March 9th, 2008

The Skipper

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You know how when you're slightly inebriated, and you decide you want toast, and so you but the bread in the toaster and push the little thingy down, but it pops right back up, and you assume that you did something wrong, because you've been drinking, so push the thingy down again, and it keeps popping back up, and you do this like six times before you realize that you unplugged the toaster earlier when you were cleaning the kitchen and that's why it's not working?

Doesn't that suck?

What's the last thing you ate?
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what are you procrastinating right now?

can you tell me why you don't want to do it?

writing a psych paper, cleaning room, sorting bb clothes, sleeping

because TQC is takes much less movement and brain function.
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Due to a conversation I had and some casual wondering on my part, I have to ask-- how old were you the first time you had an orgasm? If this is applicable to your situation, how about the first time you had an intentional orgasm?

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There's a mouse stuck behind the stove. It's shrieking intermittently and rattling around. I've set a trap but it can't free itself to come meet its death. What do I do?

ETA: Thanks guys. I got a cat to eat the mouse, and then a dog to eat the cat, and then gave the dog to Ellen.

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You want to go see a band in Westbury, New York and you live in Rhode Island. You have two options.

1. Drive the four hours through CT, NY and through the outskirts of Manhattan to Long Island, by yourself
2. Drive to Bridgeport CT *aprox 2 1/2 hours from where you live* and take the ferry directly to Long Island *aprox an hour* then drive another hour to the gig. The Ferry costs aproximately 40 dollars. A tank of gas for you costs 30-35 depending on where you get it.

Which would you do?

*also you do not want to just skip it entirely because it is your birthday*
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I've been keeping this livejournal for a while now, and I'd like to have a way to back up my old entries... opinions on the best way to do this?

Unrelated: I just was eating wheat thins and goldfish. Which is better? And why?
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1. what's one thing that recently made you happy?
2. have you tried the sugar-free marshmallow peeps? did you like them?
3. what are you wearing?
4. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
5. have you ordered anything online recently? what'd you order?
6. if you're in a relationship of any kind, tell me/tqc about it?
7. how do you feel about LJ icons that are pictures of the user?
8. what are you going to have for breakfast?

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have you "found" yourself yet?
how did you do it?

also... have you ever been in a relationship and suddenly realized you have no idea who you are anymore?
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1. Do you live in an area that observes a time change? If so,
1a. Where?
1b. What did you do just now in lieu of 2 A.M?

If not,

2. Where do you live that you don't observe the time change?

3. Do you like changing times? Why or why not?

1. yes
1a. atlanta, ga
1b. watched pride and prejudice on oxygen with extended commercial interruption >:o
2. n/a
3. fuck no, it's the stupidest thing >:o we don't actually lose or gain an hour, and it pisses me off >:o
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Gay Heroes

Can anyone think of fictional heroes who are gay? I know of various comic or tragic figures, but few heroic ones. The ones I can think of are:

Achilles, and various lesser-known ancient Greeks.
Xena, Warrior Princess.
Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
A few characters from a Mercedes Lackey book that I don't want to admit to having read.
Dumbledore, although it was never really revealed in the books, so I don't know if it counts.

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1: What is on your mind today?
2: What do you want to talk about?
3: What is a better release for you:
    a: Having a good cry
    b: Laughing really hard till your belly hurts
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I graduated on December 22nd. My parents have been seriously slacking on sending out grad announcements.

Do you think at this point, its just a little too late? Is it also too late to have a party?
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Friend without Watching?

TQC Fills up my Friends page so I don't see other posts.  But I don't want to just leave it.
I know there's a way to have TQC as a community-friend without having it appear on my Friends page, but I can't find it.

Can someone remind me where to find that setting to do that?
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In your family, or circle of friends, do you decorate the couple's car after they get married?

What about filling their car with things?

In my family, they always fill the car with something. My uncle was telling stories last night about it - they put newspaper in our car (my husband was pissed!), but when he heard some of the other things, he realized it wasn't so bad. They've done - balloons, confetti (in the vents), put cars up on blocks, moved cars, etc.

