March 14th, 2008

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What the hell is with all of these damn kids and their damn music destroying the foundation of America?

As a note, in case people don't know: I'm 21six, too. I'd like to think no one else is dumb enough to use this for an icon.
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The first time I heard the word "cunt" was in a movie (Reservoir Dogs?) when I was 19 years old. I haven't heard it very frequently since then, but I always figured it meant the same as "bitch," only with a stronger connotation. Similar to "stench" being a more passionate way to say "odor."

Anyway, this girl just told me that "cunt" is a word only uttered by the most ignorant of minds. She claims that's it's the most offensive term in the English lexicon. Worse than "nigger," even.

Is this true? What's the big deal? What's it's etymology, and how did it become so polarizing? Why didn't I know this before?

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I just got my ears pierced a week ago, and I'm doing all the cleaning and stuff, and everything's good. But I really want to wear some better earrings. Does it really matter if I switch earrings as long as I have the holes occupied?

I keep reading stuff online that mentions just like scar tissue and stuff, and I want to know what you guys think.

Have any of you ever had trouble with ear piercings when you switched earrings/didn't follow the rules?

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why is it you randomly feel your pulse in odd parts of your body?

example, I'm sitting here on the computer and I feel the pulsing in one tiny spot on my lip-or are those feelings something else, please explain, I find them odd
the fuck?

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were you all off playing isketch or something?

...I got one response to my last question and then it was quiet for a while, suddenly everybody else replies one right after the other.

Has anybody ever heard the radio show "The Message in Music"?

would you rather eat loveandwhsky's icon or conflabit's?

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What words do you have difficulty pronouncing?
Do you avoid using those words for fear of sounding like an idiot?

I can't quite get "celebratory" or "applicable" right.  Sometimes I mess up "vaginal."

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neverconcede responded to my previous question with Collapse ) wonderful picture.

Do you think that the placement of the sign was intentional...or am I just a dirty girl?

IF you do think it was intentional-
A)What exactly, is so dangerous about the area?
B)Or, is it what will happen if you enter that restricted area, that is dangerous?

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Do you not HATE people that STOMP around the house when they walk?

(like my roommate)

we live on the second floor of an apartment building with all old, wooden floors. It's almost 2 AM and she's still stomping around like no one else lives (or sleeps) here.

GAH. maybe this bothers me too much? im going to bed.
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Since the whole basic-account debacle, I've heard a lot of people saying that if LJ keeps up with its shenanigans, they're going to leave the site. Are you one of these people?

Where exactly do you think these people are going to go instead?

ETA: You can no longer create a new Basic Account. All new accounts have to have ads or be paid accounts. The problem isn't necessarily that they did it, but that they didn't really tell anyone that they were doing it and the advisory board told them it was a really shitty idea.

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1. How stupid would I be to cut my own hair? It just seems like it would be fun...

2. How many hours a day do I need to be home before I can seriously consider getting a kitty?

3. The school I'm currently attending has required me to live in school-approved housing (even off campus). Since I'm transferring, I want to move. What's the best way to find an apartment?

4. Is it common for landlords to not allow tenants to paint apartment walls?
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I also apologize for multiple posts in a short period of time, but I have to ask.

Which is worse?

A. Water from a faucet going up your sleeve.

B. Toilet water back-splash on your bum when you poop.
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Inquiring minds want to know

Poll #1154028 Crossing boundaries LULZ




"Stanky pussy day"
A thick smathering of "ball butter"


Corkscrew to the male urethra
Pencil lead to the female urethra


Baby kitties
Angora rabbits

How are you otherwise?
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So, I'm doing a presentation on slang, and this is part of my presentation:

According to Bethany K. Dumas and Jonathan Lighter, an expression can be considered "true slang" if it meets at least two of the following criteria:

1) It lowers the dignity of formal or serious speech or writing.

2) Its use implies that the user is familiar with whatever is referred to, or with a group of people that are familiar with it and use the term.

3) It is a taboo term in ordinary discourse with people of a higher social status or greater responsibility.

4) It replaces a well known conventional synonym. This is done primarily to avoid the discomfort caused by the conventional item or by further elaboration.

I'm trying to brainstorm examples of slang words that fall into each of those four categories. For #4 I've thought of the words "swanky" and "swell", because they replace the words "elegant" and "good", but I'm stumped on the rest. Any ideas?

