March 6th, 2008


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In response the the replies in my last question Discovery jobs

if Mike Rowe was to find news of how many people would join the crew just to get a chance to fuck him....

1. How creeped out do you think he'd be?
2. How likely is it that they will never hire another female crew member? (they seem scarce as it is)

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Why do I have such a crippling fear and repulsion of any/all physical contact?

Should I booze away my fears?

I want to bring up the first issue with my therapist but it's a guy and something about that makes me very uncomfortable. If you are/were ever/might ever be in therapy or the like, would you prefer the same gender or not?

I'm going to see Iron Maiden in May, how badass is that going to be?

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J] Who let you go?

E] How many serious relationships have you been in?

Na] What, in your opinion, is the worst band in the entire world?!

Nb] Why do you think they are the worst band in the entire world?

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So, say you have a party and a friend drunkenly breaks something you have to replace. It's a complete accident (glass tabletop at a completely packed party) and they offer to pay for it

How much would it have to cost before you'd actually charge them?

Short Stories!

Can anyone recommend a short story that would be easy to analyze? I have to write a 500 word analysis but am not familiar with many short stories. I would like something that would be easy to write about and one of which is interesting and easy to read/understand. Halp please!
kidding me

Tea kettle

Electric or stove top, what's your favourite tea kettle?

ETA: No, I don't want a choice between electric or stove top, I want to know specifically your favourite tea kettle. Name, links, etc. Price is no issue. Sorry for not being clearer.

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 Well crap, Jeff Healey died on Sunday at the age of 41 and Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer, which I hear is just absolutely horrible stuff. 

So who will be next* from the cast of Road House? Or will it be Jennifer Grey? Ooooh or Whoopie Goldberg? Demi Moore?

*stricken by something beyond their control

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When you have negative biases towards a race, that's called racism, right? Like, "all black people are criminals."

Well... what if it's a positive bias? Like, "All Mexicans are hard workers". Would you still be a racist?
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You have a good car - all ready to go, no problems to be seen, mechanically sound, comfy seats.
You have a sitter for the time, someone you trust and love and your kids will be fine.
You have disposable cash for the time for hotels/food/souvenirs/lap dances/copious bottles of booze.
Your camera is charged and ready to go.
Your bags are packed.
You do not have to work and no one expects you back anywhere anytime soon.


Where are you going on a road trip with other thequestionclub members?
How long you going for?
What are you going to see?
Which other thequestionclub members are coming with you?
Who's driving? Who's the map reader? Who's in charge of music? Who's got the bail money?

Oh noes!! an explosion!

1. A little over 30 minutes ago a military recruiting station in Times Square was hit with a small explosion, so TQC, what caused the explosion, was it the tri-lateral, the aliens, or the tri-lateral conspiring with the aliens? (I'm sure they'll figure it out soon but assume you haven't read the article 6 hours after this was posted) Serious answers only ^_~

2. The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute is paying volunteers $4k to be bitten by mosquitoes infected with malaria so that they can test a cure on you, if given the chance, would you participate?
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If you could remove the vocal cords of one person you KNOW personally for one year, whose would you remove and why? (They get them back at the end of the year)

If you could remove the vocal cords of one famous person for one year, whose would you remove and why? (They get them back at the end of the year)
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Is LJ being a pain to anyone else today? (ie loading slowly, not loading at all, not sending e-mail notifications, not getting messages) OMG REPEAT

Did giraffes beat up Frank the goat? Is that why we're having problems? D:

Also, hi! How are you?


Please, if you will, read this and someone please explain #5 to me.

Why the heck would anyone care if they have to pee after cuddling for a while and then go and "flee the apartment"? Is it really that embarrassing? And what does "missing a spectacular spoon fest" have to do with a urinary tract infection?

Also, did anyone find it irritating that it says "Only men are allowed to drool when giving oral sex, and that’s because they don’t know any better"? So many things wrong with that statement, I don't know where to begin.