My husband thinks it is a terrible violation of his manhood to mess with his car. I think it's funny as hell. What do you think?


1. Do you love me now that I can dance?

2. Why do you hate Sundays?

3. Do you go to church?

4. Do you put lotion on everyday? If so, what brand?

5. Are you on a diet?

6. What is your favorite thing to cook?

7. What are the rules of a Genie?

8. What is your favorite PopTart flavor?

9. Would you rather visit the Pyramids or the Inca Ruins?


I am going to Omaha next weekend for a Bruce Springsteen concert!
We are staying two nights, and I have no idea what to do in Omaha.

What neat things exist in Omaha to do?

(besides eat steak, i am all over that.)
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K so my flatmate suddenly decided she hates me and hasn't talked to me in a month except for about 2 weeks ago when I accidentally turned our alarm on when she was home cos I thought she was out. She texted me along the lines of "you're so fucking pathetic, I cant believe you turned the alarm on when you KNEW I was home. Well done."

Last night I tried to make amends with her but she just ignored me and complained about me to all our mutual friends.

This morning she turned on the alarm like two seconds after she'd seen me when she went out.

Should I just forward the text she sent me back to her?

Should I play "Smash Mouth - Why Can't We Be Friends" as loud as I can when we get home?

Can you tell me about crap flatmates to cheer me up?

I'm a bit down in the dumps cos I've been friends with this girl for almost 10 years.

EDIT.  The whole flat (there are four of us) got in a fight over cleaning about a month ago. It was pretty stupid and everyones apologised about it except for her.. She won't talk to me or one of the other flatmates, the third one is her BF so she's obviously talking to him.

EDIT AGAIN. Every time I try to talk to her she either walks out of the room or talks over me to someone else so having a civilised conversation is out of the picture.
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TQC, I just got so bored I joined a web-based chat full of complete morons and pretended I was a shy, curious teenage (but legal) girl looking to explore the gay lifestyle and wanted to find a guy to watch to make sure I was "doing it right". It could have been pretty funny if the people there weren't so damn stupid.

What is the last out-of-character thing you did? Was it for the lulz?

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So, I keep seeing these "facts" about Obama, about stuff like how his mom was an atheist and his dad was a muslim, and he punches babies when he's bored.

But I never seen "facts" like that about McCain.

In the spirit of utter bullshit on the internets, will you help me come up with some ridiculous facts about McCain, like how his dad was really a space alien that raped his mom?
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TQC, what are the pros and cons of letting a teenager have a spare key to their house?

when YOU were living at home with your parents*, did you have a key to your house?
Did you ever have to use it?

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What are some of your favorite non depressing movies? I'm visiting my sister tonight and I want to rent a movie that's "fun", I guess. Also, I have Bacardi. Besides coke or diet coke, what do you like to mix that with?

Edit: I might also buy something else. What other relatively cheap (but not awful) alcoholic dealio should I get?
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Through my last post I have discovered that trolling a chatroom (for five minutes, and just the one time) means that I need a life. This devastates me, TQC! 'Cause, see, I thought I had one already, but apparently I am dead wrong here.

What should I do to gain this "life" that was oh-so-kindly recommended to me, TQC?

Is there some place online I can order one?

Where did you get yours?
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So, fold your arms. Now fold them the opposite way. Feel weird as all get out?
When you're lying on your stomach, try turning your head the opposite way too - also weird?
Any other examples of how you are "sided"? Apart from that whole writing thing, of course.

And the buzzkill question: Say you have an elderly relative at home who is terminal, they're just staying comfy till the inevitable. You get up one day and they have gone peacefully in their sleep. Who do you call at that point (notwithstanding relatives etc)?
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Do any of you have a project that you work on exclusively in the bathroom?
ETA: I mean on the toilet. I'm curious, yes's and no's plz k thx

Will mud ever come out of clothes?
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What are some tips for someone who is doing a Resume for the first time/

I don't want to have just filler information, yet it is kind of hard.

How was your weekend?

