March 11th, 2008

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If you were texting back and forth with someone, and you were talking about how drunk you were getting, and this is a person you kind of like, would you be weirded out if they said if they were around they might take advantage of you? (in a good

I was sorta teasing but i kind of like him and would very much like to have sex with him, but I worried that I weirded him out. Should I ask him if I did? is he going to think I'm stalking him?

Would it be weird if I started stalking macabre?
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1. Tonight in my polsci class, my professor had LJ on one of his firefox tabs. The title of the tab was "The Win...", but the other tabs cut it off. What on LJ was my professor looking at, TQC?

2. Since this professor just started teaching my class (the other just resigned), I'm curious to know what kind of a person he is based on his web habits. The other tabs he had open were gmail, Etsy, a Yahoo antiques group, and Pandora. What kind of a person is my new professor?

(srs answers welcome, hilarious answers preferred)
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unnecessarily prurient?

Can you really knock a cat out of heat by simulating intercourse with a qtip? Since a female cat will mate several times before she decides she's conceived, wouldn't you have to do it to her more than once?

Terribly important edit: It's hypothetical. You remember in Eeny Meeny Miney Magic..?

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What are some fairly obvious things that you really should have known by a certain age, that you learnt at a later age than the average person?

That's badly worded, so here are my examples:

I was about 16/17 or so when I realised what urinals were. I knew that men peed standing up, but I just assumed that they used toilets each time.
Sort of related to the above - I was about 14-ish when I realised that men don't use toilet paper when they pee.
I only realised tonight that most people probably stand directly under the shower when they use it. I stand directly in front of it and lean in backwards (I don't like water running on my face)
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Which of these internet slang terms have you ever used, if any?

Why is it that the people who compile these lists seemingly only use acronyms that they make up while they're writing it?

Is it a good thing that they don't have people who know real internet slang, or do they need to hire your everyday TCQ-er to set them straight?

ETA: I updated the link to include a whole lot more terms, 'cause the old link was kinda stupid.
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Do you have any not necessarily PC aversions to irregularity in people's appearances? (for example, some people are freaked out by little people or amputees).

I don't know if it still applies, but people with hunchbacks used to scare the crap out of me when I was a little kid. And burn victims, but I got over that pretty fast.

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What is a funny misspelling you've seen online?

This is my recent favorite from a website about lucid dreaming.  'But if you have a bad hearth you might have a hearth attack if you crash a car, or during sexual intercourse.'
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Out of nowhere AIM just signed me into my ex's screenname (I'm still logged into my own). Do I sign out or should I keep it open to see what people say about me, since I know he's been talking shit?

Nevermind, signed out.

What are some stupid things you have done when you have been drinking/drunk?
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What's your favorite episode of Intervention?

I'm watching them on YouTube, and whoa, Christy the Meth Addict Stripper Bitch is scaring me, but the one about Kim, the anorexic girl was really sad.
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So, the news has just been broken that a famous rock star has married his longtime fiancée (seriously, they've been engaged since the beginning of time) and I'm having fun sitting back and watching twelve-year-old girls all over the Internet cry and scream about it. It's quite amusing.

1.) TQC, what is it with these kinds of girls (and let's face it, some guys) that make them act like this towards celebrities? Do you think they assume they really have a chance with these people, or is it pure jealousy?

2.) Was there any celebrity that you fawned over in such a way, when you were younger? (Oh come on, you can admit it.) Are there any celebrities you fawn over as such right now?
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Sometimes I lick off all the seasoning and throw away the chips.

Do you have any disgusting eating habits you want to share with the class?

What do you do in times of insatiable boredom?

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What do you have on your set of keys?
Pics are cool.

I have a skateboard that doubles as a bottle opener, Angel keychain thing, 1 apartment main door key, a unit key, and another unit key for brother & cousin's place.

Olde Tyme Antidotes

Were there any poison antidotes that actually worked which were discovered/created 200+ years ago?

I ask because fiction seems to portrayed older times, from the middle ages and earlier, has having both relatively fast acting poisons and antidotes for those poisons. I checked and couldn't find any such antidotes--all real antidotes I have found were developed with an understanding of modern science, NOT a result of some discovered plant or something along those lines.

I checked and it really seems there's nothing, but I hope someone can prove me wrong. For example, during the Roman Era there was this widely used, universal antidote called mithridatum made from tons of ingredients, but in reality it was totally ineffective. This makes me think there weren't any real antidotes for any poisons. :((((
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Is there anything outside of your religious/supernatural beliefs (or lack thereof) that you believe or think may have some truth?

