March 12th, 2008

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Does it bother you when people respond to "I love you" with "me too"?

It really bothers me.  I guess it shouldn't, since it's so widely used and accepted, but I think most people don't realize that when you respond with "me too", you're really saying "[I love] me, too".

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1. Did you learn anything this week?

2. Were you recently attacked by the mysterious sock monster? (Bastard has been stealing socks from me for the past three weeks!)

3. Which is your preference, writing with pen, pencil, or whatever is handy?
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Which Group of people?

What is the absolute dumbest thing you have ever heard anyone say? 

as for me it was one of my really religious friends attempting to discuss evolution with her friend

" Evolution means that one day a monkey had a human baby

Yeah...she is a dumb ass


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Would you smother your own child if it meant saving your city?

Would you kill your SO if it meant your family would live?

How are you tonight?

What's your favorite episode of Family Guy?

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If TQC was high school, who would be...

Most popular?
Teacher's pet?
The most intelligent?
The wittiest?
The person you would most likely not want to be around?
The football (or whatever sport you fancy) hero?
The hottest guy?
The hottest gal?
Your best friend?
Your crush?
The creepiest?
The goofiest?
The most naive?
The most self-absorbed?

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Can you use Care Credit at a vet/doctor that isn't on the Care Credit website? Do you use it like a credit card with a better interest rate? I've been looking over the site but I'm still a bit confused.


another stupid crush question

Alright tqc, I don't blame you if you skip this, but anyways:

I have a mega fatty crush on my roommate. So mega fatty that I basically do nothing but think about her all day. My life is sort of revolving around coming home to hang out with her. We also work together, and I feel the only reason I still work at my deadend job is because she has told me on numerous occasions that if I didn't work there, she wouldn't either. (She is a manager there, so I feel like she should stay since she makes more than enough to live and if she left, she would go back to working in a cafe, making no money). So, I pretty much see her constantly. And at night we stay up watching the news and conan (NBC is the only channel we get), but the problem is she always comes out in a ever too short nightgown and super cute panties. This drives me bonkers, but I don't want her to stop.

Also, to make things more complicated, her ex boyfriend (whom she is still friends with) has a crush on me.

What the eff do I do?

Serious, non serious, non related answers all accepted.

EDIT: She is 5 years older than me (my 19 to her 24), if that makes a difference. And I am a guy.

p.s. What would you do if you found a giant (2 feet at least) dual headed dildo outside your apt?

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I am a 19 yr old Sophomore. Hopefully, I will be studying abroad in Ireland for the fall semester. I NEED to save thousands of dollars this summer for food, travel, spending in general. I am hearing from numerous people that have studied abroad that I should have at least $5,000! D: Obviously, I will be needing a job or two. BUT WHAT! I want to have an amazing time while I'm abroad...

TQC, without selling myself on the corner, how can I make $5,000 this summer?!

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1. What are you having for your next meal? It's 6:30 and I couldn't sleep so I made myself eggy in a basket with fetta and tomato sauce before uni. Mostly because I watched V for Vendetta last night. Fuck my cholesterol, it's the day before pay day.

2. What classes do you have today? I have a three hour sculpture lesson. Life is hard.

3. Are there any things you need to do but you keep procrastinating? I need to clean out the fridge, drop out of my education subjects, book some plane tickets to go to Perth over Easter, wake up the sleeping husband in my bed, and get some art supplies.

4. What are you looking forward to right now?

5. Do you know who I am?
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Great job!

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Inspired by a recent comment I made to a post by eqo (fuck no I wont link it, asshole) Who is worse (Personally I can't sand eather of these assbagz)

Poll #1152859 Which is worse?

Which is worse?


And you best explain you're answer foo!

Also, lets make this fun, nominate some more foo's for a future poll of simular style.

Edit: eqo, not ego, stoned poll making FTL!
hannibal skull


Two friends, Anna and Beth, go out for a night on the town on Friday night. They love to have dinner together and share bottles of wine. At the end of the night, both ladies flop down their credit cards (both gold cards) to split the bill equally.

Sunday morning, Beth notices that she has Anna's gold card. She rings and tells her this and asks if Anna can please check her bag for Beth's card. Anna comes back very quickly and says that it is not there, she does not have it.

