March 5th, 2008

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So, I have tendonitis in my right foot. On top of that, I keep twisting it in one way or another that usually involves me being hilariously clumsy. So I've decided it's doing more harm than good attached to my body.

What's the most epic and awesome way I could possibly get rid of my right foot?
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Will you tell me about a time that you ate greedily?

This afternoon I was out doing some errands and I planned to get a snack because I was sort of hungry-I hadn't had lunch an it was like 4pm. By the time I got out of the store with a bag of Flat Earth veggie crisps I was starving and opened them as soon as I got out of the store and ate a whole bunch. I ate as I drove too for a couple minutes.
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So say someone like Keira Knightley wanted to get implants, I don't know, something along the lines of 42D's. Could she get implants that big? It doesn't seem like she has the boob skin to cover implants that size. How does that work, do they stretch the skin?
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How do you address to a PO Box?

I bought a box for 6 months today, and I don't know whether it should be like this:

PO Box 139501235
123 Post Office Lane
City, State, Zip

or is it just

PO Box 139501235
City, State, Zip

Google and were no help :(


Is there a way to get rid of the red in the sunburn quickly, i have to do a presentation tomorrow and i am very burn and very enevenly.  I have an aloe plant and ive been using that but its a small plant and i dont want to use it all up.


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Has anyone here had someone do this tickling thing to you? You have your finger nails/tips bunched together in the centre of someone's knee, then move all fingers out until your hand is spread, lightly but firmly pressing on the knee as you go out.
You can't do it to yourself.
How would you describe it feeling?
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Do people in Canada get annoyed when you receive United States change? Will stores accept a US coin if you try to pay with it?

Americans - what do you do with Canadian change? People give it to you, but then they won't take it! Arg. I've got mounds of it.

Listen to me, you perverted plastic horse.

Is Cute With Chris (the weekly video show, or the website) pure Canadian genius, or really irritating? Does it grow on you after a while?
He is my savior.

How does thong underwear make you feel?
It makes me think of butt floss. The fabric gets way too near my actual asshole for comfort, so I go the way of the mom-ass panty-lines instead.

Do you ever assign human personality traits to species of animals?
Horses remind me of distinguished nobles and of kind-hearted policemen. Poodles remind me of high-strung socialites. Both my cats remind me of drug dealers I've known––the shifty black one is for sure a coke dealer, and my jumpy confused half-blind white cat is like that man who used to deal acid under a tree in Central Park who eventually got arrested and disappeared.

Do you ever pop other people's prescriptions when they're offered? Or are pharmaceuticals way too serious to be taken that lightly?
My roommate inherited a bottle of her late grandmother's Tramadols, so we popped them like crazy for a couple of days.

Opinions on kimchi, if any?
Good in stew.

Food poll

For the next two months, you have to eat your weight in one particular food. What do you pick?

Mr. Goodbars
Pancakes (weight of syrup not included)
McDonalds cheeseburgers
Porterhouse steak
Chicken wings
Lucky Charms
Kung Pao chicken
Ice cream
Taco Bell bean burritos
Potatoes (toppings are allowed)

You're at an ice cream parlor, and there's every topping imaginable. What toppings will end up on your bowl of ice cream?

Rainbow Sprinkles
Crushed walnuts
Chocolate syrup
Strawberry pieces
Caramel syrup
Crushed Oreos
Banana slices
Whipped cream
Chocolate sprinkles
Butterscotch syrup
Nothing on my ice cream, please

Favorite meat to eat?

I don't eat meat

Favorite bread?

I don't eat bread
The Big Yellow Joint

Ring ring

It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. But there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing. Something’s happening in the world.

1. What's happening?
2. Who's going to answer the phone?
3. How many rings will it take for him/her/it to answer?

Only non-serious answers, please.
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nothing is sacred

1. I've been making smartass commentary in my history book for the benefit of its future owners. These two photos are just begging for alteration of some kind. Suggestions?

Collapse )

2. I am a genius, Y/Y? Would you like to get a history book with random lulz and asshattery in the margians or would you be angry? I'm highlighting the important stuff too, if that helps.
Great job!

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Why the fuck do people pop a huge boner for guitar playing? Specificaly accoustic guitar.