The best i have ever had!
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1) Who do you look like most in your family? Will you post a picture of the two of you?

2) What should I do today? I have no plans and I'm still in my pjs (it's 2:30pm).

3) For those of you who are married, how did you know that person was 'the one'?
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Random people, help me!!

1)My cheeks have been prickling[sort of a tingly feeling] for two days. what should I do?

2)I should get a new job, but the economy sucks and I am bad at things. what should I do? difficulty: I have to work part time for free in the fall, and then in spring, I have to work full time for free.

3)Maybe this has been asked too much, but in the American version of the Office, who is your favorite couple? I've only seen season 2, but I guess it's OK to spoil me, because my dumb brother already did.

I like angela and dwight.

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What celebrities do you think read what people say about them online?

If you were a celebrity would you want to read what people said about you? What would people say about you?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been depressed/have experience with depression?

2. What is a good way to get out a rut? Comments, advice..

3. How do you rebuilt your social life from scratch? advice, experience..

4. What's your best friend making strategy? (not online)

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so my wisdom tooth is still being a bitch.

i'm taking antibiotics, pain killers and thanks to your already fabulous advice am also gargling salt water quite regularly.


my tooth is still as painful as ever and the medication just makes me nauseous.

What else can i do to:
1) ease the pain?
2) help to cure the infection?
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So, lately I've been watching reruns of the old Paradise Hotel.
Did you watch it when it was on? (The original with Beau, Alex, Charla, Toni Keith etc..)
Who was your favourite?
Does anyone know whatever happened to any of them?

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Dear TQC. My hair is currently pink. It has been pink for like a million years. Should I bleach and dye it today? If so what colors?! Colors I possess: pink, fuschia, purple, red, orange, green, and blue.

I have a mohawk if it makes any difference. Should I keep the fuzzy sides brown, or bleach them, or dye them a color?

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You have the power to save the lives of 20 terminally ill people, but in order to do so, you have to kill someone. There is a guy who was on death row, tied to a chair, wearing a ball gag. You're given a knife. He's afraid and crying, but you know he isn't a good person. Ending his life will save 20 others. Would you do it?

Yes. 20 lives > 1 life
No. I couldn't do it. It's just immoral

You have the power to save 100 terminally ill children, whose lives are in jeopardy, due to their illness. All you have to do to save them is kill 5 men on death row. They, too, are gagged and tied to chairs, panicked and afraid. This time, you're given an alluminum baseball bat. Would you take their lives?

Yes. 100 kiddie lives > 5 criminal lives
No. I couldn't do it
I would want to, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it

You have the power to prevent an earthquake that will hit Chile and kill 30,000 lives. Before you is a room with glass walls, and inside, are 300 drug dealers. You sit in front of the window, and next to your hand are 2 buttons. If you click the first button, the room before you will fill entirely with water, drowning everyone inside. Next to it the button that will stop the water. You have to watch through the window as they all beg and plead for their lives, pounding on the glass. Would you take their lives to stop the quake?

Yes. 30,000 > 300
No. It's immoral to play God
I would want to, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it

Those were pretty grim, serious questions. Let's throw in a silly one. Which member of Gilligan's Island would you sleep with?

Mary Ann
Mrs. Howell
Mr. Howell
The entire Globetrotters team
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What are your top five favorite names (boy or girl names)?

Is there any name that you think is really original, either in spelling or meaning or simplicity and that you like quite a bit?

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I am embarrassed to say that I know next to nothing about drinking even though I'm almost 20 (legal age is 19 where I'm from), and I'm beginning to feel like I'm missing out. So help me out, TQC!

What do you usually order when you go out for drinks at a bar? What is your favourite drink?

How much regional difference is there for names of cocktails or other mixed drinks (sorry if I'm getting the terminology wrong...)? Like say between America and the UK. Or between Canada and America, or different American states.

Do you usually specify how you want it made or just give the bartender the name and assume they'll know what it is/how to make it?

Do you have any random tips/suggestions for someone new to the realm of drinking?

