March 7th, 2008

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Do you tell people when it's your birthday?
I know so many people who are like "oh hi how are you IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY" and it drives me insane. I mean, if I cared, I'd have asked.

I mean, facebook and LJ tell you when it's coming anyway, right.
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HOLY CRAP!  You've suddenly been transported back in time for no apparent reason!  And standing in front of you is Adolf Hitler!  You also realize that in your right hand is a lightsaber, and in your left hand is a flame-thrower!

Do you kill him?

If so, which weapon do you use?

But seriously, guys, what did Hitler ever do to YOU?

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What three things do you think you can do better than the majority of the population?

What three things do you think you do not do as well as the majority of the population?

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

Selling Plasma

I'm sure this has probably been asked before.

Have you ever donated (sold) your plasma?

What is it like?

Should I donate (sell) my plasma?

I'm not hurting for money or anything, I'm just kind of curious, and if you "donate" twice a week it works out to around $250 a month compensation. That could pay for a nice trip after doing it for a year and I've never been to Europe. However, I am kind of really creeped out by the process involved.
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If you could relive one sports moment in history through the eyes of a person directly involved? 
Who would that be and what would the sports moment be? 

I would want to be Doug Mientkiewicz of the Boston Red sox when they won the 2004 World Series after he was lobbed the ball from Kevin Foulke to end the game.  Simple I know but it meant the world to Sox fans.

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I was looking over some of the adult stories I've written and realized I've actually improved. The first story I ever wrote was riddled with cliches. It was kind of embarrassing to post it two years later.

Writers, have you looked at your past writing and laughed at how terrible it was?

What was terrible about it?

ETA: This is very embarrassing, but here is an excerpt. It's fanfiction for the game Valkyrie Profile, and the first adult story I ever wrote.

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My ear just clogged up all of a sudden.  I can't hear! It sucks! What should I do?

I tried a Q-Tip and I tried poking it with my finger.

ETA:  Ooh! I jiggled it and it's like halfway unclogged now.

Kill Bill - Elle
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I know this has been asked, but for clarification, it's appropriate to wait two days before calling to ask about an application?
Is that on the second day or after?

My eyes twitch randomly. Like, the eyeballs. I'll be looking at something and they'll jerk back and forth rapidly, losing focus. Why is that? Any ideas? It's happened for years, but lately it's been getting really bad. I need to go to my eye doctor soon, but I don't be like hurr hurr my eyeball twitches involuntarily HALP PLZ

Do you have heartburn right now?
For some fucking reason, I do

The Sound and the Furry

Furries are an amusing collection of wacky deviants, but is it possible that there are worse costumed nookie than that? Which of these sexual 'dress up' scenarios is the most disturbing?

Furry male wolf and 2 furry female bunnies
Furry male wolf and furry male wolf
Robot sex
Treeman sex (from LotR)
Arachnoid sex
Tetris sex (rectangular shaft goes in hole)
Willy Wonka and gaggle of Oompa Loompa sex
Mummy sex (wrapped in bandages)
Zombie and victim sex (instead of 'BRAINS' it's 'GROINS')
Mother Superior and bad orphan sex
Angel and Demon sex
Klingon sex (with the facial makeup)
Leper sex (complete with leprosy makeup)
Michael Jackson and Chuck E. Cheese restaurant sex
Dinosaur sex

Say a couple (boy and girl) like to have furry sex, but prefer to wear lion suits when they yiff one out. However, she's wearing a Simba suit, and he's wearing a Mufasa suit. What terms would you use to describe this sexual encounter?

Furry sex
Necrophilia (the character Mufasa is dead in the movie)


Is there a way to keep possums out of a yard?

And before ya'll tell me to go out and buy traps, I live in an apartment complex where everyone has their own yard behind the house if they are on the ground floor, which I am, and I know my manager would flip his shit if he found out I was putting out traps. I've talked to him about the possum problem around the complex (they sure do love our overflowing dumpsters) but he's unwilling to do anything about it.