Beth's busy, forgets about her card for a week, until she runs into a problem with her bank while closing a real estate purchase. She had told her bank that her gold card had a $0 balance and it appears to now have about $11,500 (Hong Kong) (about $1500USD/CDN) on it. In the meantime, her bank has informed her that her card was about to expire and a new one was on it's way to her and to please authorize it ASAP so that all other cards no longer work. No problem.

It's now been two weeks since dinner with Anna. She rings Anna again and asks her to please check again, as her card has been used. Anna, sure enough, finds the card this time and says to Beth, "How did you know it was me?" Anna claims to not notice what card she uses when she shops and has just been grabbing a gold card at random for the last week. $11,500 in one week? All with the same card? And you never looked at the name? Or the fact that Beth's is a Mastercard and all of Anna's are Visa cards?


How pissed would you be with Anna, if you were Beth, on a scale of 1 to 10?

What would you do?
Better than this

What to wear?

Poll #1152697 What do I wear?

My husband arrives tomorrow at the airport. I work all day before going to get him. What do I wear to work that is also acceptable to wear to the airport?

Tighty blue sweater and jean skirt
Nice button down shirt and dress pants
Button down shirt and jean skirt
Tighty blue sweater and dress pants
Tshirt and skirt
That brown and mint dress you had made for you and have only worn once.
Long black suede skirt with white button down top
Long sleeve tshirt and jeans
A trenchcoat with nothing underneath it. (Might have to change after work....don't think the kids wanna see that)!!!
He's a boy. Like he will notice/care??
Other - will comment

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Someone told me that there is a way I could set desktop and settings on my Mac PowerBook to look like Windows. Is this true? If so, how do I do it? I don't mean actually loading Windows onto it, just setting it to look similar.

Do you know of any guides that will compare the use of Mac to Windows- for example, to access sound recorder on Windows, you go to start, etc. Something that would show how to do the equivalent of that kind of stuff on a Mac.

I have the instruction manual and I've googled all this stuff- no luck. I hate this Mac.
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Since it seems that we share JUST ABOUT everything with eachother.. tell me about ONE thing that has happened in your life [recently] that we should all know about? (good or bad, you decide)


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1. Which habits of yours fit in the "healthy" category?

2. Which habits of yours fit in the "not healthy" category?

3. How do you drink your coffee? Milk? Sugar? If you don't drink coffee, why not?

4. Who were your famous role models as a teen?

5. Do you bike? Is your city/town bicycle-friendly?

6. If you could live in any country (or city, if you'd like to be specific) in the world, which country would that be? Why?

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is it really ok for a girl to make the first move? do guys think thats too aggressive? or do they like it?
idk i feel like the guy is supposed to make the first move. but ive been out with this guy a few times now and were both
chicken shits obv. and im tired of gazing into each others eyes like a couple of retards. should i just go for it???

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i have to write an eight to ten page explanatory synthesis essay. what is a topic that you wouldn't mind researching about and slaving over for the next two weeks?
Give a dog a home

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I'm going grocery shopping today, TQC! My cupboards are almost bare.

What should I get? What kind of meals/recipes should I plan for the coming week?

What would you put on your perfect sub/hoagie/grinder/whatever-you-call it? What DO you call it?

Do any of those products that get mucus out of your chest really work (like Mucinex)? My cold has moved into my chest and I'd love to get this shit out of there.
Luis sloooow

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Regarding this post:

Turns out the verbal warning was because I suck at cashing up the till and because my friend came and visited for ten minutes. A bit crappy, but I guess it serves me right.

When was the last time you got in trouble at work?
Did you agree with your bosses decision to tell you off?
Have you ever been fired? What for?

What's the right thing to do, here?

My brother-in-law and his wife were adopting a baby. They took her home last week and everything, but last night the birth mother changed her mind and they had to return the baby.

In this kind of situation... is it appropriate to send a sympathy card (not that they make a card for this), or just a phone call saying we're sorry?
Grumpy Angel


'Allo guys.

My google-fu is weak today.  I'm trying to find out if it's possible to buy the Czech liquor Becherovka in Canada.  Unfortunately, all I've managed to find so far is a phone number to an office in Quebec (I'm out west), which doesn't seem to bode well for purchasing only one or two bottles at a time.

(1) (Long shot, I know.) Anyone know if I can purchase Becherovka here, and if so where?

(2) (Less long shot.)  Any recommendations for where I should look or what I should google for to answer my question myself?