Everytime I go to a college party there is some jackass in a room playing guitar with 20 people just standing around watching/listing. Fuck that.

I can't fucking stand it when people think they need to play accoustic guitar whenever there a bunch of people around.

And why the shit do people listen? That shit sucks.

I hate music.

Why do you get such a hardon/wet panties for music?
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If you could have known someone you know now as a child, who would you choose?

Do you think that they had a happy childhood, from what you know?

Did you have a happy childhood?

Youth sizes

What does "youth" mean in sizes? I want to order a t-shirt online and they have no sizing chart or anything. I used to think "youth" meant "kids" but the shirt doesn't seem like it'd be appropriate for a kid so now I'm wondering if it means like teenager-aged.

The sizes are listed as Youth Medium, Youth Large, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Usually unisex small t-shirts are too large for me, do you reckon the youth sizes would be a better fit?
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Thanks to an delightfully miserable morning at work so far, I must wonder... when was the last time you were blamed for something that wasn't your fault? What happened?

Internet Speak in the Real World

An employer of mine just ‘LOL’ in an email. It kind of made me laugh that people use internet speaks at work.

Do you know people that use internet speak in their real life?

I also met a guy who writes his English essays in school with internet speak. I couldn’t believe his teacher would give him an A.

What are your thoughts on English Classes accepting internet speak?

Discuss please!


1. what do you yearn for?

2. where is your next vacation to?

3. have you ever had joint drainings with steroid injections?

4. how many times can you have a single joint drained and injected? ex. knee

my answers:
1. i don't know

2. my spring break starts on friday and i'm going home but my next not to home vacation is hopefully going to be when i go visit my boyfriend in FL for a weekend in the fall

3. yes

4. I don't know that is why I'm asking

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So all the girls I've slept with have been very cute, intelligent, funny girls with fairly good taste in music and just all-around great to be around and talk with. They have been my kind of girls and our friendships never really ended after the relationship did (if it ever officially began).

Then why is it that there is this burning urge to sleep with a vapid, fakebaked, mini-skirt ugg boot, a bit too much makeup girl who loooooves whatever's on the radio?

Is it... science?
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So, TQC! Collapse )

1) How stupid was I for calling the number without trying to check up on it first?
2) How worried should I be? I can't find anything actually confirming that calling this number was a bad thing to do.
3) Is my mom going to kill me when I tell her?

Baby, what's your bag?

1: Ladies, what you do you call your bag?

a: purse
b: handbag
c: pocketbook
d: Mommy bag
e: other

2: What do you think of guys who carry a bag?

3: What is the most have you spent on a bag?

4: What do you always carry in your bag/purse?

5: Do you have matching luggage? 

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1) Is it sad that not being able to print put my office out of commission this morning? we're all sitting here like "well, I can't really do anything...", lol. The phones didn't even work at first this morning. (We're all digital and shit, our phones are through the internets

2) When you get horny and your SO doesn't want it/you don't have a SO, do you feel like you'd screw anyone halfway decent looking just to satisfy yourself? lol.

3) Buttons on your messenger bag: cute, or so 2003?
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Hypothetically speaking

You fucked your brother's good friend this past summer and haven't told anybody. However, your brother's friend keeps making sexual advances on you and it's starting to bug the shit of you because that one time was a huge mistake to begin with.

You are somewhat close to your brother but he watches and judges your actions closely because he cares and wants the best for you.

Do you tell your brother without giving the backstory, risking him finding out about the sex from his friend?
Do you tell your brother with the backstory, risking his scorn and loss of respect for you?
Do you continue to be quiet about it and just take the creepy sexual advances?

Or do you just fuck the friend and not give a shit about any and all consequences?

What was your last sticky situation?