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So, my wife and I have around two hundred bucks sitting in the bank that were supposed to use next weekend for my birthday... But I also get paid on the Tuesday after next.... On my real birthday... Should I say screw it and take my wife out to dinner in an hour or should I stay home and make dinner?

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tqc, yesterday i came home and found a noticable purple splotch on my lower lip. this is a bruise, y/n? i've never heard of bruised lips before, but i'm really hoping that it goes away soon. no clue how it got there, what else could it be?

i'm going to cracker barrel tonight. are you jealous?

UK peoples only please


Because I am a journalism student and like to know what's going on..

What is the weather like with you right now?
Any evidence of this yet?
Where are you? 
Bracing yourself yet?

ETA: We have sunshine in Wolverhampton and, at present, a hail shower. Maybe they'll be a rainbow...

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Assuming you're not doing anything constructive, what SHOULD you be doing right now?

I refuse to write an outline that would take me five minutes at max. Instead, I'm watching Home Alone 2.

ETA: I haven't gotten sick all winter. Are we in the same boat?
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1. Ladies, if you've ever lost a significant amount of weight (like 30+ pounds) , how much did your boobs shrink?

2. Will you tell me a random fact?

Mine: apparently, the term 'raspberry,' which refers to making a "TBTHHHH!" noise with the mouth, is derived from the Cockney rhyming slang for fart, which is 'raspberry tart.'
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Why do they call the dislike of homosexuals/homosexuality homophobia?

I mean, I suppose some people are afraid of gays but not all people who disagree with homosexuality have fear of them. Especially to the point of an actual phobia.

Like, omg, I'm afraid of heights, clowns, and teh gayz.

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so, i've been having issues with previewing pictures on windows xp for the past couple of weeks. whenever i go to my pictures, it only loads half of them as thumbnails and i have no idea what the other half of the pictures are. whenever i go to upload the pictures online or click "preview", it freezes up.

does anyone know how to fix this?

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 If you plan to have kids, do you ever find yourself thinking about how you're going to raise them?  How you'd handle situations, answer certain questions, teach them how to be good people, etc? Give me an example.

If you have kids, did you do that? If so, did you end up doing what you thought you would?

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As I understand it, community college credits can only be transferred to colleges and universities in that same state. If I go to community college for a year and transfer my credits to another school, could I then transfer all my credits to a school in another state, or just the ones that didn't come from the community college?

B n E ?s

If you got locked out of your house, do you think you would be able to break into it? Have you?

If you locked your keys in the trunk of your car and had no spare keys, would you be able to get the keys out of the trunk without the help of a locksmith?
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What's the last gift you were given?

What's the last gift you gave?

A giant box of individually wrapped Toblerone pieces. :D I'm in heaven!

A surprise package with tea, a CD, and a handmade manatee card.
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My husband bought me a gift home today that the lady at the tobacco store recommended, which is awesome, of course.
However, I can't quite figure out how to use it.

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In Winamp, whereabouts in the menus do you toggle the option whereby Winamp is always on top even when not the active window? I seem to have toggled it accidentally and now I can't find where it is!

(I feel like my Dad right now!)

TQC, let's play Kill-Fuck-Marry!

Do y'all know the rules to Kill-Fuck-Marry? I name three people, and you have to say which one you'd kill, which one you'd fuck, and which one you'd marry! The fun part is choosing either all very likeable people, or all very annoying and unlikeable people.

Like this!

Uma Thurman, Tilda Swinton, or Nicole Kidman?

Seth Rogan, Wayne Knight, or Drew Carey?

Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, or Jerry Orbach?

Aeschylus, Sophocles, or Euripides?

Elizabeth Bennett, Anne Elliot, or Emma Woodhouse?

(make up your own!)

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I just read on the little MSN Entertainment News blurb that Avril Lavigne is going to launch her own fashion line. What do you think this will look like, TQC? For fun, will you illustrate this either with pics or paint? Would you consider purchasing and wearing something designed by Avril?