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Anyone who has used bearshare lately has probably realized that it's gone to shit. I worry every time I download a file that I'm getting a virus or a junk file. So, TQC, what file sharing program would you recommend I switch to?

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Dear Dr. LJ

1. My eyesight is going wonky since I woke up a half an hour ago. I didn't notice anything then but now I've got this big weird patch in the middle of my field of vision that looks like I either looked at the sun or somebody took a picture of me and the flash got in my eyes. As neither of these things have happened yet, and as the patch has lasted a lot longer than it usually does, I don't think that's the cause. Has this ever happened to you? What do you think I should do? Am I going blind?

EDIT. My vision seems to've returned more or less to normal. Thanks, though TQC.

2. What is the best way to deal with blisters? Popping them? Leaving them be? Or some other treatment?

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Dr. LJ x2,

I was sent for a test yesterday morning concerning my bowel and the test came back positive (bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine). The nurse said that it's important for me to contact that doctor so that she can prescribe antibiotics to treat it. Well, I called her office right after the test and the secretary said the doctor would call me back. She did not. I called again today and still haven't heard back.

I know that the treatment is a 7 day supply of antibiotics and then my suffering can stop. All I need is a script for antibiotics! What the hell do I do at this point?
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1)Is it worth it to accept permanent employment at this job that I don't really like if I'll be making $1.50 more an hour by the 6 month mark? (With a 50 cent raise off the bat)

2) Is ~$23 a week expensive for health insurance?

3) Do you have any injuries at the moment? What kinds?

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1. Do you think it's ok to make jokingly racist and sexist remarks around a good friend or SO who knows very well that you're not racist or sexist, you just do it for the laughs?

(I think it's ok. I love racist and sexist jokes. And Helen Keller jokes. Those ones are the best.)

2. What do you think of car salespeople?

3. Have you ever learned a language through the Rosetta Stone program? Did you find it helpful?

4. What languages, besides English, do you speak fluently? How did you learn the language?

(I speak Hebrew! I lived in Israel from ages 9-18).

5. What language would you like to learn? Why?

(Spanish, because it's easy and I can use it with people I know and people where I live).

6. What would it take for you to friend me? [I'm not begging for friends, I'm just wondering ;-)]

Over the hump day questions

1: What is your favorite gadget?
2: When you make a PB&J, what kind of jelly and bread do you use?
3: Would you still play Rock,Paper, Scissors if someone ask?
4: Have you ever been to Vegas?
5: Who is your favorite super hero?

Bonus question: What motivates you to clean?

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I want to play with some puppies. Where can I do that, aside from the scary pet store at the mall with puppies? I don't want to play with *those* puppies.

ETA: the local humane society has adult dogs, which are awesome...but I already have some of those. I'm talking, like a big pile of puppies.

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1. I'm supposed to be working on drawings for graphic design/movie production school applications D: I'm really fidgety, bored and uninspired. What should I do to get super focused? I'm hoping someone will answer "go home and sleep" so it'll feel justified when I do.

2. How can really, really poor American people on livejournal ("I found a dollar under my sofa so I can afford to feed my son today" type of poor) still afford to pay the internet bill?

3. Are you feeling guilty for anything today? I'm feeling guilty these days for buying unnecessary food and things. I feel like I'm personally to blame for like 80% of all global warming.

I just realized the irony of question 3 coming right after question 2.

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Poll #1152979 Pineapples!

Do you like pineapple?

Yes, it is delicious!
Nope, not my thing!
I am indifferent.

This was inspired by a conversation with friends last night saying I was in the majority for not liking pineapple, so I really wanted to know!

Was 9/11 An Inside Job?!?!?1

That's the 64 cent question, isn't it? And Loose Change has the answer! My favorite response to the Loose Change crockumentary is from Was 9/11 an Inside Job?.

My own feelings on the 9/11 "Truth" bullshit is that it's, well, bullshit. Where's Penn & Teller when you need them? Oh wait, they are right here! Usually all it amounts to is "I don't like Republicans. Republicans are evil, and Bush is the supreme evil, even eviller than Hitler. Therefore Bush has to be behind 9/11 somehow..." Or Jews. They're always handy scapegoats in a pinch, but it's not quite as hip to hate Jews. Not yet, anyway. Remember that the Klan hated Jews before hating Jews was cool! But I digress.