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Non vegetarians/vegans:

Would you not buy a product marked as vegetarian or vegan? (I'm not talking about soy dogs, but like chips, or iceblocks or something)

Would this change if it was something you already bought regularly that has just added a 'suitable for' label, as opposed to a new product?
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Dearest TQC,

I will be taking my best friend to Dallas next weekend (14th-16th) to celebrate her birthday (which is on the 16th) now I am not entirely familiar with Dallas and yes, I've looked on some websites to see what all is going on (so that we'll have stuff to do while we're there)

What I need help with is.. on how to make her birthday as special as I can. I am already inviting a ~special guest~ (this one guy that she has a huge crush on, he's supposed to act like he can't come hang out with us and then BAMM show up out of nowhere to surprise her) then I am going to end up decorating her hotel room in ~princess~ stuff lol and yes, I am getting her a tiara for her to wear around all night :)

For the majority of Saturday night 9pm-? we'll be at the hotel drinking so.. yeah. I am also getting her a strawberry cheesecake which will serve as her "cake". We were also thinking about going to Six Flags but erm.. $50/60 a ticket per person.. EEK lol

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I slept with the guy I like after knowing him a couple of weeks. I think we have a pretty cool thing going on there. I felt good and happy. After talking to my mother I feel guilty. Why on earth do I feel guilty?! What do I do against it?!

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Ladies! On a scale of Unnoticeable to I WILL KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES AND SOME THAT DON'T, How bad is your PMS? How much do external factors like stress affect it?

Mine's usually pretty moderate, but gets ten times worse under stress.

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1. What is energy? Do you understand it?

2. What makes the heart pump?

3. Do you believe in magic? If so, why? If not, why?

4. Have you ever seen a ghost, or thought you did?

5. What is the temperature in your refrigerator set at?

6. Do you think it matters if we waste energy?

7. What are we using that you think we could run out of?

8. How could running out of a natural valuable source effect us?

9. Do you believe we can mimic natural resources through science, and save our planet?

10. Do you think we wil be brushed off like a bad case of dandruff?

Wii games

Can you help me TQC?
It's my birthday and I've decided that I'm getting a Wii with my monies.  This will be my first new game platform since my Sega Genesis, if that tells you anything.

I love puzzles but I'm not particularly fond of FPS or sports games, so TQC, can you recommend any good games?

I've already decided I'm getting:
-Mario Galaxy
-Guitar Hero
-Rayman Raving Rabbids
-Big Brain Academy
-HP: Order of the Phoenix
-Avatar: Burning Earth
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K guys I need an urgent answer!

I just had an allergic reaction to my face wash. My face has gone red an blotchy and I look disgusting. This has happened before and it usually goes away in a couple of hours. However I have to leave for a lecture in five minutes and I don't wanna turn up looking gross cos I dunno anyone in this class yet and no one will be my friend if I;m blotchy and red.

Cute Bow-tie Michael

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1. Will someone please paste the new Questionable Content strip ( here so I can read it? I'm at school, and they've blocked the site.

2. What proxy do you use for getting past blocks?

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The temp agency I work for thinks I would be a perfect fit for a receptionist position at this big time company. The rep at the agency wants me to ‘dumb down’ my resume so I can score an interview. He also noted that the client wants a high end receptionist that can own the position.

What are some key words to jump out at a employer regarding a Receptionist position?
books- peacelove&books


What book(s) are you all currently reading?

Have you all read the Stephanie Plum series? What books are similiar to those that you recommend?

What about the Sookie Stackhouse series? What books do you recommen that are like that series?
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1- What's the last dumb thing you did, or failed to do?
2- What would you like, right now?
3- What's the last thing you wrote by hand?

1- I forgot to pay off my cellphone bill... this is especially sad, because I work in a store for my cellphone company. :(
2- Pineapples, and/or key lime yogurt. *__*
3- Probably a receipt at work yesterday. We do them by hand, we suck.
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What are some interesting and/or unique ways to store earrings? I'm using an old ribbon now, but I'm bored of it.

Do you ever feel bad when someone replies to everyone in a post except for you? Or, when you post and you reply to almost every comment, do you feel bad for not replying to them all?
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TQC, I have been at this job for two months and as hard as I try to overcome it, it is not my pacing. I have several odd responsibilities that come at random, it's extremely sporadic and unstructured, and some things I do maybe once every three weeks that I forget very quickly how to do (so when they come up again I'm supposedly trained, but IDK WTF to do)... and from what my boss says, most people get the hang of this job after two weeks and I still don't. My pacing is more of a specifically focused one, I like to have a handful of regular responsibilities and I kick ass at those, but any more than that and I tend to get easily disorganized and stressed and forget what I'm doing and make frequent mistakes.

