March 8th, 2008


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Best "crazy SO" story you've ever heard?

My friend's sister was dating this guy who cheated on her, and when she called him out on it he freaked out, and was like "I'M NOT CHEATING ON YOU!" before smashing his face through a fucking mirror.

I met that guy later on, actually, and when I found out who he was proceeded to laugh through the rest of the encounter.

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TL; DR, sort-of homework question. I just don't even know where to look for this.

I need an article ("descriptive example from the media," technically) that has a speech/reactions to a speech of a presidential candidate, past or present. the kicker is that I've got to analyse it with some questions about gender ideals. So, what ideals the candidate is trying to distance/align themselves with, whether the ideals are dominant or subordinated in our culture, and whether it's helpful in getting them votes.

So, for my first one, I have, about hillary tearing up at a speech. easy topic.
But, you know, you don't generally watch guy candidates and say "wow, he's really trying to appeal to this manly ideal with this speech." And that's the kind of thing I need.

So, dear TQC: Might you remember a speech from a presidential candidate (other than hillary) in which he was trying to make himself out as manly (or ducking certain masculine stereotypes)? Probably not going to get anything so obvious as the tearing-up, but if anything has stuck out in your mind, giving me even something i could try to google would be majorly helpful.


Whats your favorite kind of cereal?
What new-to-you band has caught your ear this week?
Do you consider yourself a strong person? Have you gone through anything to make you this way?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What was the last thing you did that made you really question yourself or your motives?
How often do you feel like shit just sucks and your friends fail at life?
Do you like to be naked?
Do you feel undervalued and underappreciated?

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Do you like the food Meatloaf?
Do you like the band/singer Meatloaf?

You would do anything for love, but you wouldn't do that-- what would that be (for you personally, not what Meatloaf was talking about)?

Edited for clarification, hopefully.
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1. I've finally discovered that being social is almost always worth it, because I have fun.

What did you discover today?

2. Have you ever been really creeped out by a picture of something, whether you should be or otherwise? For some reason, Collapse ) really creeps me out.
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Are there any obscure mythological legends that you like? If so, what are they?

In a horror film/SciFi movie, would you prefer to see an Egyptian Gods or Norse Gods type of theme? Or if other, please name.

Also, if you were going to pick a Big Bad for a story/movie etc, who in all the different Gods/Goddesses/myths would you choose?
HP love


TQC, I'm beginning to think I may have Asperger's, or some other form of high-functioning autism. When I was a child, there was serious concern that I might be autistic. I've previously noted a number of the symptoms described on the Wikipedia page.

My questions are: does anyone here have Asperger's, or something similar?

How do you handle it?

How might I find out if I have it? I mean, could I walk into a medical centre, say I think I might have it, and be confident that someone there can help me? The Wikipedia page suggests that diagnosing adults may be a problem.

I hope this doesn't sound like hypochondria, but if there's a chance I do have it, I'd at least like to know.

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Do you know and/or like the song "Parce Mihi Domine" by Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble?

Do you know where I might find more classical music arranged for/with soprano saxophone, specifically a jazz style? My friend and I spent about an hour at work just babbling about the beauty of the soprano saxophone. We both want moar sax.))

Did you get up too early today/stay up too late yesterday?

If someone you're crushing on isn't a native English speaker and you hear them speaking their native language, does it sound sexy to you - even if it's not a naturally sexy sounding language?
Bert Shocked

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Hey, what do you do when you find hair in your food?

I pick it out, insult the person who made it, and continue to eat

What do you think of food that come with hair on it?

I love ham hocks and some chicken wings have little hairs on them that are good


okayy, sooo, i'm taking a class to become a red cross certified lifegaurd, and i have to swim 300 meters, doing the "breaststroke" without stopping. 

1. it is just me, or does 300 meters seem extremely far to go without stopping/almost impossible to do?
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I want to buy a Sims game, but I don't know which one is better:
The Sims: Complete Collection  
The Sims: Complete Collection or
The Sims 2 Deluxe (Sims 2 and Sims Nightlife Expansion)  
The Sims 2 Deluxe (Sims 2 and Sims Nightlife Expansion) ?

Sims 2 Deluxe is 7$ cheaper, but that doesn't matter to me. Which one do you like better, and why?

Edit: If you like both, would you get the first one because of all the expansion packs?