Is there something like a scent I can put around my yard that they'll stay away from, kinda like boric acid for ants? I was considering putting poisoned food out, but figured people wouldn't be too happy if there were a bunch of dead possums suddenly laying everywhere.

Any other way that wouldn't possibly get me kicked out of the apartments if it was traced back to me?

(I mean, I generally don't have a problem with them, but they've been getting really brave. I petted one last night because I wasn't looking while taking a smoke break and thought it was a stray cat. Really kinda freaked me out. I don't go rampaging into their little forest area behind the complex, so it'd be nice if they stayed out of my yard.)
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what is your favorite song at the moment?

what is your favorite thing to eat at the moment?

"running up that hill" by placebo & I can't get enough of Luigi's italian ice [lemon flavor is the best]

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i am driving to santa monica, CA tomorrow (it will take me less than an hour if the traffic is nice) to check out some art galleries at bergamot station. i'm going alone and i have aaaaaaaaaall day to waste.

does anyone know of any nice little things i should check out while i'm there? i've only ever been to santa monica once, and that was just on the pier. are there any nice little cafes or stores i should pop into for a bit? what do you suggest?
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Are there any old wrinkled celebs that you find attractive? Some people look so much better with their wrinkles than others.

Also, do you like Sonic commercials or do you think they're annoying? I love them mostly but some of them can be annoying.
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for whatever reason, for the next month you are only allowed to eat 5 foods. what 5 foods do you pick? (single-item foods, no turkey+veggies+cheese+bacon-on-a-wrap-&fries-with-that or anything like that.)
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1. Do you own something like Collapse )

2. Where do you have them in your kitchen? (on top of the stove, next to the stove, next to the toaster, somewhere else, etc.)

3. Family Matters vs Step by Step vs Boy Meets World, which one was your favorite and why?
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My cat got fixed last week and I noticed last night that she was licking her stitches so much the area was red. Since it's been a whole week, is this safe/okay for her to do, or should I discourage her from it? She doesn't do it often, it was only the once last night that I've noticed, they don't seem to bother her otherwise.

EDIT: The vet finally answered the phone and told me it should be OK but to keep her from doing it as much as possible anyway. OK yay I feel better now. :)

In other news, what are your plans tonight, TQC? Can I come along? :D

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There's a girl in the Campus Center who was just arguing on the phone with her father.
Usually, I mind my own business, but this girl keeps going and going and is yelling and crying and its just really sad, but also far too amusing. She also has a lisp, so she keeps trying to say things to argue about with "s"'s and it sounds so funny.

Am I horrible for laughing, TQC?

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1. What should I eat before my jog. Cereal or eggs? If I have eggs, should I put chili peppers in them or will they fawk with me on my walk:o

2. What are you doing today? Plans for tonight?

3. Do you keep a journal, besides Live Journal? Will you describe it to me?

4. Do you make anything? Crafts. If you do, will you post a pic so we can see what you do?

5. How do you feel this morning?
Haruhi disappearance
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Do you think people should be born with a user's manual?

If we were, what types of things would the manual go over? I'd say understanding your personal emotions would be awesome. Kinda like what all the lights mean on a car, haha

Would you read your manual or just kinda wing it like you're doing now?

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I have a headache and I'm tired and it's ~that time of the month~...I just don't wanna go to work. I want to lay on the couch with the dogs for a while and then make mac & cheese for lunch.

What are you complaining about today?

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Question for Indiana residents:

What are some fun places to visit/fun things to do/pretty shopping districts in Indiana? I'm currently in Lafayette so anywhere within 2-3 hours of the vicinity would be perfect.

Excluding the Indianapolis art museum and zoo/garden since I've been to those places only recently.

Nothing that interesting has come up on google thus far so I thought I'd ask.
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- Do you like marshmallows?

- Have you ever been to the circus? Did you like it or did it bore the daylights out of you?

- What is one thing that is blue within your arm's reach?
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hey TQC, where did I put my check book?  I checked the purse, the table/desk area, underneath papers, and pretty much anywhere it could be, and it's not there.