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Poll #1151506 Cause I'm fourcorners, there has to be another poll about sex

You're at a bar. Your celebrity crush, aka, the celebrity you find the hottest, is there. He or she is drunk and looks really, really good and being hit on a lot by the other patrons. They sit down next to you, and notice your wide-eyed, jaw-dropped awe, and then grabs your ass, and says, 'You're pretty cute, and all this liquor's making me horny. Wanna come with me to the bathroom?'

"Oh, do I?!" You follow them into the bathroom stall for some X-rated illicit behavior
You're flattered, but no, you can't do it
"I won't go with you into the bathroom, but let's just make out and see what happens"
You're horribly offended and slap the celebrity
You say no, and then turn around and call the National Enquirer and get paid for this slutty story

You're walking down the street, window shopping, when you pass by an alley. Out of the alley, a purple-clad pimp runs out and approaches you. "Sweetness", he says, "I have a ho problem. I have a big client lined up and I promised him 10 girls, but one of my bitches got food poisoning and can't come. I need my 10th lady. Now, this gig they're all going to is for a bunch of Latino businessmen, and all of my girls will have to fuck a number of dudes. It pays well, though. If you agree to be my 10th ho, then your cut is $20,000. They'll all use condoms, and all the girls will only have to be there for 5 hours, but in that time, you'll have to sleep with whoever asks and possibly have threesomes. Are you up to it, sweetness?"

I'd do it. 20k just for 5 hours of completely slutty behavior
No. Effin'. Way

Some cause you strongly believe in (analyze your principles to determine what that is) has sparked a protest group on the governor's office in your state. The governor is passing laws that would seriously restrict and compromise this belief you hold so dearly. To make this protest more attention-worthy, the instigator of this protest wants all participants to protest STARK NAKED. You show up with only shoes and your sign, and march en masse to the governor's place. The media will be there to record the demonstration, but this will be for something you strongly believe in. Would you join the protest?

Yes. It's only nudity. The cause is more important than boobies and peen
No. I couldn't imagine being naked in public

It's one of them hot hot days of summer, and in this scenario, you're in school. You have to give an oral presentation in front of the class, and this presentation counts as 25% of your total grade. It could damage or boost your grade at this point in the semester. Because it's a hot day, you wore a t-shirt, but you didn't realize it was kind of tight when you put it on that morning. The teacher, knowing it was hot, turned on the A/C. The classroom is kind of chilly now, and your body has noticed. Your nipples are rock hard and protruding through your white shirt like you're smuggling acorns in your bra (which, in this scenario, is doing nothing to restrain the tittie erections). You don't have a sweater and your presentation is in 5 minutes. Dozens of eyes will be upon you. What do you do?

Suck it up. Give my presentation. Live with whatever comments or innuendo may follow
I'd give the whole presentation with my arms crossed, hands under armpits. I may look like a weird dork, but my nipples will be hidden
I sit this one out. Make up some BS excuse to the teacher how I'm not feeling well
Look around the room and spot someone who does have a sweater or vest or something, and ask if I can borrow it
Walk up front, introduce yourself and your nipples (they're your presentation aids), and try and make it work for you. Use the nipples as pointers when you're pointing at things on the board. Have fun with it

You and your SO are out of town for the weekend, going to some swanky hotel for some private time. The only room left was this first floor job known as 'the diva'. This room has no curtains, and each wall has enormous windows, all of which are 1-way mirrors. You can see out, but people can't see in. Your bed is slanted so that most sexual romps will be in view of the windows, which, if they're doing their job,will not permit any visibility to the public. The room is also soundproof. Outside the building is a well-travelled walkway, where people are walking past your room en route to the restaurants, stores and parking lot.. You show up and your SO wants to have sex. How does being in this room make you feel?

Horny. All the faux voyeurism is making me hot
Very nervous. I know they can't see inside, but still, I'm very uncomfortable being in here, and certainly couldn't imagine having sex
Strange. I'd give anything a try. The passing crowds might be a little daunting at first, but I'm sure I'll get used to it
Not only do we have sex, but we haul the bed against the window, so that I can lead against it while banging
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Do you eat enough fiber?
How balanced is your diet?
What do you not eat enough of?
What do you eat too much of?
Do you take vitamins or supplements? What kind?
Have you noticed the other icons I've been using in comments?