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I called in sick for the third straight day today. Now, there is some paperwork that some of my clients were expecting me to fax to them on Tuesday (which I obviously haven't done) which I could easily do. Do you think my boss would be appreciative if I showed up to the office today to finish up my errands, thinking, "Wow, she sure is a trooper!"? Or would she be more inclined to think, "Well, she's clearly not THAT sick", thus making her question my illness? I DO sound and feel horrible.

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1)Help me understand this. A movie theater was playing Persepolis yesterday, but now it's not playing it anymore/.. What's going on? *expects movie theaters to change movies on Fridays* Have you ever been tripped up by things 'everyone knows'?

2)who do you think should go fuck themselves?

that's a long long list- but at the top, are really critical people, assholes, and smug engineering majors.

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What could scientists invent (in pill-form) that you would pay good money for?

How many days a week do you get outside?

What is the best and cheapest meal you have ever had?

Do you ever need quiet time, besides when you are sleeping? 

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My mom and I had a long argument last night about rape and victim blaming and in the end we just both ended up pissed off... I'm still mad. My dad later told me I need to just avoid bringing up subjects like that around her, or if she tries to start the argument to ignore it, because it won't help change her mind and we'll just end up mad. But dammit, subjects like that piss me off and I don't WANT to not argue. After all, she's wrong, and I can't abide by that! ;)

Note, since it's being asked a lot: My side of the argument was that it is NEVER the victim's fault, and it is ALWAYS the rapist's fault. Hers was that "well, sometimes it's their fault for wearing such-and-such or being in such-and-such place".

So TQC, what subject do you have extreme difficulty not arguing/bitching/getting angry over when it's brought up? Do you try to ignore it, like my dad suggests, or do you fight anyway?

Stalkers and comedians...

Here is some background info on my stalker situation. It's under the cut, if you don't care to read.

Collapse )

My question to you, TQC, is what do I do to keep K from coming over, and stalking me? I feel sorry for the guy, but I don't want to deal with him.

For anybody who didn't read this, 

1. Have you ever been to a comedy show?
a. If so who?
b. If not, who is your favorite stand up comedian?

2. What should I wear to a comedy show? I'm going to one Friday night.

EDIT: I told him not to come over everyday, but he just got really mad, and started cussing. But, the next day he was back over.

lies! all lies!!

1. Are you a good liar?

2. Do you enjoy lying?

3. Do you lie often?

4. What was the last thing you lied about?

5. When someone lies, and you know it, do you call them on it?

6. What is a lie that your parents told you that resonated later on? (Santa-lies and such)
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What color do you look best in?

Is it your favorite color?

Do you have an opinion as to which Democrat will come out on top?

Democrats are you ready to know who your candidate is?

How much do concert t-shirts/tank tops go for these days?
I haven't been to a concert in 5 years and I'm going to one tonight & want to bring enough cash.
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Baro Bitch Stare
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Peanut butter?

Okay, so this morning I was making myself a pb&j sandwich when I took a look at the peanut butter jar. I keep it in the pantry, this is how I was taught to store peanut butter, but on the side of the jar it says "CONTAINS NO PRESERVATIVES REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING" *ETA: It is JIF Reduced Fat PB*

So umm, my question to you guys is:

1. Is my peanut butter bad then? It's been sitting in my pantry for months opened.
2. Do you refrigerate your peanut butter?
3. AM I GONNA GET SICK!? Have I just been lucky all these years in not getting sick from eating 'bad' peanut butter??

ETA2: I wrote this after I had already left for umm, sorry to say but my reading comprehension must suck.

The jar said NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED. Maybe I was looking at the jelly jar when I read was early morning. Oops!
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Eye Make up

Why do the bases of my eyelashes hurt whenI wear Eyeliner/Mascara for a few days in a row? It's only on one eye...just very sensitive. 

Does this happen to other people??

What is your Favourite Mascara? Eyeliner? 
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1) If a friend or a co-worker judged you harshly all the time, indirectly(this person isn't telling you this, rather through their actions, etc you've perceived this) making you feel incompetent for every little mistake, how would you handle it?

2) Why does it smell like band-aids after my mom uses her insulin?