What are the pros and cons of each one?
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What was the last lie you told?
How vocal are you, sexually? Ranges from dead quiet to wake the neighbors screamer.
What was the last thing you bought for yourself that is non-edible?
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Poll #1150894 Dad & Daughter

How do you feel about a single dad who shares a bed every night with his 7 year old daughter, just because?

Who cares? Its her dad.
It wouldn't be a big deal if she was younger, but shes 7 and needs her own bed.
Its kinda creepy.
Thats super creepy, and should not be happening.

What if the single dad slept in his underwear only?

Still doesnt matter because shes young and its her dad.
That would now make it creepy.
Thats even worse, and should definitely not be happening at all.

Edit: I think creepy may be the wrong word, so I apologize. I guess just in general as far as raising a child, do you think she should sleep in her own bed? Since some of you want to know the situation: The father does not even try to get her to sleep in her own bed. She doesnt consider HER bed to be her bed...Daddy's bed is her bed and thats just the way it is. Its not like she falls asleep in his bed watching tv and then he puts her in her own bed, or that she goes to sleep in her own bed and then gets scared and goes to his bed. They practically share a bedroom. All her clothes are in HIS closet. They share a closet.


1. Why do you think tqc_sucks denied my application for membership?

2. What are three things on your TO-DO list?

3. What are three things on your grocery list?

4. Who is your favorite athelete on steroids?

5. Do you hate the Duke Bluedevils as much as I do? (i kind of doubt that you do.)

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I got my room mate assignments for next year and I'm in a suite with 3 girls (1 of them is one of my friends, hurray!)

I'm going to shoot an email to them all. What should I say?

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I am supposed to go to a theater downtown tonight to talk to somebody about a job there and see the play (Watercooler) however, I'm in upstate NY and in case you've not heard, we're supposed to get a bad storm this afternoon and tonight so I'm nervous about driving. Do you think if I canceled and asked to meet with her another time-soon of course, it would negatively affect my chances of getting the job?

And if any of you are in the Rochester, NY area your thoughts on driving this evening would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a phone interview on Monday. I've never had one before.
Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare or make my voice sound semi-relaxed, and not freaked out and excited?

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Poll #1150976 Only the lonely

You're driving along late at night by yourself along a lonely road. You're not sure exactly where you are, but you know it leads to your freeway. Because of the surrounding mountain range, there's no cell phone reception. Ahead of you, you see a car parked on the shoulder with the hazzards on. You slow down a bit and a young woman with blood all over her clothes steps into the light and begs you for help. What do you do?

Step on the gas and GTFO
Keep on driving, but I'll make it a point to call the police once I get out of these mountains. I hope that it's not too late for that woman though...
Stop and offer to help
Slow down, take some pictures of her, and speed off. I'll make a post of this later

Let's say she jumped in front of your car and you just had enough time to brake. So, there's this wide-eyed young woman with lots of blood on her clothes, asking for help. What do you do now?

Get out of the car and see what I can do
Stay in the car and lock the doors. She might be a crazy
Back the car up, and drive around her
Stay in the car, roll the window down, and try and get as much information as possible before possibly getting out. If it sounds fishy, I'm bailing
Floor it and run her down. Her fault for standing in the middle of the road. No one's around so it isn't like they can find me

Say you get out to help. She leads you over to the driver's side of the parked vehicle. There's a bloody gentleman there. She then says, "Ok, you grab the arms, and I'll grab the legs, and together, we'll throw him in the trunk. This would have taken forever if you hadn't come along". What would you do now? Mind you, you're right next to her

Run back to my car, and gas it out of there pronto
I help her move the body because I'm afraid of her
Try and reason with her and maybe find out what happened and try to get her some help
Well, I pulled over and got out of the car. I've come this far. Might as well move the body while I'm here
Jump her and start beating the crap out of her in case she tries to kill me too

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Have you ever called a suicide/crisis hot line? Did it help at all? I started to volunteer for a mental health organization and am going to go through the training this summer to be one of the people who answers the calls.

Have you ever had no friends/ friends you never really hung out with?

I'm bored. What should I do tonight?

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1. Is it wrong that when I saw the REAL last name fatijewski on TV, I immediately laughed?

2. What are your thoughts on the ethics of missionaries going to comparatively ignorant and/or primitive societies to convert as many people as possible?

I consider it very unethical, especially considering the typical tactics used. They use deception and other trickery to convert them, ranging from using more advanced technology, to psychological tactics that they're unfamiliar with and ill-equipped to defend against.

