March 15th, 2008

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What's something you thought was important at the time, but in retrospect was not?

My answer: Undergraduate college admissions. I was so upset when I didn't get into my first choice college, but now I realize it didn't matter the slightest.
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My friend and I are supposed to hang out tomorrow. He said that he would phone me at 8:30 and it is now almost 12:30. I really want to go out tomorrow and I'm sick of waiting around for him to call. I have plans in reserve and I want to know if I should just go ahead and do those instead.

Should I text him and ask him whether we're off or just assume so and say yes to the other person?
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What was the last thing you copy/pasted?
(809 Railroad Ave, Tallahassee)
Are there any youtube videos of you? Care to share?
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Weekend plans?
Boat tomorrow with family, driving back to Tallahassee on Sunday!
And for The Spill Canvas fans:
I am going to see Yellowcard in 2 weeks, and The Spill Canvas is playing. What are some of their popular songs I can expect to be on the set list so I can learn them? I like them, I just don't know their stuff very well, and I'd like to know it for the show.

Mike Rowe People!

I want to do my nightly Mike Rowe related question for neverconcede but can't think of a good one.

So, will you please just comment with your favorite picture/s of him so as to get her all hot and bothered?
Also, if you have one, will you please ask a Mike Rowe related question that other commenters can respond to?
Apples and Oranges


Has anyone actually played "Seven Minutes in Heaven"/how was it?

"Spin the Bottle"?

Any other kissing game that easily provides awkward moments?
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So, I'm doing a presentation on slang, and this is part of my presentation:

According to Bethany K. Dumas and Jonathan Lighter, an expression can be considered "true slang" if it meets at least two of the following criteria:

1) It lowers the dignity of formal or serious speech or writing.

2) Its use implies that the user is familiar with whatever is referred to, or with a group of people that are familiar with it and use the term.

3) It is a taboo term in ordinary discourse with people of a higher social status or greater responsibility.

4) It replaces a well known conventional synonym. This is done primarily to avoid the discomfort caused by the conventional item or by further elaboration.

I'm trying to brainstorm examples of slang words that fall into each of those four categories. For #4 I've thought of the words "swanky" and "swell", because they replace the words "elegant" and "good", but I'm stumped on the rest. Any ideas?

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If you don't want kids, do you call yourself "Childfree" in real life?

What would you do if you were talking to someone and they offered up the fact they were childfree, using this term, and proceeded to tell you about moos and duhdies and sprogs and such?

I am dressing up as the Easter Bunny at work today, this is awesome and much better than cashiering right? How do I be the best Easter bunny ever?
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Question, duh!

Spawned by this question.

I have two movies on my Zune that my boyfriend left on here when he gave it to me. One file is named "Hayao Miyazaki - Princess Mononoke" and the other is named "Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust". And I just found another one: Ninja Scroll.

Should I watch them? And which one is the best one?

I'm at work and really bored and tend to work better when I have something else going on in the room. I'm the only one here today. :(
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Suckers ...

1. What's your favorite dum dums sucker flavor?
2. Fill in the blank: Big sunglasses are ___________.
3. How often do you wear your hair in a ponytail?
4. Do you wear low or high ponytails?
5. Has anybody said something to you today that has made you laugh?
6. Have you ever heard the band, Gwen Stacy?

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When was the last time you woke up knowing it was going to be a bad day?
Did it pick up?

I feel like wallowing.  What's one really depressing life lesson you've learned that you want to pass on to the rest us?
Never get your hopes up for anything.
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I come home from work yesterday and found my dog with a sore eye and brown gunk seeping from her eye. I was a little worried and drove her to the vet, who put a dye in her eye to see if there was a scratch on her cornea. She said she couldn't see anything and gave my dog antibiodics. I've woken up this morning and her whole right eye is a cloudy blue and STILL seeping with gunk. Has anyone else seen this with their pets and could it be a cataract?

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let's say that a month ago you started talking to this person online. they don't live in your state. they're pretty cool.. you get along fabulously, and you end up talking for over 8 hours every single night. one day, within the first month that you've been talking, they express to you - in the most non forward way they can - that they love you.

edit: maybe it is forward.. they say to you, "I do love you & I care about you" or something to that effect

would you be weirded out by this? what would you say? has this ever happened to you?

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Do you think that Conan was better when he had no writers?

Do you think Kid Rock is talented and attractive?

Is it completely wrong that if I had a choice between my dogs and my friends, I'd choose my dogs? My "friends" are all drug addicted assholes now, but still... I'm distancing myself from them anyway.