As an example, I am Christian (if a bit of an odd one) but I still believe in something like psychics and ghosts and such. The details of my beliefs are tl;dr so I won't bother y'all, but you get the idea.

marriage, hooray

1. Marriage - is it overrated or underrated?

2. Do you think society tends to look down upon people who are unmarried and have been with the same person for a significant amount of time? (like, "WHY AREN'T THEY MARRIED YET?!")

3. Would you ever purposefully have a child with someone out of wedlock? Why/why not?
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Someone's supposed to be coming over in ten, fifteen minutes to pick something up and I really don't want to deal with them.

I should just act like I'm asleep, y/y?

What do you want to forget today?

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This will probably make me seem whiny but - 

At my job, the group I'm i is split into 2 parts - programs and overhead. Since we got a new boss, everyone in overheads has left. That's 3 people. They left in October, November, and January. When the person in October left, I was given all of her reports to do. This person has not yet been replaced. Also, I have to share an office, even though there are now 3 empty offices around the corner due to those people leaving.

My companies has tuition reimbursement, and I asked for an exception on the cap, due to the high costs of the the classes. My boss at the time seemed very helpful and told me he would work with me on any exceptions and yadda yadda. A week later I get an email from him which is all proper and professional telling me they are unable to honor my request but with me well in school. Basically, he did a total 180.

Now, since I have been doing 2 jobs since October, am sharing an office (something I haven't had to do since I was an intern), do I have a right to be pissed? I mean, I can do extra for the company, but they can't do extra for me?
Nevermind the fact that they aren't paying 3 salaries since they have yet to replace the people who left, so it's not like this place doesn't have the money.

What would you guys do?

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1)If you could get all the legal benefits without having to get married, would you still get married? For instance if you lived with someone for 5 years you automatically qualified for the benefits married peeps get, would you even bother with the getting married?
2)Are you better at leading or following?
3)What's your favorite dance?
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*lower lip trembles* all I want is a nap

So after this horrendous annoyance that I talked about in poo's post, I just was reminded that I told a friend I would help her edit her novel this evening directly after I get out of work at 5 pm.

I cancelled on her last week because my co-worker was ill and I had to work for him. I know I shouldn't bail out, and that I should honor my commitment to edit for her (especially since I was pre-paid to do so).

Tonight is band practice night, which means after about 8 pm, all hell will break loose by way of goth industrial sounds blasting in the room directly beneath mine in our house. Such is my lot in life. Suffering.

But TQC, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? (I know I should honor the commitment, and I'm going to - but I'm just curious...if you were me what would you do?)

Poll #1152368 What to do?

What should I do?

Honor my commitment to edit tonight, nap when I get home as much as I can
Bail out again, nap in the silence before band practice
Honor my commitment to edit tonight, and when I get home yell at people a lot, then stomp away and try to nap
Honor my commitment to edit tonight, go home, don't even bother trying to nap - have a good sleep-deprived sob-fest
Fall asleep right here at my work desk
Honor my commitment to edit tonight, then brutally murder the offenders from last night and spend my evening hiding their bodies, then a nap
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tqc: the ex of yours with whom you used to have the most mind blowing sex ever, interspersed with the loudest, most vicious screaming fights ever, just called you up to let you know that they're in town for a few days and to ask if you want to 'get together for a cup of coffee or something'

do you go?

if you do go, what are the chances of a good hot sexin'?

if you do go, what are the chances of a good screaming match?

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Dear TQC,

I woke up this morning to one of my glands in my neck being swollen to about three times normal size. I am not having too much trouble with sore throat/swallowing yet, but would like to prevent this. All I have on hand are advil, motrin and tylenol (no chance to go to store for proper meds for another few hours. 

Which of the above would be most helpful do you think?
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I didn't get hired for a nanny job because I am pregnant. I actually have an email from the woman, saying that is why they don't want to hire me.

Is there anything I can do about this?
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My boss just rang me and said I need to come in tomorrow afternoon(it's morning here now) because she has to give me a verbal warning. I have NO idea what for!

What do YOU think it's for?

Was it mean of her to make the meeting so far away so I'm stressing out this whole time?

How do I stop stressing?

Can you cheer me up?

EDIT. I work sole charge - How would she even know if I did something wrong?

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I was thinking of doing an asylum challenge for my sims, and thought about basing the characters on TQC members. So, which 8 members should I choose, and who should be the one sim I control? Also, should I try to get the sims to match their real personality (including sexual preference) and looks as much as possible, or not bother with that bit? I do use the ACR hack, which would make things interesting, but that can be adjusted for the game.

So, yay or nay?

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I want to watch a documentary. Do you know of any really interesting ones? I like ones about people and sometimes animals if they're awesome. Bonus points if I can watch it online right now before I have to go to class.