I don't want any one to steal my identitiez. 

Myrtle beach

I'm going for the first time in about a week or so with my boyfriend. The amusement parks don't open until April and the water is probably still going to be pretty cold at the beach. I was curious if anyone had any particular recommendations of places to go or things to do while we are down there?

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I just found out that Steven Soderbergh and Matt Damon are filming a movie here in my hometown.

So TQC, what should I do to get a part as an extra in this film?

Serious+nonserious+dirty answers welcome!
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Poll #1150413 PARTAYYY

TQC, what TACKY decorations should I get to decorate my best friend's hotel room for her birthday celebration?

Barbie, it's clrly the only way to go.
~*Princess*~, bitch.
Something else, i'll tell you in the comments.

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I drank too much espresso yesterday so I stayed up till 2AM and then had to wake up at 5:30AM.

How much sleep did you get last night?
How many hours do you need to sleep to function during the day?

Are livejournal comments still having a hard time making it to your inbox?

What happen to you last night?

What are you doing tonight?

Have you ever plotted all day to eat a particular item, and when you are ready to eat the food is gone?
Does it make you crazy bitch mad?

Do you ever get mad if you don’t eat?
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Dear Grammar Nazis,

What's the rule for using "much" versus "very" versus "very much"?

"IT outsourcing at utilities still a ___ ‘targeted’ approach"

EDIT: I care way more about the why "very" or "much" would go there than what is the best sounding way to phrase that statement.
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Someone in a community is selling a cute sweater (used but clean) for $6! You are willing to buy it. Then you look and see that the seller wants $12 for shipping.

- Would you still buy it?
- Why the fuck would someone charge $12 for shipping?


Do you know anyone in a polygamous marriage? I'm not talking verygwen's sort of marriage, I'm talking Mormons and whatnot here.

Have you ever been to a Tastefully Simple party? Are the products worth the money? Do you have any favorites?

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For those of you in Boston, do you know of any relatively cheap hotels in the city? Or in the Cambridge area? I'm talking less than 200 bucks.

My boyfriend is looking to come in next month, and given the debacle that was his last visit, he can't stay at my house. However, now that I have a job, I can pay for a relatively nice hotel so I can stay with him!

ETA: I understand that there's orbitz and and everything, but I leaning towards information based on personal experience. Also, a lot of those places don't include little privately owned hotels, which can be cheap as well.

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So there's the guy I want to bone, but he's a foot and a half taller than me. How awkward would the height difference be?

ETA: Obvs I know it's possible, I'm just wondering how much more awkward it would be than boning someone only reasonably taller than myself.
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1. I bought a huge bag of TVP when I moved out, because some vegetarian recipe book said it was a pantry-staple. On reading the book, there aren't any recipes which include TVP. So, vegetarians - what can I make with this large bag of TVP that tastes good?

2. If you have an SO and are having friendly conversation (and perhaps a little bit of flirting) with someone of your preferred gender, at what point in the conversation does your SO come up?
(I ask because I've been getting interested in this guy, he didn't mention any SO until considerably into the acquaintance, where he talked about being cold at a camping event, I said 'sounds like it would have been one of those stashing as many people as you can into a tent for warmth nights' and he said 'well, i was just lucky i had somewhere to share my sleeping bag with.' I sort of think it otherwise might not have come up.)

3. Have large piles of homework I should be doing (naturally, I am assuming best way to get piles of Criminal Law/Social Philosophy/Political Science reading and homework done is by asking inane questions on TQC...) -How do you motivate yourself to get work done that's not going to be assessed until the end of semester exam when it's a nice, sunny day outside?

4. For those of you not from Australia, what are your preconceptions about it?

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Do you do anything others might consider unorthodox to your pets? Such as feeding chocolate to a dog or taking a shower with your cat.

Will you tell me something random about your pet today?