1. Yes. I'm watching him on DVR right now and he's just not that great compared to when the writers strike was going on. : (

2. GOD NO. He looks like ever trashy guy this one chick I know dated, and most of them were actual crackheads.

ETA: Screw it, damn embedding

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my boyfriend bought me a car my first car ever yea i know its sad im 25 but anyways, its a standard

so my question is are there any tricks or something that helped you learn to drive one?
i tried the other day i know the concept of pushing the gas easily as your taking your foot off the clutch but my feet dont seem to want to work together. 

so tell me what you know that may make this just a tad bit easier on me.


Decisions, decisions

On Monday evening, I have a class, and I'm bringing refreshments for eight.

Should I bring green stuff or Irish stuff?

(ETA - This isn't a meal, nor is it dessert. It's snacky stuff. We typically have cheese or hummus with crackers and juice or Perrier. You know, that kind of thing.)

(No alcohol, so Guinness, Harp, Jameson, Bushmills, etc. are out.)
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Jesus Camp

We just watched Jesus Camp.

A quote from the movie is, "Our children are on loan to us from God."

Our questions are:

If children are a loan from god, what is the interest rate?

If you don't make good on your loan, will your child be repossessed?
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I bought an ipod shuffle for my grandmother who has Alzheimers and is in the hospital (yeah, I know, she'll probably lose it, but still...)  and I'd like to fill it up with old church hymns  -  the only music she really listens to.  Problem is, I havent been to church since I was like 10 and don't know the names of these songs.  I was wondering if any of you guys out there were familiar with old-time, traditional church songs and could recommend some music that I could download for her.  Not the contemporary christian music - you know, no Faith Plus One stuff...just old-timey gospel whatever you would call it.


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Right before I woke up this morning I dreamt that I was visiting Elmo in the hospital, who was dying from either AIDS or cancer. I had to dress like Grover to sneak inside.

So, TQC, who is your favorite character from Sesame Street?

Who is your favorite Muppet overall?

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Do you know who The Bad Plus is?

Would you rather listen to Hip Hop or Swing for the rest of your life?
Jazz or Hip Hop?

Sour Patch Kids or Sweedish Fish?

Mountain Dew or Sprite?

Which smells worse?

Hot garbage or a full diaper?

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my username is crappy enough to buy a rename token, right?

do you know any obnoxious italians?

why are you awake right now?

where do you live and what time is it?

when you feel the need to find a lolcat to use, do you google it? or do you have a convenient file of images stored somewhere on the internets?

how you doin'?

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Here's the situation: I went to Vegas for Spring Break and met an awesome guy, and made out with him. I asked him if he had a facebook or anything, and he gave me his business card with his email on it. Is it appriorate to email him or do you think he was just being nice/drunk when he gave me his business card? I never really made out with anyone in a club, so I wasn't sure if emailing him is a good move.
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What's your favorite?

Who are the real winners in all of this LiveJournal kerfluffle? Will you tell me, TQC?

Poll #1154658 Strikethrough 2007 vs. BasicBuhBye 2008

The winner:

Strikethrough 2007
BasicBuhBye 2008

Who's the winner in your books?


Edit: Sorry if this isn't a widely-known topic. :-/
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Can someone explain this?

Sometimes (as in every so often, sporadically) when I get up in the morning, I have trouble breathing. Like my throat and upper lungs are tighter than they should be. It sorta feels the shortness of breath asthmatic people describe - if I breathe in or out too fast or deeply, it makes me cough hard. But I've never had or been diagnosed with asthma. I have some allergies, but the only bad one is from cats (sneezing + itch eyes), and I don't own one. I do own a dog, but I've had the breathing issue at times before we had any pets at all. The feeling eventually goes away on its own, or if I eat something.

What could this be? Might it have something to do with the radiator coming on in the early hours, or would that simply be a dry-mouth thing? I'm not really sure what to call it in order to do a proper search for conditions, if it even is one. Halp?
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Guys! In celebration of spring break, I have decided to teach myself how to draw with pastels. Portraits are the only thing that can keep me interested, but I can't find anyone I want to draw. Will you post a picture/link of someone with a face you like?

Preferably handsome young men, but really anything you got. :D

2wire Home Portal 1000 Wii Internet Hook-up

On March 12 I went out and bought a Wii. I've been trying ever since to connect it to the internet. I have not succeeded. I spent a long time looking and finally found the WEP security code so with that i thought I had everything i needed to hook it up. It still doesn't work. So... does anyone know what I'm doing wrong/know if my router is just incompatible, or if their is something wrong with the Wii? Thanks!
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I went to donate blood today, and they missed my vein. Now my arm hurts.