I'm looking for another job, though I won't leave this one until I have another lined up. But that's not my point.

TQC, what is your work pace? Are you fast and better with something new every day, or do you prefer structured and focused? Something else? In between? .... Etc? :P

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An excellent employee of many years has had a lapse in judgment and is set to be terminated for cause. At the meeting, he pleads that he is allowed to resign right then instead of being terminated. Should he be allowed to do this?

Have you ever heard of someone resigning or attempting to resign during a termination?
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So  I am almost all moved into my new apartment, the only major thing I need to start thinking about is painting it.
[I have permission to paint it, to "make it mine", but nothing too crazy..]

I bought a little roman shade [color under the cut] and the only paint color I can think that would go with this is like a butter or cream color.. I want a sophisticated color though, that's no too crazy. I was thinking maybe a grey.
I'm also thinking about buying a whole new bed set, probably black.

What would be a good color to paint my room?

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Did any of you have to cover your books when you were in grade school? If so, what'd you use?

-At the beginning of the year in second grade we had the "how to cover your books tutorial" and every year from then on we had to cover our books. I used paper bags because we had so many at our house.

Were you good at making book covers? Are you good at wrapping gifts now?

-I sucked at making books covers. My edges were never nice and crisp. I believe this is also why I suck so bad at wrapping gifts.
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(no subject)

I was told once that computers sometimes mysteriously crash when the hard drive is half full. I'm using about 40Gigs out of 100 and desperately trying to use as little as possible. TQC, is this ridiculous or is it true? Will my laptop die a fiery death if I use half the space on it?

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So I found out am pregnant, according to the doctor I'm about 3-4 weeks pregnant. My concern is that he said I was at risk of miscarriage because I've had hormonal problems in the past, he also said it was very likely for this to happen and to not get my hopes too high with this.

So I want to ask, have any girls here been through this? How was this like? How are you coping?

I hope this is not offensive, and if it is tell me. sorry. But I don't k now of anyone who could help me through this, the people at the doctor's seem to busy to want to answer this.

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Get out of my car!

So, twice in my life I've had strangers suddenly come up to me and just jump in my car and ask for a ride.

These are probably also the only two times that I would be around with my car doors unlocked, but anywho.

1. Would you get in a stranger's car? What if you were stranded for some reason?

2. Have you ever given a ride to a stranger?
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real men read


1. Do you ever find yourself using anachronistic terminology?
I just found myself saying "grok."

2. Are there any things that you HATE at only certain times of day?
I hate having to talk on the phone before, say, 9:30am and can't abide arguing after 10pm.

Bread clips

What do bread clips look like in your country/region?

Can you please take a photo of the bread clip currently in residence in your pantry and post it here.

This is a matter of (inter)national interest.

Edit: A bread clip is one of these:

If your area doesn't use them, then show me what you use to keep the bread bag closed once you've opened it.
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UHM, when was the last time you brought TQC into real life? (like.. outside the internet, I KNOW! such a thing exists! D:)

one of my co-workers wrote something in Latin on our board, so I went and erased it and in place wrote something that reminded me of pelomalo 'digo la verdad, hasta cuando miento'

which TQC member would you like to get to know better? what do you want to know about them?
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Is there an active community specifically for animated dancing icons?

What's the last piece of good news you received? Eddie Izzard is doing an American tour and 3 stops in Boston omgyay!

What's the last weird phonecall you got? Some guy just called my company (we sell rubber o-rings and stuff) and told me he and his daughter 'need to be checked for this hepatitis thing' and kept asking me "if i know the number"

(no subject)

My school, like thousands of others worldwide, is doing a production of The Vagina Monologues. The show is being sponsored by my school's Women's Centre, and I am one of two co-coordinators. This year, the other co-coordinator is in charge of the show (I did it last year.)

Now, here is the question I pose to you all. As the co-coordinator of the organization that is putting on the event, do you think I should receive a complimentary ticket to the show? My co-coordinator has not mentioned anything at all about it, and I feel kind of awkward bringing it up, but part of me feels that, hey, I deserve one.