Rabbits only suppose to eat veggies, hay and some pellets. I don’t have rules of what they eat. Sometimes they get bites of what we eat for dinner. :-X

Abichulo didn’t roll when I placed him on the bed after one of his feedings. He just sat there mad and began tearing up my comforter. I was so happy till he ate two inch hole in my new blanket. >_<’

Then later this morning he rolled again. –sighs-
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can anyone point me in the direction of some (free) online dance/workout videos to improve my skillzzzz & give me a good workout at the same time?
preferably hip hop/darren's dance moves type of stuff.

p.s. i've tried youtube but for some reason i can't really find a whole lot on there. but if you have a specific link, please share!

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So, last night, someone broke into our car and stole our stereo and our CDs, and went through the whole car looking for anything valuable. (Luckily, those were the only things of any "value".) Now, this happened two years ago, the day after Thanksgiving, only they broke a window that time and we had to use our Christmas money to fix it. This time, they destroyed the lock on the passenger side door and we have to find the money to fix it.

If you could, how would you punish people like this?
When is the last time you moved?
Have you ever moved from somewhere because of something like this? If you haven't, would you?
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TQC, I'm finally getting my Wii at the end of this month. What is the first game I should buy?

Also....I'm terrified of the idea of flying. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to get used to it, since I'll be taking trips several times a year now.

What can I do to get over my fear of flying?

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Ramen: do you pronounce it rah-min or ray-min?

When you went to elementary school, did you have a lot of snow days?

What was the last thing you did that made you feel proud of yourself?

Not really. In Michigan, it snows a lot, but we're always prepared for it. :(
I got a 97% on an essay.
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I got some really horrible news yesterday, and I just can't seem to cheer myself up.

TQC, will you tell me some of the worst news you've ever received that wasn't death related?

Or, if you don't want to do that, will you post your favourite YouTube video?
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It is getting colder and colder and has already started snowing outside, TQC. It may end up that I leave work early today, and I still need to go to the bank and stop at the store. Will I die??

If I don't, what warm snacky kind of food should I pick up at the store while I'm there? I want chocolate pudding, but I'd like something for the cold weather as well.

Will you come over tonight and bring a movie for us to watch while we snack? What movie will you bring? :D
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What is the worst playground injury you have witnessed?
Do you think it was avoidable?
Do you think this is a natural part of childhood that happens in every school?

When I was in Grade Four, my friends and I were having races at lunchtime. We were using a glass window to stop ourselves. My friend Jemima won this particular race, but... ran directly through the glass window. She stepped back and brushed the glass off her, bleeding from lots of different places. Then suddenly we all started screaming because a huge chunk of her arm was hanging off and  we could see her bone. Ugh. I can still see it in my mind now! She had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Yes, it was probably avoidable, but I guess kids aren't known for thinking ahead.

Yes. Even though I'm still quite horrified by this, I don't think it's all that out of the ordinary. Kids get hurt and you're not going to stop it happening.
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Which businesses do you refuse to patronize, and why?

There is a local pizza place here that not only has very crappy food and unfriendly service (notorious for hiring people who hate other people), they also completely stole their logo that they place on all their menus from a national pizza chain. Do you think it's wrong of them to do that? I asked a few times if they were a franchise and they adamantly said no, they're local. But this national pizza place has the exact same name as they have so they just decided to take the graphic from the Internet and plaster it all over their restaurant.

OR AM I JUST A BAD PERSON BECAUSE I DON'T SUPPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS?!? I wouldn't turn them in, it just makes them suck all the more to me.

What are your favorite amusement park rides?


What are your feelings on tattoos? Do you plan on getting any? If so, what of, where, and why? Also if you have any tattoos could you please show them and explain why you got it?

I can't seem to decide on where to get mine. D:
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When applying for jobs at a large corporation, does it look bad if you apply for several different positions at once?
What if you're applying through a parent company for jobs at several of their subsidiaries at once?
What are your best job search tips?
How did you find your most recent job?

Edit You're searching for jobs online and one of them asks you to e-mail a resume. Do you compose the body of the e-mail as your cover letter? Or do you submit a cover letter as an attachment and say "Please see the attached files"? Or is there some other option that I'm missing?