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1: What movie have you only seen once, because you hated it and will NEVER watch it again?
2: How did you sleep last night?
3: Do you just tidy up or over-clean when you have guests coming over?
4: What is the next thing you plan on drinking?
5: Do you have a motivating thought to get you through the day?

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general sickness & Zicam

In general what would be the earliest time I should call my supervisor to tell her I won't be coming to work today? I don't want to call too early, but I usually stop sounding sick around 9:30 AM and I don't want her to think I'm a big faker.

EDIT: I work for an after school program, so none of us really start work until 2, and the phone number she gave me is for her cell phone.

For those of you who have used Zicam, which kind did you use? How did it work? If you've used more than one kind, which worked best? I bought the ones that dissolve in your mouth because Target didn't have any of the ones you stick up your nose, but I have a feeling the nose ones work better.
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For those of you that have never seen a picture of latenightdrives, what do you think she looks like?

Fill in the blank? If my life was like in the movies then _________________.

What are you doing this weekend TQC? specifics people! I want specifics.

reception desk

I'm not sure that everyone is aware but TODAY (yes, today!) is not only 3.14 - Pi day.. but it's ALSO TQC green receptionist appreciation day! I think it would be nice if everyone would tell wookiewife why they love and appreciate her.

Personally, I love her because she's awesome and she's become a great IRL friend to me.

So, TQC, why do you love our green receptionist?

Georgie - Smiles

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What should I do with my cousin on Friday night, TQC?

We're 17, so we're just shy of drinking age. We could do stuff at home, rent DVDs or whatever, or go to the local shopping centre and muck around, maybe see a movie, go bowling, idk. He is being annoying and offering no input, but I want him to have fun.

What do 17-year old boys like doing?
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Is it wrong to be PISSED that a friend suckered me into doing something so fucking tedious and complicated?

Is it wrong to be PISSED that this same friend came over at 10 o'clock last night, completely unannounced, forced themselves into my house, and wouldn't leave for forty minutes, before which they camped in my house like it was theirs?

When was the last time you felt taken advantage of?
When was the last time you wanted to choke a bitch?
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I'm hungover, my head hurts and I'm a little embarrassed that I went up to a guy I've met only twice previously, reintroduced myself and then called one of his friends a douchebag....after he bought me and my two friends a shot I really could've done without.

So, my questions this morning are:

1) When was the last time you woke up and KNEW you owed someone an apology? What did you do? Did they accept your apology?

2) Favorite hangover cure?

3) What's something you're thankful for today?

(Personally, I'm thankful my boss works from home on Friday and wasn't here to see me be an hour and a half last because I had to go pick up my car first...)
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If you're at work and using the restroom, and someone knocks on the door, do you make it a point to hurry up, or do you not care?
[assuming the restrooms at your workplace are for one person only]


don't laugh at me!

Ok, I have a stupid question to ask you people.  People in my family smoke pot while we play card games on Friday and Saturday nights.  Is the secondhand smoke enough to trigger a positive drug test for me?  I am looking for a job, and I will probably have to take a drug test at some time in the near future.

So do I have to avoid the card games until I have a job?
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Do opposites really attract?

In addition to the yes or no answer -- how much difference are you comfortable with, and how much commonality?

As an edited aside: for example, I often see folk who would describe themselves as liberal say things like, "I could NEVER date a conservative! For x, y and z reason!" It's something I've never particularly understood -- probably because I'm a conservative who has almost exclusively dated liberals. :D

I think the oppositions make for the most fun and interesting conversations.

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Someone in my comp lab has really bad BO.

Like the kind that makes you want to puke.

I'm actually doing all I can NOT to gag.

Should I stay here (and finish work I need to do), or should I leave?  DECIDE!

Don't these people notice that they smell like horribly unwashed fatfolds? D:


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What do you like to make for a simple homemade salad dressing?

Have you ever had homemade mayonnaise?

Any of you in school on or have had spring break yet? What is your most memorable spring break?
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I'm going to visit a friend tomorrow and would like to bring her a little "thanks for putting me up for the night and taking me out" gift. I don't want to get her a bottle of wine.

What would you suggest, besides the hookers and blow that I am concealing in my trunk?
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SO since today's Pi day (3.14) I am going to a party that requires me to bring a pie.

Who's got recipies/sugestions for a delightful meal-type pie? Chicken pot has already been taken care of.