What's your favorite batshit crazy 9/11 conspiracy 9/11 TROOF(tm)?

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 *dons flame suit*

OK so now that I'm ready for the answers, here is the question.

People who are childfree...are you against marriage? (Let's go with the theory that marriage was created to protect familial lineage and property back in the day)

Do you think people who are childfree should be against marriage?

Edit: I don't mean against marriage itself, but marriage for you...I have been brought up that if you want babies you gotta get married. That's the only reason I would. Marrying my SO doesn't give me anything I don't already have except a legal claim to it.


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1. If you don't mind sharing, what's your average monthly income?

2. How much money do you need to get by with your current standard of living?

3. Do you ever get high and post to TQC and then realize that your question came out wrong?

4. Should marijuana be legalized in the USA? Why or why not?

5. "I love my country too much to be a nationalist." -Albert Camus. Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?

6. Facebook or TQC (not including the rest of LJ)?

7. What movies (not porn) turn you on?

(Fight Club, Pretty Persuasion, The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, The Secretary, Sex Lies and Videotape to name a few).

Is it a date?

Last month a guy from my Spanish class my freshman year of high school (2000-2001), whom I haven't seen since, found me on Myspace somehow. We started talking and found out we had a lot of very quirky things in common. After a bit of back and forth I said we should get together, and he agreed, and now he's picking me up at my house in the evening on the weekend.

So, do you think he's considering this a date or could he just be thinking it's a get-together? What do YOU think, TQC?

(no subject)

Is the color of skin important to Americans?
Do you think Americans feel pressure to vote for a black president because if they don’t they must be racist?
What are your views regarding all the comments in the media regarding ones color of skin verses sex?
power to the peaceful

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In lieu of all the marriage posts:

If you know, how did your parent propose to your other parent? (That sounds so awkward in gender-neutral!)

Mine didn't. My dad was talking over dinner with my mom and her aunt and uncle, and said something along the lines of "yeah, we're moving to Houston after we get married." My mom was all ".... we're getting married?" And my dad said "well.... yeah, of course we are." My mom sort of knew this already, so she was okay with it.
But the story makes me chuckle every time I think about it :)
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How well do you know your extended family? Do you talk to them on a regular basis or would neither of you be able to pick the other out in a crowd?

If you have them, are your first cousins close to your age, older, or younger?
lj homework

kwanzaa and cosmetics

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? -OR- Do you know anyone personally who celebrates it?

What the hell is Kwanzaa?


Okay. My dad is coming to England to see me (from California) and then we're going to Norway for a vacation. Woo! Back home, my dad is dating this very cute woman and offered to get her a gift from Europe. She wants cosmetics or beauty products that she can't get in the US. Something unique to the European continent. If we were going to France, I'd be all over the idea of getting some nice perfume, but... Norway and England?

Do you know of any English or Norwegian brands that we could look for? Any ideas of what to get? There's a MAC store in the town I live in. Do they have any products offered in England that aren't sold in the States?


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The restroom in my office has corkboards above the urinals with select pages of the day's newspaper pinned to them. You know, to help pass the time...

I never use the "junior" urinal, which is a good 18-24 inches lower than the other ones, but the headline on that bulletin board caught my eye today. I sauntered up, started to read and went about my business only to realize that I had mis-aimed and pissed all over the wall (damn you, muscle memory...)

I called facilities and let them know that "someone" had peed on the floor and asked if they could send someone over ASAP.

What extremely basic, mundane task have you completely managed to fuck up recently?

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Dear TQC;

What's one book that you've read that absolutely blew your mind and made you laugh/cry/react in a way that you've never laughed/cried/reacted before?

For me, that would be Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon. The last few pages had me absolutely bawling, and I only cry if family members are dreadfully sick/dead, or part of my tibia is broken and jutting out of my skin. Oh, and it was a good book. Damn good.
Tom shaming you

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Why is Medicaid so fucked up?

I applied because I'm 20, I have major health problems, and my job doesn't give me insurance. Apparently I cannot qualify unless I have a child or am over the age of 22. So how are people between the age of 18 to 22 supposed to get health insurance if they don't get insurance from their place of work? Granted, I do live with my mother in a room seperate from the house, but I pay rent and for my own expenses, she doesn't give me any money so this shouldn't effect my application.

How am I going to pay my hospital bill?