As an example, some Christian missionaries use a film about the life of Jesus in their native tongue (people who have never seen any sort of "moving pictures" before) and because they are completely new to it, it becomes very convincing. Psychologically speaking, they'll integrate the local customs and religious practices into Christianity to make it more appealing, in addition to repeatedly guilt-tripping, fear mongering and shaming them into it.

3. Have you seen the movie Black Robe? Do some Native Americans really have sex in shared-shelter while people are sleeping so openly like that?!

4. Do you think the distinction between 'movie' and 'film' is important? Is it pretentious? What other words/terms do you find to be annoying when used in place of another word/term in an analogous manner to these words?

I think it's just a pretentious way of calling a movie with great artistic and/or intellectual quality, good. It's sort of like erotica vs. pornography.

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Do you use fluorescent or incandescent lightbulbs?

Do you keep your window shades/curtains/blinds open or closed during the day?

Here's fifty dollars for you and a friend to go get some lunch! Where are you going and who are you going to bring?

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How much do you compare yourself to other people?
For example if you're with a really hot friend do you feel less attractive?
How do you try to get over that? (Not from personal experience or anything...)
kurt vonnegut, skipped

US travel

Right now I live in Houston. My lease runs out in July, and I'd been planning on moving back to Austin then, but I'm afraid that if I move back to Austin now I'll never end up leaving Texas. Which is fine, Austin is a great city, but I'm young and I don't really have anything keeping me here...

So my question is: If you could move anywhere within the US (outside of Texas), where would you move?

ETA: ...and why would you move there? Anyone want to fill me in on what's so great about Colorado?
yummy beer!, yummy

I've had a rough morning (and night)...

When you see someone acting like a jackass or bitch or in some other contrary fashion here in TQC, do you check the username/icon before deciding if and how to respond?

If you see that it's someone who annoys you more often than not, do you disregard, jump in to return the attitude, or does it pretty much depend on circumstances?

I would be better off just choosing to ignore those who tend to regularly or frequently raise my blood pressure, y/y?

Have you seen me be a "fucking cunt" in here?  For those of you that have, do you recall if it was with reason, or did it seem out of the blue?  Feel free to be honest - I wouldn't ask if I wasn't curious.
edit: I really did not mean this to be an occasion for ego strokes, so if you haven't, you can certainly feel free to skip this question or just say no.  =)
Also, if you want more specifics, see my response to slinksgirl.  I know we have some research whiz kids in here, so if any of you recall the post I'm talking about, feel free to link/share. 

Lastly, considering all the photo whores/lurkers we have in here, is a TQC nudes photo post one of the worst ideas EVER?  On a scale of 1-100 (1=fine, 100=causing WWIII), how bad an idea is it??

lesbianism as a fetish

So I'm writing a research paper on lesbianism being a fetish in modern American culture.

I'm curious when you all think lesbians (or rather, suggestive depictions of women with women) started to have a larger role in the media, especially in magazines like Playboy. Is this a more recent phenomenon?

help a sister out!

I'm looking for this commercial on YouTube, but I'm not even sure I remember it correctly, haha.

Does anyone remember a commerical for...either Smash Brothers or Mario Party, where there were real life old people, I believeee on a golf cart, acting as if they were in the game? Beating eachother off it and and racing and such?

I'm trying to find it for my bf. Because he swears no such commercial ever existed.

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A couple weeks ago I went to see an allergist for the first time. I wanted to get allergy shots because I need a somewhat permanent solution to my allergies since I'm allergic to some things at my work but don't want to quit my job. The doctor gave me a prescription for some Flonase and Allegra, but my allergies haven't been too bad of lately and I’ve been busy so I haven't got the meds just yet. I've got another appointment to take a scratch test in another couple of weeks, before which I would have to stop taking the medication anyway. I'm wondering if I should get the meds before then in case the doctor asks if the medication has helped because I don't want to it seem like I'm not taking the doctor's advice but I don't like taking meds when I don't need to.

If you were me TQC what would you do?

Get the meds and take them for a week even though my allergies aren't all that bad right now?

Don't get them at all and see if the doctor wants to start me on allergy shots after the scratch test?

Don't get them and just tell the doctor that I did?

International Travel

I am planning a month-long trip to Aberdeen, Scotland in January 2009 and I need to put together a budget. Is there a way to find out how much the average flight costs? I've tried a few sites like Expedia and Travelocity, and either they're really confusing or I'm really dumb. Help?