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Would you like to be in an octopuses garden with me?

Should I get a paid account? Does that make me a pretentious twat? Should I give that money to charity or something?
Do you get anything besides extra userpics & comment editing?

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Why are you so bent out of shape over the dumbest shit?

Do you think your an elite? How are you an elite?

Why do people feel the need to put their dogs in crates when they are not home?

How would you feel if you were stuck in a crate for 8+hours? Do you think you go batshit?
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burning election

1. I just burned my arm while attempting to empty a honey stick into my boiling hot tea. It's definitely not a horrible burn but do you have any horrible burn stories?

2. Did you see the Michigan-giving-Florida-a-hand-job (with bonus U.P. butt action) graphic on The Daily Show last night? How can I find that and turn it into an icon? I must have it.

Collapse )
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1) what would you feel/think if a girl asked you if you wanna be her bf?

1) have you ever asked a boy if he wants to be your bf?
2) if not: would you dare to?

1) What does it mean when someone asks you and you say "we need to wait a little"?

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That werewolf question a while back made me curious for the opinions of others.
How come there is no quintessential werewolf novel?
Why do you think this is?

BTW this is not a homework question. I tried to make this into an independant study only to find that there isn't much out there unless I was to raid a private collector's library to read some poorly written 19th century gothic cliches. There is a reason that some books don't make it past first or second edition.

And on a completely unrelated note- whatever happened to datacollection and his series of incredibly spefic questions?

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I was thinking about those asshole neighbors that always make those sick threats about their neighbors pets.
Are you currently or ever lived near one of those neighbors? Tell me about it.

Please teach me some writing skills.
Is it:

How have you been affected by a hate crime?


How have you been effected by a hate crime?

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Have you ever accidentally sent an email, either work related or personal, to someone who wasn't meant to see it?

I just did and I'm kicking myself for it. Well, I meant to send the email... just not the forwarded part at the bottom. Oops.

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 1: What has helped you more in life?
    a: Having faith in your chosen deity.
    b: Therapy
    c: other

2: Have you ever joined an LJ community and soon after joining wish you hadn't?

3: Has your body ever made an odd sound that freaked you out?
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Damn it.

I have to work 2:30am-8am tomorrow. I am already tired and want to nap so bad, but if I do...I fear I'll end up not going to sleep later on so I can work.


Do you know a way for me to be able to rest enough to be able to work tomorrow? i am usually asleep during these hours so I'm a bit worried. Any tips and tricks would help!

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Is there a way to fix a binder that has broken such that the rings don't line up correctly anymore?

It's really pissing me off that the papers keep getting snagged on the edges of the rings when I turn the pages..


Does anyone else think Eric Bana is the shit?

Is anyone else sad that Rufus Sewell got his droopy eye fixed?

Does anyone else think its shitty that Ryan Gosling is probably going to be remembered for that nonsense The Notebook, when he's done such amazing other work?

Fuck yes. He rules in every movie I've seen him in.
I think it gave him character, and it makes me sad that its gone.
Thinking about it pisses me off.

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I'm thinking of pet rats. Have you ever had rats? Tell me all about it.

I'm reading up on it and I realize I need to have more than one so they can keep each other company, but I'm full of questions like "can I leave home for a day without them spontaneously dying?" and "are they expensive to keep alive and happy?" and so on. I've only lived with a cat and a dog at my parent's house and I didn't have to have the sole responsibility for them, so I'm quite pet-inexperienced. Should I just get a fish?

I take this opportunity to tell you about a girl I know who once said "well, if you get tired of pets, you can always just release them in a forest", lolz. :(

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1)what are you worried about?

what if it doesn't snow...