When was the last time you went to a party? What did you do? Was it fun?
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My boyfriend has a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning and if left to his own devices will sleep for like 12 hours. However, he has a job and needs to get up early and his boss doesn't really appreciate this trait. One of the things that motivates him to get up is music and I want to make him a wake-up mix. So, TQC, what songs would you put on your morning playlist?

His current favorites for the morning are "Low Rider" by War, "URAQT" by MIA (because of the Sanford & Son remixing) and "Mr. Big Stuff" by Jean Knight. Any other suggestions along the same lines?

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Why did my friend call me at 8 am this morning? I remember having a conversation and falling back asleep, but I have NO idea what was said and now I can't get a hold of him. Does this ever happen to you?

Do you ever keep numbers in your cell phone specifically so you know not to answer them?
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LJ things you do.

Is there something that you do in your LJ that makes you "different" in any way? Do you post certain things or have a certain updating style or anything? Do you have an icon that is associated with you for some reason?

I used to update every day with an "Icon of the Day" post: I would check my friends list, pick an icon that I thought was funny or cute and post it. Now I sometimes do a one sentence update.

I think that the icon I'm using here is one that could possibly be associated with me, because way back in the dark ages (2002) I had a similar version of the same one, only it was just of the Snapples pushing the cow. It was my default for quite a while.
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birthday party

I haven't had a real birthday party since I was about 12 so since my Sweet Sixteen plans didn't work out I'd like to have a really great 18th birthday party. The only problem is I can't think of any ideas for the party.

So here's the question, what would be a really cool birthday party for 10-15 people (boys and girls, ages 14-19) that isn't hosted in your house and is less than $200? Only a few of my friends drive so going somewhere far would be very difficult.
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I find the oddest crap online

I was going through and fell ass backwards into a forum. The posted question caught my eye before I escaped and now i can't shake the bloody thing.

This is worse than having a song stuck in my head.


How many women do you suppose Peter Parker has had sex with?

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The Receptionist Classic

Pearly Whites

We were cleaning this weekend and found a brand-new, still sealed box of Crest Whitestrips. The expiration date on the bottom is June 2002. Part of me says "No, don't use them!" but then the cheap-bastard part of me says "Um hey, that was like $30, don't waste 'em!"

Do Whitestrips really go bad? Should one of us use them anyways? What'll happen if we use them? If we don't use them, WTF should we do with a whole box (besides "throw them away")?
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I just saw an old friend from middle school on my college campus. And by old friend, I mean someone I was friends with, stopped being friends with, and haven't spoken to for probably about 4 years. This is the SECOND time this has happened this year. It freaked me out, because they always recognize me, and I never recognize them until they tell me who they are.

When was the last time you saw someone that was a blast from the past? Who and where was it? Who recognized who first?
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 Awhile ago I managed to make all the backgrounds on the internet bright pink and the font color blue. It's fucking annoying and I want it back to normal. Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about and can you fix it? Please :)

What's the last decision you made that you're regretting now? 
-I started online classes today and they're a pain in the butt. 

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I get to do a research project on werewolves for one of my classes. What is one school project you look forward to (if you don't have any speak about a prior one)?

How come people frequently ask newly married people when they will start having children? Don't you find personal questions of that nature to be tactless? Don't you seethe over the implicit notion that the only premise for marriage is procreation? How do you react to such individuals?

Do you know of any certain brands of clothing dye that are better quality than others? I just can't seem to find a kind that does a decent job.

My jasmine plant died, what should I plant in the pot in it's place?
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ok. let's say you're turning 25 years this year. your birthday falls on a wednesday, middle of the work week. how or what would you do to celebrate your birthday?

i need some inspiration :\

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This has probably been asked before but here it goes anyway.

I had to get up REALLY early this morning and I had something stressful to attend to. After, I headed straight to work. I am now EXHAUSTED and can literally only barely keeps my eyes open. What should I do to try to stay awake? I've tried getting up and drinking caffeine but I'm still dying to take a nap.

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Would you date someone seriously if they told you (before things got serious) that, if they had to choose between you and their career, they would choose their career? (I know, I know, you would never make them choose, they would never have to choose, etc, etc...go with me on this, will you?)

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There's this woman at my work, she has the same job as me, which is basically selling tickets at a museum.
I figured she had worked there a long time but I hadn't realized just how long-- she has worked with the same company & position for 23 years.

Do you wonder why someone would choose to remain at an entry-level position for so long, when they have no language  barriers and an average level of intelligence? Why not attempt to move up, even a little?

im french

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-This is the most naive question that will be asked all day-

Discrimination against pregnant women: People don't want to hire pregnant women because within a few months, they'll have the kid and leave.

Is it discrimination only because you are "assuming" they will leave? I mean, like, they will leave. Very soon. I just don't really get it.

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my boyfriend is attempting to fix his cousin's laptop so he posted a message on a Mac forum but didn't get many answers so I figured I'd just copy & paste what he wrote because some tqc members seem to be handy with Macintosh computers.