1. How do I get over the soreness and feeling of mild oogy-ness?

2. I have some stuff to do. Should I do it now, later today, or tomorrow?

3. Do you donate blood? If so, what's the worst problem you've had donating?
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Dear TQC -

My external hard drive will not connect. It's a 400 gig with a power cord and battery of its own. I plug it in, make sure everything's on and securely connected, and it does this funny whir-beep noise at me repeatedly. It will not connect. It's an Elements external hard drive if any of you have had such terrible experiences. I want to watch me some Eddie Izzard, and my Eddie Izzard movies are stored on my external.

Anyone have any tips? I tried to reinstall the hardware and it can't find it. This happened to my tablet as well. Apparently my computer doesn'tw ant me to have nice things. :(

On a more lighter note - do you like Nerds ((the candy or the stereotype?))

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1) What's the scariest dare you ever took on?

2) Have you ever deliberately spread a rumour about someone? What was it?

3) Have you ever deliberately spread a rumour about yourself? What was it?
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My partner is planning on cheating on me in the very near future. They haven't done anything yet, but they have worked out a time, date, place, and alibi to tell me. And what positions they'd like to try first. If I wasn't spying on my partner, I would have no idea so far, as the alibi hasn't even been said to me yet.

What should I do?
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Yay it's the Ides of March!

1. Do you like the play, "Julius Caesar"?
2. Any other Shakespearian play?
3. Do you have a favorite quote from any Shakespearian play?
4. Do you prefer the plays in the original text or the more "updated/modern/easier to read" text?

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Has anything made you feel old lately?

I was just on Yahoo answers and a girl was describing her crush. She said he can dance just like Chris Brown because he can do the moonwalk.
I died a little.

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1. If someone leaves 'google asshole' in a response to one of your comments does it mean they are trying to be witty and call you an asshole?

2. should I be butthurt that smartaleckstef just did that to me?

3. What other passive aggressive ways can you come up with to call someone an asshole?



I want to start a public forum blog

1. Recommendations for software?  services?

I really don't know where to/how to start and would like suggestions.


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i am just about to rev up the ol' PS2 with some FINAL FANTASY VIII, so here we go with some FF questions. I KNOW YOU ALL ARE DORKY ENOUGH TO PLAY THEM!

1. what is the best FF game and why?
2. what was the first FF game you ever played?
3. who is your favorite FF character? least favorite? most annoying?
4. who/what is your favorite recurring character/boss/summon?
5. yoshitaka amano is amazing, y/n?

for those who don't play *shun shun*

do you think brad pitt is a good/talented actor, or do you think he just gets roles because he's handsome?

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Okay so my friend and I met a bunch of guys from the big university here in Rome, and for the past few weeks we've hung out fairly frequently and just had an awesome time. One of them asked me out last week and I said no, for a multitude of reasons. So he asked me again the next day, via text message. I also said no, this time in English because apparently I didn't get it across in Italian. I do not know this guy well at all, like not even enough to call him more than an acquaintance. We all had plans to go out tonight, but another one of the guys just texted my friend and told her that we can't hang out with them anymore, because the guy who asked me out is "not taking it well."


When was the last time someone in your life acted as though they were in middle school all over again?

What is your favorite animal?
Will you show me a cute picture of it?


1. My stomach can't handle adult vitamins, so my doctor told me to take children's vitamins. But I forgot to ask how many I should take and she didn't tell me; I assume the children's vitamins would have less than what is needed, so should I take two a day?

2. Do you take any vitamin supplements?
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Relationship ickies

If you knew that your friend's recent ex-girlfriend had quit her job and was flying to his country TOMORROW, would you tell him?

Would it be different if you were sorta-kinda friends with the girl?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how psycho is that?

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what is going to happen if i take your personal, only for your LJ, if someone takes it your head will explode icon? really now, what?

ETA: you know how some people have icons that they've made or someone made for them and they get REALLY uppity about someone else using it? i just wonder WHY. what's the big deal? it's just a picture on a screen. i'm asking: why get so possessive over a graphic?
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Pet Advice?

My family is looking into getting a pet. I want a dog, my brother wants a cat. My parents both would like to have a dog but feel they only have time and energy for a cat. Hypo-allergenic is a major plus.

1. So far, I have looked at Burmese cats, because they seem more friendly/affectionate than your average cat. What other cat breeds are friendly, affectionate?

2. Looking at dogs, Border Terriers and Poodles are both allergy-friendly, and look like decent family dogs. What is your favorite dog breed? What are some very low maintenance, friendly, dogs?

Edit: Thanks for all of the help/advice, I seem to have irked a few people with my ignorance. I won't respond individually but I've read all the comments and will take them into consideration. We aren't going to pay for an animal when so many need a home, and we won't be taking on anything that requires more of us than we are willing to give.

