do you deal with bad maintenance/apartment managers?

(no subject)

Where do you hide your contraband?
(i.e.: illegal drugs, stuff you're just not supposed to have that your roommates, parents, SO, etc. will be dissapointed in knowing that you have)

What are these items?

(no subject)

Hey grammar Nazis -

What's the difference between "might have" and "may have"? Are these two sentences:

"You might have hurt yourself."


"You may have hurt yourself."

both grammatically correct? And if so, do they mean the same thing?

Chat awaits your reply.

ETA: Suzer answered, but talk amongst yourselves.
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(no subject)

Do you expect your long-term SO to tell you about their troubles when they are not about you?

If yes, why?

If no, is there any point where you would be insistent that they tell you?

How about if it's your best friend and not your SO?

google gave me a bunch of Tiki Barber things.

does anyone know a semi-old game show with teenagers in boy/girl pairs and they were competing in little tasks and obstacles for little tiki necklaces?! I believe they were on an island, or secluded beachy area and at the end of the show there were HUGE tiki statues that helped them or something.

EDIT// it's it's NOT Legends of the Hidden Temple. that's with like green iguanas and purple monkeys or whatever. and I still watch it! hahaha. this isn't that old. but kind of the same as LotHT. it was filmed outside if that matters. and they slept there, in little cabins.

Marc Summers?!

Does anyone know anything about Marc Summers' childhood? Or can you point me in the direction of this information? All the sites i've found don't talk about his early life!

Edit: I know he has OCD, i'm doing a paper on it. I just need to know more about his childhood.

hair length

I know that whether a haircut looks good (or not) on someone, depends on a variety of things, such as the person's face shape, etc.

But generally speaking, what hair length do you find more attractive on girls?

Short (an inch or shorter above the nape of the neck), medium (shoulder length), or long?
I like Bukkake
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Do I have to keep updating?

I've got 48.1 GB left out of 73 GB on hard drive space. I've noticed that space keeps dwindling, especially after updates (iTunes).

Is it harmful in any way if I skip a few updates on iTunes or other programs?

Or is 48.1 out of 73 Gig reasonable space?

(no subject)

I just bought a super-cheap demo 19" LCD monitor for $140 and hooked it up to my laptop. I've used dual screens a couple times before, but never extensively. I already had my mouse set to the highest speed, but it's still annoying to move between the two screens. Is there some kind of utility out there for Windows XP that when I press a button (like one of the back/forward ones on the side of my mouse) will move the cursor to the same position on the other screen? Are there any other cool toys out there that will make the experience cooler, more fun, or more productive?

Open Journals

What made you change your journal from public to friends only? What pushes you to that, especially if you're a fairly open person?

For me, an old flame with whom I was under the impression our relationship was over again, called me to have a drink and "we need to talk". They found out I put up a profile on and that I had gone out on a date from rifling through my journal and TQC comments. The decided to confront me with a "caught ya" attitude, even though we had not seen each other in over a month. Much as I hated to do it, as I love spouting my opinion, I don't like feeling violated or watch, and at the same time, I want to leave it public and say "careful what you look for".

regina happy


Has anyone used Priceline to book a hotel room? Were you able to choose sleeping arrangements (King, 2 doubles, etc.) or were you stuck with what they gave you? What about smoking/non-smoking? Any Priceline tips?
chan marshall

(no subject)

Have you ever taken a spontaneous holiday.?

I want to travel once some money is saved, everyone keeps telling me i won't get there. So i feel like leaving and saying guess where i am jokes on you!

What is for dinner?

Vegetable and barley soup :)

More Questions!

So.. I gave my two weeks at the job that i have been at for a year and a half. I love the people, the actual work is ok. I have my reasons for leaving. Last week my friend decided to tell her manager that i was interested in a job, (when really i was just saying how i MIGHT be considering it AFTER i had finished this other job.) So, this new job is crappy and i don't enjoy it all that much. And i told my parents and they were saying how i could just revoke my two weeks and stay. A few people at work told me that i should stay. Today i decided i would do that and stay, but i didn't get the chance to pull the manager aside and talk to him. When i get home, i get a call for an interview with a company my other friend works at and she told me she'd talk to her manager but i hadn't heard anything for over 2 months until today.