Question for the females in this group:
1. Are your ears pierced?
If yes, a) at what age did you get them pierced?, b) why did you get them pierced?, c) have you ever ruefully regretted the decision to pierce them?

Anyone can answer this:
2. What percentage of the female population in the US/your country do you think has pierced ears?
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Suppose you moved recently from an apartment that had a microwave in it. Halfway through moving, a relative in another city dies and you travel to go to the funeral, thus spending whatever extra money you had at the moment. When you get back, you realize that the stove/oven aren't working and your landlord decides that returning your phone calls is optional. Purely hypothetical, of course.

With no stove, no oven, and no microwave, what would you make? You do have a rice cooker and a crock pot.

Would you be willing to come re-light the pilots in my range? I looked around on Google but tbh it wasn't much help when I actually tried to find things.

Unrelated: What's your favorite random online game? I'm a fan of Inklink/iSketch.
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Has anybody seen Into the Wild yet? Thoughts?

I just picked up last night and watched, and I'm conflicted in my opinions, which doesn't happen all that often. At points in the movie I thought it got a tad smarmy, making this kid out to be some sort of neo-martyr, but other parts I found very poignant. I recommend the film, but it is very sad.
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If you suffered a brain aneurysm and died right now, how long would it be before anyone noticed you were missing/dead, and came to look for you?

Should I be suspicious of this lentil/spice packet mix labelled 'pumpkin soup', since it appears to contain no traces of pumpkin whatsoever?
[Edit: caved in and bought pumpkin, roasted it and mashed it into the soup. Soup is passable now]

What's the dodgiest thing you've ever eaten because you had to wait for payday to buy groceries/were an impoverished student?

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1. Do you feel you are able to represent yourself well on a first date?
2. Have you ever had a mediocre first date with someone that actually turned into a less-than-mediocre relationship/dating experience?
3. First dates kind of suck sometimes, agree?

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my ipod is frozen! none of the buttons work, it won't turn off, and the backlight is stuck on. the apple website is also not very helpful. has this ever happened to you? what should i do?

eta: i tried resetting it, none of the buttons work though so it didn't do much.

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So... I have a bread recipe that calls for 4 tsp. dry milk. I don't have any dry milk. Is there anything I can use to substitute? It's for a bread machine, if it makes any difference?

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TQC, i am on duty all weekend. i have to be in my room all weekend! :(
what should i do to keep myself busy?
what kinds of things should i get done?

also, do you think it's a turnoff if, the first time that you're physical with a new person, that they get really excited and do the moanygroany business?
my friends and i were talking about this last night and it was the consensus that, when fooling around with someone new, if they make a lot of noise right away, that it's a turnoff because it shows that they're inexperienced.

what is something that you make sure to accomplish every day?

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1. How many people have you ever lived with (in a relationship-sense and otherwise)?

2. If you were overweight, would you take a medication that could help you lose weight if it gave you 'unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects'?

3. Does internet-speak bother you? Example: wtf r u doin, gtfo noob.

4. Do you correct people's use of there, their and they're?

5. What's your favourite LJ community (other than thequestionclub)?

hey tqc!

What movie should i go see tonight?

The Band's Visit, No Country for Old Men, or Be Kind, Rewind?

Do you have any other suggestions if these movies, in your opinion, suck balls?


I recently went to court for shoplifting. I pled guilty to a misdemeanor and the state gave me 6 months probation with early termination upon completion of a shoplifting class, and Adjudication Withheld. I've been out of a job for quite sometime now, and just got two job offers. I then received a letter in the mail today from one of the companies with a copy of my backround check. It came back with a record found under the "Felony Level Serch Results" which shows my charge and sentence. It also states " DISPOSITION: 2/19/2008: Count 1: Adjudication Withheld."

So my question:

Am I totally fucked? Can someone further explain what Adjudication Withheld means in terms that I can actually understand?

EDIT: So all the employers that I apply to will be able to see this, thus not hire me? My understanding of Adjudication Withheld is that this can not be used against me. Am I completely wrong?

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My period is 7 days late and I did have unprotected sex. I did a test at about lunch time, but didn’t read the instructions correctly and didn’t leave it in the cup for the 5-10 mins it says to, instead I waited about a min or 2 and took it out. It was a neg result. I’ve got no sign of my periods and I was feel sick this morning, as well as being really tired.

Do you think Im pregnant or not?

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1)why does reading in defense of food make me crave miccyd's?

