March 10th, 2008

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CSI:  Episodes Gum Drops and Post Mortem

What music was used when the CSI dude is looking for the little girl?  It was also used in the Post Mortem episode.  Very ... yearning sounding music. 

I'm sure it was used in more than those two episodes.  I'm hoping it's part of a longer piece that I can download.

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Apparently, earlier today, my roommate saw an official-looking notice taped to the front of our building. It had a city insignia, etc. She couldn't read what it said, and since she was already driving away when she noticed it, she wasn't able to stop and check it out.

Now it's gone and nobody knows what it said. Since it looked so important, I'm really curious.

TQC, what did the notice say?
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Is it just me or are movies like "She's All That" and the like not made as much anymore?

What's your favorite teen romance movie?
Ten Things I Hate About You or Ever After

Best song to come out of a teen romance?
I want you to want me from 10 Things I Hate About You

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I began knitting a few years ago and have picked up crocheting recently. While it's a good hobby, I found that I was accumulating all these cute scarves, and other items that I didn't need so I began giving them away (I've also sold a couple). Currently I'm crocheting a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting.

My questions are:

Do you knit or crochet (or both)? If you don't do either, do you sew or do any other kind of craft related things? When did you start? Who taught you? Why do you do it? And what do you do with the pieces after you've completed them? Out of all the pieces you have done, which one is your favorite? If you have pictures of your favorite pieces I'd love to see them!
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I don't much like the taste of hemp but I bought some "chocolate hemp beverage" to try it out. I think it tastes pretty horrible and have just about a whole liter of it but don't want to throw it out. What can I seriously do with it? Can you think of a recipe, like a cake or muffin I could cook it into?

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i let my friend borrow my parking pass for the weekend a few weekends ago. she forgot to give it back to me and i forgot to get it back from her (my car has been broken down for about a month now). since then, i've gotten two tickets for not having my parking pass.

she said that she'd pay for one of them.
i know that it's partly my fault for not remembering to get them back from her.

so, i guess, my question, is, if you were here, what would you do in this situation?

she hasn't given me any money or mentioned it since then, and i don't know how to bring it up.

as of now, i'm out $50. : /
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My roommate is training at a bar tomorrow! If she does well, they'll probably hire her and then maybe they'll hire me.

What tips would you give someone who is working at a bar on their first day?
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Has anybody ever had a person hit on them while you were working?
Is it half a hour, or half an hour?

I work at a hotel. I totally had a guy come in about half a hour ago, and tell me that if I "needed a break from work" that I was "more than welcome to come over to his room". He was pretty good looking and we had nice small talk, but I don't think that I'm gonna go over to his room, which is right next door to the lobby.

Also, I say half a hour, but it sounds funny.

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ok, so my sister and i are kinda freaked out and need advisement.
a little while ago, my stepdad sort of stumbled around the first floor of our house looking like he was maybe going to vomit, then went up stairs, then came back down a couple minutes later, stumbled a bit more, didn't answer for a minute after i asked if he was ok, and then he said something i didn't understand, so i said what? and he said "i'm ok, i just had to get starly out of the charwell." (charlie is one of our dogs.) he was enunciating fine, though he seemed a little annoyed at having to repeat himself, so i didn't question the jumbled words. then he put two of the dogs outside and left one inside, and went to bed. leaving the dogs outside and the door unlocked, which is pretty out of character. he didn't seem drunk, really. i've never seen him drunk enough to do anything worse than maybe be melancholy. we looked all over and didn't find any alcohol, though we did find an airplane size unopened bottle of jack daniels. so, tqc, what should we do, besides sit around and worry?

ETA: we woke him and our mom up, we're pretty sure it was just sleepwalking. so crisis averted, though not without a considerable amount of stress and fright. thanks.

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As of tomorrow, I will be a part-time student at RISD, as opposed to a full-time Glass major with one bajillion classes. I will be enrolled in two interesting but stress-free liberal arts classes...that's it. I have five days a week free.