What say you, TQC?
marcel's rap

Fans of "America's Best Dance Crew"!

1) Which crew is your favourite?

2) Which crew deserves to win?

3) Which crew will probably win?

4) Isn't Jordan from BreakSk8 the hottest piece of ass on that show? (He's the taller blonde one who was in the middle when they danced to Ciara's "Step Up.")

Feel free to elaborate in any of your answers!

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i have a physics test, econ test, and in-class essay to do tomorrow and i have a research paper due friday that i really need to work on, and i feel like complete shit with my sinuses and allergies. i haven't missed a day of school all year because i really hate missing school and doing the make-up work, but i'm thinking about staying home for once and working on my research paper.

should i stay home tomorrow, or suck it up and just go to school?
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What restaurant food do you wish was available at the grocery store? (Ex: You can go to White Castle or you can buy a box of frozen White Castles at the grocery store.)

(no subject)

So, what are you currently writing an essay on?

Or, if you're not working on one, that was the last essay you were assigned?

Mine's on Sodom and Gomorrah. I like writing essays, but on this one I'm srsly stuck.

(no subject)

1) When was the last time you talked to either of your parents and what was the conversation about?

2) How much time can you go without seeing or talking to your best friend before you miss them?
Lee is weird.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

So my work has this policy about weather emergencies.....

"If the emergency level is high in an employee's county of residence, but not in the county where their workplace resides, the employee make take PTO. An employee should always consider their safety first."

Now...between yesterday when i left work...and this dropped a 1/2 inch of ice and 4-5 inches snow. All counties in the area were on a Level 2 emergency.

So I called my office, saying that I would take one of the PTO days I have (since I have like 8.5

Well, I got an email basically stating that I needed to come in and that my PTO wouldn't be honored.

So I got to drive on the ice rinks that are the roads right outside of my house....

Is it all right to be pissed because of the fact we have a policy that it seems no one can use?

(no subject)

Which is your favourite brat pack movie?

The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
Weird Science
St Elmo's Fire
One you've left out that I'll mention in the comments
I've never seen any/they're all loathsome

Personally I opted for the Breakfast Club, but Pretty in Pink runs a very close second.
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(no subject)

Whenever you eat something really greasy do you feel the grease go into your pores on your face?
Cause I sure as fuck do and it's SO gross. More reason to not eat greasy foodstuffs.
chan marshall

(no subject)

What book should i read? I usually read books that are based on true events. I have read about Cambodian killing fields, Storys of people from North Korea you know that kind of cheerful stuff.

Ok let's make it one book based on true stuff and one not. :)

Also someone once said "Women with no female friends aren't to be trusted" what are your thoughts on that?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

Howdy, patnuhs.

I gots questions.

1. What type of program, similar to Window's Paint (in simplicity), easier than Photoshop, is there FOR FREE, for Mac computers?

2. Pokemon are constantly fighting and fainting. They are attacked with "Drill Pecks" and "Flame Wheels"....but why dont they die?

3. When people make icons out of "screencaps," how do they go about getting those screencaps? I cant take screen shots  when my DVD player is on, it wont let me. Soo, what gives, homeskillet?
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(no subject)

It's all your fault, isn't it?

Why did you do it?

Can't you do anything right?

Will you ever learn?

Also, TQC, I'm convinced that the people I work with hate me and think I'm incompetent. I know myself and I know I'm always paranoid about things like this. I'm doing my job the best I can. Is it all just in my head?

itchy scratchy

Any of you get a tattoo only to find out your allergic to the ink?
Certain color your allergic to?

I just had color added to my chest piece a month or so ago and the blue bits itch really bad.
While pregnant I had issues with an old tattoo that was made up mostly of blue ink. I assumed it was a weird pregnancy thing. 
Noo I am not pregnant!

Edit: Happy now?

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(no subject)

do you know of any sites other than where i can look at local parents who need nannies/babysitters? there have to be more sites out there than that. and yes, i've checked craigslist.

is there a site where i can host a video that's about 16 minutes long? photobucket won't do it because it's more than 5 minutes long.

do you like rice pudding? i freakin' love it.