(no subject)

I need a creepy-sexy boyfriend along the lines of




EDIT: I dunno. I maxed out someone else's bandwidth. I feel like a total d-bag. Here is a different photograph UNNH

Can you help a sister out?

 I always feel guilty about something. Like skipping school... but I know i'm not going to be doing anything important that day anyway, but I still feel bad! I also still feel guilty because today at work I left without putting this drink machine back together that I know the other girl probably couldn't put together on her own. I feel like little things bother me too much! So...

What little things (or big) have made you feel really guilty?
What should I do to feel guilt-free!?
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I lost my à

I recently got a new laptop, and all has been going fine but suddenly I lost the ability to type à (I had to copy and paste that) in anything other than AIM or MSN. If I try to type it in an LJ entry/deviantArt comment/etc. it goes back to the last page.

To do this I always typed the little [FN] key + alt and mkku and I've never had a problem until now, so I don't know if I've changed something or what. It's really annoying though since it's actually a character I use fairly often.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

[Edit] - YAY alicinnamon's suggestion worked, proving once again why this is my favorite community on LJ. :D
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(no subject)

1. Could you forgive someone that stabbed you?

2. If someone grabbed your purse would you run after them? if you had a purse.

3. What did you have for dinner tonight?

4. When was the last time you stargazed?

5. If you have kids will you send them to summer camp? If so, why? If not, why?

6. What kind of camera do you have?

8. Do you think there were ever Unicorns?


Dear TQC, what would you think if your mother-in-law asked your 11 year old what sort of alcohol you drink whilst said child was at her house and you weren't present?

(FTR: I rarely drink and never in front of my kids and my MIL isn't the sort that would take me out drinking or anything that would make that something she needs to know. My daughter says she told her I like Mountain Dew and coffee, LOL).
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zombie baby cede! :D

Feel bad?

So... i had a boy-friend, but it was a very passive relationship. However, I broke it off becaues I was having more serious feelings for another guy, a guy I had known longer, (and in reality, had feelings for longer) but I didn't want to cheat on my bf so I dumped him. (gently I may add.)
Right now I am single, but the other guy and I are starting to get closer and talking a lot more. (also, my ex doesn't even know the othe guy exsist, even though we are all at the same uni and grade)

Some of my close friends look at me odd when I explain it to him, should I really feel bad?

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I think this is my first serious post

1. What is your current philosophy?
2. What is something memorable that happened to you this month?
3. What are two things you did today?
4. Who are two people that occupy your mind the most?
5. What would be a relief for you right now?
6. What is a piece of wisdom you would pass onto a child?
7. What is one question you would like to be asked? What is your answer?

8. What are three things you dislike about your mother?
9. What are three things you dislike about your father?
10. Which was easier to answer?
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(no subject)

1. Is it a terrible idea to tell someone you like them even if you are pretty sure they like someone else?

2. Is it terrible to tell someone you like them through a note?

3. How do you judge when your close friends with someone?

4. What's the longest  you've ever talked on the phone for?

5. What is the best book you've read recently?

6. Who do you think should go to jail for longer, people convicted of manslaughter (not murder) or drug dealers?

7. Are you bothered by people who don't tip (at all) at restaurants?

8. Do you know what the quote is that goes something like "real courage is when the odds are completely against you but you do it anyway" ? And what is it really?
Georgie - Smiles

Watching Transformers, but I don't have the DVD =(

What's something you'd like to be doing right now, but can't?

Could you tell us your views/stance on a controversial subject(or a few, whatever)? Doesn't have to be heavy, just something people often disagree on.

- I fold my toilet paper.
- Abortion is the choice of the mother.
- I have no moral issues with incest between consenting adults, where both parties are equals and no one is being taken advantage of.
- Ford is better than Holden
- I think Princess Di's death was an accident.
- Of course we landed on the moon.