2)I have three dvds- the office, knocked up and invader zim. which would you watch?

eta: I'm not a likable person. what should I do?
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What should I wear to the Matchbox 20 concert tomorrow? It's got seats, so we won't be standing I don't think. Also, we're going out to dinner beforehand to a nice, but not super fancy, restaurant.
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I'm hitting it off really extreme with a guy I just met. The catch is that he's fresh off a longterm relationship of at the very least a year and a half. And by fresh, I mean like.. he clipped the cord like 3 weeks ago. I'm near positive that it's he who broke it off, and I only really know about it because I know one of his good friends. This guy doesn't talk or reminisce about the ex, or even mention her at all. He's affirmed many times how much he likes me. I date a lot and have been single for 3 years, so I'm jaded and weary. But I like him and he strikes me as very sincere. I don't get along this well with everybody.

Is this rebound-city?

(no subject)

What if you woke up one day a hundred pounds heavier, how would you feel?
Would your friends think of you different if you weighed a hundred pounds more?
What would you do with this new found body?

When I mean hundred pounds heavier I mean body fat, not muscle.
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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What would you do if you had a SO that smashed your windshield because he/she could not wake you up in middle of the night to talk about something important.  Called you that same night 19 times and came to your house banging on the window and such to try to wake you up before he/she broke the windshield.  And before that he/she threw your keys in the middle of the road while you were trying to go to your car because you did not want to deal with an argument.

oh and um while he was married to his ex-wife he broke her nose.

what would you do?

would you stay together with that person?

would you say this is a warning sign for abuse (any kind) later in the future?

thank you and sorry if this sounds pretty confusing. 

Idiot Box

Best thing to come out of Friends?

Jennifer Aniston
Matthew Perry
Courtney Cox
Matt le Blanc
Lisa Kudrow
David Schwimmer

Best thing to come out of Seinfeld?

Jerry Seinfeld
Michael Richards
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Jason Alexander

Best thing to come out of That 70s Show?

Topher Grace
Ashton Kutcher
Laura Prepon
Wilmer Valderrama
Danny Masterson
Mila Kunis

Best thing to come out of Party of Five?

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Scott Wolf
Lacey Chalbert
Matthew Fox
Neve Campbell

Best thing to come out of Saved by the Bell?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Tiffani Amber Theissan
Mario Lopez
Elizabeth Berkley
Dustin Diamond (Screech!)
Lark Voorhies
Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding)

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So, TQC, what think you all of this:

I ordered a CD on January 17th, and sent a money order via registered mail to the company (I'm on the east coast of Canada, the company is based in Santa Monica, CA). There was a tracking number provided with it, so I was notified when the money order was delivered, on February 4th. But, I have yet to receive the CD. I've emailed the company twice to a)make sure they actually did receive the money order and b)to check on the status of the CD (is it in transit? have they shipped it at all yet? what?) I haven't gotten a response to either email.

So. Should I email them one more time (third time's the charm and all that?) If I do email, should I be all nice and friendly the way I have been in the first two, or should I threaten to report the company to the BBB if they don't answer my inquiry? I'm feeling a bit bitchy about the whole situation at the moment, so I'd be inclined to go with option B, but I'd like to get someone else's input on the whole thing.
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Will you tell me a random fact/tidbit about yourself from the time that you graduated high school up until now?

I've only had 2 jobs the whole time that I've been working. I worked at my first job from the moment I started college until i graduated in '05. I started at this job October of '05.

I dated a guy that graduated 2 yrs before me after never having talked all through our high school "years" together, eventhough we share mutual friends.
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Which would make you feel more betrayed; one of your best friends banging the love of your life, or a sibling who you were decently close to banging the love of your life?

ETA: In this scenario, you aren't dating the love of your life, and they have no reason to bang *you*. But both the sibling and bestie know you are in love with that person.
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1. Who doesn't crate their dog these days? I haven't seen an uncrated dog in so long. Crating is just standard practice around here, I guess.

2. Is catching feral cats illegal? Behind my apartment (under my window), there are TONS of cats that constantly fight, meow, get hit by cars, etc. and I don't think they belong to anyone. I've seen some lady put food outside for them (grrr) but they're very feral in nature and none of them seem to have tags. Anyway, I'm fucking sick of these cats and I called the ASPCA once and they never did anything. My landlord said he has some raccoon traps (where you catch and release them somewhere else), and thinks we could catch them in there and bring them to the shelter since numerous people in our building have complained about the cats.