3) Were you bullied at all growing up? How? A girl in my class loved to bully me for some reason. I think it was because I was friends with someone that no one liked, so I'd kinda defend her, thus getting bullied myself. Another girl constantly made fun of how I acted, laughing at my awkwardness and such. She also told me I was fat and needed to lose weight, when I was 12. Nice.

4) How fucking awesome is it that I got front(balcony) row, center seats to see Eddie Izzard next month? :D

5) If you've posted something today, have you received your comment notifications?

Does Food taste the same after you crap it out?

Do peas, corn, spinach or carrots have any nutritional value?
If they do have nutritional value, why whenever I consume these items I see them in my fecal matter? I thought you are only supposed to crap out waste.
Do you think the shaped peas, corn, spinich or carrots taste the same after you crap them out?
What are fecal matter?
Welcome Home!

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1. Would you rather watch 15-20 minutes of late night TV as you fall asleep at night, or 30 minutes of morning news as you get ready in the morning?

2. What are you having for lunch today?

3. Sup?
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1. What type of flower would do well growing in a small pot? (The pot is about the size of a gallon of milk. I live in a boring climate/temp zone, so everything is applicable.) Pics/links would be super.

2. I can't think of the word for this literary term. It's like the author is telling this sad/creepy story, but they write it like a fairy tale. The term is like mood or tone or theme, except not. Or is it?

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Dear TQC,
My nephew turns one this month and I need help finding a good gift for him!
His bedroom has a Noah's Ark theme, and I am painting a set of 4 animals to go in it, but I'd also like to get him something that he will actually enjoy at this point in his life.

So, TQC, what are some good toys for one year olds?
What are your favorite sites for babies/children?

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I have a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. I have a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.

No, really, I do. I have a bucket (that's usually used for soaking stained clothes before taking them downstairs to the laundry) that has a hole in the bottom of it. Other than doing a photo shoot with my daughter ("I has a bucket"/"No they took my bucket!") is there anything else I should or could do with it, before throwing it out?
nkotb - joe - yay

Shhh... it's a secret!

Growing up, I always had a secret "thing" for Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that he's grown into his head, I can finally be honest with myself and admit that he's a hottie. (In my opinion!)

Who is/was your secret celebrity lustie(s)??

As mentioned, I liked Leo... and David Hogan aka Jason Bateman.
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1. have you ever started your own lj community? if you haven't actually started your own, are you a mod of any communities? which ones?
2. how many members are in it?
3. why did you start it? if you're a mod, how did you get chosen?

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I recently posted about LDRs, and now I have another question that's sort of related:
Have any of you relocated to another state or country for a significant other?

My S.O. was recently accepted to law school in Nashville, TN and he has asked me to move there with him. However, I have no idea what I would do with my life in Nashville. I have never been there, but I don't see it as a place where I could really build MY career given my interests (ie: advertising, journalism -- careers that pretty much require being in a huge city such as NY). I don't think he'll stay in TN upon graduation, but 3 years is a long time to be somewhere where I can't really work on boosting my career.

I am originally from Atlanta, so I guess I could move back there because it's not too far from Nashville. But in all honesty, I do not want to be in a LDR, yet I can't imagine life with him not in it.

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Should I go rent The Office Season Two Disc One? Or wait until tomorrow to go to Blockbuster because August Rush is coming out?

Should I watch Celebrity Apprentice tonight to see Omarosa fight with that gay guy?

Have you had any breaking news today?

We do right now. ANOTHER Semi tried to miss a train and the trailer got sliced in half. Also, there's a HUGE pot hole (the news is calling it Monster) that causes a ton of expensive tire damage and there's ANOTHER winter storm that will hit Friday.

Should I make Cookies or Cupcakes for my mom to take to work?
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I've had this tune stuck in my head for ages, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. I've tried this string on, which is fairly accurate, but I still can't find it. It's an old 90s alternative/pop rock type of song...

