March 13th, 2008

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I said I'd never do it.

I'm getting married in May. It's sort of a short-term engagement; my fiance needs to find a new job (something more suitable to his health limitations), and so we're getting hitched in order to get him on my insurance policy.

It'll be a simple courthouse shindig. Nothing big, though we're planning on having a reception sometime later in the summer.

TQC, how do courthouse weddings work? Do you still have to do the whole exchanging vows thing, or do you just sign a piece of paper and leave? Will I be a complete tool if I get married in jeans and a t-shirt?

Wedding Entree!

Which entree would you select to eat at a wedding?

Grilled Filet Mignon
Onion Crusted Chicken
Blackened Tilapia and Crab Tower
  Edit:  Since I can't add poll options, would you be happier with any of the following?

* Grilled Portabello Mushroom
* Rack of Lamb
* Roasted Duckling
* Pecan Crusted Mahi-Mahi
* Sesame Crusted Tuna
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Why would somebody in Milwaukee, Wisconsin be doing a Lost Password request for my Livejournal password? Weird.


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Does does does bother you when certain TQC asshole lj'ers out there use a pic of a good-lookin' person as their icon (won't point any parTICular asshole out but you know who you are ASSHOLE) and you IM them and jerk off waiting for them to answer with your pants around your ankles and then you swap pics and you see that they look NOTHINGWHATSOEVTHEFUCK er like the pic that they have as their big run on sentence icon and it's too late and your day gets ruined like this?

One day

I was blissfully alone at home dressed in my rubber chicken suit and employing my strap-on knuckle-studded pneumatic flexible-shafted double-headed vibrator with pump action capitulum, watching my FAVORITE porn tape and just when I was getting to the good part, it cut to something else showed up on the screen. The S/A taped OVER my FAVORITE porn tape! But not only did he tape OVER it, he taped over it to record the most boring show on t.v. ever made, an exciting episode of Bowling for Dollars. Well, I was so worked up over the porn tape that I couldn't hold back and I actually ORGASMED to some FAT BALD guy in a white short-sleeved dress shirt with noticeable pit stains, tan high-water leisure pants and a lovely white belt, sweatily rolling his BALL down the lane. It was a strike, thanks for asking.

So... as much as I didn't have a pic of my S/A NOR the sweaty ball-thrower and it was a very disappointing afternoon for me *heavy sigh* have you ever had the urge to go bowling with me?

Don't be shy.
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Should I make mashed potatoes, or should I just jump off a bridge?

Or maybe ice cream...?

Have you ever met anyone who says "iced cream"?  I always feel like that's what I'm supposed to say, because that's what my grandma used to say, but I have no idea what's correct.

If I make mashed potatoes, should I just put butter and milk in, or should I add cheese and maybe sour cream, too?
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Dear TQC,

If you play World of Warcraft, what level, race and class are your characters?

I have a 65 Night Elf Hunter, a 40 Gnome mage and a 12 Draenei priest.

If you have more than one character, which one do you like playing the most and why?

I like the mage the best. She does the most damage.
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Are you an AI student?

Does your school term end next week?

Are you stressing about finals?

Have you ever made a calendar? (i think its fun, but i hate InDesign with a firey passion.)

(no subject)

Is there any difference between an 'academic' CV (one you'd give to a professor writing you a recommendation, or send with a grad school application) and a 'regular' CV (one when you're looking for a job)?

If so, what is it?


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My roommates girlfriend left a surprise in the bathroom..forgot to flush her tampon. Earlier today she left a used pad on a chair, and said she was going to throw it away, but had gotten distracted. These are only a few of the nasty things I've seen her do. She told me not to say anything to her boyfriend about it...would it be wrong for me to use this in future jokes about her? We're definitely not say the least.

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My step-father & I are getting matching tattoos (yes, sometimes lame).
We want a tattoo that represents our relationship. We were thinking about a rope because I tied the family together- he stuck with my mom in the beginning because he started to feel like I was his daughter, too(I met him when I was 3).. so even when things got rough he says I kept it together.  I'm almost 20 now, and we're extremely close.