AIM annoyance

Does it annoy you when you're talking to somebody on AIM and they sign off in what seems to you to be the middle of a conversation without saying goodbye? 
I'm not talking about when people's internet cuts out or whatever and they get disconnected... just random signing off and going about their day without even so much as a "gtg"?
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I have a non-refundable ticket for June 3rd for LA to visit a friend for a week. Only me and said friend had a falling out. What could I possibly do with the ticket now?

The big question is would I be able to sell it even though it's under my name? So, I found out it's not transferable. :(

(I don't have extra money for a hotel because I was going to stay at the friend's house.)
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No one puts Baby in a corner!

So my SO and I were talking today about using the word "baby" as a term of endearment for a lover/mate, and it occurred to me that even though it's pretty common now, it strikes me as...a little odd to use in that context, since otherwise it's used to refer to an infant.

What's the presumed origin of that term being commonly used as an acceptable term of endearment for an adult you're romantically involved with?

Do you personally find that it could potentially imply something condescending (even if unintended) about the person you're applying it to?

Do you call your current/past SOs "baby"?

Srs/nonsrs answers welcome.
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I'm looking for this picture only instead of 'do not want' has some long speech about feeding the dog brocolli and mocking the sneer on the dogs face? Know what I am talking about? Better yet, can you show me the picture?

How do you avoid passing out when you don't have the option of sitting down or resting? I've used the last of my sick days up and I don't want to pass out at work again.

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Will you show me a music video you remember seeing when you were between the ages 12 and 18?

As far as hair goes, how long do you think is too long? Not for yourself but for people in general.

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It's date night tonight. Date night consists of going to eat at a restaurant we've never been to, then going home to watch the latest netflix (Dan in Real Life for tonight). What kind of restaurant should we go to?


My fish just died like 5 minutes ago.  Yesterday after I cleaned his bowl and was scooping him back in, he flopped and landed in the sink!  The sink had some water in it with melted butter (my sister NEVER runs the garbage disposal so it backed up...ugh).

Did the butter kill my fish!? TT_TT  

Also, where the heck are my keys?!  I haven't seen them for two days, and I can't go to the store without them.
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Make Up Question

I have been on a never ending search for the perfect mascara and it always seems to elude me.

Can anyone recommend one for me? I'm looking for length and non-clumpy. I like the sort of fanned out look.

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God bless Ryanair

Thanks to RyanAir, next month i am going to be a busy wee bee when I go to Oslo, Turin and Shannon. Each trip is only really for a day but I'm really looking forward to it.

Going on a budget so any recommendations or advice for things to do in the above cities?

Also, when I went to London with a friend, we stayed in a hostel overnight. It was cheap and comfortable and we had a good experience there. I am considering a hostel again as I need to stay overnight when in Turin. Only thing holding me back is I am a 25yr old single female. I'm a bit nervous about the security aspects of it. Anybody slept in a hostel by themselves? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
nude hands

lol wut?

My roommate from college just told me she was going to go take a bath (not a shower) with her dog. 0_o

She told me everyone bathes with their pets to give them baths. 0_o Naked. O_O

She won't believe me when I tell her that *no one* does this.

TQC, do you bathe with your pets? Naked?

P.S. Spouses do not count as pet.

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Poll #1154330 Hyp hyp hurray (hypothetical)

Science has discovered that intelligence is tied in with serotonin (for the sake of this question, just accept it). Too much of the latter reduces the former, and vice versa. They've also discovered ways to increase either one, which has now been releaed to the public. You can raise your intelligence by sacrificing some of your happiness, or increase your happiness/reduce your depression by lowering your intelligence, and this increase will guarrantee that you're never mopey or depressed again..What would you do?

Increase my intelligence, lower my serotonin
Increase my serotonin, lower my intelligence
Stay as I am

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Hey TQC, I need your career advice.  This may be a little teal dear, sorry.

I currently work for a telephone research company. Basically, I sit at a computer and a program dials hundreds of numbers for me, and each time someone picks up I have to convince them to take a survey over the phone.  It's certainly not a difficult job, and it was even fun at first... but after three months, it's getting VERY old VERY fast. I'm sick of repeating the same introductions over and over, sick of angry people yelling that I've interrupted their dinner. I literally count the minutes until my shift is up.

Here's the catch, though -- my supervisors keep saying that a better position will be opening up soon. They can't give me any dates, so I don't know what "soon" means to them, but this new position will pay a little more and might actually be fun. I would be training new hires, helping callers with passwords and questions, listening to phone calls to make sure that everyone's doing their job properly.  I think I might even be good at it.  It seems like I'll definitely get the job when it opens up, too.