So...I posted yesterday about getting my nice new computer.

Unfortunately, its being a pain in the ass.

I installed my Sims 2 game and extras, and I can't get it to play. I downloaded an update for my video card. Still no good.

It will play the intro and let me select a neighborhood. When it starts to load the neighborhood, it will freeze. I've gotten past that once to start making my Sims, but it would freeze after I tried to save it. have a clue what's wrong? Do I need to download the patches from


And for those of you who don't care about that....

I'm currently working 2 jobs while finishing school. My internship at the law firm is about to end, so they offered me full time (part time until graduation). I work there every afternoon from the time I get out of class until 4-5pm. Some nights I come work at the video store until close.

Since they offered me a job at the firm, and I accepted, I really don't need the video store job anymore. The extra cash is nice, but I don't know if it is worth the hassle. On days like tomorrow, I'm going to work from 8 am - 10 pm with the exception of the 15-20 minutes it will take for me to get from the firm to the store.
So after spring break, should I quit my video store job?

Je ne sais pas

Alright, I've been wanting these piercings for years:
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and my boyfriend and I talk about it ALL the time, but he hates piercings to no end, and he doesn't understand why I would want them.

Now, I don't want to give him license over what I do, but I also don't really want to do something he's obviously expressed his opinion against. This is not a new or unstable relationship. He's kind of alright with the nose, but not the lip at all. If I got one, he'd want it to be a side on, and I don't.

So, what should I do? I don't want to upset him, but he's not the decision maker with these kinds of things. Should I even get this done? Here's me:
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Yeahhh, thankss. :]
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 When you sit down at a restaurant or a library (or any public place with lots of people traffic), and the chair is really warm, do you feel all icky? 

This just happened to me (I'm in the school library) and it bugged me for about 10 seconds.
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What cell phone service provider do you use?

What phone do you have? If you can post a picture or link.

I am switching to Sprint when my contract with Verizon ends in three months and was wondering if people with Sprint have had good experiences with them?
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do you have a secret stash of junk food? or something equivalent that you keep hidden from family/roomies?

i have three extra boxes of samoas and have not told my mother about them. they are quite tasty right now.

on another note, it seems that today, even though i ate sensibly, i am still very hungry. anyone else ever have one of those days?
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TQC, this has been a mystery that has nagged at me for over two years now!

There is this one song to a decent AMV that I have NO clue who the artist is. I tried to google some of the lyrics, with no luck finding anything out. It's a dance song, and I want to know who this is! Do you know?

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If you do not know, what do you think of the song?
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Who saw Jumper?

Was there a actual plot in there that I somehow completely missed?

Did the writers write out this big grand idea for a story and once they wrote out just the basic premise, were just like "dude fuck this, let's get a beer"?

What is the last movie you saw in theatres? Did it suck?


What do you know about Reed college? I saw on America's Best Liberal Arts colleges website that Reed "refused to fill out U.S. News survey. Data from school's website were used."

I actually think that's really cool for some reason..

sup, Jimmy "Ice-T" Lipton?

1. What is your favorite word?
2. What is your least favorite word?
3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
5. What sound or noise do you love?
6. What sound or noise do you hate?
7. What is your favorite curse word?
8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9. What profession would you not like to do?
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Oh no! I have a life now and miss posts. =[

So, what's new with you?
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I just discovered that I have inherited my father's bunion. I also have tendinitis in both my shoulders and knees. And gas. Am I really just an old man trapped in a young woman's body?

Finish this line "I'm just a ______________ trapped in a ______________"

Do you drink enough water?

How does one drink more fluids without increasing their intake of sugars and artificial sweeteners? BESIDES water obviously, jesus.

Again with the fiber...What are you favorite sources of fiber?

Where is that program that you can run that will make all of your old entries friends only?
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My cat's eye is watering badly and he is swollen and red right above his eye. What could possibly be wrong with him?

We just took him to the vet and gave him meds for conjunctivitis so I am not sure if he still has that or this is something entirely new.