But, I don't want a rope. Can you help me think of something else with the same kinda "holding things together" meaning, or something that would fit the situation I explained?

(edited because people watch entirely too much Lifetime and /ordon't understand the billion meanings of love. Thanks, guys)

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My trapeze trissu training has 2 weeks holidays and I'm bored out of my mind! what can i do that is exciting?

Should i hand my resume into a local music magazine even though they might think I'm an idiot with no journalism qualifications? my only tie to them is that my mother worked for them when she moved to Australia. But that was ages ago :/.

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What is the sexiest part of the gender you prefer?

I love arms on a guy! I love watching them pick something heavy up and just see the muscles in their arms.
What is your favorite color?


Are you excited for the summer olympics?

I am way excited! Especially swimming and diving!! :)

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I'm 24 and I'm wondering if I'll ever get the baby bug.
I don't mind kids but don't particularly care for them.
I'm so worried at this point whether I'll be able to take care of myself, let alone off spring.

Do you think some people just don't get the urge to procreate?
Do you think I'll change?

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Would you enjoy living in a community that is set as a different time period?

I don't know if they actually exist outside of colonial/frontier times, but I want to find one for the 1940s.
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I just found out we don't have ice cream! D:

What's worse, no ice cream or no mashed potatoes?

Have you heard the song "Romeo and Juliet"?  Which version do you like best, the original by Dire Straights, the cover by The Killers, or the other cover by Matt Nathanson?  Are there any covers that I'm not aware of?

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Is there anything like this that operates in Canada (or at least includes Canada, since it most likely will be based in the US)? I really like how it donates a certain amount from each transaction to a worthy cause. Have you used any book-trading/recycling services like that before? If yes, what do you think of it?

Dear TQC,

My boyfriend and I are going to be breaking up, as planned, in two months to the day, because he's graduating college, I'm a rising junior, neither of us want to get married, and, well, some more reasons that are really none of the TQC's business.

Has anyone here ever been in a long-term relationship (we'll be two years) with a planned date of departure?

This is gonna be my first break-up, and I have to say, waiting for it to happen sucks. If it weren't for the fact that I genuinely love the guy, I think it'd almost be better to call it quits now. But hey, better to have loved and lost...

ETA: I'm gonna stop replying to comments because this is giving me heartburn. If you're wondering why I left a thread of witty repartee ("U!" "NO U!") unanswered, I'm just trying to preserve my sanity or what's left of it.

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did you used to collect anything when you were younger or whenever that you find embarrassing now?

for me i used to collect action figures. like spawn, and stupid stuff like that. and i thought i got rid of them all and i came across this bad boy tonight while going through my closet.

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Poll #1153431 Turning the other cheek

For $1,000....would you go to work or class as normal, and, spying the cute guy/girl, walk up behind them, grab a firm handful of ass, jiggle it in your palm and say in a low voice, "Boom, Baby, Boom", and then, release and walk away?

Yes I would
No I wouldn't

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"behold how men cram into jeans so small it makes them look like they must have Alan Rickman's package in Dogma"

Ive seen this movie but it was a while ago I guess.... can someone explain that quote?
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1. TQC, what did my parents get me for my birthday?? (20th). We saw each other a grand total of 2 minutes today with our conflicting schedules, and they said they wanted to wait until Sunday until we "have more time". I'm down with that, but now I'm curious. My 16 year old brother says "yeah, it's pretty awesome". What in the world could it be?!

(serious answers welcomed, hilarious answers preferred!)

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Would you mutually masturbate with

1. Bill Clinton?

2. Hillary Swank?

3. An attractive cousin who is far removed enough to not be incest?

4. Your local brassiere technician?

5. A Frenchman?

6. An employee of a bottlecap factory?

7. A grad student who smells like onion-y B.O. but who could talk dirty to you in very imaginative ways?

8. You are accompanying a slightly stale but definitely revive-able baguette with a food item. What is that food item?

9. Have any of you taken melatonin to help aid sleep cycles? (It is 4:30 a.m. and I cannot sleep.)

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite way/drink to get your caffeine fix?