Should I stay at this job I hate, waiting for the promotion?  Or should I just find another job I might like better?  For instance, I've always wanted to try waitressing.  I'd get a good workout and tips every night.

What do you think?

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The guy putting up drywall in my kitchen is making it difficult to get ice for my juice. Should I

A)Wait a couple minutes in hopes he goes out the truck so I can get under the plastic to the fridge/freezer without feeling like I'm in the way-not to mention without inhaling the dust seeing as he's sanding right now?

B)Go outside and get some (white) snow?
British, cake

Questions offer an insight, no?

1) For an assignment at university, I'm taking images centred on a colour and I have red.
What red things in the environment can I take images of ?
Please note I've already used:
- Traffic lights
- Apples/peppers
- Blood [faked]
- Flowers
- Road signs
So other suggestions please?

2) When were you last hungover?
Today and yesterday. Only my third & fourth hangover, ever, mind you.
2a) What food shall I eat that won't make me heave today?

3) When did you last have sex?

4) To someone who has never eaten a radish, can you explain the taste?

5) Does Parmesan cheese taste as bad as it smells?

6) Anyone else completely psyched about the F1 season finally getting underway this weekend?

Haruhi disappearance
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Is there any person in the world that has a voice you like so much you'd gladly listen to them all day? Who?

Me: That Dyson guy who makes the vacuums, haha. I love his commercials.
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How can you cheer me up?

I was fired for the first time ever today and it sucks. Can you believe I got fired for calling out WITH DR's NOTES?!? Grrr It's not like it was even unexplainable either... I got the flu from a frigging patient and was out sick for it. So yeah, make me feel less depressed!

ETA: What they did is perfectly legal, NJ is an "at will" state... They can fire people for any or no reason at all... IT BLOWS!

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I just noticed it's raining outside.

I'm glad, because it's soothing for me to study when it's raining outside. And I can definitely use something soothing.

What's your favorite thing to do when it's raining outside?
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If me and bookbird were to perhaps start a community which would consist of the members planning a trip (a cruise perhaps) so that we can hold a ~national~ TQC meet-up, how many of you would seriously take part in it?

I know a lot of you guys want to meet up with people in your area but for whatever reason, it just hasn't gotten around to happening yet.. what are your thoughts on a ~national~ TQC meet-up? or would you first want to meet-up with a few people from around your area before embarking on a ~national~ meet-up?

What city should we concentrate on maybe meeting up in? (if the cruise doesn't interest you)

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Do you feel weird when someone says "You should go talk to them. They'd really like it." but the person they're talking about is dead?

Do you like Jolly Ranchers?

Would you rather go to Greece or England?
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so me and my friend might go and see a movie tonight, but i've heard nothing about these movies, anyone got any recommendations?

our choices are:

The Bank Job
The other boleyn girl
There will be blood

anyone seen them? which should we go and see? or should we fuck it and rent something better instead and get drunk?
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I have 2 hours until my fun-filled Friday evening starts. I'm losing my mind from boredom.

What can I do to entertain myself for those two hours? (Anything that would get me arrested for public indecency is out and Non-serious answers are fabulous.)
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So you have a website, a forum. And you added google adsense ads to it.

Then Google terminates your account because you're a potential hazard to advertisers because your members apparently clicked too many times (by too many they didn't mean hundreds of times. They meant like, someone decided to click once a day.)

What are other, non google money making options? A donate button won't 'work' because most of your membership are poor/in their teens. Yahoo ads won't work because I'm not American. You have Amazon links, but again that barely works because the membership are poor and aren't buying things on Amazon.

Know of any options?


If you told someone you were casually dating that you didn't feel you were compatible (as a way of ending things) and they told you they disagreed, then tried to convince you to give them another chance by saying they'd misrepresented who they really were, what would you do/say?

(no subject)

When people post stuff that makes them sound idiotic on the internet, do you buy the excuse "oh, that's why I shouldn't post while taking nyquil LOL" or some variation of that? Or when they say something like "my little brother/sister/whatever got on my computer and posted it..."?


What's the strangest thing you've heard someone prostituting themselves for?


I would love to hear how this came about. Anyone care to make up a story?
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Do you collect anything? What is it, and what got you started collecting it?

Is there anything you wish you could collect, but haven't got the money/space to do so?