"Okay, my little cousin just got a mac, I have NO EXPERIENCE with macs.

I was using the system update to update OSX from 10.3.3 to 10.3.9, and during the update the system lockedup and froze, so the computer had to restart, it was somewhere about 80 percent done in INSTALLING the update to 10.3.9. Now while the laptop is booting up, showing the white screen with the grey apple logo, the circle of progress bars continues to show that the computer is working but after 10 minutes the computer still does not boot.

I have a copy of the 10.4 Tiger Discs from a friend that I intended on installing, they are not the original discs they are copies he made me. The files on the discs when inserted into my pc show .dmg files, there are 4 seperate cds each with a single .dmg file on them.

Will these discs boot in the mac to skip the installed OS, or I was told that I might have to convert the .dmg files to get the files out of them in order to install this way.

Basicly, I cannot get onto the OS and its not my computer, I technically broke it since I installed the update, what do I have to do/can i do to fix this thing?

I need to install 10.4 on this thingie without loading into the OS.... What do I do? Do the .dmg files work? Do I need to convert them to an ISO format and burn that so that the cd structure contains all the files within the .dmg file instead of just housing the .dmg file? Are the Mac discs bootable? What do I need to do to boot and install the operating system?"

Does anyone have any ideas I can pass along to him before he pulls out all of his hair & has to make a trip to the Apple store?
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So the story is that my parents were going to get me an iPhone for a graduation present when I finish college in May. However my old phone has just fallen apart and they'd be willing to go ahead and get me one now. My concern though is it seems like everyone's expecting a new iPhone to come out before much longer, like my brother is predicting around the first year anniversary of the phone's release, which is late June.

So what should I do, use a junky old phone that doesn't have my phone book in it (no my phone does not have a SIM card I can just transfer) for a few months until the new iPhone comes out? Or should I go ahead and get an iPhone now and be sad when the new one comes out? And also, does anyone else know more about when they expect a new iPhone to be released? (Googling is surprisingly unhelpful. And yes I know no one knows for sure but there are always rumors on the internets.)
Braeakups are the new relationships

Damn small animals.

The ongoing saga in mt house is that a squirrel somehow managed to get in, and whenever we turn our heads back the squirrel comes again and wrecks havoc on my family and my poor cat. I just had a one on one confrontation with the damn thing, chased it out into the wild. Needless to say, I'm scared and terrified and I don't think I can sit at home and wait for my boyfriend (yes, I'm having a weak moment).

Do you have any stories about small animals wrecking havoc on you? Any advice as what to do (and don't say call animal control, my family's foreign and weird)? Any words of advice?

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I've had the same password for all of my interwebz bizns for over a year now.  And I gave my password to like 8 of my friends so they could see some stuff, so I've decided it's time to make a new one!

TQC, what should my new password be?


Carpet Woes

Sweet and sour sauce got on my carpet. It's been on there since last night so it's congealed into this quarter-sized gooey mess. Any ideas how to get it out of my dark blue carpet?
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You have just received a letter, written in blood, from a man claiming to know you. The letter really only says "I know you. I'm coming after you." Which is probably because he was getting a little uncomfortable writing stuff in blood. Anyway, not long after that letter, you receive a follow-up, written in the typical "pasting letters from magazines" format that crazies love to do, and it tells you, again, that this person is coming after you.

Later on, you get a call from a family member, asking you to come to their house because they have "important stuff" to talk about--when suddenly the scream and a harsh, distorted voice takes over the line and says "You're next."

Like the protagonist in a shitty movie, you race over to your family members house and break down the door, seeing your family member laying on the ground with a knife in their back and blood everywhere. The lights are off, so you're only seeing this from the light coming from outside. You turn on a nearby light when you hear:


Your family member, who you thought was dead, jumps up and hugs you. It's a surprise birthday party!

Do you [pick one, plz bb]:
1 - kill all of those bastards for scaring the hell out of you?
2 - eat all of the cake to spite them?
3 - scream and/or poop yourself?
4 - start asking too many questions about event, and ruin the fun for your obviously sadistic family?
5 - run out of the house?
6 - have all pokemon?
7 [added because of some answers] - Laugh and enjoy it after some time?

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I went to visit a friend and brought my dog JIngles with me. While she was moving her car, she reversed instead of going forward and ended up hitting Jingles. She says she "just wasn't thinking. It'll never happen again," but I don't know.

Should I forgive her? Would you?

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I figured that this is one community that hasn't been spammed by these types of posts yet, and the everyone (especially uberash) are honest enough. Brutally honest.

I have pink and brown hair and I'm ready for a change. Should I do my whole head a pastel pink, or dye it black with green layers underneath? I'm open to anything.