Help me? Go to, paste the below text into the text box, and press play? You might have to press play a second time, after it's gotten itself all sorted out.
c''8 d''8 e''8 f''8 g''4 e''8 d''8 c''8 d''8 e''8 g''4 d''4 b'2. a''8 e''8 d''8 c''4 d''8 e''8 gis''4 e''8 d''8 d''8

And if you won't help there a community that will?

EDIT: Got it! Fastball - "The Way." THANK YOU THANK YOU!
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Who else is getting married this Spring?

What are your colors?

Do you have a picture of what your flowers look like?

What about your cake?

If you would like post pictures of your dress as well.

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TQC, I'm lost.
I was looking at this girl's MySpace and she's a stripper. She had this thing on there that said, "you know you're a stripper if..." and one of the things was, " carry around a box of babies wipes and you don't even have a baby".

Why would a stripper carry around baby wipes if they don't have a baby? I'm assuming it's to wipe her pooper, right?
Luis sloooow

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Does This freak anyone else out?

What is your favourite illusion?

What colour top do you have on?

(I actually posted this in my personal journal last night by mistake and was real bummed when only one person replied cos I thought I'd posted it in TQC. What was the last stupid thing you did?)

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1.I'm really tired of Live Journal being so slow today.
What are you tired of?

2. I have LJ chat but don't know how to access TQC talk, anyone want to help me with this?

3. I have a ton of silk summer dresses left over from last years inventory that I will seriously give away. Just need some takers. I have 3 left. Don't want to see them anymore! >.< They are shin length with pieces of recycled saris from India. They are beautious, but you have to have small boobies:( Takers?
space, fire


Since I am new, TQC, I want to ask:

1) Where are you from?
2) What are you doing with your life, ie--school? work?
3) What are some of your favorite books/music/movies/etc?
4) If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?
5) About how many times per day would you say you post on TQC?

1) I am originally from right outside of Chicago but now I go to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

2) School! I am studying literary journalism and cognitive science.

3) Books I really like are God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman and Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block. Music wise, I love oldies and show tunes. My top five favorite movies, in no particular order, are: Casablanca, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Matrix, The Believer and His Girl Friday. I enjoy TV shows such as Sex and the City, The West Wing, and Firefly. I'm also somewhat of a PC gamer, and recently I played through The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, and I liked them a lot.

4) I would travel all around the U.S. and talk to everyone I meet!

5) I don't know yet, just started.. heh.

What about you??
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now you may brag

Do you ever get teased for traits that are generally thought of as good things?

I get teased for being tall, having good posture, and having a decent vocabulary. When I was in elementary school I was teased for being smart.
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In your opinion.. about how long do you think it takes a person to realize whether their partner is indeed the person that they're meant to be with for the rest of their life? I understand that it's different for everybody but I would think after 3 yrs of being with somebody, SOMETHING would sooner or later hit you and make you realize it, lol

How long did it take you to realize it?
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(no subject)

1) Do you like Chef Boyardee? What kinds? I'm eating Dinosaur pasta for lunch, how boring and bland. Dinosaurs rule though, lol.

2) Are you STILL not getting comments e-mailed? I feel lost without them!

3) What is the best Summer month to schedule a day off? What would you do with your day off?

4) If you could do ANYTHING in the world tonight(you still have to go to work/school the next day), what would it be?

Hatchett not to be buried

According to a mutual friend of me and the most recent ex, she says she can't burry the hatchett with me.

Have you ever not been able to make amends with an ex? Why?

Has someone not been able to make amends with you? Do you know their reasoning?

Think about someone you're angry with, if they came up to you and apologized or tried would you let go of all your fucking anger? If your answer is no, what did they do to you that made things the way they are?
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inspired by another post

1. Do you use the term "gyp" or "gypped" as in, "Man, that stripper totally gypped me," or "What a gyp!"

2. Do you use the term "jew" or "jewed" as in, "I tried to jew him down on the price, but he wouldn't budge," or "Man, that machine totally jewed you!"