2. I tend to like sugar-free energy drinks (doesn't kill my stomach like coffee) and I usually drink Rock Star and Monster but I'm looking for something to change it up. Know of any other sugar-free energy drinks that don't taste, um, disgusting?
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Kinda Like Clue..only at a B&B?

Has anyone ever been to a Murder Mystery Dinner? Did you like it? Where was it at?

My SO and I are going to stay at a supposedly haunted B&B for two nights and they host them. We're really excited. I guess they're sending us out a packet about our character 10 days before the trip? And we've already figured we wont die, because there must be hired people for that if you stay for 2 nights...they cant really kick you out or make you sit around somewhere else all night.

I'm tired of eating mac & cheese :(

What I have:

A cereal bowl
A fork
A knife
(I used to have a real spoon, now just plastic)
a microwave
an oven
tin foil that's usable for cooking in the oven

Any suggestions on something I can make with 1-4 ingredients that doesn't require me buying any new silverware/pots/pans/dishes?

That junk is ridiculously expensive here. I'm desperate.
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What is one traditionally non-addictive thing that you love to have and can't get enough of?

I can't get enough of Orbit's Bubblemint gum.

Do you smell sex?

(no subject)

What are some quotes that you often hear within your family?

For instance:

When someone says "I wish..." my MIL and FIL respond with: "wish with one hand while you shit in the other. See which one fills up faster".

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Why the hell are there so many lady bugs in my room!?

Are there any bugs that can make you scream or want to cry? Why do they freak you out so much?

I hate crickets. God, thinking about them makes me shiver. They're just...ugh. UGH. They're just ugly and loud and can jump on you.

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1. Why Danger Victory?

2. Would you tap (bang, boink, screw, canoodle) the person of gender-you-are-most-attracted-to nearest to you? I would.

3. I am hiding on the sixth floor of the library in order to escape talkative people in other, more convenient, computer labs. Most people here (all two of them) are actually working on stuff, and I am just farting around on LJ. Why do I feel guilty?

4. Do you Facebook stalk? What is one of the more surprising things you found out due to online snooping? I found out one dude was only 25 and for some reason I thought he was like 32.

(no subject)

1)what ds puzzle games do you recommend? I like match 3s and tetris

2)I enjoy final fantasy. what rpgs should I buy for a DS? also, I wonder if there are any strategy or sim type games that you guys like?
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Ok, I know the laws are different in every state, but I need a general consensus...

I am hoping to sell my car today, but its not registered in Arizona. I drove it down from Colorado then drove it until the Colorado tags expired and then never had the time/money to register it in Arizona. Two years later (today) I am having a guy come and look at it in hopes of him buying it from me, will I need to register it here in Arizona before I can sell it to him?

edit: thank you guys for the responses and for settling my nerves about the topic


Is there some sort of online resource where you can look up the cover art for different editions of books? Like if somebody on Amazon Marketplace is selling the 1991 printing of The Killer Inside Me, and I want to see what the cover looks like.
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Advice please:

I have recently agreed to tutor a student returning to community college in Algebra I and II. I love tutoring and have previously tutored kids taking computer science. No biggie, right?

The problem is that I have no clue where to start! I know how to explain the concepts that make up algebra, so that's not an issue. Rather, I pretty much have to make up a mini curriculum to get her up to speed. She cannot provide me with a curriculum because she is not studying for a class, but rather a placement exam that she hopes to pass so as to take higher math. She spoke to a councilor at the college who just said 'anything that would be covered in the classes will be on the exam.'

So if you were in my shoes, where would you begin?
Here is what I plan on covering so far:

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So, what belongs in Algebra I and II???
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1. how are you doing today?
2. do you like interacting with people?
3. will you please tell me about a pleasant experience you had from interacting with a stranger?

*sigh* today's one of those days :(
ETA: thanks for your "pleasant stranger experience" stories! :) today i need to be reminded that not everyone is mean and cold and dismissive :\
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Regarding Lierre's post.