So, what do i do?
Do i stay at my current job, and get past the minor details? I make ok money there.
Do i go to the interview, cause its JUST an interview and it doesn't mean a job?

And also.. How dumb am i for doing this? I seriously thought i had thought things through...

(no subject)

1. My boyfriend wants to take me on a mini-vacation after my birthday. We were thinking a Thursday-Sunday deal the second weekend in June. I was wondering if you guys have any good ideas for atypical vacation spots. I know it's popular to take a weekend in Chicago or NYC and the like, but we were looking for something a little more out of the ordinary. (We live in MI, so even something in-state would work.)

Any ideas?

2. When was the last time you got a car wash?

(no subject)

A neighbor, her baby and their golden retriever are in the living room on the couch. The dog, in his usual spot, is barking at a squirrel outside the window. the 14 month old baby startles him from behind, and the dog whips around, growls, and bites the baby's face.
THe mother, who had turned around during that instant, sees the dog attacking the baby and pulls the dog off and calls for help. Help rushes over, takes the baby, cleans her up, while the dog is put outside. The mother, hysterical, takes the baby to the hospital. (luckily, the baby did not need stitches or shots.) An hour or so after the incident, the dog is let back into the house because he is barking outside.

TQC, what would you have done in this situation? what is to become of the dog?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

1. What's the deal with hot dogs coming in packs of six, but hot dog buns come in 8?
I do not know and it beffudles me. Who the hell decided this. What is the reasoning in this.

2. Do you associate certain posters with a certain theme (in regards to their post)?
What do you associate my posts with?
I associate TQC in general with posts by cherrybaby

3. What's the most non-feminine female name you've ever heard?
For me it's "Rafuchi"...No joke.

(no subject)

i had a question that popped in my head in the middle of the night last night and now i've forgotten what it was. So until I remember, i'll ask you this?

care to share a picture of yourself at this very moment?
or something from this past week?
soph aus

(no subject)

What's the etiquette when it comes to new boyfriends staying over and pictures of you and ex boysfriends on the walls?
What if they're rather romantic- kissing perhaps?
What if you didn't end on bad terms and really.. the pictures are rather gorgeous and make you happy to look at...

If you were my new boyfriend, would you be uncomfortable with pictures of my ex in my room?

edit: Okay, what if I had spent hours over a big photo collage and framed and hung it on the wall.. the pictures were of my time travelling and he was in all of them because we did it together, but it also shows my time away so it's not dedicated to him or anything. Do I have to take that down too?
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(no subject)

1. What is on your mind?

2. Are your nails painted? If so, what color?

3. Are you happy with your current situation?

4. Who do you think is the sexiest person ever?

5. Do you beleive in coincidence?

6. What is the closest pink thing to you?

7. Will you make up a word and give me a meaning?
iuytoyo. it means make more.

(no subject)

What is your favorite type of cereal?

Do certain dates have a significant meaning for you (ones that aren't holidays..)?
I always remember May 5 as being a day that my friend's boyfriend broke up with her. I remember seeing her in the hallway at school and she just started crying. I don't really know why I remember that...

Luke or Owen Wilson?

What do your Sundays consist of?

(no subject)

Does anyone else remember Ice Cubes? They still make them (since my mom bought me some!) but I haven't seen them sold locally in many years.

Collapse )

What was your favorite candy that is no longer sold/widely distributed?
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(no subject)

TQC, I am bored out of my mind. Should I get drunk?

I already made cookies, slept, masturbated - I don't have any homework - I have no idea what to do.

Will you post a picture?

(no subject)

1. What is on your desk right now, besides your computer?
Printer, EasyShare camera, can of Diet Coke, a stapler, an ashtray and a 2 packs (one empty) of Marlboro Ultralights. 

2. Have you ever needed to use the bathroom but were too busy LJing to care?

3. What are your plans for tomorrow?
Go to the bank, go to Wal-Mart, mail a bunch of stuff, clean out my car

4. Will you share one of your favorite snacks with us?
Green peppers dipped in cottage cheese


What type of dry dog food would you recommend for a small breed dog?