1. What epic project should me and my similarly dropped-out roommate begin? It has to be utterly ridiculous. We want to do something involving our entire campus, and possibly a lot of resin casts of banana slugs.

2. What job should I get? Providence has the regular variety of services. Waitress? Pizza girl? Theater employee? Coffee person? Retail?

3. What else should I do to occupy myself (besides finding myself, going to therapy ewwww, etc.)?

4. Does being a member of TQC totally spoil you and make you expect about 10 replies to posts you make in other communities within the first 30 seconds?

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Do curls stay in your hair longer/better when you hair is dirty or clean?
Edit: My hair is long, wavy and frizzy if I don't put anything in it. I'm guessing I'll just have to figure this out on my own.

Do you go to a gym? Which one?
I recently started going to Planet Fitness with my friend.

How often do you go/how long do you stay?
We went three times this week, and worked out for about an hour and a half each time.
&; Oh yeah. I so mean it.

This milk is so hardcore

I'm drinking milk right now. I got a whole fridge full, there was some illegal immigrants outside Krogers tonight and they were selling some good shit that fell off the side of this milk shipment. It's so fucking good. I got a major milk high, I'm totally trippen.

Anyone else ever get a milk high?
How much milk do you drink a week?
Do you just drink it on special occassions?
Do you keep it in a special container?
What flavored milk do you like?

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This summer my parents are bringing my grandparents up to Maine for a mini-vacation. While they're away my boyfriend and I are going to watch their house, which is in a pretty rural part of Vermont, and take care of their pets. What should we do while we're there? One of the things I definitely want to do is go for a hike on their property. We'll only be there 3-4 days, so nothing epic :)
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So is Daylight Savings kicking your ass too?

Imagine you and your current SO have a kid (for the CF, pretend you get pregnant and BAM, go into a coma for nine months so you end up having the kid... you don't have to keep it, it's okay, breathe now)... what traits from each of you would you prefer he/she inherit? What traits would you hope he/she didn't?
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When you were sick as a kid, what did your -insert caregiver here- do to take care of you?

My mom used to give us soft-boiled eggs with toast and butter and chicken boullion.

Do you remember Crystal Pepsi? What other products from back in the day do you wish they'd bring back?

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If you have to submit medical bills directly to your insurance, but want to keep proof for your records, do you send them the original and keep the copy or send them a copy and keep the original?

gifts for guys

Girls: What are some gifts you've gotten for your brothers or boyfriends that they were happy with?

Guys: What are some gifts you've received that you liked?

I need some gift ideas for my boyfriend who'll be turning 21 soon. He likes things that most guys like, including video games, sports (college basketball, in particular), music, movies, etc.
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- Do you enjoy going to casinos??? What's so fun about them?

- Why are some people so freaked out about human hair? I know at least three people who just freak out when they find hair anywhere near them that's not their's. I understand it's hair, and I wouldn't want it in my food,'s hair. Do you get freaked out about other people's hair on you?

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1: Are you set in your ways?
2: Have you ever accidentally eaten paper?
3: Do you have favorite glass or mug that you drink out of?
4: If you have a SO, do you say goodbye to them in the morning?
5: If you could be President for a year, what would you try to get done? 
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What makes you lame? I enjoy going to Denny's with my best friend on Saturday afternoons when we can't find anything else to do, lol.. we're usually the youngest people there.
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Starting School!

1. What's the first year of primary/elementary school called where you live?
2. How old were you when you started school?
3. Did you or your parents cry when they left you at school for the first time?
4. What was the best thing about your first year of school?
5. What was the worst thing?
6. BONUS: do you have a photo of you on your first day of school?

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Guys.  I plan on taking 2 classes this summer via online community college. I need to take cal 1 and calc 2 in prep for my master's program this fall. unfortunately, the classes are during the same session. would it be stupid to take them together? I'm not competely math-retarded.