Did as many people know you as you expected?
If less - did this upset you?
Did it upset you when people started saying "I have no fucking clue who you are."?

If hardly anyone knew you do you wanna say something about yourself so everyone knows who you are?
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What hardness of toothbrush do you normally buy? (soft, medium, hard, etc.)

When you are microwaving a frozen meal, and the instructions say "let sit for 1-2 minutes in microwave", do you actually let it sit in the microwave?
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I have a friend who just started using Firefox. She says that when she's in a tab (say, writing an email in Yahoo) and if she suddenly goes to Google and types in the word 'penis' (heh, an example) it will immediately switch over to that instead of changing to a new tab and of course she loses her email without warning. (she uses Yahoo for email, the 'classic' version as of right now).. And this all happens IN SPITE of the fact that her preferences for Firefox she selected 'new pages should be opened in a new tab'... plus she even selected 'warn me when closing multiple tabs' and it never warns her at all.

Are there any Firefox junkies who have an idea as to what's going on? I'm going to point her here and let her read any suggestions/comments you might have for her :)

edit: I thought it was also her just not making a new tab then doing her thing....but as a test when I was typing an email to her I went to google (in the upper righthand corner) and it warned me I was gonna lose that e-mail.. although maybe it was Yahoo warning me rather than Firefox. I use the newer version of Yahoo Mail so maybe that's the difference. The warning message doesn't specify who it is.

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You're at your job, and they put in new tiling in this one room where there's file cabinets. The new tiles have unusual traction. You have to go into one of the cabinets, specifically, the bottom drawer. You walk into the room, and that cute guy/girl is in there, seated. You smile and squat down in front of the cabinet, but your shoe catches the traction on the floor at a strange angle, and it makes a distinct fart sound. You hear a sharp yelp of stifled giggling from the cute person. What do you do?

Ignore it. I don't have to explain myself
"This new floor sure makes some strange sounds when you scuff them, don't they?"
Do my best to recreate the sound with my shoe again, so it's a little more obvious that it wasn't me
Turn red and flee the room
I scuff my foot that way again, determined to make the fart sound again. It's kind of funny
What a good scapegoat! I let loose with a real fart and blame it on the tiling

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Lately I've been baking muffins, but I'm supposed to be on a diet and I always end up eating tons of them. At 300 calories each, that's really not good. Does anyone have a muffin recipe that is tasty, vegan, and less than 200 calories per muffin?

four randoms

1. I really hate Facebook for the sole reason that some of my friends tend to act like it's the only way of communicating. One of my friends wants to make plans to get together. She has my number. We each have a phone. She ignores my notes that say, "Yeah, we can get together if you want. Give me a call when you know what your schedule is like." Instead, she tries to make all of our plans by writing on my FB wall. Is there a good (but polite) way to tell her that this is annoying as shit?

I swear, sometimes I can't tell if technology is bringing us closer together or further apart.

2. Do blind people generally appreciate help getting across the street, etc? Yesterday I saw a blind guy who was walking across the street. He looked like he was having a bit of trouble and I thought, "I should go help him out." But then I managed to convince myself that he'd be offended by my offer. That's dumb, right? I just want to do the right thing next time I'm in a position to do so, and I'm honestly a little ashamed of myself for not going over to help him.

3. Have you ever done one of those volunteer groups that goes to do relief work in another country? What was it like? Good experience?

4. Are you a member of If so, what's your handle? If not, do you frequent any other online forums besides LJ/TQC?

Seriously, how do you be less competitive?

I got my test back today, and I got a 74/75. The highest was a 77/75. I hate that I didn't get the highest score, and I hate that I hate that I didn't get the highest score. Now I feel like a bitch for being jealous of not getting the highest score.

Seriously, how do I get over this? Would it help to not reveal my scores to people when they ask, even if I do get the highest score, so I can role-play myself into not caring about getting the highest score?

*expecting snarky comments*

(no subject)

I am daydreaming about the weather warming up, TQC. I think I'm most looking forward to not wearing a coat outside and resuming my long rambling evening walks.