If I seem like I'm ranting I apologize, it's a very frustrating situation.
tcr - i shit thee not

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I threw up at work today and had to leave because of it. I went to tell a manager, and another (the only one that I don't like), exclaimed, "Are you pregnant?"

I thought it was pretty inappropriate of her to say this in front of three other people, and even to ask me at all. I just threw up. I was sick.

TQC, was it inappropriate of her to ask me that?

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when you have a cold or sore throat do you ever sleep with a cough drop in your mouth?

my boyfriend claims that sleeping with a cough drop works miracles and you wake up in the morning with your throat feeling better.
i say that you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) with your mouth full of gross cough drop slime and it makes you feel worse. plus what if you choke??

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my husband heard about this steak place in Chicago where it is all you can eat steak, and they carry the food around on a stick/sword. What is the name of this place? He thinks it starts with an F.

Also, what's a good link to find out what the top current songs are for all genre? I tried billboard but it seems to have some error.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) If you have a partner/SO, do others find him/her to be attractive?
1a) Do you care?
1b) Do you or others consider -yourself- attractive?

2) What is your biggest weakness? (weakness is whatever you consider it to be)

3) What do you do when you're terribly bored?

4) What is worse: hair that's extremely static-y and sticking to your face all day, or super greasy hair?

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Poll #1153138 Taps 2

Reasons for putting down a pet?

It has a fatal disease and is in pain
It bit someone
It seems unable to be housebroken
Its coat doesn't match anything in your wardrobe
You found a better pet
It's just getting old
Your SO doesn't like your pet and made you choose
You're moving into a place that doesn't allow pets and you can't find someone to take it
It keeps fighting with another pet
It's not a puppy/kitten anymore and no longer as cute
Let's face it. A pet's a lot of work and I just don't have time
You discover that you're allergic to that kind of pet
It's a bad doggie/kitty and it must be punished
I'd never put down a pet for any reason

If you could (hypothetical question), what are valid reasons to put down an aging relative?

They have a fatal disease and is in pain
They bit someone
They're no longer housebroken
You just don't have anything in common with them anymore
You found a better relative, or they were never your favorite
They're just getting too old to take care of
Your SO doesn't like your relative and made you choose
They're getting too expensive to care for
They keep fighting with another relative
They're senile and no longer as fun
You discover that you're allergic to them
They're a bad grandparent and must be punished
They embarass you on a regular basis in front of your friends
I'd never put down a loved one for any reason
night porter

Liquid chickens.

Eggs are so great, I fucking love eggs. I buy great big fat brown eggs from the farmers market, to support my local economy you know. I eat about a dozen eggs a week, I fucking love eggs. Usually eggs on toast with the yolks popped so the runny yolky goodness can soak into the bread and then sprinkled with paprika. But I also like them poached and deviled and scrambled is ok too. Omelette's are the win and I eat spinach and feta quiche about 3x a week from the cafe near my house. Hell I love custard and creme brulee too. I like "exotic" eggs too like duck, quail, sturgeon and tobiko. And today my nutrition teacher told me that even though eggs are high in cholesterol that as long as I get enough fiber and my blood cholesterol is ok then I can eat all the fucking eggs that I want! I just ate 2 x-large eggs, but I am still hungry.

Should I eat 2 more eggs?

How do you like your eggs?

Non egg eaters need not apply.
zen, rock

(no subject)

So, I recently had someone, who was drunk, tell me that he's been fantasizing about me and another of my male friends. I wasn't sure how to respond.

What would you have said, TQC?

What's the most awkward thing someone has ever said to you?

(no subject)

My professor said this today while giving career advice to my graduating class:

"You will always be competing with the people in this room. Life is a race, and the race never ends."

Is this a ridiculous way of looking at things, or is it just reality?

(no subject)

How much sleep do you get a night?
How much later, if at all, do you sleep in days you don't have to do anything?
i am really tired but i have to go out and do things soon. how can i wake myself up? coffee is not an option, as the coffeemaker is broken.
MCR Gerard Red Hair

(no subject)

Have you ever been so sick of a bandom that you stopped listening to the music as well?

Does anyone else here read the Anita Blake Novels?

Can you recommended any other Vampire Series like the Anita Blake Novels (but with a less sex and more action).

(no subject)

i'm trying to send a pic message to someone. he has at&t. i have verizon. we're in the same state.
i'm getting an error  "national access not available"

i can send pics to other people. what's wrong?