Collapse )

Also, would you rather chew on a used condom all day (you don't know who used it) or have all your pubic hair become ingrown?
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Do you think we will be able to break lease on the house we are renting if it is causing my partner health problems?

 It is a VERY cold house which is hard to warm up and he gets really bad asthma when he is too cold. It also attracts mould no matter WHAT we do to try and get rid of it/prevent it.

We also wanna move cos our flatmates a bitch. She took one of the bowls out of the cupboard and hid it even though it's ours. We thought that was weird but we pulled it out last night and used it. Now I have got 101 texts from her and her boyfriend being very angry. She is also gonna get her mum to ring me about it(god knows why).

Should I just text back and say STFU and let all my anger out at her since we're moving anyway, or play nice?

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I have one of those awesome rewards credit cards. I make a purchase, and get 1-3% back depending on the purchase. They've got this deal where if you earn $200 in rewards, you get a bonus $50.

I'm at $80. That's only after purchasing some big ticket items (several expensive plane tickets, computer, computer software...). I probably won't be making any more big purchases that will get me near $200 anytime soon, and I could really use the $80. As in, I'd like to eat and have coffee in the next couple months...

So. Be verreh patient or use my rewards now?
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how do you motivate yourself to do something?
how the hell can i motivate me to do some of my school work?

I'm feeling super apathetic about this project I need to do by Thursday and I'm sitting in class and trying to work on it, but its not going so well. When my teacher passes around the sign in sheet, I'm going to sign and then gtfo and try and work in another classroom where my friend is. Or work at home. Is that a bad idea?
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last month i asked if anyone knew of a website where i could download free generic tracks from any genre of music.

i foolishly did not bookmark and i am in desperate need. can you help me out?
i've searched through the archive and i cannot find it. help, please?

here's another question just for shizandgiggles...

what was your favorite nsync song?
(everyone had one, so dont deny it)

mine's Pop, duh

Dream a Little Dream

When was the last time a dream woke you up from a dead sleep? What was it? Good or bad?

Do certain things make you dream funky? (e.g. eating late, cold meds)

I just had one last night that my youngest and I were sleeping in bed, but were woken by a rat (how fucking ironic is that?) digging in the little tash can by my nightstand...I tried to shoo him away and he turned and jumped up on the bed and attacked us...I woke up standing on my bed with my fists up (??) and my heart pounding...really vivid. I had taken Delsyum for a cough.

Teh googles fails me

I need a simple way to take a spread sheet, and do a fill.

Microsoft Excel. If you don't know what the fill function is in Microsoft Excel then you're of no use to me.

Basicaly it's orgainized like this:


Problem is there are gaps, but there is data conneected to the file numbers.

Long story short, I need a fill function that will insert a row with the appropriate F0001, F0002... in column A the rest of the row blank so to keep the data associated with the filled rows together.

Make sense?


F0001 - data 1
F0002 - data 2
F0004 - data 4

I need a macro or some short cut to make F0003 - blank. Otherwise if I just do a fill, it ends up being like this:

F0001 - data 1
F0002 - data 2
F0003 - data 4
F0004 - blank

(no subject)

1. what allergy medication should i get?

--they've been insane for the past week and i just went running and inhaled a shitload of pollen and dirt. i tried claritin but it hasn't helped me much.

2. what's the last exciting thing that happened to you?
--i just got a 2008 jeep patriot and i'm in love with it! [:

3. what's the last compliment you received?

(no subject)

My apartment complex is super lazy about repairs unfortunately. Our roof leaks whenever it rains (not often since it's the desert but when it rains it pours) and it's been semi-fixed several times. The office keeps putting off the people in my building saying it'll be repaired "soon" or they're waiting for "approval". I'm giving them a week while I keep asking (they said it would be repaired a month ago), but this brings me to the question...

What government/municipal agency would one contact about a landlord/complex manager that doesn't do repairs in a timely manner or at all?

Alternately, is there an agency to contact about mold that is widespread through the complex?

Lego Head

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Why the heck does my Wii wi-fi keep lagging (it takes like 10 mins to get into a match) and dropping me when I'm trying to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl online?! (serious/non serious answers welcome) No one else seems to be having this problem that I know of.

What should I do while I'm waiting to get into a match? (I'm tired of hitting the sandbag)

Who's your favorite new character in the game thus far?

What form of controller are you using for the game? Wii-mote? Wii-mote with nunchuck? Gamecube Controller? Classic Controller?