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I'm going traveling in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal for a total of 1 month. I'm very flexible with my schedule and I have a rail pass so I can basically go anywhere I want. I don't really like "touristy" stuff like monuments and museums...

What are some places off the beaten path that I should go to? Do you know any oddities or cool things in those countries that other tourists probably don't? Any general tips or advice? 

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1.) When you're in a public restroom and someone knocks on the door, what do you say?
2.) Do you get migraine headaches?  If yes, what do you take for them and how much does it cost?  Is this with or without insurance?
3.) Do you sell things on eBay or etsy?  Enough that you don't have to work a "real" job?

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So TQC, should I make myself something for breakfast, or should I wait and take my chances that my dad takes me out to eat like he vaguely mentioned last night? 
ETA: They went to eat without me =(

Did you have breakfast today? What did you have?

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Beauty products

Does anyone have oily/acne prone skin? What kind of face wash/products do you use that you would highly recommend? I've been having weird skin lately and don't know what to buy.
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What are some unwritten rules at your place of employment? I.E. Things that aren't documented, but things everyone knows anyway. It can be about the work itself or how you interact with your coworkers or whatever.

What about in your family?
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Please answer with pictures and/or song lyrics

1) What does your toothbrush look like?
2) What's on your bed?
3) What brand of milk do you drink?
4) What's your non-alcoholic beverage of choice?
5) What is the last thing that made you smile?

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1. If you could do anything to "help change the world" (such as a fund raiser, plant a tree, etc) what would you want to do?

2. I need to write a persuasive speech for my speech class... Anyone care to suggest topics pleeeeease?

Thank you!

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1)Do you look like your dad?

2)Do you spray lysol on hotel sheets?

3)Do you spray lysol on home sheets?

4)what should I have for lunch?

eta: pasta is what I decided on.

5)Is american society empathy deficient?
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Do you believe that when a man and a woman go on a date, the man always pays no matter what?

What are your rules for who pays?

How do homosexual couples make their rules for who pays?

Edit to clarify The reason I ask the third question is because I've seen a lot of things lately saying the man always pays. And I really want to ask the people who say that exactly what you do when there is no man/nothing but men.

So the more accurate way to phrase it would be "If you think the man should always pay, then how do you believe same sex couples should decide who picks up the check?" Because if you (like me) think the one who asks pays, then obviously that applies to all couples.

Possibly going to be going away

To ze Job Corps!

But I have questions about them. I've already looked at the website and called the number, where they said I would be sent a package in the mail with brochures and info and was given the number for the local admissions office where an admissions counselor could answer all my questions.

Except I called twice and both times I got voicemail so I finally just left a message. But I wanna know now. I've heard some pretty terrible things about Job Corps and how they're as strict as being in Basic Training for the military, but that was by ghetto wigger douches who got kicked out for smoking pot. But still... I don't want to run into any trouble just because of my habits and the way I look.

So have any of you been through Job Corps and can help me with any of these questions?

Am I going to have to take my piercings out? I have one visible facial piercing, and it's not quite to the point of me taking it out for long periods of time and it still being okay. I know I'd have to take it out for a job, but I'm going to go get my high school diploma. And to that same point, am I going to have to cover up my tattoos?

Am I going to have to stop smoking cigarettes? I tried to quit once, and I was a dire bear with +20 Anger Issues the entire week until my boyfriend finally threw a pack at me and told me to smoke up and bring back the girlfriend he loved.

Speaking of my boyfriend! Am I going to be able to see him? I'm not talking some delicious downtime lovin' in the dorms, but will he be able to come and visit me while I'm not in classes? Will I be able to keep my cell phone to keep contact with the outside world? Having my cell phone is kind of important. I'm going to be teaching my boyfriend to give my cat her insulin shots, but I know the first couple of times I'm going to have to talk him through it.