 EDIT: I did #228 on my phone and resent the pic and it worked.
Augustus Gloop

Pork Loin Roast

I'm thawing out a section of pork loin, probably about a two pound chunk. I'm going to stick it in a dutch oven and put that in the oven at around 350 for oh, an hour an a half or so.

What would be good things to add? I could just do a little water with a little season salt, I could quarter some onions and put them in, or I'm thinking maybe a cup or two of applesauce, or a can of pineapple chunks.

What would you recommend?


I'm moving!

Will my cell (T-Mobile) work in Germany, or will I need to cancel my contract?

Does WaMu have locations in Germany?  

;_;  My Google skills are not being useful today. 
Grumpy Angel

Mmm, bread

I just put my dough in a warm spot to rise - fresh bread for supper tonight!  And yup, I do it the old way - all by hand.  :)

1) Have you ever baked bread?
2) How do you bake your bread?
3) Favourite bread to bake?
4) Is it as stress-busting for you as it is for me? (The combination of the kneading and the smell make me very mellow!)

(no subject)

Do you think as a society the Western world and all the privileged countries that are first world have become too pampered?
eta: how so?
Do you think life and living a good life is a right or a privilege?


I left a veggie delight subway sandwich in the hot car at lunch.

Do you think I might get sick if I eat it five hours later?

The sub had: Tomatoes, olives, spinach, banana peppers, green peppers, purple onion and some ranch dressing.

What are the oldest leftovers you ever consumed?

Do you ever leave wrappers and other garbage in your car? For how long?

How clean is the inside of your car?

Did you ever see that show about the guy who died because he ate a year old burger?



So my brother has a bag of pogs/tazos that he was going to throw away.
Would they be at all wanted on ebay do you think?
What are some other uses for them/things I can do with them other than just chucking them away?

Australians: Where might I find a desk top size water feature that isn't expensive?
heart on fingers


What is your favorite documentary?  What is the subject?

How do you take your coffee? If not coffee, what is your favorite "wake up" drink?

What is the most interesting combo of liquors you've had in the form of a shot?  Did this shot have a name?


Collapse )
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(no subject)

Have you had a deceased pet cremated? What was the cost?  If you kept the ashes do you think that upped the price?

ETA: I have no dead pet.  I just am trying to figure it out.  My mother told me she was going to bury him in the backyard if he died, and I don't think I want that for my cat. 

(no subject)

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you while on vacation?

A year and a half ago, my mom & I went to London. The first day there, I fell, and the next day I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle (I am not usually this clumsy.) Of course, I wasn't going to ruin my vacation by sitting in the hotel and resting my leg, so I had to gimp all around London. We went to Paris for a day too and pretty much just sat on one of those tourist buses the entire time because I couldn't walk around. It sucked.

(no subject)

1)what's the weirdest test question you've had?

which famous psychoanalyst ended their life in 1990?

2)does your stomach bloat up?


3)do you like flowers on trees?
eta: tell me a funny bad coworker story.

(no subject)

Tomorrow at school there is a fair with the following activities:
- Free HIV Testing
- Free Smoking Cessation
- Blood Pressure Screening
- Body Mass Index
- 10 min. Chair Massage
- Insurance coverage information
- Discounted STI testing
- Free Condoms
- Free Emergency Contraceptive Pills
- Interactive Games
- Giveaways & Door Prizes

What interactive games go along with this theme?

Mail call!

There's another woman in my building with the same first and last name as I have. Lately I've been getting an influx of her mail. I tend to just throw away obvious junk mail, but will slide it under her door if I'm at all unsure. The first time I left a note with an explanation and my box number because I had opened it, not realizing there were two of us. I've informed the person who puts the mail in the boxes but it hasn't really helped because in some cases people don't write box numbers at all and then how are they to know which one it's for?

1. I've never gotten anything from her. Do you think she's not getting any of my mail or she's keeping/tossing my mail?

2. Would you be annoyed or happy if someone did what I described above?

3. I've never met her. Do you think it's odd she's made no attempt to contact me in return to sort out why I keep getting her mail?

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My college uses a "free" legal downloading pain in the butt called Ruckus.  As I just got my computer imaged and all of my CDs are at home, I decided to download it so that I can have some music.  Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to just browse for songs, and I suck at remembering names and such, so I still lack music.  What should I download?