I collect Blythe dolls and weird Japanese teddy bears. I don't know why, but I just like them. And like most people who knit, I kind of collect yarn.
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So I'm stupid. I was invited to go to a get-together tonight, and I invited my friend (who knows the people hosting the get-together) if he wanted to come. AFTER that, I asked the host if it was okay (I know, stupid me) and the host says he already has enough people coming over and my friend can't come. Anyway... what do I say to my friend?

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which movie should i watch later tonight?

legends of the fall
ferris bueller's day off
coming to america
mr. & mrs. smith
other (i will mention in the comments)

do you like tea better hot or iced? what about coffee?

what is the best type of sandwich?

what is the best species of bird?

what is your favorite extinct animal?

EDIT: i am stuck at a really frustrating part of the video game Jak II. it's the part where the tank is chasing me and i keep dying. :( will you do it for me?

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What is the weirdest thing you've gotten in the mail recently?

Last summer, I was seriously thinking about going back to college. I decided which one I really wanted to apply to and requested an information packet to be mailed to me. I did this back in July and never got the packet. So what do I get in the mail today? The info packet. Glad it took them 8 months to get that mailed to me.
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I found out this evening that my motherboard and fan on my laptop are completely gone. (when the fan gets going it sounds like a jet plane). There are people coming to me on Tuesday or Wednesday to replace and fix the new parts, but I need to back all of my files up. What I am most concerned about is my music collection - almost eight gigs. If I keep what I have on my iPod there, will there be a way for the files to transfer from there onto my computer? My iPod is very tiny and can't hold all eight gigs, but I can try to put the rest on a flash drive. I just don't want to lose my music - everything else is slightly less important (the computer is only about eleven months old and I don't have many documents saved - I can email those to myself or put them on a flash drive). Thanks TQC!

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For any of you high school seniors out there who are still waiting to find out from schools, do you know which are releasing their decisions tomorrow, march 15th?? i am dying over here!
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(no subject)

Costa Rica's famous national dish is Gallo Pinto, fried rice and black beans; does anyone have a good recipe?

What was your first pet's name, what kind of animal were there, and did they belong solely to you?

Do you own any cassette tapes?

What is right in front of you, other than the monitor?

(no subject)

What is your favorite Mel Brooks film?

What is your favorite scene from a Mel Brooks film?

What is your favorite character from a Mel Brooks film?

If you don't like Mel Brooks, why?

What do you do when someone you don't know messages you on [insert chat prog here]? 

(no subject)

1) What are you doing this weekend?

2) If you have ever met a celebrity will you post a picture of you with them if you have one?

3) What are you thinking right now?
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I am a girl of the future

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My roommates bought a huge block of tiger cheese, opened the package, and left it opened in the fridge for a few days. Now most of it is all cracked and dried out. I really want to use the cheese, but I don't even know if it's edible in its present state. :(

Is it possible to re-moisten cheese? Should I try to melt it? Is dried-up cheese any good at all?

Tell me about a disappointing experience you have had with cheese.

I messed up at work.

This week I forgot to enter listen to the weekly conference call. And then I I forgot to take it off my list of weekly accomplishments(WSR), so it said I listened to it. I e-mailed my boss the WSR, and he replied, " you didn't attend the meeting, be there next week."
Should I apologize that I missed it and included it on my WSR?
or should I just let it be forgotten about? My boss has a horrid memory.
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You've been out walking, and enjoying the sights of whatever city you happen to be living in at the time, whenever it starts to rain. You run into the first public building you see, which happens to be some kind of hip, underground club for hip and underground types. As you begin to socialize, because standing in the doorway is obviously the most suspicious thing you could with this group of hip and underground people, you learn that these people all have one major thing in common: they're vampires [not the gay, Anne Rice type either. Just your "standard" vampire].

You learn of all of their fancy little powers and everything, and you're given the opportunity to "embrace the darkness" or some gay shit like that--he said it, not me. Of course, what they don't realize is that you actually are a vampire hunter, sent to obliterate every last trace of those bloodsucking vampires from the face of the earth. But that one over there is pretty cute.