For those of us awaiting warmer weather, what's the thing you're most looking forward to?


Has anyone here gotten the HPV vaccine?
How long did it take your arm to recover?

I got my first shot like 8 days ago, and I still have this huge bump and bruise on the back of my arm. I don't remember that happening when I got other shots, so I'm starting to wonder if this is a normal reaction or if I should go have it looked at.

(no subject)

i'm getting an award from the alumni association at my college for my "leadership and volunteerism" on campus. they want me to make "brief remarks" when i receive the award, but i have NO idea what to say.

so, what should my brief remarks be?
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Why the fuck does my salad dressing separate and get kinda chunky no matter what fridge it goes in? Am I doing it wrong?

Would you eat chunky dressing?

What did you have for lunch?

(no subject)

You hate someone but the sex is fantastic. You meet someone that you want to know more about and the sex with him is fantastic too, at least thats what you hear. You would choose the second guy, right?

If you had the opportunity to become a model, would you do it? What if it was just a hand/foot model?

I took out the space bar on my laptop keyboard to clean under it. But now on one side it sticks and you can't space. So you basically have to have your thumb in the middle of the bar. How do I make it click correctly and work again on all sides?

Do you think these questions are as retarded as I do?
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Saving pictures

Why does right-clicking on pictures and trying to save them NOT WORK anymore? It used to work, but now it doesn't - I would like to know why. The rare time I can actually save a picture, I don't remember what I did to make it save finally.

Serious answers only, please.
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(no subject)

1. Would you let someone make a mold out of your breast/nipple for some erotic pastries that lots of people you don't know will be paying for and eating?

2. What are some good ideas for erotic/novelty desserts?

3. Someone suggested to me that for the amount of tax dollars us New Yorkers paid for Spitzer to fuck fancy prostitutes, do you think that each New York resident should get to fuck a prostitute in return?
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(no subject)

(1) I'm thinking about switching to a milk alternative. Milk doesn't like my tummy.
(1a) What is your favourite milk alternative?
(1b) Do you buy flavoured versions?
(1c) Which is better, soy or rice? Or some other type that I don't know about?
(1d) Do milk alternatives taste good with oreos?

(2) Besides marshmallows, hot dogs, and sodas, what should I have tomorrow at my bonfire?

(3) I was thinking about taking some pretzels, a little bit of veg oil, and a packet of ranch powder and making ranch pretzels.
(3a) Does that sound good?
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I was going to ask one of my History professors to write me a recommendation for grad school, but it turns out he's on sabbat. this semester, so I can't talk to him directly.

How would I phrase this request in an email? Is it cool to just go 'I'm X from Y class, applying to Z program, will you recommend me?' Or is there a better way?


(no subject)

How would you cite the Physicians' Desk Reference in APA style? 

EDIT: Physicians’ desk reference. (60th ed.). (2006). Montvale, NJ: Thomson PDR. ?????

Real or mechanical pencils?

wha' happened?!

So background info: I go to a university that is 87% (including me) commuters but never calls snow days. After getting into a crash, I got really pissed and wrote a letter to my university asking why we never have snow days, then created a facebook group for it. It got 900 members within a week and then somebody wrote about it in the paper and interviewed me for it since I created the group. done with the tl;dr - the issue was released yesterday and today I got a facebook message from the student body president saying "The university media relations director wants to talk to you about the snow issue" and etc.

Am I in trouble? :(

If they're mad, what COULD they do to me? I mean, first amendment, right? I'm still scared though.

spanish question (not homework)

Question for native Spanish speakers. I took a good amount of Spanish in school, but I am definitely not fluent.

1. What Spanish speaking country are you from, or is your family from?

2. What does the verb "vacilar" mean to you? In a wikipedia article on the word, John Steinbeck is quoted as saying it's this interesting untranslatable word meaning 'to wander without a set destination for the sake of the journey itself'- this very romantic idea that I'm intrigued by. But when I put the word into, it translated as "to hesitate". Not quite the same.

I'm torn here. It's not like wikipedia is so much more reliable than an online translator.