(I currently have:
  • George Carlin
  • Lewis Black
  • Linkin Park
  • Savage Garden
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Bowling for Soup
  • Three Days Grace)
On a related note, does anyone else out there still buy CDs?  Or am i the only one?

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I've been trying to create a yahoo email account for the past couple of days now. After I finish filling out the information it simply tells me that I cannot create a new yahoo ID. I don't have another account with yahoo...anyone else having this problem?


Have you ever gotten an email saying that someone has tried to guess your email password many times? I have. It's creepy.

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What are some little things that make you upset/ruin your day?

I hate it when I get all excited about hanging out and going somewhere only to have the person I was going to hang out with cancel or blow me off. : (

So, how's life going for you?

damn you eliot spitzer!


my boyfriend and i got into a heated debate last night about this and i was wondering if i can get some input from the fine members of the question club.

1. should prostitution be legalized? and i'm not talking about 'escort' services that skirt a long the lines of prostitution, but services that offer sex for money.
1a. if yes why?
1b. if no who should be charged with a crime? the prostitute/pimps, the john or all members involved in said crime?

2. this has absolutely nothing to do with the first question but i have been suffering from the worst cold ever for the past 4 days and i was wondering what is your go to method for kicking a cold? i've tried all of mine (lots of fluids, rest etc) but it seems like nothing to helping at all. ugh, this sore throat is kicking my ass.

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How do those spam e-mails for male enhancement work? They're constantly being sent to females so how are the senders deciding who is apparently male, like is it just what "sounds" like a guy's e-mail? Or do they sent them to everyone, period-figuring they have a 50 50 shot?

Also, why are the subjects so horrible?
I just got one that said Does 8 incches Enough 4 U?, what the HELL, that doesn't even make sense.
Computer Bleh

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My Google skills are failing me.

What is the difference between 70lb and 80lb paper when it comes to printing?

Would 80lb stock be the same as 80lb paper?

*EDIT: I'm guessing they mean paper not text.

Unrelated question

Are you allowed to have your own music at work? (as in, radio, headphones, etc.)
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Do instrument companies guarantee their instruments, in any way?

Backstory: My fiance is a musician, and he plays a Buffet R13 Bb clarinet. It cracked about 10 months ago. He had it pinned, but it has cracked twice since then. He only has it serviced at reputable places. I'm going to have him send an email to the company, but has anyone ever had anything like this happen? Or are we SOL?

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Are there any careers that pay enough to support oneself on comfortably, but won't kill your soul (i.e., is not a heartless, cookie-cutter corporation, tolerates individuality, does not thrive on the pain of others, etc.)? Please give specific examples if you work in such a field.

My question to you...

1. Does it happen to you that if you're really really excited about doing something, or going somewhere, when it finally happens you don't enjoy it as much as you thought?

2. Have you ever "payed it forward"? What did you do?

3. Is there any good career quizzes on the Internet that you consider worth trying? I mean those that are made to help people decide what career they might be good at. I've been looking, but you have to pay for most of them. If you know about a good one, I'd be reaaally grateful! :) I'm entering College on August, on Microbiology. But I'm indesicive now, and I feel like this is a very important decision and would like to learn about other careers that have to do with the things I like.

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What if each of your fingers and toes had tiny mouths on them?
(OK OK I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS: You could totally give twenty simultaneous blowjobs to very tiny animals!!!!!!!!)

Is seducing someone (for the first time) by suddenly appearing stark naked in front of them ever a good idea?
(Like in Babel, with that Japanese girl WTF)

I bought a 15-foot-long python skin at a juju market in Ghana. It's been sitting in my room in a plastic bag because I am terrified of opening the bag and contracting ebola/African bugs in my flesh. What should I do with this snakeskin, eventually?
(I was thinking a snakeskin bra with very long tassels, also a crotchless thong, but there will be a LOT of material left over.)

Beating children y/n?

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I'm looking for some good books that are either non-fiction or based-on-a-true-story, preferably about traveling or a journey of some kind. Can you make some recommendations?

On an unrelated note, is it bad to drink orange juice immediately before or after drinking milk? Someone told me this once...I think it has something to do with the milk going sour due to the acid in the juice.
EDIT: Would it matter that it's citric acid in orange juice but hydrochloric acid in your stomach?