2)I've been coughing, having am weird feeling tongue, etc for a week. A new symptom- my ear really hurts. Should I go to the dr even if it costs a lot of money? It may be a virus..

3)Do you think Screech is a funny person to put on celeb fit club?

movie dilemna

Everyone I know is away this weekend so I am entirely on my own for my entertainment. Of the following options, which should I do tonight:

1) stay in, order pizza, and watch "TMNT" (the Ninja Turtles movie from last year)
2) drive 15 minutes to see "The Bank Job"
3) drive 45 minutes to see "No Country For Old Men"

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I should be studying.

But I'm in a comfy bed and my stomach is in pain. Should I nap?

What color are your curtains?

What was the last pill you ingested?

What what the last drug inserted into your vein?

What was the last thing you had to eat?

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
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When's the last time you did a friends-cut on your LJ?
Do you need to and are just putting it off?
If so, why?? it's just the internet and it's not like anyone's real! (Disclaimer: The above opinion is not mine, just one I've noticed.)

What's the Weather Like?

I'm on the East Coast and the wind just kicked up and we got a hail shower!! Where ya from and what's the weather doing?

EC, as mentioned, and windy, rain. When the hail came, my five year old jumped up and said "What the hail!"...I LOL'd and snorted. (LOLd&SnTD?)
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When is the last time you were unexpectedly defriended on LJ?
Were you relieved, upset, ambivalent?
Did you try to find out why or was it obvious after the fact?
just a bill
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yeahhh, I'm pathetic

I live in a city where I don't have any friends (everyone left after graduating from college, except for me). I'm sick of staying in but I want to get out of the house. Should I: go to a bar alone, browse craigslist, or does anybody have any other/better ideas?

EDIT: Alternatively, does anybody live in the DC area and want to go out with me?

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Do you ever feel like your friends (through no fault of their own) steal your thunder? How do you deal with that?

Back story you care nothing about:
I love a friend of mine dearly but any time I'm around her in a social setting I feel invisible. I'm so damn tired of feeling like the awkward ugly duckling. Not hanging out with her anymore isn't an option by any means.

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Done any good deeds lately?

Our neighbor was snowed in, so my boyfriend and I walked to the grocery store to buy his newspapers for him. On the way, we saw a car that was stuck in the parking lot, so my boyfriend helped push it out of the spot.

What did I bust open my knuckle on? I don't remember hitting it on anything, but it hurts pretty bad all of a sudden :(



Today my father-in-law surprised me with a new laptop! Its an early graduation present.

However...I already have a laptop that I bought last year.

My older one is a Gateway with 1 gig of ram and an 80 gig hard drive. The new one is an Acer with 3 gigs of ram and a 160 gig hard drive.

I'm going to give my husband the computer I decide not to keep...

My sister says Acers suck. I've never had any problems with my Gateway. I've never had an Acer and I don't know anyone that owns one.

So...TQC, which computer should I keep?

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1. When is the last time you cried?

2. Have you seen 10000 bc yet? If so what did you think?

3. Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do?

4. What is the worst thing that happened to you today?

5. What is the best thing thing that happened to you today?

6. What can you not wait for?
I can't wait to see The Happening!

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A friend of mine asked me a few days ago if I wanted to go out tonight. Would you say it's her responsibility to tell me when and where, or is it my responsibility to find out if we're still on?
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Before I go diagnosing myself I want opinions.

Has anyone here had an appendicitis before?

Would you please describe the symptoms for me?

Also, how long were you out of work after the surgery?

Lastly, how is it that doctors don't know WTF an Appendix DOES in your body?! I mean HELL-O aren't doctors/scientists upposed to KNOW these THINGS!!!

my worried self thanks you.
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I'm having a housewarming party the last Saturday in March.  Will you come?  What will you bring me?

Do you like eggs?  What is your favorite way to prepare eggs?
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Do you have a library card for the town/city you live in?


If you have a library card, how old were you when you got it? How often do you use it? Are you surprised when you find out someone doesn't have one?

(no subject)

what is your favorite movie? i am bored with all the ones i have, so i need some suggestions on what to get.

what was the last vegetable you ate?

will you show me a picture of your pet doing something silly?
Give a dog a home

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Why are Cadbury mini-eggs so damn tasty?

Who in TQC reminds you of a celebrity? Besides ___ria and Eva Mendes, of course.

I always think that brightflight must be just like Bjork in real life.