3. Stupid Spanish question- when you want to conjugate verbs so that it means "I will ______ (in the future)", which form is that? I forget. Example: I dance = Yo bailo. So I will dance = ??

Thank you!

(no subject)

I have to drop off my rabbit to the vet on Friday. I feel like a bad Mom just leaving him at the vet all day. But the hours are not convenient and I temp so I can’t just leave my job whenever.

I decided to write an updated list of my rabbit’s issues so the vet will know what is going on. Do you think there is such a thing as too much information?

Behind cut is a rough draft of what I plan on giving to the technician so they know what is going on. Too much information? Not legible?

Do you think this is helpful or the vet won’t care?

Collapse )

My vet always talks to me on the phone and in the afternoon when I come to pick him up. But I am curious if what I wrote is just annoying and not needed. O_o

(no subject)

1. Are eissak and eissirk related? How about eidna?
(I think so; they are backwards sisters)

2. If you were to make a novelty-shaped pasta along the lines of Penis Pasta or Dinosaur Pasta, what shape would you choose?
(I would make ENORMOUS PASTAS that are the size of my the shape of my face)

3. Did you know that whale calls sound more like farting than like eerie haunting songs of the deep? Or am I mistaken?
(I listened to some yesterday; they sounded like half an hour of diarrhea and gas)

4. George McFly Crispin Glover vs. Creepy Thin Man Crispin Glover vs. Willard Crispin Glover?

5. What is a way of making wearing your retainer less repulsive and awkward in any way?
(I found mine after, like, two years. I am gaining buckteeth so I thought I'd start again. But there's just too much saliva and lisping involved.)

(no subject)

Poll #1153784 Abstain

Which of these would be the MOST difficult thing for you to do for AN ENTIRE MONTH?

Give up all caffeine
Not watch any movie or tv program, unless Larry the Cable Guy is in it
Give up listening to all music except for KFed
Wear ONLY orange clothing
Attend an hour long bible-study class with holy rollers, which meets semiweekly
Give up all cheese and chocolate
Give up bathing/showering
Give up orgasms (including self-induced Os)
Twice a week, you have to enter a furrysex chat room and cybernookie with the first person who a/s/l's you
Wear a wee mini skirt (bottom of skirt is an inch below your 'goodies') to work/school once a week. You're not allowed to cover up your legs with a jacket, or wear stockings or shorts under it (wouldn't be much of a challenge, would it)
Give up livejournal
Ignore your pet. You may feed it, but no pettings, no walks, no cuddling, no matter how much it begs for your attention. You have to push it aside
Wear excessive 'hooker' makeup every day
Drink a quarter bottle of whiskey every other night. You may mix it
Give up all use of your phone (landline and cell). This includes texting
chan marshall


Is there a site that removes the protection some Snes roms have from letting you download them?

I want super mario all stars :(

Also i actually have a Super nintendo but  i need a adaptor to go into the tv. I have one but it makes it come out black and white on the screen :S., does anyone know where i could find one and what is actually called?

I keep having these crazy dreams about entering a warehouse and everything/everyone i have ever liked and wanted is in there. What does this mean?
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(no subject)

What are the rules for the gallon challenge?

My ex says it's one hour to drink, and one hour to not puke.
I say it's one hour to drink, and one hour to not puke OR poo.

Have you ever attempted the gallon challenge?
Did you succeed?

ETA: I'm talking about milk. A gallon of milk.

ETA2: Have you ever attempted any other sort of food-related challenge, like 6 saltines in a minute? How did that work out?
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(no subject)

1) Should I run tonight, or should I eat yummy pizza (rectangle pizza with sauce and grated parmesan! yay!) and watch LOST?

2) When someone says "beach pizza", what comes to mind? Pictures if you can get them!
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3) If you work, what industry/industries are you in?

(no subject)

I don't speak boy jargon, so this confused me.

There's a boy, his name is Demetri, who lives down the street from me. He's really cute and quite smart. Smart enough for me to want to carry on a conversation with him for an hour every day despite the weather.
He's in 8th grade and 15. He got held back at some point.