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Poll #1152618 Decisions

Scenario: You've spent your college years sacrificing, struggling, toiling hard, and fixated on getting your degree. For years, you've had no social life, but rather, a life full of scholastic deadlines, mandatory reading and late night study sessions. Then, you graduate, and manage to get into a wonderful dream job in your chosen field. Around this time, you start dating someone new. He/she is filthy rich, and as long as you're dating, doesn't want you to work. "Give up the job, and we'll go on endless world trips, travelling around the world". Imagine that: if you're with this person, you may not have to work again. But on the other hand, you've prepared your life the last few years to get this career opportunity, possibly the opportunity of a lifetime. What do you do?

Turn down the job. Give up working. Live high on the hog on my sugardaddy/mommy's massive trust fund. I may never have to work again
Decline the travelling offer. I want to excel in my chosen career and I can't turn my back on this.

Scenario: You're at a used clothing store, trying on various clothes. In a pair of pants, you find a fat money clip. In it is $5,000. Along with the money is a Post-It with someone's name and address, with a mention of '-for ring'. This money might have been saved to afford a wedding ring or something, but you have no way of knowing how long the pants have been there. Maybe the person on the note isn't even dating that person anymore. You can't know. It is 5 grand. What do you do?

Pocket the money. Ignore the note
Deposit the money, and then write a check to the person on the Post-It. It's only right that they get their money back. They probably really needed it
Aaaagh, too much to think about. I put the money back into the pants and put it back. Let someone else deal with it
Haruhi disappearance
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1) I blush. A LOT. Not only when I'm embarrassed, but also when I'm put on the spot, feeling nervous, talking to someone I'm not friends with, when someone asks me a name it, I blush at it. Is there any way to make me stop turning beet red at every turn?

2) How often do you clip your nails?
2a) Do your pinky nails grow faster than your other nails?
VD - sweater

Vacuum Retailer

Does anyone know of a vacuum repair and maintenance company? I don’t mean like Oreck or Eureka.

I need a company that will furnish my stores with vacuums, repair or replace them when the stores need it and invoice me monthly for the charges. I work for a nationwide retail store (about 130 locations) in its Corporate Office. I’m trying to find a new vendor since our current vendor has become increasingly difficult to work with. (They won’t give me the correct PHONE NUMBER for stores to CALL THEM to REPAIR THEIR VACUUMS – THAT’S THE ONLY THING THEY ARE PAID TO DO!!) Google is failing me. I haven’t paid the invoice for two months because they flat out refuse to return my calls/faxes.

Is it weird that I’m asking this of LiveJournal?

Non-serious answers are always welcome.
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(no subject)

 If you're still friends with an ex do you go to them with problems in your current relationship looking for advice or just an ear to bend?

Favorite cupcake?
(German chocolate)

Favorite article of clothing?
(My jean jacket)

Favorite flavor of candy?
(Watermelon or strawberry)

(no subject)

Would you mind telling me about the last time you did something (intentionally) that made people look at you as if you were creepy, weird, insane or a combination of all three?

If you would mind, then gtfo.
But if you wouldn't please tell me all about it. This is a homework question.
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(no subject)

Have you ever had luggage lost while flying?
Did you have to transfer planes at any point, or did they manage to lose it just going from Point A to Point B?
What airline was it?
How long did it take to get it back?

(I'm flying tomorrow and I don't want to mess with a larger carry-on, but I'm nervous about not having anything spare if my bag gets lost.)
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Greek and Italian food

okay TQC,

the parents and i are going to New York City next month and since there are 90823904987925 restaurants of all ethnicities (brought up when you hit "recommended restaurants in the area" link) within ten miles of our hotel, i want to try some different foods.

question one - there are four Greek restaurants within two miles. i've never had Greek food. is it good? what would you suggest that i try if we went out for Greek?

question two - also since mom and i are part Italian and we all like Italian food, we plan to hop over to Little Italy one night for an authentic-as-we-can-get dinner. any New Yorkers on here want to recommend me some moderately-priced but with killer food restaurants in that area? and if so, what dishes are the most divine at these places?

question three - we got tickets to see Wicked on Broadway (Gershwin Theatre). i believe the show's at 8pm. are there any good restaurants nearby the theatre(s) and which would you recommend?

thanks y'all.
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(no subject)

What movie takes you back to high school?

What's your favorite thing to play with?

I was out of the office yesterday because my son was sick. I was going to stay late tonight but I'm starting to feel sick now. Should I stay late or go home at normal time?
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ARGH MY GMAIL ISN'T WORKING. About 2-3 days ago it stopped loading on my Firefox. Now it won't open in Safari either. Every time I try to open it, it just constantly loads without any results.

Is something up with Gmail?
Is it me?

(no subject)

I just bought a new hoodie, and though it's a bit big, I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it.
The annoying thing about it, though, is that the part around the wrists is too tight... if that makes sense.
If I cut a slit in each side of them, will that harm the jacket? Is there any other way to make it not so tight?
I feel like it's suffocating my wrists, tbh


 I think I may have got some bad gas and got water in the gas tank. I've used up the gas, but the car is still acting like it doesn't want to start. I had no problems before getting the gas. I've heard that the water sinks in gas tanks (like in oil) so I'm not sure if I should drain the tank.