That sounds kind of weird to me, but I don't know what else to do. What should we do?
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It's finally raining here. It's warm and just beautiful.

Should I go outside and twirl in the rain even though my coworkers will think I'm strange and I'd be soaking wet when I come back in?

Will you twirl in the rain with me?
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(no subject)

1. if i said "that guy is such a kicker" would you know what i was talking about?

2. what do you call that thing you push around the grocery store and put items in?

3. while i'm on the topic, do you pronounce it grow-cer-ee, grow-sree or grow-shree?

(no subject)

1. Are you or have you been in some way involved in a student environment group? (where?)

2. Some other type of student group? (where?)

3. How did they get people to join?

4. What were your main dislikes?

5. Your favourite things?

6. What would you really like in a student group?

7. If you weren't in a group, why not?
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Will you tell me the name of someone that you used to really care for.. but for whatever reason y'all don't even talk anymore? include one thing that reminds you of them.

Derek, Texas Relays.

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NYC residents or frequent visitors:

My friend are I are going to NYC tomorrow from 10am to about 7pm, and we're looking for something relatively inexpensive and exciting to do, keeping the rain in mind. We're both under 21, and I've already seen Ellis Island (plus I'm a first generation American..) Any ideas?

Also, are there any festivals or flea markets going on tomorrow? Craigslist is only listing pages and pages of *sex toy parties* and clubs.

Hookers and Blow is not an appropriate answer, as we get plenty of that in Albany.


Fun Ideas???


What are some fun things I can do for the next 24 hours by myself?  I'm really bored and I don't have anyone I can hang out with until later this weekend.  Please help with ideas.  Thanks in advance!  :)   
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Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? I don't know much about it but I was wondering how effective it was.
What did you try it for (if you don't mind sharing) and did it work?
What was it like?

If that doesn't apply to you:
How much do you like Easy Cheese on a scale of 1-10 (1 being "it is absolutely horrible and I can't stand it" and 10 being "it is the most fabulous thing EVER and I cannot live without it")?
Care to explain?

Regarding the previous post

Since you are now a hundred pounds overweight, would you just give up and eat?

Do you think it is embarrassing to walk in public as a fat person?

Would you try to hide the fact that you are fat? How would you hide your fat?

Would you still go about having sex at this new found weight? What would that be like?

Could the weigh gain trigger a eating disorder? Let say you just decide you wont eat till you aren’t fat any longer. Do you think this is extreme or alright since you are a hundred pounds overweight?

btw I have no idea why I ask these fat questions. :(

Will you be my friend?

continuing the job-related questions

I need you to run my life, TQC.

Which looks better to you?

Job A: 3.2 miles from home, laid back office, doing a job that I could do very easily and very well.  Lower pay, better hours. Commute of about 5 minutes.  More likely to cause boredom.

Job B: A 45 minute (minimum) commute.  Starts half hour earlier, but I'd have to leave the house at the buttcrack of dawn to get there on time.  Pays a dollar or so higher.  More challenging, less likely to cause boredom. Also more likely to cause stress. Less outside people contact than the other job, which is good, because I'm not really a people person.

I hate job hunting.  HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.  Don't like it, either.

So which would you pick?


Humor me and pretend this is you:

There is something you really want to accomplish or achieve, and it is a worthy goal that you'd love to reach, but you procrastinate. Not just with anything, though...with other things that you enjoy. As a result, you have several worthy goals you want to reach, but you never reach any of them because they each distract you from the other.

How do you remedy the situation...and in the end reach all of the goals (and nip your procrastination/laziness in the bud)?

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What is the best thing about being a woman?
What is the worst thing about being a woman?

What is the best thing about being a man?
What is the worst thing about being a man?
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Do you know who Don LaFontaine is?
Do you know who Frank Welker is?
Do you know w