What about wet food? How often do you give a dog wet food?

We're thinking about getting a dog and I'm just trying to get prepared.

(no subject)

What's a really funny thing that's happened to you recently?

For example, I work in at the same place as my sister and this new girl started to gossip about the bitchy girl beside her. I had to politely inform her it was my sister, but that I wasn't offended because she kind of is a bitch.
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(no subject)

Okay so...I don't understand how to tell directions. I don't know where east, west, north and south is. I only understand left, right, up and down. Can you explain it to me? My grandpa tried but failed. I looked it up and I still don't get it. I just have no sense of direction, at all. Help? I'll give you cookies : ]

(no subject)

1] What's the last bad news you heard?
I just found out I have -$8.76 in my bank account!

2] Have you ever noticed how many negative words begin with the letter 'd'? Can you name some for me?
You know, like derogative, desolate, dragging, drought, depressed.

(no subject)

what's the most weight you've gained in less than a full year?

leo dicaprio is hot, right?

did you have to read romeo and juliet in high school? did you like it?

someone's status on facebook is: "Gina Marie (last name) is my dad threw his dog down his basement stairs when he was 8. lmfao =]]]." can you find a reason as to why on earth that's funny?

what's your favorite accent?


A. The poet uses the words "azure" and "thunderbolt" in the poem.
B. The poet uses the words azure and thunderbolt in the poem.
C. The poet uses the words azure and thunderbolt in the poem.

1. Which is the correct way to write that? (If the answer is D, none of the above, how should it be done?)

2. What drugs do I need to take for polynomial functions and synthetic division to make sense?
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Comfort me, internet strangers.

1. What was the longest relationship you were in that ended up not working out?
2. How long did it take to heal?
3. Did you lose all your self-confidence at first? How long before it started to return? What did you do to make it return?

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Edit: Well, I mean, comfort me in the way only TQC can. Viciously to get me off my emo ass.


im debating on what movie i should watch, but i really want to watch something fresh i've never seen that i will really like, i love to watch indie movies. some of my favorite movies include:
running with scissors
imaginary heroes
dancer in the dark
science of sleep
me and you and everyone we know
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
welcome to the dollhouse
donnie darko
i <3 huckabees

does anyone have any ideas for some good movies i would like based on my
taste of movies?


Why is hotmail being dumb? I'm only getting the SAME message from Facebook over and over and over.
(maybe i am just a loser and don't get emails?)

no seriously, i'm not even getting them from livejournal or my mom. I am also needing an important email from the fashion show director.

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There is a MASSIVE spider in my house. My cat is currently chasing it around, but keeps batting at it rather than eating it. I've fled upstairs. Should I try to:

a. Put on some shoes/protective gear, go back downstairs, hunt it down, and throw something at it


b. Stay up here, in hopes that my cat eats it by tomorrow (and that I don't get hungry between now and then)?

Other suggestions also welcome.

ETA: I just looked downstairs, and my cat is sitting placidly. DID SHE ALREADY EAT IT??? OR IS IT LURKING UNDER THE COUCH?!

Never mind. I just saw my cat eating it, hooray! This is why I like having pets.
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I can't remember the title or the author's name of two books. Collapse )

1. Does anyone know which books/author I'm talking about? Answered: Book 1 is The Forbidden Game, book 2 is Dark Visions.

2. Do you watch Top Gear?

3. What sort of car to you drive?
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Stop! Grammar time!

What are your grammar peeves?

Do you hold your tongue when you see bad grammar in a post or comment in a community if you're not already interacting with that person?

Do you hold your tongue when you see bad grammar from a person on your friends list whose feelings you don't want to hurt?

Unrelatedly, what was the last (or any) funny thing you said that you said that you were proud of? Do you laugh at your own humor?

I cringe so effing hard when I see things like "Today is Bob and i's anniversary." *shudder* WHY is this phrase so hard for people to get?

I also hate when people incorrectly add commas, like "Today, was fun."