Any suggestions?

I just told someone to have a good weekend. WTF? It's def Tuesday.
1. What stupid thing have you said lately?
2. How much is gas where you live?
3. Will you tell me something to make me laugh. I've had a long day. 

I added the product HEET. It's still acting up. Is it worth taking to get fixed tomorrow?

(no subject)

Today, I was listening to my ipod when a song I've listened to hundreds of times before came on. Only this time, it sounded completely different from how I remember it. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

What was the last thing that happened that made you feel like you were going crazy?

Chicken Advice

I'm kinda new to cooking actual meals, so I need a little advice! One time my dad boiled some chicken breasts to use some of the meat for homemade chicken noodle soup. After boiling it the chicken was soooooo moist and delicious, but all I have are little chicken wings like these, and I can't seem to find a recipe on Google for cooking these little things, rather than a whole chicken or breasts.

Any tips for boiling little chicken wings? Do I have to thaw them first, or can they go in straight out of the freezer?

What about baking them? What are some good, every day things I can dash on them to give them just a little more flavor?

For those of you who like chicken, what's your favorite meal or way to eat it?
Us- cutting the cake

Book ideas

Poll #1152588 Next Book Read

Which book should I read next?

Velocity by Dean Koontz
Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham
Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice
The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier
The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
Tis by Frank McCourt
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(no subject)

so there is something wrong with my friends cat, its like the poor thing is depressed and has just sat in the same place all day.

what do you think could be wrong with the poor bb!?


Will you fix my car?

If the dealer can't fix it, will you buy my car? :)

Should I buy a Ford Focus?

If you stop doing work in the middle of the day and go out for lunch (or in my case, a beer) are you able to get right back into your groove, or does it take a while for you to get back in?
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(no subject)

What is a common technique in the movies/on TV that you can't stand?

I hate when characters kiss and for some reason, the camera spins.  It doesn't help me feel like the world is spinning and their love is all around and all that bs. 
Dr H - Hammer Penis

(no subject)


I'm filling out the application to be on the next season of America's Next Top Model (please feel free to mock me) mostly because I'm bored and there are a shitnizzle ton of now I'm asking you lovely people

1. Name 3 adjectives that describe yourself

2. Name 5 things you can't live without

3. Regardless of your marital status, describe your ideal romantic partner.

How often do you get drunk? How do you act when you get drunk?

Do you have any body art (piercings, tattoos, etc.)? If so, please describe them.


Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

only slightly an iPod question

Usually I upload my music onto iTunes, put it on my iPod and then delete it off my computer to save space. Of course every once in a while my iPod needs to be restored and all my music goes away so I have to upload my CDs all over again which is a hassle. So my question is... how much does a lot of music (anywhere between 2000 and 7000 songs, usually) bog down the performance of a standard computer/laptop? I would buy more memory but I have no money. Also I have an external hard drive, so I guess I could use that, but it seems like that's what the iPod is.

(no subject)

What's the weirdest place you have woken up?

If you could create & host any reality show you wanted, what would it be about?

What are some things you do that society pressures you to that doesn't feel right or make sense to you?
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attention east coast!

is your area warm enough to go camping yet?
if yes: where do you live? are there places to camp around there?

next week is spring break and i really want to go camping. please help me plan it :( i'm going to google, but i'd prefer knowing for sure, directly from a person, that it's warm enough.

anyone else:
tell me something funny?
show me something funny?
show me your face?
my lola

three questions!

My older brother owes me £20 and is refusing to give it back. 
He's much taller and stronger so physically mugging him isn't an option. 
I want the money back, and also a tiny bit of revenge. Suggestions?

I agreed to go see a friend of a friend's play tomorrow night. It lasts about two hours but since I have no interest in plays or drama, I'm probably going to be bored. How do I stay awake after he's finished onstage? 
(he's only in 1 of several short plays, so I'm not being inconsiderate =] )

Also, for the play, should I dress up a bit or just go casual jeans and t shirt?


(no subject)

whats your favorite band tee? (not neccesarily how good the band is... how good the design of the shirt is)

i want to take a gap year after senior year (of high school)... where should i go and what should i do?

(no subject)

Every year there's this big competition from my local college radio station, and when they're done, they dump out some bins of CDs for teams to paw through.

One CD I got is a compilation of rock, mostly more metal than I'd like. There's only one track on the whole thing that I actually like the sound of, but the lyrics have me baffled.

SO! The band is called Hydracarbon, and the song is "The Next Great Rock Swindle." I've looked it up, and I can find that this is on their cd Still Life, but I can't find any lyrics.