3. What would you think if someone used terms like this in front of you? In front of a group of people?

4. Talk amongst yourselves.
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Say you have early stages of cancer. How exactly would you and your doctor find out? It's not like every time you visit your doctor he test for any types of cancer...maybe I'm just being a paranoid hypochondriac, but I'm just wondering exactly how people find out they have cancer if they show no signs.

On a lighter note, why is Tyra Banks so damn crazy?

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Poll #1150037 It's PAT!

Patrick Swayze has cancer. Some sources say that he has like 5 weeks to live. It's sad, but we have to start preparing ourselves for a Swayze-less world. If and when he kicks the bucket, who will be the first person his spirit will try and contact?

His wife
His kids
Whoopie Goldberg
Hahaha. Afterlife. Ain't no such thing

Patrick Swayze's greatest cinematic contribution for you is _____?

Red Dawn
Point Break
Dirty Dancing
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
City of Joy
Next of Kin
None of the above.

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What are the Bourne Identity movies about? Can anyone give me a really concise description of WHAT the big secret is? I'm theoretically interested but I can't ever finish the first movie.

You know when you poop or pee after you've been drinking a lot of coffee and your poop and pee smell like coffee? How does it make you feel?

Best way to eat an artichoke?

What's the deal with handjobs? They're kind of awkward.

Edited to add: Don't you wish you could go jellyfishing like in Spongebob?
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So you randomly burst into song in your day-to-day life?

When you're alone in a large public restroom (or when people are there, who knows), do you like to sing in there because the echo makes it sound cool?

What song would you say you randomly start singing for no reason the most often?

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I'm thinking back to the other day when someone said they found it extremely rude when friends just drop in.

I'm kinda the same, I don't find it rude really, it just throws me off guard and I don't like it. So, who else feels the same? Does it bother you when friends just drop round?

What other things that your friends do annoy you?
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I've got a hair appointment on tuesday. cut and color. Light blonde and purple, that's been decided. However, what should I DO with the colors? What kind of look should I go for? Should I cut it up to my shoulders? Help me, TQC! I was going to go for blonde on top and purple underneath, but will that look dumb? Note: for work purposes it can't be ALL purple or anything, but my boss said "unnatural colors are fine as long as the style isn't distracting or offensive".

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Pictures are nice...

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What are the titles for the worship leaders and worshipers in different church denominations?

I know Lutherans have Pastors and Congregations, and Catholic churches have a Priest, but beyond that I'm lost. I've got to call a bunch and I don't want to screw up somehow by calling someone the wrong name.

(I know, stupid thing to be nitpicky over, but I'm phone-stupid already and getting corrected would throw me off.)
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my left hand is tingly and kind of numb and sorta closing in on itself (like, its closed and hard to open up).

Am I going to die?

This usually only happens when I'm having a panic attack, but I'm not having one, I'm actually feeling quite calm.
Would me having a cup of coffee this morning have anything to do with it?
Space Pope

The Psycho Test

This is to test whether or not you're a psycho. A lady's mother dies and at the funeral this lady meets the man other her dreams and falls instantly in love, however, she does not get he name and number. A few days later she kills her sister.

What is her motive in killing her sister?

(no subject)

Suppose you have a crush on someone who works in a restaurant. You and the person have a flirty thing going on, but nothing has really developed from it yet. Say you need a new job. Is it more stalkerish to apply to for a job at his store, or the restaurant next door?

Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

What's a funny story about your pet?

Last winter, my pomeranian was outside going potty at my mom's house (she lives on a farm), and an owl swooped down and snatched her up. I was freaking out till a few minutes later when I saw Mindy come running back towards the house. Apparently the owl had dropped her into the snow and Mindy didn't even realize what happened.

(no subject)

so i just got an alarm clock where you can connect an mp3 player/portable cd player/etc to it so it'll play it, only thing being you need to buy the cord that connects them. this is going to sound kind of dumb i'm sure, but what are those connecty cords called? where can i get one?

EDIT: it's this alarm clock
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(no subject)

Which is easier, making friends on LJ or in real life?

If someone on LJ really pisses you off, do you forgive them or hate them forever?