That's all well and good. I like him. Have a 'school girl crush' on him. I'm 18 and not in school.

I make his favorite cookies, so I made some for him today. We were standing outside by my garage today and talking about my neighbors dogs. When I make cookies, I put a piece of bread in with them so that they stay soft. He ate all the cookies and asked if he could give the bread to the dogs. I said that I didn't care. The one dog came trotting over, peched up on the fence and took the bread. Demetri backed away and the dog looked over at us and we laughed.

I said that, that image was the highlight of my day. He looked up at me and said "this is the highlight of my day." I said "What?" he said "This. Us. Talking." To cut the awkward down, I said "And the cookies!"

What does that mean? "This is the highlight of my day"
Does it mean he likes me? Or...Damn boys and their jargon.

edit: I know the obvious. That talking to me is the highlight of his day. I meant..what else do you think it could mean.
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(no subject)

My boyfriend/fiance/thing and I are getting married in May.

It probably would have happened anyway, but we're doing it this soon because he needs health insurance. He suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, and that's really not something to toy around with. He has his own coverage right now, but he'll be resigning his position in May to try and get his health back under control.

When I told my stepdad, he sat me down and said a bunch of horrible things, like "Because of the disease, he has no potential," "If it were your responsibility to take care of him, you'd be his mother instead," and last but not least, "You're not Jesus, so stop crucifying yourself."

WTF, TQC? Why is my stepfather such a dick? Should I write him a nasty e-mail and point out the fact that he's on his 5th wife, and doesn't know the difference between a happy marriage from his own asshole?
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What happened here?

After months of everything pretty much sucking, suddenly I've gotten two pieces of AMAZINGLY GOOD news.

What great things are happening for you these days?

Are you getting nicer weather where you are? The sunny days match my new mood!
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What is a silly urge you still randomly have thanks to things you did when you were a kid?

For example, whenever I see a giant pile of dirt, I want to climb up on top of it so bad. Also, different colored tiles on a tiled floor? One of those colors is lava, and I cannot step on it.

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1)do you follow astrology closely?
2)if you meet a new person, do you make assesments on how you might get along with them based on their sign?
3)have you ever felt that you have had either really bad or good luck with a certain sign?
4)what IS your sign?

1) I don't obsess over it but I'm interested in it
2) not really though I do look for ways in which they might be similar to the characteristics of their sign
3) I have noticed that I get along great with Cancers and horribly with Gemini's. I have had 3 Gemini best friends and the friendships have all gone sour after almost the exact amount of time passed
4) Virgo
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Do you text more then talk on your phone?

What is the funniest text message you've ever sent or recieved?

 Who sends you the most texts?

Text while driving?
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Have your parents ever praised you for something you'd done that was incredibly bad? For instance, saying you have a lovely voice when you really know you sound like a horny alley cat. Or saying they loved a story or essay or poem you wrote when it was obviously the worst thing you'd ever written in your life.

(no subject)

When someone friends you, do you accept them/friend them back without caring who they are or is there some criteria that has to be met?

What's the longest you've ever had a wort for?

If your boss asks you to do something, and you replied "I do what I want"(Jokingly), what would the response be?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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1. When do you close your window blinds/shades?

I have to close mine soon after sundown. It creeps me out so very much to look out into the dark and feel that there could be someone looking in.

2. Have you seen any good Asian horror flicks? Which one's your favorite?

I love "A Tale of Two Sisters" and I'd like to find more movies like that.
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1. Does anyone have photos of animals looking slutty?
My girl cat constantly makes really provocative/trashy facial expressions.

2. Cadbury mini-eggs (with the candy shell) vs. M&Ms?

3. If you had approximately 1000 boxes of Peeps and you'd eaten your fill (or not), what would you do with them?

4. Are some people's toes actually long enough for toe socks?
My toes are exactly the size and shape of cashews, and thus do not fit.
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I want to get a PS3 as it is supposed to be the best Bluray player out.