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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, how satisfied are you with your social life currently? If the number is low, what's lacking? If it's high, what's so great about it?

2. Do you find tans attractive? Why or why not?
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So, I'm standing on lifes little ledge, and I have very of anything to comfort me, I was wondering what songs would you recommend to listen to when you are very far gone/pissed off/hurt/sad/suicidal but trying not to be?

I don't have that many of the genre, and I need more.
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So I know TQC is honest above all.

The truth is I fucked up yesterday. I'm been working this job during the march break and since I'm a newbie, we aren't supposed to count our cash, just bring down the receipts, coupons and cash and someone counts it for us after we leave. Anyway, yesterday my manager called me 5 X yesterday after 10:30 pm freaking out, to tell me that my cash wasn't in my bag (I didn't have my phone I just got a bunch of messages at 1am). The next morning I called first thing and it turns out I forgot to remove it from the till and put it in the bag. The manager just forgot to check but obviously he nearly lost his shit and I caused him undue stress.

I want my contract to be renewed. Do you think that it's an unforgivable mistake?
What would you think of someone who did that?
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Let's say you live in a country besides the US, but you want to get a work visa and move there for... I don't know, however long, doesn't matter. You have a college degree, speak two very useful languages fluently, and two more you're okay at, and have a couple of years job experience under your belt in your field. You have a very specific area you want to live/work in and it is important you find work there... if not in that city, then in one around it.

How would you go about doing this? Do you find a company willing to sponsor you, is there some sort of process thing you can apply for to place you with a company? Help me TQC, you're my only hope!

I'm trying to help a certain some one in this situation but I have NO IDEA how this process goes or how to find out. :\
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a teeth!

In what order do you floss, brush, water-rinse, mouthwash? Omit the ones you don't do.

Do you have any weird brushing habits or ideals?

At night I do it in the above order but in the morning I just brush and water-rinse cause I'm always running late.

My friend brushes before flossing which I think is weird, and water-rinses after mouthwash which I think negates the mouthwash.....

My ex insisted that brushing your teeth at night was bad for them cause there is "sugar" in the toothpaste but I think he was on crack and he had nasty teeth anyway.

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You've been granted 5 wishes.
You can't ask/wish/demand (or anything else like that) for more
You can't save them for later.
It's right now.

My five:

1. Live in Norwich, England
2. He would reconsider moving out here.
3. Warmer Weather
4. Grape soda that isn't flat.
5. A never ending, seasonal fruit salad.

Now, what are your five?

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My computer crashed so I have been OFFLINE!

1.Will someone catch me up on the TQC dirt?

2. Do you have a sleeping disorder?

3. What's going on tonight?

4. Do you practise Kama Sutra?

5. Whats your middle name?

6. Are you reliable?

7. What do you study?
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 What are your guilty pleasure songs, the ones you secretly put on full blast and are ashamed to admit you love?

I ask because I have "A New Day has Come" by Celine Dion on repeat and OH THE SHAME.

red balloons rory


Do you want to be one less? But seriously, do those Gardisil commercials annoy anyone else?

I mean, I understand that they're trying to run a catchy and effective campaign for a vaccine that addresses an important medical issue, but still...

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I would like to make a timeline to help me memorize 100+ buildings for my art history final. I started using Bee Docs' Timeline software, but it only allows you to enter in 10 items before it's like "you have to purchase this now". I don't want to buy anything because I only need this tool for this one test. What software or online tools can help me? I have a Mac. It would also be helpful if I could put in images with it easily, but it's not necessary.
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Weird anatomy

Things that are almost impossible to do with your body

Poll #1154786 Anatomy

Can you:

Gleek (shoot saliva from the glands in your mouth)?
Raise just one eyebrow?
Do the wave with your eyebrows?
Lick your elbow?
Twitch your nose?
Twitch your ears?
Touch your nose or chin with your tongue?
Make your scalp move(like Conan O'Brien)?
Other? Comment.

I gleek sometimes when I yawn. I can raise and wave my eyebrows, wiggle my ears, move my scalp.
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I miss Surge and Citra.
I just found out Vault is sort of like Surge and Fanta Citrus is like Citra.

Have you tried Vault? Yummy or Yucky?

Have you tried Fanta Citrus? Yummy or yucky?

Do they really taste similar to their previous versions?

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1, Would you take part in the digiclipse?

2. If all of TQC was on an airplane that went down in the Rockies, and we had to start eating each other to survive, who would die first? Who would survive the longest?