Are there rules concerning the dorms? Am I going to have a roommate? Can I put stuff up in my room? Is there a specific lights out time? Can I lock my room so no one can get in and possibly damage/steal my stuff? Would I get in trouble for putting my poster of The Kiss up? Or any of my Celtic stuff?

Yeah, it's a lot of questions, but it's a big step for me to be taking in life, so I want to make sure it's the damned right choice before throwing myself into it. And I don't know if the counselor will tell me the truth, either. I went to a summer camp and I asked them a lot of questions and they ended up throwing me out of the camp because they had a rule about the dress code that included no unnatural hair colors and I had a streak of blue in my bangs. So I'm always a little suspicious.

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If you watch the new Doctor Who, what's your favorite episode? (don't say blink, everyone says blink.)

If you watch the classic Doctor Who, what's your favorite episode?

Of the two most recent doctors, who do you like best, 9 / 10? Why? Is it the actor? The looks? The personality?

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Okay, so I'm late in submitting a mid-term essay. I don't really have an excuse, it was just really boring (pre-Famine socialism) and I didn't get round to it.

I was going to write him a note to apologise. What should I write in it?

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1. Is life too painful or beautiful for you?

2. If you had to pick up and move right now, where would you go?

3. Do you think money is important?

4. Do you have a best friend?

5. Name your favorite restaurant?

for those in relationships..

Can you describe your relationship to me?
How often do you and your SO fight?
How often do the two of you do nice romantic things for each other?
How is most of your time together spent?
If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would you change?
If you could change one thing about your SO, what would you change?
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Making those tough decisions...

I'm writing an article about ethics for my work, and the background reading has included a lot of information about moral development and decision-making.  This started me wondering:  When you make a major, difficult decision, what do you take into consideration?  Yourself?  Others?  Your faith?  Something altogether different?

How do you make your major life choices? 

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Does you have a strange compulsion?

I constantly get an "itch" between my fingers and I always feel the need to run something soft through them to make it feel better. When I was little I had a bunny toy that had soft ears and I would use that, now I use my ponytail. Haha.

Am I weird?

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So. I hooked up with this guy a month ago. We've talked and flirted since then, and then decided to be just friends, and then Thursday, it almost happened again, the hooking up... and I can't get it outta my head, so I'd like to initate it again and this time make it happen.
So...any suggestions?
There's a poll too.. my friend thinks I should just grab his package, and my other friend thinks I should say the screw your brains out thing... I'm not really for either, but your take is good!

What's the best option to lure a guy back into bed...again?

i don't want to be friends

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I have stuff to do, but I don't think I can get it all done today. Please help me prioritize TQC.

What should I get done today?

nap and do homework
buy red pants (needed for a class)
pay my room deposit/pick up a check from my overnight
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A Dilemma

I need advice, TQC ...

Do I stick with safe, stable, and secure ... or do I go for passionate, impulsive, and uncertain?

Edit for More Info: My husband and I have come to a point in our marriage where we are contemplating an amicable split. Nothing is really WRONG in the marriage ... it's just a crossroads that we seem to have come to. He's the safe, stable, and secure option - I know what he's going to do once he's out of the military, I know all of his little quirks, he puts up with me, etc.

I've met this guy at work. We're ... the best way to put it is that we're dopplegangers, or at least it feels that way. The only area that we've found so far that we disagree on is politics, and that's only mildly. And the chemistry? Through the roof, although nothing untoward has happened since I'm married. He's the passion, impulsiveness, and uncertainty.

Son of Edit: The snarky responses made me laugh. The serious ones ... well, you're entitled to your opinions, of course. However, I think that asking for serious advice on teh intarwebz is kind of retarded ... therefore, this post was really only 5% serious. [shrug]
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Regarding the fact that jeans and t-shirts are staples to every wardrobe these days, do you really dress your age?

I'm turning twenty this year, and something tells me I should break away from the high school, American Eagle look for something classier.