I was also thinking of getting DDR for it to exercise. I can't seem to find a copy of DDR made for PS3 only PS2. Anyone know if it will work on it? I know that the PS3 is limited in its backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games.

(no subject)

1) Will you post a pic of the worst haircut you've ever had?

2) If you took me on a date what would our itinerary be?

3) When dating someone, after what length of time is it appropriate to sleep with someone?
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1. I'm sick of buying gross cafeteria food. What are some healthy things I can bring for lunch? (I have access to a mini-fridge and a microwave)

2. What did you have for lunch?

3. What time did you go to bed last night?

***Edited for a spelling mistake *headdesk*...i need sleep.

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Poll #1153855 This or that

Count Chocula or Lucky Charms?


Swiss or cheddar?


Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?


What do you like better in bed? Spooning or forking?


John McClane or John McCain?


Star Wars trilogy (either one) or Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Star Wars
Lord of the Rings

More entertaining to watch? Breakdancing or lapdancing?


Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka or Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka?


More annoying: people who talk on cell phones while driving, or people who talk on cell phones in movie theatres?


What's more dangerous? Hitchhiking or picking up a hitchhiker?

Picking up a hitcher


What books do you think are must reads?

I am starting a new job soon and this means a 1.5 hour commute each way, so I need something to listen to in my car.

Edit: More with the book recommendations please.


i have a pc and an ipod.

isn't there a program that allows you to rip music off of other ipods?

the reason why i ask:

i got a new computer and while i had backed up 95% of my music on an external hardrive, there is that 5% of music that i hadn't backed up before the old computer died. (the hardrive in the old laptop is still good, the computer just won't turn on...) the music i want is on my ipod and i'd like to put it on the new computer so i can update my ipod with new music...

any suggestions?
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I'll be going to Washington, DC this weekend.  The weather's supposed to be iffy and I'm poor.  I know museums are free, which is great.  But tell me what I must do.  I lived in DC for a whole 9 weeks once, and did nothing but go to the zoo, the American History Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Spy Museum, drink in Adams Morgan, shop in Georgetown, and see the monuments.  What do you recommend?

Edit:  I've done lots of the more touristy things already.

speaking of ghosts...

a few questions down someone asked about paranormal experiences people had, and i told him/her my story and now i'm thinking about said experience.

Collapse )
ok, so what does TQC think about this story? ghosts? aliens? illegal aliens? ghost alien pirates?

Dirty Neighbors

I have the sliding door open to the balcony and the smell of dog shit is breezing its way in my apartment. I am sure it is my neighbors downstairs who smells like dog shit.

How horrible is it that I can smell dog shit from a room under me inside my apartment?

I want to draw a picture and a comment along the lines that my neighbors should clean their apartment.

What should I write to them? Keep in mind I will be taping this on their door.

This is the second week in a row. May I add I smell wet dog too. WTF? I have four rabbits and I always clean my apartment every day. Regardless of how busy I am. I don't understand what is so hard about picking up dog shit. Dogs only shit like once or twice a day.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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My cat just jumped off the TV and onto the desk. He proceeded to walk over and sit his butt in front of the computer screen and stick his head into my glass of water and guzzle. He's still drinking. WTF?

Has your pet ever just nonchalantly stolen food or drink from you?

Pics would be awesome.

Edit: And I just forgot he'd drank from the glass and took a drink. Have you ever done that?
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A human canon has a spring constant of 35000N/m. The spring can be extended up to 4.5 m. How far (horizontally) would a 65kg clown be fired if the cannon is pointed upward at 45 degrees to the horizontal??

I CANT DO IT !!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!! the answer is 1.1X10^3 m

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1.  If you could be a color, what would it be?
Um, probably pink.
2.  Do you like to paint with watercolors?
Most of the time, unless I get too much water in my brush...
3.  If someone was reading a poem they wrote outlound in your English class, and they started crying, would you cry?
Yes, tihs happened to me today. One of my closest friends was reading her poem and started crying. Every girl in the class [including the teacher] cried.
4.  What is your favorite juice?

(no subject)

Is being able to flip food in a pan just by shaking it(think pancakes) a useful life