(no subject)

what does your laugh sound like?

what animal noise does it sound like?

does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?

Edit: the gum question is from a song. Ya know, "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight? if you wake up in the morning will it be to hard to bite?" I am not being serious about the question.  
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

So I do not have a blow dryer right now and am not going to immediately buy a new one. I have longish, somewhat thick hair. After class and before work I would like to take a shower and dry my hair so it doesn't freeze when I go outside. I'd have about an hour and a half.

basically the question is, how can I dry my long, thick hair quickly and efficiently without a blow dryer?


 1. Is there any difference between:

A. A fling and an affair? 

B. A  vacation and a get away?

C. A robbery and a stick-up?

2. Is it generally better to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right reasons?

3. Are you generally pleased with the life you're living right now?

4. What was the last cool thing you bought for yourself?
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Curious question for those of you who smoke cloves...

What are your favorite kind of cloves? I like specials, but all of my friends think they suck and prefer blacks. It would seem the general population would agree, because most of the time when I go to buy a pack, they'll try to give me blacks if I don't specify. I didn't even realize blacks were cloves, until my friends started smoking them. I don't think they were around when I started smoking 9-10 years ago.

I also recently went to Florida, and the gas station next to our hotel had like six different kinds of cloves. Is this common in places that aren't LA? I bought a pack of the cherry ones; they're not bad. How are the others? I wasn't even sure what the distinction was on some of them.
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talk dirty to me!

1. TQC, will you stay in the house...and continue to rock my world?
2. TQC, does every rose, in fact, have a thorn?
3. TQC, will there be a 3rd installment of that show so bret michaels can continue to get laid?
4. TQC, does VH-1 have a soul?
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(no subject)

1. Do you watch the TV program "You Are What You Eat"?

2. What does your "table" look like this week? (For our purposes, we'll say starting Sunday-today)
» for those of you who don't watch the show, Gillian, the holistic nutritionist host, makes the person keep a food diary for a week of everything they eat/drink. Then she takes the list, and lays out all those items on a table.
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(no subject)

Have you ever made a model from a model kit?
Was it awesome?
Any tips?

What's your take on flavoured toothpastes aside from mint?

ETA: have you ever taken melatonin? How was it for you?
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(no subject)

Do you have a friend/relative/some person you barely know who seems perfectly sane and intelligent IRL, but online they're complete moronic douches? If so, will you tell me about them?

What about the opposite issue? Have you ever met anyone who was well-spoken and interesting online, but IRL was a fucking socially inept nutcase (or any other variety of crazy)? Stories pls.
hewlett butt

Post formal interview thank you note

I had an interview on Monday and just realised I should have sent a thank you note after wards and I'm working on it now. I'd never heard of sending a thank you note until I read TQC, oddly enough. Go American Public School systems.

I was very nervous and I stuttered quite a bit, but I think she liked some of the things I said.

What should I say in my thank you note that lets her know that I'm not normally jittery like that and that I really like the job and want it badly while sounding professional and not needy?
It's a Teller position in a bank if it matters.
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Quinn Twin

Giggleprint or Similar?

My mother just moved here and is starting up her own business. In the past, when she's done this before, she just got by on word of mouth, but I think it would be really nice for her (or me) to have business cards to hand out to people who are interested.

I googled "free business cards" since my friend mentioned a web site but she couldn't remember the name. I found one called Giggleprint and I think, based on the sounds she made when she was trying to remember it, LOL, it's the one. Obviously, neither of us can be sure since she still doesn't remember. :p

Has anyone here ever used Giggleprint or a similar service and can you offer me any advice on sites to check out or avoid in this kind of thing? Thanks!
i say, old bean

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would you feel awkward if your friend and their SO wanted you to join them for a threesome?
would it depend on the friend?
would it depend on your level of sobriety?

have you fallen down recently?
have you ran into anything in the last week or so?

whatcha thinking about right now?
fitting into the world

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I just recently got a hold of some songs from the musical Annie.  It's my favorite musical and only one of the very few musicals I like.

1.  What are your favorite musicals?

2.  Like mushrooms?  What about in tomato sauce?

3.  TV movies (w/ commercials) - yay or nay?
Georgie - Smiles

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1 - Which country has the strangest money you've come across?