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No one I know is around right now. It's spring break for college students around here, including myself. Should I go out tonight by myself and just mingle with people or stay at home all sad like? I'm very bored. If anyone lives in the Peoria, IL area, what should I do?
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Will you tell me some really funny things one of your family members has done/said? (Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, don't care, any one of them... or more! Multiple stories are a plus... even ones you weren't around for (ie, a story from when your parent was a kid)... so long as it's funny)

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1) a cat has a mouse in front of our door. does that mean we have mice?! what should I do!? *freaks out*

*there are no other signs of rodents here.

eta: 2)what should we do is redundant, so I'll ask- what animals are infesting your area?

strange cats and geese.

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1. I have a disgusting headache that makes me feel nauseas and I have to go to work for five hours soon. I have about an hour and half at home first. What would you do if you were me?

2. Would you rather be smart or beautiful? Bear in mind that most people consider themselves smarter than average no matter how dumb they are.
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gosh darn it

So i downloaded the latest version of "Windows Live Messenger" and it hates me! after 5 mins it always shuts itself down. Is this a common problem? is there anywhere i can download a older version (not the basic one, but older version of live?)

It is really anoyying.

What tv show is on tonight that you love?

30 Rock!! :)
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Do you ever consider what it would've been like to be one of the first ignorant humans in a situation like having a congested nose and all you could hope for is to stumble upon a spicy hot pepper patch?

Do you ever pay attention to how long you can make a sentence and have it still be grammatically correct?
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Asking because a friend prompted me to:
What the fuck would YOU do if you had 700 dollars in rent to pay and neither you or your roommates could come up with the money?


(no subject)

Do you think period blood would make a great base for gravy?
You know like drippings from a slab of meat you would use to make gravy. Why not use period blood?
You think anyone would recognize the difference?
Give me a good gravy recipe to use.

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When you play Mario Kart, what character do you play?

ETA: Also, when you play it with someone who doesn't play well, do you still use the shortcuts (like in Wario Stadium or Koopa Troopa Beach one)? And do you think it sucks that Mario Kart Double Dash doesn't have the same kind of shortcuts?

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Backstory: Imagine, if you will, that you've been friends with this married couple for about a year now. The woman is of mixed heritage (part black, part white, part Native American) and the man is pretty much 100% Anglo-Saxon.
A few weeks ago, the man gets drunk over at your house, seriously trashed, and voices concerns over his ability to love his future children if they don't look like him. You're shocked of course, because you're thinking "Why would he marry interracially if color were a problem?" etc. You keep it to yourself because you seriously don't know what to make of it.
Lately, though, they've been fighting more and more, mainly over his choice of occupation and her incompatibility with that lifestyle. It doesn't sound like race has entered into it from what you can tell. However, it seems the fights are getting more serious and, due to his occupation, it's getting to a point where they're going to have to make some serious life decisions shortly.

My question is as follows:
1) Do you tell her what he said?
2) If so, how do you phrase it?

It seems as if it's a detail that should be a factor in her decision making process, but I've never encountered something like this and I don't know how to approach it.
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Dear TQC, I am bored. What should I do ?

All sugestions welcome.

EDIT : I can't get ass. My hands have fallen off from masturbating too much. What do I do NOW ?
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(no subject)

1. What are you doing?
2. What's your favorite daytime talk show?
3. what would you rather be doing, and why aren't you doing it?

1. Watching Maury, its one of the caught on tape shows!
2. Mine is probably Maury.
3. I would rather be playing the Sims 2, but my pc is dead.

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Dear TQC,

Who the fuck talks on a cell phone at full volume in the middle of a library that is clearly full of people who are studying?

What should happen to this person who is disturbing me and several other stressed out students?
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TQC, I suck at math. Will you help me out with a math question?

If I put $2500 into a 7 month CD with 4.25% interest compounded monthly, how much would I have after the 7 months are up?