Is the answer different for real life?
Gone to my happy place by neversince

TV time!

Right now I'm marathoning my way through the entirety of The Unit, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite tv shows. However it seems to have no online fandom (I've found an entirety of five fics out there and no icons) and no one I know has even heard of the show. So, two questions!

1) Have you heard of this show? If yes, what do you think?
2) What shows do you love that seem to be completely unknown to everyone else? Why do you love them?
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(no subject)

What's the most annoying thing someone has said to you/about you today?
Mine has to be:
"You know you've hit rock bottom when Steffi makes fun of your hair."
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(no subject)

1. How far would you be willing to drive to go to a specific store? 30 minutes? An hour? Several hours?
2. Would it matter if it was a grand opening or a huge sale?
3. Have you ever taken a road trip to go shopping? Where to? What did you buy?

(no subject)

do you believe in life on other planets?
Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?
If so, do you think they’ve had contact with Earth?
Any pet theories about alien phenomena you’d like to share with the group?

(no subject)

Sometimes when I'm Stumbling, I hit the "Stumble!" button and the logo rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise. Nothing loads, and if I wait a while, I starts working again.

Has anyone else had this happen?

What does it mean? At first I thought it meant I'd run out of pages, but there's an actual "Out" page on StumbleUpon, and it's not like a wait a while and then only one more page is available. It works just like before.

Does it mean the site's down, or something?

(no subject)

If you were the fashion police what would you give tickets for? What would you make an arrest for? What fashion mistake would get the death penalty?

What's something that's not illegal, but you think should be?

(no subject)

What's your favorite TQC post of all time?
I think the "Do you stand or sit when you wipe your butt?" one was pretty epic.

Also, if you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be?

Weight Factor Regarding Relationships

Would you date someone that was overweight or obese?
Why wouldn't the weight bother you?
Would your friend’s opinion inhibit you pursuing a relationship with someone due to their weight?
If you dated someone who was moderately overweight or obese, tell me something about them that were beautiful? Next tell me something unattractive regarding this person.

(no subject)

1) Who do you think will win March Madness?  I'm not asking who you would like to see win, but who statistically has the best chance of winning.

1b) Who would you like to see win?

2) How often do you check LJ?   TQC?
im french

(no subject)

1. Is there any way I can get Girl Scout cookies online? I want some and I don't know any Girl Scouts.

2. What's your opinion on flavored vodkas?

3. I need a cause to care about because I'm bored. What cause should I care about?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had something you thought to be a major turn off actually not be so bad?
Will you tell me what it was?
What's the biggest age gap between you and someone you slept with?
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(no subject)

Z) What commerical makes you laugh everytime you see it?

Y) Which is better? Simpsons or Family Guy?

X) Whats your favorite flavor of Pringles?

W) Smoothies or Milkshakes?

V) Whens your birthday?

U) Wanna be friends? (PS! I'm gonna be adding all you awesome LJers that say yes!)

Dr Schmoctor

Whenever I go to the Dr. and  she asks me the standard q's (if I do drugs, smoke or drink) I always answer completely honestly.  
I feel like I don't drink or smoke that much, especially compared to age group, but I get this sense of disapproval from her. I think this might be because I read a study that claimed 70% of people lie to their doctors.
Therefore I'm curious, TQC:

Do you lie to your doctor? About what?
And if you don't, do you ever get the feeling she/he disapproves?


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I feel schizo you guyz, HELP ME!

Dilemma: I have finished my AA degree and taken all my generals and need to choose a path. Since I can't seem to make up my mind, I'm leaving it up to you TQC! For the lolz here ppl. Or for all seriousness, srsly.

Should I get my masters and be an Elementary School teacher for a Montessori school and work at a daycare for the time being?


Should I get a bachelor's degree in Interior Design, and start staging houses and get my license for Real Estate for the time being?

Srs answers only k thnx byez?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Is this sentence grammatically correct?:

"You must have an equal or greater number of chips than the other player..."