Anyone maybe have the CD and know the lyrics?

Or, want to give it a shot and try to interpret this yourself?

Edit: Oooor I could check inside the cover, find out they have a website, and find them listed there. Is "flipper baby," not "purple baby," but the rest of my lyric guesses were accurate.


1.  What's the last thing you stole?
2. I don't know what it's called,(if it even has a name) but have you ever went around knocking people's trash cans over with a car?
3. Do you ever get into a shopping cart like young kids do?

(no subject)

Follow up from my last post....

I tried taking out the battery, and now it's beeping at me. Non stop. Every 30 seconds. MAKE IT STOP. It's hardwired into my ceiling and the boyfriend is coming over tonight, since he ended up working until very late last night.

What do I do!? It's beeping and beeping and I'm starting to lose my mind. I tried putting the battery back in but it WONT FIT. It was hard to get out in the first place, and now it wont go back in. The fire alarm says not to touch it if the power is on, but I have no idea how to turn the power to my room off because I have no idea which circuit is mine. Would it even be safe to disconnect all the wires if I do end up turning the power off somehow? I'm afraid I'm going to electrocute myself. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA, TQC.

My question: What would you do? Do I continue trying to silence the alarm? Do I force the battery back in even though it's refusing to fit properly? Do I call somebody to come help me because I'm that helpless against the mean fire alarm? Gaaaaaah!

i wish i had some samoas

Those of you who are happily married, how long have you been with your spouse?

Those of you who are happily unmarried, how long have you been with your current partner?

edit: I didn't realize Dana had asked that in her question so if this is a repeat for you don't bother.

(no subject)

Okay, so while taking History notes my professor said something about Upper Egypt starting at a country that sounded a lot like 'Cartoon'. I just wrote it down as 'Cartoon' figuring I could later use the internet and Google to figure it out. However, when I got home I quickly discovered the millions of ways something like 'Cartoon' could be spelled. SO! My question.

Do you know of any country in Africa that sounds like 'Cartoon'?!

(no subject)

I am studying from home right now and when i am working, I really hate sitting in silence but I don't like having music with lyrics on as it distracts me. I like pretty much any genre of music (mainly rock) aside from classical and jazz.

So, could you tell me where I could find some music without lyrics? Internet radio would be ideal but I will settle to downloading buying if need be.

Thank you!
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

So, my grandfather died yesterday. He is the first member of my family close to me to die, and it's really hitting me hard as he raised me for the first half of my life. (about ten years). His service is on Saturday, and my aunt and grandmother have asked me if I would like to speak. Neither my grandfather nor I are particularly religious, and I would feel awkward reading a Bible passage.

Could you please tell me your favorite coping/loss/mourning/grief poem or song? There is nothing on this earth that could do justice to what a wonderful man he was, but I would very much like to try. Thanks, TQC.

(no subject)

My year old laptop is telling me it has a trojan virus.
What should I do about this?
Where's the best place to take it to get it fixed?
What do you think will ultimately happen to my poor laptop?
What are you computer malfunction horror stories?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know why whenever I try to open a new internet window or type in an address in the URL box or follow a link from Favourites a box pops up that says:
"The lookup key requested was not found in any active activation context?"
Also, does anyone know how I can fix this?

(no subject)

I am trying to think of a woman in a commercial. She's a short old lady with big glasses.. brown hair.. maybe an accent - German? For some reason I can't get out of my head that she advertised for Gladware, but any search I do comes up short. Pinesol maybe? Oh, geez. Help!

(no subject)

My roommate has just charred rice to the bottom of a pot because she wasn't watching it, for the third time. It was my pot.

Should I resist the urge to strangle her?

Have any stupid roommate tales?

(no subject)

 Hmph, I don't recall Roadhouse sucking so damn bad, but the last time I watched it I was 17 or so.

What's the last movie that you were "Oh man it's so awesome, you have to see it" only to rewatch it and go HOLY SHIT what was I thinking??
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Ok so I have roots like whoa. I want to bleach them before redying my hair, but my mom says not to because bleaching has noticeably and negatively effected my hair (dry ends and whatnot). But visible roots are so ugly.

What should I do tqc? Bleach my hair so it looks nicer now, or skip bleaching to save my hair later? The salon I go to recommends bleaching, but my mom says it's just because they'd make more money.

(no subject)

Poll #1152651 Breaking up via MySpace

You're in a real-life relationship with someone, but occasionally talk on MySpace for fun. The relationship is pretty serious. You've talked about marriage and babies and shit. How heinous is it to break up with the person over MySpace? 1 = Unforgivable; 10 = Great idea

Mean: 2.15 Median: 1 Std. Dev 2.06