EDIT: lol it's not a homework question! I haven't been in school for 6 years. This is actual money I am talking about. Is it worth it to cash out my bonds and put them in a CD or keep them in bond form.
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(no subject)

1) Which is better: Brad Pitt + Edward Norton or Brad Pitt + Tom Cruise?

2) What was your last argument about? Who with?

3) What was the worst thing you said to each other during the argument?

4) How was it resolved?
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1. On a scale of 1-10 how creepy would it be if I showed up at your front door to tell you that I am in love with you?

2. What if it were your back door?

3. Would you post a comment at 25k just to be part of an attempt to post 25,000 comments over 5 days?

4. Do you know the Chiquita Banana song? How about the Frito Bandito song?

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Did you know Dr. Kevorkian pleaded the ninth and the courts ignored him?

Should the courts have ignored him even though pleading the ninth is a valid legal argument from both the doctor and patient perspective?

Monday Mix

 1: What order would you put these in?
     a: Nap
     b: Food
     c: Sex

2: What do you say no to, no matter how many times it has been offered to you?

3: How many pair of sneakers do you own?

4: How many pillows are on you bed?

5: How long after you walk in the door do you change into your p.j.s?

Ouch. :(

I've been cracking/popping (most of) my joints since elementary school. I stopped cracking my neck when I almost hurt myself once during high school, but the rest I've still been cracking for years. I've decided it's not healthy nor safe, so I've stopped pretty much cold turkey about a week ago (the knuckles are the hardest to quit!).

Also, I've worked more than I normally do this past week at a job that requires me to be a bit physical (up and down from the floor to standing and vice versa, lifting things [though they aren't that heavy], etc).

Is a coincidence that I'm very stiff this week (and a bit sore), or is it one of the above reasons (if so, which?).

What can I do to relieve my body? I'd like to take a bath, but our tub is very shallow and doesn't plug well to boot. Other options?

(no subject)

Do you think sex should be a regular part of a relationship with a significant other?

Do you think by a guy saying it should be a regular part of a working relationship is expecting sex?

Gave my opinion on it to my girlfriend, she said I'm just like every other guy. I think that it should be a regular part of a working relationship, not on a daily basis. I think its a good way to share passion and love and it is a big part of a relationship especially when it comes to passion.

Only the first and last sentences are questions, haha

Why do i always have the worst luck ever when it comes to shopping and buying new things TQC?

I am nice to the staff, ALWAYS, and pay without hassle with no extra requests/horrible questions. But something always goes wrong. Either there's a stain I did not see, or it damages within a week, or it's ill fitting and I can't get it exchanged, etc. Recently I bought a pair of converse sneakers(I think some of you may remember) and stupidly threw away the receipt thinking it would last me for a good 2-3 years. And the canvas split away from the rubber within a week and they refused to get it exchanged! I told them to throw it away and my heart bleeds because of the money I spent for a pair of shoes that lasted ONE WEEK.

Are you anything like me? Or do you buy things that are able to last you 53265436423 years?

(no subject)

What do I do when I start feeling attracted to guys other than the boyfriend I've been with for 2 years? Could it just be a dry spell in our relationship or like some weird phase? Because I'm finding myself oddly attracted to the most random guys, and like REALLY attracted. I know that I love my boyfriend, I just can't stop thinking about other people. 

TQC, what the fucks going on with me!?

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I think I'm a hypocrite ..

in light of the *US* New York State Governor Spitzer HOOKERGATE 'situation' how would you feel if the governor of your state was caught in a prostitution scandal (not having an affair, but PAYING FOR SEX)

if you're not in the US, substitue appropriate politician (I think the head of a province in Canada is called a premier? Pls correct me if I'm wrong).

my answer below.

post a photo of the politician in question for extra LULZ


do you like your handwriting?
do you think it's weird when guys have really nice handwriting?
how about when girls have awful handwriting?
do you believe that your handwriting really does say things about your personality?

(no subject)

a) What are your thoughts on Marmite/Vegemite? Love it? Hate it?