Do you:
1 - Kill them all, fulfilling in yourself a sense of pride in a job well done?
2 - Kill them all aside from the really cute one, who you make half-vampire babies with?
3 - Convince them all to find Jesus?
4 - Use Charizard?
5 - Allow them to turn you, forsaking your oath as a hunter, so you can get with the cute one?
6 - Do not kill them, or allow them to turn you, but instead work with them as a mole?
7 - Look for a way to turn the cute one because half-vampire babies sound kinda gross and impossible?
8 - Turn off the game and go outside?
yummy beer!, yummy

since a few folks claim to be rather bored -

Tell me, tqc - in fact, tell everyone - how do you take care of terrible, terrible chafing?  You know the kind that I mean...

C'mon, do I have to spell it out??  

Alright then, in your nether regions, I mean!  You know, the groinal area?    8*O

Okay, now that I'm done being embarrassed, I'm sure many of us can admit to having sexed it up heartier than maybe we realized, and ended up sore as a result.  So, what's your favorite remedy for this *ahem* delicate problem?

(no subject)

So let's say you're the sexual kind of drunk, right? You can't help it, if you get shit-faced, it just happens. So, now you're in a serious relationship you stop drinking because you know if you did, you would most probably end up doing something regretful.

Now let's say you have a friend, who is more like a co-worker. That friend says that even though you don't get drunk anymore, the fact that you would still do something sexual with someone while drunk means you probably don't really love the person, since it's in your subconscious. Or something.

Do you think this co-worker friend is right?

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Best U2 song?

Pride (in the name of love)
I still haven't found what I'm looking for
New Year's Day
With or without you
Sunday bloody Sunday
Where the streets have no name
I will follow
The sweetest thing
Beautiful day
Mysterious ways

Best Simon and Garfunkel song?

Sound of silence
The boxer
Scarborough fair
Mrs. Robinson
Bridge over troubled water
I am a rock
Homeward bound
At the zoo
El condor pasa

Best Madonna song?

Papa don't preach
Live to tell
Ray of light
Like a virgin
Into the groove
La isla bonita
Who's that girl?
Take a bow

Best Smashing Pumpkins song?

Bullets with butterfly wings
hanson - ezra and penny

ahhhhh html fail, i'm sorry :(

So my SO pretty much slayedslew me when he sent me this picture. It may well be the cutest thing I have ever seen. But... I'm counting on you guys to beat it.

Will you please show me something that is completely brain-meltingly adorable?

Collapse )

Why does Firefox tell me "slayed" is spelled incorrectly? What is the past tense of slay, from the POV of the slayer? The one who gets "slayed" has been slain, but what is the past tense of the verb that the slayer does? hahahahahaha.

ETA: lolll I'm dumb. thanks sinkopayshun :D

(no subject)

 I was somehow talked into a college basketball office pool... yet I know nothing about basketball... 

Do you participate in those pools? 

How should I go about picking my winning teams? Serious and non-serious answers, please.
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Working in a box

I got a new job where I get to hang out in a parking ramp as the cashier. I have the internet and am bored.

1. Do you like kettle chips?
2. What is your favorite flavor of potato chips?
3. Pepsi or Coke?
4. Is it Soda or Pop?
5. Would this be a cooler entry if I had polling abilities?

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1. Are thigh high stockings sexy to you? I think they are, but I'm too afraid to wear them because they'll slide down, and I'm not really into garter belts and the like.

2. What is the most ridiculous thing you've done to please a partner? Sexually or otherwise, and funny answers encouraged.

3. How can I make my hair not look like ass until April 29th? It's growing out and I have about 2 inches of roots, but I won't let anyone other than my hairdresser touch it.

4. What's your favorite dessert?

5. Which free phone should I get when I renew my T-Mobile plan? Choices here. this is the phone I have now.

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I'm in charge of fund raising for my son's school's PTO....we want to have a "Vendor Fair" but have NO idea how to go about doing one.

Do we charge for the tables alone?
Do we charge a percentage of the vendors sales?
Do we do both?

Has anyone ever run a fair? How successful was it...we normally want to raise about $10,000 to $14,000.
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I need some computer help and I haven't been able to find this on Google. I have a folder in Windows Vista with over 600 items in it. I want to send someone the list of what's in this folder. How can I do that without typing everything out in WordPad? That would take forever. Is there a way to copy and paste just the names of the files into Wordpad?
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What is the most you'd be willing to pay for 2-year from date of purchase laptop insurance? IE. You don't pay for shipping, labor, or parts if something breaks.

3-year insurance?

When does it become cheaper to just go get another one?

Would your answers change if you'd had two laptops suffer severe issues requiring repair shortly before the inital 1-year warranty was up?