Are there any good games you can recommend to me? I adored Peggle, and I really like games like Slingo and those find-an-object games.

ETA: OH! I just thought of the other question I wanted to ask.

How do you feel about interrogation techniques used against suspected war criminals? Are any of them humane and/or necessary?
kiv dancin.
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telling your parents you're gay is the hardest part of rollerblading.

regarding this, the bacon of the month.

if someone got this for you, how would you feel?

How would you feel about that gift?

I would immediately make love to the person who gave that to me, regardless of relationship or sexual orientation.
I would fall at their feet in grateful groveling.
I would tell them that I'll accept only if they share the bounty with me.
I don't eat bacon, I'm Jewish/Vegan, therefore I would be deeply offended.
I don't like bacon, therefore I would not only be deeply offended but cry myself to sleep that night, wondering why my life is incomplete

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Do you know anyone who has gotten pulled over for speeding on a bicycle?

I found my reading glasses. What is something you are glad about finding?

What does your user picture say about you?

There hasn't been a good trolling or flounce recently. Do you consider this to be good or bad?


1. Who is the sexiest person you know?

2. What turns you on?

3. Macaroni or Cheese?

4. Tell me something about yourself? I will in exchange.

5. What is your favorite favorite?

6. I know you have a secret, will you expose in detail?

7. Anyone live near Boston want to get brunch tmrw? Serious.

8. Do you know how to whistle with grass between your thumbs?

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So yesterday I got a call from work telling me not to come in today, since they're be closed due to weather.
I'm also scheduled for tomorrow. What's the protocol for coming in? Should I assume we'll be open and wait for someone to tell me not to come in? Or should I just sleep in because we got 20" of snow in the past couple days.

Everyone from work that I've talked to (no one with the authority to close the center) doesn't know whether we'll be open or not and I don't have contact numbers for any managers.
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Guess what I got for my birthday? A NEW CARRR! (Bob Barker was there).

So now, because I am lame, I need to name it. Any suggestions?
It's a black Saturn SL2, and I would enjoy a name after a composer, an artist, philosopher, constellation, or Harry Potter name. But anything is welcome.

Yes, I am this lame.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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Is anyone else having any issues with LJ completely deleting random entries?

I was browsing through my entries over the past month because I was looking for some pics that I deleted from my HD and there are like 5 or 6 entries completely gone...and I know its not just that I forgot I didnt make an entry on that day because I think there were two days where I didn't write in february.

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What exactly is so amazing about "Across the Universe"? Everyone I've talked to has thought it's one of the best movies they've ever seen. To say that I disagree would be the understatement of the year. Just wondering what the appeal is.
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What, if any, body mods do you have?

If you have one, describe your vibrator. How do you like it?

Why are you staying in tonight?

What political issue are you the most passionate about?

Have you ever posted on Craigslist? If so, for what?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I easily get the shit scared out of me. It is eleven pm and I want to watch 28 Days Later; am I being stupid?

Ever sneezed so hard your dry lips cracked and bled?

When was the last time you farted?
Haruhi disappearance
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It's 11:30pm, and I'd like something to eat. Normally I wouldn't eat this late but all I've had today is a small oatmeal raisin cookie, and a bigass salad(mainly lettuce/veggies, but it had olives and a little cheese in it).

What should I eat?

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What if someone posted naked pictures of themselves at age sixteen. But no one knew this person was underage. Could everyone viewing these pictures be charged for observing kiddie porn?

Second question:
So if yes we could be charged. Then how do we prevent this from happening in the first place? Could we sue LJ for allowing teens to fool us? O_o Well maybe that is just silly.
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So, today at work, someone stole something from my purse, which was in the office, where everyone keeps their personal belongings. This thing is a slightly illicit substance with a cash value of about $80.

I brought it up with my boss after work, and we both think we know who it is. However, I don't want to put him in a weird situation and possibly wrongly accuse someone about such a sensitive issue.

However, I'm pissed off and I want my money back or something to happen to the thief.

TQC, what would you do?
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what's that video called where there are two cartoon cats and the one says "i can smell your brain!" and they talk about spicy brains and then one tries to eat the other's head? i can't remember and therefore can't find it!

thank you!
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1. Would you rather have a completely flat chest (think size AA or less) but a great ass or a great rack and absolutely no ass? (Guys should definitely also answer).

2. Rather be shot in the kneecap or the foot? Any particular reason?

3. Steak, chicken, fish, or tofu?