I love it, but only in very small amounts, and with lots of butter.

b) What can I do to my icon to make it more St. Patrick's Day-like? Is it already green enough?

c) Would you ever consider dating a man who is divorced/separated and has a child? If yes, under what conditions?
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How many fingers do you need removed before you realize that maybe you bet a bit too much money on the horse race?

Also: How do you get blood off a keyboard?

Also, also: Have you ever posted a question just to see the answers people would give? I don't mean the information, I mean what kind of sarcastic response you might get.
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So, TQC. I've just moved to this place where they have what's known as 'hard water'. We're also on the top floor, with slightly lower water-pressure.

I'm finding that my hair, which used to be able to go 2-3 days between washes, is barely managing 24 hours before it starts to look limp and greasy. I've tried a few different shampoos, nothing doing. So, how do I get my hair to stay clean in a hard-water area? I'd prefer not to have to wash it every single day.

(no subject)

Do you think it's possible to just be really good at living?

Do you know anyone who is? What is it about them?

I'm sorry if my question doesn't make sense, but I mean it in the simplest way, someone who just has a knack for getting through life and making great decisions, I guess?

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Is there anything special about where you live?

I was watching True Life - I'm Dead Broke (2005) the other day and one of the stories was set in West Plains, MO (where I live now.) It was totally shocking, because WP is such a little town with nothing to do. It was cool seeing the places I see every day on MTV!

I used to go to school in Punxsutawney, PA... Weather Capital of the World

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Dear TQC,

My friend said he wanted some "packy" (paki?? packi??) and won't tell me what it is.

Do you know what "packy" is??

He hinted that it might be Massachusetts slang.

EDIT: Okay he said he wanted to buy something from the packy, and it means a package store/ place to buy alcohol. ;P Thanks.

EDITEDIT: I know what pocky is ;P. I love it.

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If your roommate/significant other/etc. is busy washing the dishes (most of which you got dirty), do you feel obligated to go help if you're normally the one that cleans them?

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You're dead. It's so sad. Your funeral is coming up. What are things you want to happen at your funeral?

Mass-capacity turnout in attendance
An open bar
My favorite song(s) played at various points
You're buried in your best outfit, and damn, do you look hot
At least one person flinging themselves onto the coffin as it's being lowered, in bawling protest
A DJ and dance floor at the reception after
A theme funeral. There's theme weddings. I want people to be wearing costumes
Buffet at the after-party
Lots of mourning
A number of people who were close to you, stepping up to the podium to say nice things about you
Your ex showing up, and moved to tears, full of regret that they let you go
Your closest friend emptying a forty for 'my dead homie'
A magician and bouncy house at the after-party
After the services, someone digs you up, and a recreation of Weekend at Bernies happens at the after-party
None of the above. I'm dead. There's no need for anything special. Throw me into the ground or into the fire. Whatever.

What do you want to happen to your body afterwards?

Large mausoleum. Very ornate, very important, kinda gothy
Simple tombstone
Cremation. Someone I love will keep the urn
Cremation. My ashes will be scattered at my favorite location
Creation. My ashes will reside at the cemetary
Bodyworlds. Plastinate me, baby, and let me tour the world
Throw me into the woods and let the animals eat me
Turn me into a diamond, and then turn that diamond into a piece of jewelry to be worn by a loved one
Donate my body to science
Donate my body to the necrophiliacs. I can't have sex anymore, but my body can
I want my body to be stuffed and mounted, curled up, as if I was asleep
Stuffed and mounted, arms raised, so that someone can use my body as a coatrack or umbrella rack
Fuck death. Cryogenics is the thing for me
Don't really care. I'm dead

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My neighbor was just outside and proclaimed loudly "Holy shit! It's a space ship, it's a spaceship, it's actually kind of big." Was I right to not even bother looking?

I just received a puncture wound from a 3 day old bagel bite. Am I going to die?