3. Should I watch Charlie Wilson's War, There Will Be Blood, or No Country for Old Men tonight?

4. Beer drinkers, what's your favorite brew?
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One fun one, one boring one

1. I hope everyone enjoyed steak and blowjob day yesterday (or at least the 10 people who said they celebrated last time I checked). What other sexual holiday could we come up with? Perhaps an FFM threesome day in spring and an MMF threesome day in fall? When is anal/pegging day?

2. You have two choices about where to buy a house. You have a 300k budget. Do you a) Buy a tiny house with no yard in Oakland California or b) buy a nice house with a gigantic yard 30 miles outside of Austin Texas?
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Last night I got really drunk and cried in front of my friends for about two hours for no reason, and sniveled on the phone to my boyfriend for about a half an hour when he made the mistake of calling me. I don't remember much.

Will you tell me one or more of your embarrassing drunk stories?

(no subject)

1)I can't seem to get myself to go to comps study groups.[an important test I am supposed to take in the fall]. How can I make myself go? For example, this week, I overslept and my underarm really hurts.

(no subject)

Have you ever taken an online class?
How does it compare to regular classes? Is it more difficult to keep up with the work, etc?
I know everyone's experiences are different, so I'm trying to get an overall feel. I'm trying to see if I can manage to work F/T during the summer and manage school.
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Ok, This post made me think of a question. If there were mass censorship, books were being destroyed left and right, and you could only save one book, what book would you save? Why?

What Are you doing right now?

What were you doing ten Minutes ago?

What do you think you will be doing 24 hours from now?

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GtB - angel bear
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If you had to (under threat of death) participate in a known reality show, which one would it be?

Some examples include: American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, Nanny911, Trading Souses, America's Next Top Model, The Simple LIfe, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, Trading Spaces, Intervention, Celebrity Rehab, Flavor of Love, etc..

Plz give as many details as you'd like.
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(no subject)

1 -
Using the FIRST generation of pokemon only [Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander]--what would be your team in the battle against the Elite Four? Duplicates are only allowed in instances where they can occur natural (that is to say, you can have a team of Staryu, but not a team of Jynx).

Also, no Mewtwo, because you haven't beat the Elite Four.

And no Mew, because we aren't cheating and/or we didn't go to special Nintendo events where we could get him.

2 -
What would Jesus have for his team?

3 -
What would Satan have for his team?
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What's something yummy you've cooked recently?

Tonight I made quinoa with garlic, cumin, cayenne (just 2 dashes), black beans, corn, vegetable broth, and cilantro. It was soooo good. In case anyone else wants to give it a try sometime, here's the link
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

I know photo request posts have been over done but I'm bored and I enjoy seeing pictures from other people so,

will you post the most recent pic you took or the most recent picture taken of yourself?

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(no subject)

should i watch spellbound right now? it's all on youtube...i've never seen it before, except for the dream sequence that dali did. but gregory peck = AWESOME, so should i watch it?

or should i continue playing final fantasy VIII?

note: i am drinking beer tonight, if that will sway your decision one way or the other.

what are you doing tonight?

He wasn't here, so I made the decision

So, my husband and I were thinking we should get a new car. Some day. I just got a call from my in-laws, asking if we would "mind" a brand new car even though it wasn't our dream car. After asking them what it was, etc, and they said they could get a good deal on it and would even make the payments for the first year, but didn't want to just make that kind of decision for us. Well, my husband was at work and unreachable, so I told them yes.

So... will my husband be pissed?

(no subject)

Should i have..

a) turned around, and gone back to the restaurant to wait for my friends, even though i wasn't invited to hang out.
b) came home and stayed out of their business.

What would you do?
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Have you ever had a really gory dream the night before you got your period? I know it has to be just a coincidence but I'm curious to know if anyone else had this kind of "foreshadowing".

My dream was actually a nightmare. It was the most violent, bloody, and maniacally cruel scene I had ever watched. At around 4 am, I woke up shivering and wanted to throw up. But I couldn't help crying a bit. I still can't get the images out of my head.
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Oh no!

A terrible and unexpected tragedy has befallen you! You have but moments to live. By some bizarre twist of fate, your dying wish is guaranteed to come true. With your last breath, what do you ask for? Keeping in mind that you'll be dead, so whatever happens will happen without you there.

(and you can't wish to keep living!)

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so throwing a cup at someone after drunken drank from the cup, and there is a small liquid content inside, if someone did this to you, would you be insulted or ?

*I was angry when I wrote, I am unamused with people making fun of my sentence structure. It is not my gift obviously. When you are angry, do you put all your energy into your sentence structure or solving the problem? I try to solve the problem without starting anything. So thanks for attacking me instead of helping me and those that gave their best sincere reply, thank you.
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