I think that it isn't grammatically correct, because you couldn't say: "You must have an equal number of chips than...", but my colleagues disagree. What do you think?
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(no subject)

When is the last time you told someone the truth about a bad decision you thought they were making?
How did that affect the relationship with this person?
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Fabric dying

Do you think it would be easier to bleach print some images into dark cotton? Or to wax resist and then dye white cotton?

I am worried that dying won't be dark enough but that bleach is bad for fabrics and could just eat holes through them.

Sheets that is, I am making my boyfriend some sheets that do not involve a camo print for our anniversary and I'm looking for the best way to get a good contrast between black/navy blue sheets and white stencil shapes.

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1. should I get the Apple Care Protection Plan for my MacBook?

2. Can you suggest a few movies that I can rent from Netfliz? I'm feeling blue and I need something to keep me entertained.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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So a few days ago I'm sitting at the computer reading and all of a sudden I get so dizzy I fall out of my chair. The dizziness lasted for several hours. I tried eating a snack mix with high protein, potassium, and carbs, but it didn't help. I also took a decongestant at the insistence of my girlfriend. It got better after I woke up, but I was still a bit dizzy.

What do you think it is? Am I pregnant? I mean, I've never had sex before, but yanno, I could be the new Mary (*rolls eyes*).

Today I went out with my mum and ran a bunch of errands. We were in and out of the snow and then we went to eat at Friday's. I had the fish tacos (yeah, my mom cracked up when I ordered. The waiter was embarrassed). I ate two out of three and then we went to the mall. While walking around in Penney's, I started feeling nauseous and hot. My mum told me my face was flushed. I sat down while she finished shopping and then we drove home. I started feeling more and more worse and I got sick to my stomach and had diarrhea.
Do I have food poisoning? Or would I only throw up if the fish was bad? Would it hit that soon?
Should I go to the hospital or wait? I haven't gotten the flu in about ten years, so I don't know if it's that or not.

 Did you crack up when you saw the words fish taco? It had this white-ish creamy sauce and my mind went to nasty places. It certainly didn't help that my mom kept sniggering.

Have you ever been to an adult novelty store with one of your parents?  Mum and I went today and she took me when I bought my first toy :D
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in terms of dating and relationships and whatnot..

1. do you think there's such a thing as one person being "out of the league" of another person?
2. do you get upset when you notice someone is attracted to someone that's out of their league?
3. have you ever gone out with someone that was, by typical social standards, out of your league? how did that work out for you?

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My grad school program starts in August this year, so I'm starting to fill out my FAFSA. Online it asks which FAFSA I want to file:

The 2008-2009 School Year (July 1st, 2008 - June 30th, 2009)
The 2007-2008 School Year (July 1st, 2007 - June 30th, 2008)

I would think it'd be 2008-2009, but my mom says she thinks the 2007-2008 one. That doesn't make any sense to me.

Which would you select?
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all right. my brother and i are trying to make a stop-action movie using photos and a song. we want to have the photos change on the beat.

what program can we use to do this?

we were thinking of trying powerpoint but there's got to be a better way. maybe.
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Horton Hires a Hore

1. Anyone else thinking that the Horton Hears a Hoo movie looks really, really bad?


Which would be more insulting for Dr. Seuss?

Filling his corpse with candy, hoisting it from a tree, and beating him until the goodies came out
Movie adaption of the Lorax, directed by Judd Apatow, starring Will Farrel and Owen Wilson. Soundtrack by Fallout Boy

Edit: I just saw a longer trailer, and it actually looks 5x worse than it did when I made this post
oh mr. tea

Myers-Briggs types on TQC

For those of you who have taken the Myers-Briggs test, which personality type are you? (Alas, because there are 16 types and LJ's polls only allow you 15 options, the percentages will be a little off.) I'm curious to see if, because we all seem to enjoy answering random questions and such, there's a particular personality that's the clear majority. Or not. And if our demographics match the USA demographics mentioned on Wiki, or not. And stuff. My curiosity cup, it runneth over.

Poll #1150105 What Myers-Briggs type are you?

What are you?


OR (since the option limit is 15, and there are 16 types!)

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