2 - What are you listening to a lot recently?

3 - Wanna be friends? Here's me.


1 - I think Australian coins are weird (the 50c has like 12 sides or something) and the $2 is smaller than the $1, which is incredibly annoying coming from New Zealand.

Also, my brother has some coins from Swaziland which are like, rounded squares. And another one looks sort of frilled, almost like a flower or something.

2 - Hanson

My vocabulary is failing me

When you have negative biases against a race, that's racism. Obviously. Against a gender, it's sexism. Okay.
What's it called when it's against a specific nationality (which isn't comprised of a single race)? Or other kind of grouping of people? "Bookclubbers are all illiterate morons"

This was inspired by a post last night but definitely not directed at anyone.  I just realized I couldn't think of the word for it. Then this morning one of my idiot neighbors was ranting about the French.

Happy Hump Day!

1: What is your favorite euphemism?
2: Have you ever be in rehab?
3: What popular show is everyone you know into, but you can't stand?
4: Chicken nuggets or Fish sticks?
5: What is your all-time favorite condiment?

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Poll #1149621 Along came poli

Which candidate probably did the most drugs growing up?

Mike Huckabee
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton
Ron Paul

Which candidate has probably slept with the most women?

Mike Huckabee
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton
Ron Paul

Which candidate do you think is most likely to have kept a diary, in which they wrote their secret, innermost thoughts, all the way up to college freshman (at least)?

Mike Huckabee
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton
Ron Paul

Which candidate do you feel is most likely to have the most tattoos (or, maybe in this case, most likely to have a tattoo)?

Mike Huckabee
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton
Ron Paul

Which candidate do you think probably owns a stash of porn (if you think it's more than one, then tell me who you think owns the biggest stash of porn)?

Mike Huckabee
Barack Obama
John McCain
Hillary Clinton
Ron Paul

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Tall broads: (5'10"+)

Can you recommend a place to buy affordable office appropriate clothing? Skirts, fitted button downs, etc. Comfortable, affordable heels are appreciated too!

I only know of New York & Co. Occasionally their prices are hit or miss.

Do you have any tried and true lime flavored that aren't super sweet?

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TQC, I need some help.. and I hate to say it and feel really guilty about asking for it, but I need HOMEWORK help.
I have to propose a subject for my Women in History term project... It needs to be on a woman or a women's issue.
Last semester, I did Frida Khalo, so I can't so my project on her again... so TQC...

Who/What should I do my project on?

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For any RN's out there:

What is the content knowledge expertise required (in your opinion) for success in a nursing career?

I need a few different opinions/quotes to throw into a report i'm writing for nursing school. :)

Thank you!

Sesame Street Part II

Based on a conversation in my post last night about the Yip Yips, I felt the following clip sounded insanely familiar-specifically the n-n-n part, but I couldn't think of the song it reminded me of. We decided, that it was influenced by a a mixture of popular songs of the time. So-

What songs do you feel are referenced/imitated etc. in Collapse )?
mlb: panic

Bleaching, do you DO it?

How often do you bleach your hair? I ask because I'm conflicted, I get information saying to NOT bleach my hair twice in a year and yet there are entries of people who say they bleach their hair every two months. I figure can bleaching your hair be that bad? I know it can really tear up your hair and kill the texture.. (I'm talking getting it professionally done, I don't consider doing it at home an option.) Thanks!

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Are you having a good day today?

Not at all.
Why do you care?

Should I change my icon?

YES! Those fucking pink lips piss me off
NO! I love your pink lips!

If yes, what should I change it to?

Did you go to preschool?

I don't know

Have you ever worked in fast food?

Yes, currently
Yes, I used to
No, never.
Fixing to.

What do you have in your house atm?

Some kind of camera
Skim milk
Dirty dishes
Exercise equipment
More than 50 DVDs
Paper plates
Cake of any kind
An artificial Christmas tree
TV dinners
More than one toilet
More than one person
A laptop
A vinyl shower curtain
A plant that's not artificial

What do you call that porcilain bowl that you do your business in?

The shitter